The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 9, (ARK.) COUTUKR NEWS PAGE FIVE Amelia Salifoa, Society Editor l>honc 4461 Alpha Delta Luncheon q&nld at Sycamore House A Mother and JJtiu&htcr Luncheon was held Saturday by the Alpha Delia Chapicr of Beta Sigma I'hi n'. the Sycninure House nl 1:30 p.m. There were 42 present al the affair. The luur-coursc luncheon was served al Ihe tables covered wilh mulii-colored cloths and centered with a /lower aiTniigcmcul of as- Mined rose.s, daisies, peonies and .spring flowers. The guests were introduced eUht'i' us inoiher, mother- in-law or proxy mother. Mrs, Gilbert L). Hummock Jr. KIIVR n poem entitled, "A Daughter's Wish," which was her otvn comtia- sitlon. Later in the afternoon, favors were presented each guv&l. The guests included Mrs. Jolm Smothermon, Mis. Cornelius Mo- (iiiiRer. Mrs. T. P. Dean, Mrs. John G. BourlEind, Mrs- Lee Stili-s, MLS.S Melbn Prj'ov, daughter nf Mrs. Pan Pryor, who is the sponsor, Mrs Lloyd Wise, Mrs. U. B, Purvis, Mrs William Rlgncy, Mrs, Frank J. Turk an honorary member and a pas' .sponsor. Mrs. Herman Walpole, Dr Edna NU-.S, Mrs. Heath, Mrs. E, R Jones, Mrs. W. O. Keeve.s. Mrs. C W. ' esler. Mrs. B. B. Wilson, Mrs l/nike Morel and and Mrs, Holli; Moody, Central Faculty Members Are Honored at Luncheon Mrs. Hugh Whitsitt, Mrs. Jamc Stevenson, Mrs. C. E. Graves an Mrs. Leonard Johnson were ho.stes Saturday when they etiicrlainc with a 1 o'clock luncheon honorin the faculty members of Centra School The luncheon was held Mrs. Whittsitt'a home nt 1031 Wes Walnut. Guests were Miss Sunshine Swit principal. Mrs. Lillian Frank, Mi: Lacey Jackson, Miss Katherine Ros\ n]]. Mrs. Harold Anderson, Mrs. P. Peterson, Mrs. R. A. Berry ma and Miss Winnie Virgil Turner. The luncheon was served al tl dining table which was centered wit an attractive arrangement of Tali man roses and blue bachelor buttoi in a low crystal bowl. The place each guest, was marked with individual corsage of TalLsma roses. Centering the buffet was an arrangement of while peonies with renlcrpiece of pink peonies placed on the piano. "o Present Recital Bits of News Mary Ann nradshaw daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Biadshiuv of Osce- da, will present her senior piano eellal at the Osceola High School Thursday al 8 p. m. Miss Bradshaw benan her sludy of piano in her .sophomore year h I.itey Moi'rison and hius continued for (he past two years wilh Mrs. nnlton Powlston of the f'o\ylston Sehool of Music. Slle was awarded the Osceola piano scholarship for this year offered by the Powlston School of Music. Among her other musical activities Miss Rrndshaw has been a member of the High School Hand for Ihe past six years playing oboe, saxophone, and first clarinet. She has been a member of the HiRh School Glee Club and the Baptist choir for the past four years, and has frequently played and sutifr for various social gatherings in O.sceola. Surprise Shower Given Honoring Miss England JUother's Day Tea Given I By Nu Phi Mu Sorority The Zeta Chapter of Nu Phi Mu Sorority entertained with H Mother's Day Tea yesterday afternoon from 3 to A at the home of Mrs. W. C. Hlgginsoii, 1303 West Chick- Miss Rainona England, bride- elect of Kdgar Cain Jr. was com- pliinented Friday afternoon with n surprise shower at her hntne, IflOy being j West Ash, -given br Mrs. Betty j Gentry and Miss Madge VnsL- binder. The home was decorated with crystal nnd China vases Tilled wilh arrangements of spring flowers. During the afternoon, games were played under the direction of Mrs. Heulah Lloyd wilh prize,-; bcin^ won by Miss England and MLss binrier. The honoree was preiented her gift-i, after which j-efreshmcnts were served by the ^hostesses. She chose for this occasion, ft pink Jlnen dress with browTi nnd white accessories. Her frock WHS complemented with R corsaRe of white carnalion.s, presented lo her Tile centerpiece on the dining table, which was overlaid with « white cut R'ork cloth was an arrangement of pink roses, the sorority flower, a nd blue corn How ers, flanked hv royal blue tnjxirs burning in silver holders. Mrs. Berry j b >' the hostesses. Allen presided at the punch bowl | * * * and was assisted in serving by Miss | M'lSS Weec/man Receives Catherine Graham and Miss Jane Shelton. Mixed bouquet arrangements of roses were used to decorate the entertaining rooms of the home. Guest* who attended Included Mrs. D. Hammock, Mrs. William Rigncy, Mrs. W. C. Higginson, Mrs. j E. M. Damon, Mrs. W. T. Shelton. Mrs. Elva Wheeler, Mrs. H. E. Graham and Mrs. Ethel Snead. Mr. ami Mr?. E. H. McftuUlcn ol Pine Hlutl, arc spending srviT:il days here fts j?uest.s ol their d:uiKh- ter, Mrs. E. J. Cure and fnmily. Dr. nnd Mrs. U, C. Slm.s, Sr. t have a.s iheir for H lew days, Mis. H. N. WiU'e of 'J'nllulali, La., formerly of Blytlieville. Mr. and Mrs, Leonard T. Oldlmtn Intvc jnovecl into their new homo which tliey recently completed In the Country Club Drive Addition north of Blyllicville. 'I'om A. Little. Sr., Is a imttont al Jolins HnpkiiLs Hospilftl, nallimoi'e, wliei'e he Is under BOin^ t rent incut lor several weeks. Mr, and Mrs. Dale Horn tett y*\s- teidny afiei'Jioon for Detroit, Mich., where liicy will visit Mr. Horn's sister. Mr?. William Stanford and Mr. Stanford and other friend-; They went especially to nltrml Ihi 1 Shrliie ceremonies there Mny U Bel ore re turn inn home they will spend a week at Walled Lake, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. BnlLey o[ Lit lit- Uock were the weekend of Mrs. R.iilry's mother. Mrs. D. M. Cutler. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Siillbn had as thrir sursLs nvcr the \vcckcnrt. their dnuRhlcr, Miss Alice Ssilibn, who is wilh the Crippled CJjildren'.s Hospital 'n Little Hork and their snti. Albeit Saliha. who Is employed In St. Louis. Mo. Mi', and Mrs. Samuel F. Norris spent the weekend with their daughter. Miss Maureen Norrl.s. who is a student at St. Cecilia's Academy in Nnshville. Tenn. Mrs. Maurlcr WeslrtdRe atitl diiu- Rliter, Susan, KITIVCC) hy plane from Richmond. Va.. to visit wilh her parents. Mi. and Mrs. J. D. Smith She was met In Memphis by her parents and will remain here unUI the latler part of this week. Bill Eftmoiislon and William H Slovall. Jr.. both sLudenU nl the University of Arkansas, spent the weekend as gue.sts of Mr. nnd MI-R. W. U. Stovall. Sr. Mr. arirt Mrs. S, E. Cooper of Hamilton. Ala,, were Ihe weekend gue-sts of Mr. nml Mrs. Hermon Walpole and Mrs.' Ebb Spnidley. Mrs. Cooper is a sLster of Mi'.s. Walix>le atid Mrs. Spradley. Mrs. Paul MnhoTi reUirned home trotn Hahn, Mo., where she. spent severs] days with her parenls, Mr, and Mis. E. K- Dinkens and her brother, Carl and Charles, Jr. Mr. Mahon, accomnanied by Mr, »nd Mr."i. I>.ster Bailey and family of Hayt!, Mo., went to Hahn yesterday to accompany her home. Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Ma. I ion arc sisters, J. M. Clevclanrt wa-s called to Fort Smith Saturday because of the death of his uncle. Dr. J. R. CrlRler. who died at a ho-spitM there; Fun- Mot/ier's Day Program Presented by DeU G.A.'s The UUrimediate (iiils Auxllinrv of lhe Dell »uiHis| Chnn'h mcl ul the home of Mrs. C. A Smith l-'rl- duy night ti>r ft piuly inul [iro^iniu honoi in« llifir tnotliors. Vlrriift Moody presented » corsage ol red rosebuds to llu Bursts a x I hey n IT! veil, with ' J a l.xy Cook Uelnw in rhuv^e ol (he Kuost Iwiok The welcome address w:w piescnl- pd by Mrs. C, II. Harmon, counselor, followed by (hi- drvosiomtl kv Oonna liose Simmons, l'i uycr \v:i,^ offeri'd by Kos;\ Mny Cummins, |iri-- Ct'dlliK fi plmio wilo. "Tile Heiiulltitl (tiirdcn of I'rayoi." liy Jjuit't llrrt- di'i'son. llflly Jo Joluisdii pri'si'ii a tnlk on "The He;ut o[ n Ho n'Jt)) Anlci 1 llhiir chon.sin« ns Inpir. "l-'ulsi 1 l/jve." A trio composed nf J:mct Petersun. He I and IVKKy Jdhnsnn, s:inj», "Tlu 1 1-ih I, »>f lilt 1 Vrtlk'V" followrd Oy Ji slun I talk, "O. A Molhci.s" by Mrs, Aron Cum ii tins. 'I'lu' (iroumm \vns I' cJudett «'Jth prsyrj by i^oye^ 1 Jol son. llefre.shnicnt.s were *ervi-<l butfrl style fron; Iho dhiiiiK l:il»U\ whirh wns covi'i ed with a cloth ol I HIT nnd rcntrrvri with * '"w rryslsil Ixiwl tilled witli red rosrs. flanked by green and \vhMn iiipt'i'.s 1 In crystal holders, ,'ccmlrs, mock oriinpc daisirs nntl roses wt-ie iittriu'ttvely uri tuiRcd IhroUKtiout Ihr liomf Adding to 11n- ntliiu-tiveiit'ss ol ihc dfcoriilions were tlu- ulils tlvo-ssrd in [ormnl KI>WIS of vai .• us colors .In net flrnclfMxon RIK! J:uiet Petrt- son pirsUlrd nt tl-e table, nsslMrd by VImm Moodv and Pulsy Conk Oilier mu'sls were Mrs. M. It Gi if fin niul Mrs. C S. Downs -I" Coming Events Social Calendar Thp MKsl.v.s||ip| con til y. SubiUs- trli-t ol the MYF MoclliiR itt the FuM Mi'thodist Chin 1*11 nl 7:3U p.m. Tiirsil;iy Tr!-To\vn Hrldyto Club will imvi nt tin* hunit' of Mrs.'11 \\ h'uir. Ln IVtite Chit) wj]| be rnti-rluinr^ nl Ihe homr nf Mrs. J. F. Mnntiui- dtin. Mrs Max Heid will In 1 hastens In tin- Tui-sdiiy iirldve CMub. Mrs. Wrltlun Italuwiilor will i-n- lerciin the La Nurvc (.'lull. ll.A It, Limrhi'on »t I o'rlivk In JInlcl Noblr v>Hh Mr.s. A, C'oiuvuy and Mr.s, C, !•'. Tuckrr ix.s 1 ; Wfihirsil:iy S Cluipler I), p.Ki). Slstnhoml will nii't'l nl Ihr hump of Mis. H. !<' Klrshm-r (or n I n'clnck lum-hron. Cliu'k».s:t\v (*h:i|)Li>r, Di'lplilun So rwly inrclinw ;il Hotel No)>)t! nl 10 i\, m. Mr*. Chiirlrs IN we rnlcilnlnlnn Wcilne.sdny HrhiKc (.'lub. Town niul Country Chib lioiiii; cntertiiinerl nt tin- home oJ Mi's, c L McWrtlrr.s .Ir. FiUinJy Nij'.ht nt ihr Fast Methodist chinch in r» :m pm. Mrs. C. G. Redman, Other Delegates Return From TB Secretaries' Meeting rs. C. <i. lU'ilnuui, rxiTiiilvr ditiy nl tin* Mississippi Cnmiiy TlllH'ITllloMs ASSlH'iallOll. \V1IS lUll' "1 I hi' li'll Aikiilis.i.s ili'l.'K.'ili'h ul- tomllnu ttu- -ir>th iiuiuutl i'milrf- i-m-r of Ihi' Niillnnal Tllhnvilln'.ls A.ssiu-hilkm In Dt'lroit Ilisl 'lliric wciv I'lultl Irii's, six pusscsslnns itlld nil <i! the IK .stall's I'l'lui'smU'd tn Hi,- l.i 111 Hlli'lliflllK. ' Dill IIIK tlir nmlt'r nninu' cllsiii'.ss of uibru nlur Ii Ul.s \VIIS Ill'OlllUlt tin- iimj'Jr [Hnhlt'ins :«l JUT mil n f Ili Usrusi jiollll i-iil iniu' , liul Iliul iK. Tin' tin I In iTiiwdi-d s, larut 1 pnimhill'iii m"\ rilll 41'llll'ls Hill) II (lll'lfi 1)1 |O\Y "Mlllll I Annum ] I'.si-urt h lnpli"< discussion o[ H'limvii! ot ol hm^.s rat lirr ttiuii cninpVir ml - lU|W cil limns, hy Dr. .1 Mu \\vc1l Cluuiihi'i lulu ul Ni-w York <'U\. ulm « unifil thul no (htnl i-viilunl i< I!',.' fuiv rniiU !><• IlliHli' Ill-hue lUr Young Mother, Two Men Die in Shooting •Icn moiled down (he candy and jMklrri a new flavor, menthol. The ic.sult wn.s thft cougiidrop. H'-;hi'..,| .skyscraper out.sidc New Vork Ciiv Is tiir- Cleveland Terminal Tmvi-i', willed IIB.S 52 stories and Is '(OH tol lilKli. Dyexs W. M. U. Meets With Mrs. Barney Nutt Tlio Womrn's Mlssloimvy Sorloly ol Ilic Dyoss Hnpllsl Chmrh inH l-'iiday nlRht nl the Iminc of Mrs Ilaniry NuU u-ilh !) mrmbris urn) four visitors present. Mrs Hay dish opcnrd Ihe meot- inu wllli jiinycr nml nlso l«l Itir Bruiip in sltiRlns the hymn. "How Piriii A Fouiuliilton". The drvnlion- al. Inkon from Ibc book of Mnl- Iliciv, WHS presrnlprt by Mrs. Mi-rlln Rny. Those tnkliip pail on Ibo pronrnin \VIMC Mrs. l-'rcd Ualkis. who spokr on "noil's tstlt of the Coun- Iry" am! Mrs. Dnllon RnRrrs, '"I'hr Rurnl Clmrchcs ChnllrnRCK Our Cltv ClmrcliM." Closing pniycr »'ns ofjcrrd In Mrs. G. A. Bnrkhnrt. tiflor wh the hostess served vefiTshmrnts nsslslcd by Mrs. Vcriinn Hiiinpn- ics. The so-cnllril EilBlisli wnlnut I in nnti\ r e to Pei'slrx. It now Is rull- Ivalod chiefly tn southern Kuroi l\nd Californm. ei'al servke.*: were held there terdiiy. Mrs. Joe Ferguson returned fron Columbia. Mo., where she spent sev fral dnys with lier danshter. Mi.< Arrten Ferguson who l.s a junior f Stephen's College. She went, espc cially to attend the spring fnslilo show In which her daiiKlitcr model ed her own design. Her gnrinvnl WBS one of 300 selected from n Kronp of 5.0CO to be modeled lit the show. The- Oosni-l) W.S.c:«. will im-ol i at Ihi' rliuivli nl H j::iO p. in. Mrs, ,Pi)tin Tyiimi* will hi' II»>MI«'SS . the O.N.I*. Club. Mr.v '1 W. Gul'm-lli will i-nlrr- lin llu- ThlliMluy Hunk C'lul). it' Avnlon Hiincu club will uiecf the home nt Mr.s. Nf\vcl J lutnphrcy. Mrs. Roland WiuiUirlon will in- to Iho t*K.W. Club. Tlmrjsday C'oninict Cluli will IIP nlc! tuirn'd Hi I hi! htinii! ot Mrs. (.1 V Cnmt'H. T. N. Club will nnv( at Hit- tumn- il Mrs. Carl Paul. I'Vlitiiy C.n.C. Out) u-)Jl nn rulprlalnrd nl no home of Mrs. n. C. Vrrcmnn. Satinilny Mr. aiul Mrs. no'n Haley will lUcrlnin wilh fie rrhnir.snl din- ser for momliri-.s of Ihr lOnnTrnid- :nhi wedding pm ty at tlnMr home Phi- weilditiH will be .sulinnnl/cd j Suiuhiy, May ifi. Civic Calendar Mtimliiy Junior Chamber of Commerce -'I p.m. Tucsiliiy Junior Anxiltary-lO A.M. nt hoini- ot Mrs. A I!, 'welnikninp. Lions Club, llcilel Noble-- l:'.:lfi p in. City Coiuiri! - y p.m. Americ'an l.r-i-ion -B p.m. 11 i«h Sclionl P.T.A. Kxecutivi' Hoard— 2::)n p.m. lollowecl by p.'r.A. meeliuy [) p m. \^Vdlll•^^Ll v Kiivanls Club. Hotel Nolilc— 12:10 p.m. Ru(lbur\ r P.T.A. F.xeoulive llourd i!:HO p.m. followed by P.T.A. meeting — 3 p.m. • Thursday ftr.lHi-y Club, Hotel Noble— 12:10 p.m. Inf. ovmal Morning Parly Given at J. D. Smitli Home Mrs. J. D. Smith onlerlaineci with an infoi-mal morning parly Friday nt her home, 328 Bast Davis, complimenting her daughter, Mrs. Maurice Westridge of Richmond, Va. Approximately 50 guests called fcpt.\veen the hours of 10 and 1'2. ™The home, decoratcrt with vnscs of mixed flowers in pnstel shades, look on a festive air of spring. As- } sorted parly loods were served from j thn dining table which was crn- j tered with an arrangement of roses [ in a China bowl. Mrs. f:ri Cook and i Mrs. \V. D. Cobb assisted in the ' serving. Mrs Bryanl Hall of Cardwell. Mo., and Mrs. W. O. juerin of New Mexico were out o'- town guests. Dud Coson Legionnaires To Entertain Wives Dud Casnn Post 2-1 nt the American Legion will hold it-s second annual "ladles Night" at Its weekly meeting tomorrow night at the Legion Hut on North Second Street. Veterans of both World Wars and the wiyes or girl friends will be entertained with a supper and » special entertainment program by members of the Post and the American Legion Auxiliary. Post Commander James Nicrsth- einier said that an invitation has hern extended to all vetcrnns regardless of whether or not they Fire Lcgnionaires. Two Honors at L.S.U. Miss Anne Weetlman, daughter of ; Mr. nnd Mi's. Harry Wcedman of | BlythPville. received the Lambda | Awnrd for the outstanding co-ed transfer student al Louisnna State University, Balcin ROURC, Inst week ill the annual Honors Day Conbocn- tion. Miss Weedman. who is n junior, was one of 1.1 girls to be tapped for the Mortar Board, which is a Women's leadership organization at Read Courier News Want Ads. the college »nd was also elected journalism editor of the Mortar )3oard Quarterly. Pre-School Registration To Be Held for Lange Registration for pre-school children who will altenrt Lange School will lie held Thursday at the Henlth Office at I p.m.. it was announced today by Mis. Hen Harpole, chairman. She said one of the parent* child at tlir b» wit registration. -HOT FLASHES? Are you fcolnf; thru the function*) 'mlddle-nttc' period pccitlinr to women (3B-52 yra.)? Docs this make you suffer from hot (lashes, ttel so ner- um/.T, hlgh-fitruti^, ttrcd? Then DO try l.ydin E. pjnkliam's VeKclable Compound to relieve such symptoms! PlnkliRm'A Compound Bi.-iO hns whm Doctora cull A Btomachlc tonic cffrct! LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S HEY! YES, HAY BALING TIME IS HERE! And I'll do Ihe job the way you want it done. Just ask voni nflghboi ... I probably did his hay baling last voar. You get the size Hale yon want and Ihe job is done cxpeilly—yet I guarantee to meet anyone's piice and quality. Also Cutting aad Raking Hay CAM. 762 0. M. "Hoot" Milchell rtlvthcvillc UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Gel Our Prices TAX', and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors • Gahardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor for healthy appetites... HERE'S AN JDEA! Fossil hones of n dinosmir \vri-p discnveieil neiir Sewell, N. J,, 15 miles from Phindclphla, curly In M.iy !l hri mull illi'd in in: yiv tnd:ty. * (Mm Wridum. :i(), h.i.l !h.- In-i,L hy 111 iill'lin. Ills wltr vc :i:l. FIGURE-FLATTERING Or/g/nofor of Mci\tliot Coucjltilroj) Dies of 90 ATl.ANTH •i Wilhiim the turnl h Hiinuiih .Inlinson lines ot stinnl liiynn for spring .siiiuiiii'r H-riiiv.Schliril-vinhnilcl- it has nutched rolliir. X.ipprcl tn: <'\t<'inls l»'low Iho waist ID .•In iissuri' lullori'il nt. In uiumiT .sluicli's, nt. I'vimcy'K. Sl/.es Hi his hand, i U-hni itud pi-ddlrd d null-: In The faiiu-d inrnth ii.s d'-\ i-lnpt'd ullci i us ciiluly lalt \\ji.i r*'l lu'iirrl. Si-ckiiti; (If Klllvuultll'. Illl' <'illHlV \' Dniini; iln- rc.ntni'uc'i' lln ^as ili'louuli'.s iniM '.vllll Ml res Hmpliy. nalUuuil sr rhiiuniiin. nnd |ur ftn her',1 aiir. 1 . uttn- M.y,.|-al yi-i i hulliiiiin A hli:lili,:lil i.l n Ilif miming ul Hi wnilll ol l.ns Ann. umn.'i i.l tlu' in Miuiillni. ai-hd'V.-iii.'nt lu n-.' i'li. lii'aliiirni mill invvrntliiii vt lulu'r- I'llloMS 111. H II. 'I'liiiiiigiMin »f New York wns mnni'd pivslilcnl, nnd Dr. IVivul 'I'. Sriinli of Diirluini. N. C. i us pl-cMdrnl-rli'i'l Inr lli'xl I'li'sldiMil Hurry K, Trumim hiinimiry \ Iri'-iirr.-ildi-nt of President Offers His Own Recipe for Bciitc) Healthy at Age of 65 WASHINGTON. Mny F'irsidrni TIIMIIIIM lifts his pUiimllnn Tin frrllnK so h ni'f R.V 'TIT Inid lo unrk all my life I've never linil Itnl inlci mlsc-lilcf." 'rhf iitcsldentinl (juole wns nlvm yesli'idnj. In Dr. I'Mivjiril llit|;ln'S I'lllltl'll, pusloi' ol III.' I'll:,! l)il|ltl-l (.'hnnli. It wns Mr. Tinmnn's ir.s- |}f)MVC l«l 1)1. I'MKN'll'.X IKIJH- Iliiil "I will hi' us dill of VIIll 1111(1 VlM'H" US Yull IMI- \\']H-H I ii'in'li my liSih liirthiliiy," Yi'iti'nliiy wns mi c:,|»'i-(nlly flii.v [IH- Ml". Truniiill. M vvu.s Molli'•i 's II. IV. his n\i tl hhlhdiiy Mild fnfjch (iiinli''T.v;tl V of Ills fniio.ll i-iiU'tll of the 1 end of Hie win Hmvevn . nsldr- Irnnl iillcuillni; churrli, Mr. 'I'niniuti nmdn no particular occasion of Ihi' rlny. Sninc o[ thf flowprs In the iilnirrh were ItJ (notllocy of Mr. Truliiuii's mother, who died in 11H7. The l.thniry of lished In IHI10 liv press, is tho liiiK world. C;on«rrs.-;. estab- IHI irl nf C sl Ubi'ary hi llu Plant Sinkers ACID-DEL1NTED Cotton Seed L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry * Itallruail. J'luinc 4 ISIS Serve Delicious, Nutritious Hardy appetites are nature's si«n nT Rood hciillh . . . appetizing, dclicimis, wlinlcsumc Fortune's Ice Cream <Uies double duly—satisfying liig appi-lilfs. pepping up squeamish ones. Serve it often . . . regularly. Fortune's FLAVOR-OF-THE-MONTH: A Tropical Treat, Cocoanut-Pineapple Order Some Today Woods Drug Store 221 \Vcsl Main WARNING! Thr Ain^rinm hi-'-hiul >'iu ihal iiTipmjjri (i in your furs. This in £:<!ii/.a1inn ifroniui'-nris 1haf fin The Institute's own r-nKUiceis li;ivf Inspected ami IHI srorauc lai'lli'irs Rt lil\'rlirvilln Lnunrity-C'Ifaii'TS. who, ;ivc in Blylhrville, have liren awarded Ilirir CfTM't- Seal. Tin fen >niir furs-\olir iiisui ar.ce aKiilnst lus.- liy lire while hli Conliilimiis Sluiws Jin.v orrk'u Opens 1 -..15 Sliow Slarts 2:1)0 I.LSTL:N p ni KI.CN Hilnl a.m. J2:Jr< p.m. 4i.1l) p.m. Ditut lake tllam:es \vitli \oiir pietious furs. Call MIH BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 2111 South Second I'linnc 1US I .list. Time T«(fay Fighter Squadron ivllli I'llrnmitl (VRrlrn a ml Kiihcrl SUrk \iriiiiiolinl NV«'"< ei^ril Bhorta KvcrjriaT Tnosrliiv Only Oil Srhirlnl Sluirl Siihject C'liiitilnuiLi.s Shti^in^ Kvcry lli>\ (Iflii'c Opens G:I5 Sliniv Slarls 7:00 licns Siiinl.iv 1:00: Sl.irls 1:15 'uiili s Slums Sat. .V' Sun. Harcuin NiRlit Kier.v Xight lv>frj)I S,»lnrd:iy (Kissrs tninorril on SlliKlny A Hu\y Thealrc i.asl 'I'tmc Today SAIGON Milli Alan I,Kill! ami \'rrouirn Lake Neivs anil Selected Shorts Tuesday and Wednesday 1101HII,K KKATVKE j OISC-IOCKEY JIVE'

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