The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1953
Page 2
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rxoi TWO BLYTHEVEM-E ( ARK.) COURIEB N«Wi . WEDNESDAY, JAN. 7, 1»5S Y«w 7*com« Primer — How to Tell if You Should Itemize Deductions EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's the tenth ot It article* in NEA's 121h annual Income Tax Prlnur, prepared by a (op-notch Wathlnffton tax authority and designed for use with the official tax rule pamphlet. > ; * • t Kr RICHARD A. MULLEN'S NBA Income Tai Expert Every taxpayer cnn choose either to itemize his deductions or use the deduction of about 10 per cent of Income which Uncle Sam allows those who do not Itemize. You can't choose wisely, until you know what your itemized deductions are. Once you know Oils, tlien< your choice is simple. Use whichever Is the larger. Tins and the next article tell what items can be deducted If you so choose. Read them carefully and you will know what your deductions are. . Remember, if Jim Itemlie citfluc- tlon» you must use I/>nc Form 1040. If yoii (lie on Form 1MOA or Short Form 1MO, the lax tables will automatically allow you a deductions of about 10 per cent of your Income re- yardlett of what your legal deductions are., ' ' Contributions can be itemized In | the first schedule on page 3 of Form 1040. You can claim as a contribution whit you actually give In 1852 to recognized, non-profit religious, charitable, educational and scientific organizations; to societies for the prevention of cruelty to children or any animals; and to governmental organizations for exclusively pub- lice purposes. You cannot deduct duos paid to •octal organizations even though they have charitable or welfare subsidiaries to which gifts are deductible. You cannot deduct gifts to JConfributrons Check List [ere Is alllsf of some or ga to which contributions Jeductible- There are many oilier organizations on (tie approved list, you can deduct what you gave during 1952, In money or the fair value of goods, up (o a toUL dial does not exceed 20% of Item 4, pace 1 of Form 1040. * * are d American Cancer Society American Ht<f Cross Boy Scouts } Chris tmti Sells Community Chetti cirl Scouts Ninon i) Foundation (or Ii Partlytl* Silvatlon Army United Jewish Appeal* Veterans Organizations Young Mcn'j and Young Women's Christian and Hebrew Associations Churches or established rellljloui organisations Noh-pronl colleges, universities and nialndcr will be about what was subject to sales lax. To this remainder add anything you bought out of savings, or installments that would be subject to sates lax. Multiply the Bum of these by your sales tax rate. This will give you the amount to deduct as sales tax. II you live fn a state where food IB subject to sales tax, add what you spent on food to the nmnutit subject to tax. Other deductions will be discussed tomorrow. t v Convict Changes from Burial Clothes After Stay of Execution Bridges Wants Investigation Of Desertions ' WASHINGTON tfp>—Sen. Bridges (R-NH) culled-today for "an 1m- niedtat* Investigation" ,of reports that many young men are deserting from th« armed services to avoid Korean combat duty. The Pentagon discounted the seriousness of the situation. Any probe should be by the Senate . Armed Services Committee or 'its preparedness subgroup, Bridges told a reporter. Bridges soon may be chairman of the "subcommittee. Pentagon.' officials snld .the current count of 'deserters u-ho had not been picked up, or had not returned voluntarily.-ran about 13,790- Under service regulations. R mar normally Is not counted as a de- eerter unless he has been absent least 30 days. The total' of those merely absent"" without leave (AWOL) would be much higher. The Pentagon figures were given In comment on a copyrighted article in the Louisville (Ky.) Times, which said yesterday that on any given day "enough able-bodied men to make up two complete combat divisions are classified as deserters or AV/OL." This would mean about 36,000. The Army satd about 46,000 enlisted men have deserted since the start of the Korean War, but nil except 11,000 have returned to duty or have been picked up. The Air Force reported 851 deserters unreturned as of Oct. 31, the Navy 1,242 •as of the end of December and the Marine Corps 697 for the same date. Individuals no matter _ how needy, they may be. Contributions to political parties or to any organization which uses Die money to Influence legislation or for the benefit of any particular Individual ore not deductible. t Prior to 195.! you could nol deduct contributioni In excess of 15 p-rr cent of your adjusted gross Income. Beginning In 1952, you can He- duct up to 20 per cent for contributions. Any • contribution claimed must have been actually paid In cash In 1952. A pledge U> pay money in some future year Is not deductible in 1952. Printed with this article Is a check Its I of some common orga- niza Lions, conlribuUom to whtch are deductible. There are many, many other organizations which also qualify for deductible contributions. It you »re In doubt, ask the nearest IH reel or of Internal Revenue's office,. Interest payments are the next category of deductions to be discussed. Many taxpayers have large enough Interest deductions to make It worthwhile to Itemize all deductions on page 3 of Form 1040. For example, those of you who are purchasing & home by monthly payments, ore undoubtedly paying a considerable amount of interest. each month, Interest payments on II personal Indebtedness except Indebtedness Incurred to purchase single premium life Insurance policies, endowments, and tax-exempt securities can be- deducted on page 3. ,_ ' . . ; ; . • . • Usually when a loan IB repaid a certain amount each month goes to Interest while the rest IB either applied on the\ principal or for insur- ance, service charges and the like. If you clon'l know how much of your monthly payment Is for Interest, ask where you make Ihe payment for a statement fihowJng the interest payments you mode in 1952. Do not deduct as inlenst any financing fee or other non-Interest amount Included In ynnr payments, If you arc, buying on Ihe Instaltnienl plan/ your .sales contract must stipulate that Interest Is bclnc paid or you cannot deduct any interest. Mnny of the taxes you paid In J952 can be deducted on page 3 of Form 1040 II you choose to Itemize your deductions. To be deductible the lax must be imposed on you and paid by you. This means you cannot deduct taxes you jfay on your mother's property, Pago 10 of the official Instructions lists taxes which you can and cannot, deduct. Most taxpayers do not have receipts or do not keep a record ,of small payments for deductions like gasoline tax and 5aJcs tax.-The Bureau of Internal Revenue will nllow an estimated deduction provided it Is reasonable, The gasoline tax can he estimated by dividing the total number of mile* driven In 1952 by the average number of miles your car operates on a gallor| of gas. Then multiply this by the state and any local («x per gallon. Do not Include the Federal gasoline lax. A list of the jitate taxes on a gallon of gasoline Is printed with thin article. The following plan will give you'-a 1 reasonable estimate of the sales tnx. There te generally no sales tax on food, rent, insurance or savings, If you will add about what you .ipent on these things, and subtract It from your total expenses, the re- Tax Primer Q & A — Q. r gave (100 Lo a needy friend ihirfn" 195?, Can I deduct this as a contribution? A. No. Contributions to Individuals, no matter how needy, tire not deductible. Q. We bought a house, paying $2500 cash and have monthly payments of J1QO per month for 20 years. Are any of the monthly payments, deductible? A. If you Itemize your deductions, find out how much of your monthly payments In 1952 was for Interest and how much was for taxes. These amounts can be deducted. Q. Par I of my Job, for which I ni not reimbursed, Is to entertain uyers when my boss la away. One Inner party cost $60 Including $10 or entertainment tax. Can. I de- nct the $10 as a tax? A. Federal entertainment tax is ot deductible ns a tax. However, if he party was necessary and ordl- ary In your business, you could de- uct the entire $60 ns an lent deduction in the miscellaneous schedule. Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight... Singapore Strike Ends Tomorrow SINGAPORE M*)—Representatives of 10.000 striking workers at the big British navnl base here voted today to end their 10-day walkout tomorrow. A strike committee voted to submit their wage dispute to arbitration.. The strike climaxed & months- long dispute over the demand by the naval base workers for pay compar abl e to th a t rccc tve d by Singapore's municipal employes. The walkout delayed important maintenance work on several Royal Navy ships assigned to Korean waters. .Read Courier News Classified Ads W. 0. PENNY "Enlarged front and rear vision new fender »nd hood contours and a fresh grille treatment enhance the rugged beauty of the new 185: Chevrolet," W. o. Penney, sales m»n »t Sulllvsn-Ntbon Chevrole Co., »ys. You'll see the all new- Chevrolet on display Friday, Jan uary »to, »t Sullivan-Kelson. (Adv. Eases sore gums/ NOWl Eal, l.ilk, laugh as ymi please. Goodbye to, rocking, wobbly, uncomfortable ptatcs. One re-! lasts for months. Eflsy to apply in the privacy of your home. -Ill iNUC DENTURE CUSHIONS are a triumph of science, a sensational new plastic rc-liuing that gets rid of the annoyance and irritation 01 loose fitting false teeth. One re-lining, applied in a few minutes, makes the wobbliest plates slay firmly in place-with perfect comfort. Eat corn-on-the-cob, steaks, applcs-tnlk, laugh ns you please — plates "slay put," firmly, solidly. No need to be embarrassed with falling, clicking and wobbling dentures. Soft, cnsy-to-clcan Snug Denture Cushions are harmless to gums or dentures. Sore, irritated gums very painful Snug eases sore, irritated gums due to loose filling denlures. All lender areas are gently cushioned with this soft plastic. Comfort is so enjoyable, most folks wear their plates day snd night and only remove them for cleaning, j Used widely by many dentists Snug Denture Cushions were iint used by many dentists to help patients become accustomed to new plates ... to comfort patients with old plates that have become loose due to tissue shrinkage. Since they were so effective, the cushions are now available to Uio public. One re-liner can last months-easily replaced Snug Denture Cushions can last for 2 to 6 months, according to the individual mouth. Stays soft and pliable-does not harden and ruin plate. PeeU right out when ready to replace-. Re-lines loose plates when gums shrink It's nol your dentist's fault that tissues and gums shrink gradually -leave spaces between the plates »nd the mouth. Snug Dentura Cushions re-line the plate so th»t there are no gaps between plates and gums. So easy to apply in the privity of ypur kioma. Easy, fast, simple- done at home-no waiting Snug Denture Cushions are thin shecU of H marvelous, over-soft plastic material. Simply place one of these wonderful re-liners on the cleaned denture (upper or lower) according to simple instructions in package, and presto! You have practically a new plate. No waiting, ready to bite on anything. Cleaned In a jiffy -tasteless, odorless, saf Plntes re-lined with Snug Denture Cushions can be cleaned in a jitTy by brushing under cold water. The Cushions are tasteless, odorless and sanitary. Why put up with the bother of • tihesives thst must be used every day when Snug Denture Cushions ire so clean and convenient, last (or months? T REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TRY SNUG DENTURE CUSHIONS! I. Eoiei IOIB imlaFed gums du« lo looia tilting danluiei. 1. Hotdi plalei (itm and ligM — prty«nu rocking, clicking, tuning. Vou'd fni'nV you had vour own t«ith batV. 3. tot oftytning youdMife-eom-an- ccb, btefitecV, appTfti, elc, 4. long-toiling. 5. ?aiy, quieV \Q apply and clean. 6. Haimleit lo plalei, gumi or t««1n. 7. Mon«y ( b<xk if nol ialiili»d. 2 Liners for Lower or Upper Plates $1.50 I., HUNTSVII^LE, Tex. —Elated Robert Ernest Mlers, his prayers for life answered by his eleventh- hour stay of execution, changed hurriedly from his burial suit today and prepared to eat the -"last meal" he had refused earlier. Mlers, 22, saved by a three-day stay Issued about 25 minutes before he was to walk to the electric chair, said, '"I'm sure going to sleep good tonight. I certainly got back my appetite'." He had refused food for two days. He had been scheduled to die Just after midnight for the March 3, 1951. slaying of A. J, Scndemer, Bexar County road employe who hnd sought to stop a service station holdup in/which Mlers took part. The State Board of Pardons and Paroles granted the 72-hour stay late last after Mlers' lawyer telephoned board members he had found a hitherto unknown eyewitness to the slaying. Hurried telephone conferences by the' three members of the board resulted In the action. At Snn Aniomo. wnere members of the Calvary Missionary Church had prayed for more than 2,000 consecutive hours that the youth's life might be spared, the Rev. frank Strlbllng, pastor, said: 'We believe Ood will show him self greater than the affairs ol men." Mlers had appeared stunned when told yesterday that the par don board had rejected his appea for a commutation of his sentence lo life Imprisonment. "Pardon me a minute," he ha< said, "I have to sit down. Yo know, I thought I had at least 50-50 chance with that board." When Editor Don Reid •luntsvllle Item appeared ot the jlatc Prison soor after receiving news of Mlers' execution stay, the outh was changing from the suit le was to be electrocuted — and juried — In. He shook hands with Reid vigorously. 'What did you do when you heard the good news?" Reid asked. Still trembling and his head reshly shaved for the eleclrocu- lon, Mlers answered, "I Jumped up and kissed Father Francis Duffy!" Duffy is a Catholic prison, chap- aln. Protestant Chaplain B. C. Anderson brought the news of the pardon board's action to Miers in :he death cell. 'This Is the answer to our irayers," Mlers said. "I'm the lapplest man In the world." There was no word from Linda ilark, 23, serving five years for her part In the slaying /or which Mlers was convicted. She Is at nearby Ooree Prison Farm for Women. She and Mlers have corresponded continuously In the year they have been Imprisoned. She has said she would like to marry Miers "if.everything turned out all right." Elizabeth Taylor Mother of Son 6ANTA MONICA, Calif. Iff) — Elizabeth Taylor of the movies gave birth to her first chltd.'a boy, last night. The 7-pound 3-ounce baby was delivered by Cacsarean section. The 20-4-ear-old actress and her son were reported "doing fine." Her husband Is English actor Michael Wilding, 39. Dogs on Rampage Bite 6 Persons CHESTER, Pa. W5 — A pack of dogs went on a rampage in downtown Chester yesterday, biting six persons, none of them seriously. Then the dogs disappeared, eluding a dragnet of police armed with rifles and under orders to ahoot on sight. Police could not explain th» attack. Drive for Murray Memorial Begins WASHINGTON (If) — The CIO Communication! Workers of America begin today a drive for $G6.000 In voluntary contributions toward a million-dollar Philip Murray memorial fund. / Joseph ; A. Beirne, president of the communications union, said the fund would be used for such purposes as scholarships and perhaps building hospital fRcilities" or financing medical research. First all-steel railway bridge was a 2700-foot structure, completed at'Glasgow, Mo., In 1819. he'll b« •tighinq over .your fr when yo The Name Fits WITH 2ND DIVISION. Korea (IF) — Pvt. Robert Johnson of Detroit takes the "Indlanhend" nickname of his division seriously. He has had his hair cut Mohawk style. j Con! reserves in v the United States equal 42 ner cent of all the coal reserves in the .world. NOW OPEN FORD'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP 2328 Marguerite . Phone 2763 • Quality Upholstering of All Types • Woodwork Rcfinishing • Glue Work Free Pickup & Delivery — Prompt Service ROY FORD,'Owner & Operator : Mveyou tiled the first truly fiaJ&nced car in t/ie M^riced Md? ew mouth Balanced Vision With 1S% more glass area, you gel all-around, close-m vision. New one-piece wndshield is moie uniformly curved so voufet an und storied view of Ihe'.ioad. r ' j.' Constant action electric Aindshield ip (s. , ' Balanced Ride [Jew truly balanced suspension controls roll, piltli. and jounce... thus levels the load three ways... and gives you the sollesl, steadiest, most resllut ride you've ever expeiiencerJI Balanced Styling Here's a new way of balancing smart exterior styling with more space inside! The new '53 Plymouth is sleeker, yet offers more head room. In sedans there's 8 inches more hip room for rear-seal passengers. Balanced Braking Where other low-priced ca<s have but one hydraulic cylinder in each Ironl brake, Plymouth has Ivvo—to give you balanced control, Ihe exact amount ot slopping power you want and expect. ^> All-around balance Is only part of the '53 Plymouth story.' .• You'll want to see the smart, gleaming new colors and color harmonlei- th« luxurious new interiors—the rich; refined appointments that make this the most beautiful.low-priced car you've ever seen. Your Plymouth dealer Is eager to arrange your demonstration drive now PLYMOUTH Onilion o! CHSYSIF.S CORPORATION. Dilioil 31, Balanced Steering Plymo steering is better than ever because ol the new suspension system and Irue balance ot Ihe car. You drive relaxed with your car undei perfect control. Balanced Power Ths stepped-up 100-ncrsepoHer Plymouth engine— with few, h/^hs/ compression ratio ol 7.1 tol-floatsln balance on cushions ot live rubber.. !o give you smooth, quiet operation and long car lite. Balanced Budget, Too Voui pockelbook benefits Irani the greater quality engineered into Ihe Plymouth. You get longer, trouble-tree service, day-alter-day dependability with lower maintenance cosL Them's more quality in it —youget more value out of it

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