Richmond Times-Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia on August 2, 1921 · Page 1
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Richmond Times-Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia · Page 1

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1921
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'First With the News" Full Associated Press lteport The Weather Inrrrn?lii(t cloud lit rn?. prolinlilr follonnl l?y ?lio%vrrn (hN nllrrnuon or tonlulit In Went nml .North portion. (For weather report. ??<v Rdttortnl Pact.) 71ST YEAR. * OI.LMIK 71 M MitKIt 207 RICHMOND, VA? TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1921.?FOURTEEN PAGES. ?i PRICE, THREE TENTS. Likened by Harding to "Symbols of Real Human Brotherhood." SPEAKS AT CELEBRATION OF LANDING OF PILGRIMS Hopes Principles of Toleration and Freedom Will Awaken New World Era. ??nous i-oit Aims i:i:im<ti<>\ "'?Hans ?r Knjtllsli. S|Maki.m iN-s la IVcs,,,! ?'annul Denied. f'r-W. I I v \I'l.VMi .| Til '" ??in M ft,. I'uidihark o d.d|. :u. j'day ;is "fot lurlioo.] ???" :it. 'I IT. - MASS. 'Hi; ' .i t ion -Tilli . t I' 11K* > ? ? , ?-ll I, J. U It -Mi il j:rhl??. I ii r r ? i '? l!|f <? ? ? ii it -. t ., ?\'"<*i - an fre-dom. was 1 *? ? - ?!? ?, i 11 ? r ii! I, n ?-Ml.,..,I ,,t ?'?II the world. " ,!l" ? ?*r -ntenary ? . |. ""'ilij; ..r il,,- I'llI ' ' ? l<|. II t If. , . th "I '.!>? ! pritioljil ? - f ? ??? Iii. ? ii.- Atlantli ' ? .v ?..r|.| i ml- rm;; (,.i. 11. 11: ?"?.i to ?i ?I! a r ma n.i <n ? II. ?I :<i i ti> II V ?!. . ?t III.i Ihute iitik. .I ?.r tii.. ywh-r. ? I tilll 11'. tia t ii. ii'm i" ?.-?-? t :. hi. 'il \\ ? .iI.I ? i|n- I'ill* t'i(|l? eu.'ony t.? th?l.'i, ??, i m)i - H[Ka k. ? ml .1.- ::?, ...i tli.- in -si.,a ,.f i'"iii|ia >? ?- even ; y- t arc ' -Ii >. t, "I" '>?- Kiik, "V" ' I"-|.l-? in Jl?. ?r,.M..n( ???? .m ..... .... . J'ri-H. Uat s aiMi. s ,t,.: v, ., "h" f** hundred feot ..f the ? u hrt. I .yii ..; t K j!o,.k , , , " "d l-'M.v, t? v'./s'Zri>OS."\r\ty' |Vn" 1,1 rl "f "'"1> ? ,,l?r.u!on in \kJi; i, Vi ???fl' 4 an,$ innnv uilp.r ,'"V "V*. "f St;,t" ?""! ii.Hl'-M pnr. ' " fl'V P^.ld. ,,t V". n'htary ami ..aval tin. lilK-.ri Mr. .t- f I l> month, arid tonight I,.- witnoi^.-.J ,'"r' ":i' !-*? tr. ant r. |.r,..|Uein- ili- ..ui'IIiik ..f the Pilgrims Uith Mrs. Harding and a party of " ~ 1 h*' ''r.'sld. nt reached i'lyinoulli from Wa>h!nt;toi, sh'-rlly f"i. noon ?,in >.i ht M. v Mower nam*.| f,.r th. |?ii?,|ln ehip whirl,' ? lit. i ? <1 thi.?. harlmr tttid'T m h u ,.j... > dilf. rent t'lr. iiinf'ah.-.-h -jo,, y.-at . "i-- Thr.-.. I.a111.--hi,m nlu, ''' * ' - form.- I an . -??..rt f.,r t|?. Ma vilux. r ?.{ t.?tay. si,.- w:.- ? .??,! '? 1 ' """l I"-' -f Hi- |>t. lld.MI1 ' '.Into irofn a !> 111< rv :i>lw.ruini. a British criilscr. the Cambrian. " ' r ".'IK at io ? ,ilu'ho.if. Jimi "titf. i. |>jyi,t|, harbor. ?^' ! ' :i ii<>o|i .if cavalry I'-.tnMl . |ir> > i * I ?? 111 ii, I i; na r.l ..f h..nor, and n -t:? - -??inizatii.tis, in ludim; :. unit ' I'-iiii-h iiiarln-ji from th. Cnin-i hrinii. ii,.,r. h. .1 In th. |.:,rad. |i:!s?.-.! ||. r. vi.-w I., for- .Mi :.t. : !,ls party * I 'ri-s hi fill's II..|i.v. I !? ^ ? - id< ii t <? In.).- I 'I y in out h It ' k nii.-lit Ixirotne ,i shrine for all f t-f i it. his was i i liui'd in l.i j,.f ad.. - i.;, II d. It. aufort. Ir. . M.ii't:. 1.1 th? I>uti-h li gation at Washiryt .ii, and Captain Sidney II I > I* > 'aval .ill... h. th- 'iritis!, . tnlia-s? ih-r^. \"i - I'r. i.l. :it 1i.lf. v h'. was not . !i. diih-.i t., ,)?>. ! v' r .-.ii a?idress. -alistl-d the d... ii ;ii.'l' tli thi .?r:vr I.\* spr i)< iu^ l.r:, ll> . ?-. r-tary ..f \\\ir Wcolts also had i pla<-?' In tli- .?peak<Ts' stand "I'll- -\-r -is. t:. Ind--d. w. r- uit n-d into an old linmo-wr. k eel-liratlon w h-n. at tin- word of the chair,nm lin y vi. r- I.. I.- <?!,.>,.,t the crowd .?ailed londlv for Viee-I'residcnt hlpe. Senator l^idg-e. Ma Jor-Oeneral C I! Kilwards and Secretary Weeks. I..:ivIiik late ton Ik lit aboard the *layllo\vcr, the President and his part v expert to roach'Tortland, Maine, tomorrow niorniim, and there take !? iitoiiioliiles for l.a n raster, .V II.. wlier- they will spend the remainder ,f the week at Secretary Weeks' pi:,r< I'res'ldent I'.irdlnjj and his party on the yarlit M . !lower ran into a wtorniv e\|i-ri<ni- "if Mlock Island, H. J., (Continued on Paice ~i. Col. r> which llardDE VALERA SAYS HE HAS - NO PLANS FOR LONDON TRIP I By Associated Press.]* DI'lil.lN, Alls- '?? K.imoiiii Va lorn. the Irish Republican lead> r. told rowsj'aper men here today that ho had tio intention of visiting London this* week, and that no arr*ngoment* jV-id been made for a future visit tliere. Mr. do Valora made this statement in answer to questions by representatives of the press as to reports that he was about to revisit the ltritlsli capital. It followed a speech which lie delivered at the annual congress of the Irish Labor party. TO BUILD NEW ROAD FROM IDAHO TO PACIFIC COAST WASHINGTON, Aug. I. - Pcrmis jiion to construct ninety miles of n?\\ railroad from Kogerson, Idaho, t Wells. Nevada, has been granted to ili(. Idaho Central ftailroad. Company i > y the Interstate Commerce Com mission. * The new road will ineai a route t?? thq Pacific Coast from Southern Idaho about 300 miles shorter than present connections, furnishing a direct route to California for products jjut the larger ship overhauled hor^ W ould Dock Congressmen Absent Without Excuse I "y L'tilted NV?s. | WASH IM JTON. A Hi;. l_lt,.pre?s. ntutivc Klss.|% ..f New York, would (luck tin* pay of Congressmen who absent t hi iiiM i vi .s from f ? SMion.s \v Itholit excuse. Kissel introduced a bill Moudav providing for a fine of $;uh, f<M ? a -h day i'ong ressm.i 11 was abK'lU during a I llll - ij a y session. with smaller fines for shorter -. ? sions. M ?? tubers Who tailed to a lis wi-r thirty i onsecutlv roll rails would he Hred 1 In* IhII also would tin r.-a sr th?* salaries of i'ongressnieu to 11 .">,?i?i?. LOWEST COTTON COOP ilNCE IA|h'M> I'Siiiiuiti- South Will <;<-i Jj511.0110,000 More for I'toiltit'l in I'rin* Advance. ii.\i.ks I'i:i:du ri.D Continued anil Incn-ascd Datum;' I-rout Hull H t'l'vll ami Heavy iCninran During July Decltircil < 'itusc of Itcdui-t ion. WASHINGTON. Auk 1 The holi W..\|| Jllll yn| liavor W'-< III- Souths cotton during July. heavy ruirif.rll ai'l?'j iri the 'li-jit vat i <.?i hy promoting a rank growth of weeds and ?'" r.-v-uit a prospective |if .||, tlori Of ? n ha Irs was fore1 ' l iy hy tin- . ro|i bureau of the l'?epai ? mi ik ,f \ ^'rii ultur.. has.tig .t? ??J11mate on conditions existing July . 'Iiat i |.,?s .,f _? 1.1.mi hairs. ? miliar. ,| w ith t:.? ? >.n forecast a month am. I>frllii-s 4.." |Vr Irnl. ill. crop il.'-liii'il I prr eent dii*i- g 'In- month, inn h more than the .iv? ? r.iu-.? i|. in.-. bringing the rontli: '?1 l"f "lit i.f a normal, t.i. low. -I July l'.? .'.III.Ill ion r.?i re". '? r? 1 w th i.iii- evr.-ption- that of H{>; when i w is <;< | I'npromlhlng >x th.. p.. ..,,t en.II. til.U of thr crop I'trough lilt IIIUK of th.' I."It. an.! there Is v<ry <.^r mis i l>, the dr pa rt metit experts sji-, i ? ohllnueil and :?iT?asr.| damage thr I...II weevil, while gran* an.! Wr.-ds a; .- e\ha listing much of the crop that remains Summarizing conditions. the dr. S'.'irt in.-ii? iHsiird a ???mi. i saying: ?r.itfi.M > iiYrrni morr than t ? umm! de. Hue during July, being damaged i>. -tlculu rj'y by th.- hoi I we# vil. 0fr-<>. ;:i tli'- newly itivaiird f rrit - r?i in South Carolina. Kastern I'Seor?-? a. Sotithrrn i- I r .. , a- Arhati as Damage tr in tii.- ins. ?: thr..iii:t ....|r has lirni heavy, and tli.* threat of eont in-led ait.l ill, r<- ? il l mage ?* v' f>' >'.-rious In nian> inn .- n nromisr.v to tal w ..wth ' condition result* larg.- y ill.- heavy July rainfall. whif-li has also Irarh. I out mu.-'i of th>- scanty supply of f.-rl il ir.rr and i.-aged a heavy growth .?f ????,?, and w. .- Ts, which is exhau.cti'i-- ,,f wh.t r< inaIii.-v I iialitr io \\ ?rl. ?v..p. "l-'a-inrrs art- utiahle to give i final dres.sitiK of f.-rtiliz-r in most instances, as has heen the custom. Through most of the holt the present fiiidition of tii. plant is un|iromis:inR, sine it fac.s on the one hand the danger of di..>i^ht and on tin oth.-r iii.-r. isr l damage from the l?.!i wrrvl I ' I'onditions arr favoral.le ?nly ,n thr fringes of the h.-lt in Western i'-xas, W .st.>rn i >klahotna. along the Mississippi Hivrr from Xor'hern Mississippi through 'I*. r.nesi-'eo and int.* Missouri, in Virginia and Vorth ?'arjlitiii. the northern portion of South Carolina Jind in tiir <1*11it ?ei-t->>n of (Continuoil on iitigu coi 5j MA Y SOUND KNELL OF BOBBED HAIR; DECREE ABUNDANCE OF LOCKS Milady Will Wear Hair High This Winter and Walk With Peacock Strut. 11} .lllilli'H I.. It HkiiIIcm. I'niUil News Staff Correspondent(.'II l<"A< SO. A UK- I.4?Miss America : will wear her hair lii?i? this winter. i her cars "outher gowns long mm ' -lie will walk with a I'oac.ick ?trut. And litnv elusive! How l?:i ft'l i > ? *r! How iii.vsti ! ions; ( ?h. la. la She will appear in the afternoon a I blonde and. mayhap, in tlio evening a medium brunette?all depending upon her gown. l.ight Mown, light hair, dark sawn, dark liair. "Transformations" will he the rage. She will seem several inches taller than she is today, in her hair she will , wear feathers, fan shaped, accentuating her hclghth and imparting class and a touch of the chic. The feathers will he the excuse for the peacock H^llt. I .Miss (America, in a word, is to be tall and rather liaughy, perhaps to the extent of reviving the elevated h..n(l>Oiako and the lilted nose. M.V.ame I-ouise, beauty expert nn?i moving spirit in the National Association of Hairdressers, in convention here, is authority for these statements. In an interview with tho linlted News, she sounded the doom of bobbed hair and the Inauguration of the reign of the artificial and abundant locks. 1 Mouse Ways and Means Body Receives Recommendations of,Sccrctary Mellon. FLAT LICENSE OF $10 ON ALL AUTOMOBILES 2-Ccnl Tax on Bank Checks and Increase of First-Class Postage Rate to 3 Cents. 111V Associated I'T'-ss. | WASHINGTON AUK 1 ?A tax .<f " (-frits on bank < heck*. a Hat li(< -(? tax r,f $10 on all automobiles, Irrcs(>? ?? 11vi of < r hor>. imwr, st Increase of first-claws,"! tali's to cents and an added |i-v v on cigars. tobacco and i-rarfttfs are understood to have among tax revision suggestions pres'-nti d today by Secretary Mi-lloii to the lloiisn W ay:, aid Means Comtnittoe. ini'<!tin:; in ixi'i'Utlvf session. Other sun; l.ave ineltided; A reduction of i? wore ? to per I'eni jn trans1'ortation taxes, both j?:i.--^<rin<? r and 't'fii!Iit. next -md their eliminat.o i the \ ear foliowirit; I'epeul of tin* taxes on soda fountain drinks and Ire cream. Iti-jM-al i-f 1he profits t.ix and otiimnation of the JH.Mio <xeinption on corporations* ncime* In?Te.i>f <,f tin., uirrnal Inrome tax 'ii corporations from the present ]0 per cent to J 5 per cent. Elimination of tin- * surtax litacki ii ahovo 4ft per cent, with the surtax rate* on incomes nuiKi 'i; from JC.OOn to $50,000 iin re."Se.I ltul?r (t l,<Mtlt,<HKI,(MIII. The re\. n ,e hill. :i, revised in old with these suggestions, would he di-M;;ued to raise a ppr?? ?xi uia t e| y ; t .1 mi.( ii,-xi year, it was said. Meilo.i'a memorandum embodying I.Ls views was withheld, hut Chairii a i Kordnev promised to make it Public tomorrow. Itipr.-etitatlvr ? lamer. of Tnxan, ranking l-iemocratic member of the committee, attacked Hie Treasury Secretary's proposals, declaring thai ? very one ot" them const tinted a "shifting of the tax hurden from tlio > lasses to the masses" Mellon was said to have estimated government expenditures for next year at $4.67.1,000,000. hut Chairman Kordney said this was dependent upon how much of the J50U.000.000 due the railroads would have to he advan ed out of the Kederal Treasury, tlie cost of operating the governlitem merchant fleet and the ni*e of expend ;t ures for the army and the navy. ? llsloms Itecrlpts Sir.O.IIOO.OOO. Asid.* from tile internal taxes, the Treastny .<<?? retary was understood to have .?t im.iteil customs receipts for next year at $4 50,000,000. and miscellaneous receipts, including salvage, at I33a.000.fto0. He was said to l.av.i figured tiiat the $10 license tax on automobiles would In*.ng in $100.coif.ijuo, and ttie |lded levy on cigars, tnhai.o and cigarettes an additional SlTi.iuhi.Oo-. Increased postal rates have hei n estimated to yield another JTa.O'Mj.ouu. but the estimate as to the income from the proposed tax on bank checks was not disclosed. The loss of revenue through reduction of the transportation taxes lias been placed at approximately $150,000,00". After the committee had heard Mellon. Internal Kevenue Commissioner Mlair. lir. T. S. Adams, Treasury tax expert, and other lisoal officers of the government, Chairman Kordney reiterated his statement of last Saturday that he believed the nation's tax bill could be cut $500,000,000. and the government run for #4.000,000.000 a year. "Wilful Waste of Public Funds." Representative tiarner said that government expenditures in excess of that >um next year would he a wilful. wicked waste of public funds, wholly indefensible." lie asserted that the Federal estimate could be run for $3,500,000,000. adding that Representative Madden, of Illinois, the new chairman of the Appropriations Committee, had decland in an address that this sum should be suflieient. Itefore the committee heard the Treasury experts. the Republican members were in conference with Madden for a discussion of expenses next year and the needs of the Sliipping Hoard, the army and the navy ICxamination of the Treasury ollicers concluded the committee's hearings on the revision measure and the Itepublican members plan to uci to work tomorrow on a final draft of the bill. Chairman Kordney reiterated that the committee probably could not complete the measure under three weeks. MAY PUNISH STUDENTS WHO GAVE DANCE TO ACTRESS | Ity I'nited News.) MADISON". WIS.. A UK- 1.?Forty I 'diversity of WNrPtiRin Htuilonts wl\n y.avc N' mthh Tiiiinadgo, movie Mar. si formal dinner?<lamv party at a ?Middle ton may lie disciplined l>.v the faculty. It is alleged that ill giving .Muss Talmarige tiio formal party, the students did not regard chaperon or hour regulations. Jjcan Goodnight declared Monday that the students Involved will l>e called before the students' life committee. ? The hosts of Miss Talmadge defclarc It was a private party and not an university affair. U. S. TAKES FIRST STEP IN RELIEF OF Hoover Starts Machinery When Assured American Prisoners Will Be Released. jDIPLOMATIC ATTITUDE REMAINS UNCHANGED Measures Declared to Be Humanitarian, With No Relation to Official Policy. I\v ItnlpH ||. Turner. I "Mo,I X(!H's Stuff Cori^-spon -tit W ASI11 NliTOX. Auu 1 ?The- fir.-! ; steps hiivc lo-en taken toward American relief of U?. Russian famine, but th" attitude i.f tilo I larding adj ministration toward tin- Soviet ,-egitm politically, diplomatically and I "I'oiiomi, ally?remain^ .-hanged. I Willi definite assurance from the Soviet government that American prisoner* would I,., r-l-as-d. Herbert lloovcr, in-ad of tio American relief administration. Initio,:;.,tely started the machinery of his organizntion in | Kurope. .No iteln I luti l? i'olicy. Phis action, whi--h provide* lluj closest contact that lias existed thus far hot ween tin rnited States and Soviet Russia, already is provoking : inquiries as to Wlo-tlu-r tile relief move may not prove an "entering ? wedge" to a formal r- la t ionsh ip l>e: lween the L'nited States and the Sovi let government In administration quarters. inquiry meets the emphatic answer that tInvery conditions now . ailing for reJ lief ate the result of Soviet rule ? the ? "collapse of a nation" i- declare-! to lie the present result of the "progressive impoverishment" v\ 11i? -!i Secretary 11 utiles mentioned in his rn! cent |i!nii"iitia-enient of Atio-rican pol. { icy toward trade with Russia. The j present relief movement. !t is exI plained, ii- wholly humanitarian and J ha? no relation to policy, except in so far as Hoover's stipulaI tion for the release of imprisoned Americans was indorsed by the State i Department. ? I Coltles Kiiropenn Director. Hoover has cabled Walter I.yinan Brown. European director of the American relief administration, to I proceed immediately from London to Riga I "It is of course to be assumed." | Hoover said, "that the prisoners will | have been delivered out of itussia as I demanded l>v the State Department | before you open discussions. You ; will recognize that such a course is the most primary evidence of willingness to assure life and properly of our staff." II.over's cable followed a message | from M Kamencff. chairman of the comtnission of the all-Russian central executive committee for helping the famine stricken population, accepting the conditions stated in the original offer. The reply was transmitted through Maxim Oorky. who has acted as intermedittry through all the negotiations. Kameneff's reply said: To l'l\ t'omllt Ions. "The Caspian government has acquainted itself with the proposal of Mr Hoover, made in the name of the American relief administration, and finds this proposal finite acceptal le as a lii-sis. including the release of the American prisoners. The Russian government considers it desirable as soon as possible to fix the precise conditions on which this association will begin immediate relations of its humane intentions to guarantee the feeding, medical treatment and clothing of a million children and inj valids." The message requested that Director Brown conic i mined lately to MosI cow. Riga or Reval to carry out the I negot ia t ions. The relief administration is ready to begin its vrfork. as soon as the Americans are safely out of Russia. Food and other supplies will be sent (Continued on page 2 colT l.j WAR FINANCE BODY PLANS ISSUE SHORT-TERM BONDS | By Associa tc<| Press.1 WASHINGTON. All}?. I.? Issuance | ? ? f rcKUlar series <>f Wnr Finance ("orj iinrai ion short-term bonds inny heI Kin in I lie near fuliire in Hie event <? f passnKe !?>? Congress of Hie pendiim legislation (n broaden Hi at body's powers to include Hie making of a<lvanees for agriculture anil ra! I roa <1 relief oflU-mls said today. Methods of llnaneiiiK funds to carry out Hie laiKe demand liUel> to lie ti :'<!<? oil the corporation if the enabling legislation is enaeteil ollici.ii* asserted may follow the general policy of Ihe Treasurv in rai.siiiK money for its current needs. VOTERS FLOCK TO TUCKER AS AN INSULTING CARTOON STIRS THEM TO INDIGNA TION Delay in Count Expected in Clay Ward Because of Length of Ticket. NO CANDIDATE CONCEDES ANYTHING TO OPPONENT Polls Open at Sunrise, 5:15 A. M.; Close at 7:17 P. M.?List of Candidates. WORK KltS Ui:.\l?V FOK KKAY Koturns l-'rum tin* City and State Will He C?iv?*n Out ?y Tin; Times| Dispatch, Stmtli Tenth St reel. All Indications point :?? a large vote today. From the rising of the sun to the setting of tlie same tTnlTi A. M. I.? 7:1" P. M ). loaders f-f the various candidates will be actively engaged in bringing out the voters. It is variously estimated that the total vote will vary from l.'.OOO to is.tioo. *\V i i ii forty precincts at which t<> cast this Vote it is believed there will he little delay in handling the i.allots, and there i?- every likelihood that the Itichinond returns will he in long hefore midnight. There may he some little delay in Clay Ward because of the large number of candidates for justice of the peace. It is estimated that the Jefferson Ward vote will rea-h 4,000; Madison Ward. -1.000; Clay Ward and I-ee Ward about ii.OOO each. All ( midldnte* 4'iiiitlilcnt. All the local candidates are confident. They concede nothing to their opponents. The claims of a week ago stand, sn far as the leaders are concerned. I.til the expressions of sentiment among various groups bear out the forecasts expressed in the "straw v .te" taken by the Kvening Dispatch. Thes.; "straw ballots" were the main points iti?? ? ii which Mr. l-'ittnigau based his withdrawal, lie said. 'I saw that my vote was getting away from mo, and that the best thing for all concerned was for me to get out of the race." These "straw ballots" place Tucker. Gunn, Dave K. Satteriield and Tresnon far in the lead in their particular contests, while the race between Pace and llulce for Treasurer, and John Sntterlield and Saunders for City Sergeant, are too close to warrant any degree of certainty as to possible result. claims of Candidates. Mr. Iluice, candidate for City Treasurer. says that with the elimination of the colored vote of last fall, and the assurances of continued support from his loyal friends in this election he expects to carry the city by $",MiO. Mr. Pace. City Treasurer, claims tlie cit v by from 1,500 to "J.OUO. the (Continued on Page Col. :!.) $5,000,000 IN INTOXICANTS SHIPPED TO U. S. IN YEAR I I5y Associated Press. I WASHINGTON, Aiihp. 1.? l.itoxicatiiip: lieverases imported into tlioj United States during tlic last llscal >ear were valued at more than $ft,000000, as compared with about $f.oo,000 in tlie previous . year, according lo reports issued tonight by Hie Comineri'C Department. Wine was the largest item in tl>o list of intoxicants entcri-ip during the year, anion n t i tig to more than 2,000,000, as compared with 2S.OOO in 1020. Whisky came in large quantities in tlie last year, with a total of 1 000 gallons, as compared with 32,000 najlons in 1 !?-" Creat Itritain shipped in most of! the whisky, Kraneo practically alii of the champagne and Spain tho greatest pint of the other wines. t Times-Dispatch qnd Evening Dispatch To Culfelin Stale and Cily Returns In view of the crenl Interest In (he outcome of (he prlmnry buttle fur the Democratic Kiibcrnnlorinl iiominiitloii, The Tlmc"?-IMi?piltch will appreciate llic rnurlrxy If (rlrrllon ofliccrn throughout (lie Slate will eo-npernte by 111 Ink early return*. IteliirnN will lie received liy the Democratic City Committee In (he I'lly Auilitorluni. Dlnpntchcn frnni point* outHlde of Itlt-hniond will lie telephoned to the elinlrmiin nx mooii ns they nre received liy The TlmenDiMpnteh mill livening Dlnpntch. There will lie mimic unit Minting. Tile TimCK-DI*pntC'h mid livenln? Dl*pfitch will nl*o display nil rrtnrriH In /ront of It* ofllee nml there will lie up-to-date motion picture* between bulletin*. The return* In the city content*, Nome' of which utrniv voIcn forcMhnUow na very cloxe, nlmi tvill be dl*played on the bulletin -board. Tuck.: Welcomed by Home Folks; Is Confident on Eve of Primary (Special to The Times-Dispatch. i ?ST.M'XTON, VA? Ann. >??Conceding only the Ninth District to State Senator 10. Trliiklc. ami confident that he will carry seven of the t<? ti districts in the State, including Danville, llarry St. ?;????!-?<? Tucker brought his campaign tor the Democratic gubernatorial noniination to a close tonight I"5* liumt! county of Itockhridgc. Addressing large audiences at Lexington this morning. Creenvllle. ! Augusta County, this afternoon, and at lluena Vista, Kockbridge County, | tonight. Mr. Tucker again hurled the gauntlet into the face of ItepreSetilative Korer A. James, who. through the medium of hid paper, the Danville Register, charged tii> Valley candidate with hotting the Democratic party at Amherst in 18915. "< >n the eve of the election conies an infamous slander from a reputahlc paper. 1 ask you. as old-time friends, to resent the slander on m<- l>y the chairman of the Democratic party in the State. Danville, the home of the slander. Is going to resent it ami support me m this elec| tton, I believe." At Lexington today Jlr. Tucker was given an enthusiastic homecoming' greeting when he addressed his neighbors ami fellow-countrymen In the courthouse. The auditorium was crowded with a sympathetic ! and enthusiastic crowd from town and county, mauy women being in i the audience. lie discussed the leading questions of the campaign, and declared that he had come to his home people to render account of his canvass, lie aspired to the governorship of Virginia as the greatest honor that could be bj-stowed upon him. lie thus unbosomed himself to tin* people, among whom lie long had lived, a people he loved and honored, whose hearts are all love and whose lips are all truth. Mr. Tucker appeared in line form, notwithstanding the "Vtrenuous campaign of the past few months. Ills closing words were assurances i of success at the polls tomorrow. I'rrsiih'iit of OiKrnl Securities Company Taken in Cliioauo l>y I'rd?'?"iI Agents. ? ' V IS 'I X K It ALSO IS IIIOIJ) Ollicinls Doe I nr<> "limins" of Quilaw Hand Xmv in Tlicil- Custody, -o Other Itusiness Men Xanied in Secret lllniiket Indictment. I My L't.itod News: CHICAGO. Aug. I.'?John \v. Worthinjrton. president -of the Control Securit les Company, was arrest.-,1 l?oro late Monday by Federal agents as the "brains" of an allowed hand of mail rohhers and counterfeiters, whose activities are said to extend from coast in toast. ills partner. Owen T. Evans, was also arrested. I" addition, a secret blanket indietmcnt narninc twenty oMicro, Including business men in a ntiniher of i-Mtles, according to reports, was voted and suppressed pending the arrest of 'U,'OUV,'<l- -*?? "re said to he link* 1 "f w ' '"'Hi from New Vork to San I Francisco a I IfLT.-.i t . i . . . I 1 K"1 ??? engaged in j shielding members of the mail and I post-otlice robbers and disposing of loot. All I'd pern Ordered Selr.rtl. I lie central Trust Company was appointed receiver of the Central Securities Company, and all of its books, property, and bonds ordered seized. Speculations of M.c Kang may total millions of dollars, the investigators believe. * an ex-convict, wns named a year a bo in connection with the activities of "Nicky" Arnstein and the Wall street bond gang. ||? lormally charged with counterfeiting anil altering government securities ?art of the property seized when the securities Company olllces were raided is said to have been Jlo.uoo in po-t. age stamps. Federal agents hope "to l-rove that post-oil]ce and mail robbers acted th rough the Securities company. Served Time in mIiik SIiik UonhinistMi, was sentenced to Sing . nig in New \ ork following a real estate swindle. |,e next appeared in ' hicago as a prosperous broker. He was Indicted in connection with the Wall Street bond case and went to Kurope. on his return he was again arrested, charged with having ,|i;,.l monds stolen in a Seattle robbery in s lie was alleged to he 'lying from diabetes at that time and was released ou bond. Judge I?amils issued the warrants, following Mm voting of ti?. blanket indictments. GATHER AVAILABLE ASSETS OF MISSING BANK HEAD II5.V United News. | CIIICAUO. Aug. 1. ?The task of' uathering up all available assets of Warren <S. Spurgin. missing president "I the Michigan Avenue Trust and ha vi.igs < oinpany. i- under way. Hugh V. Keane. Vice-president of I A?,, I tank Note Company,! "?as been appointed receiver for the I Spurgin assets. OMlclals said there was little hope! ?l-P??miors would receive dollar for dollar through reorganization of Mie spur-in bank, which is com.-m-! Plated. Directors decided it woul 1 lake from twelve to ilftoon vears to recoup losses due to Spurglns d,J talcatlons. Ili? books were shoit1 .?lose to $ 1,000.0011 when he disappeared. The authorities have no ta.iglblo cluc to hla whoreaboutH. OSIEBB STEEL PLSNTS ?EASE THEIR OUTPUT Youngs town Mills Operate.. Wjtliin Fifty Per Om ?>f Capacity. SII.AItOX C () M 1? A \ V ACTIVK I Must Furnace, Idle Since May 21, Starts I p?Mahoning ami Slienango \ alley Industries Increase Forces. I My Associated Press.] \\ ASIIINtiTOX, Aui;. I.?Steel plants of this Youngstown district today began a week of decidedly increased operation, with Open Hearth Stcei production at about 50 per cent of capacity, very tnucli better than for many weeks. A blast furnace, idle since .May 21. was put in operation by the Sharon Steel Hoop Company, making seven furnaces active out of forty-seven in the Mahoning Valley. o'.io. and the Shctianito Valley, Pa. Uollingmill and sheet mill operations were increased at all the large plants. The Carnegie Steel Company's schedule for the week is for .S.r. tier cent operation at its Ohio works here, and increases were made in the schedules of the ltcpuhlic Iron ant Steel Company and Urier Mill Company. NO TI.MI-: Will PKSSIMISM. Ill SIX|.;s.S OITI.OOIv t.OOl) fIJy Associated l'ress. | CHICAGO, Aug. 1.?Optimism as to the business outlook and advice to "advertise to women" was expressed today by J. It. Alooney, of Temple, Okla., in his address as president of the National Congress of Retail Merchants, which opened its annual convention today. "The men will be content to let things slide along." said Mr. Mooney. "I5ut, remember that it in the woman who reminds the man when the shirt is dropping oil his back and that ho needs a new one. Women do the buying. so address your advertisements to them." 0 Mr. Mooney said this was "no time (Continued on Pane 2, Col. -.) BABY FALLS 2 STORIES; STRIKES CONCRETE WALK ON HEAD; WILL SURVIVE Frances Merriman, One and One-Half Years Old, at Retreat With Fractured Skull. After falling from a second-story window in her home Sundav afternoon and striking on her bead on the concrete pavement in the alley beiow, I'ranees Merriman, age ot:e ami a half years, has a chance to recover physicians at the Itetreat for the Sick declared last night. An X-ray photo of the child's Head showed that she is suffering from n fiactured skull, but since the fall she has regained consciousness and. physicians declare, is doing nicely. The child was playing in her home at 2(523 West Cary Street. No one was in the room with the^hild and ;he exact manner in which the alent haupened is still unknown. It is believed. however, that/she was attempting to get up on a chair to look out of the window, and, losing her balanee, fell head tlrst out into ilie alley below. The mother, hearing the screair|s of neighbors, rushed downstairs and out into the alley. The child was tinine* diatc.!> conveyed to the Itetreat for the Sick, where she telng trea;?-.;l. Kvery day fast train 12 noon for Norfolk via C .S: O. connects for Va. Ileach. See the a lip lanes.?Advertisement. Register's Caricature Shows Him "Returning" to House o! Fathers. CHARGES HE DISTRIBUTED REPUBLICAN LITERATURE Trinkle Worker Here Directs Be Printed?Sale Cancels Order. RKSI'.NTMKNT WAVE SIMtKAUS llrlstol Donmrrnts Up in Arms. Tuckei' Muiiukvi's Forecast Ulg Victory Toilify. Stirred to deep resentment by an Insulting cartoon appearing Sunday In the Danville Register, owned and controlled by Horer A. .lames, chairman of the State Democratic Committee. voters were reported last night to be flocking by the thousands to the standard of Harry St. George Tucker, of Lexington, and his managers here were confident that he would sweep the State In his candidacy for the nomination for Govj ernor in the Democratic primary. j The cartoon depleted the distinguished Democrat as the prodigal I soli, returning after an absence of I eight years to the house of his fath| ers. He is dressed in rags, but the battered silk hat and the threadbare 1 long-tail cout indicate that lie had once been a man of respectability. The "prodigal," with a suit case In Jiis hand, is on the threshold of the hall, where the Democrats of Virginia are holding their convention of 1901. The "gubernatorial bee" in buzzing at his ear. In the distance ho Is shown distributing Republican literature In the campaign of 189G. There is shown also a communication to President Roosevelt asking for a Federal judgeship and reminding the CS. O. I" chieftain that lie had been of assistance. Trinkle Manngcr* I'anleky, K. I.oe Trinkle's managers appeared | panic-stricken when they sensed ttie i revulsion of feeling among vo* ;rs brought about by the Insult leveled I at a distinguished Democrat of Virginia by the chairman of the party for whom Mr. Tucker had worked day and night, when tho chairman was lighting for election to Congress last fall. At that time Colonel James wrote a letter to the candidate for Governor expressing the deepest gratitude for the services ho had rendered in this campaign. General \V. \\". Sale, manager of the Trinkle campaign, expressed regret at the publication of tho car| loon, denouncing it as "untimely," j although an attache of his headquarters, it. A. Harmon, had on Saturday, j according to an affidavit made yesterday by \V. II. Berry, Jr., foreman of the Federal Printing Company, ordered that 10,000 of these cartoons ho struck off. Dater in the day the order was canceled. General Sale said yesterday that Harmon has no "olllcial" connection with Trinkle headquarters; that he is a volunteer worker from llrunswick, and is not on the pay roll. A statement was given out in which it was said that General Sale had countermanded tho order for the cartoons when he heard it hnd been given. It nag printed the next day m the Danville Register. .liime.H l-'ollotvm t p Attnek. This insult by Colonel James' newspaper is a follow-up of the eleveutli-hour attack made by the Danville Register on Mr. Tucker's political record. In the Issue of July 22 it was said that tho I?exington candidate had bolted the Democratic party in ISI'6. Mr. Tucker branded this as false, and a copy of his speech made at the Tenth District convention during that .-ampuls!! shows that h<> placed himself unflinchingly on record as standing by both tho nominee for President and for tho Democrat who should succeed him as the standard-bearer of the party In the Tenth for Congress. In the face of tills denial and proof of tho truth of Mr. Tucker's declaration that ho has always been a loyal Democrat and has fought the battles of tho party for the last forty years. Colonel Jatncs, as owner of the paper, has not only refused to retract the charge, but has amplified It by the additional one. that Mr. Tucker distributed Republican literature. Richmond Democrats yesterday did not hesitate to express Indignation at the cartoon. It was the one topic of discussion on the streets and in every place where people congregate. M*. Tucker's managers said last night that tho shift to tho Tucker column t?.v voters who believe In fairness, especially on tho part of tho man who is chairman of the party and whose position l? considered quasi-judicial. " (Continued on Page l> Col, ?)

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