The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE rW"tMTNANT MGtVQPAPPP. flP MnPTU»*DT AnU-AKTAIn *«A IIArl-mTY*. rvn .. ' ^»^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXVII—NO. 180 Blytheville Courier, Blytltevltle Dally Naws, .,. v , nllr ,,,,, , ,, ,,.,,..,,,, ri . Jilythevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley leader. Bn IHI'.VILU'., ARKANSAS, I UKSDAV, .GX'TOBKH l-l, |<W SINGLE COPIES FIVE ORNT3 YOUNG MISSOURI MATRON KIDNAPE Would Bar Parnell From Primary O. L. Bodenhamer Weds El Dorado Girl at Boston Stole Marguerite From Movies EL DORADO, Ark., Oct 14 CUP) —Marriage of O. L. Bodenhamcr, El Dorado, former national com-' , . D n . i marnk'i-of Hie American Legion to Action nase 01) rnmai'V Lx-| Mi:s Irenc H'chardson. also of El pencliture of milled by Governor. PLANE MBit in Boslon yesterday confirmed here today by Mrs. L. i nrn A j Dorado ,^DUAd- confirmed here today by Mrs. L. j BllsillfSS Sl'"rf"« Shankle, mother of Miss Richard- ! Dublntbs> JL--CCSS SO ;L The LITTLE ROcoct. 14 (UP) i V' C move to strike ihcllame of Ot>7 \'^ v" - ' " Y ° P. Williams Has Won j icss Success Since He ' married Marguerite Clark. left Boston last i id several days in i By NEA Hai-vey PnrncnY Dempcratlc'ranai- In^/" 1 ^^ 0 ™ , returnl ,' lg l ° E ! i N ^W ORLEANS, - When Mar- i date to »««« l,tai*lf. from the! ?.**?i J ^L d . lng lo W ° rd rcmvc " 1 Sprite Clark was at the very height I lUiiiscir from the I •"""""• """"" "ballot at the November eleclio-' ! uy ' r ' cn , ^f ' !of lier famc ns was instituted tl,L° afimoon when I T " ChKU ^" lpD i il i lrtC f 1 f °" r J ' cars : oclrra a tcw members of the RepubUcan sate' 0 Miss R chardson was em- central committee filed a bet! lor ! In chancery court here seekln- o i , ^ Richa , rdso " ' s " eradimie of ' ° Ark!lll5n a»^ Teachers college and motion picture' "> ™un% •' m an fro,n Louisiana named Harry ployetl as Bodenllamer ' s Williams startled Hollywood by marrying the charming and p ou ,„„ Jy0 i lng woman a f 1(1 time ot the legion convention in i irmit figures Boston she was attending Emerson ' 'Admirers of Marguerite Clark In \ temporary writ of Iniunclton rr- I ' """ ••-"-"•-••>«.——B^ ••••" ; young woman anu robbing Draining the .secretary of stab i *!™ ^^1 C0 |^...^. H"! i ™vieland of one of its most prom from certifying the cbiA exe^. tivo's name. , The petition requested an iinni-- ! colte£;! thcrc ' e:l 6 a 6ing '" extension diafle hearing of the annlirnti-vi i worl; - ' wiling out that onl • t™ da™ ?e-'! - Mrs s " a » Me '"^^ ** «>«main in which (he secretary" can '. ple wl " mukc tholr home here ' certify thr names to appear on the ballot.. LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 14 (UP)— I An injunction suit seeking to stay | Secretary of Slate Jim B. Higgins. from certifying the nau'-.e of Governor Harvey Parnell on the Democratic ticket as a candidate for re- IS j those days were numerous; and | 1 most of them promptly asked, "And ! j In those daj^ Williams wasn't I j exactly famous, except around N£w | : Orleans, where he was known as ' I an energetic, well-to-do young bus| iness man who had a passion -for I fasl automobiles and sp,;ed boats. I Today, however, if you should ask j that Question, New Orleans would : immediately answer: j "He's a millionaire aviation mag- ! nate, the big^sl man in his field election will be filed here today by m .L 'II r C.'ll i the Republican slate central com- |DiymeVllle Lompt'CSS Ollll j in lhe south, the biggest individual ' -------- - i _,__.,-_._ ... ,.-- wor ld and | __ :st air ser- j \ vic,3 in America outside of the lines j run by groups of New York capitalists." . ! This answer would be correct: and i field! enough, -because of i of .his lo do fast' inillu-e. it was announced hut nifht '. Hnlrls Rirr T pad m Srn i alr P lanc m ' ncr in thc following a conference of Reiv.ibli- \ nolab D1 5 LCdCl 111 JCd. . thc opc . ra t or _ O f the bigge — ,...,._.. • j son's Cotton Receipts. can leaders here. The action will embody allegations that the chief executive by his own oath expended in his primary campaign a-'sum In excess of the amount stipulated by an. act of the. frenwaUassembly adopted in 1913- which set the limit lor gubernatorial candidates at S5.000. Governor Parnell's sworn slate- ment placed his primary expenditures at SS.950.35. Tt also was revealed that Osro Ccab, secretary of the Republican stale committee had requested attorney General Hal L. Norwood to hand down an opinion as to whether Governor Harvey Parnell would be eligible to hold office of elected in November. Norwood remained srlent, indicating h« would not act in the matter unless requested to do by the > Cotton receipts at compress in Blviheville la^t week, for the first , time sjncc the current season got! Williams eminence in this well under way. Wl below anothar I«me,^oddly —» -—»•• Arkansas- point. The Blytheville compress received 7,203 bales last wc,?k. while Pine Bluff received 7,484. Since the opening of the season Blytheville has i , ,„,-,,, received 38,038 bales. Pine Bluff I < lm , Cl and I""?"', 1 !" P , ! Hiat eagarness traveling. Youth Shot On Porch of Own House DE wn-r, Oct. H. (up)-orn- cers were without a motive today for the stKMXlng Inst night of West McKcwcn, 10-year-old high school student football player, wounded on the back porch of his parents' home. McKcwen !>[ep]i«l onto the bad: porch-to Investigate a strange nous and was greeted by a fusillade of six shots, some of Uiem fired so close as to bum his clothing. One bullet struck him and lie was rushed to Stuttgart where it was believed his.Injury would prove la- tal. NeiRhbors later told ofTlcers thej saw four men rusli from the Mc- Kcwen yard and hurriedly leave In an automobile. Another Wife of Koving Perry -+itf f r,»'- HARRY P.. 'WILLIAMS,. 'rich 'and daring young southerner PLrtKfE<j- who williamJi K°t First Flew i«. IMS i married MARGUERITE CLARK a decade ago nt (lie height of lier ' TT • r-t '" J>la"e ride ! fame as a. movie actress, is shown above In aviation togs ' • ° with 23,569 U second for thc season. Total receipts for Arkansas last week were 70.023 bales, according to report of thc A: Cr.tton Trade association. . which j compares 70.472 for the week previ-! ous and 133,679 for the same week. a year ago. Receipts for the state ! ; had flying across the English channel.; Williams took a ride in a plane I ! there—an old Curtits "pusher," in I ironl, theit legs dangling ov.;r I >ty space, ivhile two propellers ' the back of the plane pushed its unstable mid at thc ; the former Ycnchman, • Texas Preacher Who Will Conduct Baptist Revival Arrives Here Today. The Rev. A. A. Hirers of Electro, Texas, will preach his first sermon of the First Baptist church revival this evening. 7:30 o'clock The evangelistic meeting began Sunday morning with the Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, pastor, In charge until Mr. Rivers arrived this morning. Mr.. Rivers Is a half-brother of Ihe local pastor. W. nines Sims, music director of the Pine Bluff First Baptist - ^. . . ,< - 'ineen, new residing at tlieir plantation home near church, was In charge of Ihe slng- the sleepy litlle village of Patterson. Iji. FUlfilLIFE- Ing night and will continue this work throughout tile two weeks state election board composed of ^'c a ™ar" o tlir. om-nr-™,. -„-,,,, ~t ,,_. : UiUO B ' Car a 6°- August 1 have compared to 408,987 tn the same Thn't oiii- ride [ho governor, secretary of state and attorney general. The injunction will be filed in either the chancery or circuit court. and a request, for immediate hearing will be made, Ccbb said. Governor Parnell refused to discuss the matter. Chairman Lamar Williamson of the Democratic central committee stated at his horn? in Monticello that he was of Ihe opinion the paint in question would not affect the eligibility of Governor Parnell and he did net believe the Republicans woidd be successful In their effort to secure a restraining order against the secretary of state. "It is not our Intention to make a political issue of this matter." Mr. Cobb said. "liut members of lhe Republican slale committee believe it Is their duly to file the suit In justice to the Republican candidate for governor and in fairness lo the citizens of Arkansas. "We are prepared to carry th case to the supreme court, if necessary, and we Intend to fight the Issue to a finish." i Hams climbed out thonkfi enough. Wil-1 Mtmphis Prowler Makes Escape Thru Tree Tops MEMPHIS,: ' Oct. J4. (UP)—A i houis prowler who took to the tree j 'tops when police • aided by a vol-1 unleer posse sought him last night I Shipments lost week were some- i .. : it what heavier than for the preced- ;as over and allowed that the j of aviation were exaggerated. ] years before he got into : u " y . wl Jf"!Hot Springs Engineer Vic- that the | • r , - D , , D .. tim 01 blackmail Plot, look back on more than GOOO hours any Arkansas compress. Following are rec.iipts last week and for the season at leading Arkansas points: 7,484 23,569 38.038 22,823 16.649 15,093 10.881 8,803 C.o-IG FLASHES MISSOURI TREASURER SUSPENDED JEFFERSON CITY, MO., Oct. 14 (UPI—Stale Treasure Larry Brunk v?as suspended from of- teo^Snc'nW^nd'iTtaM 1 :! The engineer's wife advanced the j ^^"^I^JL^ HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Oct. 14, (UP)—The whereabouts of H. s! sing mys- conlinued assist ried thousands of passengers with- j'n solving his strange disappear- out one death or serious accident. | ance. for severnl hours, gave his hunters I thc slip but lost his cap, a. revolv- MF. FLtiELE er and his automobile. While Ooorge W. E. Perry conlln- ics lo evade polio.' who want to question him In connection wllli ils many marriages «n the dealh of his blgamoiisly married wife, Mrs. Cora Belle Ha::kell, whose body wus found on a Wisconsin Indian reservation, further detail:; of Ills martial adventures come to light.. Here Is Mrs. Lyda Downey Perry 1 of Eldorado. III., whom Perry married on Aug. 1G nnd left when she refused lo nell her -properly there at his re(m»st. mm TO DRIVE i Desperado Sought for Lai mar, Col., Bank Rob| bevy, Resists Capture. BRANSON, MO., Oct. 14 (UP) — SHLEflEHSfl'. PEBBN4IOI Search of House Reveals Corrcspop.dence With Women All Over Country. MILWAUKEE.-Wl&.: Oct. U^UPX —Extent of the' correspondence which George \V. E. Perry, bigu. mist and accused slayer of Mrs. Com Belle fluckHl. curried on with women UiroiigliouL tlic United States was revealed here today with seizure of mere than MO letters in his Inmk. The letters were. In answer to iimtiimoniat advertisements Perry hud placed. In newspapers before leaving Milwaukee a year ago. They were found by his first wife, Mary, mother of his three children,.who lives In poverty" here. The letters were 'from women In nil slates of life ohd were accompanied by photographs, his wife declared. Perry's eldest son, John, returned yesterday rron\ a trip .to southern states where lie talked to some of his father's bigamous wives. Search Today for Daughter of Wealthy Greenfield Man Is Unsuccessful. ; GREENFIELD. Mo,, Oct. 14. (UP —Officers, aided by a steadily^ increasing corps of volunteers, searched vainly today for Mrs. Xl- mn Wilson McKlnley, 24, daughter of Dade county's wealthiest citton, who was kidnaped from her home neur here lasl night. ' '^'.. '.,' Mrs. Bcntoh Wilson, tht • girl's . mother, wns alorin with her dwlgH- ter. when a masked . mau : oirrri«J with a shotgun entered the .Aarie Wilson farm home. Ke forced the young woman to drive away with him. Mrs. Wilson was left bound and telephone wires to the house were cut by the kidnapers. The fact Mrs. McKlnley will soon become a mother was cited n's probable basis for a belief by the abductor that he could obtain ransom easily from her wealthy' father. The man at first demanded mon/' ey, Mrs. Wilson told officers who were called niter she freed herself and ran to a neighbor house for aid. "We told him there was none and he said, 'which one caii drive live car? 1 When my daughter told l)jm she could drive he tied me : ajJS'--';-< r< made her drive away with hlm.'iJ "" Wilson, who made a •fo'rtune/ui Oklahoma oil fields and 'retired to his '4.000 acra farm near here, was In Kansas .City when the kidnaping occurred. He 'was'.'-' his two sons and'Harold Mtklriley, X the girl's husband. ' •' ••:••'' -.'• Mrs. McKlnley and her husband have been Jiving at Wilson's home until tMr pwp',hou«, >under con- A man I ••• Identified by oflicers as Pine Bluff Blytheville West Memphis Little Reel: .. For! Smith .. Jonesboro Texarkana Newport Hope Forrest City . Eudora Helena McGehcc -Marked Tree .. 7,203 ... 0,758 ... 5,934 ... 4.059 ... -1.012 ... 3.044 ... 2,994 ... 2,827 ... 2,692 .. 2,240 ... 2,054 .. 2.031 ... 2,014 ! an airplane factory. Son of Rich Lumberman Williams was the son of a rich ;theory her husband wa^ the victim i of a blackmail plot and feared he might even have been murdered. ! man. Frnnk 13. Williams, who made ! The nature, of the alleged plot was i his moi'ey cutting-- and marketing | not dlscl-sed by Mrs Morcland. . cypress lumber from lhe Louisiana j Morcland was miswd by othei 1 .swamps. YOUIIB Williams went to | p,. rsons at nis office near)y . a weeli I New Jerseys famous Lawrenccville , ago mit . lt was first ^,1^ ,, e hnd ; Academy, spent some tlms at Se- journeyed to Tennessee in connec- Held tod*y pendlns conclusion of an Investigation' Into charges that thr state treasury olTice was being conducted according to law. service men. Thc man, 10,212 10,334 14,175 9,081 9,420 8.049 7,903 ! wanec University, and finally, at I the age of 1G. went to work fcr his • father. He spent some limo as oiler oh a sleni-wtoecled packet boat that Night Ferry Service at Clarendon Stopped CLARENDON, Ark.. Oct. 14 (UP) —On account nf While river rising rapidly for the past two or three days the night shifts on lhe terry on Number 3 highway have been discontinued temporarily. Much Inconvenience has been caiiMd Memphis motorists and lo avoid Ihls ihey should arrange lo leave Memphis at such a time as to cross White river before dark Night service will be resumed as soon as the river is safe for night . navigation. "Shotting Hurricanes" Will Not Stop Them carried supplies to thc lumber j camps: then h? became a produc- Mnrianna Receipts at the CaruthersVnie i 1 " mll " cnm P s m .™ s charge, going ! and Maiden compresses '""'' " b ° Ut thc nms '" " Cabln crulser i for are: tion with some contracts which he was interested in. Mrs. Morcland told police she hnd In her possession "convincing evidence".tending to support the blackmail theory. the individual compresses As a young man he had taken to Carutlwrsvillc, 4.111 last week 131 I ridi " g fast hor£cs ' Then ' when nu '610 Cor the season- Haytl 2828 iTit I tcmobllcs became popular, he [ Back in Fall Yesterday Mrs. H. A. Smith is badly bruised and has her back wrenched from a fall late yeslerday while hanging a curlain at her home. Al- TEXAS STREAMS HIGH DALLAS, Tex., Oct. H. (UP) —Streams and rivers flooded by torrential .rains of the past 12 hours threattnrd today lo inundate portions of central west T«ss and western Oklahoma. Merchants at Brown wood, Tex., removed stock from the lower floors of (heir stores as Pfcan b»jt», fed by flooded streams »nd creeks, rptchrd its highest point since 1928. "Young Jake" Fleagle, surviving luaitive of. tho notorious iFleagle family Impllcalcd in sensations! western bank robberies., was shot and dangerously wounded here today when he refused lo submit to arrest, by county officers and secret said to be Fleagle. rcueht throughout this country and Mexico since he and his brother were Implicated In the Lamar. Co!o., , bank raid and murders, was felled j by a bullet from an officer's gun v:h(n the bandit susjiect sought to board a Missouri Pacific train yesterday. His captors said he reached toward his hip pocket "lo shoot it out" when they ordered him to throw up his hands. STDDENTS KIOT AGAINST KING BARCELONA, Spiln, Oct. 14. (UP)—An inti-monarrhlsl d»m- onstratkm by studtnts it the uni- rten. •k, 12.127 for (he season- Mai I 1 " 0 "* 1 ' 1 fnsl alllom " Dilcs a " d dr ° v = ilhough conRned lo her bed today j wrslty law school caused wide i. 2.568 last week 7230 for the m a " he was WOTtn -- The" ! her injuries are not believed to bv. ***** diMurbance here today _ _ . ' •'*«*' '"1 itll. >, Q f.f.t inro-arto/4 Jv> rt111 Hniwl mnl . I i • -^._ *• hs got interested in mot- Believe Diamond Victim of Fellow Gangster cr boats, building a string of them, of which lhe newest—Rocket II— j has been unofficially clocked at 53 miles an hour, three miles better than the world's record. Turns to Aviation Then, In 1925, tv ice that Jack .tajay, Iward a theory i Diamond, notori- hear death in serious. A prominent civic and church j worker. Mrs. Smith will not be; i able to attend lhe state Parent| Teacher association at Jonesboro I beginning today where as vice president of the state she was to tike and was brought under control only after a police cordon had Supreme Court Rules On Sale of Chow Dog NEW BRIGHTON, N. Y.. iUP>- i A chow d °S. owned by Mrs. Anna- bdll M pl;rce wn , ,j> 1{ , ^^ flf a supremo court action here. The dog had been sold by Mrs. Pierce's husband to Carl Duerr, who made a $50 deposit. Later CHICAGO—A wcinan who, police believe, wiU be able to tell Uiem thc whereabouts of George W. E Perry, alleged bigamist sought for thc slaying of Mrs, Cora Hackelt his third wife, was sought here. The woman whose name wa. c given os Mrs. Alice Ford, lived in a Softtli Side apartment, police said,' until a week ago. which was about the time that Mrs. Hackelfs body was found on an Indian reserva- Uon In Wisconsin. Mrs. Hackett, a Chicago woman, who met Perry through a newspaper want ad, apparently had been shot to.death. An automobile which Perry left as security for a S150 loan in Blytheville., Ark., bore license plates Issued to Mis. Ford, the police said. Hot Springs Police Ask "Popeye" to Board Train HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Oct. 14.' (UP)—Nell K. "Popeye" Pumplireyi alleged gambler and New York racketeer, was given the' choice of purchasing a one way ticket and boarding the first out-going train, or of serving 9fl days on'the city chain gang In municipal court here today. .;_ "Popeye" studied a moment then hurried away to invest in a ticket. Pmnphrey,,formerly of Mempliis, was arresled here recently -for questioning In connection with an Alabama bank robbery, but was not indicted. He was ordered out ot the city a (that time bill returned after being implicated In a gambling scheme In Syracuse, N. Y. ^ Communities Demonstrate at Labor Convention Identify Prisoners as Texarkana Jail Breakers MOBILE, Ala. Oct. H. (UP) — Two men who said they were Jack Boyd, St. Louis, Mo,, and B. O. Madden, Kl Paso, Tex., held here in connection with an alleged Insurance fraud, have been identified as escaped Arkansas prisoners, nu» under sentence In that stale authorities said today. Callcd thc dEal off a " a rc- J helr lde nUty was learned when ' ponce coraon nan i d "" he uT«rsHy f"",f A Dllert ' s monc >'' Dlierr lhe " L hCy ""^Pted another Jail break j _. .. 1C u,,i,crsltv. , l nsmilted C0lu . t ,, ro<:c( , dlliss ,„ re . Saturday night. Shcrifl F McGc- 11ves - •son, La., where Williams I old airplane on a )ur. Williams made found It was First District Medics The students, shouting violent anil-monarchist slogans, slormtd the nuUn doors of ,the university building and dumped the interior aft*r forcing their way Inside. tain ownership of the do;: jOf Miller county, Ark., declared Boyd and Madden were leaders in a successful Jail break at Tcxar- kana Sept. 29. Police Guards Maintain Meet at Tyronza Tomorrow i Order in German Capital Gray, here, asked to comment on "shott- ing hurricanes' to dispel danger from them, said: "All the explosives in thr world, fired into a hurricane, would have as little effect as a boy shooting il with a beansV.oot- cr. People fnil lo -'realize there aT P riiWcle forces which cause strums." to talking with them. was noil committal. lient." still Is I in or «t|in '""/• "» d '» th ^ *««* i IS29 joined with the brothers i j Dr. F. D. Smith, vice president |of lhe First Councilor District and will attend the annual fall onza tomorrow when the- group_wlll be guests of Jlnsett counties vak to permit an op;ratKn o r' of Hellderson of Jonesboro, president: crilicnl." his coji^iilon.,ivas extremely e^rTS rSS ne P S 5"lSKWSf^i,^ ^"ST (Continuea on page three) BERLIN, Oct 14. (UP)—Strong Police guards patroied thc vicinity of lhe Prussian diet, dispersing crowds of extremists and lhe curious today when the diet, convened this afternoon. . The diet and reiclislog neighborhoods were comparatively quiet, with police In motor lorries patrol- wig the district after disorders yesterday and early (his morning when - fascists were dispersed after a renewai of anil-Jewish riemon- City Council to Hold , Monthly Meeling Tonight | Mexican Mining at Tremont street avenue as several BOSTON, Oct. 14. (UPJ—Polica clashed wilh a' group of more than 300 men and women described .i»s communists here today just outside the Hotel Bradford where the 50th annual convention of the American Federation of Labor" is now In progress. •• " For fully five minutes wild scenes" were enacted and Shawmut members of the communist group attempted to deliver speeches to the crowd. Not until exfra police arrived and charged the crowd with drawn clubs was the demonstration quelled. Several men and women demonstrators appeared lo be brulsfd and scratched but none was thought lo be seriously hurt. Missionaries and Pilot Die in Alaska Crash NOME. Alaska. Del. 14 (UP)— Two Jesuit missionaries and « pilot were dead here today following a crash of tteir plane on the frozen tundra nf northwestern Alaska. The dead were Father Phillip! Delon. superior of Jesuit missions In Alaska; Father William Walsh of the Kotzebu mission, and Ralph Wien. noted Alaskan aviator. The Blytheville city round! will i hold Its regular monthly meeting at the city hall tonight. Only routine business Is anticipated, nccord- Ing to Mayor N'eill Reed. Light Police Court Changes to Aid Industry HOGALE3. Ariz. (UP)-Mcdifi- catlon In the strict mining laws of Mexico, which became effective Oct. 1, are expected by local engineers to bring renewed activity on many properties south of the border. Docket This Morning Th"'changes, it. Is pointed out. W 'U make developments of new An unusually light docket greet-! mineral claims much easier and cd Judge W. D. Qraveito In police < place the country's mining laws on C °S- r ii,, lh » mol " ln - ,. i a ^Is similar to that of the.Diar Klllls Bright was fim.i S2.i 01 « [regime. • • •' ' charge of disorderly conduct. Two J Thc modt/tcatloti wa-; broiisht other cases were ordered ooniln- i about at the suggestion of the 1Mr 'l> (Mexican Mining Little P.ock Committee Seeks Baseball •Franchise LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 14 (UP) — A committee nf Little Rock business men headrf by Mayor Robinson departed 'last night to attend the Southern Association directors' meeting in Nfemphls today with Instructions to'retain this clly's franchise at all costs. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy to- niglil mid

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