The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1947
Page 12
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|»AGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1047 fruman Conducts 'Thought Clinic' ' Caruthcrsville, Mo., Leader Attends Parley Held in Washington. WASHINGTON. April 25. (UP) — President Truman discussed the national price 'situation with democratic leaders from four iiilclives- fcrn states yesterday. Tiiey reported the President thought the nation's newspapers played liis price speech at New , York Monday fairly. Mr. Truman inei with national committee mfir.bers nnd slate i chairmen from Illinois, Indiana, • Missouri and Ohio, in another of. the series of "though clinics." H D heard repeated predictions the Democrats would ciury those states in IMS. Mr. Trunian told them, 1 in dh- * cussing 4he price situation, that he did not mind editorial opposition as long as his side of the case was presented fairly on the front pages. ' Edward J. K?l!y, former mayor . of Chicago, told the President the Democratic Party should never rc- Inx in its effort to help the welfare of the American masses. 'Albert H. Horstman. Ohio state • chairman from Dayton, said 'ie was certain that if the election were held now, Ohio would 30 • Democratic. ' Similar predictions " were made by Picas E. Grecnlee, * Indiana state chairman, and Roy . W. Harper, of Camthcrsviile, Mo., Missouri state chairman. Harper reported to the president that the people of (he chief ex- v > 'Beauty on tKe Block—Arfd No Takers T. O. M, Sopwilli's famous racing ynchts. Endeavour nnd Enrlenvour IT, arc pictured on the beach :it Gosport, tinghmd, where they recently went o n ihc nirclion block. The onco-sk'ck bciuillos coulttn'l inill ;i Mimic bid and the auctioneer Iv.ul I o oiler their equipment separately. Endeavour's two jib topsail?, of 1800 nnd 2000 scjuarc feet each, brought $80 and S100 respectively. The boats originally cost between 5100,000 and $120,000 to build at prewar prices. City Dwellers, May Destroy Hermit's Quiet A1.UANY, N. Y. <UP>—Thp licr- niit of cold Hlver Flow may hnve come i rouble tending to Ins ner- mitfng business romc summer. wildest purl of I ho Adirondack Mountains, has been to "the cift'" this winter—appearing at .sporLs- niens .shows In New York nnd Albany. Already, thousands oE hiking fans five plu lining on how they can invsuU- his primitive hnlliwick. The superintendent of New York Si site's eumps and U'atls said he expcct.s to rlclali forest rnligcrs to brush out tlic 50 miles of wilderness trails leading from' three dl- Nonh home is John Rondeau, ,on a ruined 'cliff whose' settlement. the cculivc's home .state felt Hint they had h£d enough of (he Republicans. Copyright by Gwcn Davenport; Dislribulcd by N£A SERVICE, INC. TUP. STOHYi Alter a Hff- ilmc of .Iny/MiiJT (hi- Murt.i. ll.r- prriii nvtretiM SupKlo vnii Hyck {•I»IU>M htmie to flu- IMllr M;ilnc r<tnn1 ttnvn lYhrre »ho \vitn litirii. Widow oJC nil h\ (IT tin tin tin I Imnkcr, nbe lintl llvt-d cmuforl- nMy «m tin: ICivlcra mill! HH- ivnr. In fetT jitiriy itrv \ It-iui hi Jfiikltix, M-l-' rxrimil - .li.N^I.I.-r; MnrreL IVrr.itilt, nil I'hlvrly I>Vfiii'hm:Hi -\\htt Is Jit-r iu»rl r."iH IKiinirr. Sir Chnrli'N MnU- drn, livr l.inU-r. .Sojililr hus liuurrhf thr nM 1'i-nliutly Jnniie .. <j«i!fri-y ing In nit her i'lniK Hid ni-dirN* Iinme, Is Sin- li'llx >Iii XII 'pHE one person with whom Sophie's relations had always .been . remarkably uncomplicated was Victoria. Virtcria's mother, Sophie's only child, had been difficult and altogether unsatisfactory. For • one thing—Sophie had to admit it— her daughter's babyhood had conflicted with the years of her Greatest successes; she had been (ravel- ing.a good half of the lime. Then, too,' Mary van Eyck hod been plain and one of. those women wilh • a talent for obscurity. She could scarcely have married anyone [ more obscure lhan Ihc colorless teacher, Frank Jenkins, wilh whom ; she had run away at a moment • when Sophie WPS having enough • trouble as it was with Basil Vasi. lov threatening to kill himself over her. Victoria's girlhood, on the other v hand, had coincided with Sophie'b 'happy retirement as Mrs. Max Bernheim, a period when both psssion and fame had ceased to claim her and she could devote love anrl attention to the child Even to herself Sophie had to admit that Vicky was picturesque where Mary had bc»n namby '. pamby. Vicky was exquisite am tlie darling of her grandmother'; i car 1. Nevertheless, Sophie had lot yd entered into an adult vc- alionship with the givl. Not only vns Vicky very young, she was juito without the spark of artistic 'enius which would have necesai- aled some recognition other than hat of an indulgent grandparent a sweet orphaned child more han TiQ years her junior. * c * FT was nearly 10 o'clock the next morning before Vicky knocked at the door of her grandmother'. 1 ; jctlroom, Sophie, with her hair n two long while braids that loll ivcr the shoulders of a purple ntin robe, was lying cm the chaise ongue under the windows. Vicky •'nine in apologizing /or being late. Sophie patlotl the chaise beside icr. "Ccme nnd sit down, darling, expect you were out late." "Yes, I was, rather„ 1 went for moonlight sail with some people ! met nt the Kcd Cross." This was rue enough; Vicky had. been se\v- ng for war orphans nt the lied Cross in the villcige and had, made Ihc acquaintance of n lew summer .jcople. "I'm sure they're very nice, clear," Sophie said vaguely. "Yes, Granny." "I want to tell you, my rtenr, .hot our little family i;; very short- .y to be increased by one. You rinvc probably heard oft on of otifrcy Mansbridge, the actor. I have—known him fov many years. Ho was the greatest leading man I ever had. You remember his picture hnng in the salon at Antibes. as Romeo." Vicky remained silent. "You do remember, tlon*t you darling?" r "Ycs, Granny," Victoria continued to sit for so long in an attitude her grandmother considered apathelic Hi a Sophie grew worried. "IXirrm child! We must all seem so terribly old lo you! I forget sometimes. .This summer will be clul for you, won't it, with none o Coiling ready to return homo, ihc colorful Noah said, "The city is fine nnd n)t that, but there arc loo many people with cly'teftlion's distemper." Tttijl's his word for a our own Jriomts near you? You \ ;iust ]>olLevo that 1 need you. We I iced you. 1 ' ' ' ^ "OC course, Gvandmolhov," said r icky dutifully. "And I can al- / vays make ntnv friends." - • -* "Have you made a conquest here Trendy?" Sophie inquired curious- y. "Or is it none o£ my grand- ' nothcrly business?" £ "Of course it's your business!" > ficky paused for a fraction, of a ] ninulc. "lie HVP-S next door," she aid. "Or rather, his family docs. Te's hern on two weeks' leave." "Then we must liave him over fieri, my clear." "The funny thing Is ho doesn't vant ID come much until his inoth- r has called on you, and all that." "How refreshing!" said Sophie. "His name is Bagot. Sailer lagot the Third." ,^ : r _ .{ 'T'O Victoria 1 :; intense' astonishment, Mad,ime van Eyck sat t upright at mention of Sally's HC and gripped her grand- lauglilcr's arms. "Vicky! Bngol, did you say?" "Yes," said Vicky. "His family comes from. Huston, bxit they've living here in the summer lor ayes." Sophie leaned bade again, sink- ng slowly into the satin cushions. l l used to know n Bagot once, 1 ' she murmured. "Oh, a long, long ,ime ago—•" "H call y, Granny?" Victoria iuckcd her legs under her and curled up on the chaise like a youny animal. "Well, it your I3agot was your sort of generation might even have been Sally's ?r and father. That would have been the original Snllcr Bagot, wouldn't it? My Salty is Sailer Bngot the Third." •• "No," Sophie said musingly, "the Bnfiot I knew wasn't called Sailer- There arc lots oE them around this part of ihc \vorld, yni know. Strange—1 hadn't thought of that name in many, many years." ] t was true .she had not, and yet, i£ the name of Calais could he graven on the heart oC Mary of England, Ihc name Bngot could certainly he found in n comparable position on that organ ot Sophie van Eyck. (To Be Continued); W cold. ' "There ain't any cold germs back in my mountains, 1 ' he remarked proudly. The G3-ycar-old hermit was flown out of the Adirondack.? in a helicopter to Saranic- Lake and thence by plane to Nev; York City. During fils .stay there, lie talked to an estimated 200.000 persons, was kissed by movie stars, appeared on five radio broadcasts, Including television show, had his picture taken at least 5uO times, was interviewed by 50 reporters and signed a minimum of 1.000 autographs. "I felt like I was president," North, commented. "I3ut I think I'll stick to being mayor—mayor of Cold River Flow and its only Inhabitant. 1 * Read Courier News wam'Ads. For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On nii'iliuin si/e and larjje Iraofs. No cxtnis. Full repayment privi- <cgc. SF.i; US FOIt QUICK SERVICE ON FHA LOANS Fur liuiliUnp or Itcpalrins. Also Audi Truck and Tractor I,o;ms. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store Blylheville, Ark. r. 3*\\NZ>* \ • / i\.?. .. V,. .... / if.* CCFR. 1M7 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U.S. PAT. OFF. A-75 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy Cl at Stale Line Phono lily(hevillc 714 Let Us'Hela. 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GROCERIES/ )> MEW REMIND M.E tODAV TO PICK UP A rilCS SIPT FOR \OLJR HOSPITASLS —J m ByjR. WiHiams COME OM, VOU WALKIWa ROLL-TOP DESK. LET'S tTLEAM N OUT THOSE POCKETS RI&HT NO\V.' MIS. WATS ASKEl? ^^E IF MOD WERE GOIM& 1NJ BJJSIMESS FOR. YOURSELF-SHE THIK1HS YOU'RE EKIWGIM& | HOME 'VISES AND PAKT1S OF LATHES FROM TME SHOP.' TOP'S OITTIM' TO LCOK LIKE A TEfOT ~ALOOM IKJ A GOLD RUSH.' THE FORF.MMJ „„„.., „ . VIC FLINT Tears of Happiness tfhe police carted Parrot off just a Mother Mulvdtie and Nellie returned SAINTS PRESERVE US/ WHAT'S HAPPENED? IS {. TACKY— T6U ME, IS TACKY-- ITS FOR /JOY I'M CKY INS, LIB8Y. YOU DON'T AI1CHAK1, O'MALLKY nnd ]{A1,1>II T,ANI WU'Rg SO CJUlcT. CHIU. ARE YOU ' ~- - N ALL RISHT? YES, IAI tMl RIGHT A I WAS JUST TtifENXIMG HOW NICE IT t£5 TO FIND THERE ARE PiOPie WHO CARE WHftT MPfLtK TO YOU. t zs !S cjar».ji«TjjYM«sijM<;j.jL^cjrVM cic.i'.CTTf VOU'RB GOINC3 TOX SOU'E'E BLUFFING. .. RNISHIT FOB^\E. \ OE 3UST ASKINGTO BURN] __ \ PQ^ ^ TRIPLE WURDEE! HEfLL BE EEIEASEC O WILL TOU- WHEN-I'VIE ttP>D T-"AE TO OUECT FOR ft CERTAIN FOE^^UV^...O^JE PETTIFER- WSTHIM ... HW VOD HWEN'T QUITE CO\WLETEP 1ETI OE. GlME ^AE WJ TROUBLE. THEY'LL BE FOUND DEW. fsNO SO Will VOU '.! ED RYDER The Plan BY V. T. HAMLIJ" SCORT mt-\ tO WE BADl^SiOS- ^\AK£ 6URE Vte'6 ALO,«SE' WE'LL WAIT Al.O^5e WE TRAIL A«D S1GMAL YOU WITH A SHOT' Toil GET THE fAO^Et AS!p , WE'LL TliR^ OMER J HIS 1>MJ<5HTER' ^£— WITH THE CASH , BECAUSE. WE\L £ OUR GilNS Or^ YOU TOO.' THAT" NIGHT: if TOLJ WftJCH-ur\ OiJT \-i--- 17 FOR."EAP SUi^CH" K ! " ' WHILE ^^ i HOLE I ALLEY 00V Recruits Ry V. T. HAML1N > PSHAW. LIEUTENANT; IT / siH. WE'D " \ \\^5 A PICNIC.' 1= X3!R ( L.KE TO CAN B£ ) -AELL.I HATE TO LOSE ^. BUT WITH TOULON EH CAP'N? / ONLY HOU35 AW.W. ILL OUT ALL RIGHT.' \-JELL O5CM5 IT UOOK5 LIKE. WE'RE BOOTS AND HKK BIIDTHRS Let's On! MARTIT*

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