The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1931
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Served by the United Press BOTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 277 Blytheville Courier, Dlytheville Herald, BijthevUle Dally Ne^s, Mississippi Valley Loader. HLYTHKV1LLE, ARKANSAS, FK1DAY, KKBUUAUY l>, 1031 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ?,ain Promised to End Record Winter Drouth Chaplin in N. Y. CHICAGO. Feb. 0. (UP)— Promises of rain brought cheer today tc | I mid-western residents in the grip I t 'of one ol llic worst winter drouths' in history. • I Predictions of light snows or rain | ! before Sunday were received cheer- , ' fully in almost all sections of the | i coimlry and were cspx-lsilly en- 'to , couraging in Indiana, Kentucky i D ' I IS KaiSCU ri NearnPS in Fiv' ;mcl southern Illinois where drouth fi \eeroes in i i.x conduicrs , mo b;c(lms acmo in» Assembly Districts. LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Tile bill to ! reoppoi'tlon the senatorial rtlslrlcls. j ctieVcd by Senator R. A. Nelwn ol I BlylheWlle, aroused k'|?o:'cus an:) j nohy opiiositlon when it was called for consideration by l!ie joint coin- I mittee on reappcrltnment at th ft ', Ht?l Marlon last night. I After nearly an hour of discussion with every number talking and , com j n g For CliareC of no one apparently able to obtain I T , TV I recognition i:i the customary man- j InueCCllCy at L/ailCe. TO .MEET GIRLS No Apolo»v As Yet Fort!i- MEMPHIS, Feb. 6 (UP)— An attempt' of girl students of South- ner and discuss the measure with trie attention of the wiiole fominit- tee. a motion to return the bill willioul recommendation was western, co-educational • college udoplcd. here, to Rain a formal apology Would Not Cnimt Nesroe* | Worn the Rev. R. Olrard Lowe, one The motion was made as a sub-I of n Memphis Presbyterian pas- ptitiu* lo E half dozen other motions, which had accumulated without being disposed of. Tho motion was finally adop'.ed after nearly nn hour of milling around during which the question of negro voting and representation wns referred to several times. Piactically all those attending Charles Coleman Gets First U. S. Loan Check OSCEOLA. Ark., fob. 0.—Mississippi county's nisi drculli relief loan was received heie yeslorday by Cliarli's R. Coleman. The loan, appioveil tor $1050 to buy f«;l and w«l tor Mr. Coli'iiiaii's 5M aero farm west of Osceoln, Is rrpresen- . , I isllvo of a type loan whlcu np- rvii i . ni • T\_ l iwoiichps the nnxlinum provided Uillarmnty i lannmg. Inor- ;(or - mull , r VC6 , lb tio.w «t the drouth CITI'SBIGK Finds Unmarried Molhcr Still Victim of World's Intolerance .CREDIT HIM- IB ough .Job in Preparing;'* 1 nct New Tax Lists. frs who in tlseir petition asking for dismissal of Dr. Charles E. Dielil, president of the school, disparaged the conduct of girl students at dances as indecent, was I cheerfully 'clnP.dent that the "talk- stalemated here today when the | j cs " haven't spelled the doom of pastor refused to receive a student: S ]i en t, ni ro , Charles Chaplin, fa- Mr. Colenuin'.s application, after jMn; approved by II:; ccnual co:n- ^nlllee here, was nlalled to tlie Tlie board of director's of t h e i •"*mphls . office' lust Saturday, niylhevlllc chamber of- qoriuiwrce , Clu'Ok for the first apiwrtlsumenl went on record last night- In favor . of the loan which is for Ihe pur- ol a more equitable.' adequate nn'd ' l»» of buying seed, reived complete assessment of all .proper- '• b >' Ml • Coltmnn sreslcriliiy. ty in Blylhevllle and BlythcvlUe apodal school district Nq. B.' and authorized a committee, to conf;r • with Assessor Joe Dlllahunty. and | olfcr huu. »ny cooperation he may j need to.bring all taxable property j iin the community onlj ihe tax j books. . ' I Cecil Shane, president of the! school board, County Judge Znl B.I !• . Harrbon. and various .members ol M elri odist Bisliop Given the board spoke on the subject, and • ' all expressed the belief that.'R full assessment would go a long way toward solving financial" problems now faced by the. local school district and by the county. • Incomplete delegation. incus comedian, is shown here as «.lstcd it was apparent that th'e committee's recommendation would carry n owcijht since Ihe matter would have to b? threshed out. by each house separately. Senator Storm Whalcy of the] .hiity-fourth district, now co: ed of Bento nconnty only. staruH the flood, of bjectlons to the bill when hc said he would ppse Carrll county being added to Benton to compose a district of 51.013 population, although the bill is bas^d on an average of 54.544 persons ti the district. Whaley now represents only 35.253 persons. N'ejrccs "Enjoy" Votinsr Eenjtor Nelson, chairman of tlie committee, whose district Is the second largest in the state, said the constitution makes no'discrim- ination as to races and that none could be made in any apportionment bill. Asked If neeroes' enloy the voting- privilege In Mlssissitroi counly^he replied that he supposed •they .obtained whatever eniaymon 1 they could from votlne the He- publican ticket. Representative Stvoupe of Logan county took exception to the statement, saying hc objected to the aspersion toward his \vhifc Republican friends. The meeting revealed that all senators and representative whose territory wculd sain representation favor nnpportionment and all these representing losing terrltor are opposed to it. The question apparently will have to bs decided bv the larcer body of members w?.< territory will not-b? affected. pictures Charges which cai;scd the girls j he arrived In New York to attend to rebel were that the girls attend- i the Broadway opening of his new- ed a "shipwreck dance in sh-rfs' e st pictut.?. He has steadfastly re- that barely came below their hips,' fused to Appear In any but silent and others wore veils," were read | into the records at the hearing be-. fere the board of directors oi the] college who sat In judgment at the; •csSdent's muster hearing- j The pastor explained- he -hadj been lo!d about the party by an I unnamed witness and would notj elaborate upon the matter. Removal oi Mortgaged .'• ^Opportunity Today to Answer Charges. WASHINGTON, I-'eb. 0. (UP)— Bishop Janies Caiiiicn Jr., wns nlv- en l on opportunity today to defend before a board of 12 South- situation faced by the local schools, whle'h wiU face recurrent' and : e ™ Methodist ciders who must pass mounting deficits unless additional ' i'^sement upon his worthiness to revenues are-found. He said thai he I continue in church work. had looked' 'Into (lie tax situation sufficiently to satisfy himself Sharp of .tongue and mqiilal y Canno " !acci thc nisls ln For Money to Enable" Farmers to Start Crop Programs. Mississippi county's drouth relief problem, is resolving into, a financial problem, local rted dross heads told Maj. Oliver S. Woad. wliospent iilmt an hour In Blylhevllle yes-. . tjrday . lie Is touring Arkansas ' drouth areas by airplane, gathering i Information on conditions-for-Scc- . relary of War Hurley. If land owners and farm operators were able ID borrow the money they need to go ahead with their . crop pro-grains ISCIT would be an j Immediate find substantial reduction in the need for Red Cross help i In this territory, Major Wood was ! ! told. On the other hand, If farm-', 'crs arc unable to borrow, the'end" j of the relief program Is a^long way ; iiliend. j Major Wood conferred with Roy j Walton, chairman of the local Red Icioss chapter,;T: J. Ma::an, C. E. jliabcock, J. E.'-OritK, and Dr. A. IM. Washburn. He left here by aiv- I plane for Paragould at abDut '.S .o'clock. - •'•'.• suceny o sasy mse m. , v some real estate was Inadequately i"«' affairs after a Ions night ses- assessed, and that a great deal ot,''^ 1 ^ brought to a conclusion personal property 'was either. Insul- ll * ? ea , rlni: ? f tlle ,f r , lolls '"IIVBCS ftclently asseased'or not ass*ssed at J^ ch lmvc bce " "' tcd "P n ^^ all " i hllrt ' . '„.• '; .., • , -.. . No" limit wns 'placed upon the Judge Harrison declared that , {IV , the b!ii - s Ucl bllt equalization -of Ux assessment was| u -*. fls ^ Mma ne ( , omd KnKa bc .' the most Important problem now , night. 'After hearing Cannon's li« E Jit COUn ,^-i f that -f;arpunent3--and any evidence he believed the real. estate aKessmsnU, !^. hBS - w produce the 12 elders will with some exceptions were' teasori- j ^ . OI < Aether to -suspend him ably equitable,. but that th<re wasl 6rdcr fo , mQ , clll . r ^ ulal "Society has slipped back Into what practically amounts to the' old nUlludc toward the social iransijicssor," writes F.iiinlc Hurst, shown nliove In h striking 'new portruit. She finds tlial like Ray Schmidt, heroine of her new novel. "Back Street," Ihe woman who is oiitslUe i '^ iV'«°thdrawn~froin the bounty, the social pale today "is there for the same reasons that she hns bcJ" j will not suffer, but hundreds of there throughout many ngcs"—because of tlio world's Intolerance. Livestock Will Suffer OSCEOLA, Feb.-a.—"The pzople I are being fed, and until Red Cross TVie office o{ Justice Oscar Alex- j ander will ask Governor Harvey | Pflrnell for requisition papers for I« fhanred'Nine Arrested For DeStrilC- an outstanding- need -for 'greater 18 Vliaiscuj uniformity In personal property as- tion 01 Dwelling Meal' sessments. Assessment- and-collec- ..,-. .. —,__. _,. ,_•-—i_, Uosnell.""'"™~ " r" Gold Strike Halts Archaeological Permit TEHERAN. Persia. (UP)—Details of the archaeological grant to University of Pennsylvania expedition have been held up by the Persian government due to the dlscov ery of gold near Demghan. The expedition was nuthortze.l t make excavations on the sites o ancient Persian cities, bin tin government feared archaeologist miiht become gold-diggers. The discovery of gold has cans?:! excitement thr«i?ho:it Persia. German minincr experts have been sent to Demghan U> Insjxct thf 1 gold dcpo.<its and report in thA extent. Arkansas. Mrs'?! Brown was arrested t ^ i . _ft;,tf$i Ray .McCown. at" Poplar lu * iiufl"yesterday. .She Is said-to be ' ™ he eaine woman who said papers ic-re as Mrs. Joe'B.' Mima in souring the car." The warrant- for her. arrest was issued in January, 930. . The woman has refused to re- urn to Arkansas • to face charges., she is said to have iven, was for S225 and secured by a Pontiac sedan. The mortgage was n favor of the Lee Motor company of' this city. „ i Sam Glass home, rear Gosnell, by i lion of against -all fcrsonal i property would go far'toward olv- Ing the financial problems of the local schools and : of the county, he asserted. . . • E. D. Ferguson,-A-.'B. Falrfleld and Ray Worthlrigton .were namod a committee 'to-cooperate"'With Mr. (3a>ahunty and-to report to the . Short Changer Fails : Lincoln Clumsy "Social Climber" Says Biographer IITER IN PLEft NEW YORK, Feb. C. (UP)—Abraham' Lincoln, onshrtne'd In the - hearts -of most Americans, V.-RS "a. Police Ponder Charge I man of low Intelligence with few ^ scruples, a clumsy social climber Frank Rodgers, 29, was being held ' «nd " ot a mlm ° r 'he .pcDple," Ertin Jail today while police -investigated his,'alleged activities as a short change artist.- Rodgers was., arraigned in court .. thlB. morning 'but . tho: city lit home The negroes are alleged to have Icoted the* house of a number of articles including a supply of home canned fruits, before firing the ouvldUvg, .Those under arrest are Lcnnle . King, John Walter. EasJey, Henry . ty onto the - tax books. Mr. DUIa- hunty met'with the. committee this morrUng and gave 'assurance of his intehtldn-to make, a': thorough and careful assessment. -He plans personally to make a house to house and. "predicted gar Lee Masters, author of a new Lincoln biography, declared today. Masters, noted as-the'author of 'Spoon River Anthology)", has been . student ot Llnc om lore.'for'20 . , ahd obtained .most -of the a- com nuance, an*, be was- -f-^! f nk ,. LlnC oi ll( the M^n" k to jail to-nwalt the Sat- j fronl cm . r(mt b-'osraphfos. morning session oi court. . ..Lincoln's grandfather . probably Dannie Hurst Boasted Modern ai-cjs LitHe Different. EDITOR'S NOTE: Ha* Ihe world drown much more tolerant of < the woman who violate* soclctT*»,nwr- Ihead of live stock will die of star- iv.itIon this inonlh and next ill Mls- ' slEslppi county It.some more odc- ' quate aixi more readily available 'cc-iirce of fsed Is nol provided than.' -I I that allowed under terins of the i|' federal droutii relief loans, whloh, II comparatively few farmers will be • livable to take advantage of." "- This was the Information given Major. Oliver S. Wood, of the- U. S.' r\ i , war department, when hs arrived' L/eCiareSl D y plane in Osceola yesterday with , al slardards? FannU Hortrt, Aranican the. drouth < stricken areas of Arkansas. Following a conference here wifh C. L.-Moofe Jr., lical Red Cross c'nilrman, O. L: Waddell,. Red. Cross food administrator in Csce- •A- gas station employe, a butcher-and 1 a 'farmer, on whpm Rodg- a trader and . his- father was of low character," Masters declar- . . 1 'hat '-this- would resultn-a sub- McKellar Attacks Farm ry Moom, C. M. Moore, Jim Moore, Earl' White. . .-...."The"- warrants» were issued from the rfftce of "Justice-. R. L.. McKnight Date for prelirnlnary Board Cotton Program I hearings has net yet been set. B^rSS^SS^-! 0 ^ 1 Kc^elt: City Co^uncil' Gets nessee, today told the senate that in his opinion tlie cotton operations of ti.3e federal farm board had ben a "woeful" failure, injuring farmers Instead of helping them. He opposed giving the board an realft '• staritial Increalft In", the total 'assessment.. ' ' '' ' ers alleged to have.- tried hls- ec i. "There is every reason to b> sh'ort'change practices, appeared in n ev e Lincoln was mortified'by'the court, this morning. However, ac- supposed tact his mother was n cording to all three, Rodgers' ',al- nalural child, leged ruse. did. not work and po- "if he had been a man of tho lice -are wondering what charge to people lie would have lined up te- place 1 against 'their prisoner. Oppose Saliry.Law R«p«U The chamber, of commerce last night also werii'o'ri "record "'as OR^ pcslng repeal of :the pxes.en.t salary- law tor.the couh'ty and circuit court clerks -unless tnere 'should .be sub- hind Andrew Jackson instead of bc- ' hind forces of privilege in the Clay- i Jackson and Ada'ms-Jnckson con- teats." Says Postoiiice Graft hquiry Was Blocked; ri ., I T" • ^ | Lnildreu Recovering From School Bus Upset County Agent 3. D..'Carpen-' i-UKUI^IICU nmt.-ci^«ui n.iTtiuk, tef of Osccoll and. R; H: Ziehm, thipks not.. In th>, f«U»irfnlr-ar-}district .ped'Cross ^'PreseritiUve;'.;; Ccnrler Newo and NEA Serric*, by utomoblle with Mr. Moore and I his f»moi3s author slvrs her in- Mr. Zlehm. Ueut. O'Neal . tcrcsOnir views oh the iUlus'bf : the,.ued to. Blythevlile by plane, wher^ unmarried molher In prfMht-aayj.tlic officers sere scheduled . for I •""'•'" '' •'•-«'• society. .- • • • • BY FANME I1UHST Tlierc has been an ehormou: conference with Red Cross chair- men for the Chlckasawba district of the county. • ' Oo io Fine BJuR nniouiit of talk, since the World War, about the effect of that ca-j LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 6. (UP)— tastrophe u|ion certain of cur so-j Colonel Campbell B. Hodges "and clal standards. '•four other -army .officers \VT.O are Proposal i ' addiliftial 8100,000,000, carried In i {Jo n ^'ystem' KENNETT, Mo., Feb. 6.—The city council of this' city Is seriously considering propositions made to them for the installation of gas facilities Including a plant and dlstrlbu- taxy. ,-as. instntcted to-communl- cate.the position of the ctamber today pictured the 'Cooltdge ns having halted Jury action exposing the St. SHUBUTA, Miss'.. Feb. G. (UP) — rwelve school children who were yesterday when a bus In nr p Representative E. E. " and 'Jesse Taylor was appointed to Ihe Independent offices approprla-j cr ascertaining the- population j ™'er »1t>i Mr. Nelson • and Mr. tl0n biU ' _ of A Ken,,ef which in the^st cen- ^«te»ietaUng a salary law f01 Firs Levels McGregor w'as nearly 5,000, the Murlctare 1 Utilities company of Pittsburgh, : Kan., sent representatives here to South FranMuii di£cuss toe proposition with UE " coiuicll. The matter was taken The board voted a resolution of appreciation to Senator Nelson and Representative 'Alexander for their successful efforts In tehalf of the chances in the 1028 Now Empress Is £fT-: ihaV bodv" vesurdav bv ' "-SW.OOO agricultural nnance cor- betoe that body yesterday b> lporatfon bm wmch |s now ^^ New Orleans Studies Ncv/ Waterway Plans NE\V ORLEANS. (UP)—A public ' h»ariiiE hns been conducted hers to consider proposed Improvements of the New Orleans waterfront, and a proposed deep-sea waterway to the sea through Lake Borgue and Lake Ponlcharlrain. to the Gulf of Mexico. This would put New Orleans directly on the Gulf or Mexico as Lake Pontcharlraln. an inlel of the Gulf. Is the northern buondary nf the city. The lake r9u(c wom(i save about GS miles. The residence of Fra.ik McGrcg- i v , j a i \i C. ° r Kcnnett. no definite action has it would blow up their from the highway into a ditch near here, were said to be recovering today, The bus, carrying 22 children from school, overturned 500 yards from the school house building. ; Physicians were summoned and after receiving treatment the children were taken to their homes. The driver of the truck attributed the accident to deferllve.sL'erins gear. member of t!ft city street cleaning \ department. By the time firemen:. remaining under advisement of Ihe . . arrived the blaz; had gained full | council. headway. Mr. and Mrs. McGregor were not t . at horns when the fire started as ' Mrs. McGregor was spending the j night with friends out of the city, | and Mr. McGregor was at the home I tee wlth Mr T lor w|n 5erve 0. Smith, J. L. Cherry, T. J. Ma-- han, J, E. Crliz, Bob Blaylock, and C. W. Afflick. Mr. Crafton's com-, M n , inlttee includes Fred Warren, U. S. OUrn JJeatn j Branson, G. G. Caudlll and Jeff of Nationalist Leader Roland - of a neighbor. Will Vote Reidman Opens New Store ICOfl OflO OHO Opposite Home Theatre r^ U > UUU ' UU " For Relief LUCKNOW, India, Feb. G. (UP) : —A continuous stream of mourners i filed past the body ot Pandit Moti- !lal Nehru today as the nationalist ; leader lay in state at Cenliol hall ' here. S-'reed oi Murder Charge, Young MJixon Goes Home NEW YORK, Feb. 0. (UP)—! | James Mixon Jr., left tcday tor; Nehru, founder of the Swarha I Chattanooga, Tenn., freed of mur-' (nationalist party), president of the der charges In connection with the' All-Indian National Congress, and one of the most prominent leaders Henry Reidman announced today he has opened his dry goods and rcady-t--wear store in his new- location at 105 West Main street ' across the street from the Home i Senate Majority Leader Watson Theater. i lold tn , united Press today that a P^h fi Feb. 6. Hoover and senate and house lead- engaged business f-r the past ten years death.of an aged fellow ledger In a hoarding house brawl, In the Mahatma M. K. Gindhli With him went his father, the: campaign of civil disobedience.! Bishop Coadjutor of the Protestant | died at 6:40 a. m. Episcopal diocese of Tennessee. Be-1 fore they left their hotel suite doz It Is fair enough to assume . (hat : making an Inspection tour' -on a gigantic International house- [drouth, conditions of the 'state lor cleaning cannot surge over a con- the war department., began the-sic- slderable porllon cf Ihe civilized ond day ol a four day surveyUhU- world without changing the social | morning. • . •' :•• face of It to greater or less extent. 1 1 The colonel and 'his associates, Those o] us who have lived In 'Captain L. A. Pick, with Lleuten- two w-rlds. the pre-and ante.-bcl- ant 'Cousland, their pilot, spent lum universe divided by those cru- i as t night In Little mock: The cth- clal years, 1914-1919, know to whdt. er two members 'of the colonel's vnit extent certain aspects of the p arty ; Major Otaer S Wood and world In which we live have bJcn um Joe o O 'Neal, the pilot 'of - ei remalned -.j t . ' changed by that blcody dividing ( thc major - 3 n ,., • c -, i • California Fruit Juice D . Ir , Biumtu Under ! |n "- . ( . i Paragould. In the colonel's party will b3 On the other hand, much Uilk lo;Captain Pick, Albert Evans, assist- Ihe contrary notwithstanding. cer-! an t director of disaster relief "of tain lioscned barriers In the social; the National Red Cross and Wai- structure have tottered, but not. tcr W esselius, assistant manager 'of fnll[!n - . i the Red Cross for the mid-western For Instance, m years following division.' the war, there was much talk ofj They left today for Pine BIu- the new status of the unmarried! the first stop. ' mother and the legitimatized child.• Colonel'Hedges, who is a mill- Those new tolerances, wh:th?r; tary alde to Pre3!dent Hoover." is wisely or unwisely, turned out U>, making the drouth relief surVey be nothing more or less lhan war under ord , s . . $> measures. The temporary for- Hurley .•"•««— y <-- wa. his pilot spent WASHINGTON. Feb. 8 ,UP, - i»e sccla, transgressor. Farm Leaders Worried Over Lack of Rainfall Sophisticated young men and[ war, proclaimed today by Dr. Clar-1 women, products of a franker ags er.cj True Wilson, of the Mc'.hodlst' than the one that their parents txrird of Temperance, Prohibition endured, talk a great deal abcut and Public Morals | the new standards and new theyj Hc hns appealed for an amend-1 a re, vocally . but In the main, socl-1 ment to the Volstead Act to pro-j c ty has ylcl^d scarcely an'ell In: - - v . u-nt mnrketin; cf Vinc-Gto, a i tolerance of the socially mic^n-| MEMPHIS, Feb. 6 <UP) — The grape concentrate manufactured. vratlonal. - i past mcnth was the dryest 'here by the co-poinllon. j "camlllc, Nana, arc ever fresh j Elr| ce. 1872, about 60 years, it was | figures in public consciousness be-i 'earned tcday from figures releas- i causs their problems continue toj ^ by the government weather bu- i bo fresh social problems of the' rcau. iry scene. • ' °™V -* 3 ' of an inch rain fell outside the social: d "'ns Ja " u " r y. «nd only six days Earth Shocks Felt at Venezuelan City: 0 ;^ . . '• pile"'today"is"uiere""ro"r practlcaiiy; tt '" c . to! ?, lly f 1 '" Ve ^ u ^.,5 eb .'..!.'i the same reasons that she has, J^™*!. CARACAS, (UP)—Strong earth felt today at Zurr.ana. Venezuela, advices received here slid. Zumana Is a city ot so::ie 12,003 shocks were, b£cn , ncrc throu manv The mistress, the unmarried mother, the Illegitimate child, stand j State Rural Supervisor .,. , T n LtVL Ui: thclr «<Ki8r»lUl*tlons. Talks at Yarbro Meeting - ens of friends, some of them from as far as Tennessee, telephones | The Empress Catherine the Great population near the Colombian' n nc- C . frontier. Tha report d'.d not say much damage was cau;ed by] on the thin ice of social Intoler-i ^ no plea for an Indulgence ers here are worried and say there may be another dro-Jth in this section If normal rains do net fall during the next four months, the rainy seasc-u of this secl!on. They are urging farmers to do their plowing ;iow. |ers. TO STUDY NEBRASKA LANDS Walson said there would be an. LINCOLN, Neb. (UP) — Prairie 'additional appropriation of P- tone's of Nebraska, unlike ni ; y 000.000 "a'.ong the lines of trc $45,other ruction in the world, will be <X».000 appropriation." He said the srudlcd Mils summer by Prof. a. '. compromise wculd be lncorp:ralsd Barjoresu, of the University of in legislation by the senate and Clti.l. Rumania. The botanist Is iho house conferees. Watson discussed r-urlh of foreigners to come to this the matter after a conference with Mote to sisKly the grasslands from, Speaker Longworth and HOUSJ the- bolanlcal slandpoint. Majority Lender Tllson. G. C. Floyd, state supervisor rural schools cf the slate depart- t, of education, was the prln clpal speaker at the superintendents and principals m:etlng Yarbro last night. of| L °» jot Russia-dead for over a cen- the tremor or how many lives wsre [ ot ^^ irregularities, since It is I tury and a half—Is In the san« '° 5 'i class ts King George V ot Eng- • I land, as far as tho Chicago sclvols; WEATHER Reported Jninaira «t Noon Rr * concerned, although tor slight-i I- Jamaica at noon dltretcnt reasons. Catherine | » 6 ' : got In bid whan a Chlcagoan' ] found his daughter reading a Satisfied With ; 5 Miles Per Hour The navy department was advised j f rom th , uho~} library about her., DAVTCMA BEACH, Fla.. Feb. 0 to the marching organized foot-; steps of a. regulated society that community life must go forward. But certainly It is unfair to assume that ™-call»d new toVrances __ ___ on the part of a war-chastened |portlon society, • are responsible for a. wider humanity of the world IP- j According t3 the official weather ARKANSAS—Cioiiu? with Iccal rams tonight. Saturday cloudy Tith rains In the extreme enlein. His .iddrejs on "Finances" was by radio that the dirigible Los An'.'i He looked into It, and when he (UP)— Captain Melcolm Campbell ward the woman, who, for Oi'.? rea-' observer, Charts Phillips, the mln- fea'ured with questions asked by Beles was 75 miles south of Kinj- fcund the empress had besn fa-'cemented himself with his world's c^n or another, has fallen out ot Imum timpmturo here yesterday ' ' ' mcus for her many lovers he pro-' motor car r^pecd record today and st«os. She Is still subjected to mass[ was 52 degrees and the maximum, tested to the authorities. Superln-• announced ho w:uM make no fur- regulation; ccurts deal with her a=! 64 dearc.js; clear. On the same tondent <l Schools William J. Bo-i ther teat In th-^ Bluebird 2nd which a ccndltton rather than an Individ-; day a year ago the minimum tcm- audience members. •ston, Jamaica, at noon toJ The Parent-Teacher association The craft had nn average speed of the host school ssrved supper of 67.5 mllea per hour slnC2 l»v- to the 36 present which Included Ing Guantamama, Cuba, navaJ ba9e several visitors. 1 this morning enroute to Panama. gan has t«ken Catherine off ot the! established the mile Mhool shelves. I 245.73 miles per hour. record of ual. and the fhvjer of social stigma perature degrees and the points her up. i maximum, 65 dejrecs,

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