The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEViLLE (ARK,) COURiEIt NEWS Blyiheville School News man SCHOOL NEWS | Sponsor Prop-am of the R*d Pepper club gad tile Red Ra'joos sponsored a program in n&setoiijly Tuesday ,!n Order to refund part of tlie mojiej that w spent by students who represented Blytheville high; school *( the state meet at Artedelphia, W9y 6*7 Tlie program given wu the. folibwins: Medley of popular tunes ,b> acorge OcrshTfin played by n. N, Hill; song, "I Dream of Jeawle'' by Bobby M«Hancy; danoc specialty, Pauline Ulm and Ruth Rhoads; 'Sophisticated Svifng', Jc^n ;Bow> , iand, re.iding by Mildred piogrftin will ^Thursday morning. b* continued 'A 1'ateinlty Fresetits Play v.(»s the pl&y presented bv member; of the driim- atio club of He'ndrix College, at the Jjlgli school auditorium Tuesday afternoon. . 'The play was under the direction of Ro&rt Cape], heajl of tile atlcr department ol the college. Mr. Capel is also president of the Ark snsas- Association' or' Teachers ot Speech , The presentation of the plai here Is part of a good Villl tour ot the -Slate wliicli Heridflx Is sponsoring. ' " WIW 'life FUm Shown Pictures of the wild _gnmc . and bird Ufe ol Arkansas were, sherai to the senior .high school studetils Fridsj nftemoon The pictures >!e!j' taken .by. Mr. Mull, state gnirie and fish commissioner. As each plctute was shown mi cx- ptanfitioii of the specie, its life habits, arid . habitat .was made. In the course of hU lecture, Mr. Mull compared hiinthle and fishing '.cut of season and the violation o: gome laws with the breaking of arulEsJrf a football game, nnd dc' RS unfair as cheating In ;any other sport. Some of the pictures which were In technicolor showed the hlrd and ,-fish: Habitats near Holly Grove, Ark Cross, Vera Gooriricli, Doris Hoik, Marie Abraham, Mnrjorlc Mays, iary Jeanne Aftllck, Kay Ashley, Vtlldrc'd Mu!r, Josephine Shlbley, 3die Rice, Elqlsc Kaniey, Pat Wise, 3er.i)d!ne Frtonnn, Sam ixm Me- Cutcheii, June Workman, and Mary Helen Moore. At (he close of the business ses- sloii, n short social hour followed. Council Officers Klccled At the election of the executives tor the Student Council for 183810, Tuesday, Mi\y 3, Eugene Howl was chosen president. Other officers elected were: Harold Dozler, first vlcfc-prcsidonl; Mary Jeanne AfTllck, second vice-president; Veru Oootlrich. secretary; iftul Toin Reerier, treasurer.. Voting \vns by iecrel Ixillot-. The ballots were obtained at the voting desk in the auditorhlni. Judges and :lcrks for (he election were members of the present executive board of the student council. Charles Jones arc <l!r«fctors of Hie program, admission to which is 10 and 25 cents. •' T1IUKSMY, MAY 12, 19158 I Osceola Society — Personal Bride-Elect Honored The second In n scries ol social 10 Mrs. W. ,W. P/9WM, Mrs. R. V, Madden, Mr?. Charles Suljenger aiid Mrs. Harry Driver, all of whom I left this morning for a sli weeks j trip lo Salt Lake CUy. where they will attend the annual session of i the National Congress of Parents and Teachers after which they will I eo to California, Washington, and Oregon, returning by way of Yellowstone Park. The only from out of town wns Mrs. Dora Merrill of Wilson. * # * Daughter Burn '""1 Mrs - E <1 Hampton are Hale, popular bride-elect of U'e U>c )>«ronls of a Unby daughter, season who Is to te mtin led lo *).<»'» ^ "'el' liomc on Union avc- Aulluir Leon Rogers on May 21, »uc Tuesday morning. Tho baby The.Uny wings of llic Icon avc line, for swimming, but (hey nre so small that it has to take a running start to gel Into the air. The smallest of all llic litar.s that have been mcistircfd Is about '11 times the slue of oin 1 sun. The lotnl forest area of North America Is almost 1,500,000,000 acres. wns the bridge party given In her • seven pounds nnd }ms not SUUBIIRT sciiooi. . Ilifl first,grade ended its unit ot work on Mother Ooose last Thursday. They read their charts, sang schgs and cave fl short play. "Tlie Qiiecn of Hearls" and her helpers served (arts. We were happy to huve so many visitors. . Mrs. Qucllinalz's third grade room presented their mothers with individual kodak pictures of themselves for Mother's pay. Mrs. Marlon WIlMarns assisted In the making of the forty pictures. Man} 1 ot the children posed hi costume. They posed in the large picture frame which was built for Ihe posing of their "Beautiful Masterpieces" unit. This group Hopes that, Mary Ann Pnrks ivi!l fcs well soon. . A'picnic was enjoyed Friday by members of Mrs. Qiiellmnlz's third grade. At tli'e conchision of the picnic, Mrs, Quellmalz served (hem Dixie cups In honor of their splendid attendance and splendid year's work. Speafe At School . "Finger Printing" and "Crime •Detection" were discussed at the .assembly program, Friday. -_ Ncdra ,; Bcrtyman, cliniriiian of •the program committee of. tlie •Student Council, Introduced Oscnr ..J'endler, a member of the. America! ^Junior Bar association, who presented the ipeikcns, E A. , Rice, :cliief of police, and Eddie. B. David, avenue I|U11 '. o ' foiinnl » aj ' Bridge Breakfast by Mrs. Jotllc Driver ot tlie ''ccn named. Mrs. Hampton was the nome ot her mother. Mrs, Dwlghl former _Venm Joe Richard ot Hol- II, lilackwood" pii Kclser ' ' yesterday 'afternoon. The lying rooms where the lorly guests -Four tables of members and were seated were filled with spring 8 lic sts were entertained by Mrs. Ed flowers emphasizing the blue tint! L ' Qiilnn al n breakfast parly at pink color motif. Bridal tallies tht > " c "' Sulton Country Club and ere used at llic tables. ' CiUe at nllte o'clock this morning. Tn the cwiirs, Miss Julia Llllarti A color lllotir o f lavender and ycl- CraiB was hlgli scorer winning a Jo(v lvas attained by use of larkspur wlille piirso us her awnrd. Mrs. alul coreopsis. First prize was n James D. Driver was given n hos- !(ir 2 c sandwich tray, consolation less tray as second prize, nnd Mrs. ftwal 'd was a pottery vase, and the Ben Butler a water set for low 8 "?. sl < nl ™ msc Pottery bowl acofc. .The gile slot honor was prc- , anes Alrs - Guy Bryant, Junior.- HighY Graduates To Presenl Plays j;tif, " Mr ing, the methods ol outlining fin- prints ami t(fcir \ihie in crime pitrolman Rice dt$cus c ed finger print- ;way finger prints are taken. I " .Mi-, .-David talked about crime .detection, law violations, and tlie -tracing of clues in a crime. •Class Presents Progrram Girls of tlie public speaking class pretei}t°d n program at aEsotnbly, yfeliieacias Nertra Berrjman, pres- ld°n* of ire public speiking cla&s- es, gave a brief summary of tlie purposes pf tlie course nnd told of "tlie difflcuitis's which each of the ^speakers' had to overcome. Slic 'Stlicn introduced each of the girls "who gave 11 short tnlk by way oi 'demonstratinjj Iraw much improve- _:-riient she lind. made. •' Tiiose .appbarlnB on the .program ,,were: Bendoriti Huey, rat Wood. ; Geneva Ornvfs, Let Ora McLcod, 1'Praiices Paikcr, . and Miriarn Smith. T\ro one act pluys nnd several chorus innnbers will be presented by the graduating class of the junior high Echcol Friday night at 8:00 o'clock at the junior high auditorium. Proceeds from these annual plays will go into the memorial fund of the class. . • J The 1 gho>l Story" liy Booth Tnr- kingf5-4jis"fiic liist piny on (lie program. Members of the oist include: Sixllie Ma this. Joe Evrard, Jcttye f- 1 AT Clare Huffman, LaNcllo Smart, IXJOl'^C 1\O 'Siltpn Pntlersou, Bobbv Mclfnncy, given by 'Miss CaUiel-inc Harwell, Miss Marjorle Doyle, nnd Mrs, Joe W. Rhodes, al the Harwell home. Mrs, Paijcr While and her sister, Airs. A. W. Bowen, will entertain for Miss Hnle on Thursday atter- noon. . . - . - , sented with ice tea glasses, shcr- ™' S ' ,,V F " f f° v °- Mrs ' l '- u - »»ssey. herts, and yoWets in llic blue " rs ', v V G - Mfl s°". Mrs, Thomas glassware. I f' Florlrtn.iMra. B. W. Drag?, Mrs Visitors from out of town, were ' Qll!ml a " d Mrs ' Mrs. Eugene StJll of Plymoulli, N. C., who is the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. C. B. Young, Miss Carrie Mae Hires of I.uxora, Mrs. F. L. Mcllnnoy of I'aragould, Miss Hale was also honored on last Friday with a 'bridge party HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Caused by Tired Kidneys LIBERTY CASH GROCERS FrL & Sat. I'ricc, Quality, ()uanti(y at (he City's Foremost Food Store Fri. & Sat. SUGAR I'lircCaue 25 lb. 10 II). Cloth Cloth ¥1.29 l!;i K 53c ISOc people ' gnawing, nfifteb?. painful on eoMa rr st« oltcn ca'iswl by tired kidneys— ami tjiay reJJ«rol when treated in tip ffgH v»y- Thokldneye ore Nature's clad way o[ taking «sa aclda and potapnoue »~B^(O out of Die . Mc*V people iJ uia atiout 3 pints n day or »»'! Oilers -. about 3 pcua'lfl of , If _th» 15 miles of kidney don't work tvriJ, pouoricus wwtc milter & in Ihe blood. Tficso poisons may etart napp.iii' backache*, rhcumalic pains, Iocs of pep (inn energy, telling up nitrite, B welling, pu Hiatus BivJer the «'es, htadnciifa and (iitrneM. Don't wilt I Aslc vour (iiutgiit for Drum's rills, u»«I aiiccebshilJy by millions for owr -10 ve»is. They ffive happy idirf and will help the 15 mil« of *i'dncy tutxy fittsli out poisonous »B*ts from tlo blood. Get Doan'a Fills. Mi's, Moratt and Mrs. Driver Honored Eight tallies of bridge players were entertained In the home of Mrs. D. S. Lnney. assisted by her mother, Mrs. Saih Coble, yesterday afternoon in special compliment to Mrs, Coble's sister, Mrs. J. A. Moron of Fort Scott. Kansas, who has been the house guest of Mrs. Coulc and Mrs. Laney for the past month, and Mrs. \V. J. Driver, whs will return to Washington Thursday. A color note of grecu, lavender nnd yellow was achieved with bas- kels of butterfly bush, and vases ol' coreopsis usnl In the Lancy home. The tallies were in purple iris design. Highest .score prize, a,pair of. silver cnnrt.lesliclis, was won uy Mrs. W. C. Mason, with consolntion BO- ing to Mrs. jnmes U. Boring Mrs. Moraji and ( Mrs.. Driver .were given sets' of crystal ' glasses" 'A large box "of saltcci nuts wns.givdft Miss Mary MehrJe Is Alumni Group President , CAnuTIIERSVILLE, Mo., jway 12—Mlfs Mary Mehrle was elected president of the caruttie'rsvllle Alumni Association fcr riekt year, at the business session of the an- liual banquet here. Other 1 . ofTi- cers elected wcie: Doyne Michle and JeiT Bates, vjce-prjsiderits; Eatl . Lcug, s'ecr'etAry'i'trcasur^i", Mr£, Black Fowlk'es, historian;-nnrt Miss Augusta Bigham, assistant historian. The banquet was licit! at the Presbyterian church, with 116 iu- tcinllng. It was staged similar to a circus, and A. D. Rhodes acted BS ringmaster (toastmasler), with Fred L. Henley, retiring president, conducting, the business meeting. , and Albert sdliba. Elfclcd -President [\ Jeaheltn Se'abaugh was elected president of,Tlie Junior Garden ;cltib, for •1938-39, nt Its meeting ;Triday afterhoon. , Other offlcer^ chosen were: Dorothy Cross, firsl vice president; Vcra abodrich •Fecond vice president; Doris Delfc "Secretary; Marie Abraham, treas- .•urer; Dorothy Cross nnd Ifarjorie Mays, reporters. New menibers were initiated lnt< the club by llic program chnir inan, Dorothy Cross. With the addition of the neophytes, the club now numbers seventeen members ; who are: Jeanetta Seabaugh, Dorothj liic .eight 1C I by cliaracters in Xona will te iii- neccl, lla I1C11- Dritiks Whiskey White For lifjhler, more ifhole- some cakes? '•! Bananas »»- 12!c Urecn 1'ound Ic Lemons '•: ; ' 19c Squash White or Ycllo>v 3!c Tctidcr Pound Nil Ear <jc Each v 1'ouii'rl 10 5 F PRUNES N "c,',, FRESH ASPARAGUS. 6 Seedless Kadi JELLO ICK CRKAW I'OWUER Package ...... ... .............. I ~2 POTTED MEAT ."5fft.ll CAMPBELL ,11 1 A I ™' ATO Petit 1'ois No. 2 Can 9c Am hoy I! Large Cans or (i Small Cans 19c Sour or Diil. Qt. Pickles Crackers - 14)c 2!/i Can TOMATO JUICE 2 " t, 7' 4 O/. 8c 8 Oz. 12c 16 Oz 22o . Rogers, Elltolt Saliba. Larry Sh ard, Louise Vance. Mary Babcocfc, Jenn Baxter nnd Effolecu Prcctiian. Manbers oi the dance chorus are: Dorothy Jenn Hisginsoii, Betty Jo Hargett, Bobby Ann Purvis. JTar- Him Hate Alcdicine Given Secret Ij' White Ribbon Remedy can be Riven in coffee. ;ca or milk and Barct Holland, Wanda Fisher. Mary hns clone much to ^top rininken- Babcosk. \Vamla Fisher will be fea--ncss. One woman oired :i drunk- lured as solo dancer. B. N. Hill inn) of 20 years wr.h raw box. The s arcoinp.tnlst. Miss Monla Hughes and price is $2.00 nnd Miss Kirby Brothers. is for sale lit CAR READY FOR SUMMER DRIVING? After Winter Driving, your car needs ( a thcrouch going over to correct ', these little clr-fcctfl whidi in themselves are a result of Winter Driving L»t our expert mechanics do tliis job. All work guaranteed. WE TKST YOUR Brnkcs, Lights, RaUcry, Wheel Alignment FRKK PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & AValnnl phone 810 N01K...A REMY-TO-EAT CEREAL FOR ALL THE FAMILY Don't miss eating this new wliolc wheat cereal millions praise. Trj- it for tbniorrow's breakfast. RITE PRICE GROCERY & MARKET SPECIALS Thoiic 2M "Old- 1' FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY & MONDAY We D.clavcr Anywhere .See Us '•iff* 1 Are Right tveryday mi all Your .\ceds" SLICED BACON, Sugar Cured Lb. I5c COOKED BRAINS, Tall 11 oz. cans lie SALT MEAT, Fine, Frtslij, Boiling Lb. «y a c HOMINY, Large, Tall cans 5c or 3 for 14c VEAL STEAKS, cutlets, chops, loin or round Lb. 3flc CATSUP, Ruby, Pure Tomato, 14 oz. 9c Veal Stew, Extra Nice & Tender, Milk Fed Lb. ISc PEANUT BUTTER, Pints lie; Quarts Zlc PURE HOG LARD, Bulking pail Lb. 9^c DAIRY FEED, 16 - Frieipy, Sack $1.35 GROUND BEEF, Extra nice:yi meat Lb. 12%c CAMBRIC DRESSWAY FLOUR, 6 Lb. Bags 26c SAUSAGE, Fresh & Pure, Country Pork Lb. 15c CORN, Pride of Illinois, Large cans lOc NECK BONES, Fresh & Meaty , LK 5c DRINK COMPOUND, Best Adc, makes 1 gallon 7%c PORK SHOULDERS, Whole or Half Lb ISc PURE LARD,.8Lb. Cartons,. 83c COFFEE, Rite Price Vac. Pak. Prize Free Lb. 24c BEEF STEW, Baby Beef, its lender Lb. 1 2%c BANANAS, Golden Waxy, Doz. 15c FRESH SIDE PORK in Piece Lb. I5c NEW POTATOES, Red, Smooth & Clean, Peck 21c BEEF ROAST, Extra lender, Baby Beef Lb. I5c GREEN BEANS, Fresh & tender Lb. 5c BEEF STEAKS, Chuck or Shoulder, Round Lb. 17V 2 RICE, Fancy lull choice hejid, 5 potiiuls :.. 19c STEAKS, Fancy Branded 'Beef, loin or round Ib. 30c KIDNEY BEANS, Joan of Arc, can 6c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE, Mince Style, Lb. I2y 2 c JELLO OR ROYAL, All flavors box 5c VEAL CHOPS, Rib or Shoulder Lb. I9c MOTOR OIL, Texaco ValoV, 2 gal. '... 83c FLOUR, Guaranteed, Pkin or S. R. 48 Lbs. $1.25 TANKAGE, Digestible Quick Hog Fatlencr, sk. $3.49 BABY CHICKS, 10 Days Slatted, Hundred $7.90 HAPPY CHICK FEEDS, Ail Kinds Lb. 3c I'ricte of -t-jc I Ui. If CRACKERS !,b. |ftc l WESSON OIL lint Quart ....40c PEAS NO. 2 Cc Can 3 Libby's ttt W No. 211 Can J'JfCENo. 2Can Thick Kibs ....LI). JSc .Shoulder Clod. Lb. 2 Stew Lb. \2Vic IJ). 22Vic Picnic Ham Ib. 19c Cheese Ib. 15c . 221c UfackiHavvk •!vOJSi 1'ouhtl .:.'fcw Fancy Sliced found 18 KG Steaks (b.35t Lard Compound , Pound Spare Ribs Ib. 15c ' Slrcak "' Leap, Lb. 2" Cook's American Sardines can BOtUNGMEAT PEANUT BUTTER Q( 22 Slandunl N'o. 2 Can 7 MILK 0,10 INOWDRIFT 5 lb Can 99c 1 lb »81Uff¥UHir I 3 lb. Cars 52c Can Canova or Maxwell House i U>. Can fit. Northern ..Lb. < Navy Lima Shi Hey's il, 2.1 Ibs. r-^^S^J 3 for .... MILLER CORN FLAKES,. Box . ea » ' *• 53c Bic-a-Doo Paint Gleaner Cleans !<ikfe Magic, 1'kg. 21c

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