The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1949
Page 5
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FRIDAY, AUGUST R, 1949 BLYTHEVTIXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FTVE THE NATION TODAY— Reds' Sentencing of Catholic Priest for Refusing Sacrament To Communist Termed Stupid By Jame* Mirlosr WASHINGTON, Aug. 5. Wt— Whai the Communists in Czechoslovakia have just done to a Catholic who knows his religion—either stupid or cynical. They sentenced a. Catholic priest to eight years' Imprisonment for refusing the last sacraments of his church to an old Communist woman. The sacraments Include hearing confession and forgiving sin. Some time ago the Catholic Chuvch at Ronv &»Id any Catholic who stayed in the Communist Party anywhere could not receive the sacraments. This was an order excommunicating such a person from Uie church. +— , The story out of Czechoslovakia is thisi ihc old woman, a Catholic but a Communist Party member, thought she was dying and sent for a priest. The Communist Party had for- >lilden any priest to carry out .! excommunication order by re- sing the last sacraments to a Catholic Communist. The priest arrived. The woman sale* she was still a Communist. He refused the sacraments. She ;ave up lier party membership- He :ulmini.stcred the sacraments then. But she recovered, rejoined th party, told her story and the priest was jailed. To a Catholic who knows ills religion, excommunication for staying in the party is a terrible penalty. Tor then, so long as he remains in (he party, lie is committing what the church considers a mortal sin. Two Avenues Open Catholics, hav[ii« faith that there is a God and after-life, believe a person dying in mortal sin cai. never go to Heaven but mast sut- ler damnation for elr-nity. There are only two wa 1 - in which such an excommunicated person can save 1 imself from ihis damnation: 1, If he's alive and well, he must quit the party, confess his sin 01 slaying in the party, and then be a good Catholic thereafter. J. if he's dying, lie tnuil be truly sony for his Msobedience while he \vas~wcU a.ud Urmly resolve that. If he were well again, he'd get out of the party. But a dying per.son who Is truly sorry must do one of two things: f 1. confess to a priest—if a priest ; .. t _7.. , ^£"available—that he The priest can then ness. | 2. U there's no priest around, j tlie dying person must be truly ' sorry i 11 his mind, without confessing "aloud to anyone. Since Catholics believe God Ls j everywhere and knows everything, ' they believe he knows what's in everyone's mind every instant. So Catholics believe Goci will know whether a dying man is truly • hurry or pretending iie is, thinking somehow he can deceive -, God and so at the last moment save hlnihdf from damnation. j (Since ihe Catholic Church tea- ' che.s it carries out God's wishes. Cat hoiks must believe that when the church cveonmmmcatcs Catholic Communists it is the wish of God. The church also teaches that Gnd has c;i\en priests power to forgive sinsj Stniiiclety or Cynicism But it is risht here that the stupidity or cynicism of the Czechoslovak Communists comes in: ]. They're stupid in church teachings if they think they can force a priest at gunpoint or under the threat of jail—to give the last ^acraments. including forgiveness, I JF, an unrepentant Catholic Communist. The sacraments given under compulsion woulr 1 have no meaning. The prleht murmuring forgiveness would ]-ave no mear ing at all since Gnri. reading vhc dying man's mind, would know he was unrepentant. '2. They're cynical if they think they can kid Catholic Communists into believing tha* so long as a priest administers the sacraments- even though at gunpoint—everything is all right and there's never been any evcommunication at all. This might work on an ignorant •Catholic. A well-informed one woul u know better. What will happen—In view of the church—to the old woman who went ack to the party, after saying she was sorry, and had the priest jailed? She can still save herself If sometime before her death, sh« is truly sorry for all she did. If, however, she die,'; unrepentant, then her lot. is damnation for ever. Audits Reveal Fraud, Waste Comptroller General Issues Blistering Report- on War Deals TO CONUUST REVIVAL—The Rev. and Mrs. Leon Cook ol Florence, Ala,, will conduct revival services at the Naznrene Church In Blytheville beginning nexl Tuesday and extending through August H. The Rev. Mr. Cook will be evangelist and assist In the program. The revival period was announced by the Rev. Royal Schuliz, who recently accepted the paslorlate of the chinch. He will-dchvr • his lirsl sermon to the church mem- the ! bcrslilp at the morning services, ! Sunday. He w a.s formerly Mother Prefers Jail to Compliance With Court Order She Feels is Unjust ^ :1 " i 'R^ '»J^ AilU AA.IJSl lu l"L 3!ll£lllf; ULU1UH.>. fit W t and his wire will direct the music I Bi'iHonvilk'. Ark. orLvc- IOI O I\E Building Flans Discussed by Church Stewards Plans for a ground-breaking pro gram foi the First Method is Church, probably in October, were set in motion last night at th August meet! tig of the church' Board of Stevards' J. \V. Adams, chairman of build* ig committee, and the pastor the Rev Roy 1. Bagley, reportec that plf*-- for the new auditor Km soon arc to he placed in the hand of contractors interested in submit ting bids and ft Is hoped that con st ruction can be started in Octo ber. Tentative plans for the ground-! breaking ceremonies include the extending of invitations to Bishop Paul E. Martin, the Rev. E. B. Wil- Iliuns. district superintendent, and former pn c toi.; who have had part in the raising of approximately S125.000 now In the building fund to start the construction program. Board officers for the new con- yea r were re-elected last "<« hi ""<* 1 ™ l " de "P-vey Morris. <-t>«i™«": W. W. Adarns. vice cha|rman . Ja] ,, c5 L _ vcrhocfl. secrotary: Jack C. Owen, treasurer. Mr. Morris announced the appointment of the following rncine- bcvs ot the ushers' committee: U E Old. chairman: Harry Brooks, Jack Robillfi. Winford Wyatt. R. A Nelson and James C. Ouard. He also announced membership of the board's finance committee selected at the last quarterly conference for First Chinch The members are: A. O. Hudson, chairman: Jack Owen. M. C. Webb. William Wyatt. J. L. Ouard. C. F. Tucker P. E. Cooley. and J. W. Adams. Expediter Liberalizes Rent Adjustment Rules Housing Expediter T1 g h c E. Woods has issued amendments to the housing and rooming regulations which liberalize adjustment provisions in line with Instructions previously sent to area rent directors and publicized at the time by urea offices In considering petitions for adjustments under each of several grounds, the area rent office is directed under the amended regulations to grunt rent increases to compensate for increased cost of operating juiu maintaining rental housing accomodations since the maximum rent date. WASHINGTON. Aua 5. (API — Comptroller General Lindsay Warren informed conyi-ess yesterday that "fraud" and "waste" on K<iy- cinmen t contracts tm-e cost l.ix- payers millions of dollars. in a dil.s of rotno SI,105,030.000 worth ot contract*, VVtuten s;ilu there \vcre "improper payments In excess of 50,28000)" that "were Induced by fraud-" Of this, he added only about i MOT.8H2 "ha.s been recovered" find : the outlook for additional recovery is slim. Warren sukl another $2.:i40.i:UO NOTICE wa-S " a ' c ' ou ^ through 'improper or Notice Is hereby Riven that the «<'«xlvtf payments" that did not nndeislQiieil has filed with the | inm ^'« fnu ' rt Commissioner of Revenues of ilie He sal<i tlle Sfneral accountiiiR State of Arkansas for penult lo;cll I of!ice !wd "covered M74.717, but and oispcnsc heer at retail on the • lll:lt B>'Veiiiiiicnt auencies 'he overpayments SAI,T LAKE CITY, Aug. 5—</!')— Tiic 57-year-old mother of a son who died in World War II entered Hie Salt. Ijxkc county Jail yesterday to serve a 30-d-ay sentence rather than obey a court order she cotlsidered unjust. Mrs. Nettle W. Capps of Bountiful, was Involved In litigation over a $10.000 veterans service life insurance policy left by her dead son, The son's estranged wife brought jsuit following his death to obtain , the money left by the Insurance bllstcrinc report on his an- : ! KI 'l<'.v. 11 ic court ruled Ihitl the man's mother should be designed trustee of the funds for the bcnc- lit of the children rather than from rarancc, Inadverlance, or over- liberality In effecting termination .settlcincnLs." the benefHary.. Mrs. Capps refused to act as trustee and, instead, de.sifinated trius- teeshlp to the First Security Trust Company. Meanwhile ,the Veterans Administration held with Mrs. Capps that she is the sole benefldnry and only recipient of the checks. nislrct JcKigo Ray Van Colt, Jr., ordered her to accept the checks and turn them over to the trustee. She refused. Last -'"tic 30 she was sentenced to :io days In Jail or to pay a fine of $201 and was given a slay of execution to comply. She Appeared in court ngaln yesterday, repealing her refusul. The task or-lcrd by the court involves endorsing and delivering $53 check each month for the duration of the policy. "My son died lhal we might be free." she said, " nnd 1 don'> think Marriage Licenses The following couplrs obtained marriage licenses at the office of Miss Elizabeth Dlythe. yesterday: Billy Qene Castleman of Munila d Miss Biliic Joe Tackcr of Lake ty. Hayse Daniels ami Miss 'oan •ane, both of Blytheville. Wyoming's Wells The state of Wyoming has drilled 11.000 oil wells, has more than 100 producing fields in 18 of its 23 conn- lies, and has produced more than 700.COO.OOO barels of oil. Day or Night Call 981 Blytheville RED TOP CAB CO. DANCE at the Silver Slipper HUO Hiisl Main Street To (he Music of Doyle Turner and the National Hillbillies FRIDAY, AUGUST 5 from 8:30 til 1:00 • FEATURING • FREE BARBECUE and SQUARE DANCE With a Professional Caller SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South BrtMdway Phone 2651 premises described a.s 1633 West Ro/c. Blythcvlllc, Mississippi County, Thf> undersigned stnlc.s Dial lie Ls a eiUzer. of Avkiuishs, of good moral clurucicr. Dial lie has never bucn convicted of a lelony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that tio license to sell beer by the uiuter- .si^ned has been revoked within five years last [last; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this .state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is Cor permit to be is- Micd fov operation beginning on the 1 ciuy of Oct 1949, nnd to expire on the 30 day of June. 1950. Chelcy Black Sub.scriibe'! and sworn to befoie me this 4 tiny of August 19-1!). Mrs, Marshall Blntkard. Notary Pubti: My commission expires: 3.9 53, : Unit guveinmnnt agencies which made 'he overpayments generally refused to attempt recoveries but upon clefrmims (heir actions Wiirnie blamed most of the "waste and fraud 1 ' upon a "contract re.sctltcmrm net ol 1944" passed by Con^tr.vs uhirli he ••said nl- lowcrl novcrmnenr a^rjicie.s to sei- | tie cotUrtKU in lull before they hud been properly :uidittKi by the general Recounting; [>£l!ci- or any out-side agency The 19-14 act. he .said, "paved tin- way for the improper payment nl many millions of dollars of publir funds through friiiid. eollu-siiin, IK- SATURDAY SPECIALS Tea Glasses - - - 2for5< Anklets 9<ea. Batiste Gowns • - - I can be forced to pack checks to a trust any more than can be made to scrub the steps of the trust they have set up. That would be slave labor . . . enforced auor, and In Ajnerlca that doesn't exist." With the Courts Chancery: Charles Bright vs. H. B. Perkins et a), suit clear till*. Common fleas: Geraldlnc Sharp vi. Mrs. Charla* Bright. Sr. suit to collect $400 for damage done to furnlluri. ON EARTH/ GRIFFIN ALLWITE fOK AIL WHITt SHOCS Value comes from Volume Chevrolet offers you the most value because Chevrolet builds the most trucks! World's biggest builder of trucks—that's Chevrolet! And Chevrolet volume helps cut production costs . . . makes possible bigger truck values at lower prices. That's why you get more truck for your money when you buy Chevrolet Advance-Design trucks. Come in ond let us help you select the right truck for your delivery or handling requirements. ADVANCE-DESIGN TRUCKS CHEVROLET I t'y —tm~—t* SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO Wesl Walnut Phone 578

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