The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1930 NEWS Scene on French Island of St. Pierre Smuggling Trade Has Been ' Sources of Riches French Isle of St. to Pierre, j BV ttKOKOK COMSTOCK : XE\ Srrvlce Writer ST. PIERRE. — The rum trade , has Drought riches to this little town. Canada's recent law proliib- : King the expert ot liquor into Ow United suites moved the headtiuar-, ters of the rum trade to St. Pierre, and its sister island. Mlqt.ilon. and : the.- inhabitants of the town arc. .sllll • to daMrd with their sudden i gcod fortune that they can't under- i stand it. | There is one i!.;vcr ending topic ! of conversation on the two islands.' ; 1'e'ple want to know if there is i any chance of the United Slates j repealing the ,18th Amendment.! , They sincerely iiope that nothing ', U will be done about the matter, but i l%il the siime time they live in f-?ar ! I <V;at they may awake some day and • I lirul th«!r' course of revenue cut; all >' well-conducted. The cafes are off ub suddenly and my.slefiou.sly as, to close al 10 o'clock at ME NIGUTE (Cmiihiiifd from page one) planes ilylrif regularly from New Orlean:; i u Union House, Alexandria nn.l Hhroveiwrl. Tlicn !:.-• Ixy.iahi another plane and MaiiMl ii New Orleans-Si. Louis i mi A Hale Inlcr lie threw n line Iran New Orleans to Dallus nnd FIJI tti Worth, nnd lust spring he ad<K'd a mil to Bjaumonl niul Houston PAGE TIIRER was traveling between 300 and 400 miles mi hour, Th<> (hirst [or spml i .lint, br-ifan wllh rldlns fust tins hren. .snlkflrd nl Williams Is not widely known us a l>hll.\nthroplst; however, hi- has •••pent more than $100.000 in send- B sonic 50 Louisiana lioys ttu-ol- I<W. Quietly, nnd without nllracl- Ini; any allviuiun. he lias flniuiccil , Iliv c(lucatton of promi.Mng young j men In ImlKiiKoiis nil over the •country; today he has jirulunes In I such places as Stwani'L'. 'rnliini 1 . j the Umveislty of Michigan, LonM- ana Klatc University and Georgia Tech. lie does this, not as a IOAII. but- as n Kill, with no s'.rlnus Ik-d to it. j Oh yes. there's jiint one iiinri- I thing to udd— '.ho' former Marguerite Clnvk, who now llvrxiulet- ly wllh her luislitind on his okl- fashioned I.ouislaiui estate, has be- Finn were (lie guests of Mia Eileen .Tlnusday night. i\ incetlnc nl nrlver Grove school. Clmili'i l!!i;hnm had ns his fi.ilmday nl !; |ii. Mr. llteliitrd MM. ' Russell Rpriimr s^ni Sunday nl Hiu-lieW. Mr. i'n.'cn Walilmp is -.[jcndliifi a I''W dnys In this ii-iiiiriiiiiliy. j Kell*m a IlMdacAe or N«graltl» Ch.ulc.-i -Surlnim is MI ihc sick I lt> 3» minutes, checks a (JoU the list th!- w.?i-k. I nrst Uay, 'and cln-cks Malaria In Mr. I tuny Ni'ihnliiiirt of Mem- (lirte days, phts ami his cmisin, . Miss M m y ', (Jltfi also | n Tablets 666 plnnes. conn- iinllr 1W ihoioujih an aviation msiM as Williams himself. Driver Grove Tlle i:w rum capital of Hie world, the French islandr of SI. Pierre and Mi:|iielon, despite Iheir wealth, still rPlain their habits of hard work, llc-r,? yon see some of (he woni'.-n of St. I'ii-rrc at wurk unloading a fist) ing. boa I. Many of the v/om.n of the islands do manual labo:. it come 'night, bin tills law is seldom ob- Muliy' of the families on St. I•*' ve(i - " I ' he rum "mners sit Pierre have made their lorlune around lables, smoking, talking, and ond returned to Prance..' Many I drinking liquor, which, from an oilers hqirc to do so. Life on Si. Pierre has never been pleasant. The liquor, which, from American standpoint, is ridiculously cheap. A quart of rye whisky may be liad in St. I'lerrc for from "Cinderella of the Talkies" Makes Good in New Movie Now im linos have Wllllnm-i also hns a luxurious of his own —'a crimson-winged | Lockhcul-SMus like the one in | which Culonel nnd Mrs. Lindbergh ; flaw OCIIAS the continent for a new ] record, a plane capable of doing . better than 200 miles' nil hour. I !•> Mr Sprtd Di'jium i However, a few days ugo he foiin.l ! n ship tint coi;ld go even faster— !M<IJI a racing monoplane built by Jim-!«:"• nlpht. my Wcdi-ll and himself. Williams' Mrs. Sarah Hall anil I took Hits ship up to a GOOO-foot nl- j Uelah. wi>re ihc Sunday : lilntle, o|>oii«l Ihe throttle wide I .> li-rilm Brock, land headed down In a full power i Mr, nnd Mrs. J. C. Ludons were | dive, pulling out of Ii when Ihe mo- llw. Sunday guesls of Mr. and Mrs j tor began to show signs of (rouble, ! Ijiwraa'e i.uclou-. Ill- estimates that In this dive he I The llev. Lloyd Mangold Is con- A veiy large crowd nll?iulC(l the mt-Pliiii! nt the Uiivor Orove school Smuiay. ' EvciyoiR- IK invited to the box l Hilvcr Orovfi school Frl- daughter, yues'.fi ol 1 M'/fl-C O)i the tablets of your memory Write it down to buy a flask of Horlick's mukccl tablets the next time you go a-golfing. Quick relief for fatigue. Means steadier nerves.\A concentrated food and delightful confection. At better druggists'evtrywhere. .HORLICK'a RACINE. WISCONSIN twu Islands afe fog-bound, bleak, ... .„ ,., inhospitable without sufficient soil &> cent6 lo $'- 5() - Champagne sells for from SI to $2.50 a quart on wliictntq grow trc^s or vegetation. It is no place fcr a man or wealth, bud many of those who made money in rum a year ago ' have left the island. Their places are lak,3n by newcomers. The pdpu-. laliun cf. the island is growing rap- Erfislinj As a itemole Fishing Town , For more lhan two hundred years St. Pierre- and Miquelon existed a.s almost-forgotten fishing villages.] St. Pierre was first discovered and fif-llted by Ihe French, who used it as a headquarters for (heir fishing The 'stores are .supposed lo sell only by the boltle. but there is no law against a prospective ciistom- er sampling th? wares he expects t'j buy. Many of Ihe stores keep j •bottles open as samples. You may have n; many free drinks from ' Ihem as you desir.?. regardless ol | i whether you make a purchase. i St. Pierre, is a. lillle worried for fenr lhat the United Stales Gov- ent may prevail on Prance to the smuggling from the is;- l ° p . lamls ' I mains This possibility, however, rein Ihe future- And-In-the I ftjel- The town was burned by the British, rebuilt, and, finally ceded Ui France by the treaty a! 17C3. Wilh several smaller ishinds. it remains to this day all of France's once proud Canadian empir.?. Even in the height of its existence' as a rendezvous for the flsh- ina fleet 'St. Pwrre was never more than a small collection of unpainted houses set along a stone quay. In recent years the fishing industry has declined, ard the town seemed destined to become as des- e:ted as it was the day the first Frciichman set, foot on its shores. Only the transfer of the liquor smuggling! trade ..frpm Canada to the islands saved the town. Exwpt for a small steamer which calh at St. Pierre every two weeks, thele'is no regular connection with the -Outside world. An occasional freighter arrives from France, and sails away with a few passengers. But there Is sailing schedule. the inhabitants of St. Pierre are not worried about the remoteneis of tfeir town. They do not want visitors oh the island. All strangers sire regarded with suspicion. In the early days, when the liquor traffic was storting, strangers were more '.welcomed. But the people in St. Pierre believe that some of their earlier visitors were observers cent there by the Const Guard, or the American enforcement authorities, and they want to have no more to do with strangers. II is not unusual for the authorities of the island to instruct the captain of the steamer that no passengers are to be allowed ashore during lh.3 few hours the ship is in Iiort. When passengers are permitted to land they arc treated courteously— until they ask questions about tte liquor traffic. Many visitors to St. Pierre have been ordered to leave, without, apparently, any particular reason. The authorities of th; island are trying to play safe. i Strangers Not Wanted j On the Islands I For a rnni-rnnning center, crowded with sailors and smugglers. Si. Pierre Ib strangely quLH and order'/ The French gendarmes walk quiclly along the street( passing sailors and rum-runners. The cag.?s are filled, but there is little drunkenness. Drinking is not permitted on the rum boats while at «a and, when ashore, the sailors are gener- mcantlme the liquor trade Is pre paring to do a bigger and belter smuggling business in the future. BASSETT NEWS Mrs. A. J. Hcnson visited her daughter. Mrs. .Ice Owen of Wilson Sunday afterncon.. Mrs.. Robert Griffin of Wilson visited her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. O. C. McKatridg.-?, Sunday. Mrs. Milton Shelby was presented with a Tudor Fonl sedan by the Wilson Motor Ccmpaiiy at their opening Tuesday night. Billie Joe. the 10 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ashbuni di.^d Friday morning after a brief illness. Buriil' was made Ifi file Ashburn cemetery at Bardstown and was'attended by a -large number of relatives and friends. He is survived by his parents and grandparents Itov. Manwaning of Wilfon officiated at the services. ' Mrs. Higglnbotham, who died on Friday night was buried at Batsctt, on Sunday. She is survived by her husband and one son. By DAN THOMAS NKA Sen-ice Writer HOLLYWOOD.—Wriciievcr Manrice Chevalier's name glitters in theater lights you can bs pretty sure of seeing an entertaining incline. And l h c French star's lat- •sl film "Playboy ol Paris." is no xceplion. There are spots n the dim that ,ire badly direct- id' but they are lasily overlooked n view of the ibrilllant i>eiTorin- lante given ' by Chevalier and his ch aiming young lending 1 a d y. ic.r Frances Dee. Prances, as you may remembfr. is plug In Its simplicity, which seems equally Important to us. We did sec one film this week which we can'l get greatly excited over, however. It was "The Boudoir Diplomat," with Ian Keith. Mary iDuican. Betty Compson and |J e a n e tte LofT. iTliis picture Is based on the stage play. ."The ]C o in m a n d to Love." which was really fine show Ihut'the film docs [not compare favorably with- the Every member lof the cast apparently does as ,Ti:ich as possible part but, for the Frances l)re with his or her the girl who was chosen .from the j most,, part they aren't given any- extra ranks Tor this vole-thai was ' tiling to do. The film is choppy, being sought by practically every young actress in Ihe celluloid colony. The slory is that of a waiter in a French cafe who-inherits 1,000,OM francs but who caiVt quit his job because of his contract, so he waits on. tables all d'ay and is a playboy at night. There are a few very clever • situations '. and "the songs, especially "It's a Great Life if Yoji Don't, Weaken," as! sung'by. Chevalier are'excellent. • - - •- ••*••" Although this is the first film Jumping back nnd forth from on; scene to another for no apparent reason. The situations aren't worked out so as to get the most out of .them. And the main j»int of the story is m;.«rd entirely. Fortunately, those who do see the picture woirt have to sit through n llock of meaningless songs. CORTI-AND. N. Y., (UP)—After .Only' six hours of dual instruction, Mrs. Ha::ld R. Mull, wife of Lien- Miss Uce E work proves that Chevalier wos righi vrten he asked to have piny the role. That girl has what it lakes lo be a slar. Olher good performance* are given by Sluarl Erwin. Dorothy Christy and Eiigene Pallette. Litlle Jack P.?ll, seven year old i T ^' s P'clure Is boand to be a son of Mr. and : Mrs." E. B. Bell was i monev maker for the simple reason seriously injured when he fell I " latp " ' s wt)rlr ' spending-money to through a trap door in a barn, -! scc Sunday afternoon. Be, in com- I . « « pany with some other children had 1 . " A . Fa ' h ."'s Son" is another pro- gone p?can hunting and slopped to ! play in the barn. His head was struck in the fall and caused serious injury. Mr. and 'vfis. L. R. Brownlee announce the birth of a daughter, on Thursday of last week. BEKR BLAMED IN SUIT ST. JOSEPH. (UP)—Charging that her husband beat her because she objected when he gave their two-year-old daughter beer. Mrs. Wilnia Price of Benton Harbor has filed a divorce suit against Virgil Price. cluction which we don't- mind recommending rnlher highly, especially for fathers. It is a story of a father who makes the mistake, of trying to dominate his son instead of being a pal. Leon Janny, who plays the son. absolutely walks off with the honors but Lewis Stone and Irene Rich, as the father and mother, aren't far behind him. The film is well directed, inovos along smoothly vomnn to c is the firs;, le'arn to fly. Corlland Toe-nails tinted lo match bathing costumes are the late-sl freak fashion al mnny 5.?as'Idc resorts in Europe'.." ' ' '. : HIS PILES HEALED AFTER 35 YEARS Mr. Jchr. A. Haab, Dallas City, 111., was onllrply healed of Piles and other Rectal Trouble after suffering for 35 years. He urges all sufferers to write The. Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 419, 926 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo., for. a nsw free copyrighted book which explains a mild, sure Ireatmcnl for hemorrhoids (piles) and al forms „,,„.. , — of rectal diseases. This „„. . . . - and-IurnlsSias real i ij-talmcnt has restored more than entertainment al the same time it! 40.050 people to renewed health in leaches a great lesson. There is j the past 63 years. In writing for nothing elaborate about the picture | t) 1D bnck. there is no cost or obli- aud it Ins no songs tut it is grip- gallon. —Adv.' New Face Powder Stays on Longer A wonderful discovery is the new French process which gives MELLO-GLO Face Powder its unparalleled smoothness and makes It stay on longer. The purest powder made—its color is tested. Never gives a pasty or flaky look. Will not smart skin or enlarge the pores. ' Gives a youthful bloom. Remember the name—MELLO- GLO. Kirby Drug Co.—Adv. No. 10. I For Wednesday Only Brakes Adjusted $150 and Car Greased X FREE BRAKE TESTING • DIXIE! I JEEVICI: JTATICN • I Phone 315 Cor. Ash and Broadway I Close Out Bargain Water Spar Lacquer Below Cost Old Price 1-J Pint 40c 1-jPint 65c 1-Pint $1.20 Sale Price 28c 42c 79c 1-Qiiart 2.20 1.56 Water Spar Lacquer dries in no time. Just the thing for refinishlnp furniture, porch swings, etc. This coupon is good for 20c on the purchase of :i n y size can of WATKR S V A R lacquer, Varnish or Enamel. Name Street City .. Come Early Antl (Jet Your Choice of the Colors At T "«Arkmo Lumber Yards Phone 8SO . ' \Vest Main St. Horse Shoe Rrand Brushes "CLEAR EVIDENCE" Says L. J. HOROWITZ Chairman of the Board Thompson-Starrctt Co., Inc. Buildtn of the new Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, the Woolworfh Building, the Paramount Buildinif.theEquiiable Building, Men-York; the Central Motors Building in Detroit, the Palmer House in Chicago. "When modern enterprise joins hands with sure-footed experience, success becomes a certainty. The fusion of these two important factors has given Thotnfwpn-Starrett over abiilion dollars worth of activity in thirty years. It is inter- i esting to note (he application of this same principle in your business. Its clear evidence is your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting' of the LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos." LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos —the Cream of the Crop—THEN—"ITS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows—that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. "It's toasted" Your Throat Protection— against irritation — against com Consistent with its policy of laying the facts before the public, The American Tobacco Company lias inv Horowitz lo review the reports of the distinguished rm n who Imve'witncssed LUCKY STRIKE'S famo-js Toa The statement of Mr. Horowitz appears on this page. iled Mr. L. J. Toasting Process. © "30, The Aracticm Tobicio Co., Mfri.

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