The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1934
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by Untied Pren B1TTHEVILLE COTMER NEWS ~ TW DOMINANT NKWBPAPEK OP NOHTJOW BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTfOUBT UUBOORI VOL. XXXI—NO. 41 Blytb'. 'lie D*Uy Ne»« fllythevUle Orurier «i-, •£• T! V»lley Leader BlytbevUle Htrtld BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS iARMlS REBEL Takes Pencil In Hand to Tell He Is Not DilHnger Police Swarm Over Highways Following Holdup of Ohio Bank CHICAGO, May 4 (UP) — An army of 10,000 police anil federa^ agents swarmed over roads leading from northern Ohio and Ind- Inna today as the result of Identification of Jolni Dillingfjr as one of two band..s who robbed a Fos- .torla. O., bank of $15.000 and kid- naped two employes. Diverted from the concentrated search which swept through Chicago gang haunts after discovery here of a blood soaked automobile stolen by Dllllmjer gangsters near St. Paul, the rrmnhunters bent every effort toward intercepting the outlaw leader if he doubles back to Chicago from the .scene of tile latest crimp attributed to him. Rnlph Bnrbour, assistant cashier of the robbed First National bank, was positive in identifying the leader of the two bandits as Dil- liiiTc'r. "It was him, without any question," Harbour said. "Only hr \vure no moustache." Miss Ruth Harris, bookkeeper who was used by the bandits as a human shield against bullets of ixttse and police, also believed one of her captors was the • much wanted outlaw. CHICAGO, May 4 (UP)-Police sent out a radio flash toiluy following a reiwrt that two irelphi handlers had sighted John Dil- linser on the near north tide. The fltit two aiuads to arrive identified the man readily uy the dimple on his chin, seiz«l him with little resistance, and started the station with'sirens scieam- DIPPING LAW , •• i Lrt This He a Warning Girls Woman Badly Gored by Cow Near Lepantt LEPANTO, Arlt.—While pumpin water In her bacn yard Wednesday Mrs. Shade Owen Jiving in Mis aisslppl \c3swUy . near Here. wa. • gored byj;a row. - Tire cov's horr penetrated her side six inches, neighbor 'u-tio was .washing nca; by 'pulled Mrs. Owen oil of thj horn, she was nished to a Mem phis hospital wlic-re her condition is considered critical. fruitless questioaliis by ll«; cap- in, during which? the man cve:> :fusc-d to nod rils. head, resulted . his beckoning for some piiper. I am deaf and dumb. Revival of Chinese Empire Under Manchukuoan Leadership Is Visioned This fc the second of a s»ri« «f slortes by WUllam Philip Slmms, not«d authority on fortiin affiire, tourlnp tht worlii for Courier Newt and other NEA Service on tKe new slate ot Manchnkvo, Its Leo Weiner.ind 1 am wklyn." he w'roW , . Furtlieunore," Weiner scribbled, ™< 1 am skk of all this. 1 in going o get some smoked glasses an" ave my head shaved. Tnen may- I'll set some peace. 1 ' from I "'*' "I*" 011 to China and Rus- 1 sU, and the new "Hiua*nb»rt line" ; being built along it bordet at Vladivostok. LUST flF Woodin Died Speaking m Delirium to Man He Loyally Served NEW YORK. May 4 (UP)—WU- iam H. Woodin, in his last hours, thought only of President Roose- •elt, whom lie served, faithfully as critical days immediately following Mr. Roosevelt's inaugural last i'ear. Death and doctors bent over tne cot in Manhattan Eye, Ear and ( Throat hospital last- night. The _££"»« was mumbling By WILLIAM PH1UP SIMMS (Copyright, 1934, NBA Service, Inc.) ! HSINK1NG, Manchukuo, May 4 —Henry Pu Yi, Emperor of Man- chukuo, is willing to become emperor of all China once again if the Chinese people should call him oack to the Dragon Throne. Prime Minister Cheng Hslao- hsu assured me of tills In the course of a special Interview al the foreign office here. His answer was not exactly what r expected, for this question is usually evaded in with statements that ruling the new state Is a big enough Sob to itself, and that any tendencies to extend Manrtiu rule south ot, the Great Wall, as It once did extend are to be discouraged. My question was: " Hi china proper I heard at a possible movement to bring Emperor Pu Vi back and restore him to the Dragon Throne. But his majesty is nuw Emperor of Manchukuo, and. Manchukuo.- has declared ot the To Wed Couch ElMlffitt ioliday Association Demands Secretary o( Agriculture Resign DES MOINES; Io»'«, May < (U P)—Six thousand farmers, reprc senllng W Juld-wMtwn un<l south ern stall's ^ In live Farm Holiday association, have resolved against the agricultural adjustment act ami the''administration 'of Secretary ol Agriculture Henry .-A. Wallace. K Delegates i to Die annual convention of the association p»xs«l resolutions before they: sped homeward today, raking Ihe A. A. A 'ntid demanding .Wallace's rtslgnti- jtlon, alter the Rev. CharU-s E Coughlin, famous Detroit • priest, and Holiday President Mllo Renui had rapped the administration and I Miss Beatrice Kearney, prominent Concerted Uprising Against ; Compulsory Measure ,;' Develops . HOT BPRIN03, May 4 <UP)~ Chfef Deputy Slierlff Roy .BW told UnlMd Press .that a to(a! of S livestock dipping vaw hid - j«en blasted this afterui.ui. lu Garland county. • :,-ii;ij-,i'v;'J.-j The blasting -w« .dOM,;.Mjtlftr3';! particularly the crop reduction linn, laid to the door of Undersecretary Rexlord Guy Tugwcll. . "That seems to complicate mat- tntoiif ters - Would his majesty •-vrute ....... . " again orer all China, if astedr 1 • •ttrjle. These were: • . " • , . '. "Yes, governor." "Well, governor, I . ..." in Roosevelt "governor." New York Cotton Ufc . eft him .he was talking with .nis • Nodding his head : jnier Cheng Is' a g lceopher ( . arid teacher, as well as a Two black eyas here preach an- eloquent sermon to girls who sue cumb to the lure of fascinating' strangers. .A hitchhike "honeymoon viUwut benefit of glergy ended for Vivian Mason, 19, in a New Orleans hospital, after she ( Sad, been beaten by Qaylord Rice be cause she would not aid him in a robbery. She fled with Hies from .Vfall Lake, Mich., where her-..lather Is an evangelist!-. iUce, who '. /has a wife In Memphis; p]e4de~"d guilty to Mann act-vioUtion.''' Wallace Talk* to C. of U. WASHINGTON, May 4 IUP) — Secretary ol Agriculture Henry A. Vullace today told the United Slates Chamber of Commerce that he future of agriculture could not be considered apart from the future of Industry and labor. "They are all tied up together,' he sakl. . "A. tew hundred million dollars placed in the farmer's.hands seems lo have a greater significance In terms of promoting city pros perity . than mone$ placed any where else." • in New Orkans society, who will becoui* the bride of Harvey C Couch Jr.. soil ot the Arkansas utility magnate and R. P. C. director. in July. Release of Arizona Kidnap Victim Within a Few Hours Is Expected the NEW YORK, May 4. CUP)—Cotton closed very steady. open high' low close May .... 10&Z H06 1082 I' 03 July 1092 1119 1091 1118. Oct. . .. 1107 1135 1107 1133 Dec 1119 1148 U1S 1148 Jan .. 1126 1154 1126 1153 Mar 1136 1165 1136 1164 Spots closed quiet at 1130, up 30 points. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 4. (UP) — Cotton-prices rocketed upward today with entrance of heavy spirited trade buying on the local exchange. Gains ranged from 25 to 2? points nl a strong close. The main fillip to the bullish swing was the prospect of inflationary results at tomorrow's silver conference with President Roosevelt. Sellers were scared out of the market Good cables on the opening aided tr.e advance. open high low close May .. 1WO HOO 1090 1098 July .... 1093 1115 1094 1114 Oct .. 1106 1130 1106 1129 Dec .... HIT 1H2 1117 1142 Jan. ..:. 1145 1145 1144 1148b Mar 1145 1157 1144 115H Spots closed steady at 112-i. up 27 Chicaffo Wheat rlend who. though ™* PW^ly ^^ _ ^.^ present, was an image ii his mind. i witnout nesHa tion-. The nation mourned the wistful empe mr must ittle man today and his monvi . *~ many j Bends were sure n s . that devotlcm - l . ( , politician— a tort of Oriental ."brain follow t f.e M Is y h|s throne ,„ country had shortened his life. W, B. Waface Is New Head of County B.Y.P.U. W. "B. Wallace, ol Promised r,nnd, was elected president of the Mississippi County B. Y. P. U. association in a meeting at Armorel India? wcit OLIIC ...1.** w ago he to his friend a^J^de^and^ his p€(? , ng ^ & ^ tne ^p,,, oi pnlna seemed to want to try the republican, aeinocratic, o'r some.other form of" government. "•He did not oppose tv.elr will. But they do not seem (o have done very well. ' "Here in Manchukuo, the pea- pie grew tired of the conditions under whtc httiSy were living and . _ asked- his majesty to be -their •ast evening. Mr. Wallace replaces' ruler. And again he responded to r. p. BYiend of here, who..resigned their will. because of his heavy 'duties as, "He could zsot have done other- president of the state association. 1 wise. An emperor must obey the Tommy Hawkins, of the Blythe- -"• - •- -- -- J "• ville First church, was elected first vice president, replacing Hr. Wal- The E. E. Lee union of the First hurch here won trie elliciency aimer a'nd the Wilson group won he attendance banner. Unions ^presented by the 83 present, were Johnson, .Declares. Emer-J gency in Retail Trade, Effective May 14. WASHINGTON, May 4 (UP)— An ernergency to the retail tire' Government Counsel Defends Legality . of National Labor Board . Return of War Prize of 1813 .-WASHINGTON, 'ifeyvli (tjp)— In'a special mesuce to canfrtu President Roosevelt. tod«y recommended legUlatlon th»t ^ouJd return to the' province ot Ontario, Canada, the historic mace, symbol of.'.leglslative authority, Which, wts in the battle of York by stales forces, April 2T, ... Mr, Roosevelt, suggested that »n opportune lime for the . return would be July 4, when there la to x unveiled in Toronto 8 tablet to the memory of Americans killed during trie war of 1812. ' l Bl £ , . f trade code also becomes effective. Pre«d«nl Roosevelt, in approving the code on May 1, authors- rninistrator Hugh s. Johnson, it- tnc NRA by the Weirton . Btee was called "absurd" to- former Jud pj ank K m bcha , f of the B0 vern- see ^ an , n]un ctk> n oocn hlsh loa- close T7 1-8 79 7-8 77 7-8 79 57.6 1-4 78 3-8 76 1-4 77 7 Chicago Corn trfle 0rmay , v declared today toy Recovery Ad- WILMINGTON, Del., May 4 (UP)—Challenging of the constitutionally of the ' national labor tind the • labor provisions of open high 45 1-4 46 3-8 41 S-4 low close 45 1-4 46 47 3-4 4B 3-8 May July May July Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T 112 Anaconda Copper 155-8 Beth. Steel 37 3-4 Chrysler 45 7-8 Cities Service 27-8 Coca Cola — Gen. Am. Tank 38 3-4 Gen. Ek-ctrlc 21 1-8 pen. Motors 353-4 Inl Harvester 373-4 Mid-West Utilities 3-16 .Montgomery Ward .... 27 1-2 N. V. Central 30 . Packard 41-2 Phillips Pel IS 7-8 Radio 8 Simmons Beds 18 St. L-Ssn Fran 35-8 Standard of N. J will of heaven expressed through the people. • * • Keeps on Orthodox Path '.'So, if. the Chinese south of the Great Wall do as did the people north of the Great Wall. In Man- chukuo. and ask tlie emperor again to occupy the Dragon Throne, he rom the First and Second church- i would respect their wish. Provided, s oi Blythevilie, Deli, Clear Lake.!of course, there were no interna- \rmorel," Osceola and Wison. Itional obstacles In the way." Miss Grace Lyon was eader of a "Old countries al! over missionary program "Waking to'are making new governmental ex- the World's Vision." periments," I suggested. "Will new Manchukuo Join the patid*?" "Manchukuo will pin her faith to orthodox ways," the venerable premier, replied. "The ways of expediency are riot for her to lol- low." "Will you explain," 1 asked, "what you mean by the ways of orthodox and expediency as applied lo government?" • • * Patois- His Poem* "China prospered lor thousands of years under ttw orthodox system, based on. the family. When she deported from that system, she was eo declaration of tne emergency, ^ ^ f collective bargaining at which permits fixing of minimum ^ c ™ tc , el comr>ariv p , ant6 T\i-lciH> TfVm-nQfiii- nT^nB ni^^t \-na ll11 " iJ*.«-*-« vv^ni^ ,, s ^ «... "The charge that the labor prices, whenever price culling threatens code. maintenance of the the emergency tire deal- at "less than the lowest reason-. able cost" as set forth In scViefl-( ules issued with the emergency \ order. U's Against the Law, Even by Day, Boy Learns ": didn't steal It, Judge. I took it in the daytime," was the novel defense W. O. Ransom, negro -outh, offered to a charge of petit 'arceny in municipal court yesterday afternoon. The negro, who admitted taking a quantity of brass tubing from the Chicago Mill Lumber corporation yard, was fined $10 and sentenced to 10 days In. Jail. "Thai's for whatever you want to call It.' •aid the Judge. Pete Ogle was fined 110 for as «ault and battery on the person o Gcorse Duncan, w-convlct. Ogle had been accused of assault /with a deadly weapon nfter a Saturday ifternoon affray on Matn street. The charge was reduced. Canned Goods Stolen From Barboro Plant A small quantity of canned goods I board Is illegal will not stand up on an examination of the act," he out. "because the title au- the president to appoint ; to carry out the ptovls torn of the net. "The power conferred on him bj | the net wns .delegated to the na- Uional labor board." Watson Sufgested u New Republican Leader WASHINGTON, May 4 (UP)— Political gossip tod&y put former Senator James E. Watson of Indiana In the forelront ot a scramble for chairmanship of the Republican national committee, nhu:h will be vacated June 5 by Everett Sanders. Watson Is one of a dozen ellgl- btes In whose behall various party factions are maneuvering. Announcement of Sanders' Intention to resign last night was not pre- 'ceded by any agreement regarding a successor. Watson came to congress In 1894. TUCSON. Ariz., M»y 4 (UP)— June Roblea, 6-year-oM schoo •lrl, Manured a week ago Wednesday, will be retiirned s«J» and nnrtnrmed within '« few hours, her family indicated todny. • Juhilant-in spirit, Bernsbe Rob- 1«, 73-vear-oM grandfather of the Plrl. broke his 'silence ol eight dais to: fell'the United Press: "Walt until toiday or tonight. I feel somethIre Is-going to happen. 1 ' :'• • •. • •' : Secret-, negotiations for- payment of-' ransom, -proljably • the • 115,000 asked by the man- who abducted the plr) nine days ago, w«re reported hear conclusion. Al Agiilrre, irlend of June's elderly and wealthy grandfather, end other nersons were sali to be acting as intermediaries. Raymond Cole Kifled in Accident at Earie There *'er« Bo arrests HOT SPRINGS, May 4 (.UP)- '-. War against cattle dipping, waged ' in Garland county intermittently or years, flared up again; today Ith the dynamiting of three 'dip- Ing vats on Glenn-cod road wlth- i 12 miles of Hot Springs. The violence occurred on the arms of Emore Owens, Richard PHtman, and Craven Moore. Tlie blasts apparently were £et ."ott Imultaneousty. . , ' . '." i" Deputy'sheriffs, went to the scene wllh bloodhounds. ".- :'.!? A delegation of aoine 300 farm-:; ers appeared in ciijr: court recehtijr': and asked' Municipal Judge iV.. 8... Ledgerwood whether state .agents, could force them 'to ' dip their: stock. Fanners complained that dipping mute caused tlie hair to fall off and even caused death In some Instances. Judge Ledgerwood said that the dipping law has been upheld by the supreme court and must be otnerved. • pipping of livestock if mandatory in some aouth Arkansas counties as part of » program for the ultimate' eliwicatkia of the cattle ' tick from ihe'state.' Northern 'ai>d'-.- central counties of Arkansas . are already classed u Uck free; J. B. Rkhtrdion'i Trial Scheduled for Saturday The trial of-J, B. Richardson, alleged ha'cJer of the Richardson bandit gah|, on a charge of conspiracy In the Kensett, Ark., bank robbery, Is slated to open at Searcy tomorrow. Three principals In the robbery.. Aaron Richardson, Vernon Geau and Lester Shields- have already entered f'ullty pleas. Two accepj- ed seven year terms while Shield* is yet to be sentenced. on 110 New Airplanes as removed from \he A. S. Bar- WASHINGTON. May 4 (UP)— »ro and company wholesale ware- Bids for the purchase of approxl- vouse, Second «nd Hose stieeta, mately no new plsnes for the st night. . . army air corps will be asked Entrance *&» gained to the within the next few days, the war wilding by sawing out a small department announced today, section of the ^.-arehovise door nt-ar The airplanes will be purchased he" latch, which was then raised with the S7.500.000 allotted lo the rom. the InsWe. . .»lr corps from the public works Employes said that they believ- frnds. Bids were asked and sub- ed only a small amount oi goods mined last January but were re- Methodists Reject Term Episcopacy Plan JACKSON, Miss.. May 4 U)P)— Southern Methodist churchmen today defeated R wopo&al to limit the terms of bishops. The genera conference ol the Methodist Epis' I copal Church South voted, 252 to 131, to defeat a substitute for the 1-4, [ report by the committee on epis-l plunged into a cauldron ol deadly strifes. "Expediency leads to abuses and despotism. The new \fanchu em plre U founded upon the doctrine of the interdependence of the gov ernlng and Ihe governed." Premier Cheng ij an unusua man, even In the Orient. He B poet, a philosopher, and an ar d«nt follower of Contuclus. He rts f* at 3 o'clock in the morning, am "paints" poems with his bmsh ant China black—fiie ancient art of calligraphy. To the occidental this means little. But In China, calligraphy Is "ot Just penmanship—It combines painting and poetry. * * * Fanatic rreactxa Unit? Blythevilie Float ia Cotton Car-rural Awared had been stolen. French Pilfrimagti Pant | iected by the comptroller general j OT> the grounds that there had : nn», been sufficient competition. Tne cble! oJ sir corps will issue Invitations for bids on approxl- rnalely 80 bomblnj planes witWn the next day or two, the announce- sal*, nnd -soon thereafter Blythevilie will be represented In the celebration and carnival parade to be held in Memphis soon. One of the 100 floats In the big parade depleting Memphis on (he Nile will represent a good will gesture by Blythevilie through O. O. Hnrdaway and other local otton men who have secured con- rlbutions for the cost of the float. The float is being constructed by members of the vocational classes of Memphis public schools. Students of the local schools, ap- nroprlately dressed, will ride the float. Funeral services cere held here vesterday for Rnvmond Cole, 15- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos- enh Cole, who was killed Wednesday at Earle, Ark. His neck was broken when he fell from a truck while enroute home from school. Tlie lad. who lived with his parents east of this city until a year RKO, had complained^ of feeling sick and was being taken to his home at the time of the tragedy. It is believed he toppled over when his hegd throbbed as he had n of dizziness a short time before. The last rite.! were held at the First church of the Naxarene with the Rev, Buoha D. Beasley offlcl- nttn? and burial was made at Mnble Orove cemetery. Besides his parents he Is survived by four brothers and three sisters. All members of the gang that planned and carried out the robbery were Irom this city. J. B. Richardson was at liberty under Indefinite furlough when the ban* robbery occurred. His furlough was later revoked and he was returned to the state prison to serve. out a five year term for robbery committed here. Richardson was- to be taken from the Tucker prison farm to Searcy for trial. Moss Undertaking Co., wu In chargt ot arrangements. PARIS (UP) — More than 2S2 (rains were required to take care Invitations will be Issued for bids oi the Easter exodus from Paris on approximately 30 attack planes lo the provinces and nearby re--This »'i't complete the air corps sorts. In excess of the regular purchases under the allotment. railway schedules. Reports indl- '— cale that the principal routes >rere Deauvllle, Dieppe. St. Malo, Dln- ard, Etretat and Argenteui). Economy Need Forces Police Department Cut Two members of the city police orce. added a tew months ago when a wave of minor thefts »nc louse-looting had Blythevilie in IK throes, have been dropped. Services Held Today ' F ' /\l I OA I n • , rea an Argenleui). > / nu Hundreds of pilgrims Journey I lOr UW to Argenteutt to venerate tlie liolyl tunic of Christ, which has been Funeral services were held this kept in the Basilica there for afternoon at Steele, Mo., for C. P. 1,101 years. Special trains also Malhena. 85. ptorreer citizen of ran lo Usleux for the veneration that town, who died yesterday ten of Sainte Therese, "Little Flower days after a stroke of paralysis. ol Jesus." Burial was made at Coleman . -, - Texas Co 25 1-4 cormcy, offered by the Rev. O. C. Emperor Pu Yl for seven yc»rs dur- U. S Steel ;-. 46 5-8 [French of south Carolina, leader'|Ing «* niter's exile at Tientsin. U. S smelling ........... — in tlie fight for "term episcopacy". (Continued en Page Eight) 'Well along In his '70s, Premier The incoming traffic, however, cemetery. Cheng is one of the Orient's lead- was exceptionally heavy as well Me Is survived by ln« poets. He was tutor to the with visitors' from the provinces, »nd K. A., with i . . . _ ... . two sons, J. R. with visitors' from the provinces, »nd K. A., with whom he made and also Britishers from London his home. and other cities, coming to Parit . Moss Undertaking CO., was In for the . Easter . holidays. .charge .of arrangement*. . Super-Sensitivity Interest* Doctor* BENTI.EYVTLLE, Pa. (UP)—The case ot George Gosney, 44, who shivers in the summer and perspires In the whiter, Is interesting physicians. Gosney collapsed trom sun stroke last July, and lay for week: In a coma. When he recovered, hi discovered that hot weather mtdi him suffer chills, while in the win ter he tell well. When It grew toe cold, however, lie was "uncomfort ably warm." He lost some of his s*ns« of touch, and his sens* ot smell WM so exaggerated that he catches odors unnoticed by others. When the sun Is shining, Oosner h*» to stay Indoors bec»use the rays nearly blind him. Hepburn Denies She '.', Plans Another Weddinf NEW YORK, May 4 (UP) — Katharine Hepburn, wiio thumbed her nose at the press wnen she arrived irtth « Mexican divorce ast night, changed her mind today and graciously opened the duor of her home to a reporter. Clad in tandtls, white pajamas, and a dressing gown, tne film swr lolled ag*inst the wall of the hall of her old fashioned house as she denied she was contemplating a second marriage. Fire TkMtand Alabama Iron Ore Miner* Strike BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 4 (tl The necessity of cutting the p)_nve thousand Iron ore miners orce as an economy measure was!joined « general strike here today, he only reason for the reduction. I ctU sin« seven shafts to close when t was stated. Policemen dropped their demands for hour and sage *rom the force were the newest In revisions were denied. joint of service: Rooster Warrini;- .on and C. B. Holt, There ire now four on the force. Mr*. Roosevelt Urf«s Women's Peace Crusade PHILADELPHIA, Ml* 4 (UP1- MTS. Franklin D. Hoosevell todv Pickets were present at some of the mines but no disorder. WM reported. appealed to the women of the j n ' WEATHER ARKANSAS — Thurjd*rsncw« tonight. Saturday D»rUy ctoudy, preceded by total thundershower* country to conduct »' crusade pe»e» Speaking at the luncheon ot portion. 13th national 'convention of the Young Women's Christian Association of America, Mrs. Roo«ev«lt s»td that American women can set.fta example of what la meint by a cruMtde oi pen*. ' of) Memphis and vicinity— P thunderahowers tonight and .8»t- Little change In tetnper*- ture. The maximum temperature her* yesterday vu «, minimum M, clear, accardlat to Baawtl F. Harris, official wsitfcer

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