The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1936
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 1936 Hl/YTllHVlLLK. (AUK.) COUKIICR MEWS PACK SEVEN you can GET WHAT YOU CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 08c ! mte per Hue for consccu- Hvc Insertions: One lime |*-i nno Two limes per Hue per day Monlh rale per lino Minimum ciisrge 6Co "luce times i>er line pai d«v> . 06e Klx times per line per clar .. 05c ACIs oKli-rcd. ior mree ur six times and stopped before cxplxa- llon will be charged for llw number of Mini's Hie ml appeared and ••JJustnient of WH martc. Business Directory New D| J* to Ba " ish . . 7 Shyness Successful mowers shiivpcnrd the Ideal way on the Ideal Mower Blinding machine. Guaranteed job only $1. illyllicrillc Machine Shop We Make All Sizes of eoc j Airplane Type Fans ! A few used desk fans for sale eheap i Barksdale Mfg. Co. .11: Advertising copy . fiibinlUecl by persons resWlng out slje ol me dly ""is' bo accompanied liy cash- ' I'alcs may be eiuilly computed from nlinva table. A([>i.-ni="ir: orourect Tor irregular insertions luk'c llic one time rale No iraponMDiiiiy will be token To? more than one incorrect in- icrtlbii of »»>' classified nd. PHONE IS THANTilAM TRANSFER, CO. Moving SOc room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE BO'l Keep Kool With Hunter Electric fans For Sale '32 model MGTOHCYCLli. 74 Haivey Davis. Reasonable. Justin Tidwell. Dell. GOOD CROP for sale, IS aere.s ccllcn. -1 acres aim. ami fnr- nilmx', S200 ciiih. Clifiord 1'ilts nl Biivcr's (.irove school. M-pk-n Hubbard Hdw. Co. Ship by J. \V. I'AKKIvi! THUCK LINK Deiwiulnble Daily Service lo nnd l-'rom Memphis Kocji ["rciulit Monny :il Hume ;ill 127 809 \V. Ajtl St. Flying Size chickens. Mrs. Wyki- ci- Kskriilgc, -!CO Viubro ]4»A:\. 10-iil'.-l& SUBi)tly"~liseir~I''AOTOKY BOAT and late model Johnson He:v Horse 12 1). p. OUTBOARD MOTOI!. nooil sluiiw,. $100 cash. Paul Byrum. 0-ck-tf Good Used Tr 10K-1-V8, l'.~ ton truck 133-1 Chevrolet I'i ton truck 1A3 lulornalioniil 1'i ton truck & trailer 1035 Iiilcrnatloiutl 1'i ion Irucl: i; trailer ! z ton Intci -natianal Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. van SAI.I-: 5 room house, halli. LHIBC lot. Acrose; Iroin high mul echools. Cheapest taxes in town. Could be made into nimrtinciu. EOS Cluckasuvta. ilh kf j.leal Esiate WE nuv HIDES i- ALL KINDS METALS We Eel I Coal. Wood and Kindling Ciive Us a Trial and Be Satisfied Blylhcvillc Fuel Co. 118 S. Railroad St.' Dance Every Night At the Silver Moon LONDON (UP) — A • new ' dnie called benzedrine, which raises the blood pleasure and thus cures depression ami shyness, is tte.seribed hi Ihe current Issue ot the "Uin- Cl'l." After a doi'e of beuzcdviue, even the most dcpiessed imtlenlo mcj \\'e Have the Following CARS IN STOCK liKIS CHKVHOMiT ' COACH New lircs, ni[)!oi- flJQV-i ovcrhiiuloil _____ ... <pD< J lll.'if. KOIU) COACH (P^jOf- while sidcwull tiri'.s«P"i"J H):t.'( CHICVIiOI.CT vSHDAN, six wlicolK i --li i unlt (T rack ......: .;:.- 19JM Uuilffc iieiv |)iiin( able u> oveivoiiu' thrir shyue.-:., anil tall; spiinlaneoiihl.v. Tliey firl unusually full of eiwrrjy and wit-; IIATON HOlKiK, l,.i, ,ui'i A rimlidi'niv. '" w I'iilnii jiK.nopl.uu- and 11 hind- Tr-ts lor the innilnl ability <n lh '' '"' ! -' ha\v |M-I:II added lo llu- paticnl.s altci takini-, Ihe <lrti:-. "inium'nl u( llic ariciuiiilii-al i-n- show Ihul iliry are uljlc to «>n- • tfiui'fi'lirn (icjiarlnu'iii ol l/>ni.-.iiiii:i cnihale Iietlci', mid can work out ' •- -• ••- piolitein-i liuUM' :uul more m'cm- ali'ly lhan before. Lee Motor Sales 315 East .Main RADIO RKl>AlRlN(i , . l''ralu, Jr., 'iinny iilr corps ro-scrve Drs. Wcrl & Wcrt Over ,loe Isaacs' fitorfc ."IVK JMKB 'KM SF.K" I'honc CM HEAR! HEAR* If you have n burial aswi'ialion cerlifuT.ti! tif • iuiy kind mi your . lovi'il OIICM when Ihc.y Vuss away, \VL- will nuTpl il ;>l full viiliiu on the funeral, you Iniy MH much :is ff>0 w in COBB FUNERAL HOME I'OK (H'K'K SHKV1CK UN M'ASIIKl) AND CRAVEL I'llONI'I 700 SiiiH'iioi- ('(ml v^ iMiniiij; Co. Anil »>• h.nuUc all I..MIII.IC Ilranlls »f lli;li Cia,li- Coal— Slllinnll, 11,.ul. IlilllUtll, niunlleello, elf. ONE ST01 ), SKimCM STATION TOU VOUK CONVliNIKNCK' SINCLAIR CAS AND UIUK1CATION WYSI<: I'KHUY in cliiirtro of Scrviei! Doimrhnenl. I- II. JOHNSON in charge of Hody Diiplii'liiicnl, —ItATTKHV SlillVll'i; —KADlA'l'Ull lilil'AlIt —I10DV WOltK —i'i:\i)i:i! WOIIK — CLASS INSTALL!!'] —AUTO 1'AHTS BARGAINS : THUH1-; DAY SI'BCIAI-S Trucks equipped wllli ulu-els Truck 1 1-2 Ton $525 1335 CMI:VKOI.I:T i 1-2 Ton Tnu-k ................... 5395 IMI r.'iiiiviiOMiT i i-a Ton Truck .................. fllis J9:i:i (S.M.t;. ! 1-2 Ton Truck 1933 ri Truck i 1-2 Ton ., SJC5 W. T. RARNCTT iS otluo ,S rlymoulli Itc.ilcr I'HONK 888 i!):io t;i!i;itvoi,i:T i :.;; Ton • Truck $ 75 These • (rucks lire all rL-coiillilinncd li'td. Others lo clioiiso TOMLriTLE: CHEVROLET CO; ALU'IY 001' I'liulio G33 WELL, ALLEY-HERE I AM) BACK, SAFE AMD ^ - 5OUMP-THAMKS (WELL! TO THE5E THREE V FRIEWDS OF YOURS... Ne\vly Reniodeleri Good Music Most, delightful Night, cluij between Memphis and Si. Ijouis. Good Barbecue E. 1SA1LHY, Mgr. CJel the bencfil of -sutnnici' prices. Fill Up Now My Coal Is Black But I Treat You White LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN— I'HONE 107 FOll SALB (Several thousand ncrcs southeast Missouri rich alluvial cotton & coin lands. Any size Iracl. TERMS LIKE RUNT. Everett B. Gee, Blj'thevillu. Jill. VETEHAN! Here is a chance to invest your oomis money wisely. GOOD 53-acre farm near St. Louis. CHEAP. TERMS. T. i'. Elder. Care Bell Cafe. West. Memphis, Ark. For Sale nr Trade—My home at • U19 w. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. ri. Sternberg. Call 981. g&. Poullry Cash Feed Store Pays lop For Eggs & Poultry E. Main For Rent 2 newly (itcoratert apartments in ritmlex. unfurnished. Call 769 8-cl:-tf Large 3 room modern apartment. Cool. Reasonable. Call 280. 13-ck-tr -Store for lease. Best, blcck on Main. Nice r.ho\v v.indows. Reasonable rent. Thomas Land Co. ll-ck-18 Fur. Apartment in Shane Duplex at 1114 West Ash. Call 197 01 571. 23-ck-U Lost LOST— C keys on ring, return lo Paul Byrum. H-ck-18 Man's pscbftbool: ronlnining t'.vo S10 bill-. SUBSTANTIAL, REV/ARD. Thccdoro 1'inkston. Neu Yorh Store. IS-p-h-lS Position Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHED and ]3ool:V.cepcr wants position Good rcfcrcticer.. Klmnc-i 1315 W. Main. Ca;i 33b-W. 13p k2 WajiicJ 1WOOM MAKING equipment t. buy or rcnl. Slanton A. I'ep|x:i lliilfnum. M-p-k-2 J'crsonal AUTO LOANS ii-h Advaiu'rd - Coulidcnlial I'AYMKNTS Highest Prices Paid For Used Furiihure Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN WE'VE PRACTICALLY COMMITTED^ EKflWCTlOM YEH-\ SUICIDE-SO, IF TOU'RE ^- BY DlkJOSAURS'LU AM' WOW) GOWWA TRY GOIW /BE PREFERABLE TO ARE \VE I 1HROU6H W S*AMF5,UvHAT WE'LL GET If- A \ LE'S 6IT 60IW'- t ysVUR'S MEM GET THEIR. HAWD3 ON US' SOUNDS I,IKK niHTY WOHK T Ity Hamlirt WUR, DO YOU THIMK THE GUARDS WILL ClAA'E MUCH TROUBLE CATCIIMG TH' MCX^VIAWSr 3 /!I~AX- /, / ' NO.') .iVI OfT^'MW^ ^ ' ; 0K A ^4 ^-^ .~* ^;uJj(L!«L-\»' H3>- MEANWHILE- } '' KIMO WUR MO HIS 5I5TER AiWIT~IHE ARREST OF ALLEY OOP AMD OOOLfl. FOUR GUARDS HAVE JUS'BEEU FOUWD, ALL BUSTED UP, '*J VK? SISTER'S ' >-"~-N CAVE r , VWHAT? \ J ( WELL, PER' Y~\ FTrsr i \it\[u>&H HOOTS AND HtiR JHJDOIKS "Mrs J. J. Davis—Spencer Corsetierc Call -I21-W for appointment WANTED —flt/1. KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 lo f5 ton Aluminum, 10c Ib. Brass. 2c to 4 %c Ib. Ooppcr ",Vlrfr, -Ic to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4Wc Hi. HIDES & FURS WOLF AIIIAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN t OF \ .HOME (WWW T HI,I,INC HIM •M.A V WHAT'S TH' MEAWIMG OF .' ^is? HAVE YOU DOUBLE-CROSSED ME? V^ VT.M. F ©.WJO.t ;to'.l) „,. ly.tfCX SCRVIC , \ watvs"v TOO f \ Vivw^ i ^Ti \1V, PY Nt» ^tBVICC. IHC. T, Rv S|arl|i( Always in the Market (or SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Mclal, Hides & Bones Hlytheville Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry Call 41S Wall Paper SALE 1930 PATTERNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone -10 Barber Shops HOLTS BAKBEK SHOP 101 South 2nd St. HAtrtCUT 20c, SHAVE 15o Balli—close B p.m.—Shins Batteries BETTER. BATrERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clanc At Totn Jackson's Service BUllon r.'o co-si^ucrs. .Mis: wing car ;nid iTgisti-alion c^ird aloiv;. U. W. MULLINS ^''•' K 'ny Itldsr. rhonr 1H.1 H«;t:! H'I'OMACir UI.CKRH. GAS I'AIN'S. tNOIOKHTION relieved Two Marriage Licenses For One Couple Puzzle BUCYRUS, O. lUl'l—Two mar- ringc licenses were Iwucd to one coui>lc here, but offlfiats were ; little uncertain wliy iflttiougli llu couple explained the licenses were to lie used in two different counties. Tlic following notation w.i made in probale Judge J. W .Sch\vencl:'s ni!\]'riage record: "The object ol ihis demand i. Cirt free .••aiiipie doctor's |fome\vl>n(. hazy to veiKHt. We an i|)lion. Udja, at Kirby Bros, assuming no res|»tirjhillty for llxi Co. legality for Ihese licenses." WASH TUIiliS flfH WORK ..._ .,__. MISSED FROM -JOE PICKET'S WIND. ' W™. WOFKLIP.BE DONE, TME RECENT ATTEMPT ON HI5 L1FP K DK; Vv/ 1'U'ITINC IT OUT !!y CniiK THERE! I'VE DRAGGED ALL THE RED HOT AAETAL FROM AROL1NP THE WELL. PRETTV HOT, EH, JOE? 5UITS 50 FAR. SOON A5 I GET THIS GLVCERIN UP TO THE BLAZE AND ;ET 'ER. OFF - POOP; 9HE'I.L BLOW OUT ' MATCH. FRKCKLES AND HIS KHIUNDS ? ) NOT BAP. BURNEP Y WELL.HERt GOESlHEV! W«itS / UP OMLV 3 A9rJE51D5tTHE FIR5T LOARVOUTf IP! : ? OU 5TUH8LE WITH THM TLffF-GOO A ALL SET! GO ilSTHE BOAT AMD REPORT.... •SVE'RE GOIMG TO DO THWGS AS THEY'RE DOME OfJ BH SHIPS ! Ill: BE ALCMG LATER! ^ V;EI.L, IF i ISWT V/ILLIE ) OFF THE. / HIM RIGKf A HAII.OU T]ll(()l!(;il AND' TIIKOUOI I VE$ rANP WATCH OlfT FOR i\P% A// PULL IN YOUR '"\ LISTEN 10 HIM, V.DULD YA ? NECKS,YOU GUYS,BE- ) ARE V/iT GOWMA STAWD . f^OPE I TAKE A V MERE AW' TAKE IMSULTS ^ SOCK AT YOU !.' ) L FROM THAT LnTLE L' ^—^^^ f ^: C±S.?' iV 'CIV: !AM .,/ >•': S»fi4\,V.'/-N : .( •vv'.'- '/ ^^ •vN\' '''^-: : -. V ^SSP^^2' 2T ^"^si ®*X"T. M ore, U S. PIT. Of'" ^ t *,'. OJis O 1 / >.[* 5-lfl^rct. i"iC, ABLE-BODIED SEA' MAN PLETZENBAUM REFDRTIWQ R3R DUTY.'J Kold Kriinch and Dollar Kills Kold Kruncli and Dollar -Bills "D H rntT" KAIL Curb Service Main and Division Curb Service Wed. July 15 Wed. Julu 15 .U Oj/r Foil n lain The Jicst Drinks i» Town, Served at live Coolest Parking Place in Town. Two Persons Served fur price of one. Bring all Your Friends Ice Cream, 25c Ql. ... Drugs at Lowest Prices

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