The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1949
Page 6
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SIX (AnK.V COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY !), 1943 THE NATION TODAY Taxpayers, With Cash to Spare, Visit Nations Capitol to See City When It's Most Beautiful ]ly James M»rliitr WASHINGTON, May 9. {A'l—H- )mi>|>?"s every sprint;, us it llir birds were coming back. Flocks of people arc moving llumiRh Washington in llvls KOHS.UI ol the j-car when the city Is most beautiful. And (hose lighting hero new arc luckier than the one's lluUr-img In late in Ihe summer when Congress may lie Rime. Every morning the viln/.a nt tliet- - capilol' is jammed will) the cars of senators, congressmen ami seers. The newcomers climb Hie Iiith onpilol sie|>s. altlioMRli It wmilrt ')<• ensiM- to enter tliroURl) (lie street level doors. They like climbing. It Acorns, and posinB on the. steps, wltli Hie capitol Ijeliinci them, \vlillc their friends map their pictures. And then they eo on Ihe crnnd tour of the place, will) Ihe profes- sionnl guides who shm-soiiR the wonders ot history. Congress lloltls Nrief lulrn- They pop Inlo Ihe lions" or Senate galleries, listen a while, never understand much b<vn',i?e they're always comin? i» i" I'"' middle of someihinn ant, lenvini: IK-IUN' it's over, ^et n[j ai a sknal from the guide, file out umelly. look ar the paintings or thf statues in the halls. Congress Is in full swiiis now. whether it's In the House or Henule chambers, or in the nearhy oflk-e buildings where conRressionn! committees are holding hearings every day. You'd like to see the Senate Fnr- eiRil Relations Commlllee holdiiiR hearings on the Atlantic purl? Walk richt In and sit down. Tliere nre plenty of seals. In the week or so you crmltl have seen for the asking Secretary of Stale Acheson talking on the pact, and former Undersecretary of Slnte Ixn-ett. und former Vice Prest- dent Henry Wallace who wiinled Ul be president. Many Places (n VKII When you've seen enough of Congress, walk a block to the two prent buildings of the Consresslonal 1,1- braiy, or down the .street lo Ihe nm- jestle white home of the Supreme Court. '11\e crowds spin around, trying to cram In recollections Unit will have to d.o them for a lifetime. If they don'l see Washington aaalir the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, Hie Washington Monument, llu> White House. This isn't the liveliest year the eapitol has sepn. 'Vile doings in Congress have been .slow, and newsmen are complaining that this Is a dull Congress, for they don't, linik now for blp events. But the trees are green, flowers arc in bloom, plrls are cominc out In their .summer dre.ssp.s, ami it's Mill too early to get Iricd by the Washington summer sun. Freedom Train Wheels Likened to Historic Gallops WASHINGTON. lAI'i IJ'-p Me Sweeney iD-Ohiol jces a stroll 1 resemblance bcHwiTi! the rlickity clack c'iidenee marie by lhr> wheel of the I''re<'doin Train us it roll llnoimhout America, und tin- sound niude by thr Kiilloplni; honls uf Paul Ifevi-rr's "I Iri'l Hint this I ruin Is in reality, almost a iiHM'haui/crl Paul He-i vrir. eanyinii inlo every Middlesex ! village and faun the Ihinus we want j Illi' P 1 ' 11 !'!' 1 o[ olll r-Mtinimiit v lo sei'," | he lold ihe House ilnnni' rlelul" on 'hurchmen fleet HOT SPRINOS, Ark.. May 9, (/l'| -C. E. A. McKltn of North l.lttle hfi.s been elected president ol lie Stale Convention of Christian ,'litiiches of Arkansas. .Joe Morrl- m of KtultRart has hern elected resident ol the convention's lay- league. The convention held icn's ts tilth minimi meelhiK here week. last, WI1SON. Ark.. May 9.—J. llolii'ri.s, inslrucloi in the. Wilson High Schoul InMorj de]iartmi>nt for I lie past two years, bus iirt'epled the posl <il inmcipii! nl Wilson -Schools lo Miecei-d (i W. Pan hell, who rc- Mgticcl ri'eenlly. He will assume his duties ill that runurlly -Illlv 1. Mr, Kebfits received lli.s A U nice Hum oli' Mi« and his N (els' from Hie University of Arkansas. He has hail in years of administrative wmk. seven ol which have been silent in I lie schools ill South Mississippi County. NOTICE Notice Is hereby Riven I hat the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale td Alkansa.s for permit to sell and dispf nse beer at retail on Hie premise s described as nis W. Main lilythcville. Mississippi County. Tlic iiiidrr.slsned stales that IK is a cltiwn of Arkansa.s, of good moral clKiinctfr. that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last; and that ihe under.siRned ha.s never been convicted of vlolathtR Ihe laws of (his slate, or any other state, relative lo the sale of alcoholic liquors Applirnlion is for permit to be n.[ Issued lor operation beRlmiing on lie 1st clay of July 1949. and to •xpire on the 30 day of .lime, 1950. nick Roberts. Applicant. .Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7 day of May. 1949. Kli/ali 1 th Mason. f.Senli Nlltat'V Public My Commission expires: 4-'2H-Stl. NO'I'ICK Notice Is hereby given lhat tho undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit lo sell and dispense beer at retail on the. premises described as 216 West Main St.., Ulythevillc, Mississippi County. The undersigned slates that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, lhat he lias never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude: thai no license to sell beer by the uniler.)t|;ned ha.s been revoked within five years last past.; and that Die uiulenilgiicrl hn.s never been convicted ol violating the laws of this slate, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for penult to be Issuer! for operation beginning 01 1st day nl July 1049. and to expire on the 30 day of June. IflSO. K. B. Chitwotid. Applicant Subscribed and sworn to befori lit, this 1 day ol May. 1949 Umisc Walpolc, <SKAIjl Notary Public My Commission expires: 3-15-53 Sword Shallower Gets Sweet Toof h for Saber eiallon of the iraill. wlilrh has vi'-it^d many AiiiTic; IlllJIlil IPS "Wr are not j-rsulmy out copies bur we are sendinu out ilie originals til Ihfse i:ieat dnciimeiits rof American history i llliit lire tlie Imaginiilion not only o[ <nir own people but ol Hie people ol tlie j , YON , ,,,,,„,.,, _,, v ,_ when the world. . ! Dollre relumed sword-svvallower "When the New l-.nglaml poet. ^.. lmm ,. j.^u-brisc a stolen suitcase Kineison said-- containing ihe saheis that were his •By the rude arch that spanned , (m . k _ in ^ i( , ( , ,,,„,,„„.,, SRllly (:oln . tlic " oort - 1 -I-Mied tliat a bayonet wns : ilss- 'Their ting lo Apnls breeze im- j j furled. 1 . 'There otue Ihe embiulled farm- ; CIS Moiid, I 'And fired the slioi hrard 'rinmd 1 ibe \voikl.' ' 1 am frank to say that Ihe shot could not have level -berated very Umg unless we have given meaning lo that shot. So the great Ameri- j j' was my favorite which ate mnst often." lie declared. "It was. a kind of nnerlU for me." Cold Kills Rebels AT11KNS, May 9. Wl—Press rents Irom Initial said today the 4110 guerrillas, apparently ran. Thomas Jeflerson. did ni>! lire ' bodies a shot Imt he lired the imacma- ! t™''en to deatl, dining the winter lion ol the people by givlns them W» s l ">e Cireek Army, have been Ihe cause for liti.iK iliat .-hot. in f'Hind.on a moimtamslrte of Palrai. Ui'i'lit fii lion ol tiulr-iirhclriHT, lllr \vliuh ^n\T Ihf 1 rnuso f<n out Itrvo- Ultiiin ami v,;\\? those putrlolie men Ihe reii-son fur uoinv out and tlyillK [or that cause of fieediun." Read Courier .\e\\-s VVunt Ads. XOTICK Kolio.' !.^ herel)y pivrn 11ia(. iiiKlt-j^U'nrri h^.s tiled with tlic Ciitunussioiirr of Revenues ot the State ot Arkunsa.s for pcnnk Lo srll a;ul flisprns<? hcer at retail on the premises described as Highway IB West. BlvUicvlllf. Mi.ssl.ssippi. Thr irmlmlqnecl sliitcs tliut he is crhizrn of Arkjiiisn.s, of pood monO ch:n;M-!er, tlift( he ha.s never been J cnnvlctcd ol a felony or other crime j involving morn] turpilnde; that no license to ?ell beer by the undersigned hn5 been revoked within five years last past; and Ibat tiie nn- rloLsi?nc(l lui.s never boon convicted ol nolcfm? HJC laws of thi.s slate. OL- nny oilier .state, relative to the sale of iik-oliolic ILquors. Application is for pi-rmit to tx? i.t- sue.a lot operntioti beginning on the 1st riny of July, 1049, anrl to expire on (he 30 day of June, 10W. E. B. Chitwood, Applicant. Siibsi-riljnfi and sworn lt> before me ihi.s 7 flay of May. 194H. Louise Wnlpule, isral i Notary Public My Cominls.sion expires: :M5-5:i. In Hie Municipal Court, City Klylbevllle. Arkansas. Wade Furniture Co., Inc. ....Pit Vs. No. 2059 J. O. Greene .. Defendat WAN NINO OKDKK The ilclcndunt, J. O Greene, hereby warned to appeal in th counl"within thirty days and answer the coi iplaint of the plaintifl. Wade Furniture Company. Inc.. and upon fnllnre so lo do. said complaint ill be taken as confessed. W1TNKSS my hand at clerk of e Municipal Court of the City ot lythct'llle. Arkaiis •,, and Hie aeal said court, this 16th jay ol April, '49. W. I. MAUN. SKAI.) C'erk rthur S. Harrison, Atty. for Pitt. IOTICK or ui:n citoss ANNUAL MICUTINfi Notice is hereby isiven lhat the .nnual meeting of the ChickasawbA Uslrlrjt cha])ter of the American Red Cross will l)f I'd'' ( » t 1 '" collrt (X)in of the court house in Blythc- ille, Arkansa.s on 'Hie-sday May 10 1949 at 7:30.p.m. This meeting \& being held for the purgxxje or making an annual financial report, lo the people, a rejwrt of all aclivilles carried on during the past year, and to elect officers and board members who will direct the operation ol Ihe chapter during tlie next twelve months. Every person in the Chickasawba GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Refrigerators Household — Commercial • * • • Air Conditioning • Radios—Record Pliiyors * * * • \YasltcTs • Gas Engines We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 206-208 \V. Main Thone 'i07 The ill lilting, loose oxford that flues nut "hug tlie ankle" Is mudc siuie anil comfortable here. Fiu- est work at reasonable cost. HflL-TCRS QUflUITY SHOC SHOP t Z i W M B IN ST. District of Mississippi County who :ias contributed one dollar or more n the past twelve months is member and each one is urged lo attend and vote. OKORGE M. LEE Chapter Chairman 5,1-9-10 RENTACAR Drive Anywhere Vou 1'lease Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Squeeze every bit of pleasure from tlie glorious hours of summer ... Cool comfort and protection for you — gay colors to enhance the. beauty of your home. l r or windows, doors, porches — make Cain,is Aunings your ally in making home i better place to stay in. I-et us tell you about the niany styles and patterns. I'hone us loday. No obligation. Carney Awning Co. 113 So. 1st Phone 2972 Truck Crops Get Late Start in Arkansas But jood Season Expected Beer-Drinking Youths Learn Things Hard Way DBS MOINKS. In,, May 9. f/Ti—• Two 18-year -olti youths eigulcr themselves right into GO-day jail The SECRET of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service Kothrock Drug Co. THOME 4451 No more sleepless nights when you have a CoolairFan! FHA terms. Ask for installation estimate. NOW! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. V. H. Tease J. Wilson ilcnryl Soulh Highway 61 Phone 2434 L11TKE ROCK. May 9. lfl-l£i spriny tmrk t:mp .sea.ton in isus is sntnruhnt lair, but the Utiivrrptty of Aikunsas crop report .snici (hiit is urii miUMinl. "With favorable crnwine atid JKITVCSIiim roiulitif»n.s from nnu on. a enorf tvnt:k cro]> season should material L/C." I be report .stnterL The report, said .strawberry harvesting is in full swtnp rxcopl \i\ .Son t Invest Arkansas, where it 1.-; about over, und in t he where volume movement is not rx- terms here. pn.-tcd until Ihe .scrond work in The. viair had pleaded pniUy to j ^ H y. :c.s ol drinking beer on a srhool the playground and disturbing peace. Munioipal Jndgp Ralph Mnnre fined them J25 on each chatue. A few minutes later, while, a third y/tuith vra5 testify!np tn (he i"ase,, they burst inlo lauchter. Judge Moore chanced Hit- pf tences to seven days in jail on en charge. British Communists Get 6-Week Jo/1 Terms LONDON, May 0 'VT' -Nine men vim rliajjuvi Ihem.Th'iv; (/> n railiiiK in front of Oie U. S. Kmbassy in Mnv j;>;iy riemrmstt at inn were nttnveii !o<j;(v to six v.n-ks in jail. Tiic tn-'ii were cb.irted \vi(M ns- Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The ideal way to remember special occasions. Also other types of cameras lor rent, BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 \V. Main Phone 3IS47 < F v^- New I W~JtP Packard Stificr Di'lnxc Tntfrhtg Sedan — one of icttH new models in the Packard S/tficr anil Super Deluxe series. Still later the chuckle begun tn The judjic Ibcn pave thr maximum — 30 days on e^ch in« hiMiH inc hmi;u:i«o n "In each of the peiu' causing Polire it's tilted Hie men sh iiiuiu—o.. ««»>.•> v- v „ .iii-h slnpuns a?; "No British Riiri said: "loci's see yon lauch that 1 for Yankee dollars" and "T Presenting (lie clisiuiyids/teff nei£ Golden Anniversary I)/t (^JfA J?f) <\ (Confidentially, they're terrific!) 4% HOME LOANS Elhert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone 6K8 Evenings PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best prices Kirby Drug Store: ARTISTIC BROW SENSITIVE UPS jN'rw J >Vn/' i\,.i, IIt i i tiintich in tiff l\nk.t?,t I t ( ti/li Srd t <ind Otln If you appreciate the best things in life, you'll enjoy "Double-Rich" Cream of Kentucky. Just say, "Make mine Cream!" "pOUBLE^Ricir"' $4.22 4/S QT. KENTUCKY WHISKEY-A BLEND A Schentey Mark of Merit Whiskey 86 Proof, 70% Groin Neutral Spirits. © Schenley Distillers Corp., N. Y. C. And here's ffie buynrs' bonus trotv. a brilliant producl/on record— NEW Lo^ lc fER PRICES! P.uVard in 1'MH made ihc ^re.ucst tmli* \ proihiition atul sales sain in the cniirc iiulnstry—;i iiain of 7S r V over ihe year iH'Une! And l*.u'k;ml is conunnii>j; at n record p.uc ii\ l'M9. This in i reasfd volume has hroughi nc\v ccnnomics in every phase of m.inu- factnnnx nnd permits price reductions on a new and greater line of curs! 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