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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 22

The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 22

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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10.. THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 14, 1909 Kesults of Football Games Caused or Id ur prises in COLGATE DEFESTS SYRACUSEBLEVEM Maroon Team Defeats Salt City Boys in Punting Contest by 6 to 5 SOME QF PENN'S WARRIORS WHO BATTLED UNSUCCESSFULLY AGAINST YOST'S HUSTLING TEAM LAFAYETTE ROLLS IIP BIG SCORE State Normal School Hardly Gives Easton Eleven Good Afternoon's Practice 1 5 Hamilton Team Scores on Line "PlungeSj But Failure to Kick Defeats Oranee Substitute Back Field, in First Fine Showing Now Ready for Lehigh's Scalp Many the College 1 A I 1 I I i -A i w'v I I fW'-y I -x 5 I Hi i -if' i II 1 'v" fl PC I .1 -yJf t.WK:::: i J- -S 'K I ijr-V' 4 Special to The Inquirer. EASTON. Nov. 13.

Lafayette defeated tn State Normal team on March Field this afternoon by the score of 43 to 0. Throughout the first half the new 4ack field, which will be used next Saturday in the Lehigh game, was viven their first tryout, and their work was very satisfactory to the coaches, the nw incn gaining at will against the Red and iilack eleven. In the first bajf twenty-seven oints run up against the Normal eleven many substitutions being made in the second half by the Bastonians. McCaa was not used until the second half, when he tore np tho visitors' line at will, and made several long which brought the stands to their feet. The work of the Lafayette ends was one ot tJi of the game, while the Maroon and White forwards played an excellent defensive game.

Most of the Lafayette p. ys wero ctrected at the visitors' line, Lafavette to tne old style of plav throughout the entire contest. Conover's work in the first, naif was a feature of the game, the heaw Lafayette back making four touchdowns in th of.Pla-T- The visitors had a heavw 2nH of P'are, ut were not fast enougn to stop the attack, which was directed fl Manxm and White backs: lootban an '5llent article of ftf.VLtV1 roaEllouf the entire contest. Special to The Inquirer. SVRACl'SK, X.

Xot. 13. Syracuse was defeated by Colgate ley peon' of to 5 after a put ting contest before a crowd of 1 2.00 P'-rson-. The tirst touchdown made by Woodman, I'm- Colgate." near tlx- nil she I'rst half. Syracuse bail the ii roidneld.

Vogg circled right nd for two yard. For aft Incomplete forward pass SyraeuNP was penalized fifteen yards. Darby pnuted to Mauley, who was downed in his tracks by Shinier on the Syracuse 25-' yard line. Munley attempted a drop-kick but the ball went wild and Lcobor feli it on Syracuse-! 3-yard line. Woodman iaitLO three attempts through, the line-.

On the first two the Orange line held firmly but on the third the Maroon was shoved over for a touchdown and Manley kicked the goal. In the half, after several of Syracuse got the ball on her own 40-yard line. Foes made nine around risht. Darby was thrown for loss and forced to mint. Collector fumbled 'Darby's short punt and Kirkparrick scooped up th" bad and ran forty yards for a touchd wu.

Ande son failed at ffoat. Eachanarc of ncrst fol'owed. Collate havin WESTERN MARYLAND AND DELAWARE TIE 4 sT If i WILLIAMS BEATS AMHERST ELEVEN Kl-iJ i Although Failing to Win Bethlehem Students Were Satisfied by Outcome of Game Special to The Inquirer. SOUTH BETHLEHEM. Nov.

13. Lehish University surprised and pleased her supporters by the splendid showing she made today against the unboatn New York Universtty. The contest, which js the best itnessed this season, resulted in 0 to 6. But for two untimely penalties Lehigh would probablv have won. These occurred in the second after both teams had gone to a to 0 score in the first period.

Lehigh started the game with her sub back-field and they more than held their own. The same backSe'd also started the second half, mur. at an opportune time the coaches shoved iu the 'Varsity backtiell and New York wns completely carried off their feet. tCox. the mighty full-back, rammed the line for yard after yard and easily scored a touchdown, the goal of which Martiu kicked.

These line-smashing tackles Lehigh continued to good, advantage and mainly with Cox's aid advanced to the 4-yard line, here Lawson held and Lehigh was penalized. Martin's drop-kick failed. Cox and Donaldson again advanced the ball to the 6-yard line when Lawson was again caught holdinsr and penalized, Martin failed for a field goal. The tide here tinned in New Y'ork's favor. A punt by Yule was fumbled by Heard and another by Yule flew out of Gordon's arms into Brennan's, Yule shot a forward pass to Llim, who carried it to within six inches of the goal; Csrsh was easily saoved over mid Yule kicked New York.

Wheeler Brenuan Henneberger Cooney Mackay Vesley Crawford Xixofi the goal. Positions. Left end tackle Ieft jruard. Centre Right guard. tackle.

Right end half-back. Lehigh. La son Tread Martin Street Reese Vela G. Wood Heard Garsh Bilheimer Kite). ell Rouse Goals from U.

EUiff Right Yule Full-back Touchdowns Cox and Garsh. touchdowns Martin and Yule. Davis for Brennan, Stone for Substitutions Vesley, Moore for EUiff. Knox to Wood, Gordon for Bil heimer. Donaldson lor Kitchen.

Cox for Rouse. Referee Dwyer (U. of Empire Davidson of P.l. Linesmen Von Egglesline (X. Y.

U-); J. Smith (Lt-nighl. Timekeepers Cann (X Y. C); Shannon (Lehigh). Time of halves 20 minutes.

NEITHER SIDE SCORED P. M. C. and Drexel Institute Play to a Standstill CHESTER. Xov.

13 (Special). In a poor exhibition of football here todsy. Pennsylvania Military College of Chester and Drexel Institute of Philadelphia failed to score. The cadets at times played In stupid style and missed a couple of excellent chances to score. Drexel played without anything like life or vim and the came was flat and uninteresting.

Jouette did the best work for the Cadets, while there were no special honors for the Philadelphia boys. P. M. C. Smith Haldtur (Passmore) Webb Sekaffer Gav Clark Ward Positions.

Left end Left tackle Drexel. Schlittler Haldt (Draper) Gleason Bock Hell Schmidt Bayne Haley Bye Thomas Miller Referee: Iyeft guard Lentro Right guard Rieht tackle Right end Quarter-back Left half-back -Right half-back Full-back Lutz of Swarthniore. Jouette Bottles Miibr Ineham Umpire: P. M. C.

Stone. L. nf P. Linesmen: llatton. Gilford Drexel.

Timekeepers: coates. f. i. G. Adams.

Drexel. Time of halves: 20 mins. NEITHER. SIDE SCORES. HARRISBURG.

Nov. 13 (Special). Toe Waldorf and Wormleysburg played to a standstdl at Island Park tooay Waldorf Positions. Wormlevsburg. Miller Gable Piatt Blessing IHinbar Sheedy Famous Wolfe Hayes Haymon i Fulton) Abbott I Wallowen Eisenberger.

Pagan Johnson Sehreadley. Sites Fisher (eapt.) Realty Left end Left tackle guard Centre Right guard tack'e Right end half-back Right half-back Bruce Hummel Smith Simmons Referee. Soiirbie P.aum and Kuntz Time of halves. ull-nacK Umpire. Marks.

Linesmen, Head timekeeper. Thomas. 20 minutes. Olivets Had It Easy READING. Nov.

13 Olivets won a decisive victory over Combines here today, 20 to o. Olivets. Bredbenner Leaner A. Rhoads. Kellen Shade Oaks Kerns C.

Rhoads. Kuldman Stump Positions. Left end. Combines. Fenstermacher Ryan Rupp Evrich Left tackle guard guard tackle.

Right end Quarter-back Ieft half-back. Seyler Shannon Baker Suber Ash Buckley Strasser Full-back Morns Kuhl- Touchdowns fitrasser, i noans. Head man. Kereree jun. "iiiu linesman Carver.

Time of halves 15 minutes. Neither Side Scored READING. Nov. 13 (Special). Mercury A.

A. acd Reading High School second played a to same here Tooay. Mercury A. Positions. Reading II.

S. 2d Henry end. Miller Crouse Miller Mover Pfluru Luekie Hartman Wycklein Sharp Martin tackle. guard. Centre guard Right end.

Quarter-back half-back. half-back. Full-back Phillips Neubling Sanders Chelins Ravel Relgner Mayers HerbeJn Thompson Giles Kunkle Referee Henry. Umpire Head lines man Scheffey. Field judge Dowling.

Time of halves 10 minutes. QUARRY VII JjE HIGH DOWNED. LANCASTER, Xov. 1.3 Special The second team of the Lancaster High School defeated Quarryville High today. Score.


Reading Evening High School team defeated Wyomissing here today. 17 to 0. Mil PLAYED TO STIDSTILL Crane Mays (Jones), (Dairy tuple) Fillmore MeCuteheon Schwenk Dannehauer (Hammond) Irmschler I Nfirrt.0 Left tackle Left guard Cen i re Right guard. Right end Kelley Snydef O'Donnell Savag Ia. Kelley Paul's Mann Smith Rlph nigaz cair-back.

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ME I ffl PLAYS WITH PLENTY OF Middies Display Superb Form and Down Western Reserve by Score of 1 7 to 6 Special to Th Inquirer. ANNAPOLIS. Nov. 13. The Naval Academy defeated Western Reserve by 17 to 6 this af-teruoffb, showing an offense which was far superior to anything it has done this season, and which ranks it with the best Navy teams of former years, but what most of the Annapolis crowd is talking about is thsi intricate and perfectly executed play which led to the visitors' score.

The first of the game and the only one secured br Reserve. The play had a little of almost every stunt in Kith the old ar.d new game. Starting with a kick formation and the lice spread out fne width of the field, the boll passed from Wertz who received the kick to Kagy. bv the old time criss-cross. From Kagy it went to Barney on a straight pass and from Barney on a long forward throw to Schiller, who received it without hindrance, but was overtaken on the Navy'e 10-yard line.

Every part of the play worked with precision, and it opened the eyes of the local contingent to the development of the game iu other sections. On the next play, Kagy ran around the Navy's left end for a touchdown, and Portman kicked the goal. The Navy scored in the half. Richardson carrying the ball over, but Dalton missed the goal. The teams appeared very evenly matched in the first half, though a shade more power could be seen in the Navy's attack.

Two qf the best punters on the college field were pitted against each other, when Portman. of Reserve, and Dalton. of the Navy, measured kicks and honors were quite even. On the running back also there was little to choose. Wertz's brilliant running and dodging won applause from the Navy stand, while Dalton and Erwin caught up many yards for the Xavy team.

Dalton and Richardson did the bulk of the advancing, though Erwin showed greater ability in running from the quarter-back position than any Navy man who has played the position this season. For the first time this season, the. Navy team showed distinct and sustained power on the attack. It fully sustained the confidence which the Xavy crowd has had in its team, notwithstanding Its poor start and ranged itself along with the best Navy teams of former years. The Navy clearly had the better of the play in the second half, scorinu touchdowns alter eight and seventeen mimites of play.

Richardson carried the ball over both times, and Dalton kicked both goals. Reserve was successful with the on-side kick ne and several titnes tried variations of the play which had brought about their score tn the first half, but did not gain materially. By far the best work for the visitors was done by Wertz, but the team la general played a thoroughly good game and kept the Midshipmen fighting for all that they fiained It was demonstrated that in Dalton and Richardson, the Naval Academy has two backs who in power and ground-gaining ability rank JH- best" AustIn started the game at rtght-haif and was succeeded by Rodes Both are new men in the Academy, bnt have marked football Ability and their work today was fairly After losing several men who gave some promise for the quarterback position, tho Navy coaches seem to have filled the place satisfactorily, with Erwin. who ran the team well today and got in several good runs. Neither Meyer or Reinicke were able to get in the line-np.

but the work of the line was good, though the strong backs of Reserve gained at times. As the second half progressed, 5enTi w.eaHened hefore the heavy attack SL.th5 and tne local team clearly forbad Dlywf better and more sustained Naval Academy Positions Western D.rv Cobb Left end Schiller (Hamilton) King Brand Weems Wright Loftin i i erri el Left tackle Left guard Centre Right guard Right, tackle Logee Lind Hole Hall Portman (C.) Relf snider (Carey) (Cochran) Right end Rafferty litwin Dalton (Sowell) Austin (Rodes) Richardson IJXlllltllT 1. Quarter-back W7ertz Left half-back Barney (Stevens) Right half-back Kagy Full-back Corlette Score-Naval Academy, 17: Western Reserve, 6. xoucnaowns Kicnarason, Kaev Goa' from touchdowns Dalton. Portman Goals from touchdowns missed Dalton.

Referee cneBierK Umpire. Mr. Taussig, Cornell. Field judge Mr. A.

M. Lansford jT't7n Head ljnmn- Mr. Melfinf St. Johns College. Time of halves 25 minutes.

IE XK rNTOWN CRUSHED. vt JiTl t3 La Mott 18 0 ucll ion jenKintown team acore Iriplott end Eriprs Left tackle Griffin Left guard Washington Centre Hr Right guard I.ittlepage Right tackle Triplett Riglit end Triplett Qti--rter-hack Fripp Left half-back Jones Full-back Right half-back Burgess Cot torn Burgess Vest Cot torn Anderson Neurciss Johnson Ford Gibson Cooper 1. Touoh- Score IS to 0. Safety La Mott downs E. Griffon.

L. Jones. 2. Goals rrom touchdown L. Jonss.

1. Referee Tennev. I'm. pire-McElderry. Linesmen -Parker and Pin-der.

Time 25 minute halves. OINCO TEAM GOES UNDER. MAHANOY CITY. Nov. 13 (Special The High School defeated the Cinco team here to- uh, in a uuu'p game ny ine score of 2O-10.

Cinco. Positions High School. O'Connor Thomas Bradbury Goepfert end Bray Ix tackle Klingerman Left guard I. Adams Centre Adams Right guard vvunmngham Jones Bankes Rjehards James Myers Right tackle1. O'Neill Right end Kaunas Quarter-back Hoben Left half-back Boyer Right half-back A Kni-Ha.

1 I- James P. Hartzler O. Hartzler ti i rounaowns Hoyer. jsnvaer. iiart.i-r O'Connor.

2. Referee Smith. Time of halves 30 minutes. EASY FOR CHESTER Y. C.

A. CHESTER. Xov. 13 (Special). Wilmington Y.

M. C. A. proved to be a pie for the Chester Y. M.

C. A. here todav. when the home team won by the iseore of S3 to 0. i in" tiall on Inn at the end ot the game.

Capiat:) Harry Iltnkey and Kirkpntriek i-tari-ed Manlcv and Syracuse ana Mc-Ktman for Colgate. Colgate. Po-sitions Syracuse. Hin.k. Clark Reeves Anderson Shinier A ndersop Mc ioueh McDonnell HoUenUeck Chaffee (Thurberi Keegan Blanehnrd Ijiebor Collesu-r 'onuelly I.ef end Left tack! Left srna rd le ui re Right guard tackle Kirkpatrick Right end rter-back I-ei half-back Parry Waldron Fogg (Gardiner) liarby Shaw nllv.

Soutii Woodman Manlev ght half-btu k'v U-tiacK Referee Thompson (Coorr'ovui. Umpire Masw. il (Swan more). Field judge Evans i Willi!) Head linesman Length of halves o3 minutes. ORANGE HAD IT EASY lakes Wyanpflrld Connlry Club Into Camp l- Score 31 to WlUirMiTON', Xot.

11 (Special). The Wynnefleld Country Club eleven proved to be easy one for the Orange A. C. team this afternoon, score 31 to O. Palmer, a new player (France, played a sensational game at fullback, making two of the six touchdowns.

Byrne, also a new addition this season, starred, making one tonehdown. Rankin was the ttar of the Country Club team. Wynnetield C. 1 eiogee Sherman Thompson lioseuiiin Neese 1 lev ine C. Positions.

end Left tackle Left guard Centre Right guard tackle Orange A. C. Stetser Sni teher Neese (Draper) Johnson Ilaggerty Me Alee Risht end half-hack half-back- Southard Byrne McClnre i Ridgwa 'at ierson. Thomas. Rankin Full-back Palmer Neese, an Orange player, took Rosemau's lilac- i't the Tory end of the panic.

Referee. Taylor. Umpire. Welch. Timers.

and Simmons. linesmen, Devine and ales. POTTSTOWN DOWNED t.oes I tier io Birdsboro in "Well fiayel Game 5 to RRISBORO. Nov. lit (Special).

In a same the Birdsboro team deteated the P'lttstown eleven; score. 5 to 0. The local fan; scored a touchdown by the line-bucking Rird(t(oro Positions. Tortstown. Markel Whittaker Lord T.

euar Gmrt 1- rick Knle F. Cedar Yerjre Henry Holloway Francis (U i Pdand. Rothermel K. Keim. letim MUer end I-ft tackle Centre Risrht (ruard Risrht tackle Right end Q'iarter-back Ieft half-back Ritrht half-back Full-back Kelm pi: 11, Rlnnrl Touchdown -Snrasue.

Time of halves V.0 Diniler. uutee. Referee Green. JOfrXSTOWN HIGH LOSES, RET-TO X. Xov.

13 (Special v. Steelton Hijrh .1 defeated Johnstown UJell. Score 15-li. own. Miarkey (Catd.) Grifntb Mid man S.i person I.outhers Supper Weir el son Positions.

Steelton. Left en. I Laurence Left tacke; Reaan Left sruard Kistler Centre Morrell Riuat guard MessersmitU PI Ale) Risht tackle Greenwalt Risht end Morrison Ouarter-back Sellers Left half-back Daily iCant.l iDenuri Ua be rlain ieiier Riaht half back Keim Full-back Whitaian M'-sserhmith I r'hamberlain. DaHv. Reean.

Touchdowns: Sriarkev. Dailv 2. j.eferce- Iwver, Harrisbnra. Harrisbuw. Head linesman: Smiley.

Har-fisb'ure Time of halves: 'Jo minutes. Field uri'-e- Clausen and Bueknell. Thnekeeper: Gaffuey. of University of West Virginia. EASY FOR LANCASTER UK 1-ANCASTEJi.

Nov. 13 (Special.) aster liijrh School eleven today def 1H Th T-an-ate3 the tate Nor- iivv seeona team ei jnuraomi: mal 16 to 0. S. N. 2d Positions i Left end Ifr tackle S.

Gotsnall Thorn ton Myers heimer) Jones Liiler Bock ius Kline Hoar Brubaker Brenner Kohler Goal dim. Pm- 20 in in. P. riff lamon Hartinea left guard (Dor Centre ioper Right nard Richt tackle Right end Quarterback Left half-back Uiirhr half-back 'Full-back mvn Fish Ober 11. F-nlen H.Welb i nor 2: Brenner from touchdown-Hoar rc-Bair.

F. and field jndRe Tiuiekeeper Herr. Time of halves BETHLEHEM HIGH SWAMP ED. Ttejidine BALING. Nov.

13 (fipeeia School simply swamped Bethb Ueni Hi eh Hii So) iicrc Tiwiav. io i- H. Positions. Readi Bo: IT. S.

i Millerl Sohuabel (Bicber) end I-ft tackle Harbster plnllips i Youns Ieft jruard 'entre Risht P.iehf tackle Risht end O'larter-back Left half-back Sheri'v I esher. ickleln. Kauffuian ilartmau 1 'osey lelfscyder I crlx'iin teifsnv'der Snell Boas, rbster. 2. eld judge Time of Mciore.

Wolf L. 1 (i 1 Risht half-back ese Full-back F. Reifsnvder. Snell. itter.

Touchdowris- oals from touchdown osey xjj Refer ree Henr. i mpin jnmv--. veis. Head linesmaa lowuns. halves-2') minutes.

BRIDGETON HIGH LAND TRENTON. Nov. 13 (Speidal). I School football team defeated Brldif, he State ton High 0. ridpeton Wilson Positions i ate School Left end Left tackle J-eft guard Centre Right suard Riaht tackle Right end Quarterback Left half-back Rogers Ch: i'y't rlesworth Scull Ware Clark Biecin ood)'uff Snt too Williams Sutton Morsran) Woodruff a Atta'i Lowe a Is from Referee iinerman.

HiTR H. Rocers Antoinne Rovie Decker Barnard (Firth) Van lonndly fiosc S.turn Right half-back ie Full-back o. Xeafie. -i 2. 1.

mpire Rurl. Lambert. Timers Thomas and Br. CECIL COUNTY HIGH LOt ELK Nov. 13 (Special.

T- Tii.rii football team T. io Cecil us defeat-ly eleven, hv' the West Nottinsham Acaden 17 to Nottingham. Positions. Ce il Hist). I'i ckey LfCT I CUll lyoft tackle 1-Tt suard Riht suard Peterson Marcus Watts tlean Bratton Leadomi Dunbar Harvey Clark Iwis (Pot tsi Morton Rudolph Orof he N'esbitt If indman Issel lajlest'ie.

Risht tackle Ritrht end -Oparter-back Iel half -back Mcr.M-il Right half-baek j-, cp.r Fnli-back llefoiee. liussell Georre. fr. (Jiiles- nie. Tinie-s.

I wo and Cninniniss. -vnt and Cawb y. Time of halve? Linesjuen, 2 miu- s. Touchdowns Russell. Garett -a Goals, Taylor, 2.

ud Gilles- Special to The Inquirer. NEWARK, Nov. 13. Delaware thought she had the husky eleven of the Western Maryland Agricultural College defeated this afternoon when the first half ended with the score 6 to 0 in their favor. Carswell made the touchdown after a series of short, sharp rushes.

The first half ended with the ball in Delaware's possession within two yards of her own gosl line. Western Maryland took a brace in the second half, carrying- the ball down the field by freely using tho forward pass. Price carried the ball over the line each time. Delaware. Positions.

West. Maryland. Rothrock (Capt.) Left end Gill Franklin tackle Dudley guard. Whelton (White) Centre Twigg (Wright) Rieht guard Pritchett tackle end Sprague Quarter-back Stultz Cochran. Attix Millington Todd Kidd Healy i.

nomas) Cann Taylor. half-back. Birdsall (Capt.) Right nair-Dack ihomas t-LWlSg! Full-back Price Carswell. Referee Hoskins. Lafayette.

Umpire Lind. Western Maryland. Timers Win getta and Howeth. Linesmen Ennis. Brank.

Touchdowns Carswell and Price. Goals Healy, Stulz. Neither Side Scored SCRANTON, Nov. 13 (Special). Evenly matched in weight aid play, the Central High School eleven played a no-score game with Keystone Academy, at Factoryville today.

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RUTGERS TRIS HAVERFORD TEAM Jersey Eleven Gets Revenge on Littie Quakers, Winning by 11 to 0 Special to The Inquirer. NEW BRUNSWICK, N. Nov. 13. Rutgers for tho fir.t time tares years defeated their old rival.

Haverford. on the gridiron here this afternoon by a score of 11 to 0. Rutgers did ail its scoring in the first seventeen minutes of play. Travers made the first touchdown, but Alverson failed to kick the goal. Tad Smith and Leslie we're hurt in close playing, but Smith, though hurt, pushed the ball over the line for another touchdown.

In the second half Haverford played a stronger game, but failed to score, neither side doing any further scoring. Rutgers. Vanwinkle Alverson (Foster) MeMic'iael tKohler) Hanson Jahn MeCallum McGovern White Positions. Left end Haverford. Birdsall Haberdine) Brownlee Left tackle Left guard Barrett Centre Right guard Right tackio Right end Quarter-back fost Froelicher (Murrav) Watson Levine (Capt.) Wheeler Smith I.eft half-back (Overton, Cooper lravers (Simmons) Leslie (Caot.) Right half-back Murray iLaury) Porter i Thomas) Full-back Referee: Sigman.

Lafayette Umpire; Warin Swarthmore. Timekeeper: Deane. Haverford. 1911. and Hand, Rutgers.

lHm. Headlines-men: Rice, Rutgers. Time of halves: 25 minutes. NESCOPBCK HIGH LOSES. NESCOFECK.

Nov 13 (Special). High School defeated Nescopeek High School in a bard fought game here today. The line-up: Neseoneck. Positions. Catawissa.

Lee Wagner Herbine Henry Kelehner L. Wagner Dresher Wenner Yohe Williams Hobbs Left end Left tackle Left guard Centre Right guard Right tackle Right end Quarter-back Left half-back Right half-back Lever Rhawn Works Tra iner (Hartman) Artman Barwtck Fegiey Neff Styer Hartman (Berwick) Full-back Ing Stver. Referee: Frantz. Ilmnire: Touchdowns: Taylor. Field Judge: Seibert.

Time of halves: 10 ana 20 minutes. POTTSTOWN HIGH VICTORS. POTTSTOWN. Nov. 13 (Special).

The Potts-town High School football eleven landed another victory this afternoon when they defeated St. Matthew's Parochial School of Con-shehocken. Score 16 to 0. High School. Positions.

St. Matthew's. Wagner Keim (Scheffey). Maxwell Spare Knof 'lhomas Frankum Left end Mower Left tackle Left gnard Centre Right guard Riglit tackle Right end Kehoe F. Hoy J.

Hoy John son Allen Darby Kindregan Lewis Tohn Quarter-back Royer Iert balf-nack Dearolf Right half-back Youne Full-bark Kelly Fryer, umpire: iJewees. Field Sheetse. Head linesman: Pottriger. Linesmen: Daily and Case. Timekeepers: Darby and Kerr.

Touchdowns: Dearolf. Royer, Krankuin. Goal from touchdown: Royer. Time of, halves: 20 minutes. ALLENTOWN PREP.

ON LONG END ALLENTOWN, Nov. 13 (Special). Allentown Prep School defeated the local Hish School here todjiy, scon 24 tc 0. Allentown High. Positions.

Allentown Prep Gift Left end Roberts Shankweiler Mlnnich Thiel Brown Brady Collum (Ruhe) C. Ruter Left tackle Left guard Centre Right guard Rtght tackle Right end Quarter-back Left half-back Glowa (Mover Kline Jacobs (Fetherolf) FiexeT MeGcmtgle Herha Boyle Berbeimer (Umsteadl Reinsmlth W. Rltter Right half-back Worcbesler Full-back Breinan Touchdowns Reinsmith. 2: Rovie Itoherts. Goals from touchdowns Breman." Goals from field Boy le.

Referee EHieott. Field Judge Roper. Umpire Ruloff. Timekeepers Morning, Skelly. Time of halves 25 minutes.

WEST END ELEVEN" EIRDSBORO, Nov. 13 (Special). The Tigers, of Birdsboro. defeated the West End teartu of xifauiug. score 11 ro o.

Birdsboro. Positions. West End. Smith Buck Yarnell Weidner Rea Toka Mover Rollman Bohn Sand Roberts Miller ESsterly P. Kelnard Roberts.

Keim Steinmeta El Keinard Blood I.eft end Centre guard. Right end Quarter-back half-back. D. Keinard half -hack J. Keinard Touchdowns Keim, Blood.

D. Keinard. Goals from touchdowns Keinard. 2. Referee-Green.

Umpire Dengler. Time of halves 20 minutes. Sb'NBUBT HIGH DEFEATED SmMOKIN. Nov. 13 (Special).

In tho clooelv contested game here today Sunbury High School lost to the locals, score 5-0. SFiamokin. Positions. Sunbury. Schmidt Left end Schlader Lawrence Left, tackle Masters Frederick Left guard Malil Troxell Centre Ray Fessler Right guard Fryling Jones Right tackle Harrison Brennan Ulcht nd Shipe Owen Quarter-back Adams Parnilev Lefr half-back Bie- Eddv Right balf-back Fauslod Tlver f-'ull-back Brnmbach Touchdowns Brennan.

Goal Owen. Referee Weitide. Cmp're Gilland." Field judge Tliuc cf. halvts-20 and 25 tuuiule. By Aggressive Playing Purple Team Defeats Its Ancient Rivals 17 to 0 Special to The Inquirer.

WILLIAMSTOWX. Nov. 13. In the final game of the season Williams defeated Amherst. 17 to this afternoon.

Speed and aggressiveness marked the Williams' play after the first few minutes, although the Purple eleven started off badly, the line breaking before the heavy Amherst team's plunges. Neither side made any locg gains for the first 2a minutes, repeated punts keeping the bal well in the middle of the field. Fitts. on the 20-yard line, received Stevens' punt and kicked the ball to Peterson on the Amherst 40-yard line. Une plays and a speedy Unl W'dUSht thK baU to Amherst's loTard us? sz-jxi a rlmll.

mMa; ail ball. Pr pushed across the line vvAUsm'? and was goal from placement VVood made another PnRiti Smith (Austin) Tillinghast Matschke. Page B. Brooks (J. Brooks) Moekisg (Pratt) Lewis Prindle Amherst.

Roberts Hagar (Siblev) Sibley (Ruck) Plnckett Willets Madden (Andrews) Firts Mills (Ambrose) (Atiele) Allw-ood Left end Left tackle Left guard Cen tre Right guard Right tackle Right end Quarter -back Eef half-back Stevens. (Stocking. Peterson (Kellogs) Right half-back Rogers Full-back Touchdowns Prindle. down-Wood. Goals from fie d-WoViflo ReV eoliu halves 35 iiiiuuLea.

BLOOMSBURG NORMAL BEATEN KE; .12 "1 iditn nere rrn by Central State to 1 Normal. tJioomsnurg. Dennis Johnson Everett Positions. Left end Left tackle Left guard Lock Haven. Petit Thomas, capt.

Bernheiseld (Webb) Shearer (Connell) O'Conuel (Shannon) Neef Hess. capt. Centre Right guard Right tackle Hartman (Shardin) Watkins (Savidse) Milnes Right end Robinson Left half-back (Woiuel) Erickson Full-back DoTiahue (Ritter) Vail (Bernheisel) Wooleidge White Brown (Fause) Right half-back Reiser Quarter-back vooiuringi Touchdowns Donahue. 2: W'ooleidse Vnil rieming. jonnson.

Place kicks Frickson' Sheridan Goals, from touchdown Vail n- ivenmeisem rtereree lonahue. Umpire Mc- lime OI 30 and 25 minutes. halves- BELLEFONTE ACADEMY II 4D LEWI BURG. Nov. 13 (Special).

IT EASY. The Belle- nTll in 'Mt lha Centre connty boys won bv the score of 22 to 2 VMiile the Bueknell Academy bovs played well, they were unable to sTop thl fin tunning of the Belief onte Ream's held Hill and Johnson starred for Bueknell Academy, while Bellefonte's captain wast heir bright star. Following is the Bellefonte. Positions. Biie Bueknell.

Shipman Fullmer Morse Sleppy Con do Lee Left end Ieft tackle Left guard (Muffley) "-C5tr (Capt.) Right guard Hill RfiH.tackie C.K". Boyer V.RInt SnA. Criswell Ouarter-hnclr Boyd (Can tee) Lowdow Eisenbeis Beattie Xegley Dillin I-ft half-back B. Bover Weston Right half-back Suller Smith Full-back Johnson Touchdowns: Dillin, Weston 2 Goals from touchdowns: Dillin, 2. Referee- Mr Schmidt.

Umpire: Perley. Head linesman- Mr" Lewis. Time of lialves; 20 minutes each. OXFORD TAKES ANOTHER, OXFORD. Nov.

13 (Special). Oxford continued its string of victories by easilv defeating Kennett to the tune of 18 to here today. Line-up: Oxford. positions. Kennett.

Left end N. Grubb Buckalew (Walker) Lunn Senderllng Left tackle Left guard Idley Friend (Maxwell) Xolen Sellers Lewis Hannum Hamilton Grubh Boenian Janney (Snodgrass) Centre Cox Right guard MeFarland (Buckalew) Russell Miller Alexander Keeley Hansen Right tackle Right end Quarter-back Left half-back Right half-back fuii-Dac Lofland Referee: Sbarpe, linesman OcU. Umpire; Newby, Head umm TROUNCES PDTTS VILLE BY 1 8-0 POTTSVILLE. Nov. 13 (Special).

In the final game for the football championship of Schuylkill county, here this afternoon, Tamaqtia defeated Pottsville by a score of 18 to 0. Ellsworth Gregory, of Pottsville. who played left-end, being thrown in making a flying tackle, had his right shoulder broken during the first half. Quarter-back Hill, of Tamaoua. made two brilliant field goals and Glick scored two touchdowns after SO and 35 vard runs respec- Pottsville.

Positions. Left en Left tackle Left guard Centre Right guard Right tackle Right end Quarter-back I-ft half-back Right half-back Full-back Tamaqua. Pugh Oxley Richards Becker (Horani Rhubright (Purcell) Green Glick (Haas) Hill Melley West Gothie Gregory (Merrick) Geisler (Yoeum) Scheil (Leppard) Ellsler O'Brien Dengler Maugher (S waving) Skeen Reinley Linqulst Hill n. I5- Proof Pssififs that Wo Cure Cure if gyfeklj and Qure if THE ONE TREATMENT CURE. "fc- i JACOB LANDIS.

1317 W-. Russell et. Block cutter for G. W. Blabon Sons, Nicetown.

WM. GORMAN. 1840 Wylie Watchman for Hoopes Town send at Broad and But-tonwood Sts. OVER FOUR THOUSAND 01 HERS CUBED We are jsoingr to cure ff jnst lltt.v more ruiitnres aap at the present price of Ik JlLtl S25.00 xii our adlviee is JJ jnst tifty more rnptnres at once fe save Call at our office take the treatment through in 20 minutes. When you leave the office, throv your truss away.

Never to be worn asain that's the system. no ICniFE KO-TRUSS The Puritan Rupture Cure N. E. Cor. 18th and Green Sts.

ENTRANCE 575 N. 18TH STREET. Hours, 10 to 12 A. 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 P. M.

Sundays, IO A. M. to 1 P. M. Sufferers Remember The advertisement of a physician does not cure vou no matter how fluently the various advertisements read or sound.

Skill, Knowledge Ability Only and Alone Cures HENCE CONSULT THE Old Specialist Dr. Theel 535 N. Sixth Street Entrance N. E. cor.

Spring- Garden street. He is the only one who has 44 years' practice and six years' hospital experience. He combines every curative action of medicine indicated in each individual case irrespective, of cost: therefore he cures every case no matter what nature, cause, or origin; no matter how long standing or who failed; all diseases as Blood. Skin. Bladder.

Stomach. Liver, Sleeplessness and Restlessness, Catarrh, Bronchial, or Nasal. BE WISE gend for book, tails all about these diseases end bow to set cured. Hours Wednesday 0.10. BuHdajs, 1Q-VX afl-lall 0 ba fr if Kv'.

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