The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY G, 1931 RIA'THFVILLE. (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS PAOP, THREK Winter's a Big Joke to These Memphis Mermaids Gorton Marketing Orpani-' zations See Bailie Coin- Nolr:—The followluif ariidc utlve to atliii-ks uj;pn tlu; fi-' .i-rrH-ul'.ural mark'.Uirr a<-'. ?:r.l cctlcn rr' 'icr.itivc Hiivruu crepaml by the n:ib!i:ity mtiil cf the Ainrriran t.'r^ New.spapsr accounts, copies -f ccrre?r"0 llt! cnce "'»'. cter documents which have cnnio I" -.--. indicate that under th? «•.';>!•:.--; or the national nrganb.vion if cotton nierchniits -funds nre b«n", collected 'and a fish! crfauizcd against the Federal' Farm Uc-ird and the Cotton Cooperative;!. We are also Informed tint this Ii-^lu !>• being actively pailicipated in by Hie Cotton ExcVinn;:" of N-:-w Orleans and its membership, and that the CciUn Exchanso: i:i various cities of '.he Sinth aro nicrcas- l'v» their membership dues in orctr that tliey may likewise contribute large Minis c! mon-jy to fljht. the farmers. Too bad--svlien money p 1 x'"ced by fnnv.' > rs by the sweat cf their brows Is tinned against them! The Cotton BRIDGED 11V WM. E. MoKKNNr.V j lo show 11 vhllv Krirciiry, Ami-rlcnn Hr!d;c l.\:tf.uv j ehon|i, llu-rclure No:lli slK'.i "Well. 1 got ft bad break, part-: l»'o similes, nrr," is Hie remark oflen made by tlu- ilrchrer tiller !ic-i;o t 's <lown 0:1 1 !i:i:.:l. Mnny limes. tlioKgli. Die bail break con III have uee:i olTsel by i-li-u-r piny. 'Pie declarer in i-u folloniiig limui doe.s no', allow tin* bail break" to rob him of Rams. 1 . West woiilil pass tind Sonlli now | lias what Is m-otubl y.i nlnc-lrlvk i SUNHUHY. I'n. hr.nd r.r.lii'i- Him a 10-lrlck lia»:l : f < m |i : , s UTII alv nml shnuld bhl tlircu no Irumn In- i trick nml will then cash the yo3d nation-wide contest In which avt- |l:l!i« i:f s-parics In dummy. | Lils will participate. . '. ' ':-:i't ol becoming discouraged I Dr. W. A. R.. Goodwin, president jw!il> bail bic-.iks, the declarer, by of the Yorklown ScMtuicenljnnlal k-lovoily playhm Hie h.ind, ha.-, made I Arsoelnllon, favors a desljn reprer Illiiw no innnp. |senllmj O'Hara handing the swcrd j | O f ti, c British peneral to Gsnerai C?Vn8l}ic Hf>rn Will ! Lincoln. i, M . , n J W "s»ln8t°n B«e Lincoln the DUy Home With rUild "<">° r of receiving Cornwallls Stt'ord j bccnuM Lincoln hlmielf previously <UP>—Prrmls-, ll 3u rrsndercd his swovd tc'Cc.-ri- by the car-j Wa1lls - A."^,rri,,s'ts,a::i "^-^r^i..™ • MEMPHIS, (trp)-Ed'.vnrd Hid- dlcfc and Thomas MeEachem, . stead ol fhuvhi:! liis miner sulr.l. , . LXm'l itlM-iOi? IM much Inform i- ; (o buy a liome litre with the inon- lion lo lliv iMii-iny If y.v.i eim .mlve . ry he received from Hit connnls- ' T;EST S-A-B-4 H-IS-52 D-8 . NORTH S—K-0-10-7-2 H-Q-94 D-Q-6 C-6-3-Z 'in the proriiT rtiTlui-.-uion ft'ltliunt j.Mf.u in recognition'oJ his heroism, i Mei1l|llll!l nlt 9 f »cys, left liere rt- SOUTH—DEALER H-A-K-8-3 D—VK-l-7-4' C—K.10-1 EAST S-J-9. 5-3 H—10-7 0^10-96-3-2 C-Q-1 It. Thrco no woukl be llnal! Adams" VeceVvrir n "ineihl and" ii" ctlll| v (cr Quintans rtoo/Old Mox- cunluict. $iow c-i'li 'illociH-ni us a reward ' C0; '" nn clforl -'° n ' l(1 J oe Mar- The 1'lny . ! (,„• savin/ the Ilic ol Ills neighbor, "?• f ° rm(!r /"Went of this city, West would op.'n Ihe five spat. : Aslu-r l/uidfnslnui'r, who wa.-i lu Ills fouitli bost club, Rut wcnl.l dungn- u[ i-lcctroeiiilon whin en- pluy ini- mioeii, forcing the in llv^ v.hes clniei-'s kln«. u?cl,irer would then ' start his ilimnciul .suit, wlnnlug the ! (\,i,i. r t nr;]l n«/.:j. dlninund In ihs .lummy v.'lth i *-°»-*5t Will Decide the queen, retunilni; a tlininon.l and \vlinilui: In I:Is own hand wllh the Jnck. West would show out nn.l "'THS i^/X'u"^^"^ fo-t TIW l!wl>; " lov ll 1Mdl11 '" C01 "I..LS look., liki 11 l.U fo. j lm , !no , ilUoll 0( ,,, c , M[h llnnlvc - r . >f C'ornwallih' surrender, to be who dropped from sight in London, England, in 1913. The hunt will carry them more than 103 miles Inland. Martin Is the hoir to a rortime of $1,000,000. HOTKI. WHISKY STII.L FOUN'U You can guess tor yourself whether these girls are downhearted at tho severe vtlutry weather they'ra having In Memidiis. It was so balmy lher» the other day that they took to the Mississippi river to brush up on tt:«!r speediest swiinmlne Evelyn Poat, extreme risht, regarded oijo o£ tho greatest distance swimmers In the so^uth, won the Btloxl, Mlss.-Iule of C;i|,rli;» M-jnlto Bwlra thrcd years ago. Others in the picture, also rated 'among the best III the Boulh, are, Igfl Jo right, Edna l l ' ri ' no (rump, which would happen j al!!l '•eluinlnis :i lu'ii!l lo Ks o-.vii Calvin, Dot Calvin and Susy Cralgc. All will compel* iVi C. H. "Doc" llottuu'* flve-tu'la UUslulpyl '" "'is case. |hand. The 10 fnUliu; frum r-:v.l marathon this summer, tU« annual mil-south classic. •The nldillng the 'declarer.with live dl.nnoiiOs In! At anclion. South Is justified lu " ie ''-'">'• '™>d and no furllici- htop- 0]»::!m tlic biddlnsj with one ilia- l lcrs h > clubs. D;-cl:irer Irbi lh.> ir.o:id liophii; that his partner will I heart suit, v.lnnln;; the first Ji'nvt 'bid tp.ules so that lie ean ijol Into i tl ' lck '" Ihe duniiiiy v.llli tin- <,u;e;i " and ' ' ' - • • Cornwallis Medal OKLAHOMA, CITY, ( UP> - t Workmen razing one cl~ the clly's ; WlLI.IAMSHUI'.a, Va. (UP)—' first sky6Crai»r6 to make room for ' r ''" •'"•''"" ' "••''•' ' n new 30-story hotel found a ccp 1 - pcr whisky slill cemented 111 the walls on the second floor. Police :-' said the slill had been liibiai.-Al u I several years ano. »•> loc « ''- S1 -' cctc '' United States operatively. are marketed co- Uie members of Ihese organization: i the Cooperatives have been engaged 1 and their leaders wun resolute pur- in tills unequal struggle wllh pri- Fcrmidablc attempts over n per- pose and determination. During ! v ate cotton merchants, they Imve iod of ten r.r mere years have been these strenuous years, inadequate- c(>!lslsl( . mlv pu , thclr memtoshlp made even in the marketing of our !y ntianced and discouraged on ev- campa | elis „„ B hlgll p i a , lc ^a great staple commodities. Eiich as cry harK j. the cotton growers have have av oWed unethical practices lr cotton. . . tobaccc dairj , , , , ILU^C uvuiutru uiic t hrough cxpcrien c = how to thelr relattors Cooperatives arc rt , j, d livcs icck. and cncourag- hBndIc tho i r "business. Tlicy huv; ; ',,5,. Thev tav, public announce- „,„„ i,, c hr-^n-nmri^ in rlip ....,„.. .u ...j ...„,..... -trade. They run. t ,, e co . lon mindful Ihit the public announce imu-a uenents were to be obtained Among the things i... ih« inr«.-,c; number of erov.ers " a s demonstrated Is reasonably early of accumulating date. The quantities of capital lire necessary operating to finance cotton marketing opnra- which lira: !he Fwieral Rirm Board are placed lhat large on n competitive basis with them '„ fuiids directly from farmers in tions and that the farmers them at the instant,: of the farm 61- r-iuiiz-.ilions anil the c "operatives of the country, and that any fight niaci- 1 on the- Farm- Hoard is in reality a flight on cooncralkc marketing—tint is. f-r.m»rs. Tl Farm Bo?.rt] has nn oHit:r intent or purp-.-c '',iaii to !irlp fiuintrs. Policy i;--ult cf Study tiie possibility of growers them- from the government until they er ,. |, 01>e [or economic indepcnd- We 3 r? soirv that the cotton stives lo do, uneidcd by the hand may accumulate capital to repay cnce destroyed. Individual opposi- trade, joined'by the buyers of. v:!i!eh 1-.P.3 extended support to the original loans to the govern- Uo;1 ,„ cooperative cotton market- B-oIng only concerned wllh constructive intent and purpose, the _ , -. Cottcn Cooperalives have hi Ihe . like lhe;e in imlficisnt vrl- selves, surrounded by debts and • }usl d cc ii nc j ( 0 was t e their time to handle tlw business. Is so poverty beyond Ih^ir Individual' all( j strength in useless controversy Unt it Is practically beyond control mustobtaiii operating funds wiih those who would see the farm- grain, p'oultiy. livestock, etc.. want' practically every essential industry ment. to destroy t!i? Federal Govern- cf tbe ccuntry. Aftor years of Ing was unworthy of notice, and as ment's carn-'sl at' empt ti give in meeting the difficult, thelr eriemie . T'.e farmers therefore" realize, as such has been ignored In the past that any but organized opposition supported carding to the pcctiiiariiy of its mental boards and cominissi=ns industry in a way which haj beca apuoiritcd to study the problem,' Dunns tig pa^t ten years that pi-d«cliv e of t:ie iteircd end, the-Agricultural.Marketing Act, was. namely, th? improvement of ito pas'/;d in June, 1029. I fmaucia: coirjitiou.. Tlie present. Progress Brings Opposition | policy of government assistance ta During the days when the unfiv- I aericiiHure is the outcome of man;- orab i(> w in;ls were blowing t'r.e Farmers as a class arc peacefu' At contract, the hnnd Is nat trung enough for u two bid. The •riter prefers to O[>cn wllli Die our-card heart snll in preference 0 the nvc-curd dhimond suit and i-oi;ld bid one heart, West \voukl ivercall with two clubs, North lias 1 choice of supporting the hearts )r showing his five-card spade suit. As his suit Ls a major. It Is belter wains him lhat 13a:;l Is now i;.i- doubuslly out of hearts. The declarer must not Jeopardlz-_' his contract by swinging the kin:; of hearts lu s:^ if they will bml:. He knows that West liolcls nl least' five clubs to Hie ace, queen In order to make an original bid. The jlghl of spades lias told him that W«l also holds the jcc of spades, lie therefore leads the ace of diamonds I RE \E ID 5TOP If Trniiblfd \MJ\K Time Your-.oiis," declares otto Jacobs, For:st- solf Here Is n Iteiil Kometly dice the farmer is aroiiicd. he Is a. clnr( , r d | t ,. n ..,i, ,. „„,,. ,.,„,. ,,.„.„ 5t«£?i-ji%:iaa-'g.Bi Jaai ville, Mich. When a [icrson readies 10 years of age and contracts such troublei HI-'AI) WHAT APT1I II I 110 Orlllnnr 5' m«»<:lne «»' reaqr. I\L,JII/ \> ii/ii j\iyiuni^ i tlielr ewe and they weaken quickly IISKR SAYS UKI,OW and find It hard to build back their 1 strength but Lln-O-Nlne does tliff "I suffered with colds, coughs-work and does It quick. It o.grees and lironchial Irnublc for elRht! with the weak, upset stomach, top. farmer-friends; and the intelllgenc3 of Americnu farmers lo stand together in flijluliig their common which West Is force;! .to win wilii _. . ., up scon as one of those couuhlni?, Cassia, Irish Moss and Glycerin'?, ucciarcr UYUIS the six ol cpadjs !it s Marljil and 1 got r,o Ihln Uiero! OI conrte most druggists -have- enemy nre such that we lin'vc no ! thc , acc ' } Vwt ""«'cashes lih tli;-;j| nnd . IVOK iiottihiij left of me but skin' cough mixtures of their '.own but I tried Un-O-1 he probably has Lin-O-Nine or will fear for the outcome. Our greatest', 60011 cll * s - dummy lolluwlnj with Nine mill lifti-r.i tooi: two bottles 11 obtain it for you of his local Job U'Bre(.-ls that we shall be compelled i°" e clllb md (lls <-' 1 > 1 ''!i»U Hie qnc-en | was amazed at ic.sulls. U not only! her. If not send 50c or n dollar bill ""'' in "' qmr ''" : """' '""-'••"• ciirr-rl my crush nnd pains In my for 7 or 15 oz. size by return,mill. , chest, hut It built up my entire postage l»ld, from nationally and please Inkc my word. Known 45 year old Kcrr Chem.oil to participate In a campaign which nm l "J Ol E P ntlcs - F -" s ' follow.]'.,: In the end will bring about distrust | wllh ""'. sevcn f clubs _und dl;and dissension among various if". 1 " 1 '' classes and . Individuals In the '. South and widen the br:ach which . -«'o spades, declarer fcl- clubs an:l illsc.n-.:- B lllD «>«•» »' (ILiinnuds. already too frcqnenlly exists be-1 WKI ls now "dptcss. U he, leads tween the people of the town and! lnc J 1 ^ ol hriris, :leclan-i- will the country; but being attacked | wm w1 "' !ilt ' klns nnrt ca - sl1 t!lc lha burden of resiwnslbllity is 0:1 ^ood eight si»t. If he lends the six those who leave us no honorable I ° r hearts, declarer will allow the choice except to fight. dummy's nine of hearts to ho'.il the , . for it. Un-O-Nlne k truly marvel-1 Co.. Btontwood, Md—Adv. years rf careful study by irumer- , lru ^ Vn , - farmer-owned-and-farm- oiir boards-and ccmiravicrH an- er . contrQ "ii e a cDopcratives about, points by the Presldrats of the tllerc v .- as relatively little cr-anizM The agricultural prnblern is' re- cbBnizcd by all thoughtful mon as being a mo^t ccmpllcaled, intrlcats and difficuH problem. A prosperous agriculture is regarded by th? best minds of the c-nntry of such importance to the economic, social and i)oiit:cal welfare of the country that (he governmjnt could ni longer delay participating in it! solution. 'Thcss v:ho have eluded rhe problem l:avc arrived al pra;- lically the same conclusion, namely; more ec'iiornical production, efficient and crdcrly distribution, and ndjustmtnl of the relations between sgriculturc and industry In such a way as lo e'i v e to agriculture an equality of opportunity with other grmms. ^InrnfUng Is Preblcm Farmir:; hav; made nnrvelous profro=s in increar.inj l!«ir production nnd in reducing tl'.nr imit cost, as v.'ell as in various other aspects cl their industry which yield to individual initiative ana enteiprisr In f. rimilar v:.-iy. : in^ upcn Uie rcc mnicr.da'.Lon ol j bankers, b-.isiners me:i onj r.thcr advisors in 'whom they hav; confidence, and observing the tendency of the times in other industries, farmers have made great pr?grev MI scttiin up busings orHan^a- tions for the cooperative merchandising of their products, 'vs: tw?'. 1 .- ty-flve or thirty years ;hc v.'crk of cooperative orgaiiizaiicn ha? bcr-n I mi; on. until mo;p than a billion dollars of the fnrm products of i'ue or less irresponsible warped souls. Predictipns 'and prophecies were frequently made that fanners could not successfully conduct big business in competition with private merchants. The predictiDns and prophecies were quietlj- met by THIS MAN ; ended his r headaches this quick SI HH 3y LiinhCM! BUI for Wator H4>atiii$> 1 ~77«* HalIniarii 7. Hallmafk Electric Wa Heating y and the NeW Low Cost Water Heating ftate which we have ; mad| enable you to know exactly where jyoii xtandon m&ntJriu water heutinq costs ••,* •• tt*~t\ • ' \ ""^.V P' - • • . '' years he suffered wiih sick headaches. Sometimes it wis from over-work, sometimes nerves or his stomach, but whea •he headaches came hi suffered intolii misery. Now when headaches conic he takes Capudine and he gets relief in just a few minutes. Being liquid,Capudine acts immc- tliaiely,often in one-third ihe lime required by other forms- It con- j rains no narcolics, docs not dismrb i dipeslion anil is approved hy doc- j lors and druggists. Even wiih ihe I most severe headache, relief conies : very quickly. ' 5o!>i 31 Drue StoceJ. 10'. 50,' ft C0<bottles J R^d by the cow: ntjoda founliitu. ; C MCKf 1*^*1 apn&me \ 9 FOR HCAQAtHES ' / A "Wonderful! you tay ixhfn joa'ro / "The HALLMARK Wt explained nnd 'dem ilrated* "O/coiirae IW like to toil. But hoic about my rn heating cosi?" LOTE GROCERY and MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver J22 W. Main EGGS Fresh .Country . PRICE ???? Dozen .BACON Fancy Sliced 1'ound 28c COFFEE Canova or Maxwell • Pound. 36c BREAD 3 Loaves 2Sc QUAKER CRACEES 2 for 2SC QUAKER .Milk Spaghetti or Macaroni 3 for 21 c No. 2 Can 3 Cans for 20c SUGAR 10-Lb. Limit 49c ; : perfectly natural question in this day of carefully worked out iiouscliolc! budgets. One lhat can be answered, however—lo your complete satisfaclion, The survey which we make of your home's hot *f«lfr require- And ihU mean* a limited bill, one lioinc-anii-fniui!) COM menu to determine eiicily the tj-pc of Hallmark Electric lhal can never be imwclromc ami unexpected eml-of-tlic month "bail new*." 'Hiene arc Ihe UALI.MAItK Features 1. All Ihe hoi water required lor hnn.teliolil Water Heater which should be Installed aUo fliminate* nil uncertainty as to your water heating costs. Our surrey Indicates the (wed maximum monthly amount beyond which you rannot pay, no matter hoK much hot water yon use -The HALLMARK Way." Very likely your monthly water heating charge will be ta 2. Ele^lrlcally, automatically, fronted \rn>pr. lets than this raaslmum amount, but ll can never be more. Jj. T ^ al ,bse noo o | flnmo «r fame or sound. ^•^ "f, lOoori HocMkceplng VQi. • Institute JL , 4. Not a rnommrs Ihonghl or allcnlinn on your part. A pttor.t (all or foil-card ttUI bring our reprtwnlalire inthoul May. Hr Kill pfmHy mnlre a nmj ojyeur tealtr hearing nrtdi anil gi'rc JOK full -oriii nttir*, irilhont obligation foyou, (/f course. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Service" POTATOES I'eck 30c FLOUR I'lum Good. 24, 65c 48 1'ounds $1.15 iftiH FLOUR Ssiucr's Infitllablc . 24 Pounds $1.10 Golden Rort Pound 30c SPARE R5BS . Pound lOc BEEF ROAST Church Pound ara STEW BEEF Pound lOc STEAK Any Cut Pound 17c PORK CHOPS Pound 17c FULL DRESSED rS, 2 K,S' 30c

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