The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1944
Page 6
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Speedy Mafmen Will Show Here J "Wfcbar, YoquT Joe ;<. To. Be Opponents Of ;3 Hickson, Carlin i' r ' \ ~* Promoter Mike Meroney's annual N *» Year's wrestling party Monday njght will have a complete change l of . characters which have been holding sway for the,last several ,»Instead of the extra heavy, "rocic and sock" artists who have thrlll- the patrons Kith UwHr&roiiGh maker Js bringing lighter, faster, cle^t _.„ „.. ..„ circuit' *hlch should give afftt dlf" ffrent, but just as Interesting and exciting & show as the heavies. "The card calls Joi a' four-man , a SO-minute time falls of three, while „.« „„„„„, laisers have a half-hour lime limit each, single falls * Hickson To Return Retuinlng after an absence of several jean, Billy Hickson u paired with the \eteran Johnnj Cnrlln, one of the greatest wrestlers of all times Gus Wisbar, the blond wiz- arci and one of the most popular grapplers ever to appear iii the Le- Bion ring, comes back to team with Yaqul Joe, |ho clever Indian with the educated feet and legs The preliminaries, which bid fair to steal the promising show, will bring together Hlcfoon and Wisbar for one match carlin and Yaqui Joe match wits and skill In the other Every members of the outstanding card is well known In local mat circles The customers easily recall the brilliant Hickson A fast moving 185-pounder, Billy rates one ot the finest all-round performers ever to> show here He not only is speedy and shifty, but very clever, aggressive and resourceful He Is (lie lightest of the quartet - Several months ago Carlin appeared against Tuffv Truesdale, the St. Louisan who had just returned Ijoni Mexico wheie he copped the Mexican light heavjweight championship And Johnny proceeded lo give the champ a neat wrestling lesson, winning in a thitiling three- fall match which kept an overflow crowd on theii feet most of the time It uas lhe first loss that Tuf- K had suffered in several months. ^Wisbar nnd Yaqul Joe, who compose thc other tag team, need no introduction, cither Wisbar Is considered one of the cleverest men to grace the local arena and in- vanablj puts on a fine performance eveij time he is booked. In addition to his vast variety of ring tricks and skill, Gus has plenty of iavvy and the Inriescrlbcnblc »>uvu w mi;. , ,, muy iirc: ftuuii)- , c. nn rs, .'. cm California over Tennessee in thc Victory, 130 W. 7th St.. I'lUsuurg Raso Bowl; Duke over Alabama In Cnllf.; StnfrSergt. and Mrs Robert the Sugar classic; Ceoruiu Tccli to 'nibbs, HAAF; Staff Scrgt, J. L. -. _^.. >N , U ...,.,.. , tt vm, \ji ujuju i 'in 11^, kj^i,, t-* l m\i', i^LUVIn, IxiVl,, squeeze; and Oklahoma A. & M. Oapl. nnd Mrs. Robert Iglehcart, an edge over Texns Christian. . , Gadsden, Ala.; Bob Gwyn, Cleve- ''Dukle" reported hearing from his land, Ohio; S-Sergt. Hugh (Tex) - e, np. , r e osp n a James A. Puckelt, but hasn't been APO 17118, PM, NYC; Lieut niu'l c ., ,_, , „ A, ,, * Already dangerous at all times, vvis&ai Is e\ en more powerful since he added the head butting tactics to his repertoire He began to use ° C ^°\^ 1 ,\ 1 , 5 7al Fafe] ,"• ° f thE *° rld!i Ored India.. ,,„„,„, Old pqwerfut Chris u ,-«u a o-tuu- tte.'df 'weeks agV arid, ^niioutohe JsA.V his hahds^WiJlfy.iL Jakes' SothyiahaX-aridvfee^to^dowiiytlid Mar d 'forking' staff" sefgeanl 1 and •wrestling Instructor at. thc Blylhe- v fp.e Army Air Field First of the individual matches gels under way promptly at 8:15, the order to be decided by the nip or a coin -Referee Meroney will be tile third man in the ring as another year opens. ; Thomas Predicts Duke Will Win Alabama Coach Says His Team To Wage Losing Fight, 21-6 NEW ORLEANS, Dec 30 (UP.) — Coach Frank Thomas of the Ala-' a 21 t.- Devils n . DUkCS B1Ue BLYTHBVJLI.E COUHIKK NEWS DOPE BUCKET •* J. r. mum DISTANCE NO BAHHIER Ensign Leslie (Dukle) came from France, Holland or „„. ,,.. .„ .^«..,^, ^j^, V rt, thc many. . . , I don't speiik even good former Arkansas State College grid English, BO I couldn't tell, grent who served as chieftain Sounds klndn French}'. . . A pic- through several great football sea- ture of Sanln wllh a tag'of toys, sons nt Osceoln, Is far nway In holding one before two eager-eyed France as a gun officer nlxmrd oiic youngsters, lhc of Uncle Sam's Navy fiuhteis, but "Joycux Noel" Will) sport this Fall. cu his fninily and the pigskin Bomb Gr., APO HO, % PM, NYC hns -«•'— ....- tint i^ucviu iina . . . Continuing; Mom Rice, from not been completely out, of touch Pittsburgh; Dr. nnd Mrs. C. J, Cuv- , with the game, except locally He says the results of Ihc past sen- . "on have not cnughl up with him Uut Ark. "'" £inC ° llls wlfe lms I)a " Crs bcnrl "8 thc - ' ' K pn, f oullts -- • J»st to show he Has kept Avon Park, Fla.; Lieut. Odie (Ice ' ib, Leslie sends his ns of the Bowl Year's Day and tbcy sound pretty good to me. . ,. They are: Soiilli l'f«"c- 05lh Nyc; trounce Tttlsa in the Orange l nnd ex-lcammate at State, Cnpt , fortunate enough to run Into any *vi t »IIM v-_ t. null (,ii L-J i uil 1IIL.U llliy 4»il 3. iJUIIM A' , Dill ||t>, &\)\t I\. Will Ione from homo In that immediate terry, Eltabethlow-ji, Ky.; Mr. and area. ... He hopes for n betlcr Mrs. Thrnce Enmscy, 28 Ncron PI, New Orleans, 1,11. . •citing my friend clHssmale, Paul Flowers, sent an mi- As a special and formci iiun ui inu MI immunise , noni nis dully column In the Commcreinl Ap- Thnnks n million to all. - 11CI " Timely Hitting Of V. Stephens Aided Brownies ST. LOUIS, Dec. 30. (UP)—A baseball player nntnnl Vcrnoii Stephens hns been discovered as cue of Brownies. For thc defensive shortstop spnrk- chnnge In hls luck. STILL HOLDS OUT Well, friend Duklc could do with «-">"-"*niiv, L um i luwuia, ^uni. uu au- some of that enjoyed by Tfc. Robert t°Kraphed copy of lhc souvenir cdl- (Pctmul) Mcllniicy. . . . The good tlon Ol " Tllc Greenhouse", from hls nnturcd little Marine, who hold.? rlnlu ' |vnl ""'" '" tllr - r-n™«™«i~i A,. lie Hcarl, has cncounlcrcd more locals In lhc Pacific than Kl- nor Hooscvelt has seen natives. .. _ 'crywhere "Peanut" goes there Is at least one toy from Blylhcvllte. . . If there is a minimum of one "Peanut" will find him. some wny, somehow. . . Lee A. Moore, one of the nrsl BlythevDlc men lo join the Seabces, finally caught up with Hob-, erl after n search fill over the vast blue ocenn. . . . They nrc on Palau. i".^.*" IK..J <ji_\.n inonn'uiirn H& unu ui MfCilA BUSY— Scrsjt. Bar- lllc tjcst . reasons for the Cinderella ney Crook, n member of the mcdlciil Performance of tlie at. Louis corps on Pain, has been able to "'•""'"'<"•• maintain, his camera hobby, despite Ills busy schedule. . . Ho recently mailed ills mother, Mrs. J. 15, Crook, a whole butch of scenes from "IE recently recaptured Island, and _ do mean scenes, \voo-woo! . . . Barney Is assembling n collection of trinket's and souvenirs from nil parts of the _counlry and will hnvc many Interesting yarns to spin iibout llicin after this conlllcl Is over. YULETIDE MKMOlillCS Santa Clans has come nnd gone but still fresh arc the pleasant memories of one of Ihe best In my few f?) years ... Two fat mallards by my pal, Enrl Buckley, find n cnse of cokes ]eft by Mrs. Frances Holland Boone helped no little. . . Then there were lhe kind greeting cards. .One of Hie clovorcst nnd most .til wns sent by Corp. Elwood Pecn, stationed with-thc 24111 Sta- PM, NYC) ... ft . My „ -^ k sklm , ctl lmt|vc ' To " Mmy Capt.>:ntld ; .Mrs.; Jaincs • ,'A. Piickctt vice anrt fans away from homo who mailed greetings, In mldillon to lhc "icrs previously Acknowledged In-aded: E. L. Crouch, Jr., 431 Park Rd., NW, Washington 10, D.C.; Llciil. and Mrs. Arnold Toinpktns, 349th Troop Carrier Gp., Po;ie Field. N. C.; Mrs. E. J. McCrny t mother ol Ens: Bill Godwin), 323 Suimywile, Calif.; Sergt. Cliarlcs (Peck) Hnr- dln, 257 Rcpl. Co., APO 503, % I'M., 'Frisco; Carl M. Hood, CM 3-c, Butt. 110th Co. A, Pit. 5, PPO, 'Frisco, whose greeting was n mlmcoyrnph- cd comic of a gliint bee with n machine gun headed for Toklo. ONE FROM GKKMANY Scrgt. Johnson Blnckweli's cnrd bowl opponents were announced. Ncvcrthless, Alabama is counting heavily on Its Hnrry Gllnicr, characterized ns the best passer in many a year, lo offer the Devils R blg thrcRt . . niomlls 5H . " Gllm " lws to « cri ™ complete asses Ollt ot GG nltcmpU this . He is a great ball play"* to Meanwhile, the Crimson Tide has Sr? , ;.,. rf , Devils ha\e been p.nd arrived in New Orleans lasl rated the favorites ever since the night. "nums msi WRESTLING Legion Hut; Monday, Jan. 1, 8:15 p. m. Lowest AdmiMKn-'of any Wresttfng Arena In America, ^---Iw, Kc, Tax ftc^Iotal,.45c, Reaerved Seats. 12c- Tai 3r^Tn fMl, ISc, ChWrea-. U& ^, T » ^ To ^ ,*_ "• '„ S * ats On Sale at Ite Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on JAG MATCH ~ Hickson & Carlin Wisbar & Yaqui Joe 2 30-Minute Preliminaries Bi»y Hickson. Johnny Carlin V«_ J \ I- L i' '" * is ; '**•'. '" •> Yaqui Joe Inscription read *>'»» 307th nnniigh, Ixjcsvlllc, Ln,; Rev. and Mrs. Milton Graham, Booucvllle, my kid brother, L'rvlnc, on a .sweeper In lhc Lcytc harlxir; and Mrs. Edward 1'lpkln, 112, % I'M Mr |ul(1 MrB P) . nllk ,, u jr. Stecle, Mo.; The Joe Apple- , , . bnt]j))s, Osccola; Pfc. nnd Mrs, , . . Hums, Bee. D ; AAF, ciovls, NM.- Harlicrt, 03rd Field Hosp., 2nd Plat., , John p. Burns, 205 N. Mul- plus provided plenty of oflehslve power by Iradlng the American 1-eauue In the nU-linportnnt Vuns- baltrd-ln column. Thougli these llgurcs offer lhe nisi official Indication of the Stephens prowess, American league bull clubs have teen awurc of Vcr- non for one whole season, Stephens' bat wns of Immeasurable value to Iho Urownlos, for H blasted 109 runs across lhe plate. Thiit murk is three more than Hob Johnson of (he lioston Rc<l Sox managed for Ills teammates, , Johnny I.hulell of-the New York Vankcc.s flnlshcd lliird In Iho division with 103 while Stan Spence of llic Washington Senators drove 100 across Hit plalc. Just how many games Stephens won for the Hi-owns Is hard to clc- Icrmlne, but lie produced many more runs with Ills bat than any of his (cumulates. The next Brownie on Hie list of rims-ballcd-ln notables is Mark Cliristnian. who notched number eiijht position, acorgo McQuInn finished Mth and Cicne Moore stands lit 24111. What makes Stephens seem worth' Ills wcifjlil Iii gold lo the Hrownlc.i Is the fact Unit St. Ixjuls won lhe 19-M junior loop .flng by one single Cnii)c. The Drowns also nre revealed as tops In (lie "double )ilny' ; division. The SI. Ixmls club hit into only 93 double plays, one less than the previous record ol 91 which was held by three clubs. Military Funeral For Army Pet dosj _ (date of birth unknown) who died In tlie "line of duty" at BAAF =----, Bob was just a. mongrel. Uut to the guards he was an Inseparable and faithful com"* — »»•«« KUI.1II in lujii- «i uuiiu in iiiu corner wiii pnnlon. The black and while part master's bunk Ha,, been and bull and part bird dog first made '""• -"-• ' ' ' • lie - •'•-" >»-b >**^^ iiimiLT '^uvi niiu ^uiiiiv. /v uav i nnec of Seret. Edgar «', he was dead. But to rl r*m-i. tr«.l ______ i i.s_._ t._ _______ .. _ .. , „,_ ul «Jl,ifcV. iJMgtU Norvell and Corp. Edward Zimmerman when they were guards nl lhe West Gale. He became such n COIlstftHt' visitor tlllU Mr. Nnrmsiii Tech. Scrgt Mannon Returns From Overseas Tech. Scrg, Perry L. Ma mi on has returned- to the United Slates nfler three years overseas service in Iceland, England, France and Belgium as a member of thc Dili Air Force. Following; a visit wllh his sister.?, Mrs. Alvie B. Jarratt of Route 1, Luxora. Mrs. Troy Parish and Miss •Marjorle Mannon of Route i), 131y- Ihcvillc. nnd wllh relatives in Myr- llc, ..Miss., Sergeant Mannon has !:one lo a rest camp at Mlnml Beach, Fla,, while nwalling rens- giimonl. • : : •• j q ? He lias n brother, First Scrgt! made him i\ member of Section' A- 'i, the guards' outfit. When Bob was struck by a jee , Otis L. Manncn, who is the . , First Army in Belgium, and who recently was awarded Ihe bronze star medal. Yolo County, Calif., is produce growing county United States. the lop in tlie Looking Down in the Mouth When George Blackmnn, attendant at San Francisco's Fleish- hackcr Zoo, lost a bucket, he immediately checked up on two-ton Pebbles, the hippopotamus. Above, Pebbles says "A-a-ah" to _ prove he didn't swallow the bucket. Fans Gather For Blue-Gray Game Laydcn, Trippi Garry Hopes Of Southerners At Montgomery Today MONTGOMERY, Ala., Dec 80 <UP>—Football fans who fallow (he annual nine-Gray scries today arc looking for one of the greatest offensive games over played as the Soiilli squares off against the North Triple-threats Pcto Layden of rexas mid Charlie Trippi of Georgia • will be pacing lh c southern drive in the game which will be snrn by more than 20,000. The northern crew, coached by no McMillan, Lynn Waldorf, anil Carl Suavely, will depend on a powerful line featuring John Tav- ei'ner of Indiana. Hoosier .Bob Hcernschemuynr. Tony ..Minis! of Ps-mi, nnd Ernie Boncill of Pitt will furnish lhc rest of the norlh- ern line strength. Despite the north's heavier forward vail, which outweighs (lie South 10 pounds lo lhe man, the C'rny is slightly furored because of Layden and Trippi. Laydcn wns one of (he hardest- running backs ever to play at Texas And Trippi, who starred with Frnnkie Sinkwich in the Rose Bowl two years ago, has played sensational ball this season for the Third Ah Force Gremlins. Hnlh teams hnvc been going through strenuous workouts nil this week, and coaches say they expect " wide-open game. noih squads are in good physical condition. Injured Beneath Truck NORTH'-LITTLE HOCK, Ark Dec. 30 (U.P,)—Frances E.- Joiner, 8 year-old son of Mr. anil Mrs. P. T. Joiner of North I.itl'le Rack, is in a serious condition in a Little Rock hospital as a result of injuries received . when a trailer- truck wheel passed over his head. Police say the youngster apparently fell beneath the truck while attempting lo '•hitch n ride." He suffered a severe fracture of thc skull. '...50 I'M SAVING WASTE PAPER!" Yet ... waiting U hard. But iff easier whea you'ra doing tomathing to protect and aid him ... and bring him horn* Kxmerl Your Government §ay» that wast* pap«r U th» No. 1 war ihortag*. Thert'i your opportunity! For waste, paper ii everywhere. Newspaper* magazines, wrappings, corrugated paper . .. bundU them al! in package* about 13 Inche* high and turn them ta. Th« very wait* paper you tJ« up may w«U b« made into paperboard'that package* tht K-r»tion«, •mmunitioa ot blood platma fighting maa will us«. So *nllrt the children. Enthui* your „<,,»,, DOT* and friend*. Scour attics and basement* Thee *taft« regular lyttam of »aving and bundling your watt* paper for war. Ifi *o little to do .., •nd It may m*ca to much to him I V.S. Victory WASTE PAPER - let his master out of Ins sight from then on. Stanley was transferred lo the Infantry recently, however, and Ihat was lhe end of Bob. He mopped | around in lhe corner where hls SATURDAY, DKCKMBER 8p, 1944 Captive Yanks Don't Satisfy Interrogators LONDON, Dec. 28 (UP)-A German propaganda broadcast coin- plclus Indirectly that tnasl American war prisoners answer German •450 were glad tu be 'iirlsoners and 53G admit led only ihiU they "want to get home as qulckiy as ivissiule and didn't, mind wild would win the war." \ The Ijroadcusl ntldAi: "Only 20 |>er cent were ready to go 0:1 with Hie war,; 35 per cent were tired of It and 45 per cent were indifferent.'' A > . , "Oaitlcatlon'Of ss • S ' 1 The White House has dented mor that lhe ban on racing after I Jan. 3 would lie modified to permit and drink. day or two lat- Jly for fitiesitaiing iibout (he war. When asked specifically why they were fighting against Germany, the dispatch said six-scveiUhs of the Americans answered by shrugging their shoulders, adding" that "they don't know." "The reniainliii! one-.sevcnth was not milled in an explanation," Sclimalfiiss said, "but it emerged clearly from their statements that stupid propaganda slogans about the Nazis wanting lo assault the he Unlfed States transform .—-..- — .„ ,,,«YU in." s an ransorm wasn't forgotten, all his pals America into a German colony had ed o " ...._-.„ .u.^t/vbiii, mi 111^ ijius /nuL'iiLu jiuu ii Herman co 1 . 1 turned out for his last riles, Includ- fallen on favorable ground." Ing the guards, Lieut. Edward' According to Schmalfull, 23<1 members of thc prisoners out of 1180 said the United states wojild will the war, New Theater Manila's Finest IViiat have you ilone today that some molhcr's sou should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents. Saturday Kepuhlic Presents "RAIDERS OF SUNSET PASS" Serial * Short Saturday OWL SHOW RECKLESS ACE with Gloria Jean Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday "BATHING BEAUTY" Itcd Skellcm ami Esther Williams Fox News :\iul Sliorl CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st SI. Sat. starts 12:15; Sun. slarts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except fllouday, opens G:-l!> Contiimous sfioivs Sal. ami Sun. Friday uiid Saturday Double Feature "KING OF DODGE CITY" with Mill Kllioll & Tc.v Kilter and "GET GOING" Grace iUacUonald & Kobcrl Paige Serial: "Tlie lialinaii" of any modification of lhe original jf order Is untrue." V Sunday & Monday Wall Disney's ' ; 'SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN. DWARFS" In Technicolor Universal News Comedy Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Last Time Today 'Death Valley Rangers' with Hoot Gibson, Bub Stccle & Ken Maynard Serial: "Adventures of Ibe Flying Ca<lels,' J Short Saturday • Midnight Show Slarts 10:45 'London Blackout Murders' with John Abbott £ Mary McLeod '• Selected Sliorts Sunday and Monday WANTE URGENTLY NEEDED NOW TO HELP NAVAL PLANT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Haglin, Missouri Valley andSollitt (Prime Contractor*) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the joh for workers at §1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions.. Help build this plant »o Vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The-Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS If you arc now oligagcd in an essential activllj- al your highest skill, do not apply.'All hiring: clone In accordance wllh War Manpower Commission Regulations. Men under 21 and women under 18 niusl have minor's release form signed by parents which can be obtained at Employment Office. Danger = Romance ' in Mystic Damascus- SANDERS Virginia ten ore BRUCE AUBERT Gene IOCKHART RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIOHTB Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SUrtl at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS -i. • Box Office Opens 1 Show Start* i:is Saturday "BULLET CODE" with George O'Brien Cornell}- and 12lh Chapter ot Serial Saturday OWL SHOW CRAZY KNIGHTS COMEDY Sunday and Monday 'UP IN MABLE'S ROOM' KKO XEAVS and COsrEDY

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