The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1939
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Be Sure To 'Attend Mississippi Comity Fair Sept. 26-Oct. 1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NnnTHviR-r i»i^/.no.f, .™ 9*~r VOLILME XXXVI—NO. 149. Blylhevllle Courier BlylhevUlo Herald JTOE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U KLYTHEVIILE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, Blythcylllo Daily News Mississippi Valley leader Do Not Forget To Pay Your Poll Tax Before October •! " ig Guns Open Up On Polish Front s ^ lumber Of Witnesses Remain To Be P By Five Defendants NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 11. (UI>) A German anti-aircraft gun crew is shown in tills first ac lfon photo from the German,Po!lsh battlc- . &,«••• *«•*." u mLu^ti m v,,i., 1,1-,^ uuitgti. ijiioio ironi uie Get maii^ Polls!' front, swinging their gun into position lo repulse Polish oir squadrons tail on avenging tlic of Polish cities by Nazi airmen. French Continue To Claim Slow, PARIS, Sept. 12. (UP)—rench troops today marked the 25th anniversary of the first battle of the Manic by eliminating a •German salient from tlie Saar to the Biies river, reports to Paris said. - The reports said that • Germany * ' _. .. was' forced- to bolster her -Rhineland defenses because of French penetration of German territory on the whole front from tlie Moselle to the Rhine. French pressure was reported to have Increased in the Moselle valley on the Soar river front and in the Vosges mountains. ' In tlie wide Vosges sector the r- • r Frencir now have advanced their fans, rormer Secretary lines from the border almost to «....._ ' -" the edge of the Siegfried fcrtifiea- tions, according to these unofficial reports. Tlie German right wing was reported, to have taken a severe .battering from French Maginot line artillery in the Saar-Mosellc triangle. The German general staff was reported to have thrown five divisions of reinforcements Into the Moselle valley-^territory held by the American Army of Occupation after the World War Armistice. French movements in lhe Saar- Oblles salient were regarded as To ' "tittle • 'River Residents At Fish Fry Frazier strategically most important be cause they eliminated two sal- ients which had ben created by curves in the S«ar. river and loops in Its tributary, the Biles. Latest operations involved nearly 50.villages from which the German population had been evacuated. French military experts insisted that soon the Germans will be obliged to withdraw to a new line established between fortified positions of the Siegfried line. Using the favorable terrain captured during the past week the French now, according to sources here, are able to redouble the intensity of their artillery fire on German fortifications. 115,000 Tons Of Shipping Destroyed By Untied Tress Torpedoes, shells and mines have sunk at least 25 vessels—more than 115,000 gross tens of shipping — since Germany and Britain bsgan their war on each other's merchant craft^ len days ago. During the the first ten days of lhe conflict, Predicts Session Around October 1 WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. (UP)_ Chairman Adolph - J. Sabath (Dem., III.) of the house rules committee' sold after talking with President Roosevelt today that congress probably will ccnvene In special session to consider neutrality layp revision on or a little before Oct. 1. Shifted To Make Room For Publisher LTTTT.,E ROCK. Sent. 12 (UP1- "psipnntlnn of Ed Farrls sfcre- tarv of the Arkansas Racing Commission, and aoaoinfmciu of JIIVM L. Blnttd. Walnut Ridsje publisher, to succeed him wns announced today by Gov. Bailey. Bailey's announcement of the change in the commission's socre- laryshio came after ho said Dial J. N. Eagle, Lonoke business man, had been named n member ot the board lo fill lhe vacancy caused by the death of Ralph England. "Faris will be moved lo n place In the hifhway department;' "Bailey said. "The new secretary will talM his office on Sept. 15." The governor said that W. W. Mitchell, highway direclor, had found a place in that department Smith, E. S. E for Faris but Bailey did not say " ams n "d Clt what it was. r^tui.,,, OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 12.—Congressman E, C. (Took) Gathings of West Memphis, congressman from Ihis district, was principal-speaker and guest of \v. H. Frazier al a fish fry at the Frazier home fin Little River. Fifty guests were In- vlled. This meeting was'one of several informal gatherings which Congressman Bathings has attended for the purpose of'nscertalning lhe sentiment -of his constituents re- sarding neutrality legislation which is expected' to be the main issue In the anticipated special cession of Congress to be called by president Roosevelt at an early date. He expressed himself as being In favor of "cash, and carry" s<.lc of war supplies to belligerent nations. He was introduced by Neill Reed of Elylheville. J. B. Btinn of Osccola, a member of lhe Officers Training School eighty-seventh division during tho last World War, in his nddi' said he favored neutrality law changes in tlie present law lo permit such sales but unalterably opposed to any sales of anything on credit to any nation. Other speakers were W. t.°on Smith, Blythevillc, and Julian James of Jonesboro. Invocation was said by the Rev. Edgar Ci;r- ney SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS s War Machine Faces St^fOppositignOn TwoFronts it OFFERS ITSEWENut III Dnkc, Dnclioss Of Windsor Are INow In England I-ONDON, Sept. 12 (UP) — TliO duke mid duchess or Windsor liave arrived In faiRlamt from- France, it was revealed ollloinlly today. Reliable scuretv; nald they wen; al 11>e llomc of Mn J«' Edward Dudley Metcair m Sussex. According to present plans it wivs scvicl tlic duchess will slay with the Metcalfs for (he time betwr , ep 11 (UB) , -Defense ntlcmcys were expected ?„ ', f, l " kB wil ' C °', 11C to '• O1 " lon • * u visi - )cicnse altcrncys were' exnea'lcri . K wl " romc to "Won ""•j.unuiuw, HOpt. 12 (UP) lYnnl /Infmi,!;,, 11 ••—•••• .^^.1 i.mitu muni call on lhe .•cwBhitler df their i? n' slt Q " CCI1 Molh V>- Mary nl -*™}™ amid P. Nyo (Rep, ,?, ll {lcr «'"'"K the curving Ime Of tlio NaroW, witnesses today In the trial In M !"' lborol| 8'> » ou -« lo which she ™. IX) toilny Joined Senator William , ", l ,. nml h "» 1 ' IV01 '*' «»<) were reported counter erai comt here of five , "i I* 1 ' 1 ""?' ^ sl ^ ! f*• »*««• «• «** ?;"?""', (Re i>- Ilta '> •« »««r«i- «' Warmw to throw hack Iho German ijivndera II fraud charges lenrnwl Hie Windsors will establish "K lhe demand of the senate Iso- •- , w , , „, , ' •IIP nitm-nm,'* oti/.,.,.,i !„ ........J ' residence at the home of Din duke ""ton bloc Hint Ihn Unit/./! Kinim """ . l " l| w and Gc o 4 ede nail fraud charges. The attorney's attempt to prove 1 hat there wns no need of• buying lolel furnishings tor a hospital^ he alleged sale of Blehvllle hotel urnlshlngs to Louisiana State UnU vcrsity—collapsed yesterday'.' urujef cross- examination by U. S/PJstrjcf. Attorney Rene A. Viosca. ", George Wallace—former assistant ittorney general, legal advisor W former >Gov. Richard W. I-cchd, counsel to Gov. Earl K. Long and onner law partner of Klngiish Huey p. Long—tesimed yesterday I hat a bill of sale he drew up for • the transfer of lhe Belnvlllc hotel's ' title from the f«e Circle Hotel Company (o L. S. U. contained no mention ot furnishings. However, midcr cross-exnmlim- lon by Viosca, he admitted thai 1 UllchcM cf Kclli ' to Gov. Earl K. Long and r- i ,- cy i r> rv . ™,. i law partner of Klngiisli rlg'HIIlg OKIC Dy bide With Frencti Along Gennau Border LONDON, Sept. 12. (UP)—Bril- h expeditionary forces have cross- 1 to. France and tl'ie public wns thebUlofsalehe'rtrewupVemaS '"M?""" 1 ° l l " C • prMenco of ""* in his flics, unused. ru " ame( " soldiers on French sell loday after llf(c " The folkwlng men are charged Inlnis j7 of I' 1 ' 0 "" 1111011 llf( with engineering a fake sale of U TCC " 5Cr f ''/ °" lroo l ) "'"'cmcnt $75,000 worth of futnlshlngs lo L , f p ll '"'" s linvc " )ecn nrrivl S. U f "* "" 1 * ^*"" frmn frmn " $75,000 worth of futnlshlngs lo L S. U. after the hotel „, 5 ton sold . for $515,000. coinpletcl/Turibhcl- ,. c . clt « l » Drlsh port" with machine Seymcur Weiss, hotel' man ami M n m'' Cg V ' W " S rCVMlC " °"'- ' other witnesses who testified JIM- 1 "l'.' y tq'rday were \ former Leclic vlth i, himself, under indictment u> ^ Weiss on charges of con™ - f.° l - " " Govern-r ? htt " imlsLr y ° r Information said »,,„, ,. prnncc nm! Bl . U j,i n )wvc now . -own lo brass tacks mid made acy to violate U^CoiinaTlyTorc'u i' ' ,J° r t '! c 'T' 1 ' 1 l ° seo thcy -•- *-- • — - -' arc lackllng the Job in dead ear- Sisters Stanislaus and~liSh7uie''of „,*" "'? "' (i '" the IKnvei ' ot Brlt he hospital. - .'. aln and Prance was pledged to Pcland, an omclal communique announced. he hospital. ThDir testimcny was substantially tlie same—that the hotel was urned into a nurses' home after „ 7T^ TTTT t was first planned to use It 03 a rlineral Kites Held emporary hospital nhile new char- ty Hospital was being built. Lions Hear 'Dope' On coo-ran; MO., sopt. 12. (up>.- Whit f iiiir l ii Favors - Lewis E. Lawhoii, 59, ilied'su-ldcn- Tpatn '^ ° c ft heart, atlnck at his home . icam a (. cooler Saturday night. A ria- n . ~ ~ ,, tlvs of Leachville, Ark., he liad Prospects of the Blylhoville high llve( , herc fol . S01 ^ , |m ' c chool football team for this year Funeral services were held at ra servces were e discussed at n luncheon meet- Lcachvllle Sunday afternoon Nye Follows Borah Fall Rains Begin In Poland As Warsaw's [ Defenders Hold Own In Of »y _ WASHINGTON, sopt. 12 . P .' NyL> enemy lire I ell us 11 new Uivciit to Ihc Naxi inccli- Tho Polish forces rallied nlong. «. buttle :_ tlie curving line of the Narow, Bug Vis- «m) were reported counter , , - lhe United Stales maintain u., „„„., (, m bareo In- tficl-. Nye, one of lh c aiilhors of Iho present neutrality laiv, which Imposes nn embargo on shipments • or arms, immllloiis and implemonu of war to belligerents, said (hat ho wculil lead n "lasl ditch" fight, against any attempt (o niter the arms prohibition phase of lhe law, President, Roosevelt, 1ms said umt no would call cougrcjis Into special session In an allciupt to strike (lie embargo from the statutes books. IJorah said yesterday llmt such revision "would lend us Inevitably into war.' 1 Nye suppcrUd this contention asserting tlml Hie United Btiitcs cnnnnt Irndc with bclllJ gercnls without, becoming Involved 'n lhe conflict. Nye, chairman of tlie senate munitions inquiry, said that (ho nd- nilnlstrallon would face a "real wnr" on (he IcelslnUve front if It! atlcmpls to change the neutrality law. "Slnrllng In 1014," Nyo sold, "we Americans reveled In n feast, on profits available 'through sale of war supjilles lo Europe. "It wn. 1 ) not, long before <ve were prevailed upon to provide Europe with Iho credit 534 Bales Ginned In County By Sept. 1 There were 534 bales of cotton, counting round as half imles, of tlie IOM crop ginned in Mississippi ccimty prior lo Sept. ]; compared lo 7,876 bales of-(lie 1B3I) crop ginned prior lo'Scpt. 1, 1038 it was announced toilny by Chester Danehovver, county cotton census bureau agent. . overnor Attempting To Designate Favorites In Races LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 12 (UP) — Chnrgcs lhat with Iho credit andi the ipoiioy cllf >rs!cs that .Qov, Oarl.E. Bniley llicy needed to coriyhuo' tiuyhiff i >vns attempllnif lo desi?nnle the Jrpnrus.^we let Europe f inc " *•• tje, cleetcjl'.ciillvenqd the ,'.lso Uils love, of'purs' for.'war-iiado !"l'oclal election torfny-lii'tlic fourtl! as a club that came to "On-rcsslo'mlf cllslflcl,- - '„ as a ulub' that came ulllinhlcly to ruin our Amcrlcnn course In foreign n (Tn Irs. "R ultimately destroyed our nou"-' (rality and drugged us lo war. The arms embargo is too greal n sftfe- Ruard to (he American people lo Hermit Its surrender without a lust di(ch fight." Nye criticized- what he conlcnd- were efforts by some adminlstrn- — Gocrlng range of Iho front line guns neat' the ccntial Polish front, (lie Qer- limn, mintes repotted capture of Pcscn, Cincscn, Tliorn and . other 'Imporlanl 16wns, but admittedly still were'battlhiK fiercely> north and south of the Polish capital Iti nn effort to complete what Nazis caltrd a decisive stioke against the main Polish nrmy. In London (here wcrc jubilant I doelnriillons that the German ahtl- jiiircraft defenses weie weak. British airplanes huvo repeatedly flow" over GDI many, picking out Import- mil cities OIK! escaping detection a.i they dropped . propaganda leaf- lot-s, ttic London statement^ contended, although''. It wns pointed out that a real lest of Nazi defenses would , come only if im- iiortant military objcctlve.s are ll ornl»rd. The German West-wall forllri- ^allons In .the SIcrck sector arc weak, the French lepoitcd, and some parts of -tho defenses never V have been completed 50 that, the ''nzls have boon forced to tak? rasllc measures to strength'en their position alonr; that line, . It WOR considered obvious that th^o.war on two fronts was taxIn'K acrmany's flehtlng strength. Men up 'to the a?c of 48 were called to the-colors In Ocunony, Brend svlll r oon 'bo rationed. Women arn do- Ing tlic Work'of men all over the . . ,.... „ t.nwj to uj 1 r>uun; Ull(IIIIMSITU- H tlon spokesmen lo "put i,lo:d on engrcsslonal , The charges were mnda by LyiiVan Mlkcl. Port Smith, a candidate for the slntc scimte. The governor, Mlkcl snld, made twc or more trips to Fort Smith t'-. the Interest of Paul Outcmolm, who also Is a candidate for Iho stale senate. There wcrc eight candidates .In the skirts of confess foi For Lewis E. Lawhon llns lia w™cd in Europe." Mussolini Sick Says Memphis Business Man MEMPHIS. Train., Sept. 12. (UP) —Premier Bcnito Mussolini is a Other Osccoln guests were J. L. Williams, Godfrey White, J. O, Smith, E. S. Sbippen, Spcncc Williams and Clarence Grigsby. Mrs. Gathings accompanied her husband. Baby Burned To Death In Farm House Fire TRENTON, Tenn., Sept. 12. <UP) sick man and that is the reason ~~ charl<!s West J r - 19-months-oid Italy is takhif? no military inltla- t° n of Mr - and Mrs. Charles West, live In the European -war, Alex ™ nl ™ to death yeslerday when Manctas, wealthy Memphis bust- his P arcnl -' i ' home «'«s destroyed nessman, said tota on his return by fire whllc thc y werc li:t at nessman, said tolay on his return from Bqmc. A native of Italy, Manctas said that " a friend who is in a position to know told me confidentially that Musscllni Is sick. He warned me that both of us would be killed if I repeated the information. But I say to the public now—Mussolini Is sick." Sardine Fishing Booms SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — Commercial fishing on the Pacific const. has become a billicn-pound industry. The California Pish and Game Commission has reported that the tola! haul for 1938 exceeded that mark. Sardines accounted for 70 per cent cf the haul, while a $100,000,000 catch of,fish caught below home. Alabama Reports Gain In Reducing Illiteracy ng of the Lion's club today at (he lotel Noble. James Terry, leader of tlie pro- rnm, introduced Joe Dildy, couch; Mitchell Best, assistant conch, and ohn Ed James, junior high school oach, who discussed the coming eason. They pointed out that the earn was In belter shape, this year han It was at lhe same time'last Mr, , Charles Rose of Roseland became a new member of the club at today's meeting. Besides the speakers on the program, ether guests were William Beswick and Slanfil Cutchin. also teachers here. There wore 49 present. Stock Prices _ and interment .was made In a cemetery near there. He Is survival by two sons and three daughters. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 13 (UP)— Cotlon closed barely steady. Neutrality Change CLARKSDALE. Miss., Sent. 12 ' rUPl— Repenl of the arim c'nbinzo Provision 41 thn neutrality law be ic-cotnnllshcd without race Including . - -- of the late Representative Ben Cravens \sho •"'led,In office. Forty thousand votes were ex- "cctcd to be cast. King in Uniform Oct. Dee Jan Mar May Jul. open high low close . 931 037 920 D28 . 928 930 811 922 924 915 900 894 924 918 905 891 ON 899 888 818 fll7n 008 8D5 882 NEW YORK, Sept. 12. (UP)The stock market closed en a burst I a bale of strength loday after suffering Its most severe reaction since the Spots closed nominal nt 858, off C. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 12. (UP) — Cotton futures closed barely steady today, unchanged to up 90 cents open high low close delnv, Ron. W'H M. wblttln»lon war bull market began more than a week ago. Trading continued very heavy arcund the four million share level. AT&T 1653-4 Anaconda Copper 377-8 Associatod D O 73-4 Beth Steel 981-8 Boeing Air 281-4 Chrysler 907-8 Ccca Cola 114 1-2 General Electric 41 1-4 General Motors 55 1-2 Int Harvest 70 Montgomery Ward 521-4 " Y Central 2 0 3-4 4 1-4 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP) —, Great strides In education have' 01.1111.. p > been made In Alabama in the past £',,;? 4 eight years .Radio 5 5 . 8 , , . Schenlcy Dist 133-4 A comprehensive legislative sur- Simmons ' " 2114 vey of sta'o education from 1930 Eoconv Vac IA •> thrOUKh 1!WR rllsoli-Knc tho*. i „. / ._..''": " J " through 1038 discloses that: i Standard Oil N J '.. 623-4 The number of illiterate chll- ! Texas Corp '..'.'."" 50 dren, from the ages of 10 to 20, U S Smelt 84 has been reduced by ),926. White teachers with four or more |U S Steel 82 1-2 years of college training have in- CllJCtirtf) Wflflflt Creased from 3B74 tn S705 WIKCUJ/U rr rtiut the Mexican line but marketed at Transported 'pupils' Increased 1 •Mil Diego also was Included in tho I from 66,499 In 1930 to 187383 In figures. / 1938 Sept. I Dec. cpen 84 high 84 low 81 81 1-2 831-8 831-8 815-8 821-8 Oct. Dec. Jan. Afar. May Jul. 044 93G D34 928 912 902 945 D40 035 928 914 905 937 919 920 908 895 88-1 Spots closed steady at 950, changed. 930 | 028 I 918 905 ' 894 iin- 'D«m., Miss.) said today. "I not only favor a wwclnl session to amend noufrnllly law" he said, "but I believe that It «>" lie necessary for com-ross tr remain In scraloji during tho period of the war to meet problems ^htcli arise from the European ccntllcl," No Hone For Ehhv With "Outside Brain" TOUT MYERS. Pin., Sept. 12. (UP)—Doct-rs today saw no hotx- of savin? through stir?crv a baby born with an "outside brain." The six-nound. othersisc normnl Slrl was brn Saturday willi part of her brain cxp-seil and prolccled by only a thin sac. Dr. Harry Allan, who delivered the baby, believed an operation impossible. Tlie parents were Mr. and Mrs N. If. Fortson of Fclda, a mill town near here. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111,, Sept. 12 (UP)-Hogs'. 8,500. Top, 8.25 170-230 )bs., 8.00-8.20 , 140-160 Ibs., C.75-7.50 Bulk sows, 6.75-7.50 Cattle.: 4,200 Steers, 9.00-10.40 Slaughter steers. 7.00-11.59 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.50-10.00 Slaughter heifers 5,15-11.00 Beef cow.?, 5.25-6.50 Cutters and low cutters, 4.25-5.00 Blind Farmer Exclaims, "I Get Aton-r All Right" fiUBBAflD, la. (UP)-AUIiollgh he can scarcely remember what crons look like, Gus Duberkc, 52. blind for 42 years, helps lib brolhei form 240 acres near here. Gus' hands arc calloused, yet sensitive. He farms by "touch." "I get along all right," said Gus. "Of course, It mtghl be better if I could see . . . but It's nice here on tho farm; always plenty lo do." He has fill) charge of 137 hogs mid six milk c;ws. His constant companion Is a shepherd dog, but Gns insists he leads ' the dog around the farm rather than vice versa. Chicago Corn COIW— Sept. Dec. cpen 57 56 high 57 low close 533-8 503-8 Dollar Alimony Askcil VIS A LI A, Cal. (UP)—It Is believed that an all-time low in alimony demands has been established here. MIS. Margaret Sayior in her suit for divorce asks ali- 581-4 545-8 551-4 mony of $1 a month. i.-. ,.B,Ut< favorable to Iho v s ich 'factors allied*, poiit position 'hey were far short of eh- „ Hint Gentian fighting power had .rrl i>i<<- serious damage. The Nazis confidently predicted that . soon as their positions have been consolidated In Poland .they would oulckly cnclido »nd destroy 'he Polish armies hi 1 the Warsaw sector. BaHey To Attend Governors Meeting LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 12 (UP)— Gov. Brtllcy said today-he would L T O to Memphis Friday for a meet- Ing of the Southern Governors Conference called by Gov. E. D. Rivers of Georgia. Bailey said his invitation to the meeting Infcrmed htm that the group would discuss freight rate ;jrablems. : '. Cotton Council Drive Will End This Week Tlic campaign started Saturday by the North Mississippi County C:mmillee of the National Cotton Council for pledges of farmers, ginncrs. oil mills, compresses ind buyers in this secllon lo conlrlbute to the fund fcr promoting uses of American cotton TVill be. completed later this week, it was announced today by C. C. Langston, chairman of lhe general-committee.'". It Is estimated that approximately $5,250 will bo given in this ccunly as three cents per bale is sought and estimates for,this season's crop have been placed this week nt approximately 175,000 bales. All of the shippers and most of the warehouses and cil mills have already pledged to give their quo'tn ranging from one-half cent to one cent per bale of cottcn. Wearing uniform of Royal Air Force marshal, with gas inask kit strapped to his body, Britain's ausy King- George visits headquarters of R. A. F. Fighter Command. 'War'Broadcast May ; Cost Station License WASHINGTON, Sopt. 12. (UP)_ The federal communications conir mission today ordered Radio Star lion WJiSCA, New Ycrk, to show cause why its license to broadcast should not be revoked for alleged Iliejai Interception and broadcast cf secret government messages from Germany and Great Britab). It was the first government move toward disciplining radio since the European war began. ' FCC officials said (he commission had voted the acticn unanimously. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tcnlsht, Wednesday partly cloudy. . Memphis and vicinity—Generally „,„,„„ „ ". Mempms and vicinity—Generally Picture was flown from London to fa | r aml , armc r tonight and Wed- New York. . 'jiesday.

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