The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on August 30, 1892 · Page 2
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · Page 2

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1892
Page 2
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that when Corbett threatened to throw' 1 E of the window be told him that he Iad try . ewas ready to delba if. Theoae was a very aremtto .,and it looked for a time as ifft. four ade might be fought out on the floor, peesing with the formality of a pure preliminary negotiatioes, i Sorit placed a different framework out the ploturs e meeting. He said there was the post money, her lore aty liberatl etklie er l thai hatta Athletio club hosee. Ha said Poul agvee to thw termito lght and mani that time for a puree of lint he wished to breve a decislon ehe had the best of it ie toat rounds. V or he stopped Moaoffrey or not. rn other words, he would donate $5000 to McOaffrew in case Ie did not keock him out in four ronade, but asked that a puree of $.d000' be made ow for te man- who got the better of the fight, whether he knocked the other out or not, This Moadffrey would not listen to. He insisted on fighting in the Manhattan Athletic olub, and that it sbould be a knock out in four rounds or nothing. OUR FIRST PARENTS. An Author Who Bays Adam Was 113 Feet High and Hve 118 Feet. I have often wondered where M. Henrion, the French savant, got his data for the curiotle speculations he gives as to the height and other proportions of Adam and Eve, says the Philadelphia Press. In his remarkable work. "The Degeneration of the Human Lace." published in 1718, the learned academican gravely informs his readers that Adam was 123 feet and nine inches in height, while his disobedient consort was but a paltry 118 feet from the sole of the foot to the crown of the head. Of acease, all who have read very extensively of Talmodic literature, or even BaringGould's "Legends of the Patuiarch Prophets," remembers the wonderful stories told of how Adam was made: of his gigantic size, and how, after the fall, hi stature sa" reduced by several miles by the offended God himself. The Talmud has this to say of Adam's height: "He was so tall that he stood with feet on earth and bead in Heaven until God pressed him down at the time of the fall." Rabbi Jhuda says that when he lay on the earth "bris body completely covered it." Another Talmndio story says: "To judge how long he was, underetand that his body stretched from owe end of the earth to the other, and it takes a man 600 yea a to walk that dietance. * * 'ihe angels were awed with wonder when they saw that gigantic haman being, and bowed before him, crying, 'Holy, holy, holy.' Then God reduced his site by cutting of great chankse of flesh." These are all absurd legendary stories, of course; but where did Henrion get his figures for the 123-foot calculation mentioned id the opening? THE MAJOR'S CLOSE CALL. Tied tn Freas of a Cannon Waiting to Me Fired 4)H "I was sentenced to be blown from a gen," said Major John Hitchcock to the writer. "I had long been a resident of that lend of revolution, Central America. Daring one of the political upheavals I was captured by a mob known as the Army of Ban Salvador and sentenced to death. In the camp of my captors a six-pound gun was ired at high noon by means of a songlass, and to the muzzle of this antiquated smooth-bore I was stripped and left in the broiling son to await my fate. Now, I have faced several kinds of death in my day, but that knocked all the nerve out of me. I could not see the small fiery spot made by the sun-glass, but I knew that it was creeping slowly but surely to the powder at the vent. The blazing sun beat down upon my bare head, blinding me and seeming to boil the blood in my veins. I became hysterical, and prayed and oursed by turns. The great clock in the oethedral was on the stroke of noon, and I knew that the concentrated rays of the sun were pouting squarely upoal the powder. The troops were dozing in the shade. A few, awakened by the bell, raised up on their elbows and watched me with lazy interest, expecting every moment to see me blown to shreds. One-two-three-four-ive-with maddening deliberation came the strokes of the ball when suddenly a harsher note was heard-the roar of musketry. The camp was surprised and my captors driven back in disorder. The cords were out, and 1 sat down beneath the mazzle of the gun just as it belched forth its midday salute." -Bt. Louis Globe Democrat. BAD FOR LIZZIE BORDEN. The Testimony Goes to Fasten Her Parents' Murders on Her. FALL RIavn, Maas., Aug. 29.-Tho testimony brought out in the Lizzie Borden bearing to-day caused a change of opinion among her friends who have heretofore stoutly maintained her innocence. They consider the strongest evidence against her to be that of Mrs. Addie Churchill, a neighbor, whom she has known and loved since babyhood. Mrs. Churchill stated: ositively that Mrs. Borden's room door was opened when she and Bridget Sullivan first discovered the body of the murdered woman. It has already been stated that Lizzie Borden wie in the hallway near the open door when Bridget Sullivan opened the front door at 1:35 o'clock. Again Mrs. Churchill stated most positively that Lizzie had told her Mrs. Borden received a note to call on a sick friend, but it has not yet been proven that any person in the city or elsewhere sent such a note, or that Mrs. Borden left the house at any time during the day. Like all the witnesses for the government she failed to find any traces oa blood on Mise Lizzie's clothing or person. During the testimony the prisoner bit her lip, flushed, and nent toward Attorney Adams. The testimony of E. H. Pence, drug clerk, Frank Kilroy, the Harvard medical student, and F4ad Hart, assistant drug clerk, all of whom were in Smith's drug store when Lizzie was there, seems very damaging to the defendant. uinest, at motel May. BouLDERa, Aug. it.-[Special. -There are quite a number of visitors at the Hotel May. The arrivals last week were: Mr. Pigly, J. Conners, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Eiderskin, Miss Rogers, W. H. Dowitt, Miss Downey, Mliss Boderick, Miss O'Donnell, Mrs. J. 1). Itite., Mrs. Meilbrooer, D. J. Hennessy. (. C. Broderick, J. 'T. Fuller, J. 1'. Collins. J. II. Vivian and family, Maynne Bannon, Mrs. Inoes and snn, F. 1). Dudley, 11. C. St. Charles, MrAs. Kahnweller and children, Mrs. L. Ornstein, (}eore. r-anuer and wife, Mrs. Dr. Schultz and son, Mrs. H. S. Clark. Arthur Ii. (lark, Louis C. Clark, aiss Clara Clark, Miss Mullen, Mrs. J. It. Russell and family, Miss McCarthy, Miss Iomere, Miss Kelly, Mrs. Waiworib and fam . il r. . 11'. Mclide rind , Mrs. J. W. leed, Mathrw lteu, I'. i-. Ilarr. Miss 1)aisy Kinelev, Sire. . ID. Chadwick, Mre. S-raggiu end sieter, E. Linrderwoirrd, J.1 C. I hornton, M. Slather. lrleun: E, J.1 (loodkrnd, family arid nurse, 1-elinn;r II. 'Thorp, Minneapolis: (Georhe Kern, Fiwurd Dawe, Torentol 5, 11. Moormon rind wile, Great Falle; II. WV. thuma e, Welkerville; Frank 13. Williams, lDr. .1. HI. Allen, Wiokes; A. Hanuori, iLouiavrlle; C , Woadward, 1'ortland: Mre. I). Lawmony/ Missoola; Mrs. C. S. litairord, KaliopallMike Kaogh. Great Northern railwriy. Martha Wriehiugton as a iHouisekeeper, Edward Everett Hasle sale Mrs. (lorggo Washington was a model housekeeper. Iu a set of hooks kept axpresely for that purpose Mrs. Washington iiade entry or housekeeping duties aocomirlished from ilay lio day, and noted how she anperrolended the preparing of the aupply of emoted mesale for the piantation, bow with her own hands she cut out the clothing of the s'avee and soo. Letters of Lady Washington's daugter and others teelily thuit alter tire death of her husband the boapilality of the Mount Vernon home was kept up. I he atatement that the room in which Gen. Washington died was shut up just as he lela it, and that in the presence of others, at least, his wife nsver entered it sgsin, is perhaps, true. 'rho custom of keeping a room closed for two years slier a death has occurred in iteis a very common one in the southern states I'f WASN'T BIS SET. Mee a lt la fow at a teoos 101" Rusoe. fAvaomroh, La., Aug. 9®.-The. men wore killed at Allen Bros. milk last night I¶ a fight att dante. They were Maurice Millet and Bob and John Carter. Miller was on the door with Ida Pllklqtoan woee Bob darter camp up and said "This is our sek" She maid "INo,'e apd Bob said "Yoe ft a liar," whereupon Mille knocked kls dows. Then John lilac Oee ihots at Miller, all amag *set. Milli seined Jobs, sad then Bob out Mill.r in the bask. Miller drew hie bknfe snd went to weok on both. The fight laeed sheet Lve minues at the end *f whitb Bob ied Joh' Cester wee beth dead Miller died a fee hears later. When he was andressed twenty-four knite woumnde and three bullet wounds were foued. Gov. Bagle's Condittioa serous. Louatmrna, Ey., APg 9t--Gov. Eagle, of Arkansas, who is at the homeof his brotherin-law near Richmond, this state, is still in a precarious condition. The slightest change for the worse would end his life. With MIARK 6r,7rw eesr. Ang. 29. --gar silver. S8 Copper-Pull; lake, $11.500011.6t0. F end-- Firm; domestio, $.lO ." 20. Ihegeneral market was extremely dull. In the lart hour Reading, Louieville, Canad- Southern. New York and New itgland, sugar and some spe* inlties we e attacked by the bears and yielded materially, and the lowest prix 's of the day were made just before the close, which was fairly steady after a slight rally, at or near lowest pr oee. tovernmente-Otll, steady. I etrolenm-September, clred 511. 'lan..a Closing U. R. tereg........11:' N. P pref.......... 550 I. H. 4s coupon....1tI15 Northwestern. ....116% U. S. 7e rug.......100 Northwestern, prefl42 Pacitic 0.........I.t New YorkCantral.11i . Atchison....-...... i, Oregon Imr.... American Yip.. Oregon Ner, .. 55 Ianada Pao.... 11tt1% Oreg'n Short Line. t2'' tanada eouth..... 57 Pacific Maill..... 4051 teetral Pacific .. 'lt i Pnllman Palace...197 Burrington....... 100 h Heading .......... (dS Lactawanna... 157 terminal.......... 8) 1k. 1. i......... 481 Lt. U. Western.... $4 Distillers.......... 48% . G. W. pref...... 70 hrie. . . 26<y P. G. W. lets..... 790, Kansase&rexaa.... 20$ Rock Island...... 815; Lake Shore ... .. 134 St. Saul........... 825 Lead Tenst........ 47% at. Pael A Omaha 511 L'ville A Nash..... 681. Texas .Pacifio...... 105 Michigan Central. 16( U. S. Express..... 5" lissonri Pacific... 00 n Cargo Exurese....143 North American... 1364 Western Union... 37% Northern Pacifio.. 2u-4 Union Pacifin... 311. Money on call easy; closed offered 21; prime paper 4<t1; sterling exchange, quint, firm, sixty-day bills. 84.8405; demand, $34.471. 5 fat At:t' , ATitl." trerAdn. Aug. 29.--Cattle--eceipts, 20,000; searty; trimn to extra native. $5 0002.00: neueful, 14.70@,.4.;5: ,thern, 1 3,i0il4.50; I Dxane, $2.204 2.10; rangers. 3.75t44.15. hnce--t'ceipts 17,000: active; higher: rough pickera s 1.0t. 7 10; mixed, 55 15@5.80; prime and butcher's raights, $5.350p5.60; light, theep-Receipts. 15.000; 20 to 3(c. lower; natives. 3150405.50; fed Texans. $3.25004.40; weetern', 84.2014.45. CHICAGO PlODUrti. 'uraor. Aug. 29.-Close-Wheat-Cash, 75%c: September. 76e. Corn-Higher; rash. 51'.; September. liho. Oats-Steady; Cash, 3ifc; September, 34 1-to. barley- t3e. York -Steady; cash, $10.6214; September, $10.65. I ard-Steady: eah. September, $7.80. Ribs-Steady; cash, : eptember, $7.80157 85. Ohort rba-Cash, $-7.80147.85. Sboulders-2li.tl0i, 7.00. lhhrrt cetar-S5.ttO40..ttS. S OP 1)IGSOLUTION OF PARTNER. ship. The firm heretofore existing under the name and style of. lReed A, i inda, doing a hotel buotnerd in the city of helena. Mont., is this day dissolved. the undersigned will not be responsible for any checks or obligations oigned in the old firm name. W iLLiA1 hIJEI.). rated Helena. Mont.. Angust 24. 1892. ASSIGNEE'S SALE, GItAND PACIFIC HO- t --Noti eahereby givnthat the underoigned will receive bide at his office in Iloom 'I, utia ni et 5 t1 .r. o the Imrond Pas;fie hotel. eltuated at the Northern Pacific depot, in the city of Itelena, Mont., and f formerly owned by F. i. '1 tieme. Terms cash, e and the right reserved to reject any and all bide. 1 BARNARD LiOWN, Assignee. - iTOCKlOLt)ERS MEETING-A SPECIAL, meeting of the etockholders of the North HIelena Land and Improvement company witl be held at the offices of McConnell A tlayterg. Merchant's National Bank building in the city - of Helena, Mont.. on Monday, September 5, 1882, at 11 o'clock a. m . for the transaction of such business as may then be presented by the presi. dent cef sald company end properly come hefore the meeting. F. It. WALL.&C, Secretary. Heltena. Mont.. August 24, 1892. OT TOce OF va aicdoceased. Notice is hereby given by the undereigned, administratrix of the estate of Evan Mattice, * decoesed, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to cx- a hibit them, with the niecessary vouchers. wvithin foor monthsi after the birot ooblicossiin ot this notite. to the said adminietratrix at her residence 1 in the city of Helena, Montana, the same being - the titeos for tie transaction of the business of - said estate, in the county of Lewio and tlarko. JANE I. MATTICIO. Adminiotratrix of Even Mattice, dec need. Date.( Aug. 191, liii!. Lcort ft f dicil ditrict of the - state of Moota, in and for the county of Lewisoand Clarko, i ue. r: omtcn ... a: a.e.. t itintiff. as. Charles it. War. nor. le~fendanti The state of Montana sends greeting to the above niamed defendant: You are hireby required ti appear il on action bironght, against yeu by the above nm in the district court of the Fi'rst judicial dititiot f the stats of Montana, in and tin the co tyf 'ar , n to ansewlr the comytaint files( thesninwithin tson dare (xcluive nr the itay of service) after the sirvin o no of tisle sum ons, if sevoed within thil county iir. if aned out oi t canuty, hut within til district,nwithin twenty days. otyhrwiwe within tony days, or nrguient by iefailt will bo taken a you according to the sisayer sif said companty 'ihe said action is bi"onglir to obtain as of this coiurt disoltviog the tends iof matrimony existing between poor self and thisa plain-lily opnn the grounds, of wilful deeertion if thie plaintiff. An'! pita are here by nothified that if yen foil to I opana hv Irequired, tie said uptaintiff will apply toi tie coort for the reliet idenianidsd i sail comtilaint. liiei'n under my haul and the msea of tile disitrict court of the I' ices.jauicinal 'lietniciof tii I - state oit Montana, in and for tie - c-nittr of Lwis and t lartke.r eal lNlrst l hue i't' dray it Augiist. in thefoil. Itiot. r- tar sif or lou-i nen thoiicaed lstir[, .1 eigtht hunidcedl nil niiiticttwn *,ldlllNllu;:AN l'ci. Lanu A. AIty ft. I Attorney for I'aliu sif. hi.,,tl;lCt'N'.`tuuAtl-:-ll. Nt. It IAN)i i..lII AND) A:, N. t'ranetokn. partners, itudoe lhe ct iri ad s yftiof I:r.asndegi, Btra'ow L~nil-r cnd by vi'ictls iif aO orider of nate and -d inauto f,,cinliioc'..'iani tiule iseiu-liouit o it lvi ulistriotctourt oif tie l'icst judiicial uiiitr sit iof this itate iii Motntaina. in anl f''r hi' count o~sf Ileios And ('larki, on thle _'l 'I ilay if Aront loii'1 t 1U in the abiovil ouitili-i nillisi, wher-in It. 11. llratilu'gi'. anil Iý.N.- 51 'f, In.',',pacotnre un-ler Iti briel nione anii styli. if ;,anleui Ic~ tiev atone siniiic plt~iiiu'ifi,,libtaiiine a Ifih5..iitot ando dcire, sit forue,l i n n, andi '-ale1 a aolii't James llius-iilaei AILtSl. i'liiii no-. ilefendatail, ,,n the Littil day of Atienol, A. Ii. to'ri, f's tiie sum 'if 51CCf,.) l,eeid~si.,o lilrest. cousts coil attorney Ives. audie saii sii'ci,' iwass oii th~e i7ihiilaoyf Aiigieltu A. I.,I l0'i! icrt'',rdn an Ijui'gmoent hionk Sti. It of vaid co'set at. tats Itaii. i-rninndisn,l') ta Fnil all t(,liovec.-uaiuitlots, IIIth liii u'ii ly sit I wise Oii'l ( laiji' elate .f 'Il)ilotia, and tioiitided siu lliecricllt a',s filian, Itio wit: Ihoeas twent-six of fur niiroler sner hiiundriedlasidlein f;1112 itis uoi-inuiiiliertrsIt lin tie linasiete li te sili it llo'iiitlna, culmly caid +tat.' sI1sinai. , ecini rin . th ie tinlt if said r,- eciiiiiy 'if hum soil and('arcosaeid [rtam st Laoid ' i-lime iii, in~itri-i 1ill(1i fi'.. elqiare andllyi was eist.+.f aniladjoioiiiig lotiii r~ oiiib.lno Imundrel cut lwelithy ili In .1.d black numbier. tires, 21t. 'liig.'shir silt alli sad ailiotor the ti'OsiemiitOle .ocrslltaiiiifl tsand iii,i~oriilanci~s tlierouiito Li,. Ilunging or i aniy wi.- tio ap ertiniog. unti a is lipr gi Ki'os tha4 i n 'I tieshlap. lliOLtiilisla of i'l'tls'miiili A Is lett. atl I2 s.i-loieyi t o hthu doy. st the front liio, sif liii rohn rlissoce, llpien e, Isini- isnI ( tarkis ,ipun. ty, onistasia, I will. iii ssIdi~sitg ti 'ald iirder if salt asis(li~-eit , tirii ffrcliiaure anid salt tIes ausiii ilsecrib'i dtrsipily. orsic stiiiid tiersof as mey ho nircessary- ii satiety said jndgmeiint, willh intearest tiil maste, to ft"u highest. and best bloidi's fur ashal inInulr~. lsli'lilintnir slip hand thise 29th day sif Angliel, A 1D., 18;15. hi. JooN.',u'. I~aputy Mherlhrit. ¶ao Lneasanlt Pellets act ascl. Nature to do Me' own *Wk. andt renovats, ltde btthohe nhet whole they . tale oft j ITUATIONa atfEDA 9"01 IE110M Th repreytgetabh, partec Sick HHeeaddahache, ts' tion, Inrdigetion Bilious A waapemeatro Lt~3tr, U hlua promptly relieved renaael cued e Bhy L*$eueafatle% efor ' gentle laxatIve-.. tAaTcatharD biyI They're the c2eesp yo thyore porasatee d o enc inralrod o~a. Langive satstrern Your money is retweuel, actin, p" a.3Thi is ruriony d Jen es aufrn tt SITUATIONS WANTEs-rMALM. Advertisements nader this head these tiutes PFRE. ITUATION WA iNTFtD-AN MXRB IN GCKO 'steungqrrpher and tyapewrltist deso.e a poeltion. Address K, thin otfice. bi'HUAT1tON WANTED--A MIDO LE-AGD loady sw has had six years' eeperiense housekeeper in hotels, desires a eiteation in western huotl, Beet of references turn Sb Address Mr Psilsn, room e d Cliften Stt Paul. Mlslda ci IATIO)N WANTED-T-A DO LPti houeb for ml Address Itrhadssay, room 2. I)TUATION WANTED-FIlRST-CLASS A tenosradpher and typewriter desires todo taro asltontlsn in Montana. Four years' exage rnoe in railroad ofitse. tan give best referee from pressnt emplooyer. Address Miss h. 14 call, Slit Main strest, Little IReek, Ark. lTAIONL WANTED--DESMAKING per dasy. 71m6 Harrisen avenue. SITUATItONS WANDLEx- WAJ.hTS Adveertiseienits onderslue bessi Ulrsc. aes ITUATION WANTEDI-li ECLSOX IK W10eery c a younA man who has had three yearn' experience. Address U. T. Hopper, ele. ens, Mont. HELP WANTED-ily A 1 BOOT AND sho meOn; 12 years' experience' has firstIass connectiotn; can control the F~renceh trade of Helena. Address 1). P'. P., Indepenodent. SITUATION WANTED-AhAS HELPER IN '-blacksmith ihop; city prefererd; worked three years at the boniness. Address J. X. Knight, Basin, Jeffersen county. Montans. TUA T WANTED-PERMANENT PRNEpentunt hi ice. HTELP WANTEDO FEMALE. NEDP URSE GIRL ABOUT 14 YEA old. Enquire of Mrs. 1" owlus, 2114 Son Beattie street. W ANTED-tAIRL FOR GENERAL BOAS work, email family. Enquire 501 BIelo ave., Davis. WANTED-,CHANDLE-A WANTS TWO for city, one scrubbing two waiter girls, two girlsfor general housewor 05it. 24 Edward street. EXPERIENCED COOK WV'i reference,. Apply at 614 North ode ln r y street. A"4 ATED-COOK FORB PRIVATE FAMILY gsood wages to right person. Address (. HRELP WANTED-NALE. 0'ANTED-CHNDLNR WANTS ONE HOTEL cook. $50. one camp cook. $50. one blacksmith, and board, three miners for contract work. 24 Edward WANTED-TWO YOUNG MEN TO RUN AS news agents on Northern Pacific railroad;. have security. Inquire at news oftice. Northern Pacifie depot. UR TD-NT-HEHET~ B. WAN!D TEAMSO can whole season, prioripatty work, at good prises, on Valley city 'rteus<ie of boo line. For particulars, address OlRon A Co.. Valley City, N. 1). HELP WANTED-I SCELLANEOUNA WATD MNAN~C D WIFE FOR RIANCH work:references. required; steady employment; enquire at kaynter's drug store. WANTED)-MALE FEMALE. old and young, $15 to $5 per day easily reade ailing our Queen plating outfits, and doing gold. elver, nickel, copper and brass plating, that is warranted to wear tor years, on every class of netal, tableware, jewelry, eta. Light and easily candled, no expense requirel to operate thenm. 'an be carried by hand with ease from house to souse,, same as grip sack or sachet. Agents are raking money rapidly. 'They sell to asniset verry business house and family and workshop. hbeap, durable, aim pli and within the reach of 'very sine. Plates almost instantly, equal to the finest new wort.. fiend for circulars, etc. Queen 'ity Silver and Nickel Plating Co.. East Sit. [onie. ilL 5 Oft RENT- FUIINISH~tte R00M5.IS 1201 RIENT-FURfNISHtED ROOMS. $5 TO) $l30 per month. 212 North Riodney street., lORtlRENT-FURNiISHED ROO0MS. $5 'T $10i. 516 Eighth avenue. F t NNT-COMFtORITABLY F~URNISHEDI Frooms at rassonal rsates. Harvey block. (,eand street. Next doer hotel Helena. BIOSARD AND) ROOMB css'S'SI)~. orrwithout hoard. Miss M. A. 1 ierly. 517 Broadway, X4oed's block. FOR IU:NT 7MI1CILI.ANI-;ou;I.4 ?;Ofl REiNT--N'j()~j, oil OFFI(1I~ JA(J031 IN I hone.., Nt Ie %o Cloments. f' il'RENT U NItItNIsIII I) IiOOAt~i IN 11UE 10 I4)N-R 'p4, lOAN. I.A block. t Mand farm property. WmI ay '~av %O YTiLAN OiN IMlWIIVL1)NIt$ii I{- ad ciy TdrIoprya rea*~nale~ rates of I Interest Nto4,&(h lements. MON~lTO LOANUfrkIIIIJ~If lt. UI:Fjj) &c tral Ihutel. loan (ruow $:0t .M) M~ONFtY TO LOAN1-IL, a+. LIiiLujwI Coates &Co.'s PLYMOUTH Douge Distai4 O Original G I V.s..e. N trest and Flest. Most Wholesome. * r * Mount Vernon Rye Whiskey. * ,.., Old Crow, Henry Clay, Hermitage, etc. All the leading fine old Whiskies in bulk and cases. * TABLE WATERS. * * .. " OUR STOCK IS THE LARGEST IN HELENA. * * * California Table Wines, iEtc. * o . We have constantly on hand a large and well selected line of California Talble Wines, etc. Purit' guaranteed. We kindly solicit your patronage. BTCH. CORY & CO.; Fine Groceries, Rare Table Wines and Liquors HELENA. MONTANA. FOR 5ALU-RUAL ESTATE. Olth SALE-TWO SIX-ttOLLU HOUSES ON building. foundry And electric base Ysza Muth, act. F~tt PAL -F~lIFY FEET' ON IIELE.N t aeones near foot of Jtedney at three-fourt o actual value. teels & C ements F0Utt BAiL-A FINE CORNER ON NORTH I ' Min street 10x121 feat, fronts on three streets; will be sold at a great nacrifice. Steele h tlemients. 2Olft SALE-A LARGE NEW HOUSE ON 1 prominent avenue; has all modern improvemeents and isin goocl condition price very low and termse to snit; a snap. W`, H. co,. Hold block. 1201 SAlEh-I HAVE SEVEAIIA NICE lIE'imldenree on the west side for male at differ. ent prices and terms. lPartiee wishing to boy a tome wilt do well to cell andw what 1 as ot. fer. Win. Moth. s SALE-REOTAL PCOP1RTY IN 01(1logreat sarl ns Br od atro hoe lot? festretradont Pine eineh aget ~ eien SALE-Ozl4-ONE O . TH E E ranchesei Montana. 2.060 acres. every acre anbe irrigated and have abundance of water. Ane range on every side, good eperket for svessy thins produced, good improveweinto; will be eoau at agreatbnmrgain. W.)hmCo. a~id block. ORUl SALT-LOTS AN U A~tiiUAGE5 ATi BAitClepeo the new railroad in the 'lthead valley. Wmn. Moth, agt. FOR SALE-CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS IN Ha nser addition at very low prices. Wn. Muth. sgl. FUR SALE-LOW-A C1HOOM BUILDI0NG lot facing on iradwater hotel grounds inastfronti Wmn. Mutt, act UIc BALE-l2o0lt TWOH T001) HUILDINI* F lot buxild on Sooth sent of odney satreet address box 777, city poatoffice. F ORt tiAI.E-i~x40 Mlir'f 0.1 LYNDAL~i avenuc at a bargain. terms to anit. Steele J Clements. lFul SALE-ILEtEIAN RESIDENCE ON Madison aveane, west side, east frbnt, log 125x200 feet; cash huyer ran secure a groat bargain. hteels A C lem ents . T2Ot BALE-NEW TIX-rtOOM HOUSN E 1O iBroadwater addition, only one block from etri i motr sa payment down. balance ieand outbulig. SteeW lm enMthe. StktALa-COlNEit LA t. italglQO, on heat residence street in the city; full view of l east side anti . Addressldrehs Los l1. city poetoilies.___ WOP'ATE-A ATWO-STORY A ES1tDENCE of ee droos water on both floors stable end outbuildings; Ninth avenue, between oneatiie and icaligh; thise is a bargain. Steele Clem ents. F01R SALE-FINE EIGHT-ROOM BUAICIK reeidenc on weset side, only two blocks from Main street; fronts on two streets; very cheap. Stele &i Clements, FOIL1 SALE:-FINE EtIGHT-RtOOM BUICK hones on Spencer street. near Rodney. only few minutes from poatotloe. at great bargain. Steele &i Clemncets. Ot SALE-ELAEGANT IItAIIDENPE ON west side at a bargain; teh rooms, furnace. bath room and all modern fitting.; good barn and outbuildings. . ouh, aft W I USCELLANF -OO4O. ' WANTED-t1 THE WVN'I , THE CAllt of tapiano for thequse of ito if necessary will pay email rent. Addrnes 4, this office, WANTED-A PARTY TO ADOPT A GLRL CC batby. Address P. 0. box til5, city. OV NE IOLLAR--t WILL PAE ONE DOLLAR per hour to agents for selling the Monroe Chemincl Ink rrser. It erases in two seconds without abrading the paver. For terms and full particulars address A. illmot. Wallace, Idaho. W ANTED-A LADY PARTNER IN A NICE paying boniness, with a capital of abhut fifteen tuoedred dllare; one who understands dressmaking preferable. Inquire at this offire. 'JANTICD-A BUYER FOR A PLACIiBI) ract of ah beet residence ptoperty on west aids; price way~dowu; half sashi balance in cue year. Wmn. Moth. agcot. W ANTED:l -JO litJitL) A bIX-RtOOM 1101 .5t with furnace and bath room com.plete for $21000. Call and see plans; we know thesy will suet. Wallace dTliorhergd . Denver building. ORTO T HAE--WAGON ROAV D PiEiTWEENY to traide for equity in improved. Steele Clemnents. A OTW)-TtHLA OWNERt OH A LARCISE V V body of low rad free milling gold ore wantata bitalisl who woll build a oct1 oo tie rouprty Woa halt interest. Apply to . yOUND-P-CUTBOMER 01 ONE Ote A residnc t n west es pinee low for cash. Won Muth. OIO7011 tD E-I MPHOVAEY tTY TO FLtradefor unienproved. Steele &i Clement., 1A N-lEe-TrO TRADE 80 ACRtES NEARi I'(;reat Mailsi for Helona property. Steels A Clemente. WANTED--Al BUYER~ FOR1 A PtECE 0OF i nuesed prperty; luot the thire fore Aroweef Nate; Closet. )iatn street. Wi, Muth. L.OST. L OST-DJU ilINt IFA 11, WEEK PAlIR LADtIES tortoi-e slell sysglaeece $5 reward for their rottirn to Biroadwater hotel. L OST-IiUNt(t OF KEYS WitH N. P. switch key attached, Leave at M. C. Mul.. keron' and oblcige. L OST-tON TPilE WAGON ROiAD IBETWEErN Boulder and Hlsens on July lNt, a map of the teewasite Obohulotder, ),,ilt. A liberal reward will be piced for inforomation or upon the returs of name teo A. H4. Holettrd h, rn.. Hielena. Mont. bus ohbroe broken. A suitable roward will he eliven to anyone retsrnlcg her to ilNou of? the (loeud Oteiclerd, corner brotth aveonue and Houbck street. ]IOS'T -A TIWO-CARIAT IIIA1MOM) SCRIEW stud, Ib-tweren the fieold block and corner of jBroadway and IRoeleey street. Will give 62P to thes teeder for its return. H. M l-Aet~ihiN. iF4sLUEf. OT'1IjCE-.IN TUUB tIIIT JUDICIAL 1)13.1 trdt court, Lewis county, sta of Montana. D ice Nsrsby1ea { SeWe - court theirpetition. aking fot o O i rdantewith therm o e a et e unoertaking. aid, Ladrese h'Ebs Juldy, 89 lgsi copy of whit ob 1c to M pero at!uached mad made a part thereof. the bsearingof which has been, ineet Ibyeaid court tor 8 i9vde the thi dayvo erteus r892, at ten oclocka. in, of sad ae tcourt room thereof, as the court hsee m the ithy of Helnao, conaty of Lewis and Clarke. dall persona. iuterseted i said estate are notifd then aod there toapear and show canes, it a there be, wh ticsolad ccder and decree should not ofhd. th . By O W, Bua'rpl Deputy (lank. obeR at tornDys. for RE W. A. PASiAVAnhT, 3A-YOU deare hereby' noasied that the uadtofeig . commiseioners appointed by the a con e to ansees property according to ots Tor 04 opening of Lawrence street according to mcdio.i40 of the city of e elem, Ippoler onebr. 1811. wElmeetshmat the city d ane2 on h the 25th day of A ugoet. tht at btree o'kolk p. in. of said day, at which tima andpmrn on il be given andloreruinyt be board Ayou so desire, relative1 the massescent to made by maid commimioners opeo lois1, . Soand S in block No. 424 thte Allen addition to the city of Helena, fdr the opening of maid Lawrence street. T. P. n lhe eaeN, 0. 3. ¶O'TTHN. MOSES MORRS, tC.ommissioners. City hall. Helena. Aug. 0. 11592. OFIFICEBSTATEi BOARD 01 LAND COXhemiesionerns Helena. . e hereby given that on the 8d day of September. A. D. 10, the state board lead commisilonass wdll expose to public ase at the couet hose . inthe cibele t o n theieliowin t rea metats: of amid lots contains thrse acres more or lAen. c-. cording to the p thereof on. Ale with thest board of lead bommissioners, and in situotee near the city of Helene, Lewb s and latrhe county. Terms of sale: Thirty per cent Cash, balance in Leven equal annual paymente, with seven per cent interest, payable annually, to be secured by a good and solicient bond provided, that the purchaser may have the option of paying the whoimeanount in cast. JS .TOE Governor and President of the Board. JorN GA O bunt. Pub. inst. and Socy. of the Board LanERiFtf Ll ALt--H. M. SHANDEGE. mnd F. N. tssudegee co-partners as Brendae so Brothers, plainttiffs, ys. C. B. Newbury. Flora Newbury. T. Ii. Kleineohmidt and 11. Clarke. defendants. Undr ad b vitueof an order ofsaleel and decre of frclsueand wsal issued out of the district court of the First judicial district of the statta of Montana. in and for the county of Lewis and Clark oft the 9thil day of August, A, D. 1894. lathe above entitled action, wherein H. It. Ilcandagas end E. N. Itrandegee, co-parnoers as Bran dagee a rothere, the above named plaintiffs, obtaite a udgment sada decree of foreclosure mad sale acatsnet C. Nf. Newbury, Flora Newbury, '1'. It. Iteinsiemldt mand B,5 Clarke, defeilanta. on the lith dayy of August, A.BD. 1893, for the sum of, 9,588.10. bookides interest. costa mand attorney iees, which atid decree was on the ath day of Augusat, A. 1U. 18192, recorded in judgment book No. l'li of said court, at page -- I sos commanded to sell all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying sand being in the county of Lewis and Clarke. state of Hon. tane, mand bounded and described mas follows, to. wit: Lot number one (1) in block number six bundredl and six (¢W,) of the tRoback and Cannon adidition to the city of Helena, ma said lot mand block are more particularly dsesignateai and described oa the official plat of said addition, on fileI in the office of the county clerk and recorder of said county. Together with all sand singular the tenemente, hereditament, and appurteunanee thereunto belonefoc. ur Ic anywise appertaining. Public noticel isneceby given that on Wednesday thte Ocvt day of August, A.D. 1892, at 12 o'clock mn. of that day, at the front door of the court lonser. Helene, L~ewis and Clarke county, Montana, I will, In obedience tn said order of rate and decree of foreclosure and sale, cell the above described property, or so much thereof aso maX be necessary to satisfy said judgment, with interest end coete, to the highest anti beet bidder, for cash in hand. Given unuder my hand Gals 9th day of August, AD.10. CHAS. M. JEFFrEIIIS. Sherid.i Bly IIALPat G. Joxitasox, Deputy luectif. A LIAS StUb&ONB9-iN1 Thilr DISTIIIC' Licourt of the Firet judicial district of the state of Montana. In anal fur the county of Lewis and Clarke, Lepartment No. 1. Celests Bernard. plaintiff, vs. Jean Baptiste Bernard, defendant. The state of Montana senile greeting to the shove named defendant: You are hereby ref taired to appear in an action brought aagainst you sty the above named piauntilt in Ith district ooet of the First judicial district of the state of Montana. in mod for the couny ofLewi andClarke, mand to answer the thereto, within 'ten days (axe lusive of the dasy of service) after the service on you of this eumnanoc , if served within this county- or, if served out of this county, hut within thle bietridrt within tweniy days: otherwise within forty days, or judgment by default will be taken aginst ya n, according to the prsyer of Th said action Is bogtto ohtain a decree of this court dlasoilviath bnd of matrimony now existing between yourself and this plaintiff upon ths ground of wllfnl desertion and abandonment of this plaintiff and your depectore from the state ot Montano without the intention of returning against her will ansi without the cocaaalt of thils plyilutff. And you are hereby not itied that if you fail to appear and manswet the said compla int, as above required, Ga. said Plaintiff will apply to the court for tlas relief demanded In said complaint. Given under my band and tne seal of the dietritctourt of the First judicial district of the et late of Montana. in mand for the county of Lewie --- ,~ (atlarks, thise tha day of Pel August, in the year of our Lord. 4District~ one thousand eight hundred mand (Court.)) Sty R. H. Tntoereos. Deputy t leek. Prowe A. I utieotaa Attornee for 1lslatfift IOVEY & BICKER ENGINEERI THH HELENA INDaPmNDMT 1 on sale by the following new dealers in this city and state, an in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wash ington, California and Minnesota who will furnish single copies o receive subscriptions for the dail or weekly: CITY STANDS. Swend Carlsen..................88 South Main S Bwend Carleso ..............182 South Main S Fred Sasm......................125 North Main B r. H. Clewell........................Gold Block Woodman& Banders...... ......Cigar Sto Samuel Here..........Motor Office, Power Bloc O. W. Carpenter......Broadway. near Merchan Goodmams Co......Corner Broadway and Main 1. WendeS..........................197 Bridge St 1. MoCorn sk..... ....206 North Rodney St Broadway lahk Market.... Near Merchants Hotel K. Gasrlan....................825 North Main St A. lsrgason...................422 North Main St 1. IRohrbaugh.....................Grandon Hotel . Warmker......Corner Broadway and Jackson Mrs. Geseke......................Elahth Avenue Broadway Grocery Co..............515 Broadway J. A. Allen................Grand Central Hotel Idmund Byer........Corner Sixth Av. and Park A. Austin.. Broadway, next to Independent office C. O. Noyes.............. Brown Block. Warren St Daniel Morgan..............207 Worth Rodney St Wm. Weinstein......Corner Main and Sixth Av Hotel Helena............................Grand St gig. Manheim........... Cosmopolitan Hotel 0. C. Stubbs....Triangle Drug Store. N. P. Deead MONTANA. J. W. Lister............................Missoula Silderteve & Charest....................Granite F. A. Schenber........................Philipsburg Chas. Williams............................Granite P. H. Paradise......................Philipsburg King AKennedy.........................Anre)anda W. B. Burket........................Dser Lodge C. D. Kenyon........................Deer Lodge John Andrew............... .........Klkhorn J. F. Walter............................Townsend raylor & Bay........................ ... Boreman F. Arment.............................. Bozeman Basinski Bros..........................Bozeman Geo. Pfaff............................... Boulder Hotel May..................Boulder Hot Springs C. A. Matthews........................Marysville W. M. Kendrick...................... Marysrville r. W. Warren..........................Marysville J. D. Hayes..........................East Helens W. B. George..........................Billings rhos. Person A Ce....................Red Lodge Bazineki Bros..........................Miles City Mrs. Barnes ............................. Castle Francis Irvine........................ Big Timber A. Cronquist..........................Livintaton J. O. Sax & Co........................Livingston W. B. Annln& Co.....................Livingston 1. IL Dean.............................Cinnabar E. A. Marsh..............................Kaliepsl W. B. Herring...........................Kailapel F. W. Buckeon..........................Kalispel Nelson, Walker A Co............ColumbleaFalle Wolf Bros..................................IHavre A. B. McDonald......................Wolf Creek W. F. Burgy..........................Great Falls it. M. Calkins.........................Great Palls A. G. Bedding.......................Great Falls Maples& Dahigron....................Great Fall. Hurst Bros .........................Great Falls W. E. Chamberlin..................Great Falls IDAHO. H. L. Pritchard....................Pend d'Oreills UTAH. J. C. McGinley......................... BaltLake McCartney & Co.................J.........Ogden Tho Owl Nows Co......49 W, 2d4 . St., Salt Lake COLORADO. Smith A Son............929 Sixteenth St., Denver WASHINGTON. J. W. Graham..........................Spokane J. . Rigge........lestoffice News Stand. Seattle Mercer A Nathan......l10 S. Second St., qeattle Wenatchee News Co..................Wenathebe Otto P. Johnson.....................Wenatchee Funk's News Depot.........FPacie Av., aceoma CALIFORNIA. B, C. Wilbur.....Palace Hotel. Ban Wrancisco MINNESOTA. Wilbur Tebbits.....Merchant. Hotel, St. Panl ele .Dennis.H....otel Bryan BSt Wse

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