Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 9, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1896
Page 1
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.^K JOURNAL VOL. XXI. INDIANA, TUKSY MORNING, JUNE 9, 1896. NO. 138. Will bo parasol day. It will luaugu rate a Clearance Sale in our Puniso Stock, \Vo do not intend eaiTyin; over ;i single parasol, so wo arc start inir "A- Gii'hi Sale" in time. ToJa.v autt ;ill tliis week yon c:m buy parasols at your prices. Every wUl-drossOti lady must have one, so hero is your cliaucc. Coiiit' lii nucl Inspect Uie stock. Von're welcome. handle bone ferrules and $1.30 Duck and Rique Parasols, white ribs for OSe. .*3.00 White and Colored China. Silk Parasols, white sticks and frames, no six- inch .fancy ruffle, bone ferrules, tassle, etc.—all for $1AS, A lot of 50 Parasols that were $5.00, $4.00 and 33:00. are all reduced abou: one-halt'. Cheap enough to afford one. ?o.OO Black Ciiiua and Silk Parasols,elegantly finished, Mack sticks, doubly ruffles and well worth Hie price, to close $2AS. We have just 3S elegant fancy Silk, Cblffon and LACE PARASOLS, elegantly lined and 'trimmed, and every one a sem, now on display, in our Broadway store. $5.00 PARASOLS FOR .$3.50 $12, $10, $8 and $6 ones at about half. 400-411 BROADWAY. 306 FOURTH ST. THE CONTESTS. 'bfvStates Sending; Protesting • c McKinley Delegations, ' Lalcsl Gossip from Si. Louis—Chair- .rirja'ni'Harrity Still Hopeful—Breck- ^"•'inridge to Run Again. " . .St.,, Louis, June S. — Tin- committee nn contested spnU to the republican nntionnl'convention will have problems ICT'Solve'trorn 15 states inil 01111 territory.,' 1 Kx-CongresstiKin Thompson, pi Ob'icV -having in charge the contests ol Mt'Kiniey delegates from varioiisstnt.es, ' the' following statement: ..... < . .. ^ ' CvnriMtH In Ropuulluiui Convention T.horevnre contests ir the- following sta-tos: .'. — Pour dekvnto.s at First; rhth aiul -,-,-,. - . -- - in all. California—The Third and Fourth dis- Tb.!;:iy,|I.-ciurtli, Sixth, Seventh, Klirhtl Nliul.i-.'rtlstrlcts, making 20 ck-luimtes I . ppTim-ave— Six delegates at lnrg'c,'slx elcs'iiU'S. . Florida—Four delegates .at large, 1 First, 1 BccoricT-'cllstrlets, cipht delppaieH. t'O/'Klii— Four dulOKatos at largo. First, Nlijt'h.'ar.d Eleventh districts, tun. dcle- aies.' .' Kcatujky — First diKtricti t\vo ch'Zc£7ites. ' toulslnna— Four delegates at large.'Flrat, Second, 'Third and Fourth districts. 12 d(-le- oa. .,.,... lasi.saljipl — Four delegates at 1 large, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth 1 , Sixth and 'Sc-ver. th tllstrlcta, IS deiL-fjates... • New York — Slxll), Klshth, Ninth, ( I'welfth, Tl'.lrtceath and 1'lfteer.th d/s- rlctrt, 12 delegates. North Carolina— Eighth district, two elepatcs. Pciinsylvanln— Third dlstriet, two dele- dcc'tnres the Ohloan will receive the re. publican nomination for the presidency on the 3rst bullot. He bases his prudic- tioii on t.hu t'ollowijig- Ivst of delegates iiurtrueted -.and pleilg-cd to iMcKiuley. The Wblu which follows is the first o.f- fleialjclaim made by the MeKinley niau- npers-Of their strength and where it is located. There nre 'J1S deleg-uU's in the convention and 402 will bo required Jo jjqniiiKite. [ruder thi.s claim the Ohio nie'liXndeavor lo show that McKiulej' will be iioiniiuited if the contested seats u're divided uyainst them: MOBE8TOKMS. Minnesota Suffers This Time— Three Keported Killed. HOOSIEK HAPPENINGS. News by Telegraph from Various Towns in Indiana. STATES. McKJnlcy. Contested. Alalt.ima 2 Four Drowned in a Cloudburst in Kansas—Nebraska Swept by a Tornado—Storm at Chicago. Arkansas 10 California ;. U Connecticut K •Florida.'.- '.. ,. Gooruia is Illinois;...... gs Indiana ' 30 Kansas : M Kentucky .-... 10 Louisiana ; 4- Maryland ". H Michigan 2S 12 Minnesota . Misslsslpyl ..... :. Missouri .. ........ N'f?l>ri\aktt ...' ____ New Jersey., ..... New York... 1 ..,.. North ^Carolina,. North Dakota'.... OJlio ......... .,:.. Oregon ....... '. — Pennsylvania .... South Carolina.. South Dnkoto — Tennessee ........ Texas ............ . . 'ermont ......... .,.. Sl Virginia — Wisconsin ......... Wyoming ........ \ rlzoim ........... ndlnii Territory. ?ew Mexico. ..... Oklahoma ........ Total. IS , IS . -a 1C 1C e ..20 6 4« s ' 2') ' 12 '.. '2 .. 2 .606 100 .STILL HOPEFUL. Clothes up to Date Have been in great, favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than Important Features . . . in L tlie make-up of our clothes work their superiorily. We are not the cheapest tailors bat claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailored Draper. 311 Market Street. We Have Others we Call Tliem Knights We also hava an assjrtment of second hand bicycles which must be sold. Call aod make an offer. The queen of hearts in all th«e parts, If you csn go by rumors' Is one who rides a wheel, and glides About in dainty bloomers. ZINN& COMPANY. aoa Sixth Street I Must Have Honey ^L So I Have Reduced my prices. Call and ^ a Nobby Suit before they are all gone. | AL YOUNG, Tailor 318 Pearl Street. . Souti) Caro'.lna— Four fltflegates-at large, •-irat, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth nd Seventh districts, .IS delegates. Ton.'iMsef— Sixth and Ninth districts, tiur 'duit-KaU'S. .xci— l-'uur dL-Jt^'iitty ut largtj nnd every of the 13 cIlstrlciM, 30 dtlrtgiuos. rsl'ila— Scuocd und, Third districts, our (loliitjaias, lzoDM— Six delegates at large, si* dcle- .Mr. Thompson is confident that the committee will recognize the claims of the Mcliiuleykes as the regularly elected delegates. Ui>!c£ftt<>.; to Sleop lu Cum. \Vhntevcr sleep a large number of poliUciaiis are to get during thi'ir convention sojourn here, will l« enjoyed in the. railroad curs which briny them to this city. Arrangements have been made by the Terminal Unilroiid association to store SCO passenger cars at different places in St. Louis during the latter part of this and all of next week. More than £00 of these coaches—all sleepers—will be converted into temporary hotels. Spaces are being reserved for them, positions conducive to comfort and convenience have been selected. It has been'deelded by the Terminal association to -allow each of its 20 tenant lines the storage of ten occupied sleeping cars. This arrangement will provide lodging places for a.t least 20,000 persons, and will be within five-minutes' walk of the convention hall. , Their Visit to McKlnley. The chief topic of conversation among, tho politicians in the hotel corridors,- Mondfi.v morning was the.visit of Hon.' It, C. Kerens and ex-Congressman Nathan. Frank, of tliis city, .to ; Jl:ij. Me- Kinley Sunday. It was conceded that tbeir visit- was due to anticipated trouble' over the temporary roll. Meivinlcy desires that-he sha.ll have proper repre- Eentatives on the national committee, and has asked advice from Kerens nnd Prank. Chauncey I. Filley is quoted ns that the visit of Kerens and Invitations Are always appreciated and especially so when they are tastefally gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a specialty at NOTATIONS, PROGRAMS, LETTERHEADS, NOTE HEADS. BfLL HEADS,! STATEMENT* CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC^ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. Frank, lo'Canton Ls due to--Mc.Kmley's wish to hnvc all local nnd partisan did- ferencee between the leaders-' of -the party in Missouri smoothed o.yerin sucli a way ns to redound to the advantage of the republican party. But three members of the national committee have so far arrived in St. Louis. -They are: George W.Hill, Ten- :iessee;- James Hill, Mississippi, .and John G. Long, Florida. All the members of the committee-will be in the city by '• Tuesday night, as the committee meets Wednesday. ..•,•> •.-."' j •''t.'o : kt»»t« Will Be Settled'on Merit. Coll' Siyoi'ds, sergeant-iit-arriis of'the national committee, in. discussing the probable action of the committee in the matfe'r',of contests, said:' "It,is Impossible for any man to tel! the exact 'attitude ot tho committee toward McKlnley.. In fact, It Is a matter of no great importance, although It Is generally' supposed 1 ' to. be. I am familiar'with r the/ work of the national committee for'the pant JB years, and I defy anyone to cite on instance In which prejudice entered Into the.-aajustment ot a contest. The contests are'sottled, so far as the committee. Is con-.' cernetl,'. absolutely on the .merits of the case; the only, consideration being- the regularity or IrreRUlartty ot the proceeding? which namo'a the delegation. • \ "This, however, does not hold good In.the commlttpeon credentials ot'the convention. 'Hare personal preferences enter largely Into the proceedings of the body." Colored Men Indignant. • r There appears to . be considerable, difficulty in securing quarters for th« colored delegates to the convention ami G. W, Hill, national committeeman from Tennessee, js quoted in an after- coon i»per as saying: '• •"•''• • - "Unless quarters arc provided Immediate-' ly I shall telegraph the colored members ol the Tennessee delegation to stay,- at, homo. I do not Intend that they shall come to St. Loulu and either-go kungry or eat In a place in which they would not liable a horse at home.'/ ...-•.';... . • Judge Long, national committee-man- from Florida, is also in an indignant frame ol mind over thu alleged neglect, of the comfort of the • colored delegates. . Votef /or McHlnley, .."/,.;...-: Judge A'. C. Thompson, of Ports-; mouth. 0., a wonounced McKinlpvIt*. Clmlrmun Ilnrrltj- Tlilnkx "Silver lloom I> Sttr'inlni; Kntlicr Th»n li«uL" PhiUu'lelphiii, June S.—"There will be no bolt in the Chicago convention, iri. iny judgment, even ii a free silver platform is adopted," was the way National Chairman Ilurrity expressed it t,T a.reporter Sunday evening. Continuing, he said: "I still believe that the silver boom is seeming; rather than renl nnd that the party will be guided to de- chire t'nr sound money when the delegates get together." "What do you found that belief upon?" tiie ivporter-.qneried. "Faith in human j::ituiv lu itl the good •onse oC ATiicrlcans ot the standing that ii're mode- dt'l^prUcs to national contentions. Without cuuilyv.ing 1 the sit- nntioTv'by.stnttjs'I will say .that these aJ- L'H'i-d.'-'silvef -victories have been made such Jjy-'tiie 'newspapers. Everything has Ijepu,' 1 credited to the silver propaganda) and .-nothing; to the factional lig'htsr, 1 wh'ich were the influential and potential factors in mo.st cast's. Good democrats were selected for delegates, Rnd i't'is upon their 1 good sense nnd pa- Irioti^m.thn.t.I found my hopes." "Are there any silver men in the Pennsylvania delegation?" was asked. "I have not heard :d one. Neither have I seen nny delegate quoted dcter- mincd to.bolt in case the platform or candidates' do not suit him, T lind hoped;..that' both -the republican und democratic conventions:, would declare for sound'money so unequivocally that that''''issue would be practically eliminated from the campaign. It does not seem so sure now that the St.. Louis convention will not make some recognition of bimetallism as a distinct possibility which will be !»• the nature of a Rtr'addle. No one has heard of any talk of a bolt from the St. Louis convention, and the snm'e.is the cnse with the Chicago 'convention. Certain newspapers profess to see signs »-d dream dreams irkmt'the split in one or the other convention, but they don't make any delegate's that arc declaring for that step." ' i: 'TO FIGHT THE A. r. A. Amerlcnn Order of Dnltrrl CnthoIlUH Or- CHn'.ioil In New Yorlt. • ' ?fcw York, June S. — The Sun Mon- '<3ay morning says: A numbpr of young and 'aggressive Roman Catholics in this, city havcibeen .vory quietly at work for about four months organiz St. Paul, Minn., June S.—Reports received in St. Paul up to midnight, indicate that the damage done, by the great storm will reach fully $300,000. The loss of human life is not, yet known, but three people are known to. have perished. These are C. W. Castleton, of Ash Lake; E. W. Hunter, of Adrian, and Moses Chad.wick, of Nobles county. There were ot least 1,000 cat: 'tie, sheep, hogs and horses drowned in southwestern.Minnesota. The greatest casualties were at Luvcrne and on the Eock river. Two-r-loudbursts struck the latter in three hours, and the river overflowed the country for miles. Many people were forced to fake to tree.s or the roofs of their houses, and a rescuing part}' was sent out for them from Luverue. • The current was so swift that the rescuers were overturned and themselves rescued" with great difliculty, A second, party saved 20 or 30 people who were in grave peril. Many business houses were flooded in Luvcrne. Across the border, in South Dakota, nt Irast 10,000 ncrcs of grain were !-iiim-d by Hooding. Several house? and wlrvators were blown down at the :own of Chapel, S D. Four Drowned In KanfuiH. Leavenworth, Kaji.,-JuncS.—Mike and Dennis Desmond iirid Eugene and Da.n- ny Cumilling's were drowned here Sun- cl.ny. About two o'clock p. m. a cloudburst came upon fh<>-c:ty and no such Hood of wafer h;is been witnessed here for many years. Upon the approach of the rain six siunll boys, the four named and two others, Mike Cuninjings and George .Newsome, rushed to a culvert for shelter. Before they could reali/e what happened, four of them were carried toff by the rush of water. Three of them wi'.re'carried down to the river, which is not far from the culvert. The body of Mike Desmond was reeovvcd under the trestle work of the Northwestern railway, which was caught by the obstruction. The other two boys'escaped. Roads btVrxrn \vlth Dead Hird*. Wichita, Kuh., June S.—A terrific hailstorm at an ''early hour Sunday morning dest7-oye'd thousands of acres of fine gro\viii.'^corn -in southern Kan- • sas with hailstones, cutting stalks off like a mowing machine. The storm was so severe Mi at. the roadsides are strewn with dead birds. The storm was general appearently nil over southr«-n Kansas and extending over a partof Oklahoma, DoHtroyed by tho Wind. O'A'eill, Neb,, June S.—Word has reached here that Lynch, Boyd county, was d More of Moatit' Work. Indianapolis, Ind., June S.—Further work on the part of W. H. Monts ham been given publicity and it is now alleged that he nnd Kollin K. Smith, who accompanied him in his flight to South America, realizing about §25,000. Mrs. Abrams, a sister-in-law, is reported minus $1,200. Thomas Cl'.'gg, an uncle- suffered similar loss, and evon three mortgages were placed on his wife's household goods to which, her name was signed. A friend -admits that he lost $10,000, while the attorneys for the Home Savings association report that three forged certificates have already turned up, and they hear of one other. These certificates were for $500 each, face value $1,000. IV'aa In a Truncn. Marengo, Ind., Junu S.—Joseph Daigo awoke from a trnuce which lasted six days. Mr. Daige was supposed to bo dead last Sunday, when his body was prepared for burial, but on Monday the heat of his body, though his pulse had ceased, induced his family to postpone his burial. He tells that lie knew what •was going on about him all the time, but could not speak. When hls'.ittend- fints raised Ws eyelids he strove to smile, and this is what saved him, for hia eyes shone like diamonds. He i» ttijl drowsy, but can converse fre«ly, and the physicians arc confident of bin recovery. Brutncn Receive Filta.1 Blows. Shelbyvillc, Ind., .lur.c S.—Leu, Edward nnd Theodore Skotski, brothers nnd well-known yqung 1 men.were drinking together, nnd early in the evening ICdward nnd Theodore left for home and wont to sleep on the !nwn. About one o'clock Officer Majrill heard screams of murder in the vicinity of their Jiome, :md on investigation found both men had received fatal wounds on the head with the butt end of n billiard cue. Theodore rcoogniived his .issniJ.int ns hi« brother Lee, and be is now in jail in default. of $5.000 bail. Murdered unil Cremated. Corytlon, Ind., Jun<> 8.—Thi> lionse of fieorge Cradens, "a fnrm«>i, living near Ramsey, Harrison, county, seven miles , "rom here, was destroyed by fire Friday night, and Mr. Cradens' wife and a son. aged 1C, were cremated in the ruins. Mr. Qrader,s was absent from hom.» at the time. Upon returning at midnight he discovered the bodies of his wife and child in the ruins. Everything indicates that a double murder WE* committed and the~ house set on fire to cover up traces of the murder. TJ]OLU»» Allen Rclc.iBcd. Lebanon, Ind., June S.—After three clays' deliberation the Boone county gfand jury, called together in special to investigate the Kiley-Allen ., j\. i ic. j trasiuii wj tit \ vftLj^ciiu LUC ixmjv-.niuii destroyed by a tornado Saturday a » . Q£ w ',, ?° !TL^™'^1, L ?T^ ince Itfjcv by Thomas Allen in the post 'ing a society which it is intended shall •.be national in scope anil the primary object of'which' is. to mvet the A. P. A. "organisation,; 'The' new society is known as . the. • American Order of .United Catholics:. It hn.3 already- nine councils in this..cj.tj-, the.lnst of whir.h was organized Sunday in th« parish of St. Theresa's church,,onc of the largest Catholio churches on .the lower East Bide. •.,-,... •It is the iiitentioD.of the founders of the' .new. society that it shall mnlce its influence felt .next fall ir. the election of president, members of congress and of'th» sti-.te legislature. They will be paked to give assurances that they ore riot in accord with the purposes of the ' AyP. A., and that they will not support :»ny measure of discrimination against Eoman Catholics. Arrangements have already been made to se.nd two delegates £o interview Maj. MeKinley be- ,tween no\y and the assembling of the re- i publican national convention with a ;riew of 'ascertaining' Whether It Is .true, ;M I reported, that-he assured a delepa- .tlon from the A. P. A. that he was In ..Empathy with the purposes, of that .orgrnniziition. v ' jBrcoklnrldffe-to,Attain Enter Politics. '., j^xinffton, Kj;.' June 8.—Col. W. C.P. .Brecklnrldge announces that he will be a',candidate for congress at the next election. . ;' • National Bank Dividends. ;Washington, June S. —'The comptroller of the currency has declared dividends as .follower Third dividend, '15,-per cent., National back of Pendle^oh, Ore. Third dividend, ten p«r cent., Second national, bank of Columbia, a small village 20 miles north of here, ofl! the railroad and without telegraph communication. The condition of wagon roads makes it impossible to secure particulars..'.' Storm at CMcaffo. ; Chicago, June 8.-—There was a heavy hailstorm in Chicag&Sunday afternoon ar/d in the southeastero district much damage was done'by.whid and rain. In Hyde Park and Woodlawn all basements were flooded with water and many windows were broken by the hail. Many trees were blown down, signs were carried away ana the roof of the Waukesha flats at Sixty-fourth and Grace streets was partially destroyed by the wind. Two boats were capsized by a squall on the lake, one at Thirty-ninth street and the other at South Chicago. Eight people in all were thrown into the lake but .ill were rescued alive- IllhRiilly Skipping Indians. Ottawa, Out., June S.—Reports have been received at the fisheries departs ment from British Columbia stating that the United States sealing vesseJs are illegally shipping Cnnadian Indians as hunters on the sealing vessels. As this is contrary to law, the government steamer Quadra has been sent to the west coast of Vancouver island to warn away all United States vessels. Bomb KxploRlon. In Spain. Baj-celona, June 8.—-As a result of an explosion of a bomb thrown into the street while a religious procession was' passing Sunday evening II persons were killed and 40 wounded. The man who committed the outrage has not yet been Identified, but the police authorities are confident that the miscreant Is among the number of men who are under arrest as suspects. Suddenly Return* to Spain. Madrid, June 8:—Hou. Hannla Taylor, United States^minister to Spain, who has been abient in London on leave of absence for.the purpose of seeing his family oft.'for New York, suddenly 'returned to''Madrid on Saturday, his leave having'fteen curtailed by orders from WaKhirigton. . by Thomas Allen in the post office lobby last ^folld.^3' morning justifiable homicide and Allen was released. The decision was received with satisfaction by the majority of the people, though Kilcy's friends think a mor* thorough investigation should hara been made. Gladitone ExcorlAtcn the Turk*. London, June 8.—Mr. Gladstone has written a reply to a correspondent, in which he says: "In my opinion the Turkish government is the greatest scourge of mankind, and is the greatest scandal and disgrace to religion. Including the'religion of Mahomet, on the face of the earth':'^ . ' Capt. Honrfce Dend. Philadelphia, Jane 8.—Capt. John G, Bonrke, Third cavalry United States army, died at thesPoIyclinic hospital Monday morning. Oil Boom HM Collapsed. . Anderson, Ind., June S.—The Indiana oil boom has collapsed with a crash and the bottom has fallen out, with tha decline of prices. When oil struck the 50-cent-mark tho Indiana field became demoralized and there is a striking contrast between its condition to-dny an<I what it was six weeks ago. Wells that arc yielding 1 richly have been shut off, pumps are stopped and the reservoir* are full. ' PJffoon* to Carry tho News. Elwood, Ind., June S.—The Elwood Homing Pigeon society will send a number of trained birds to St. Louis on June 16, and as soon OK the nomination is made a card announcing the nominee's name and vote will be attached to each bird and they will then be released. It is expected that they will cover the distance in quick time. Bobber Gang Hounded Dp. Frankfort, Ind,, June 8.—The officer* made an important arrest in the cap- tu.re of William Browning aad James Ferguson, members of a gang of burglars who have been robbing- the merchants of western Indiana and Illinot* towns. Notions and hardware wer« found on them that were stolen at Lafayette, Covlngton and Itankin, DJ. Burglar* Cue Chloroform. Elwood, Ind., June 8.—Burglars entered the residence of Charles Hamilton, four miles east of here, chloroformed the entire family and then ransacked every room, scattered things all over the floor and secured considerable money and many articles of. value, including silverware. Frtaoner. Itlyitory Surronndj Jeffiersonvllle, Ind., June 6.—Considerable mystery surrounds a prisoner calling himself Thomas Drew who i* in the prison south here on a year's sentence for a 'petty theft committed last January at Bvansville. It is said that the prisoner's father IB a rich mnn Itt Janesville, Wis. uairo, June 8. —Advices received from.. Akasheh, the advance post occupied by. the Kgyptian troops in the Soudan, Monday morning saj'. in the battle which took place between the Egyp- tains and the dervishes at and around Firkct 800 dervishes were killed and 450 taken prisoners. The number of wounded dervishes is not reported.

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