The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 12, 1 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS «ES IB IR1 LIB OFF Two Women Are Rival in Crusades at I) i s n c y, Okla. PJ2NEY. Ok)n., .May 12. (Ul 1 ) — and Mis. Phillip Law of the Number Eight community. Slie attended Cooler liigh school and is active In church niiu soc;rO n:tivllles ol Unit community. I 'ihs bridegroom h ll\a son of Mr. •fin:l Mrs. Edwards sr. of Iloll.imi, whetc they have lived tor n mmiuer of jcars. Ut was graduated from Ihe Holland high scliuol in 1M5 -iml Is nL present lime kesix-r lor the WI'A in this vicinity, 'nit, win imtko tiii-lr hiuiii' at XViiitllng' I't-rfiij inril Sunday TUB wedding 01 Miss Christine Holloman, ol Micolii, nml Uowi'n Di.sriL-y, Grand lo'.vn, i.s uml dam Ixjum • ' rsl political ""' , ul .Sitvlt, was performi'd ut M«''ho<ll-a ulnirdi Sund Hill ami daughter Mnrtlm liave re- Uirncd after several weeks spent in the souther" slates in iho Interest of Dr. Dobbins' hcaHll. Mrs. Riitli Lmvhou iinil son, Kl- Iiert, mid Miss Eunice Ciilhi-|e.s]ienl 'I hiir.stiay In Uliir-k Oak. Ark., with Mr. ur.d Mrs. A, J. Outhrle. Mrs. Alphu Cluuullcr wus hostess to « surprise Mother's Day dinner Kimil.'iv In donor of her mother. S!ic inr.l n niimUiir or am-.sls [run! Wunlell. i)lythi>vil!c, cosnpll and J'runiisGii Lnnd. Prank Hiirpi'i- Is iiUpiwliiiu 11 i-mwcallon In St. Louis Ihis week. Mrs. Roy Clic.ster Workman nncl daughter, I'lilllys Ann of Sikeston, spent last vvi-fkpw) hc>-i> us giusls of her niolliu". Mrs. liin 1'iirtls Jr.. and daugU- '!'*•(/ v;bnii!ii— bill! advocating a fMisiirviUive "Wuc-iaw" iidmiiiis- milioa, U,(; oilier u "widc-uptn" n— are .set-kin* 'to lie- "''-' " <<v - t!llf ""-'•'• t '"' tlmrc!l ........iv, ..MI,,,,, ._:jumi;iy in- .'ii^. ij.iu iuiik~> ji , Ml luiir o'cluclc. The pastor,' ttr. l j ;illy Damielt". ' J ii-l:il party untcred the Ml -->. Jim-tort Umlgm-; f:pine "cllctaiors" of this striisglinjs |)la - vul " A1> -. Sweet Mystery o! Life" group 01 iraiiK; buildups which have sprung up in what was n v.wjrlcil tract ut-ar Hit river. The question is a s'jrioj:; one lo Disney. For Hie town shortly will I.;- welcoming the heavy Influx of workers who will be employed in ccnstmcUon of the big concrete .dam n IK! hydro-flcc-trlv plum. M;'.s. Hilly I3,iker, a fonwr tw- t'lrl and now a cafe owner with decidedly liberal ideas, seeks to thio.v the town wide open raid curlewless. of Mrs. Jumcs lluxcl anil dainjb- tcr, fairy Ann, of fjlkcston, were gui'SlM of Ihcir parents iin.l vra'id- pflrcnls, Mr. ami Mrs. A. w. Jnr- Hr. an-J Mrs. I;. E. Co»])er silent iind the bride and bridegroom approached the altar to the strains Sunday at Poplar H.'ufr oil a plcas- 01 Lohengrin's chorus. '1'Jie tire trip. bride's only atUmUnt was Miss| .Miss Virgie Travis oM'.irma was Uo.U Hud John T. Flowers; here over the v.c"k':ni) visltlnj risl- c"stict:Inlly was Mr. Travis' mini. The bride \vo-e an iirelild street di-ess nnii bcr accessories iieru In w;,|i(.. Mia IJodii wore blue crepe diess and IH-J- mrcv lies v.t-ve in bine'. Both had « f.ajes.of, linmttllateJy aflcr the ceremony the bridal party w;m enicrtniniMl Mrs. Vcra Silar, blue law r.dvo- ilL n ' w epUon i.-. CM Home of Mr. ' Iliulgens. The cate. has selected the double-billed . a.\ as her seeptcr an;l the lowti's J'° lln K couple Infer wt-ni to (Heir music-boxes as her cbief foe , home on Walnut Avenue which was nll ' ea(| y furnished. ' llle brWe is " le 'lattehter of Mr. " Sl L - "• Hollomnn, imd Die Says Mrs. Baker: "What this city needs is n relaxation of ri«id ruu-s so that men who work under the strain and tension of danger can recuperate their cnciaics in a tem);o keyed lo their daily work. If a man wants to put a nickel in a music box at 2 o'clock in the morn- Ing , and do a 'stomp dunce'—well, Is Ihe youngest son or Mr. nml Mrs. J. A. Travis, and ar emplojc of Ihe Kroger store hi atcele. Both attended Steele high school. Among the out of town guests for if (he nickel is good, if.s nobody's !, le * t ' ddm 8 were Mis. s. 1'. Lee jr.. A'-'fuslness except the 'stompci'V aiul Memphis, and Mrs. -Bon While, f (lie music-box's" ol BtythevIHe. > Says Mrs. Sllar: "Phooey. 'I'liafs Among those from otit of town of what yon think. This ax is for Hie , . express purpose of smashing every ! 1, wct ' e heic fa ' the miLsic box in tlie city that blares , Russell were Ed Ri out ils tiiipaniiy music after it j ; nml Mrs - A " a V Rii-raell, Mr. o'clock. How will a -stomp dau:e' I ?"", Mrs ' Earl "'nson. Don at 2 A.M. help any man relax? Why tlie idea! He ought to be al home sound asleep. I'd show my husband what n real stomp dance is like if he started anything like it at ,, „ ,, ;tlint hour. He'd be so sleepy that | "-".. " olly .?. ml A!rs - Js » Greene of lic'd sell prunes for raisins and for- ] a -stomp dau:e' I ^V,'", '", J "' Jiil " 1 " nson - uon and ' man relax? Why ! , yclc n ' ns °n. nil ot Luray, Tenn., Jl Mr. nml Mrs. Prank Illnson and . Mrs. C. D. Travis and ehiiien of , Dcering. Mr. and Mrs. Frank WLs- dom of Denton, Mr. and Mrs. D. ! Canilhcrsville. get lo take his hands of! the .vales i Tl '° Womlm ' s Missionary society while he was doing it." IThc Sllnrs ' l v , ns . f-I „'jj'' 1 " 1 '" lhc l!olne of operate tlie town grocery.) tiotli to Have Trial Both factions will have ;<0 days each to try out their plans. After E. E. Benton. Mrs. J. II. Workman had charge of the program whii-li was taken from the asrtl j Psalm. At Ihe business meeting the Iryoul.'the one which npiieni-s , " c ' 11 - to , llo "' (;cl H was voted lo buy lo be best for the town will be C " ""°1""" r ° r lllc l«"'sonngc and fidopted after incorporation I , - pay . *'.° fclr Baling the church ; Tlie one-man iwlice force, Hale . !J ! - "''• ' I ' he - v wi]I »' C <?1 next .piVJiUijVV-ftJiltle puzzled. . •• i i,j5uS 'i'> homo of Mrs. P. ['. "This"Is"n^solulcly tile ! '-"- r: ' "•*, 'I've ..'•/- craziest | .Mrs."5{iith ,Ij» Mielne, Mr;"' Mrs. Sim., .iilllia.i:Can'l CV yoii imiighic «lint"ls4v lll:i . llc ' Mrs - J ' w - Re »° »»<! »-«s Boing to happen? Each side is go'- ' f;", ^••;." u ,' lrle ""ended the cot- iing to try to show up the other " " V -- J For 30 days I'll imve to stand 9 around all night ami watch some liappy citizen carefully to kce|> him from breaking his leg in a 'stomp dance' nml then for 30 days more I'll have to be '.shushing' soina harmonica player soon after dart- Steele-Cooter Society—Personal ton .carnival in Memphis Tuesday Mrs. Opal Dilmore »-as in Dlythc- ville Saturday evening to'attend Ihe Edwards-Lacer wedding Mr. and Mis. Chas. Pollard, Mr and Mrs. Hooper Azbill of Tyler lu-ccmpaniert by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poll«rtl and son,'jack, of Yarbro, .Jient tlie weekend in vicksbtirg Miss., will, their son and brother William Pollard, and [aniily Air. a, K | MrSi Joc Tra , baby of Bljrlbevillc arc g m .,(, of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Travis Or. and Mrs. J. w. Robbins, son ativcs coming e-:|ie'jla)ly for (he alnmni banquet at Ihe Hotel Noble lilythevllle. Jimmy Heeves, Wade Hollenbw:k «iid -Ml.%- Lorene Rushing were (iln- ncr fncsls of Miss Irene Harris, a leacher at nibson. at her home in Dexter Sunday. Mrs. S. R jr. of Memphis s|)enl the weekend here with her imvenls. Mr. nml Mrs. Albert Kclley. comity especially for tlie weiUIIng of her cousin, IJowen Travis, lo Miss Cliri.sline Hollomnn Sunday. An aunt of Mr. Travis, Mrs. Hen White of BlyUievillc was also here for the wedding. Mr. and Mrs. 3. I.. Robinson and son. Neil. Mr. and Mrs. W. a. Turner and Mr, and Mrs. Arnold Harris spent Sunday at Oak Ridge with Mr. anil Mrs Loiv/.o Borrow. Mr. and Mrs. E. c. Hud'cns ami son. Buddie, of Little nock, spent last weekend here with relatives. They wore accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bankevltr. who are visiting here from Harbin. China and who will he their guests this week. Mrs. L. C. Spencer and Mrs, A. L.. McRrldcnnd son, Danny, are spending this week In Joiner. Ark., al the bedside of Mrs. C. N. Sanders who is seriously ill. Caruthersville Society — Personal Installation ceremony. Miss Kouln- son gave a short tnlk. Miss Nellie Mc.Clanalum gave an Inspiring Uilk on the "Interpretation of (he club Collect" which had special slgnll)- enn-i-e to Ihe new olllcers. Miss Nelle ]/'« Dorroh was present and thanked the club for their klmlno.v during her Illness. Miss lorene Dryilen annoinicod tllat Jewel Williams had been appointed r-!strlel President of the .Sixth District lj. nml I 1 . \v. Clubs of Missouri. Aller a brief social hour Hie v'lub iidjounied. • • a WniiKin's Club Knlcrluluril. Mrs. Clillils lierry was to the Woman's Club Tuesday ailer- noojj. Mrs. l.aiils S."huil hnd eltnrKC of the business .session at whlcli lime veporls were hoard from ottt- vt-tx, (lepartmenlal heiids tnul special committees. Mrs. A. n. Rhodes treasurer, reported lhal she hail received SliS [or the Crippled Children's FitiKl. Mrs. S. '/,. Oi'BCl of the Wrlhire Coinni;i,ee rcporUxi llml (ollow-up work was being done nmoiu the children who'luwc been |.<:ilic!il.<i In hosphnls for crlp- ple-.l c-illdri'n. She also presented plans UK a Crippled Children's Cllnls wiiicli will probably lie held In tin: near future. Mrs Sehull re- i:orli!d that much interest was hc- t»1 manifest In the Tinfoil cam- ir.'.t'ii) inxJ idshes to announce that baxes nml placiinls will be i>i ti \ U pf soon. MB. T. M. spldell prejcntcd plans nml the menu for the spring luncheon which will bo lit-lil nt Ilia home of Mrs. A, 13, llliadcs, Mon>>', May 2i. During (he program hoili' Mrs. -?. M. IMeroo ijuve mi ItUcri'sthm news linn coucevnlng Hie proposed csiiiljIlMiinenl of a Tiilicrculur )lm- Jiltul for .Ml.wourl. Uurliijj the siM'lal hour Hi:' iDslrss served mi attnu-ltve sidiui ami dessert jiliiic wllh eoll'ee. V. W. A. lliiU'itulnnl Miss Mary I^ratne Canlrcll hostess to ton members »i yoiiiiij Wniiiiiifs Auxiliary of BupiLst churrh, tlietr s|»nsor. J. H. lirown and the si^a Hev. I). K. j.-ostcr, Tue.sday HVIM »l tin' homi' of lier pan-ills Ward Avenue. U CT . post,,,. glivc .nii'rcstiiiji lulk, "l/ive Slurli-s v thr Dible". Mr. and Mrs. /,. W. [MIHHIIS nu- :oiii ( ji,iiK.,| |,y Mr. und Mrs. Wyinan Dlllciun mill dnmhlei. Mm. sjwnl Sunday nlternuon in DycrMjtiry :in:| Oriic'iillHii, Ti-nn. They wen- xuesls 'if Mi. (iruoiiis 1 jKirenlii ut Cireeu- ( .field. | Mi. and Mrs. Sam Kdwnnls un;l daui'luir, Miss ijireni 1 , mr.l Mr. und Mr:.. 1-,-atik llarnes of ICciiuclt silent Sim-lay in tjiiliitlii, ill., where Ihcy vlslli'il wilh Mrs. Kd wards' sister, Mrs. Jnlin Jones. Ill-nil courier News Wnt; Alls. B. and P. W. Club lias !nsta,btit>n Service ^ The Business and Professional Women's C!ub met at the Top Hat Cafe Tuesday*evening. A (lelicious two course dinner wns served." following the dinner. Miss Jewel Williams, retiring president, installed the new olficers in a pretty and impressive candle-fighting ceremony. She was assisted by Mi's. II. G. Tliomas and Miss May me Hcrmlon. The officers elccfed are: presiijsnt. Miss Dollyc Robinson; first vice president, Mrs. Gertrude MeElvain; second vice president, Mrs. Lavonta Grcenwell; recording secretary, Miss .Pauline Hninra; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Lloyd Rogers; treasurer. Miss RnliyKel- ley; p.irliamcnl.irinn. Airs. C. D. Martin. At the conclusion of the LOOK - LOOK Prices Reduced SEE 'EM - DRIVE 'EM COMPARE THESE PRICES No. No. No. No. No. No. No. .No. '. t,No, No. I'UICES MAHKEI) ON WINDSIIIKM) -Iflil— Ii2 Chev. Coupe, new siinpf color paint .loh. Special ......... .' ..................... $ 87.00 .|(M— '33 Ford V-8 Fovtlnr. A dandy Ktiod car priced (oo chcai* ................ ". . . ,$IH».«0 (157— '2<l Ford Pordor. Jiisl (he cur yo imre looking for ......... : ......... ...... '.•..', .5 2'1.75 C3S— '29 C'hcv. Povdor. Tin's car will surprise you. Tires & Motor Rood .............. 5 2!). (HI •••182— '.'J5 .Fortl V-8 t'otijie. Now Aulinnn Urown C'olor. Itoidy to ^o ; ................. ¥2I7.D() 3»G_'3,l Ford Tudor. New soul covers. Motor reamtfitioned . . ..... </. .......... . . -. . .$1 S3.00 Ml— '31 Chev. Coitchj fj'his is n Muster model in A-t condition ... .............. ...?M.|.00 .'160— '3.1 Dwlffc !/ 2 :.(on'-|'ick-up. Coinplctclv.'ri'- -conditioned. New piiiiif , ..,. . , . - 1 ' -Sl'TifOfr' .3fe»_.'36 ••Pohrfc' (on \>kh-»v. Colnr il^^iali- il.v farm truck ,.; ................. , .52(f(i.(|(l fiSO— '.'(i P/ 2 (o,, truck. Dunl whnels. Closed cab A steal ..... ...,......;.. ..... . PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT Slh & War-mil ,,,,„„,. 8]0 ROY CALVIN, MKI-. Used Car Dcpl. KdH-ards-Idccr Of Interest, here is the wcclrlmi; of Miss Chrislinc Lacer, of Number Eight, to William Unckl Edward-; jr.. of Holland, ivliich occurred in Blythcvillc Saturday night at the home of the Rev. Euplia D. Bcasley, /malar of tlie First Cimrcli of the Niizarcne of Hint city. Mrs. Slian " I'nllard. sister of the bride, \vs»s her only attendant. Mr. Pollard served as bcil man. The bride wore a blue crepe ensemble and her accessories were in white. She hatl a shoulder corsage. Mrs. Pollard u-ore n dress of (jcijc creiie wilh while accessories. Tlie bride is tlie daughter of Mr Wo aro Certified JP Barrel! Shinglo Applicators —your assurance of expert workmanship and finest materials. A truly modern roof . - - -^ B« Brand Insect PowJrr— Villj roache*; anta and many other crawl- »nd mot ii««ta as quickly and surely Brand Insect Spr pray kills fl; c Harmless to huminu. Here's a roof that combines the advantages of many typesof roofs. It's colorful, weather- tight and fire-safe, of course, and a special built-in shadow band makes an exceptionally good-looking roof. Barrett Broad Shadow Shingles are low in cost, too. Let us give you a free estimate. 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