Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona on May 16, 1991 · Page 33
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1991
Page 33
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Tucson, Thursday, May 16, 1991 fltlif Arizona Bailo Star Section C Page Five Television MORNING 5:30 A.M. O First Business O This Morning's Business (B CBS News QD Paid Programming 6:00 A.M. O NBC News 0 ABC News 01 Super Mario Bros. Super Show 03 This Morning Scheduled: "Harry Smith's Western Journal" (Part 4 of 5) a boom-to-bust Colorado town; "What Are We Eating?" (Part 4 of 5) foods that help prevent and fight disease; actor Bill Murray ("What About Bob?"); actress Ellen Barkin ("Switch"). (2 hrs.) 0 Circo Complice (D Tennessee Tuxedo Q) Platavision 6:30 A.M. OQ News CD Wake, Rattle & Roll 03 Video Power Q) TeleRadio 7:00 A.M. O Today Scheduled: behind the scenes on "U.A. Law" (Part 3 of 3); lawn chemicals; author Robert Kaiser ("Why Gorbachev Happened"); Chris Isaak performs; making ice cream desserts. (S) (CC) (2 hrs.) O A.M. Weather O Good Morning America Scheduled: "Great Heart of America Bus Tour" from Omaha, Neb. profile of a man who is challenging major food corporations to reduce fat in their products; program to alleviate the shortage of rural doctors; national Soda Jerk Association. (CC) (2 hrs.) (D AMn and the Chipmunks 03 Kolitas 03 G.I.Joe 7:15 A.M. O To Life: Yoga 7:30 A.M. O Lillasl 00 Dennis the Menace 03 BuenDia Maria 03 Merrie Melodies 8:00 A.M. O Sesame Street 09 Tom and Jerry 09 Sally Jessy Raphael Scheduled: women Ku Klux Klan members who are raising their daughters to follow in their footsteps. 03 Pelicuia "Quiero Morir en Carnaval," Musical. (2 hrs.) 03 Jim Henson's Muppet Babies 8:30 A.M. CD New Adventures of He-Man 03 Jetsons 9:00 A.M. O Wheel of Fortune O Mister Rogers O Live Regis a Kathie Lee Scheduled: pro baseball player Dave Winfield; author Jeremy Sago shares tips for children's parties; high-school reunion make-over. OD 700 Club 09 Family Feud 03 Cagney &Lacey The detectives investigate a business that purports to send messages to dead people. Pelicuia "El Amor que Yo Te Di," (2 hrs.) 9:30 A.M. O Classic Concentration O Reading Rainbow 09 Family Feud 10:00 A.M. O Closer Look Scheduled: America's "royalty." Today: Mickey Rooney discusses Elizabeth Taylor. O Sesame Street O Home Scheduled: actress Zsa Zsa Gabor cooks; craft ideas; fashionable Italian foot wear; backstage on the soap opera "One Life to Live." 0D Robert Tilton 09 Price Is Right 03 El Show de Lucy 03 Paid Programming post, he finds his client dead. S) Simplemente Maria 12:30 P.M. O Challengers Q Loving 09 As the World Turns 1:00 P.M. O Another World O Today's Gourmet O One Life to Live 03 Highway to Heaven Mark and a beautiful actress suddenly switch physical images. (CC) S3 Cristal 1:30 P.M. O Arizona School Services Through Educational Technology 09 Guiding Light 2:00 P.M. O Santa Barbara Q General Hospital 0D Facts of Life Natalie catches a jewel thief in Australia. (Part 4 of 4) 03 CaraaCara 03 Paid Programming TVMujer O Family Feud CD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 03 OcurrioAsi 03 Tiny Toon Adventures 5:00 P.M. QOQ9 News O Sesame Street QD Mr. Belvedere Romantic problems beset Geroge and Marsha, and Kevin and Heather. (CC) 03 Adivinelo con Senas 03 Charles in Charge Charles takes on a whole new personality after he accidentally bumps his head. (CC) Q) Cristina Tema: la modelo Cristina. (Parte 1 de 2) 5:30 P.M. O NBC News O ABC News OD Who's the Boss? Tony tries to fix up Samantha with a boy. (CC) 09 CBS News Q3 Noticiero Telemundo-CNN 03 Hogan Family Valerie and the kids try to deal with the death of a relative. 2:30 P.M. EVENING 10:30 A.M. O TrialWatch 03 CocinaCrisco 03 Odd Couple Oscar and Felix are shocked to learn that a computer dating service has matched Oscar with Gloria, Felix's ex-wife. O Welcome to My Studio OD Police Academy 09 Inside Edition Invention marketing companies that solicit would-be inventors. (CC) 03 Fllntstones 6:00 P.M. 3:00 P.M. 11:00 A.M. O Days of Our Lives O Arizona School Services Through Educational Technology (2 hrs.) Q All My Children OD Bewitched Tabitha turns a bullying brat into a bulldog. 0D Young and the Restless 03 LaDamadeRosa 03 Paid Programming S3 EILobo O Geraldo Scheduled: raped women forced by circumstances to deal with their rape daily. O Mister Rogers O Divorce Court 0D Tom and Jerry 09 Donahue Scheduled: the timing of the hostage release after the 1980 presidential election. 03 Siempre Hay Una Suegra 03 Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears S3 Platavision O03 News O Nightly Business Report Q Wheel of Fortune CD Night Court The court staff holds a memorial service for Dan. (Part 2 of 3) 03 Pasionaria 03 ALF ALF helps Lynn boost her self-confidence by enrolling her in a beauty pageant. (CC) gg Noticias 6:30 P.M. 3:30 P.M. 11:30 A.M. 00 I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie II masquerades as Tony's wife. 03 Laveme Shirley Laverne gets a chance to sing with the Spinners. S3 Encadenados Q Reading Rainbow O The Judge (CC) 0D Peter Pan A the Pirates 03 Ferla de la Alegria 03 Tale Spin 4:00 P.M. AFTERNOON NOON OQ News 0D Movie () "Tank," Drama. (2 hrs.) 09 Bold and the Beautiful 03 Pelicuia "Deportados," Drama. (2 hrs.) 03 Perry Mason Mason is to represent an officer on a murder charge, but when he appears at the Army O Personalities Scheduled: the popularity of unauthorized celebrity biographies. O Shining Time Station Q People's Court CD DuckTales 09 Oprah Winfrey Scheduled: mothers who do not like their sons' wives. (CC) 03 Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers S3 Natacha O Cosby Show Grandma and Grandpa Huxt-able celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with the Count Basie Orchestra. (S) (CC) O Arizona Illustrated O Jeopardy! 00 Entertainment Tonight Profile of actor John Candy and his newest movie, "Only the Lonely." (S)(CC) 09 Cheers Sam's crushed when he donates his baseball jersey to a charity auction and nobody bids onit.(CC) 03 Perfect Strangers Larry tries to fix a faulty shower head in Jennifer's apartment but winds up flooding the place instead. (CC) S3 Noticiero Univision ding. (R) (S) (CC) OD Simpsons Homer re-evaluates his life when he's poisoned and believes he has 24 hours to live. (R)(S)(CC) 09 Top Cops A drug raid that changed an officer's attitude about guns; an FBI trap of a notorious art thief; a fatal shooting during a domestic dispute. (S) (CC) 03 Paraiso 03 News S3 DeMujeres 7:30 P.M. O Different World D wayne's visiting mom lands in the middle of a melee involving Dwayne, Kinu and Whitley. (R(S)(CC) OD Babes The sisters all make a date with Marlene's customer from a computer dating service. (R) (S)(CC) 03 Hardcopy The biographer of millionaire Huntington Hartford, heir to the A&P grocery store chain. 8:00 P.M. O Cheers Woody's girlfriend returns from abroad; Frasier helps Cliff get even. (R)(S)(CC) O Wild America From Washington's Olympic National Park the Roosevelt elk, black-tailed deer and the mountain beaver. (S) (CC) Q Miracles and Other Mysteries Re-enactments of four lifesav-ing events, including a girl's rearrangement of her bedroom days before a tree crashed into the house. (CC) OD Beverly Hills, 90210 While their parents are out of town, the twins throw a party and Brandon is arrested for drunken driving. (R) (S) (CC) 09 Movie () "Jailbirds," Comedy. (2 hrs.) 03 Pelicuia "Dios los Cria," Ranchero. (2 hrs.) 03 Movie () "Burglar," Comedy. (2 hrs.) 63 EnCamePropia THURSDAY 51691 Evening PRIME TIME I 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 9:30 I 10:00l 10:30l O Cosby Shaw Different World Cheers (R) Seinfeld Ik. La New Tonight Snow O MacNeillehrcr Newshour Wild America fug Gourmet Mystery!: Inspector Morse IV No Place Comedy Might O Father Dowtinf Mysteries (R) Miracles and Other Mysteries Primetime Live News MTS'I 03 Simpsons (B) tabes (R) lercrty Hills, 90210 (R) "Magnum, P.I. Hunter CD loo Cops Movie: "Jailbirds" (1891) () (Premiere) Oyan Cannon News Cheers 03 Paraiso Pelicuia: "Dios los Cria1' (1975) Alicia Enemas Noticiero Tele. la Cana 03 News(R) Hard Copy Mtnic: "Burglar" (1987) () Whoopi 6oldbert Arsenio Hall 3 De Mujercs En Carne P. Pobre Diabla Amor de N. f ama Fortuna Noticiero Uni. AMC (6) Movie Movie: "She Couldn't Say No" (1954) I Movie: "Sylvia Scarlett" (1935) () Katharine Hepburn (ZED (6) Movie: "Mein Kampf" (1961) () ImprovTonite Victory at Sea World-Action I Movie: "Mein Hampf" () BET (6) Video Soul (R) Ramsey lewis Screen Scene Midnight Love Our Voices Live From L.A. BRAVO (6) Movie: "Dark Eyes" Movie: "The Magic Toyshop" (1986) Tom Bell South Bank Show FM Scarecrow and Mrs. King Movie: "Escape ol the Birdmen" (1971) () 700 Club CHH World News Moneyline(R) Sports Tonight Newsnight Showbiz Newsnight CIV Clash Bloopers Comedians Comics Only Stand-Up Alterdrive Saturday Night Live DISC Adventurers Adv. in Diving Return to Tarawa Cold-Blooded Creatures World Monitor Wildlife ChrofT" CEP (6) Movie Muppets Celebrate Henson Movie: "Alice in Wonderland" (6) (1951) Movie: "B Cosby Hmslf" (US Boxing Thornton vs. Sosa Baseball SportsCenter Drag Racing Monster Truck Racing " C1D (5:30) Movie I Movie: "Second Sight" (PS) (1989) () I Movie: "The Hunt lot Red October" (PS) (1990) () LIFE lit I Duet LA. Law Movie: "The Cover Girl and the Cop" (1989) () (MP Movie: "The Poseidon Adventore" (PC) (1972) () Movie: "Downtown" (R) (1990) () I Movie HAS! Nashville Now I Crook I On Stage (R) I Music Shop Nashville Now (R) Crook GBP Insp. Gadget Looney Tunes Mork Bewitched Get Smart Dragnet A. Hitchcock Green Acres CNBC Real Story (R) Steal-Deal Real Story (R) Steal Deal CE5D Electric Blue: Knockers Movie: "Adam and Nicole" (1975) () Michael Watkins Hot Rocks (R) CM) "Steven Banks I Movie: "The Adventures ot Milo and Otis" Movie: "Total Recall" (R) (1990) (), Rachel Ticotin SPTS Sportswriters English League Soccer (R) Women's Tennis: Light I Lively Doubles - Finals Sportswire TBS (7:05) Movie: "Last Summer" (1969) () I (8:50) Movie: "Valdez Is Coming" (1971) () TICK Motor Sports Motor Sports IndyWrld. Pit Road Motorcycle Racing Press Bo Motorcycles TLC Eleg. Appetite Sports Paid Program Golden Age of Television: Days of Wine 6ED: Social Pizza 6ourmet TUT Mow: "Catlow" (1972) (9:20) Movie: "fort Apache" (1948)' TMC (5:30) Movie I Movie: "Madhouse" (Pfi-13) (1990) () Movie: "Basket Case 2" (R) (1990) () Mow lim Fama Fortuna Noticiero Uni. Pelicuia: "El Amor que Yo Te Di" Amparo Rivelles Cristina (Parte 1 de 2) (R) CM) MacEyver Murder, She Wrote Movie: "Amazing Stories: The Movie IV" (1991) () WEK Exhibition Baseball News Eischied Movie: "Destination Tokyo" (1943) () M News It Takes a Thief Run for Hour life Comedy Joe franklin 8:30 P.M. be used in the assassination of a visiting African dignitary. 7:00 P.M. 4:30 P.M. O Current Affair (CC) Q 3-2-1 Contact O Cosby Show Things go bump in the night for Rudy on her first baby-sitting job for Olivia. (R) (S) (CC) O MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour Q Father Dowling Mysteries Sister Steve and Father Dowling are puzzled when a friend is accused of killing her . wealthy fiance before the wed- O Seinfeld Jerry's cable TV installer shows up on the day Elaine is using his apartment for a baby shower. (Postponed from an earlier date) (S)(CC) Q Frugal Gourmet Pobre Diabla 9:00 P.M. O LA. Law Ann's career is in jeopardy when a former client is slain; Victor represents a fellow attorney with AIDS; Leland benefits from Rosalind's estate. (S)(CC) O Mysteryl "Inspector Morse IV" The Oxford homicide detective investigates the death of an eminent scientist in this first of three new two-part stories. (Part 1 of2)(CC) O Primetime Live (CC) QD Magnum, P.I. Magnum is asked by a friend -to retrieve a dolphin that may 9:30 P.M. 2) Amor de Nadie 10:00 P.M. OQQD News O No Place Like Home Arthur's first grandchild is due. OD EXPLOSIVE AFFAIR! HUNTER 10PM FOX 11 TV Loj M Q) Hunter A love triangle ends in murder. 03 Noticiero Telemundo-CNN 03 ArsenioHall Scheduled: comic Andrew Dice Clay; pro baseball player Darryl Strawberry; recording artist Marc Cohn. (S) (CC) S3 Fama y Fortuna 10:30 P.M. O Tonight Show Scheduled: comic Jay Leno; music group the Oak Ridge Boys; actor Jaleel White. (S) O Comedy Tonight Q MASH Hawkeye and Charles set out to test the crew's gullibility when they announce that Marilyn Monroe is due to arrive. (B Cheers An ex-convict falls in love with Diane. (CC) 03 A la Cama con Porcol Noticiero Univision 11:00 P.M. O Korea: The Unknown War Q Nightline OD Paid Programming OD Fly by Night The Slick Air crew become murder suspects after the wealthy widow who chartered the jet is found dead when they land. (S) 03 CaraaCara(R) 03 Party Machine With Nia Peeples (S) Pelicuia "El Amor que Yo Te Di," (2 hrs.) 11:30 P.M. O Love Connection O Into the Night Starring Rick Dees Scheduled: Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy La-sorda; model Carol Alt; entertainer Wayne Newton; comic Rick Corso. (S) OD 21 Jump Street (S) (CC) 03 Barney Miller A "think tank'' report critical of detectives prompts Wojo's threat to resign. MIDNIGHT O Late Night With David Letterman Scheduled: music group Mo- torhead. (S) 03 Paid Programming northern Europe from Africa. QD Republic Theater Texas Ranger Monte Hale fights for law and order "South of Rio" (1949); Chapter One of the "Nyoka and the Tigermen" serial; the short subject "Fighting Marlin." (2 hrs.) 03 Streets of San Francisco When Stone and Keller are called in to solve the mystery of a bugged factory, they learn that the owner has a long record of criminal involvement. 1:00 A.M. O Later With Bob Costas Guest: actress Lesley Ann Warren. (S) 1:30 A.M. Q3 Paid Programming 12:30 A.M. 2:00 A.M. O Wild, Wild World of Animals Examined: the living habits of storks after they arrive in 03 Airwolf 3:00 A.M. 03 Paid Programming Crime re-enactment shows bring fugitives to justice By Ray Richmond Orange County Register One started as a seven-station lark for Fox Broadcasting, the other as a series of one-hour specials on NBC. Few people figured that Fox's "America's Most Wanted" or NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" would have a perceptible impact in rounding up long-sought fugitives and ridding the streets of desperate criminals. Fewer predicted that both shows would still be around and thriving in 1991. - Yet here they are, quietly proving week after week to be an indispensable crime-watch tool some four years after "Unsolved Mysteries" initially hit the air and three years after "America's Most Wanted" profiled its first fleeing suspect Critics may quibble with the sensational presentation of crime re-enactments on the shows. But there is no arguing with their success in bringing fugitives to justice, which has been nothing short of remarkable. Viewer call-in tips to "America's Most Wanted" have led to 148 captures to date out of some 340 suspects, or better than 43 percent. Since "Unsolved Mysteries" premiered, 59 individuals, or 41 percent of those profiled, have been apprehended. . "Unsolved Mysteries" had particularly impressive results after its April 24 broadcast By the next day, three of the four mysteries only one of them involving a criminal fugitive had been solved. That's a batting average of .750. Not too shabby. . "Unsolved Mysteries" is now a bonafide network smash hit regularly winning its Wednesday (7 p.m.) time period and finishing among the top 15 overall for the season to date. And while "America's Most Wanted" has slipped some in the ratings this season, since its move to I ipiimil-IU.l.llliM UW.I'-'." - ..U.I I. J! J-J4L 11-,-JH -t J I V w 1 TrJ , I 1 Fugitive Gregory Richard Barker, left, was arrested In Phoenix when a viewer recognized him after watching "Unsolved Mysteries," of which Robert Stack, right, Is host. Friday nights (7 p.m.) and expansion to one hour, it is still performing well. But beyond ratings, these track-down shows have also opened the floodgates to a spate of so-called reality-based programs that have come to define the television times: such shows as "Cops," "Rescue 91 1," "Top Cops," "American Detective," "MissingReward," even "America's Funniest Home Videos." Such shows have also enabled the public to take an active role in fighting crime which results in a subculture of watchdogs or tattletales, depending on your point of view. It has become trendy to finger your fellow man. Blowing the whistle has become an interactive thing between you and yor television set There's even one case of a woman watching "America's Most Wanted" with her husband, finding out about the murder he perpetrated and calling the hot line from the next room. But the FBI, for one, appreciates the help. "What 'America's Most Wanted' and 'Unsolved Mysteries' have accomplished has been absolutely phenomenal," stresses Tom Jones, the inspector in charge of the FBI's Office of Public Affairs in Washington, D.C. "The success is just astounding. Our whole program of capturing fugitives had been lagging badly at the time we got involved in discussions with the 'America's Most Wanted' people in 1987. But now, seeing tangible results like we have is a major morale booster." Jones adds that these captures have saved the FBI and other law enforcement agencies untold leg-work and money. "I don't know that our fugitive program would even be able to survive now without these shows helping get us leads," Jones said. That's quite a tribute to a couple of shows that the FBI viewed with some early skepticism. Stuart Schwartz, coordinating producer for "Unsolved Mysteries," recalls that in early meetings with the FBI's top brass in Washington the officials "were very wary, and justifiably so. Over the years, they felt they'd gotten burned by the media too often." Once "Unsolved Mysteries" got on the air and cast the FBI in a mostly flattering light, however, "They rea--lized they had a pretty good thing here," Schwartz remembers. "They opened the door to us and provided us with a lot of cases." Now, the "America's Most Wanted" and "Unsolved Mysteries" teams of researchers work closely with FBI workers assigned full-time to provide the shows with criminal cases to profile. The shows' proven track record has led law enforcement officials around the country to call and literally beg to have certain fugitives put before the living-room bureau of investigation. "We're just swamped now with case requests," confirms John Walsh, the host of "America's Most Wanted" and victims' rights advocate whose son, Adam, became the subject of a pair of 1980s NBC TV-movies after the boy's abduction and murder. "I can't tell you how much mail I personally get from cops who say, 'Hey, we're desperate, we're a two-man police force in Butte and we have no resources. If we can get this guy on your show we have a great shot at a capture.' " Both shows continue to log thousands of calls weekly to toll-free 800 numbers flashed on screen, requesting information on those being profiled. Crooks have been apprehended as little as 33 minutes after having their faces splashed across the "America's Most Wanted" screen (convicted murderer Robert Wayne Fisher) and as long as 18 years after the commission of a crime (five-time killer John Emil List). ft..:- . X y "Most Wanted's" John Walsh Besides the ongoing viewer phone-call participation, Walsh has noticed a huge difference in the way law enforcement organizations work together since his show hit the air. "No one cares so much about claiming the credit for a capture anymore," Walsh says. "As soon as a solid lead is established, a joint task force rolls immediately. That wasn't the case when Adam was murdered in 1981. 1 experienced the turf wars first hand." Schwartz believes that "Unsolved Mysteries" has grown into more than just a nationwide criminal tracker clearinghouse. "I think we've also become, in a lot of ways, a cathartic thing for the survivors of crime victims," he says. "People can do something to take a bite out of crime and not feel so powerless." Walsh and Schwartz say their pro grams not only influence public participation but also the behavior of the fugitives, most of whom seem to view their own profile as a kiss of death. "Eleven guys have turned themselves in after seeing their profile on our show," Walsh says. "They just figured they didn't have a chance." "America's Most Wanted" is also allegedly the most popular show in our prison system, Walsh adds. "There are so many inmates in the slammer under aliases, and prisoners are always trying to cut deals. They think nothing of turning in someone." Is it always so virtuous to encourage the perception that finking is good? "It is, because we don't ask anyone to take the law into their own hands," answers Walsh. "This is all done anonymously. It doesn't violate anyone's civil liberties. And we only profile people who choose to run, not political dissidents or any of that stuff." NBC takes first with made-for-TV movies based on headline stories By Deborah Hastings The Associated Press ' LOS ANGELES Made-for-television movies based on sensational headlines pushed NBC into first place again in the weekly ratings contest NBCs "Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann" was the most-watched show on TV last week. The two-hour docudrama was taken from the real-life kidnapping of Peggy Brad-nick, held captive by a mountain man for eight days while the FBI conducted one of its biggest manhunts ever. - The network's other fact-based movie. In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas, was N 8 in the weekly rankings. This program chronicled the search for Gordon Kahl, a white supremacist who eluded authorities by hiding in the rural Midwest homes of his followers. In the preceding two weeks, NBCs two-part miniseries'Switched at Birth," captured consecutive first-place wins, NBC was the No. 1 network last week with an overall average rating of 11.9, according to figures released by the A-CNielsen Co. CBS was second with 11.1 and ABC finished third with 10.5. ABC and Peter Jennings continued their winning run in the network news race, this time with an average rating of 9.6. NBC and-Tom Brokaw were second with 8.2. CBS and an Rather were last with 7.8. Here are the prime-time TV ratings for May 6-12. Listings include the week's ranking, rating for the week and total homes. A rating measures the percentage of the nation's 93.1 million TV homes. 1. "Cry in the Wild" "NBC Monday Night Movies," 17.2, 16.0 million homes. 2. "Ro-seanne," ABC, 16.9, 15.7. 3. "Cheers," NBC, 16.6, 15.5. 4. "Unsolved Mysteries," NBC, 16.2, 15.1. 5. "L.A. Law," NBC, 16.1, 15.0. 6. "Murphy Brown," CBS, 15.5, 14.4. 7. "Designing Women," CBS, 15.4, 14.3. 8. "In-Line Duty: Manhunt In-Dakotas" "NBC Sunday Night Movie," 14.7, 13.7. 9. "A Different World," NBC, 14.4, 13.4. 10. "Knots Landing," CBS, 14.2, 13.2. 1 1. "Major Dad," CBS, 13.9, 12.9. 12. "Family Matters," ABC, 13.8, 12.8. 13. tie, "Dinosaurs" and "America's Funniest People," both ABC, 13.7, 12.8. 15. tie, "20-20," ABC, and "Night Court" NBC, and "STAT," ABC 13.6, 12.6. 18. "Rescue: 911." CBS, 13.5, 12.5. 19. "60 Minutes," CBS, 13.4, 12.5. 20. "Evening Shade," CBS, 13.3, 12.4. Easy Summer Cooking It's getting too hot to cook. What's a Tucsonan to do? Why not share your quick and easy light menu" food tips with Star readers? You are invited to submit recipes in one of seven categories for a summer cookbook that will be published on Sunday, July 21. The other categories are salads, desserts, barbecue sauces, family reunions, summer drinks and young cooks (under age 18). Expert local cooks will choose finalists in each category, and a cook-off will be held to select the winners. Winners who will receive prizes. Please limit your entry to a single recipe and BE SURE to tell us what category it is tor. Send your recipe to: The Arizona Daily Star, Summer Cookbook, P.O. Box 26807, Tucson AZ. 85726. Be sure to include your name, address and daytime telephone number. The deadline for postmarking entries is Friday, May 31. mi

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