The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 7
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MAY 3, 1934 PLTTH1TILLB, (AM.); pOUMUL HW| FACEgEVKN s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecu- i'.ve insertions: (Five average woios to a une) One lime per line lOc Two times per ilue per day .. 03c '/hree times per llni per day .. 06c £ix times p^r lh:e per day .. Ooc i'uulh rate per line fiOo Minimum rhirge 50c Adi ordered fo: tnrec or ouwx and stopped before cxplra- L'i,u will be cluurgfcc for the number of liuies the »d appeared ana adjustment. o[ bill made. All Classified AOvcnisliij; copy rrubumwd by ijerso.'is residing out s_de of the city nust be accom panttd by cissh. Rates may be easily computed from above table. I Ko rcsjjoiiSibUlly will be taseu nu more i rum one incorrect insertion oi any classified ad. Auvutiung urucu-a lor irregu- .ur inanitions lake the one tune i ate. Feeds, Hour, Groceries i- Meats, ill licit Trices. We Deliver, Phone] II, Ktli; I'rice Grocery. j 9c 1:5-91 HUAL Ut " Ab 1'OULTUY & EGGS '] Elhtl m f m - sale— 20% down Balance like rent TlKimpson, Carulhorsville. Mo. ll-pU-5-11 !.\arrt. shady grove, five acre apple 1 IWIi'lKi lyrchard. : __„ J. C. CliurilH. Maiillu, Ark. ITOH SALE: HAY and CORN al Ip M • u .Iraiiiahi, S. 11. »07.cll(>. l,nx- [furnish references. Write iic-al Silk Hosiery Mills, Jonesuoro, Ark. We will pay l(Jc per pouinl for heavy IIKNS. H. 'i'. Worltiy, 315 E. Main. Hcka-H CHICKS All Varielius. Custom hutching j-oliciuxl. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MAKIIA'M IIATCHKKY Hatchery Code (Jer. No. sti LOST or.i, Ark. T5AlJ^MEN~TvTNT!Oir 270 arre O/ark Farm (or Sule or BLUK KID GLOVES, Tuwiiny iradc 20 cleared, line spring, I morning in from of high school. I WANTKO: . REPRESENTATIVE tor water, Irume houss, Rood llcivaril for return to Courier News.' Real SUk Hosiery Miils lor MIs- ' Personal War on Elk Conducted declare in open Kicen on- ell; BO angered Jasjx-r Hovgaird, Clatsop county rancher, he renewed own i>crt>ci}y.l war »R»Hist the iinuls ranch lU'.s next his tliemsclvei to his crops. He has been repeatedly arreeted and lightly punished for killing them; Tile day alter the commission refused an open season, Hovgaard at liberty iKixiliig a court hearing, had o;iiii. \ii'j fruit house yood well, in ' clli . l'l .wsippl comity. Mius OUK BOARDING HOUSE FOK HUNT 1NGH.-U1 apartment, hciU, wntor iurinslied. Also store uuildiiijj. Reasonuule. Applv 1. H. c-klO NICELY furnished i-ool bedroom. 015 Walnut St. Call 292-W. l-ck-8 Nicely furnished cool BEDROOM. men preferred. 611 Cull 280. W. Main. 1-ck-tf 11-'URNIS11BD bedroom, 1017 W. 1 Walnut, Mrs. Ed Haidin, alter 5 BUSINESS DiUECTOUV , p - M - lc klf coiiie! Wc11 furllisnK l HOUSE from May WH12N you arc fish hungry to Mci'Uil l-'ish Mar'nei, Ash. i-rcoii l-isn At lc Again liurke Sets Boiiuit Linseed Oil Turpentine .............. 73c Aiailden Lamp Tarlb 3Uc " UUUKL UAllDWAltE CO. The one price store ' v 1. 15 to September. Rcasoiiable. 801 Tm-es ! w - Walnut. Phone 451. 20c kb THREE room modern bungalow,] 1113 W. Main. Call Mrs. Joe Meyers or Max Meyers. 27-ck-4 Trice S)5c gal. COUNTY WOKKEKS UNION .Court House) Monday, 7:30 p.m. For men, women over 1U $1 per year Ask us about Hie Hagcn Honey Celiler Golf Halls. They're llcl- (cr. llubbard Hardware Co. 5i-ki-5 Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. -Mrs. Noien, 310 West Walnut. 30c k5-30 UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment, 1013 \V. Walnut. Call G18. 30c k-tf NTCELY furnished apartment, 203 W. Kentucky. Apply after 6 I". M. He ki-M [ FOUR room FURNISHED ment. 700 W. Walnut. Soy Beans and Teas will lie liaril to find nest monlh. Buy now from lluttbard Hardware Co. 12ck5-12 HOME UKVAIKS: Steps, floors, screens, wall paper, paint, cti. ANTDHTE for Termite control E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100 MODERN furnished niianmenl-, 103 W. Kentucky. Phone 033. 22-tf WHATT ABOU1 YOUR 6OLp \ MIKit, fAAiOR^'-* WAVENIT ) HEARD NOU SPOUHN N&O_ IT FOR A COUPLA MONTHS/ SOrAE OF TH' BOYS UP M TH V CLUB SAX YOU TUT 1\\ m< IDEA OF WORKlSf \T iN TH >- RA6 BA.G •SOME OF^ErA WvOUt 6OLT3 \M A "ROCK PILE AT TH"PEN / \NDCED } WELL, ANWEW, FOR VOUR INFORlsA^rriON, I GOING OUT TO OPF.RWTE . (SOLD MINE AS SOON AS ' SNOW MELTS OPF THE PROPERTY.) \OL» CAN TELLTVAOSE SCOFFERS AT TtiE CLUB, I ALPEA.OV HAVE SPENT 4250,H/$S/IN6 A, 75- TCOT TIMBER TUNNEL RUN INTO fv\\N>.E , Mrs. .1. J. Davis, I'lione Spencer Corseticre Me U5-2C EXPERT TvpcTjriler and Ailtlinp; Machine iccpairini;. IJ. S. Bl.itik- cnsliip, lie E. Uosc, C.'ill 1C3-J. SEKDS & 1'LAJSTS • Whiypooraill Peas for Sale Drive across Ihe river for the finest Whippoorwill 1'cas in \Vesf Tennessee. 1'rict-s Itcasonabte. William Tucker .1 to.. Uiplcy, Tenn. 2B-ckS-'28 FUJ?, SALE LAROE , Iron Safe, Good as new, Cheap for' Cash. Hex Hotel. Phone 204, H. C. Campbril. 23c-ktf Coltnn Seed: Kowdcn Biff Boll No. i STRAYED—One black horse mule. 2SSO for thin land; also Stone-] ivaght about. 1.100 Ibs.. C • yearf viii- .No. 1. ?l.50. per hundred. |cl<i. I-'rcm my place ai Clear Uikc Alarvin Robinson. 310 K. Main, j S5.CIO Reward for information. B 18-Dk-5-18 L. Holmes, Rome 2, Jjlythcville. Ip ki 1 Large Poo Corn and Peanut Roaster in perfect, condiiiou and j WANTED TO KENT as pco<l us new. Very cheap. Phone - — - — — 03. Hsiyli. Misso-iri. Gilbert's Uro- j WANTED TO KENT —Three eery '& Marte:. Sp-ka-9 I fciir room house. Call 30C. dli t! THIS CURIOUStWORLD FeJ cuine down from tlic llm shot another elk In his field, IK Ore. (UP)—Kofusu Gutne JUST A UIG I'AIN! HERE V<\ ftRE, 8RONTV-HICE OL' BRONTV- HAME A BITE OF NICE, UUSC1OOS LEWES/ VER GHWKfl 60Z — WHILE YOU-VE GOT BtFORE THING GRABS VA toose FRO QilTTLE PHOEBE A6MN = THE WAY OK BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ? ROM ^?OR VE6, «y«f 5KING1NG HOME THE 1JACON! WASH TUBBS CTARS! AK4D WE BIN SHOOTIN'AT NUTHIN BUT EMPTV HATS. I WHEK'D THEY 60? WHICH ww i BEDROOM for 1 or 2 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. Cc k5-6 KOOM & BOARD Kuoms with or without board, steam he;il, hot \vatcr, reasonable rates, i riiore 2il, liitc Trice Gro. Lllc 1:5-29 AUTOMOTIVE Start A Savings Account WUH Us On lA'crythinj for Ihc Aulomobilc Ihibli^rd lldw., Automotive ilept. i'honc -11U I'hune Aato Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-i\Io Lumber Co, 10CX5-10 \\K buy Chickens and L'gjs, tbt prices paid. Kite I'rice Grocery, rhonc 2^il, STKAYED William Erguson SAM (JUTS BUSY! ALL T.HE ELECTRIC 1M USE IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES V/OULO ILLUMINATE AN AREA OF BUT ONE SQUARE AMLE AS BRIGHTLY A5 IT IS ILLUMINATED BY SALESMAN SAM GEE, t'<JE MftDB S'WELL PROGRESS DU2Z, TH' ROBBERS , HE THIUKS HE'S ft DETECTWE, KITTV, A^S' «EB6C HE IS 1. AKJVWPiV, 1'^ 30ST CURIOUS ENOUG-H To SEE IF HE VCiK) TRftCK DOWN TH' ROBBERS WHO STOU6 W Sft THEY DIDN'T L-^WE FINGER. PRINTS! AUSTRALIAN &USHAAAN FATS' HlS J3OG WKSN IT GRCWS OL!> AND USELESS/ FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FRECKLES GETS HIS ORDERS! I'lS LlkE To SEE THE LARGEST . DIAMOND RING • IN YOUR br S GOSH.THE BOSS SURE HAS M« 6TYMIE0. 1 EVERY THE IT LOOKS AS IF I'M LINE TO GET AH ORDER, HE GfVES ME AW*f AND STAY AWAY.'/ IF.THIS JEWELRY LIFE GETS ' tXJLL, YOU MIND IF I TAKE t;? SOMETHING ELSE, WILL YOU, MR. MASON 7 V—. NLY THiKC YOO TAKE U? MOW IS FLOOR SPACS .' FRECKLES, GO TO TWE SAFE AKD BRING THE DIAMOND To r HERE COMES CUSTOMER! LOCK ALL THE DOORS AND DOHT LET HIM GET AV/AY....IU. KE CARE Ot= HIM, MYSELF .' EEP YOUR EYES OH THIS CUSTOMER, HE'S GOING. TO DO PLEN7YJ MOTORISTS MUST EQUIP THEIB. CARS WITH ANTI-SPLASHiNG DEVICES ON RAINY DAVS, TO PROTECT PEDESTRIANS ON THE NARROW STREETS. Man-made lights nrr. fccolc affair.-, when coinpnrcd to I he sun But the same lights which would Illuminate only a square mile of the catlli with the brilliance of sunlight could bathe an area of ' 400,003 square miles In a good imitation moonlight.

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