The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1953
Page 10
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TON BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER N«W» Paper Says Armed Forces Desertion Rate 'Alarming' LOUISVILLE, Ky. WV-The Louisville Times reported today (hat desertions from the armed forces of tho United States have reached "alarming proportions." The situation has become so bad, the newspaper Bald In a copyrighted article, that a well-informed Army colonel called It "R national disgrace." : . It said (ha wave of runaways Is motivated, In a large number of cases, by Ihe desires of young men to get dishonorably discharged and avoid service In Korea. In Kentucky alone, the article said, from 3,000 to 4,000 deserters arc tracked down each year and other hundreds still roam the country. It quoted military men as say- Ing 'he slluallon Is proportionately as bad In the other 47 states. Accurate figures on the other slates are unavailable, however, because the Defense Department has refused to make them public. The Times said it had learned, however .thai since the fall of 1050, the Ft. Knox stockade seldom has contained fewer than -100 to 600 prisoners, "practically nil of them deserters nnd AWOLs." 700 Hiding Out Richard Harwood. Times staff writer who wrote the article, said: "As of two months ngo, at least 700 soldiers nnd sailors wore hiding out in Kentucky cities, on farms and In rural communities. Some of them deserted years ago. Some of them live almost like animals hi oaves and abandoned coal mines. Many of them are protected and hidden by relatives and friends." Nationally, Harwood wrote, enough facts are known to Justify the estimate of somo military men that on any given day ot the year enough able-bodied men to make up two complete combat divisions are classified at dcsertere or AWOL. That Indicates a permanent force of runaways numbering 25,000 to 30.000 men. Tho Times said Its information, obtained from responsible military nnd civilian persons, amply confirms that the desertion problem is B serious one. Harwood said ho discussed the situation with n full colonel—"a professional soldier with long service in Europe and World War n." "National Disgrace" "The public ought to know these tilings because it's a national disgrace," ho quoted the colonel. "Those young men don't even Beem to know the moaning of patriotism. They don't give a damn what happens to their country. The only thing they are Interested In IE themselves." Some deserters boasted openly to court martial boards that their Intention was to dodge combat duty, tho Times said It was told by trial officers. "Parents have defended such attitudes, according to thesa officers, and more than once congressmen have Intervened to prevent tile Army from punishing the sons of their constituents," the article Bald. The Times Indicated that subsequent articles, would show public hostility to Army service and misplaced pressure from congressmen on the military have weakened discipline and morale. Sources at the Pentagon In Washington had no Immediate comment on the Times' report. Bible-Reading Slayer Has New Hope He May Escape the Chair HUNTSVILI.E, Tex. W> — Bible- reading Robert Miens. 22-yesr-old condemned slayer, had new hope today that he.might skip his scheduled after-midnight walk to the ilnte's electric chnlr. - While an attractive Inmate of 'nearby Goree Prison Farm lor ; Women hoped for eventual marriage with the condemned man, his lawyer sent word that he had new : evidence In the slaying for which :MIers wa-s convicted. '. i • . Ally. Joe Lee Hensley of Snn Antonio said he" would appear before the State Bo'nrcl of Pnrdens and Paroles En Austin today to appeal for *a commutation of the death sentence. ' Mters, meanwhile, sat In dcalli row 1 here Inking it "pretty well," a reporter said. He was reading his Bible and writing letters almost continuously, he told the reporter. Most of the letters were to members of the congregation of the Calvary Missionary Church at Ban Antonio, where- for .two months prayers have been offered night nnd day thnt'Mlers' life would be spared. -'• But some of the letters were to pretty Glenda Clark, 23. who sMri . she was with the condemned slayer the night of March 8, 1951, when they attempted to rob a San Antonio service station. Mlers scuffled with A. J. Sendemer, who tried i to slop the hoklttp, and Sonrtcmer was killed. Hopes (o Marry Him The Gorco prison matron, Mrs. Frtink-Dobbs, told n. reporter'Miss Clark had professed love for Mlers nnd quoted her RS snytng she hoped "jf things turned out right" to marry the youthful slayer. The girl, serving a five-year sentence for her part In the slaying, will not talk to newsmen. Mlcrs has told reporters he loves Miss Clark. The Rev. Prank Strlbling, Calvary Missionary pastor, said last night that prayers for Mfcrs "will not cease until all hope Is gone," More than 2,000 continuous hours have been spent In prnyer since . late October. About CO members of he church are doing most of the iraylng, Slrlbllng safd, with several praying In one nnd two-hour shifts. "Bob's conversion la genuine," he pnstor said, adding that he irays Mlcrs' life will be saved because "he Is Just now ready to ive since he has found a new hope nml faith In Christ." The preacher vlstled Mlers In Bexar County Jail at San Anlonlo ifler Mlcrs wrote to him. He and ils congregation became tho prime noyers In an effort to get the death sentence commuted to life niprisonmcnt. Since Ihcn, more than 3,000 Snn Antonio residents have signed petitions risking that the younff mnn'fi ilfe be spared, "Sympathy was definitely agftmst him nt the time we started the petitions," StrSbllng said. . Mlcrs, Miss Clark. RicharU Thorbus i\nd Lcroy Johnson were nr- re.steU three days after Senclemer, county road employe, was killed. Thorbus 'was sentenced (o life imprisonment mnl Johnson received a 30-yetir sentence. Baltimore Kids Get TV School Teachers Turning To Video at Clai HalUd by Stride BALTIMORE («—Playing hooicy from school was lurgely a matter of flicking- the television dial for most youngsters today In this metropolis of empty classrooms »nd bulging garbage cans. Stymied by a strike of city employes. Including school Janitors and garbage collectors, educators embarked on the Grand Experiment— teaching by television. Scientists who dreamed of Bomc- thlng like this In Ihelr world of tomorrow watched to see how It worked out today. And television — up to now a magnetic power for Ihe email fry —got Us sternest test from 80,000 uoys nnd girls, 60 per cent of Baltimore's public schoo! enrollment. All three Baltimore stations — WMAR, WliAL-TV and WAAM — offered lime and technicians for "telctcachtng." Each station will beam sludio- to-llving room courses for the duration of the strike, with pupils artviscd beforehand about the time and channel they are to watch for particular subjects, planners said. The situation began Inking shape New Year's Day when more than 3,000 city workers struck for higher pay. Since then, lanltallon officials estimate, almost 1,000 tons of garbage have been piling up dally In garbage cans and makeshift containers throughout the city. Sewer and water department wori has virtually been at a standstill. Yesterday, 174 public schools reopened nfter Christmas vacation. One hundred and four were closed after brief morning sessions because their janitors had Joined tho strike and classrooms were cold. Three operated on curtailed schedules. Pupils sent home from the cold buildings were given homework nd told to reporl'agaln today. Dr. William II. Lemmcl, super- ntendent of public Instruction, said hey would bo Instructed to stop In laily throughout the'strike to get nore homework lo combine with heir TV courses. At City Hall, Mayor Thomas d'Alesandro huddled until the wee lours for the third straight night vlth representatives of the APL Teamsters Union without report- ng any agreement on a new con- Tact. Both sides agreed to meet In today. TUWDAY, JAN. «, mi Sen. Tobey Wants 'Job Finished' WASHINGTON <.<V> — Sen. Tobey IR-NH) said today be \vlH urge the Senate to "finish thc-Jc'." of exposing orgnnlzed crime and It-s re'- ntion to politicians. The scnntor was n member of Ihe Senate Crime Investigating tom- inittee which conducted months of televised Investigations fn 1050 and 1951. Neurotic Dogs Get Treatment LOS ANGELES Wj — There are 700,000 dogs in Los Angeles ami aMut 250,000 of them, the Societj for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says, either are neurotic or close to It. So the society has hired Bert Turnqulst, canine psychologist, to offer free treatment for dogs that have become frustrated by the noises of the city. Says he: "We spoil our dogs; in many cases that Is the clue to the neurosis. But a dog's hearing is .tuned up four times that of a human. Noises affect them more and thereby bring on fears and nervous complexes.',' One of Dr. Turnqiiist's remedies will be to turn on so much noise for part of the dog's visit that when he goes home, ordinary noises won't affect htm. Crewman Killed As Ships Collide BUENO3 ATRES, Argentina (/n- The 7,723-ton Spanish vessel Monte Urbasa collided In the early morn- Ing darkness of Buenos Aires today with Ihe 8,192-ton Danish tanker Rosa Macrsk. A crewman aboan the Spanish ship nws ' killed am two Chilean student passengers were Injured. Judy Garland's Mother Dies SANTA MONICA, Calif. (fl>) Actress Judy Onrlnnrt and her husband, Sid Luft, were due here today to make funeral arrangements for her mother, Mrs. Ethel Milne llmorc, who died yesterday near :he aircraft factory where she worked, apparently of a heart attack. The ...tfldjr- of Mrs. Gllmore, 56 was foundfbetween two cars on the parking " lot' of Douglas Aircraft Company. She had been a $GO-a- \veek clerk at the factory for a year, copyreading purchase orders. In recent years Mr.*. Olltnore nn<] the daughter she had helped become a famous actress and singer reportedly had been estranged. Parking Tickets But No Fines ISUPPALO, N, Y. dT)—If you.park overtime, members of a local churel will lag your automobile—with n summons to Sunday services. Forgetful motorists find a note on their windshields from the Salem nnd Evangelical Reformed Church. It tells them a coin has been Inserted In the parking meter nnd Invites them to church. Hubby Wanted Figure to Self LOS ANGELES (/!>) — -!Hc dldn'l Mke other men, especially collegi boys, looking at my figure," testi- ftcrt photographers' model Busts Brown. 21. In obtaining n divorce from brcvvmaster Victor Shalieen 22. He objected, she said yesterday although Shahcen first dated her because of her picture In a mngn- zinc. "In the picture I was wearing French brahlr.g suit nnri he told me T looked 'real sexy'," she related. Adonis on Trial NEW YORK W) — Onmbler Joe Adonis, reputedly among the higher echelons in Ihe nation's underworld, was called to trial today on charges of contempt of the Senate Crime Committee. ALL - ELECTRIC Underwood TYPEWRITER CALL FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION Try [( . . . you'll like it. The new All-Electric Undei-Kood Tjrte»Tiler. BUSINESS MACHINES CO. 119 S. 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