The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 6
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; PAGE (AHK.)-£OUKIKIl N'IMS New Shift Legislation Means Little to Football Men Using Rockne System By L, S. (LARRV) MacI'llAH, National .foollwll llefrrf? .The Impression exists thai trie changes in the 1930 rules funhcr restricting the use of the sliifi .were directed at Knute Rockneami the Noire Dame school of football. Coaches of mor? than 25 college ,tcanv> received their training nl Notre Dame. Such notable .successes as "Gus" Dorals at Detroit. "Jimmie" Phelan at Purdue nnd Washington: "Chartey" Hochimn " BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lanfer Looking Jn By "DUKfi" It's Cftllrgt Sfrlous All the complexities nntl compll- | cations of a"mni» of football rnlf.s' and regulations arc with us this year nnd llic nilcs coinmlttre of! the body .that governs the collCKi- i flto pastime would do welt lo lul-r i no'.Ice. Some newspaperman who attend-! ed the Yale-GeorBla fame at Nev. Hfivoii Saturday took llir trouble i to look up In-the mass of delnll- i In Ihe Ki-icl rule book, u rule guv- ' cininif a play lit (he battle ami • forthwith discovered that HIP ri-f- cttc had rrred 'and Yale had been ' credited with a touchdown thai i was never made nccordliiB to Hojlc. I The mistake has already been ae- . knowledge*!. Not that It made any ' great dllforetice hecauw ihe fight- j Ing Georgians cfime from lirhinO ' to win anyway, but llu-n It could : . have easily been the dillcrence he- ; at Florida; -"Sli|)" Nfadiaan at St Mqr> s, California, and a host >i i up and coming youngsters, Inclucl- r Southwell'mi"'- Howard' inim- •ing "Chuck" Collins at North Cur- ['somewhat similar ollna; Noble Kizer, who Is succeed- victory and defeat. At McinpliU Saturday the n error actually :dld ccsl (he Lynx n iHjulbli 1 tic or Ing Phelan at Purdue, and "Jim- victory. And other errors are verv i mie" Ciowley at, Mlclugan Slats ii ke |y lo crop out this season be- ! cause of (he great number of' complicated rul;.s the ollk-lnl musi '• ) °" CS ° r " are disciples of the Rockne sys tern and use variations of (he Notre Dame shift.- rememhrr. Origin cf Shift Tlie shift has been u matter of controversy since, it wns originated by Dr. Harry Williams at Minnesota about 1903. In the old Minnesota shift all II players clianged positions. It was purely i ||!' a power attack and the purpose!' was lo get more players to .r [ given spot than -the defense could muster and get -them there first. The rules al the time were Indefinite and their interpretation a matter of dispute. Tlie shifting ' team was generally In motion when the ball was passed and thr= • gave them an unfair edge over p team .that did not use the shift. Non-shifting teams refused t3 Bcheflulc teams that employed the shift. The "old school" demanded tliat it-be abolished. The Notre Dame Offense Notre: Dame's mnln offensive weapon is its running attack. It typifies speed and deception rnth- er Umu power. RocXne employs only a backfleld shift and uses it If develop rhythm and co-ordlnatlor in the light List Notre D«me backs The shifts are varied and a. change of pace is introduced so that If th/ ..defense disregards the ball in ' charging, they are apt to be off . side. Other successful coaches prefer a set offense. If there wns any material advantage and the shit! was .suited to their material, they would use It. • Rockne uses this style, of attack to perfect rhythm, gain.deception, and to'kecp ihc defense back 'ori jts hetls. He believes 'it. has 'enabled Notre Dome to compete upon'an equal basis with teams possessing . more inherent power. Naturally, those who follow Rocfche's system oppose.further restrictions . which ' would virtually -abolish the shift. ; Roles Restrict Shift •Unfair momentum as the ball' Is passed 'was eliminated, as far as the rules are concerned, by legislation . several years" ago. Tlie question has been a simple one. Do all. the "shifting players come to an' absolute stop, remain stationary for a second before the ball is .passed? If they do, the shift ' Is legal. In spite of the clear provisions of the > rules, the annual criticism of the'shift continues. Some of It is justified. Some coaches are not concerned whether .their teams - stop. or«not. Some officials are timid in their rulings and this results in varying enforcement. On -the other hand,'there tire coaches who let out a yelp every time they meet a shifting team. The alibi for the defeat is the claim of illegal motion. Some of them are not satisfied with a stop —they want a vacation. The annual discussion centers around Rockne, though Notre Dame is only one of a hundred teams that use the shift. ,Notre Dame Shift Legal The crux of the matter is the . spirit .in which the shift is used Ethically, there U nothing unfair about the Notre Dame shift, and coaches such as Rockne. Phelan and Dorais time their own shift and know, when it Is within tlie rules. Fielding Yost was heard.. to remark alter the Notre Dame-Southern California game last fall. "I uculd have been pprfeclly satis- fled with 'Rock's' shift. Notre Dame came to a complete stop and *.hclr shift was psrtectly legal." Few of Notre Dame's major opponents offer any criticism of their shift in the backfiold . The 1930 Rules .The 1930 rules are not really -banged at all. The use ol the words "at least a second" instead o! "approximately a second" is 8 substitution of a specific for an ambiguous term. The change in the suggested count by the ret eree In timing the duration of the pause Is probably an effort t " &Uflerr,iip weak-kneed officials. T*»ms with a legal shift wil use It in 1930. Coaches who hav been trying to get by -with some thing else may find it more difficult this arisen. The rules are . and have 1**n ample. Their en• foretmcot Is all that It necessary and that IB simply a matter of I officiating. :-' .Good Job, Hill . Bill Merrlwelhcr, (lie "big pa- • looka from Pnr.igould" as termed ' j by^ n_Joncsboro spoil writer, who. on the flre for hi.s work • apparently concerned here Friday. Hill has al- i ways turned out his work In fine ] .lyle here and local funs readily! Knf that Menlwetlier Is the mast t capable and efficient referee to officiate here In many days. Vandfrbill has a clrrrr klc-ker and runner this j-rtir in little Johnny A>.lirw. Now 3or O'Goaf- ty says Isn't Ih'it a clever name I JAskrw? (rXioofty alsg says that if was a caip of too miu-h Downs ralhrr than loo many whm Austin Don-ns grabbed thr kickofl and racfd «5 yards for a (ouchdown against Yale. SINCE WHl, HO SOCKET HAS eeesi OrJ THE PRANCE FIELD op ooT AT THAT TTME, FOUND Hli SCjUAD MR6 PCtoWENT AT TL'KSDAV, .OCTUliKl! COMMlSSIONKIt'S SALE NOTICE the uiu!(rsl;;ned compliance with Is her: by tliat COMMISSIONKR'S SAI.R NOTICE Is hereby given (hat Uie (•miuims-lourr, commissioner, In com- the terms of a clecrnp rendered by ihe Chancery Court for tlie Chlckn.stuvha District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, en the 22ud day of Sejitenibcr. 1930, wherein A G. Douglass v:as Pt-ain- tlc. aad A. A Ryan, el al.,-were Uefeirdamri, win sell at piiblic auction to the highest and best bid- (ir-r. for cash, on a credit of ihrce mnnllu, at the front door of the Court House, between tlie hours prescribed by lav.-, in the City of lilj-thuvllle, Arkansas, on the 20th day of October. 1030, the following lea! estate, to-wit: Tie \Vest Half of the Northeast Quai-te r of Section 13. Tuwii;.)i!p 15 North, liangc b East. In Mississippi County, Arkansas. THE purchaser at said .sale will be rermlml to execute bond with ujiM-oveU security, to secure the l-iyme-nt of the purchase, money, ai;d a lien will lie retained upon taUl property as additional security the payment, of such !fo. i money. WITNESS my hand and tlie seal of .said Court, on this, the Gth day o! October, 1MO. W. W. HOLLIPETEK. Commissioner in Chancery. Reid, Evrard i- Henderson, Attorneys fc,- Plaintiff. pliance with Ihe terms of a decree rendered by (lie Chancery Court for the Cliickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on of Mississippi county, Arkans^-. on HID 22ml day of September, liv -- - Bond . & Mori.-' M-hc-relix 1^-anklin gage Company was Plaintiff, ami C. M, Baxter, ct a)., wcro Defendants, will .sell at public auction to (he highest and bidder, for cash, on a, credit of Hire? moiill.i, the 22nd day of September, 1930.1 at the front door of the. Court wherein Southern States, between (he hours urescrlb- Corporadon was HlaiiUiir, and L.! cd by law, in (lie City of lilythe- E. Hamner were Defendants, will ville, Arkansas, on tlie 29tli day he High-Jot October, 1930, the fotlowiii" real ° sell at cst bl t public auction toj idder, for cash, on* a credit ; e.stato, to-wit: lj)l Number 11, In Block 1, of tlie Highland Place Second Addition lo the City of Ulythe- ville, Arkansas. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond wnh i approved security, lo secure tiie payment of the purchase money "nil a lien will be retained upon xaiii-as. said properly as additional security THE purchaser at said sale will; for the payment of such purchase be required to execute bond with ' money. approved security, lo secure the . WITNESS my hand and the seal of payment of the purchase money,; said Court, on this, ihe Gth day of October, 19&J. W. W. HOLL1PETER, P 1 "'-; . Commissioner in Chancery. [Reid. Evrard & H"nderson WITNESS my hand and (he seal] Attorneys fo r Piaintiif ' of said court, on this, the Oth I (lay of October, 1930, | W. W. HOLLlPETEFi. uf three months, at the front door, of ihe Court House, between the : hours presciibcil by law, In the • C'liy of niytlieville. Arkansas, on: the 2St)i day of October, 1930. the following real estate, to-wll: Lot Number 10. in Block "E", of the Barren & Lilly Addition to the City of Blytheville, Ar- and a lien will be retained upon ; said properly as additional secur- : ity for the payment of such ' c!:ose money. 7 14 CoiiimLssioner in Chancery. Reid, Evrard <t Henderson. Attorneys fo.r 1'laiiitiir. ST. PAUL. Minn. iUl«)_Wi:ji Is believed will be liie largcsl el COMMISSIONER'S SALE ' Ixx* at TKSs Lajonl Quite f. number of championship hopes are due to be shattered Saturday when a big group of Imiwr- Uml gridiron- struggles are to br pulled ofl before larje crowds of the football hungry. Headlining the Saturday battle will be the Notre Dame-Carnegie Tecli (my at South Bend. The wriler believes that Carnegie Tech stands the best chance of any team on the Notre Dame schedule to upset the Fighting Irish. Any team that can walk over Georgia Tech the way Carnegie pulled the trick Iiisl week Is certain to be powerful and on top of (hut, Carnegie hns always been n thorn to the' Rocknes. Another cruciai struggle finds Harvard and Army battling'on the sod at Cambridge. Last year a' 20- RITZ THEATER Monday and Tuesday STOP! SEE! Alice Drucr Miller's Host Szllcr Classic on tlie.Talking Screen. 20 tic resulted from their meeting. Down south, Tennessee's highly ad- verllsed crippled Volunteers and and Crimson Tide of Alabama meet at Tuscalobsn' In the mosl important Southern Conference clash. Florida's 'Caters journey to Chicago lor a game with Chicago University. Wisconsin Mid Pennsylvania meet at Madison in an- olher Intc-nwclionnl fray. before his hourjrrccntly when hnii fell in \Vest ftaclnc, raiu fell in the city, and — • ' the ground remained dry in the Up and At 'Em • rural sections, all during the same The Chicko.sav.'s refuse .to bo hour. ownhcarted as a result of their. . defeat by Joucsboro's Hurrimi? | SALEM, O. (UP)—Halem will be] n ' n ~j" CAl'CHT! Rich! I, a\n li-lov inf Rrcklrss! And thtn i Iremcmious smash-up! lanslaiightef d Qaronouni < MBSOITR1 C. ENROLLS Ml COLUMBIA, Mo., Oct. 7 (OT>Th* total enrollment in all divisions the university .of; Missouri for - with Claudeltc C'nllicrt and Frodric Alnich Sound News antl Comedy— "Fit To Be Tied". Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—16 and -lOc. Coming — Milton Sills i "THE SEA WOLF". Moraii Joe Craig, fight promoter, is ckcring with Pal Moore. Mem- lis veteran, for a fight here with *Roy Dougan. Moore won-handily om nongan at MemphU recently efore Pal's home town fans and ow Dougan wants a chance lo and are out workinc with n rush:host to the 1931 convention of the his week that bodes no good for > Transylvania- Saxon Saengerbimd Vev.-port here Friday. Some s'.rcn- |of North America accordin- to a ions training and hard practice; recent announcement Erie Pa houlti - put the Chicks on belter i was selected (or the 1932 sessions dge than when they laced Jones-1 Joro. Take it out on Newport, boys! j WEYMOUTH. 'Dorset), Enjf. FKKAK WEATIlEiT'REOORn | UP) -A" auo, K y revealed that the „.„...„ ,„. I'iMri of Henry Drew, shoemaker. RACINE, Wls.. (UP)-Some kihil who died r.t the w of 13 was if a record wns established here Ion the rig!it side of his c>:est. HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday This Novel enjoyed by mil' ofis, 'now lotion picture. . jfreatcr aH a NOTICE is hereby given that the iindusiBiiEd commissioner, in com- plitisice with the terms of a decree i entered by the Chancery Court for the ChJckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the. 22nd day of September, 1930. wherein Peoples Building & Lcnn Association was Plaintiff, and Oliver Wicker, ct al.. were Defendants, will sell at public auction to Ihe highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three montlis, at. the front door of .he Cou:; IIotiiF?, Letv.cen the hurs prescribed by law, in th? City of Ulythevilb, Arkansas, on the 29th dav o.' Oc- lober, 1930, the following real estate, to-wit: The North 40 feet of Lo'. 11, in Block "C", of the Morris Addition to the City of Blylheville. Arkansas. THE purchaser at said sale v,'ill be required to execute bond with i approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, lien v,-ill be retained upon 100 feet and will be visible fo- imiP,xi» H ,' • e ' Ven \ l llle mllcs '- IL *"' to Installed al undersigned commissioner, in com- iliance with the terms of a de- .i-ee rendered by the Chancery Court fo r the Chickasawba Dlstrht 1 said property as additional security fo r tlie payment of such pur- clraie money. WITNESS my liand and trie seal of said Court, on this, the 6th day of October. 1030. W. W. HOIATPETER, Commissioner in Chancery Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 1-14 Winifred Wertover B*n Lyon-Wllllam Colllerjr; tdrti Murphy You make your sign In the world is to be crec'e! on the new First National na'iiV 7-14.building here, bank officials said. COMMISSIONER'S SAI.K | height, the whole sig^i "li r exceca ailed lop of the 30 s'.ory structure- now built. R*ad Courier News -Want Ads. J USTHOW SAFE ARE YOU AT HOME? Comedy—All Talking. JIatineeand Night—10 & ygc. Coming — Home Theater — Wednesday tmd Thursday— Vaudeville — "TIIE TROPICAL FOUR". The Sec DanciiiR LOCKTKI /F your property is likely to suffer severe fire damage, you pay for the increased hazard in your insurance rate.. If it is safeguarded in accordance with known standards of fire protection the insurance rate will be lower. The insurance rate is measured by the hazard. This is the spirit of fair dealing which marks the stock fire insurance business. Consult any member of the m number is Ii tat mr. ( tyllluuns. This il'udents than ;.,LY, the boy from Ar_. - ..uvu. <x<.i.oas. MARGY, the radio: Chatlcrton in "ANYBODY'S sill Extra-Added Feature— i UDONI (The Man Who' Insurance Exchange of Blytheville Ruth-kansas. .iiy .01. Missouri 101 """«.»v.nun m m\ijsuDY'S Wtt,U tccording to WOMAN", Joan Crawford in f«L4 tlrmiAHtP TVI» «r\T Tl> TiT.ircnirv^ %...,^ .: 'OUR BHUSHING HR1DES" Grows). FARMERS R A\K & TRUST CO., INSURANCE DEPT. FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY F YOU think of danger in terms of . trains, steamships, airplanes, automobiles, machinery and the like, please remember lhat more than 7,000 lives were lost last year in American homes as d result of fire. More than 60 per cent of tl! fires ocfcir in homes. The "safety" of your hearth- jtone loses some of its assurance when you consider this record of tragedy. To Improve such conditions the Stock Fire Insurance ccvnpanies-—repres'ent- ing the great bulk of fire insurance written-in this country—maintain many helpful services. For Greater Home Safety The Department of Building Construction operated by the National Board of Fire Underwriters spreads a vast amount of information regarding building materials and their proper assembling. Stock Fire Insurance engineers constantly survey the fire defenses of cities and work with public officials to improve them. Underwriters' Laboratories, established by Stock Fire Insurance, tests and labels thousands of devices used in the home —electrical apparatus, convenience equipment, heating plants, fire extinguishers and utilities of many descriptions.' • STOCK FIRE INSURANCE has d large personnel vind many facilities that are always available in connection with construction, maintenance, protection, and fire prevention, lis record in reducins the average cost of fire insurance over a long period of years is partly the result of its efforts lo make i.ome life safer. Seoefc Flr« Iniurenct Compute «r* IftpMjenfcj ty CtptU* Ajtnti In four Cemmoaity THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO! Exch«i9« Bid* > 1U6

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