The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 5
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TI-TJRI-MAY, MAY 3, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.): COURIER NEWS PACK rivx fl[ Radicals Parade Might on New York's May Day Leaders o( Manchukuo Are Facing .the Future With Confidence This is Ihe first of five stories by William i'llilip Simms, tourini;; the world for Courier News and rttifr NfcA Service newspapers, on the lu-w state, of Mmiuhukuu and ils vital relations to China and J'.usua, and the new "llindc-nburg I.fne" that is building alon# thu Siberian border at Vladivostok. .. UV WILLIAM I'HILH* SIMMS (Copyright, 1934, N'KA Service. Inc.) HS1NKING. MaiKhukuo, May 3. —While a new city, the capital of Wanchukiio, rises here, there rises also a tendency to try lo heal the wound eoiuetl by wrenching this piovince away from China, and lo build a new relationship with Cliina. / Ma:ichukuo's foreign minister, lisieh Chich-shih, today in an exclusive interview, predicted that China will eventually recognize Ihe new Manchu empire, but this will no; happen, he added, as long as ? the pscienf government at Nan-1 -I king is in ixnver. - ! was received by the foreign minister in his office in the splendid new Foreign Ministry build- i, Italian- statesman, ajio- writer, born. *Y irst America medical •Today's BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Fnm Ihe fife* at trui BI;U<CflUr Dally Cflirier Salutday, Slav :l IBUI. - Mrtyor Frank C. l^u.^hus ins'.nirt- cd the clly nlwrnry Krldiiy evening to pro|>:m' an ortlinumv jjio- hilbibiK the pi Ire of li-j lvo:n t;o- iny to more llian ene ilolliu- a hundred. Appreciation o( lie i'.lli o! $1.000 lo the Arkansas Children's Homo society- by the Qwcola l'rai;v:-ssKi' elul) Ims been expressed tn ilui elnu by (he liev. O. I'. Clirislian, presi lent of the slate .society, In n let- er to Mrs, S. L. Cihdlsh. president of tlic Osceola society. Tl!« Itnvn of Manila was thrown nto unusual excitement In the middle uf n ball' game- Friday afternoon when the it'inoimcemcnl came that Jolin Wright had boen found dead near a cnnnl south of lown. A son of the dead man was phylng on one, and the Bailie wns eaueelled. Col. II. Ii. Iteynolcis uf Ik-rmon- dalc. Mo., mid Winnie Ethel Coll. of tile fiolf lioti-l. wtrj united In mnrrlasje »t llaytl on April 24. Colonel Reynolds, a sly old fox. pulled this man luge .stunt rather iiceielly, [lie happy occurrence not becoming; known to his friends (or. several days after.—Caxuthers»llte" Democrat-Argus. Read Courier News Want Ads. Kiictorj- Auilwriied FRIGIDA1RE SERVICE Genuine Frigldalie Parts Factory Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges Day 67 -I'hnnc- Night 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main St., niylhevllle While 1.500 police, reinforced by as many reserves, vigilantly guarded the line of march, New York So-l S ]j tcl . of s' lc i.'i e \veie, week end (iti-jsts of Mr. and Mrs. C. 1'. Jenkins. . Mrs. Harold Crawford and son. i Ivan Lloyd, left last Thursday foi 1 Hint, Mich., where they will join Mr. Crawford, who Ib employed in the Cheviolel factory. Mrs. J. A. KKer Is unimproved following several v.eeks of illness. ': Rev. and Mrs. E.. a. Stevenson in:id fnmily movrie last Thursday Klsco. Mo. Mr. Stevenson hart luccn pastor of the Haplist chinch jhi.'te for several yenr.s. Miss Georgia Jerritt of Blyihe- vllle and Mrs. Jessie Owens and 1113. He is a youthful-looking man with a jovial smile and a prosperous look, and is said to have a handsome private income. j — — After Urn and cigarets wereLj,, w served, [he interview tot, under |j ice . ... „ were among the cialists and Communists showed their strength in separate May Day parades celebrating the annrver-lout of [own Bwsts who attended rnry o( the day set aside for the commemoration oi the workingman. Here the Communist parade ^! a buffet supr-cr in Ivfrs. Frances] seen getting under way in the downtown financial district. Srabaiigh's Saturday night. SPECIAL OFFER: for a limited time only- PAYS FOR A SIMMONS BEACIT way. "Are there any signs of weak-| ,, Yel j tl on Hit- part of the couu-j | mcrfcr ' Ci ' lhc p^ic ^auM turn us over to the po-1 ries of the great American or Canadian northwest. It faces tlie principal circle far out Talung. the Champs Elysscs- can travel with safety I( the police tried to lakes Daily \V»lk or 12 Milrs LANCASTEK. Mass. (Ul'l — k- Francis H. Sawyer, friend of Hen- Ijjes of the v.'orld regarding rec- oyniiion of Manchnkno?' 1 I asked. -bcvcrnl conmries, in my opinion. would extend recognition," he replied, "if they were really (ree afcius. Bui they arc not. . As members of (he Lcn^uc of Na- Iio!is. they feel bound by the action taken at Geneva, where it was agreed not. to recognize new Elate." from them" Looks Like Koom Town Another possibility of expanding influence of the new Manchu state was revealed by the next, question and answer. I asked about-the possibility ' of the'-Mon- lljol princes declaring allegiance to - -_ hidc to-be of the new Manchukuan capital. Like Paris or Washington, Hsinking is to have 200-foot avenues radiating from spacious UlG ! Emperor Pu Yi. Mongolia is now KurimhiLin? "What about, Snaf China? of uncertain political affiliation, nominally part Obviously °' China, but sought by bandits, by"chin;T"would put a Communists, native princes and priests. The Nanking government recently sent the "living Buddha'' r.ew face on the whole situation?" "As lo that, 1 can give you only my personal, opinion. As lon^ as the Kuomintans; party remains I in power at Nanking, there is in my judgment, no chance of recognition coming from China. tour of Inner Mongolia oflsct the cmhronc- Yi in the Mongolian on an cllort to jment of Pd mind. "Both Inner and • Outer Mouthe Kuomintang does notjgolia." replied the minister, "arc really speak for China. It reprc-laheady partly inside Manchukuo. circles, and it is along these boulevards and fronting these circles that, [he government buildings are going up. Some, like the foreign office, department of education, and fin- jauce ministry, are already practically completed. Import I!. S. Sports Buildings of ferro-concrcte an< brick, mostly of. distinctively wost- ern design, inside and out, and rising throughout the city, giving it a "bn.r.V aspect. You se= sports carnivals in Ire western manner, and even baseball has been imported by the Japanese, who got it from America. Much American machinery SiminK in another exclusive intt'r-i view. Other influences arr wur] iiiiT inward hailing the bud fcclhujry Fold, who 'rccemly celebrated between Japan and China. • Holland News : his 85th birthday anniversary, ' kieps in trim by walking \'i mil'-'s • dally. It has been his habit lor ilialf a century. The high school senior class and I members of tlic faculty were en- [ t tcrtaincd at a banquet in the j school auditorium Friday. Evercilc| Mills was toastmastcr. The program included a voice solo by Ernest Little, a piano solo by Mrs. W. I. Meyers. "Reminiscences" by L. Y. Yates, and remarks by Supt. W. I. Meyers. The dinner was served by Ihe Baptist w. M. S. Mr. anci Mrs. Sam Workman entertained with a dinner Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. John Azibil and Rumania tins ay, during the holl- baby Mrs. daughter of Tyler. Mr. mid' Jack Criltie and children ol; Cooler, MJ-; and Mrs. Ira Zarmcrj and ion, and Mr. and Mrs. Voris The name that changed underwear to Workman and son. and! Mr. and Mrs. Claude souls o:il\ ii small group of lead-' But if the rest wanted to come I some American automobiles may|and (laughters and rr.s. It.s authority does not ex- in, tend very far from Nankins. be "There is vast dissatisfaction throughout the country over the Kuomintans, and iL may not last very long. Another government, mig.-.t, look at. recognition in iiuirely dillcrent light. "Our relations with China, how- cier—as distinguished from official China—are most friendly. i itif] I'riencllincis in China "At the time of the Jchol occu- p;tli'jn, the .situation in North China was very tense. (Editor's note: The Japanese at one time wore within gunshot of Peiping.) Normally, in times such as those, wealthy Chinese pack up and seek re luge in Shanghai or some other st;ch spot where they hope lo find i bccurity for themselves and their: in tunes. k |: J.J ! "This time they went in the op- l.-csilc ciirection. i\tany came tn Manchukuo. already sensing the absolute security that, was to be hrul here. " here is another sisniricnn'. i thing: If the Chinese looked on j our new Flate here as n treoso:i- ! aole enterprise, we Chinese olli- [ c:als cf Manchukuo would not tlare: i'! enter China, for fear the pco- j I am not quite sure" we would 1 be "teiin wherever Ibe construction prepared to accept the ofTcr." jobs are going on. foreign ministry, where I> was received by Hsieh Chieh-shih NEXT: only one of the jiew buildings i emperor. The new Jlanclmkuonn Pu Yi, raisht even lake which make Hsinking look like a j (he sovereignty of all Cliina, if ask- ilest of Memphis were week j end guests ol Mr. and Mrs. J. D.' Best. . and and i Mrs. Tom Scott and family of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hnrhor family of. Matthews. Mo., Mr. bocm town rising from the prai- • ed, Premier Cbcnf Hsiao hsu lells I Memphis, and Mr. and Mrs. N. D. WASH OUT 15 MILES OF EY TUBES Win Bick Pep .. .Vigor .. . Rulhr>rit:c3 nz7cc that your VM IK73 contain 1.1 MILKS of tiny tubes Ol f.Urra v-liicl: help lo purify the fcloD'i and l.r.-p you healthy. They should l^Ur oul I'm,i the Had'ler 3 of P'-nI • <3l) which coatain* •! pounds of waste matter. If yo'J hare trc-.:We with loo Jrc-iuenl liI.iHiJcr r*"-" l K03 wilh scanty Kmixint c*ns- tr.i: h-.irnir.s nn«l tli^omfnrt. the l.i M1LK3 of tubes rrcJ washing mil. This H«» >:cr «iirnil maybe Ihe beginning of nnsr'-E 1 irVachr. leg p^ir.s, In.'S of pep and vitality, rcttinc n;» nigh'.5. lurnb.ijro, swollen feel i>Tvl nnV;tf5. rhcun:alic pains ar.'l rilzcinrss, If kidneys il^n't cuipty 3 pints every day and ret rid of 4 i>our.'li of %v»ste matter, joitr body will lake vp these poisons causi« n f*::oui troucle. It may knock you out and \.\y you up for many month j. Don't wait, Ask your ciugtrirt fo;- DOAN'S FILLS ... a doctor's iircscription . , . which has tccn used successfully by millions of kidnej F-ilTcrcrs for over <Cf >ears. (rive «iuicV irlicf and will help to wash out the 15 MILES of ttdr.ey tubes. But don't take cranccs with strona dr r>r so-railed "kidney cures" thai claim to fix 1 yiu u? in 15 minute?. Your common E?nso' will tell you that this is imr^asitlc, Treal- irtrntJ oF iHEa naliirc n^y ncriow^y iujm nn.i irritate delicate tiiiura. Tn*!lt e* DOAN'S rilXS . . . the old reliable rtHe'f lhat contain no "dope" or Jiabll-fonninit riniRS. Be EUTC you cet DOAN'S PILI^ •t your dnifftfvt. C 1^4 Fottcr-Uilburv C* GOODYEAR All-WEATHER WONDERWEAR Miss Georgia I YdU won't wonder where it' gels its name—once you climb into HANES! Pull a shirt over your head, and Bee how far the tail hangs below your belt 1 It's down so deep in your shorts, it can't worm up and out at your waist! Mister, that is comfort! Mow look at HANES' springy knit. Notice bow closely it clings to your chest — without drooping or sagging! And keep your eye on it, week after week —when it's washed. It'll be as lively and snug as ever! Give 2 pair of HANES Shorts a work-out. Squirm around and stoop as much as you want. No matter how hard you try, you csn't make them catch the crotch and pinch! Colors guaranteed last. See your HftNES dealer today, and ask for Won- derwear. P. H. Hanes Knitting Company, Winston-Salem, N.C. MORE NON-SKID MILEAGE And here's the • GOOD NEWS This marvelous new G-3 All- Weather with its many advantages over any other tire on the market costs you nothing extra. GRADE A Raw Milk PhoM 74 Craig's Dairy SERVICE STATION OPEN 7 ALL N1TK WRECKER SERVICE ROAD SERVICE CALLS MADE PROMPTLY 1'HONE G.'W The tire that wore out brakes, cf rivers, cars—everything but itself! • Here's the great new tireannounccd by Goodyear to match the performance of the modern motor car with its faster get-away, higher speed, quicker stops and smaller wheels that caused all makes of non-skid tire treads to wear faster ... Come in, see "G-3" in your size. See why it gives 43% more non-skid mileage and blowout-protection in EVERY ply. See why it costs more to build. And since it costs you no more to buy, we advise you to put on a set right now! SAMSONBAK (SiofoHifd) Union-Suits *i Others, nt WONDERWEAR FOR MEN AND iOYt FOR CVUV UAtOM SHQUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark, WM.R. 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Sleep on a Beautyrest THIS SPECIAL OFFER MARES IT POSSIBLE IIRR ARD \J JLJ JL9 Xm JLlL JLr FURNITURE CO.

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