The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1930 BLYTHRV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS •i-wo cenu a wwa roe fttft In- •erttoo «ad CM Met t wort t« MCfe MbMqUtot tDMT- tton. No kdvertlMMntUken (« leu than He. Count tin wordi and Mod tb« FOR SALE FOR SALE—Cash or Trade—my equity In property at 109 West Ash St.. priced at a great deal below-value. Dr. C. A. Caldwell, Lafe, Ark. 23P—10-16 FOR SALE—Pure Sloneville cotton seed, Phoire 617. 10p-kl5. FOE SALE — large wild pecans, nine cents Te. O. B. DeWiu Ark. Pete Brown, BOX 412, 14P-K21 TOR SALE—Slightly used G. M. C true!:. Lee Motor Co. 14C-K17 FOR RENT ^ FOR RENT—One of Shane apart ments on West Main, street Telephone 187 and 571. 1511. ,FOR RENT—* room Dougan. Phone 334. house, 232 I6cltt! l-'OR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phone 888 Or 450J 0-CK-TF FOR RENT—5 rooms and bath 1223 Holly. E. D. Fergusoi Phone 100. 11C.K1 FOR RENT -- Bed room, fumac heated, garage. Couple pre ferred. Phone S59J. 11P-K1 FOR RENT — House, completel furnished. 6 rooms and bath garage and servant huiise. Goo location. Call 505 or 618 after si 13C-K-T FOR RENT — Light housnkeepin rooms, furnished. 700 West Wa nut, Phone 678. 13C-" FOR RENT — Steam heated be room, adjoining bath. 603 W Main. Phone 642. 14CK-T FOR RENT—Front bed room. Oar "?e. 719 Chickasawba, Phon 295. 9p-i2 WANTED LOU AUTMOP oc "PAeu II1XIIN Advvuture CELIA TODAY rptrt* ike life of IT. wlien ihr Iriirtu 1] 1 1' falNir tic Uu« n dc-;id* In alive- *«d *Teal(hj. Site IriivrH her unnrelfnllmn Itujur In Itnllltuurr for • ILIIMC In Now York \illk Urr fnlhrr. JOHN >MT<JIIK1.L. unJ kcc urlitcti- irrnnjnuillirr, MAIUiAKKT UOr.r.Itt), niutttrr, dlvurrril Hllcktll nm iiinrrlrtl nnJ IN now n ivldntv, H.AHM:V smni-ns, ynumts »ew»- l»:u>rir phalu^rniilirr. (• In love wltk tkr c'rl mid litfnr* leaving I^ltlmnrr Olhl prnmUcil In he toynl to hl» Invc. She U timrly lm brr nrtf hinne. .Mlrrlii'l! n>.k< KVI'.I.YN I'AK- 5O.»i, IirntitKul uldiiiv. <u Inlnt- tJiire tlir (jlrl <" )"urie iic-u|il«* Mrwi I'tirKHiiM cun»ldrr» Crltn n »i)fnnn tu \\\m Mllrhell'ii affrclln and arr-tr*. Shf Invllc* ifcc wl 1n licr I,iin;r Inland hnmr Cur a wtrk-rnJ ;inif llirrf OHn niftm Tin I -JOHIMV, (nhdunthiir hut o( duhloiiM chnmotrr. Mr*. l'nr*min rnrmirnprN tfcc malch. <:.-Hu I rent* Jordim coolly nl flrtt liul IM won lijr hU ramnnllc Inv** iiiiik'tifj lifter l«e hn» rrj hrr frniii 4lrinvuln (MN, mirlaHy unniiln ( iltii'x lu>at frlviid. r:irfmn» nK»l-lun(x- i-lnlmrnC MS ni. XVflh f WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by compe tent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 104 S. Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED—Man to take care of an established business in the sale of our products in the northeast put, of Mississippi county. No Investment necessary and selling experience not required. McConnon & Company, Special 403, Memphis, Tenn. AT ONCE--SOUTH AMERICA OR • UNITED STATES! Permanent positions; clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries -525.-51M. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FOUND LOST—Amber combination pencil- pen. Finder return to Glencoe Hotel. Reward. 11P-K15 LOST—1 tire chain, size 40x8, between Luxora anti Ashport Ferry on Ix:vee Road. Notify Paul Damon, Standard Oil Station at Osceola. 11C-K15 LOST—Ladles Mack kid gloves in or nea r First Methodist Church. Finder please return to Mrs. Marcus Evrard. 13C-K15 LOST—Remington automatic shot gun, near Mr. Smotherman's about I 1-2 miles off the Armorel road. $10.00 reward for return to Hubbard Furniture Co. 13C-K16 TAKEN UP -- October llth, two marc mules, one black, right eye out; oive red, weight about 9W poimds each. E. C. Thompson, Fla Lake. . I4P-K16 WERT He Makes 'Em See NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Gea. Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We know we know how" PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiehos and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S FIVE-AND-TEN CENT STORE —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st Call 66 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, BcokkMplng Systems . Phone J2 , ... ingrain Bid;. Blytnevftl», Ark 105 N. Second SI. OUR BOARDING HOUSE BUT A Few 5eco*M>5 ib REMOTE- -rHose BAMque-r 5PCT5 M 1 STAINS FROM VouR SPOTS v/£ST T ARE MCTI"' FROM Toot), EQAP.' BET HE EATS •THEM CrfoPS Suddenly ho circled An hour later Cclla dropped lo LET MS- <3IVE VOLl OF "Trfg licueatli her cheek, damp expected men thins could happen! I thought thli evening I was doing eonietMng to with tears, was the birthday let How much d» you know this mnnf' In demanded. ter from bcr mother. TH 1 BAi.U2.-T OM 'EM! •- .She telephoned Evelyn Parsona Why do you suppose THeV UlERE CAUSED BY ( CHEMICALS [ IM ii at 10:30 the next morning. I gave that party at the hotel! Cclli admitted between soba tbtt And your birthday present— the the did not know, la this the way you ihow lite had the been go ImiuUlutcd, ao Mitchell calllngl" Cells pcutntcd, "Tell bcr I wont to apeak to licr. "There ii one thine you aro to HB girl Tvaa almost crying. understand from now on," John But, father," she "Won't you listen to me? mean lo L-o ungrateful! Mltchdl Mid flrraly. In a few momenta Evelyn'i dul to ceo thli Jordan tgalu! cet tones camo back over the wire. A young man who keeps a girl Why, Cclh, dear, good morn don't know what I can say! out until this ttme o! night la not Itow'ro you feeling atler tiio 1'arsons said It would be all right. the tort for DDT rCEuectable young party?" Cclla swallowed. Theu the said: I didn't know you'd feel llko this!" woman to associate with!" "Celta," Mitchell said sternly, "I warn you not to falsify! Mri. Par "Oood morntncl i'mr-oh, I'm all " fans had nothing to do wllh this. Cella's tongue, but she checked It. I know that very well, and 1 w«rn Didn't her father rcallia times had talk lo you about something. Could you not to try to deceive me!" changed since his boyhood? I come over right iuvny? thought o( the guests at Mrs, Par "Wliy, child — your voice EouudB tlioufih something were iho I told Mrs. Parsons sons' house party going for a was leaving and mailer. Uf course, come nlopt'. would bo all vight — '• "Do you understand what laying to you?" ho asked. I'll not listen to any "Y-ycs, father." "Then go' to your room. slopped ust long enough. thing of the Eorl! Will you please tell me, young lady, where you've been for the last two hours?" to tell her grandmother she was going to call on Mrs. Par mother should liavG any idea of lo wall for Thompson lo bring the what you've dono tonight I'd hate dr.inty handkerchief of chiffon nnd tho consequences! She readied Evelyn's fnshlonitblo quirt as you go up the stairs so apartment, stepped Into Hie eleva- to brush the tears away, hut they tor, mid a minute Inter ilnsc was ushering Ler Into Mrs. Parsons' It mast be very laic. was moist and spotted. "Slop crying!" her father She was a 1 pitiful llltlc Dgure as she mounted the stairs. Softly "Darling! You've been crying!" Tlio older woman's sympathetle sisted, "and tell uie where you've tone broko down barriers of re- I— I'm trying to! Mitchell waltecj,. unmoved, by her Cclla told her all that hail opening tho door ot her bedroom. . , At last the girl dried her Would Mrs. Parsons her how aho could ev^r guln Then she closed It and switched red-rimmed eyes and controlled her A sorry replica ot her father's reaped herself In dnmngeil finery greeted could she ever undo tills ttmgle? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SO her from the triple mirrors across Evelyn comforted her. clared that she herself would talk Who is be?" her Tho girl went nearer and sur- Swollen ey«« red "He— he was at the party. He's girl returned home fcellne the one who saved my life at the her burdens llghtcucd. When film WfcV.V,tr\ •\v»i«. '6 MOO f\N' Tl TEU. «H* t)O ,T,OO '. SHE'* A.YOMBVE , V? tMES. SfW OWE. CAME 0\Jttt TO MtV? WVYA saw her father that evening he wus front of bcr trock BO!!CI!. What was he doing believe her clouds were banished. at this parly?" "Mrs. Parsons Invited him. aslscd her to." Her beautiful birthday party- 1 And then Friday morning Eho even tho memory of the drive with again with hor grandmother tp"Clmrlotlc'3 shop. dropped her coat on a chair. "I see. And how does It happen Sirs. Mitchell had decided she. eyes were smarting and filled with needed a new tea gown. She Bloml tears so that it was hard to undo young man and arrive au hour and on the fitting block as a seamstress tlie f.iiiteuers which held her dress. a halt after I got her smoothed down folds ot lavender ing Evelyn. Parsons at her apart At last she had It off. The Eenmstre»s dropped her Sho dropped to the bed and let It rolled within au Her shoulders rose The girl had to wait several sec- Inch ot Celia'a toe. and tell convulsively. "Let me get It for yon!" the girl tears stopped and she lay quiet. Ce- said. She picked up the object aud lla noticed tbo ring on her finger. fore she could answer. returned it smiling. She sat up and took the ring "We went for a little ride— Just Her grandmother stiffened. Sho It brought her misery back through tho park. made no comment until they were* with a fresh start. Her father had it late, and so many people bad said that she should never again left the party I thought it would "Cella, your conduct speaking to that sewing woman 1 was outra- How could she keep such The dthera were all Don't you know you can't . "So you wont for ft ride. .In the It did not occur to the girl to blame Jordan for her unhappiness. "I didn't—" the girl "That's enough!" snapped Mrs. have believed that H illtl not occur to fc*r to suspect Two-thirty-five was mine could do such a thing. Here Evelyn Parsons of treachery. Finally the girl turned out the "You are not to bo fa miliar with common working peo- young people of the right sort. I've light and crept Into bed. CAMt i.v»«.v\ toww AN' io WRVfe W&. COCE^ tried to give you everylhing In the in the darkness for minutes. world a girl should have and you The girl's eyes Mnzcil. Then she got up again, snapped 61Vit WR , OR ^> BVTWtR , "W —riding with a'young man In the on the light aud went to her desk, fumbling through a drawer ot pa mother works, and she's not com flc turned liis back aud walked \X SCO CAUE i LtT VT UOV.V OfF ;XOV> KKiOW Sho found what eho sought away ag though the thought and returned to bed. (To Bo Continual) Ford coui«, 13 band uniforms, an notice be given before he will per- New Orleans Cotton extra cap, a handbag, an overcoat, form n marriage, ile also required that one of the principals bo a bass drum and a trombone. The NEW ORLEANS, Oct. H (UP) — car was recovered. member of his curch. — otton closed steady. Oi;eu High Low Close LIQUOR CACHED IN ATLANTA. (UP)— I. P. MOTOR COMPANY BUYS LAND MIAMI. Fla. (UP)— A five acre youngest member of the Atlant tract of land has been purchased police force, distinguished liimscl here by General Motors Corpora- recently by discovering lliat boot tion for wood rol and paint ex- leggers were using drain pipes ii she heart o[ down-town Atlanta t Spots steady, 1023, unchanged. hide pint-sized corn liquor. STRICT MARRIAGE RULES MADE MASSENA, N. Y. (UP)— The THIEF GOT ENTIRE The English Channel LYNCHBURG Va. (UP)— Frank Rev. Louis Van Ess, of St. John's MO. U. S. MT. (VT. D i f*TO B salty in summer than In winter. Higgins reported • theft of his OSCAR BREAKS THE NEWS TO RILEY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VI AIT A LET OSCAR TELL HIS STOOY...WOW SO AH6AD.... AFTCP. YOO FOOWD TUG Piece OF BROKEN! BLAD VJUAT YOU MGAh! To SAV THIS FELLOVJ BEDDIKJS TORWED OUT To B£ FARBAR."? AK10 YCX«. UMCLg AMD HAM since FAHBAP. DOS ATTABOY O^I "WAT . CAM POSH THOSfi TVIUG V-V6S...CAVST VoO Do , MISTER CILEV? FA Ml I; Y HARMONY ; ft STM3VIHO AUTHOR t 1VVCV5 WHAT TBE.-WA! DOWT A OOB? X^S?6.U. S.EAT-Off. C193&BV SE* SEflvlCE lyr jmrty In jionur uf bis dnimHIrr'H ISth li.lrtli- dny. Tlip v~rtY I" n dlnnrr dnnre. .Inrilin iirrMHidri Otla to leave i-nrly. NOW r.o o\ WITH Tim STOUV CIIAl'TKIl XXVIII C KI.IA'S heart was pounding n site ran up the steps of tho old stone house. Supiiuae her father wa: ercn aflcr Evelyn had She tried to open the door, would cot move. For a minute the girl stood terrlUcd. locked out! Helplessly she looked ilmvn the street. In tell her what to do. how couhl there be? home. She must find arouse someone inside, realized that she v, p as acting ridiculously. The bell, of course! She pressed It firmly. Someone was coining, hear tho footsteps, turning now. "Cella!" John Milelicll stood tn the hall-; VW looking out at her. The girl tried to muster a smile. She held her velvet cloak about her nervously. "I'm sorry, father," she began. "I Imps you haven't worried about me. Mrs. Parsons promised—" "Celia. come inside!" Mitchell's voice was harsu ami h*> manner stepped aside so the girl could enter. Tho atmosphere told licr at once that something wns wrong. Cella hesitated ahead into the drawing room, aud she followed. "f)p you know what time It Is?" ih'e'nian demanded. He wag angry. Her eyes darted to the clock on the mantle. wbat the dial said. "1 didn't know," she answered. "I didn't Didn't Mrs. Parsons tell ywu I was coming home?" "Mrs. Parsons? briug her into this! for a young LOST—One brown horse mule, one " blue mare mule. Finde r notify W. A. Oats store, Holland, Mo. 14P-K17 Bids \rill Lone Oak School Building at the office of the County Superintendent at 10 o'clock A. 23r<l, 1030. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 14. Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct, old 1005 1028 1005 1028 Oct. new 1020 1021 1011 1024 Dec. old 1045 1048 1035 1045 Dec. new 1040 1051 1033 1045 Jan. old 1050 1050 Jan. new 1053 1062 1044 1056 Mar 1072 1085 1065 1071 May 1002 1103 1082 1091 July .... 1111 1122 1101 1115 Spots clossd steady at 1045, unchanged. T-BONE STEAKS THE BEST IN TOWN 50c. Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and .,cK,ik;ci anywhere. Special ales on carload lots. Local Phone 8S1 Memphis Phono 3-33: GOFK HOTKI, Combines every convenience and hcmc comfort, and—commends ilsclt lo ntople of refinement. Visit Ihl BLACK CAT COFFEE SIIOIM'E. Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, Prnp. OUR PREMIUM Is goods to suit your taste and the best workmanship. We deliver promptly. You pay for what you get and fid what you pay for, Blythcvill* Upholstery & Repair Shop J. H. JeBUK..Mgr Phone 469 117 S. 1st. St.

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