The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK-) COURJEK NEWs HAPPY HURDLER TOP; DrJEflT Loses Mound! with Meine ofj Warnekc Duel Bucs; Giants Go In Lead Ion Warnekc, ace of the Cub p'lehlng staff, ran into Ills first riefrat of (he seo&iti yesterday :•<; the Pittslmrph Pirates toppled the heavy swatting Bmltts from tV National league |«<!eslnl, with • Ihc chamilion diants slliipirig tiiti (!•<• rail position. In the American league the Yankees held (he f-o:it )»slllon i'pc*-lt/! a lo?.? lo (he Senatoi's, V",aue .champions. The Detroit TKOVS ran Into a defeat at. tin; lunids of the St. Louts Browns. Wanieke and Heine Melnc of the I^.ncs stnff enyaErrti hi a hurling duel at 'Pittsburgh 1>e(ore the Hues [|>ifrjed victorious, •! lo 2. Each tf-am vot nine liiu und -each pUch- < r went the full distance. The BTICS C'jijnird twice In the niKuliiK tim- i'if. \vhr-n Vauchn hit for the clr- r'lit. Klein's sixth liomer of the frnson I'iive tlje Cubs Ilielr last !••- li^ the fijyoiftlt. The 'vcjiivc'"ilr(l Rl. Louis Card- Irnls won their fourth stralKht pnme nt St. J.miis. The score was * to 1 'i-IU( the Cincinnati Reds on (he little end. CarMlon hnrlcil ; !"itil the ninth when he wns relieved bv D:7zv Ucnn. Prey wns Ih* 1 losing pitcher. The Giants ptilleil back Into f"-s'. ulare on the hitintir prowess ' •' Mel Oil. and Fran!:. O'Doiil. Ott 1 •',< for the circuit in the (liiril •.' 'th Tftrv on bn"> and O'llonl, i'-r'l hi'Mn" fir 'I'ravl? J",ck$on. '••' for fnn- \nff-. with Terry and fir nto-trd in (he ehhth. Schu- "i.ehf"- Insert the i^nnic out for "•'; Olnnls Rtilinn<:li he waveveri (••""iiratly. Perkins wns the losing p'lrher. The Pf i r' i tO]'n ^^i Ilin Ynnkres •••••'•n r, to 1 nf W"«>Hn7toii. Monte v.vnver sr-e ihn Vnnks nine hils !-.» Vnnt. t'icm well scattered while i' ; r Nats KOI to Vnn A4ln enrlv. ,'rorinnr c-x runs in |!ic first slnn- vi. Mimhv nnrf Pmvlhe pl(ch"[l ^•>:imit h^u after the first inning f.'-- Ijjp Vqi](-!: Tt," piiiiirl^ifiini-i AUiletlcs boat i"^ jnosirn Rprt Rov in n hectic \"-". sln»"ini' nffnir at BoMon. The .."•-re u-ns 12 to 11. Enrti tcnm •-'red Hir"r runs in the ninth Inn!• •> with {he pp.| Six , coinlni '• : "'ln OTO run of t.vhi« the score THURSDAY,. MAY 3,- 1934 HAPPY HARUIEU A (hlvlni- finish l!i:i( led Hob Cvvius ot ('•'.•iit-vii nt Um VUH, eiintcit Joo Ih'uti'y o[ Ni-w Verk U.. ntiovi 1 , iy vu-tijiy In Uio ^Ul | rnpli-r liilnllc cvenl ot th« <oi!i i'v-nn llel.iys ui I'hliailul- tiliiu. Uue (u it uii:ilily Held, Joi "^ Unn; ut r tl f,a. \vna alow. . \Villi Koltiiison In Sol'l M Fcnlurc The Hoblnson Uiu« company 'earn nnd the Pnsllme Jiltliarel °ar'or :i"nroualiO[i. two of tile best > -the Commercial rofl bull loop, •'•ill chilli In tonlijlH's fcalure jnme under lhe llnlcy Field /lofld- li'ht.";. r>) tlie oilier hnlf of (lie l«-ln bill'Ihc Tfiichers.wlll lake on Kir- bv IJrolJiers (cam, Hmli of Ihesc 'nave liKt Hs'n (j'niH's duel ench will ']e tc'ckii)!? lo brenk Into the win ri'miin (onlghl. Uoblnsoji iiutl P.isllinc bonst •vhat many believe to lie the •'ronge't ten)))'; In (he circuit and Ihrlr lilt will be followed with 'i»i'siinl Inlerrsl. rromo'.ers of the -"ft ball loon look lo.-wnrd lo the b'li^rc^t crowd of lhe Benson so far toni"ht. The fiisl Biime wll ':c"»n ut 7:30 o'clork. The RobliiEon tenm will have two nllchers who hnve 'turned 111 fine jierformances to call upon. Circuit Clouts Figure; Prominently in \Vins oi Southern League I cams The l.Hlle Hoik Travelers were on the lo.sliiK eiul of lira grimes' with the L'hattniKXwr. Lookouts ui anoOK.i 3 - e.slri\l:iv. The i.ottt:-' onls wun. b lo 'i inu) 7 to C. Time))' hmiip runs hy catchers Warren ami Phillips nt the Lookouts and .'icmnlloiinl fielding ne- uninti'il IniKCly (or the double win foi Hie C'liiillnmxiXi'i club. Hotli uniiii-s were won In lust InntiiK nillli'.s. Phillips ended n iillclicrti 1 hiutle belweeii PclH and SlniM to win (hi 1 opener, dauliug a iiifxhly home run with two men on' hase. Warren relieved Tlillllp.s In tlw; MTOnd KHIIU. nml went him one licller hy unsblni,' uiil livo Jiome vvnis. Mi'iislek \vsi5 the winning anil V.'lllnLi);]iby Die losing huiler ol the second gnnie. A home run by Enilc Ifua.'e. RMinkk' t,ln>rlslop, hi the eighth Innhr' tvlth a innn 'on b.i. e e nave I (lie KnuxvlHt! club nn 8 lo 0 vlc- i inrv over Ihe Memphis Chicles. v Home runs were alf-u hit by Pre- I rnst, Memphis left IVJi.'er, und | """titan. Smoky first bawmnn. niclhen vtns Ihe wbinlni; nml .Mc- Uniuiltl the losing hiirlcr. The Nashville Vols blaster] out n II to I vlclovv over lire Blrinlny- liiiui Uurons ill IJiriiilnghJiin. An uiuwtnl feature ol the ynnic wns tlml nilch Prulhcr. Vol first basonmn. hit two home runs in one limlnn. Holli came In the ,-xc- ond suui/.n when n rnlly netted nlii" runs for lhe Vnls. Rlcbboiiri; of the Vuls ulsn hit lor (our tases. Chaplin wns fun winning and Orif- ft>. Ihv losing iiitcher. The /ilbiiiUi Cmcxere got off to a. (IviniS start, nnd bent the New Orleans IVllcims 8 lo 1 nt Now Orleans. Sclimtilt \vns HIP winning and Milner lhe lailiii; hurler. Gleeson of the Pels mil n homer, t!h r - liif New Orleans Us only .score. Three runs in the first nncl three more In lhe second (jiive Hit Cray their early lend. Harry Gray son CLEVELAND — Two ex-prize rjhicis. a couple of gamblcis und li 1 o[ rnckutct'ri s»i there I" drui! *lore ijoreliig ice ercani after a boa hou*i party at Mr I practically agreed on, Shade Motor Haven, N. J, on the Shrewsbury, company, The Band Box Cleaners, he lined up the waiters and pre- Kohn's store, and TJie Bcpubli:an. seuced each with , W. One ol them I The league hopes to play a regu- at lhe head of the line ran around l ar league schedule, and perhaps and fell In again. challenge Blythevllte, Campbel, Mo., "•Haven't I seen you before? 1 Kcains asked him, when he came up for n second helping. •"You Imvt 1 ,' confessed the gar- Tliv ex-prlzc IlBiiters were .Denny Lcon.ijd iijiri Johnny Kilbane. They hadn't met in soniu time. Leonard in Cleveland on hockey biisl- y be a tip for those wihe iiljout Ihe boys who I yU;). 1 * JD CleveJaJ ':[ 1 1KS.S, whicll Jim IC puck. The farmer light-Meeting $28. con, reddening. "•Oh, It's <|iilte all right.' laughed Keanib, "and there's anolhcr ten for trying.''' Why (in (o lhe Trouble? Tlie conversation switched to the featherweight tournament In New York, lhe opening round of which saw each of four coiilesianls col- or otf.eY towns for Inter-city games. Tlie Republican Is sponsoring the movement. uvlylu loader was iHcJ.'dcm of I'itUsbiiiyli Ice oulfit three or four yean aijo. l.eniuird appeareci Hurt liecausc !:<• K'ii.wi'i given sonic kind of it rccoiilloii niwii his nnlvnl from Vwi'k, hut Klltoue loiitf since ill Mined that huro worship is slia.-i Friish. ilian ti rainy any m 45, jllir; lilllu Irlsliniun who Ucal Abe ;Aui'll ami wovt the Ctntlwr •wreath for 11 yciu-s now does thu best he "Maybe the proiessor would be wa&tini! his lime on me aj. tlwvt," sighed Kllbane, whose swan son? with iilitcky P.ujcne Crlqul was a $100,000 lime. The Mick from nw weu bank uf the Cuyahoga banked 5C8.CCO after belling out Danny I<onnrd expressed. ihe opinion Uiat Barney Hoss would omgaVop MtLaniln In New York on May •2b, but said the same tiling .iboui Al Slnaer. Like the laic Jim Cor- alter diopplirt; $na,(WO in aitaiMl, Hie old Idol oi the cloak suliers everlastingly Is [.lilting >hr Don Burton To Get In Ring With Tiger Bums JACKSON. Tenn.—Don Burton of Blytrevllle. Ark., will meet Ti- KCr Burns, of Sardis, Miss., in tlie fcnltire iwiit en a boxlnu curd here Thursday night. In the seinl-wltidnji Bernard , .^,- ~.. .w,,, u *,,- Lewis of Memphis iuul \Jlke -Sloan las' hnir or Ihn InniiK'. P^H ermun. slow ball nriisl. who will billed from Blythei-ll.'c will mix tor of lhe Mni*s and THil|l-o nmkina .Jilr. last nnprnranre on nl^lil rounds or Jess. nf tli" Tied Sox hit for, the mciinrl' before drserilng the Kiln" wns the win- mnks of the bnchelors. I Rend Courier News Want Ads ]ns- | . _ . , '__ the roller and Rimer. The \vlll rrobi^blv relv on Pastiin- Smolh- Pnuiirlljm ilnuiijMi n ilmlne rain Ilial HKiilr. Ilic cnurfe inuilily. .MfriMl Kuaiiii. U'citches- icr. PIL. snue Tcmij.iis' Col!<•;;« unknown, \um thi> 3000- niuU'r Hlueylcclni.-iu ut tlio 1'eilii llelayu. Uert h Ku:ibb uficr hi* victory lii Hie Btlllljie Kiiud. ilicnltli camp nnd havlni; oilier ves'.iiu'nts go. haywire. He keepi Imsy in physical education woik In Uic siubllt schools here itnil dots '.•win- rofereeliiE. Caruthersvilie Cubs To Meet Senath Team Sunday l'.iKt- I*nif«'S'sor Itakcr I. Well, they snt there In the dviig .More, (he (wo ex-p.-izc fighters, Illie c.omlilerx und tin; vacketcera. Leonard Irad been reading where i'rof. E. 11. liuker. former research • I'.uj-ker of Die University of Chl- cluliucd lo have made dis- MldOle names in England. cnce were illegr.' Don't Forget CaudiiFs Agency General Insurance Thursday & Friday 1 Mat. Nile 2:30, 7:00, 10-2!* !0-,-)ne The Biggest Screen Show on Earth •\ plug. But Kilbane disagreed wiih him. "The only thing in Ross' favor U the faci Ihul MeLarnin lias been inactive," he asserted, "and Jimmy reiieatedly has proved (hat lie is an exception to the rule that long layoffs leave fighters fumblini- 1 . "A small fellow caniiut rpa', a;i- olher of equal iibllity len pounds and gel awny with It. Yr.ii all ought [o know that. Benny. Or Just who was that who pu', tlw slug on me In Philadelphia'" CARUTHEBBV.LLK. Mo', -The Carulliersvllle Cubs will open the, 1934 Bisdjall Mason hare Sunday, May 6th, meelln« Hie Senath, Mo., Lions on the local dimnontl. -Manager Eddie Pate says he will present hnvc Ion lm:J I couldn't bunnK'd into the professor before 1 Imiyhl Jimmy MeLarnin a cou- I'li- of yeurs u^o," he remarked. The pccfe.s.'.-oi 1 \vits going (b tnke (he mailer H'I with Ntussolhxi ' j \nn all probability this same lineup will continue to (unction ihroughow lhe season. Senath Is the only linim the Cubs played that -scored ,1 victory over! the local aggregation last year, win-' u! and gels nlng 9-8 In one of the best games o[ the.year here. Tlic Cubs' lineup Sunday will bo: Creech, lelt field; Holmes, first busc; Couley, rlfhl field; Harris second bnse; Roland, center field; Davts, catcher; tlEicnplon, sliort- slofi; McAdams, third base; Uur- rus, pitcher. "He might drop off here ilralL'htrn me out when he b;it:k," suggested Kilbane. "Tlie heart is good /or hundreds yeiirs. and so are the other vil: 1 ! orKana," Professor Baker was quoU'd ns snylny. . : ••Wonder hoit' "the legs will stand up under his system?" smiled Li onard. and •- The Sox. ii^tl four ^'"ks fhrcn hnrler*;. The SI. LOUK Browns chalked . o s=ri"s win when they beat "y nelroil Timers yesterdny. S IT Tivirv firm two cani".s out of "•er. ISHeholder wnl the route the Browns, linliliii'! the Tii;- 'TV lo SSVPII bln^les. Tlie IVrwvns r.-t !)">. elnht off three Tiger hurl- f-f. Biiriw nnd Pepper lilt for tiur bases with men on to enable C'e BTWNS 10 pile up a conir,iand- in? score. - Ki-:irn5< firaccfu! Spender "And here's another patient tor : (tie professor.'/ He read where Jack iKcarns had told a Los Airholes Ilcrbtrt Hnurrr (o Itivn Acoln I court that he wns broke, nfter AKRON, O. (UNPi — Herbert'whnckln^ up more than a million Iloovrr will inn again Ihls year.'with Jnck Uempsey. Tlie ex-president's niimesakc, an' "Kearns w:is a good 'guy when Akron realtor, will Uc a Republi- lie h:id it," cm iji one of the can candidate for Congressman- namblcrs. "lie wn.s the most graee- atrLiirge in (he Ohio primary, tul sjientli-r I riw knew. 1 once j Hoover ivns an unsuccc-ssful candi- saw him give a chamber maid ante for Slate 1 Treasurer In IflZu. SIM Caruthersvilie to Have 8-Team Softball League CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.-Caru- thersvllle is 10 have an eight-team soft ball league. Games are to be played Monday and .Wednesday nights at the new American Legion park. At a meeting Friday night the post will take up Ihe subject of nr- ranging floodlights to light the playing diamond. . .. .. -,^.More than one' hundred business and professional men iiave '"signed up" to play. Monday nignt of next week, all {Interested are to meet in the armory tan at 7 o'clock, at ivhicli time teams" and team captains will be chosen. Already four teams are AND HIS MATE 1,000 N K \V j JUNRLR THRILLS Two years In the making! Try to duplicate its thrills! You can't because you've never seen them before! JOHNNY WEISSMULLER His primitive love-call will l>rintf you a new kind of thrill! See the one and only dare a thousand jtin- (jle terrors—for his bride—in I lie greatest adventure romance of all time! 1'El'I'ER POT CAUTOON "EASY ACES'" MUSICAL COMEDY "GOING SPANISH" S1000 anolher occasion. fi CODINGS SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. I,. lanoo'a a 5 Oi-lenns 9 c 'emnbls NATIONAL l,K»r!I'K W. L. Nev-- York '.... 10 3 Oli'cnso 10 .1 Pittsburgh 7 5 Boston 6 0 St. Louis 0 7 B-ooklyn 5 8 "hiladelohia .1 B Cincinnati 3 10 AMERICAN J.KAGt'E W. L. New York n 5 C!cvn!nnrt G 4 Dttrolt 7 5 Washington i 7 t^<^V* Si.. LouLs 5 Philmiclpm'n 5 Chicago 4 0 7 Today's Games SOUTHERN I,F.AGI:F. Memphis at Chattanooga. Atlanta at Birmingham. Little Hock at Knoxvllle. Nashville nt New Orleans. NATIONAL I.EAGUK noston nt Chicago. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. New York at Pittsburgh.. Philadelphia at St. Lnuis AMKRICAN LEAUUF. SI. !x>(iis at Boston. Detroit at New York. Chicago at PhlladelnhiD. Cleveland. at Washington. L. G. MOSS Blythevllte's Cut-Rate UNDERTAKER Why Pay A Big The owl $ay$ much exaggeration f.s- uncontrolled imagination — Folks claim not what they ARE, you see, nut, rather, what they'd LIKE to be! .lutl£e Essolenc by the facts as you find them Avhcn you test it in your own your owsi ear. Just try a tankful. That's ail we We leave it to Essolene to do the rest. [Ksialultc Motor Oil in the ctankcase enablel fjtolent to do its my best] For Ease, Style and Comfort Get into a NEW SUIT of Tropical Worsted A light weight suit is the first requisite for summer cnmfori and style. Get one of the smart new Tropical Wor- be comfortable and well steds and dressed. AT REGULAR • OASOLINt PRICE T A NDARD • Smoother Performance Copr. Hit, tuo.lnc. OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA 2-Pant Suits For Summer Comfort STYLISH STRAW S? They're here for you now . . . Sailors, Panamas and Rangknks • - Dobbs and other good makes. $1.95 to- $5.00 SPORT SHOES lilack nnd White, All \Yhile nnd T:tn on Tun in a wide selection of attractive styles. $4.00 - 5.00 - $6.50 R. D. HUGHES & CO. NOW LOCATED 3 DOORS WKST OF RITX THEATRE jfti in if urn

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