Memphis Daily Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee on May 28, 1884 · Page 3
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Memphis Daily Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee · Page 3

Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1884
Page 3
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THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPBAL-"WEDNESDAY, MAY 38. 1884. ECOSD. u ..-.- . .. " wrw f i- u-mv., ttW - 4iaBn. f i iuuiiii;.htii. i OTHER'S MEND '.T enf wjf es ; swaiiaie -Alet-IT r a.. fftpufetMu. L- is Ji.ttiw-'.- Leifcef. 0ni.-ei n r.rrwiT- j l: sus tssi ctk long ' i ' ttr f-uonief of mt iidlf " Jlt mit foe tar the m lUi Dl LA - Y TIME. .-ltaI' ' MiMW!'I'l i t in -hi r wtrT ct4rtJ Ip - 1.- mm' 1 tmm u- tttr -u liavT' r - nft. . mmrn'tml ..rtrrt' toll K" t ury- - uwi - r i"- t uimnr - . r . . - . itir ti' : T- mu. r r- wit" .ni,' . Ii-otj le IBPllic i K. . , T I- MHSIU4... HI. Ifl- 1 " I ' I " ' tlt.t tIT-' ri:-l" its- t,c-' tmi wwTTt.WMTrtv .T- K.. vew J.T -45f tw! V" '"w -- irwet- tinj v n, " . en. , J-..- -w-i' m: t .r.tT -ii iw: li 1.: Ii , ..sir" T-'l-tt.-Ml WS'WW. - b,. . w :.--' i.?a tnrt. r- .-t i ai . --r- 4r ttar wi.i i.:- a.c .Z1.mi a.! 1 1 1 - , .: T-- am. : s mi " ; Tmir b a lw.wt r Sua -t?- mm.r -i -W i mamm r W -wr'. imaim Wt'-'T aw J ji.n.n : fv.iii4,a;Mia tt a? W' usau. -- j : f.. " r",4 . iy ,, - .w i -nwi-t , ---. -L.;m' r--' 4B" arc'- txitu-i-. " a-m. mLauri "v a,.. e:w erw -!r an 7 -4 .3 t .-.- - i av- f nrmT xtw --. e t -.. S '' Hia mtmim- - . - M.-oa -, 9mmmmri mmm Vmmm 1tm4 awe a vu: -u i ; jT -iti -S? C ""!. C a-,.. i4..--- " .aw: tT":ii ai ! u : ; " .1 ' mnv nr a n.. : mM. trvtraH aiir ." ' V-4 mr"v st mtk- tmm.- mwwmn wont wlwrpw' " wt- SMC WOL CMMC J 1 . i j: rw jk. u i te i "in ' ' r tu fN4iaL 1 nMm t few ' hrt- a tw wr atiir- Ttmi 1 onw. mwi .rrEgrtma tiiww j n - to WrwJ pvnwtA Fc y ) rm. 'J-. A'Ji!) lav. -: 'mTZ 12: mc r-rmm- o rir tr' awi. HM-riir' - :tr . tm., t.. n mmu "Trur' . Tt JUitirtyf ir tm.xu- itt 'will.- t. rrct- wr.TMT u. -. ,-r;- w "f-w- 4 a- tu- hi mmm T-- , . . T ' "'. . '. - "i . ;---jL- . ' ' v-V 'v ' Tf aafs'-KiWi. I ' x--rtm Tt-' ttM-riI- TT Tar fiI , 'i r.i m 't i : 14 4mnm- t .' . ' '' ' I'.. ! . .mmm- i v -- ik i t.-- 1 ' fOTtp i -fu.i lai Naiji i : i . . r Eii r a. i .t" f1jtii m-n-,,i i w mm . urm mmmt mm mv mm w mJMt mm Urn. .ii iwm i tt rri -iUl i' l"-?- K , X ti t I - 1 Wi . -V - t MVU MUM SM.W T""" Mini - l- wirtar- Pti- tMt Wl'rT - j, ,mm . - ar twtt irv js4 trv WHa . Mw tlM- WirV i f HI'Mr Mfc Wi tM- t " - f-le. ' I 4W ....., r.jar-r IM(. I. I f-Mfo - - ii a. io J taaittr-i'i ; i-- 1-.- U4a: ia(J. . Vtltaj ii - mim- , ;- ..v. ' t- , rx- " m' ,4, - f 7 - --. -r-T-e. i .Xga.fw Wrt Mr in-' 1. . tM m is)X. .-m-.. i "t-. - lnl . t -- aac- h ili A-Wr' rM' v t i . t4tM tr . aw W 1- wUiR . -fim , rv4.iai a W i fctsa. - mmm-m tttMf 1- I iumii w...ff.H ' - W. II. -- ' f f r-W .CmZ, , ii IP'S . - ' rAaw ' wt CmStm. W.W Jr-tI "I.1 . r tMsrvntra. a. r I f i Ims . fUHMB- ..w- m-. 'T. -ak.'fcn. aamm.- 1 taw-r tj.ev.aMSa 5 - . -. m vrHait. wajMass 4 i'ii ". r. wmmM im mm J t 1 1 e 4. -ii,i,im un i - . I it : m SMH',,- T CT.i -., Ml, a' 1 - tt. ta. ii u . caw- , iii , sHHiuwn t. taj m w . . i w Wo la. M j . 4 f s. ui. Mi . J . ' - . I ". T ,1111 11,1 wlw j w f r iw- irt, xrT mmm STtlnil. . tfc: c. ii ' J, -.. t . . . Ok, iWA. j jFINAKCE ANli TRADE Bnkri conuane to rppoit the money iDrket doll, asd txanesctions in securities very rue. Tie cocoa market continue qniet, with j a limited detn&nd from spinners only. The market closed qnoted steady, middling j a c, ana sales 01 uaics, u w dpihucib. Receipts mere 2S4 bales, of which 9. were ise. Stipmenw were 5-9 bales, of which fl were by rail. Stock, 22,700 bales. New York spots closed steady, middling qnoted stilt?; fat ires closed quiet and steady; May, H-C3(5 11.55c; next crop months ad-vaitred 1 to 2 points, July and August dadised 1 point each, and other na-rritnged. Sew Orleans arotn c3"c easy, middling qnoted at 11 Jc; futures easy ; May qnoted nominal, and other months declined 1 to 7 points. Liverpool spots closed steady, fair demand, qnoted at 6J 6jd; futures easy; May, May-Jane quoted at sellers. Total stock at Liver- pool MMr zzd, iHtAM) rales, asainst wi,- KO bales at close of cbe previous week. In peoeral trada business was quiet, the ay closing wilbout a single change in quotations reported to the Merchants' Exchange. Beceipts and shipments reported to the Merchants' Exchange yesterday were as follows: IMPORTS. Seventy-seven tcs bacon and hams, 415 ki bran, 13 brls beans and peas, 1U pkgs butler, 9 Itoou and shoes, 9S05 bu corn, 1 1 cars cotton-seed 200 rks cot ton-seed, Ll' X gks cotton-seed oil meal, 05 hd cattle, 50 pkes dry goods, 70 pkgs egg, 632 brlfc Sour, S75 bales hay, 22 hd horses and ales, S cars lumber, 4i pkgs liquors, 780 lr meal, U2 brls molae8, 007 kgs nails, 675 bks oats, Iti nrls potatoes, 1 car bulk port, hi) bris packed pork and 74 pkgs tobacco. EI POETS. Forty-three rlls bagging, 30 teg bacon and hams. H3 eks bran, OS brls beans and peas. 4 pkgs butter, 4G pkgs boots and ahoea, 1730 bn corn. 3 lirls cotton-seed oil, 11 f&s conon-seed nil meal, 2 pkgs cheese, 151 aks coffee, 73 hd rattle, 51 pkgs dry coods. 1 pkg eyes, 647 brls rlour, 7i bales bay, 2 fad liorat and mules, 38 lxi Is iron ties, D pkes lard. 10 cars lumber, 111 pkgs liquors. 55 bris meal, 50 brls molasses, 51 kp-- nails, 4o sks oats, 2 brls onions, 30 brls pouanns. 4 cars bulk pork, 13 brls packed pm-fc, 2 hhds f-agtLT, 71 brls sugar and 140 pkgs tolianro. The Chicago maiketa, according to special and press dispatches, closed with another f pamodic advance yesterday, pork being the leader in the race for higher prices. St. Louis was quiet, with grain tending upaard, and provisions firm at previous quotations. The changes in other markets are immaterial. Messrs. W. F. Ashburn & Co., of Cincinnati, send quotations of potatoes on the 2Uth as follows: Peerless, to(aS 25; rose, $3 503 S 75. Receipts very light. FIXAXCE. Money S per cent, on satisfactory cal- lateraL The following table shows the clearances and balances, the rates of ex. change and prices of local stocks and bonds at the close of yesterday's business: CliAtlXGHOlSE STATEMXXT. Oearinsrs iiiviT.i' 77 - J.V.i 47 Ralances May riL $1,7' 14 '1 um far ti;is wtk ruie ume In't week ui e-k naa. mt lira j,1S 6t io0,ti77 S5 3I1.74S 20 4:i.soi H7.:'.42 53 5d,S37 35 EXCHANGE Kr Vwrk Nee tncian. eibX... .. par-1 i prem t Or dis4 par BANK STOCKS. Ttalik of Cowjmerc ..... - ir: National i m m.ft Natural . NlMjaa-litn --- aIe Nattt-ria' !j j an4 liaftera feercMtuule l.vvaiitii 11X"1JJ Ml" LvValOJ 145-al"tl liialJ) INSl KAXCK STOCKS. 5S1 61 llK M 82 enterf.ill bMtiAb4o lW)10 EH.AT STOCKS. 7fn.fhi a. B ar -: .n 25 3 tl.,.i'lpi and lrnnWM . 4 Lmviii and V w,, . Ju.'l 3u(.a ua ui.iv j 10 RAILWAY BONDS. Ve i.V-' Crt .101 e nS4l"l toll-3 MeaiMiu CbuitcfU-l consols. 14 1 Veu.paw a Luiie K-.i-k. 1st mort. M lt) W hn.mii pii a lenDcsaa. iton&ols A 124 MiNiMijU e.n..U II ll'T hi Isiifi., Vs. A M. consitl . 65 J ISCKLLA X Kill S. V1H 14 Taxing -PiRtrirt ruuitr.aiuf bond. 72 ' A 71 ISea.. .-'-HTT t. t.icp- to ... , ., Ilo Men-'-his ts C-lau.y stiK-k. ..... Wwjt n t,as Comi-ajir b"T'ds lUJ 6 W.t . Df.nd-. accraed int'st. all M 94 Wat-r CHliil4Cr CUk-A lfBl bit ;ty Mm.K. ld. sleati'1.1.. City coa-.r.niise b'.nds 74 Minra,is City ciiw.u. frvm old tMinds .Vi Ihieiiil'tii. City tva lwin Ci'tup. bonds- 8i Metui'tits Cily teairer baances 3S Aiet!ini Cty jud im'ter. cna.Ab.ibdr & ss-ni!.ais City r.""1'1 iniotene? taalr svBtF tMeis. A Oiiio it. R. M(hl 9 - (SI t. . 6 lit! Sneioy nutnty ill A - .K.) lng...l(C'4.,-14 Saeit-y eiity warrants 96 t 9i MiMtMiiih ijt er w.r.p 10 f'Tiiigiar euutr . .vrA.l warza 6il 9 txW PHirer 4. frti-.n li:!!s lal ( - Col. bail bonds. e int. added, par d ' By Telesrapfeu New York. 3iay 27. Money easy, 2(( 3 rw-r oecU, ?-d oue;ed at 2 jer cent. Price mercaLUie taper, b; ptr cent. sterUnt? efc.!inEe iiankers' bills firmer, 4-v'.5; destantt, 4n-). Bonds ivovernments 8tea.1v. i-iiiiyavs Drmr. Mate shanties dull. Stoiif Tii u'U movement which sot tr yeoierday i'leraKn irsde further prog-res vo-cUy. Iktiore the opening oi Uum-nesK this morning were orders for round amounts oi dividend paring atocks in broken." hands, and th market opened lron. sr. in tbe Erst 15 minutes trading tiwre wa aa mi.iy.rf of to 1 j per cent, in prioes, iherfen, iuincv, Lackawanna, Louif-T.lle and KashvilleMiasoiirj 1'ar-iiic, Jerwy Centra', leading, Pacitic Mail um t. Paul being moet conspicuous in ihe epwajd movement. IWfore the una call Uiere was a online of j to If per emit., the latter in 1-ackan.nB;. which M.i don ton. ). Near mid.i.iv tlie Uiar-Aot di-veioped considerable til, nh, and id iani neoanie buoyant, tue re Action no- uned atKt srve-i merely to bring n rreHb burinr oroers. l nis Ativani-M I to hi fwcoenL compared with last night's cloning. I t" is was sucoeeuea ty a reaciiou ol 1 1' 2 percenu.the latter Lackawanna, winch retiirci to ltMs. Near 2 o'clock .tju tle ruarket ra Crong and higher aswin. sand rame at tares w ere at ! he best of tue air. About i'.ij there were psia to maiiae rotits w hitii resultei in a decline oi 4 u li ir cent- Lackawanna teadnic asj feliuig down to lot., lu the laa C-"rw minutes i n-ineas Missouri l'a- t-iiac raw to 74, tba hlguest point of the oa. Tbe trarket chmhii irregular, bat in Um- ceatn brih. Considerable long stock was taLen lo-da" Itw l:3e and foreiitn auouct. Tbe ItiHowing were the !DJing raw: iw Jersey Central, i ; Lacka-wuiiTsa. i; new Srt-ond consols, New Vnra l"numi sud Miaaouri Pacifie, I-IS1". Vnion Pacinc, l Jiaj; Louisville at.d NasLviile. 1-3';1-16; Lake hore, l;aii and Western l uion, 1-32; Sl I ani su.d t-i-traJ Pacific. 1 t4, and other rjjve liai isi to 1 '-4. Lackawanna nu,d sie.M-T Ml, H,a4.7t, iicn (he price in tnerrrulaT wty mas HSjt.101t. and JJis-a-c-i 1'acitir at 71( 71i, when the regular pnne a 71. Cm pared with butt night, lUiMinf Twjces are pr cent, higher for jftrge-y (.VntraL, 4 jor Lackau.n, for Srtfc-ri'n, tor Northwestern pre-mtM. J.r na. i";l. 4 for Michigan Cen-t-L 34 iur ViMmari Paciftc,. for Northern I'tnAi p ici-rcd, i j or keatling, 2 for (ten t aioa. If for Omaha preferred, ; fcir lH4eware and Hudson, 1 for Wabash jirvWrwi. Ii lor leaas PactluC 1 for Ijini-ia. Ii 4w New York Central, 1 for and Nashville, 1 for Canada Southern. i ior f; x t lioand, 1 i for Ouincy. 1 t w I Paci; and iti for the re- nuunoer of tire anirf hst. Closing quota-bout trere as kiiow ; o aaj,aaM'ra. r . S .a.. l''-V . I 41.; i-aciAc ofltwo, 125. T. P land grant., T. Kio ii. dtv-, isx f.V. Erst;. 112'.. I . P. land araci.S1!. T P. sink. fund.T4 irrtnia t. 43). iwlUakbM fwrrrfa.'lr. Ya- Ha.. ex-n. c, 4 a. au rf-i.. - arweaa. aaav bnw. tak V. .d0c A Ohio, . a i.' tnmu. IZ. a Lner, 118. alhatlr-nfaA. N aofe A t AaU, SAfcJ 7". N. J. Catral, 5V .araiLtiw.B. X. A W. rid. 29. K t a a N .Vwki Vmeiif. 31. . mtmM t'. aS. N orta'a Par,, pfd. 47S- Mum fa'iwft . nvtuweMTn, w. 'antra. rWit Northwester, pt.i, . X' raiiMr a (ta TV X. V. Central, , A u. K l':4. 1.x lhi tVatrai. 2W. A I. St I-'.. tltiw A Siiwu-ippi, UJi. int. A A,i -a. "li Mw. pta. 78. ' - I A g-. . Uva aviga2iua, 74. I L fa i. A . t . ai'V "rec lra.s..Lr- r..v. tsrer.4 ie-, i-". t' t'a.aa.. tfa. P.. D A A..1L Pitt-frarg. 118, l-allmaa Pal Car. H-Keadttg. At;. Wk Inland. 112. 1... a A C, a." . a la a .. w.. a i-t . irv 1iimw A L...' lg . A---. If- r-4. L. A eV. K.. 1S- MS ..llllHl!. M. LIS. . pld. 371' 3 j St. I.. AS. V lat pid.ay St- Paa!, T. ii'mA MS. 1. linn. Hle Citv .. rVui4 PiMiWrt f'anix ... Kaa H. St. J. pfd. 88X-Harlem, Yfi. Hnngton & Texu, 25. IUinoif Central, 121. I., B. AW., 12. Ksnaas A Texa., 15. Lake Erie it West,, 11. St. P., M. 4 M., KV. St. Paul A Omaha. 26. St. Paul & 0. pfd. 8sJi. Tezaa PaciBo, l,. lDion Pacific, 41H. IT. 8. EipreJ. 46. W., St. P. A P., - Lake bnore. w . st I. Jt P.. II1 i Loaiir. A Xashr., 33;i. WU A FnraVi Ex.. Vi. L,., A. A. a vni., id. nestern (j uion, Mar. A C'iu. let pfd, 10. Homestake, 9. Mar. A (Tin. 2d pfd, 5. Iron Silrer, S3. Mem. A Cbarletton, 21. Ontario, la. Michiiran Central, 6a. laicksilver, 4M. Minn. A St L., 13. Quicksilver pfd. 22H-Minn.A St. L. pfd, 21U. tSoothern Pacific, . Missouri Pacific, 73;-.. tSutro, . Asked. tX sales. Transactions aggregated 512,000 shares, as follows: 11.000 Lackawanna, 8,1X10 Lake Shore, 46,0'a Missouri Pacific, 6.000 X. V. Central, 23.("r0 Reading, 7.010 Texas Pacific, 37,0 0 Western Union, 22,000 Northern Pacific, 9,000 Erie. lf.OiiO Louisr. A Kaahr., 2,0X) Northwestern, 5,000 Pacific Mail, 85.0H0 St. Paal, 39,000 Union Pacific, 6,1I0 Chi., Bur. A Q., s,0u0 Ore. Transcon. New Ohlkans, May 27. Sight exchange on Sew York, $2 per $1000 premium. Sterling exchange, bankers' bills, 4S4. Loxdon, May 27. United States 4s, 113j ; United States 4s, 123 ; SL Paul, 71 ; Canadian Pacific, 47; Illinois Central, 22 ; Pennsy .vania Central, 5(1 ; New York Central, 111; Erie, 16; Erie seconds, 61 J; Keading.HJ. Paris, May 27. Rentes, 78f, 24c THE COTIpy MARKETS. The local market opened and closed steady, with quotations unchanged, and sales of 300 bales, all to spinners. Quotations at the close were: Yesterday Ordinary. ........ ........ '4 Good Ordinary..nn..HHm..u.w.lbt4 Honda; VA 10' Low Miaanng.... Miaaitng w....HM...Hm.n.MHH.air. Good Middling 11 Middling fair 125? air Num. 12I tfom. Stains, 9100; tingei, 1010c; dusty, Tt C0TT0S STATEMENT. Memphis, May 27, 1884. Stock September 1. 1883 8.481 rteceiveu lo-uny . . Receired previously.. .440,10 449,243 Shinned to-day 529 Mlipped previously........... tiouio consumption to date- 424,503 1,613 426,545 I Stock, running account. mportt. Thus far this wcek......... Tnus far last week...... Since September 22,700 749 M5 440,764 Memphis andChnrleston Rnilroad.... Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad Louisville and Nashville A G. S. Railroad. Memphis and Little Rock Railroad n Chesapeake, Ohio and S. W. Railroad Louisville, New Orleans and Texaa K. U. Steamers. ,,, , W Wagons and other sources. .. Total Kxvartm. Thus far this week.......... thus tar last week... Since September Ut... Louisville and Nashville A G. S. Railroad. Total , i . 529 New York spots opened auiet and Sim: at 12, steady; at 2 steady, closing steady. wuu quuiauons uncnan$eu, ana sales 01 2092 bales, and contracts 400 bales. Clos ing quotations were: TesterilRV Monday Ordinary. ...... sfjjj Good Grdinary.........w..Mwm10?'o Low .Middling 11 W Middlinir 112 Ooed Middling 1152 Middling lair 12'i lair lill 12 134 New "Vork futures opened steady: at 10:30, quiet and steady : at 11:30 steady: at 12:20 steady; at 1:30, quiet and easy; at 2:0, auu, closing quiet and steady, with sales of 48,000 bales. Closing quotations were: Yesterday 11.11M11.13 .11.2211.24 Monday .Tannarv.... 11.0911.10 11.20(311.22 rebruary. larcn... April .Mar f'i- 11.611.65 U.64"(11.65 11.82.U.U.81 ll.94ivll.95 11.74"U.75 11.25(S11.27 ll.04njll.IS U.04'3ll.05 ll.62ml.64 ll.Mua- July August September October 11.8311.84 11.95' 11.74 '.11.75 ll.2lill.25 November 11.02ll.tW ll.02oll.Uo December The New Orleans spot market opened quiet and steady; at 1:30, quiet and steady, closing easy, with quotations un- UiauCUi UHIES 1(1UU UAtCDi VIUUU tJUJ tations: Yesterday Ordinary 95t Good Ordinary 10?i l...w Middling ll1-? Middling .11 Good Middling 11:. New Orleans futures opened quiet and steady ; at 1 1, Bteady ; at 12, steady ; at 1 :dU, suat:y, closing easy at trie loiiowing quo tations, ana sales oi ,uuu uaies: Yesterday Monday Jannary........ 1'ebruary March April .May June July Aucust September October November December 10.S210.83 10.S110.1 10.911ft 10.94 ll.04c11.05 10.Ullu.lU.93 Nominal. 11.4iV.ill.41 ll.70rtll.71 11 8IXM1.S1 11.45U11.46 10.92iaiQ.93 Nominal. ll.47Ksll.48 11.7.VJ11.74 11.81W11.83 11.4ri11.41 10.92.ai0.93 10.72ml(1.7:$ 10.72m0.73 DAILY BrLLEriNS. 10.71110.1 10.72l10.73 State of Market. Rec'ta. Price. Stock Galvecton quiet, kasv. 33 5,8T0 New Orleans...! 110.298 Mobile Snviinnah ..... Charleston M. Vil.'sington... Norfolk. .. but tin ore New York lloston Nominal 32 7.379 2.27a 3,324 1,571 Nominal Steady. Dull. Firm. Quiet. Steady. Oil let. r inn. Steady. Quiot. 65 11 1,900 fi,50 2Ua 318.B7S 274 7.101 Philadelphia- 1.322 175 12 ll' U.090 M. Lout.... 7,797 Angust ... 131 Day's receipts, 1SM.. Das 't reiptj, 18.S1. ...... , , pay', receipts, lutf. . 2,786 . 5,fD CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT. 44 97 2M 168 Monday 9?S iili 11! 11J4 This Last La.t Week. Week. Year. Receipts, 4 days . 5.39S 3,625 15,140 Export, to fir't Britain 11, I V. 9,144 2i.4-St Extorts to Continent... 726 299 4.lfu Stuck at all ports 476.6191 511.2W8 524.085 This Last Year Year. Year, llefore. K.Mipts since Sept. 1st 4,744,692 5,793,178 4.517,634 Foreign export. 3,.M5.12 4.311,447 3,2n3.91li Stock at li . S. ports. . 47G.OIU 524,06 4(jl,ti4 Increase in receipts 1.018.1Ht) i i l t ..,1 .,.....!,, fair demand, with sales of 12,000 bales, oi which a700 bales were American. Ke-ceipts, 1KHX) bales, of which 1500 were American. At 12: Uplands. 6Jd: Orleans. Old. Liverpool futures opened quiet and steady. Mav, Mav-June, 6 23 64d ; June-July, 6 24 4d : July-August, 6 28 G4d ; August-September, 6 32 64d ; September-Oc tober. t30t)4d; Uctober November, 0 17 C4d; November December, 6 13 ti td ; Sep tember. 6 34 t4it At 2; May, May-June, 6 23-G4d buyers; June-July, u 24 4d, sailers; July-August, 6 2.K4d. buyers; August-september, 6ii 64d, buyers; September-October, 6 o0-04d, sellers; October-Jiovember, b lH-04d, sell ers; November-December, G 13 (d, buy ers; September, 0 34 t!4d, buyers. Man chester cloths firm; yarns firmer. At 4: May, May-June, June-July, 6 23- 64d, sellers; July-August, 6 27-04J, buy ers; Auitust-septemuer, ii rfi-b4d, buvers; eptember-Oetolier, 0 29-04d, sellers ; Octo- tr-o.en)ber, 0 1 -t4d, value ; November- December, 0 12-04d, value; September, o 3.! 04U, buyers. Futures closed eaev. CEXEJUAL TRADE. RREAItsiTl FF. Corn White, 60(S6Sc; mixed. 03c from store. From levee or depot: Hound lots in bulk, shelled white, W?Ho; mixed, 5,c; sacked, shelled wbite,ooO!nc; shell eu mixed, nominal, uoiaxnc. Hat Strictly choice, Irom store. 51; prime, SXV; prairie, 70c; round let from levee or depot, choice, $18; prime. $15 15: prairie, til 60( 12. Flock From store extra, $3 5G?A: iloable extra, $4 2.V'?.4 75; triple extra, $4 tHVn"k; family, $5 25Cv5 40; choice, $5 50(.7.5 0: fancy, $5 75075 SK); extra fancy, JOflHl 25 ; patents, So 507 ; round lots from levee or track loc cheaper. Cornmkal Ctandjird. $3 25(43 40; pearl, $3 75(34 from store; 5c' cheaper front mill, levee or track. Bbam Fro:i store, $1 05 per cwt ; round lots from levee. $18 per ton. Oats White, 40c from store; mixed, 40a from store. Hound lots from levee. white, bulk, 41f3':42c; roised, bulk, 30(2 4CC. New Oblkas-s, May 27. Corn firmer and scarce; mixed, Otc; white, 70(d72c Oats dull and lower, 41i42c Locisville, May 27. Wheat steady; So. 3 red, $1 03o! 05. Corn quiet; No. 2 white, tk ; I"o, 2 mixed, 5902o0c. Oat2 quiet; No. 2, 30c - Ciscinsati, May 27. Flourdull. Wheat ouiet: No. 2 red winter, $1 02(?1 03. Ckrn easier; No. 2 mixed, 58 Jc. Oats lower; No. 2, 34435c Kye dull; No. 07c Barley dull. Kansas City, May 27. Wheat steady, 841t2. 84c cash, 82c J une, 0c asked July. Uora c u let and nominal. 4o4c bid cash 43tc bid June, 41r bid July. Oats dull and nominal, 29c bid. Baltixobk, May 27. Receipts Flour, 1,4-sS brls wheat, 100,000 bu; corn, 72.00Q bu; oats, lo.OOO bu ; rye, 1,000 bu. Shipments Wheat, 91,000 bu; corn, 130,000 bu. . Sales Wheat, 235,000 bu; corn, 33,000 bu. St. Locis, May 27. Receipts Flour, 2,000 brls; wheat. 17,000 bu; corn, 31,000 bus; oats, 0,000 bu; rve, none; barley. none. Shipments Flour, 5,000 bris; wheat, 18.000 bu; corn, 71,000 bu; oats, 8,000 bu ; rye, 1,000 bu; barley, 1,000 bu. Chicago, May 27. As compared with one week asro's visible supply, the state ment published to-day shows wheat decreased l.'.WO.OOO bu,corn decreased 1,685,-000 bu, oats increased 105,000 bu, rye de creased si.i.ui on ana bsxier iwmasrri 108,000 bn. Receipts-Flour, 17,000 brls; wheat, 9500 bu; corn, 115,000 bn; oats, 202,000 bu ; rve, 5000 bu ; barley, 12,000 bu. Shipments i'lour, 10.000 brls; wheat, 88,-000 bu ; corn, 253,000 bu ; oats, 224,000 bu ; rye, 26,000 bu; barley, 6000 bu. PKOt lSlOKSi. Butt eh Choice creamery, 3538c ; dairy, 2028c; medium, ISfeISc; butter-ine, 13c ; country, 16(520c. Cheess Prime flats, 12 tc; New "York factory, 12c; full cream," 16c; Y'oung America, 16c. Mess Pork $17 75 per barrel; sugar-cured hams, packed, 13c; breakfast bacon, lli(5;i2ic; clear rib bacon, 9Jc. . Laed Tierces, 82i8c ; half barrels, 9c ; kegs, 9c; buckets, 9c; half-buckets, 9c; 20 lb tins, 8c; 10-lb tins, 9Jc; 5-lbs tins, 9ic: 3-lb tins, 9c: choice kettle, tierces, 9jc. LorisviLLE. May 27. Provisions firm; shoulders, 6 jc Ciscinhati. May 27. Pork quiet, but firm ; mess, $3. Lard held at tic. Bulk meats buyers and sellers apart. Bacon firm. Butter dull. eaofBi8. Sugar Pure white, 7ic; off white, 71c; yellow clarified, 67c; open kettle, 6A 6c; refined A, 7Jc; granulated, 8c; powdered, 8c; cut loaf, 9c. Cofpes Common, 10illc; ordinary, lllli; prime Rio, 12'2ic; choice, 12 j 13e; old government, 2028c. Molasses Louisiana, common to fair, 2530e ; prime to choice, 30c ; fancy, 50c ; syrup, 3040c; centrifugal, prime to choice, 3046c; common to fair, 2d30c New Yorl. May 27. Coffee snot fair : Rio dull and weak. lO&lOic: options dull and slightly lower; there is little disposi tion to do business until it is seen now many notices of delivery will be sent out. beginning to-morrow; sales, 1500 bags of Kio JNo. 7. sugar dull and nominal ; iaur to good refining quoted at o25 3-1 0c; confectioners' A, 6c; granulated, 6 13-16c. Molasses quiet. Chicago drain and PreHlnee Markets. special to the iPPIiL Chicago, May 27. Irregularity in the speculative markets still prevails, the gen eral movement being spasmodic at times denoting strength and confidence, and at others decided evidence of weakness, the the business situation in New York, and especially the stock market, being a leading factor in influencing prices of grain and particularly of wheat, which attracts the I largest share of attention, and shows the most rapid and severe fluctuations in values. Provisions are strong. The strength, however, is entirely due to arti ficial causes, the bulls having caught the bears short and frightened them into covering by threats of a squeeze, pork being the most active article. Legitimate factors are not Bach as to encourage an advance, receipts of hogs being much larger than at the same time last year and the quality good, which indicates that farmers are not selling tneir nogs very close ana that a continued ample supply may be looked for. Hence, conservative houses think there is little in the outlook on which to I and it is believed that should the parties now under the deal neglect it for a short time there would be a break. Wheat ruled slumpy. The fact that a number of prominent operators who have for some time acted with the bulls have recently been among the most anxious sellers, naturally has increased the anxiety of timid holders to realize and encouraged the bears to put out heavy lines ot shorts, their argument being that manipulation alone has prevented lower prices heretofore. The New York bank statement also shows a falling off of nearly $20,000,000 in deposits, which many traders believe means the depression in W all street anairs is likely to continue for some time yet, as a lurther calling in ot loans will seem to be necessary. Still the shorts have un doubtedly bougbt in a good deal ot stun. covering up trades in which they had a proht, and many conservative dealers wi.l in times like these take on lines to bold, thus bringing the market into a condition far more healthy and safer to handle, the buying demand from outsiders is certainly on tbe increase, especially from St. Louis and other Missouri points. Cables report foreitin markets "quiet and steady," while the European correspondent of a leading firm wires tnat stocks on tbe continent are much reduced, and that France wil require constant importations to supply current wants until the advent of a new crop, the same being true of other con tinental countries. A. M. Wright & Co. say to-niaht: "Al though the present situation seems weak and we feel reserved in giving opinions. we think it unsafe to sell after so severe a break. Tbe course of values during the past few weeks has shown that those who bought on heavy declines secured profits. and any material depreciation from present figures may be attended with similar results. Crop advices, however, continue good. and a report compiled by a prominent commission house from 8J0 points covering the winter wheat belt, states that the average condition of the wiuter wheat crop has improved 1 per cent, during the last two weeks. Corn is more steady. Advices from the country favor increased receipts at an early day, but the outward movement is very large and the 6tocks in store are small. Provisions ate firm. This is due almost exclusively to an urgent demand from shorts to provide for their outstanding contracts, more particularly in pork they having sold very lreely in a quiet way during the past month or two under the impression that tbe unsettled state of financial affairs and the weakness in grain would cause a material reduction in prices possibly a repetition of the un precedented break of last year. It is evi dent that these contractor at least a good portion of them, fell into the hands of the parties who are the actual owners of the bulk of the property. This has stiffened up 11 articles of product. Everything is believed to be under the control ot a lew heavy operators, and the Question to be solved is whether they will carry the deal to a finish or dispose of their holdings at the recently advanced quotations. The market closed nigher all round to day, the upwardness developing' in pork a', the opening of business, and so strongly as to influence the grain trade to a recovery from the weaknees prevailing early in the day. Pork gained steadily until noon, after which the advances became rapid until at the close prices were oc per barrel above yesterday's close for spots, 55 j for June and 75c for July. Other articles of provisions went up by slower processes and showed lighter gains at the close. Corn moved along quietly though steadily at about 1c off until late in the afternoon, when advances set in and held out to the close. Corn opened selling down to 541c and closed advanced to 54jc, selling up to 55c just before the close. June opened at oo Jc, closing at ooje. July opened advanced to 57Jc, fell off to 5Cjc, and closed on bids oi otc. Hay ing sold at 5i(S575 during the afternoon. Wheat opened down to 8ri3c. and closed at 88K)8S3c June opened at 872c, closing at S8J8Qtc. July opened at i04c, advanced to a Ho, and closed at 91 lc- June oats advanced from 31 4e to 32c. and jui v trow sue to oi'.c. Pork opened advanced to $18 00, and closed at $19 30 10c of the advance be ing secured during the last hour of bust ness. June opened at $18 65, and closed at $ia 10. July opened at $13 60, and closed at $19 30. Lard opened at $8 07, closing at $8 12. June opened at f-S li J, lell to $8 lo, recovered and closed advanced to $.8 20. July opened at $8 35, fell to $8 324, recovered and ciosed at $8 37. Clear rib sides opened at $8 22 J, and closed at $8 32. June advanced from $8 174; to $8 25, and July from $3 32 to ?S 40. Hogs closed Quoted at $5o 90. UU fala ('V.ia and Pravfslbn Harkla. ISntCliL TO THB AFrgAL.1 St. Loyis, May 27. A brisk business and good reports from other markets caused a firmness in all departments of trade to-day, resulting in ilght advances in corn and wheat and increased disposition to invest in pork at previous quotations for cash and light advances in future de livery. Corn opened on bids of 51c, sold at 51 c, and closed advanced to e2ic June openeq and closed on bids ot 51 jc July opened selling at ol'icand closed advanced to oli'e. Wheat opened selling at $1 Hi. and closed ic lower. May opened on bids of l 114 and closed held higher. June opened on bids c( $1 08 j, and closed selling up to $1 09. July opened selling at Vofc, and closed held at uoc, Oats opened and closed at 32 jc. June opened at 32 Sc bid, which was raised to 32jc at the ulose. July opened sod closed at 311c r ' r Pork opened and closed at $16 75, lard at $7 IHKuS. and clear rib aides at 18 20. Flour opened and closed dull and unchanged; com meal firmer at previous price., amU produce generally quiet at yes terday s prices. . HarKUOlDtl'PPllH. Veobtablss Ohions,y&Uow,new Lous-1 ian'a, $55 50 per barrel. Potatoes Irian, I 1 VMa l 60 per barrel. Cabbage, $o 50 per crate. Garlic, $1 per 100. Kraut, $12 for new, barrels; $5Co for half-barrels, according to sise. Apples Choice, $5 50: medium, $1 50 per barrel. Dried apples, 7c per nad from atom Dried soaithaa. c. from store. Cranberries, $16 per barrel. Pickles, medium barrel, $7(5)7 50 ; half-barrel, $44 25 ; pint jars, $1 25 per dozen ; quart jars, $1 752 per dozen. Fbcits Oranges, $3 504 50 per box. Lemons, $2 503 per box. Bananas, $1 50 2 50 per bunch. Cocoanuts, $3 504 per 100. Peanuts Virginia hand-picked, 11c; Tennessee, 58c; roasted, 2c higher; shelled, 10c Almonds, 18(a;20c Texas pecans, 10(15 ; Arkansas, 4(5 tic. English walnuts, 12c; Naples, 16c. Filfcerts, 14c Brazil nuts, 14c. Raisins London layers, $1 75(u;3; Imperial, $3 75(3,4. Brandy chenies, $33 25 per dozen. Fogs llllic Poultry Old hens, $3(33 50; large young, $3; medium young, $1 60(2)2 50; small young, $11 50. Ducks, $33 50. Geese, $3 504 50. Dressed turkeys, 17ic per pound. Fresh Meats Beef Good Kansas City, 88Jcby the carcass; choic 8 heavy, 8i (29c COTTO.CD. Cotton Seed Meal Prime, f.o.b., $22 per ton, per car-load lots. Cotton-Seed Oils In carload lots, prime crude C. 8. oil, 3334c; ofl crude oil, 30c ; prime summer yello k C. S. oil, 4043c; off summer yellow C. S. oil. 38 40c ; Miner's summer yellow C. S. oil, 43c ; prime winter yellow C. S. oil, 45c; prime winter white C. S. oil, 45c ; choice cooking summer yellow C. S. oil, 4344c t-ess man car-load lots: Miner's 43c; prime summer white, 45c ; prime winter yellow, 40c: prime winter whita. 47: choice cooking summer yellow, 46c. WHISKY, TC. Wines Imported Dort.fl 50T2.2: ftrinr- ry, $1 506; champagne American extra, $78; Piper Heidsick, $25 5028 50; Mumm'l extra dry. S29fa431 : Pnmemv Hon $31 6033 50 ; Ve: Cliquot, $3l3:i ; claret, $7 50(2,8 50 per box; CaUwba, $4 5 per uuw. LocisviLLK,May 27. Whisky unchanged. Chicago, May 27. Whiskv Ktenrlv nrl unchanged. St. Louis. May 27. WhiuW quoted $108. Cincinnati. May 27. WhisW quoted $108. LITE-STOCK MARKET. Corn-fed Cattle Choio to pifra Mfa 6c: good. 43(5ic Grass Cattlk Chn.m. 4fnUl nrwJ 3$4c; fair to medium. 23;; common, bHEEP Choice sheep, per lb, 5c; me- inm, 44ic; common, per hd, $11 50; choice lambs. 7(Si7Ac Hogs Choice corn-fed, 5c; medium, 4J 4c; common, 44Jc. lOWS and t; a lyes uboico m ilch cows with young calves, cer hd. S30i3UO: IDA dium, S2025; yearlings, per hd, 79. PETROLEUM NABfiET. Coal-Oil Prise w.ite. wbo'exala lota. 13c per gallon. Pittsburg, May 27. Oil active and strong, wita a prevailine disnositinn in buy; opened at 74ic,and steadily advanced until noon, wfcen 77c was rescued and tbe tendency still upward. NEW TOIK D1T ODI MARKET. New York. Mav 27. Th Arr onmm market was quiet in all departments, and, outside of deliveries in execution of pre vious engagements new business has been light. SHOES. Gentlemen who wish to far-mish themselves with fine hoes can be aure of fretting the best if they ask their hoe-dealer for Hakan's make. Our goods are made of the finest material, and the work is so well put together that the shoes will wear and keep the shape. Any foot slim, medium, or wide, can be fitted bj dealer who keeps a full line of our goods. Our name is stamped on the sole or woren in the strap of every shoe. . II IX AX V SOX. DSD OAK Stems to yield every time to treatment with Swift's Speoifio. Tour most valuable medicine (Swift's Spkoipmt nas none me so mac a gooa tnai 1 iei like saying ui ami tun irouuu i. vi tuuiia wuu ouuet iim a uiu I was poisoned by Poiaos Oak, and saw not i well dftv for six Years, until I ntmd Swift's SnAtiifin. in tneaix years a usea almost every jcina ol med icine, but none bad the desired effect. After using six bottles of Swift's Specific I am restored to perfeot health with not a sign of that awful poison lett I lours truly. lAViA.isiiblllII, POISON OAK. I had for thirty-ete-ht years suffered averr florin and summer with Poison Oak, whieh 1 contracted In bathing wben a boy. I tried everything for it, includine- many physicians, but without anv ban. lit. I took six bottle, of Swift'. SpeciGo (S. 8. B.) lour year, ago, ana it eurea ma sound and well. Three summer, hav. Dasaed. and 1 hav. had no return or it. JOBtl'li UKASLr. Columbus, Qa. KEHARKABLE RESULTS. 1 have had remarkablt success with Swift's Spe-fic: have cured several eases nermanently in a very short time. One case whicn I am now treat ing was given up todie, and after using three bot tle, l. so tar recorerea tnat l tnina- on. mora bot tle will cure her. The most remarkable eaae of all was a ltdy with madularv cancer of tb. womb, for wbicb 1 had no hope whatever. Afbar using on. notue i am satienea sne win soon oe enrea. i. W ILlb. VULLlLAKi, Basleys, St. U. Oar Treatise on Blood and Skin Suaasas mailed m. to appiicui.. THB BW1TT SPECIFIC CO., A. I. utaoe, an w . a ot.. bet. eta ana v to av Robust Health I not always enjoyed by those who seem to posses. " it. The taint of corrupted blood may be secretly undermining tbe constitution. In time, the )oison will cer- taitily allow its etlects. anil w H Ii ail tlie morr. virulence the lonwr it una rjeett anowei to permeate tbe system. Each pimple, stj boil, akin disorder and sense of uiinaturs latitude, or tinnier, is one of Nature': warnings, of the consequences of neglect Ayer's Sarsaparilla T. th onlvremedv that can bo rclleduDon In all casci. to eradicate the taiutof hcred-j itary tlisoe and the special corruptions Of the blood. It is the only alterative that j. sufficiently powerful to thoroughly .ii.nk rhn KVRtim of Scrofulous and Mercurial Impurities and tbo pollution ' o Contagious Diseases. It also neutralises tho potsong left by Diphtheria and Scarlet Fever, ami enables rapid return-ration from the enfeeblemeut aud debility caused by these diaeaaea. Myriads of Cures Achieved by Aytr'8 Sarsaparilla. In the past forty venrs, are attested, and there Is no blood disease, at all possible of cure, that will not viclti to It. jVTiaievcr fbs ailments ot tlili clas, and wherever found, from the scurvy of the Arctic circle to tbe "veldt-sdres" of South Africa, this remedy had afforded health to tbe sufferers by whom it was employed. Dnigjrjvta evervw here can cito nutoeroin caw', whh-tu their personal knotvlcdee, of remarkable cures wrought by it, where all other treatment had been unavailing. People will do well to Jru$t Nothing Elsa than Attr'8 Sarsapariixa. Ftnnerons crude mixtures are offered to tbe pubae as "blood purifiers," which only aUura the patient with the pretense of many cheap doses, and with which It ts tolly to experiment w hile disease It ttrtSJy bs-eomircT more decjw.-ated and Oiffeajlt of tttre. " Some of these mlxtnrea do gancii lasting harm. ' Bear in mind that tbe oolT medicine that can radically fartfy the vuiated fciood fcj - ' Ayer's Sarsaparilla, PREPARES BT Dr. J. C Ayer & Co, Lowell, Xaes. Sokl by all druggist; price 1, fix bottles for &. - plot AfLpl V I (hanan) RIVER NEWS. BTEAXEKSJ LEATIHa THIS DAY Friar. Point. Jamcs Lu, Lee, S p.m. Whit, riv.r Chickasaw, Poatal, 6 p.m. New Orleans. ..CsiTissiiL, Burk, 8 a.m. Osceola..Dci Anaas, Cooper, 6 p.m. St. Louis. Citt Naw Oklc AKS.Cartor, 10 am Cincinnati-. .GtnDixo Stii, Hegler, 10a.m. . THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. Arkansas City -..Kate Adams, Thund&y, 5 p.m. Cincinnati Jakes W. Oarr, Friday, 5 p.m. MOVEl-ITS AT TA1E LEVEE. jlm'ea..-:-C'ity of Providence. St. Louis: Dean Adams, Osceola; U. P. Schenck. New Orleans. Departure. City of Providence, icks- burg; Ida Darragh, Vicksburg; Kens Ma-cready, SL Francis river; Commonwealth, St. Louis; Ohio, Cincinnati ; U. P. Schenck, Cincinnati. Boatt in Port Chickasaw and Dean Adams. Boatt Due Down. Centennial and James W. Gaff. Boat Due Up. James Lee. City of Kew Orleans and Guiding Star. Kecelpta Teaterday. Chickasaw 68 bales cotton, 12 sks corn and 33 pkgs sundries. Uity ot Providence 1540 pkes mer chandise. FUTURE HOVEME5TS. Thk New Mary Houston. Cant Lew Kates, is the first 0. Line packet due down lorxvew Orleans. Thb City of New Orleans. CaDt. A.J. Carter, is the Anchor Line packet this morning at 10 o'clock for Cairo and St. Liouis. Archie vv ootls is her clerk. The Dean Adams. CaDt. Henry Courier. is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock for Osceola and the upper bends. Wm. Smither and Chas. Bourne are her clerks. The James Lee. Capt. Stack Lee. is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock for Helena, Friars Point and all way landings. Piatt Rhodes is her clerk, assisted by Will Darragh and Will Ashford. Thb elegant passenger steamer Centen nial, Capt. William Burk, is the Anchor ine pac-et Uiis morning at 8 o clock for Vicksburg, Natchez. New Orleans and all intermediate landings. N. B. Hatcher has charge of her office. The O. Line Dasseneer steamer Guidine Star, Capt. J. D. Hegler, will pass up this morning at 10 o'clock for Cairo, Lauisville, Cincinnati and all intermediate points on tne unio river, sterling Mclntyre is in charge of her office. - Th James W. Gaff. Cant James D. Moore, will arrive to-morrow morning and leaves again Friday evening at 5 o'clock for Cincinnati and all way points on the Ohio river. The Gaff will give cheap rates to all points North and East, The Chickasaw. CaDt Ed C. Postal, is the packet this evenine at 5 o'clock for all points on White rirer, going through to Jacksonport and making connections with packets for upper W htte and Black rivers. Charles M. and Joseph Postal are her clerks. - - Thb Kate Adams. Capt. Mark Ii. Cheek. is the United States mail packet to-morrow evening at 5 o'clock for Arkansas City and all way landings. W. C. Blenker is in charge of her office. The Adams will con nect at terrene, mouth White nver, with the Joe Peters for all points on Arkansas river. 8ESEB1L NEWS. Business quiet. Weather delightful. Receipts by river yesterday, 66 bales of cotton. Capt. Frank Ellisok has returned from a trip to Evansvilie. The river declined 10 inches yesterday. the stage of water being 20 feet 3 inches. The hole in the wharf below the foot of Jefferson street is growing larger all the time. The Rene Macready left for St. Francis nver with the usual summer trip yester- oey. The Ida Darrairh. with a fine triD of freight and passengers, departed for Vicks- ourg yesterday. TnE performance of the Nellie Burke Combination at Olympic Park is attractive to tne mariners. The City of Providence discharged 1540 packages and added 25 tons, passing to v lc-SDurg yesterday. Tub Commonwealth left for St. Louis on time yesterday evening with the upper uouu uusuiess oi uie line. The general symptoms in streams above indicate declines and probably very low stages oi water in a snort time. The Ohio left for Cincinnati yesterday with 20 bales of cotton, 25 bales of rags, 25,000 feet of lumber, a good lot of sundries ana a tair list ot people. There will be high old times on board the Ohio this trip up to Cincinnati. There is a bridal party aboard, of which the gal lant commander, uapt. AL, Si. Deem, is tbe party oi tue nrst part. Wheneveb the captain or olerk of s steamboat begins to be the recipient of pictures with nighly sentimental interpretations, look out for something to happen ........ I I'n .1 . 1 .... , I .. ... The Chickasaw arrived out of White river Monday events? having a good load ior tne season, and will return this evening, going to all points on that stream. Parties contemplating a fishing excursion should consult Capt. Ed Postal, who knows wnere tney bite best, pull stronger, ana do it oftener, than anybody else in crea tion. Hats, of the Courier-Journal, walks into the opposition to the new pilot rules "too tough:" "There are some 'dude' pile's who wouldn't be happy, just because thty were deprived oi tne society oi a lot 1 1 lah da-dab. girls, who would bring 'em up bouquets and give em taffy to amuse them while they were 'on watch.' Yon don't bear the ladies 'kicking' because they can't ride in the cab of a locomotive witn tbe engineer, and the pretty girls don't get mad and get off the train be cause they can t get to ride on the cow- catcner with the fireman, either; and we don't believe that ladies would commit suicide or go crazy, either, just because they can't ride in the pilothouse with the pilot. Nine-tenths of them never did want to, and never wilL" New Orleans State: Monday: "Quite a number of members from the Produce Exchange attended the excursion to the Davis crevasse on the Mabel Comeaux yesterday, most prominent among whom was it. .. uonverse, the president of tnat im portant cody. in a conversation with a reporter of the Stale this morning Mr. Converse said: 'I entertain no doubt whatever of the success of the scheme now in operation to close Davis crevasse. The plaa, in my judgment, is both practical and effectual, and with a continuation of the good work as a'ready inaugurated we shall witness its permanent and substantial completion by June loth at (lie fur thest. Three days ago Sewall Bros. undertook the job, and the amount of work already accomplished is surprising indeed. The only drawback to tbe rapid completion of the work is to found in the difficulty experienced in obtaining labor. The price demanded is exorbitant and the quality ot muscle furnished scarcely passa ble. Before leaving the crevasse yesterday, we telegraphed and petitioned the Governor of the State to send 150 convicts to the scene, which if successful no further trouble will be had in the rapid completion of this important work. And I hardly tnina- tne uovemor win retuse. I another column will be fonnd the announcement of the marriage of Capt. M. M. Deem, of the steamer Ohio, snd Mrs, Stella Hpecht Walter, daughter of Mr. Joseph Specht, one ot the oldest and most respected citizens of Memphis. The happy event transpired yesterday afternoon at tbe residence of the brides parents, on Madison street, and was so quietly conducted as to be a surprise to the most in. timate friends of bqth the contracting parties as wU as ot the family of the bride. tJapt. Deem has secured a prize in tne matrimonial lottery, tne bride bay ing been the reigning belle, in point of beauty as well as intellectual attainments of a very large circle of the highest social ranks of Memphis society.and Capt. Deem has the honor of having been chosen from a host of admirers of the best social standing. Knowing Capt. Deem as we do, it is no ttattery to say tnat tbe choice bss been well: made--no one stands higher socially than Capt. Deem, and no commander in the river profession can boast a larger number oi mends, " tiere s to you an,(j your larauy, uap, as old "Kin' says "may you live long and prosper." Imme diateiy arter the conc.uslon ot tne cere mony the bridal party repaired to tbe steamer Ohio, which was on te sve of departure for Cincinnati, and no doubt the event, will be celebrate all the way ul to iter oesunatiOQ, Avlamta ConUihUion : "The memorial of the people of the Tennessee Valley in favor of government aid in overcoming the obstacles to navigation, seems to b. based on fair play and tx'e 3iemy. The tengtn oi tue nver and its navigable trib utaries 284-5 miles, and it drains 464200 square- miles lying in 8 States, These square miles are either capaVJe of high cultivation or else 'contain vast stores of trial, building stones and minerals. Much Of the land is uncultivated, and the buried resources are scarcely toucned. It. bow- ever, there could be cheap water com munication from the Ohio to headwaters, it wonld not require a. geoetaiton to see repeated in the Kouth the wonderful story of Western ; Pennsylvania. The heavy prod acta ' of the mines of Alabama. eorria aod Ztmnesgea cannot ba crofit- ably moved without the cheap transportation an open river affords. Congress began the work of opening the Tennessee river 60 years ago, and all the work of that early time can be utilized. It has already spent in the river $2,612,146, and $1,983,-742 more will suffice to complete the im--provement of the Tennessee river itself, and the Hiawassee, French Broad, Clinch, Duck and Little Tennessee rivers. Onlj about one-third of the sum will be needed during the next seal year. When we consider what large amounts have been spent on the Ohio and Mississippi river?, and what good would result from tbe opening of the Tennessee river, the petition of the Chattanooga Convention seen altogether reasonable and just. And now that over one-half of the work has l-ou done, it would also appear to ba T-r unwise not to go on and complete it. 'Congress will have - few mora meritorious memorials before it than the one sent up from the Tennessee Valley." , WEATHER AXD BITEBS. Orrrca S'-sal Sibtici, TJ. S. A., I Mga-r :., It May 27, 14. J The following oliservations are taken at th. same moment of time (1 :U5 p.m.) at all the stations named: Change.. Abov. STATiosg. low water. His.. Fall. Feet Inch Feet Inch Feet Inch Cairo 2 S T Chattanooga 4 IV .. ... Cincinnati ... 14 1 ,, 1 Davenport-. 7 10 ... . . 1 Dubnque 9 9 , tb'ortSmith. 1 2 i Helena . . .. ,, ... ... Keokuk a S J La Crosse.... 8 t Leaven w'th.. 12 . Littl. Rock. 11 S ,, , Louisville 7 1 ,,, .. , 1 Mcnapbla , SO S .. , , la Nashville 4 8 1 N.wO'lean. 1 8 Omaha..... 7 4 S Pittsburg 3 8 .. Shraveport- 29 3 ... 3 Bt. Louis 17 5 3 St. Paul 7 10 Vicksburg. 43 8 4 'Below high-water mark, 1ST 4. TDeiow bencn-marK. Cwcinkati, May 27. Noon River 13 feet 10 inches, and stationary. Weather cloudy aud rainy; thermometer 66. No arrivals or departures. Pittsburg, May 27. Noon River 3 feet inches, and falling. Weathercloudv and rainy. Night River 3 feet 7 inches, and rising. Weather clear and pleasant. New Orleans. May 27. No arrivals or departures. The City of Vicksburg is load ing to depart to-morrow. The Pans C. Brown leaves Thursday for Cincinnati. Wheeling, May 27. Noon River 6 feet 6 inches, and stationary. Weather clear and warm. Night River 6 feet 6 inches, and stationary. Weather cloudy and cool. 8t.'Louis. May 27. River fallen 2 inches. and is now 17 feet 4 inches by the gauge. vv eatner ciear and cool ih o arrivals except local packets. 1). parted: City of Cairo, Vicksburg. EvANSvitui. May 27. Noon River fall ing, with 11 feet 8 inches on tba ranga. Weather clear and warm. No arrivals. Departed: James W. Gaff, Memphis, 4 a.m. Night River falling, with 11 feet 6 inches on the gauge. Weather clear and warm; thermometer 63 to 76". Arrived: Mary Houston, Louisville: e will leave at aidnig t wit. all s.e can carry. No de partures. Louisville. May 27. Noon River sta tionary, with 6 feet 11 inches in the canal and 4 feet V inches in the chute on the falls. Business dull. Weather cloudy and cool. Departed: J. B. Williams and tow, Pittsburg. No arrivals. Night River stationary, with 4 feet 7 inches n tba canal and 4 feet 9 inches on the falls. Business dull. Weather cloudy and pleasant. Arrived and departed : Buckeye State, Memphis to Cincinnati ; Wyoming. New Or leans to Cincinnati. Cairo, May 27. Noon River 23 feet 6 inches, and falling. Weather cloudy and cool. Arrived: Raymond Horner, Ohio river, 10 p.m. ; John A. Scudder, New Orleans, 11 p.m. ; City of Helena, Vicksburg, midnight- Leparted: Kaywond Horner, New Orleans. 11 p.m. : John A. Scudder. St, Louis, aidnig t; City of Helena. St. Liouis, i a.m. xvight Kiver23leet4inces and falling. Weather clear and warm ; ther mometer tr. JNo amvals or departures. I See Additional River on Fourth PoaeA MOVEMENT OF OCCAM STEAMERS, New Orleans, May 27. Cleared: Rio Grande and Morgan City, New York ; Kate uarroll, tseiize. JNo arrivals. STEAMBOATS. FOR LOUISVILLE AND CINCINNATI Southern Transportation Line F' - Louisville and Cincinnati steam! firuiiling mar, Hegler master. Leaves WEDNESDAY, Mty2Sih, at 10 a. For freight or nassace annly to H. C. LOWE, Agent, on Wharfboat, footCiion Hempbis and Cincinnati Packet Co. FOR LOUISVILLE .no CINCINNATI. James W. iiatV. J. D. Moore. master, Will leave as abov. on 1 KlilAV, May 30th, at 5 5 P.m. For freight or paMar. apply R W . LUt H I nU K. F. A f. Agt., 7 Monroe FOR NEW MADRID. For Hale. Point, TlntnTlll, Point Plejuuant and Hew Madrid steamer M Alt It TWAIN W. P. Ball, muter J. D. Fuller, el.r will leave for N KW MADRID and ail way poiaU tYbiil .nunuAl tup a. forir.igat or pas sage apply on hoard. FOR CAIRO AND ST. LODT8. St. Lonlsi and New Orlean. Anchor Lino U. S. Mall FOR CAIRO AND ST. LOUIS, City or New Orleans, . t n-- . Leaves Elevator Building WEDNESDAY. May 2$th, at 10 a.m., reserving tae right to pais all lancungs tne captain may ueem nnsal. ior freight or passage apply to tj. L. HiLt. r'ass. Agt. ptukm. unp't. FOR NEW ORLEANS. For Vlclt.baraT, Batches. Mow Orlaan ana an way anamgE-cuuisr fjeiiteniiial, Burke...master. Will Ieav. the filevator Building WKDM.sDAi', May 28th, at 8 a.m., rewiring the right to pas. all landings the e.ptain may deem unsafe. For freight or paasag. apply to CMjtjLnMgtjuturtvijAge FOR ST. FRANCIS RIVER. For t aper stiver stall Line. t ia HI cti. .teanier. running in oon- I nectioa w th Mouiph . and Littl ?'"a Rock K.H. deliver treiaht Dromutly to YY ltlatiurir lyrot-.a. tbe sunt, liana, ana tntermeaiat. lana logs. Freight received at all time, at M. and L. . - -. -. . - ,. . . -r- II. uepot, ana inr.ugn bin. lading given J. D. RANDALL. The St Francb Hirer Transportation Co'8 Fine Side-Wheal U. 8. Mall Staam.r lie lie Macready, rSg A. l. D.nntng nierg, WILL LEAVE MEMPHIS EVERY TtlHKAf SATURDAY. at 5 o'olock, for Marianna, the Cut-Off, and inter mediate landings on at. franel. river, lb. captain reserve, the right to pass all landings hg deems unsafe. . K. JUPL1. hqpenntendent. LEE LINE STEAMERS. Memphis, Friar. Point and Memphis and Osceola Packet Company. For Helena, Olendale, Friars Point and, all Way Anlings steamer Stack Lea master I Piatt Rhodes clerk W ill leave as above on every MUM iu X , w ami 1- JJAi and twA Lit) a clacg, p,m. For RaoiolphiFultoh , Osceola and Way Landings Klearaer QtA OAMH, J. H. Cooper, master--J. W . Smither.. clerk Leave. . ai,av. every MUTUAL WKDE- DAY and FK1DAT at 6 p.m. The beau of this line reserve the right to pass all landings th. cap tain may deem unsate umee, cto. Madison st. sjurrncjiarni FOR WHITE RIVER. Memphis & White RiverPkt Co. STR. CniCKASAW,nS5 a. v. rostat master v a. irot.ii -. . olarg Clarendon, Derails Blan, Da Are, An. r.stjw.H.mri ana aearry. LEAVES MEMHUIS EVERT WEDNESDAY. at 8 n.m. Throneh .c La all noitt riwni euosiguou to m.mpni. and Whlta niTr rauf i us. win n.i II. O. LOWE, Ai forward.d promptly. gent, en Wharfboat. Milt Harry White River Mail Line For Indian Bay, Clarendon, Djvt Bloff, Au gusta, rfacKsonpor., atawpart, ana all . way AritaaiBga, SATE TIME AMD MONET BT TAK1M43 The Memphl. and Little Rock Railroad and Milt Harry I.I no. vi. Uev.ll. At In IT. for any and all point, cn White river. Direct connection. ma,. Fratgbt raeived by M. mollis and Little Rock Railroad and shipped through DAILY without delay. On arrival en trains, Str. JBLJlt ttarrvfi leave. Devalls Bluff for Indiaa Bay, Clare:.. ion ana all way landing, svesy tuaSUAl an J ill-DAY at 10 a. . LAves Derail. Bluff for !Ar Auj ib-lI!'... '3c gaon aport and Newport 1 8ATVRDAY atli t WEDNESDAY and 8 ATI RD AY at1!! is. very r nat'.ana uuis Lading Mad teM.. 7 fttonrce rt Passenger Ticket, for sale at Maehi. and I Rocg Railroad ticket ., 27S and 2S7 Main cl. rot cneap r-Via and mil information apply to . W- L1V5HI11UHSK, Ag.nt, 7 Mo&ro. St. J.mks B. Fkaseux, Passenger Agent. n-C.O.D.'s paid at y.. 7 Monro, street. -.BPois, Arkansas City. Vlrksburr and Arkansas River PkUCo. C.S.MaU line. For Helena, Friar. Point, Ceodta, Terrene, Arkansas City adE.a Blaff K. K.-Ih.Kew Passer gij bwaaw KATE M. R. Cheek master I W Leaves Momrhij tntf Mi DAT. at 5 .iim., ooahectina uSDAY and 1HURS- ooauecUBg at Terrene with U.B, Mail racket tog all paint, on Ajkaaan. river, For Helena. Friar. Point. Tarren.. Arkanaas City. (Jreenvilleand Vicksburg. connecting at Vicksburg with packet for Yaaoo ri wand with packet . and railroad, for K.w Orleans. Ih. Kw Paa- ggnrer steamer. Ida larraflB, fffrr . Noltsi matter JN. Tkompwneluk. Ed aeavas M.niDhi. er.rv TUESDAY at 6 a.m Freight for th. abov. points will b. twc.i h1 at all tinu. at th. Company'. Wharfboat, foot of union .treet. H. O. LOWS aid B. WALWORTH. Agents, JOBS CARR.PaM.sur Agant. JOUX N. HARjB fsToTV. and P. Agnt. , ' ' -QOsaiaa .WkataogiDatCattias J. A. BAILEY. J. A. 'BAIIJEY & COa IMuiubers', Oas and fit earn Fitter Good a. GAS-FIXTKE.S CLOIIliS, ETf., Iffn. 233 Son n-ntl StwtetnnrrioTi ' TI-toTi. Mf a-t.Wg Ta iaa Ghas.E. Harris Sl Co BTa.353 Hialtt Street WHOLERAUi ASD WOOD AND WIIiLO W WAH.E, Paper Stack, Twin en, FlahlnaTaeltle, Baae-Bnll .ootta, itlrMl'ag-ra, Brnahea, rostar-Cheata, t'roqaet, T.ja, Fancy Uontls, Aationa, Ele. will Paw Ton to C'mII owet Examine Rsfors rntialnr Elaewfiere. f-. iHlemphis and Para RubberCo IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS AG EN'TS OF Machine licit lug A. L DUVAL Ma'r. 252 MAIN St.' FEOF1.ES Insurance Office 16 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn. Inaorea all Claaaes or Kerchandlae, WJT. W. FA R RTVfiTOr, Prest. I H. T.I.RKMOV, V.-Pregt. W. T.. PARKER. SV J. U. GODWL. J. R. GODWIN & CO. And Commission Mercliants, 3 latt Front Ht.. Cor. Union. 3Yemnlil. nrtaai Browne.theFlumber IHtlt'O B-.OgnK.. IS. H.COOVER fc Co MAXCFACTTBEKS OF Doors, Sash,Blindsand Moldings ALL KJnuS Or DOOR AND WINDOW FRAMES, Brackets, Scroll-Work, Rongh and Pressed Lomber, Shingles, Lath, Lta 61 to 179 Washington St., Memphis, Tenn Poplar Street Ctn Carry ron tr the Mnrfcrthmii-t. frie 8nTrnr fWm tb Mttlt. ANDREW STEWART, New Urlearuj. ANDREW D. G WYNNE, Memphlr, STEWART, G1YIE & CO., Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors NO. 370 FRONT S.TKEET, MESfPIEKS, TESX, STEWART BROTHERS & CCMPAM,; COTTON FACTORS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS,. NF.W KI,KX. T.OITINI4W4. W. 1. MOON. . CIIWAHD StOO., Late with J. T. Fargatoa A Co. Late LaPrade A Moon. WHOLESALE Tobacco and Cigars, NO. 15 UNT0X ST., MANUFACTURERS OF Feeders, Condensers A too, Stationary Engines and Milburn Dm an Holler Breast and EcliDse Huller Gins and Architectural Work. REPAIR WORE PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Broadway. 4th and 5t1i Sts., AUTOS BOYD. PToa'1. T. B. SIMS, THE ARLINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY BZBAXFZXIS, rBNN, DOES A GENERAL FIRE ernes aa maumh btkky. aalMECToaS. T. B. Bias, Geo. Arnold, C. P.. Ryan, John Armlsuad J.M.Smith, Otto Bob will, J.J. Duffy, J. II. Malon., W. T. Stnne. - B . H. OnrKery. W. P. Onmrast. W. R. Jon... Algtaa Boyd, W. H. Berry, W. Richardson . B. CAMP. DEGETAN WALL PAPER AND Pahits, Oils, Painters' Material, House and Sign Palatini. STEW BUILDING! XEWOOODSI NEW FIRM! 207nlain Street. Taw HARDWARE JOBBERS. OLIYEB fi (J1IILLE1) FLOWS. AVERY'S and MICKIaSS'S rLOWN, Etc Ilmnea, Chains, Bridles, Etc. Hall's Safes, Scales, Barbell Fence Wire. No. 303 Main Ntrwt ODDOHito Pfahod Hotel. MtMiiBbicL TAnnAava. H. Oawiau Jokn S. Snlllwan. ASST.. GS-.7TEB3- cr. CO. Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Junctor Anil Cotntnisslon Merchants, 232 and 234 Front BKTWEKM ADAM Hr. T. N. BAUTET devote, hi, whol. time to th. ililli Of 5Tw York. WW- OLD AIDTR.irD,gOMD, caXSEBTATIVE, KCOKAMICAI UK HEW FORM ir POLIt'T-PLAI.V. LIUfcRAl. INCOKTttTABI.R. PARTIt lPATDitl.TKIIV W RATE aiNART rABTic-iPAT oamaiABr AlB VALV A-a. or imy ,loa wrltoor .VELLFORD Cotton Factors and 89G-S9S Front St., Memphis, Tenn. nUL, FOIlfiHE & CO. Cotton Factors, Commission Merchants. Ho. 11G tlouth Ilaln St.. St. aoula. U. K. WITT. Memphis Tfnu., 1ETAIL DEAtEBS IX Packing, Hose. UNDER CDD-FELLOWS HAI L Company (Morehonawa, t'tanrehea and D welll aarm,-n I-1. MILL,LXS. Moved! GAS-riXTTJRES. st-. ibii:'An KTttr.KT.;uEMPun W. H. JO V IV Kit, T.ate with Leinu'on A I A tl. DEALERS IN MEMPHIS, TKNX. 1! Machine Go. THE CELEBRATED and Cotton Tresses, all C'litsaeM of Heavy Machinery Fort Pickering, Memphis. VlcoPrea. W. It. KEKHEDAT.Sm'i AND MARINE BUSINESS ioo,ooo. JAMES DEHAI & CAMP, WINDOW SHADES I X.tcilulltliiii. Memnhla rbua. Clark. J. Clark SL, Memphis, Tenri A SO JEFFEJWOAf, Weighing and Sal. of ail Cottoa li: t-n-IM tea: SiUk-FOIiriilTABLIv. !, POLII'ItM INNVEU, AM WKLI. AM Till OH. rate poiaciES. LlUtKlL ftCBKt ft aafif go & COM ArenU. Sn. L Vadinoa St. a. 31 1 IBB Cm FONTAINE & CO. Wholesale Grocers) FOlt SALE. Finest Farms In West Te!?utfMe an4 YUuable Cit Prop itj. I OFFER for vale, on r.-onbIf tern, thu miicniflccnt nnd hihlT-im.rovd i. tntavtion, known iw th 1SKW KKNT bUo.aboi i two Bi'l from Roxflvilie, in Fayette countr. lenn. T.ts pIkc contains about 22l0 BrtM. .o'vut lMv in U ti ration, a handnom two-stry r'ail ' , too tab!, crib, tnuhouAo, Hetu nirnt. fii wilt, cood fonce and cnbin, nil in . d or.ii . a-i.l tLa l.and in a fine tt of cultiTai;-n. Th- ttta of tke Wt and A net-1 plaaUitiuu ui West Iwuacosr. and im a maoitiof nt hnue. And al?o that fin plantation in F." t!j county, Tenn. about three aiilos friu N 'cnill. ountainintr about VW acre, of ahioh about KhJO acret. are in cultivation, and ia known a th Rich. and plantation. Thia il:ii finely im-croTed. with rood fence", cabin. r-Mdcnce. ttu-au-. -uble and or tba, cina and V,r-nw r.i.l of wh- l'- i $ in fiiat-fllMi eonditi . and the a. in a hirh ?iitc of cultivation, itnth of Oi a pUntition- ,-c "i y Mocked witb ulci. can o, hre anj i t , r:.r, ins. implement and tv ot all kii;ti, - I supply of cum, hay. fodr and f'UdQ j-jrl. ot which will be told wiiu .ee I'.ant itu ti-. t'oeition will be riven aa f " : v i.i, t ,u)kr with any trvwiB cro that e .y ve .V:. iKi-o r..l.v-iJH one-half Intereit tuii m V; i,Tj "( land im aasfwtto couiiir, teto.. tti.e,! tue Ureen place, about aovo aui.w ft -'.. :'e. Ai.d g4 a.i t, m,: t t.f trtft mjTm sf lan.l alu Inl., tlit bofics.ri : o. the lata Joaeph K. Moiby, it Favettr oo'iT.r. Tenn. Al . r. t i. 'artn in tllbfon eonnty, Tenn., cn trn!:. ,v oro of land, known aa the (Wfi Williama place. This wU make a nice hunat. and rood fences, cabins, residence and u :atr BeceaPary improvement. lal-aetTer tbe folio wins valuable olty and a urban property : Also, my storohr.u'e, sw'i front street, H iu-e and lot, 41 Orlean street. Hture and lot, ;C2 In ion street. H"U.e and lot. 374 I n ion street. Lot on Main street, near Kichanira. Lot on Broadway, near Kinth street Ly 2 acres, Brown avenue, near Central. 47 acree near White Station. S acres on Lauderdale street, netr Wn ker ir. For term and or ice ainlv tt. It. V. HamKit.t ji D. K. Myers, who are my authorised aentJ fVr the sale of any or all of this property, a d whos tale will be ratified by me. Major Ram aul take pleasure in showing this propcrt,- to auy eaa dfuiirineto nnrchaae. K. M. ATl KltSuN. DR.RICE. 31 Curl Race, 10UISVIUE, Kf. A MoUHt i'mmMiS lavaliT oaaltas y-j llilf mmt mm is nsa prn-aH wtai prwwn. CHRONIC a'sXAAyiJlr iiaooiot StMrmatorrltana and In tinaawniin sn Um wmmmH mt aalfrna m ywMa, tonsl xwmmm t ea awst angtra, fir otriar raana, a.1 .r(fu, t lmi, ,4 sn a. IWaa tOoa-U : Mfvnaiaoa. Nernloal naajna (njn. Mkaa br arvarmV Dkaatieo, mt ritrtil. DwtWtivw Maa-m cal Dipoay, Pitlr oa 'k, Avortio t. Society ml I IH i ttiafpt f urhapa- am U.oa-alT aaal ptaW mf m aJT r-lynataS a-) a- GLEET. HMrtara, 0v4lU., HrraV a m a - wirWai. thai a rXt tlan a twrtaia ciaa. ot eae, aa-l ir-altac bp twtvaa alnanoa, aatakl raf4. airy, aeautr-a rtvst aatll. I'bvti.iaa, kt-noinc tata Sar mHmi -ianriisJ paraMii U an aro, Wha H la Im n hl ta at far iraataiant, amtMaoi aa W lanaA garfjnoaaej Cnrwa Onaraataed In a. 11 mmdartHkan. Coa.u:ui.tu., t-t.-alir r tr Wttor, ft, a4 IsiawX "fg" rwMt'oatil and rorrrapniiitei.M 1 , ( mnfToMnaMaV PRIVATE COUNSELOR Or tf mm, wi t an ftddrnaa, -a atty MaJoat. ft MgW Ct rV KhMM WrI.T alL HrK' M Cwto tmm ri.a.wiP.u. hua- ita.r a DR. D. S. JOHNSON'S PRIVATE Medical Dispensary, No. 17 Jeflenoa 8tH Bel ween Main and Front, Metnahla D IKSTABIilSHKD IN HliO.J R. JOnNSON I. aeknowl.dged by all r-artl. Interested as by Tar th. niost suocssful rhy-ieian in the igaitment of irivate or swret ii ia wtsa.. Quick, permanent euros guaranteed la .very es, msle or female. Keren t ease. Uonorrhea and Svnhili, eured In a fi.w .I.,., with. outth. us. of m.reury, ehang. of diet or hln- irom nusiness. reeonuary tSyiihilia, tha laat y.stig. eradicated without th. us. ot ni.r. eury. Involnntery loss of semen stooped In a short t!m. hutterer. from impotency or lots of sexual power, restor.d to free vigor In a few weeks. Viotiin. of Mlf-abuM and ..pesnv. v.nery, (uflenng from srniatrrhea and loss of physical or mental power, iedily and permanently eured. Particular atbintion paid to tu Disease, of Women, and cure, guarantee 1. htlca and ohl sores cured without the use oi (..r.sti or the knife. All consultations .tricth i .l.aitl. Nedioine. Mat by eipreas to ail puru ot U. country. r Workingmen eared at half the osnsl iri.t. Ofiioe hour, from 9 o'clock a.m. t- ( .vu'. i. K. jut . u. D. THE HYDRAULIC PRESS BRICK 09. ST LOUIS, MO. Kaka a Special' ct Onumsntal PUU Red Front Pressed Brick, ManuiUa?turiixaT ApiavTiy ojt TLIH TRILLIONS. Tliry RiLirnrftfe that the quality, finish ami Color, are ungurpaaojfxl. If Dot uuovjuallod by any utiier brioaM uiiide iu the United Htatea. CHANCERY SALE OF BE AL ESTATE. N. M9, R. Chancery Co.rt of Shelby County.-- ou. ui, mmt, .to., v.. nil. a a. Ulwon at al. LV virtue of an Interlocutory decree for sal. J J entered In the above cauiu. i.n Lhn 17lh of May, llOU, M. B. X), page 1. I will wll at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of tbe Clerk and Master'. olllcc, courthouse of Shelhr county, In the Taxing-District of iShelhy county (Memphis), Tenn., on Nalunlsy, Jan. , IHH4, within legal hour., tlie following descrine! prog rty, situated in Klielby couuty, Tenn,, to-witi Lot. 7. Ht H and M, in ltro.n and Vjoug's suk division, hhclby county. 11th Di'Wict, Iruntiiic 475 feet on the west Ride of LalUwe street, and running oacx, oetween lutrallal lines, :WI reet. cold for taxes a. the property of jas. V. Johnson. Al.o, lot ft, in block , frentmg 8 feet on w..t .ideof lennessc. slrwt, and running back, between parallel lines, .IU feet, in 14th District. Hold for Uim as the property of Miunl W. Merer., Also, lot 11, being part of C. I., lot 4M, 14th District, fronting 63 feet on the .out k side .f lialon .treat, and running back southward, between parallel line., IM leet- bold for texe. a. th. property of James K. Jones, Minni. and Hal-lie Jones and Eiunia and Vulney Still. Term, of ttnl-On a credit of seven month. r p.rchanr, axoeating note, with approve mmow rity lor oeferred payment.; lien retained redemption barred. This May 16. 1W4. n. a. itiiALn, v. i a r . aou .Waaler. Fy Geo. Mallerv, Deputy Clerk and Master. V. U. : W Il.i.lnJl. T. U jta. AL.U. aeilcl II lg neat Awardoal Moda'n at Anscrlcaa la.Ulnl. Fair. If. YImmS. Throw away yoar wash-board and Dollar and ua. Ben's Seu-Washerl It will wash your flotb.s without boiling. Caa be need either in hot or cold water, and will tnako hard water toft. Kco.omy for the poor and eoa-v,oient fot th, rich to as. this soap. A Handsome. a.Dajr Krwnlator I'look, 34 InrbMlIlfh.Ui.ra Away to r.v.ry tlrocer tba I Bay. a Borneo or BEN'S SELF-WASHING SOAP. MANUFACTURED BY Electric Luster Starch & Soap Co., ICW TMK. OUTER, FISXIE Jc CO., SOU; Af-EMTi, HtHFRia, TE! THE UNIVERSAL FAVORITE ! Shell Road Tobacco TAKEN THE LICA It. MA N't'FACTCRKD BT - U. A. 1MTTEIIS0N & CO., JUeiimond, Ya. P BATONS why th. k II ELL ROAD b a. V ..iu:r: 1. It doe. not contain any parnieions Ingradi. mint vatiirtous to health. i. It is una. of the Snest Virginia Igaf. i. It i. alwar. aniforiu. 4. It is free from grit. 6. It u th. beat Xobaee. for th money to i found. A loag ha. teught as that the graa. BacMaity of th. lima. i. a guoii artl-l. at a neoa-rate oriea. Oar .bell Hnd T.aaaaa aaoanr the demand, aad all we a.k ia a tea, f iu gaaril. Maaafactored oalr by R. A. PATTERSON & CO. UAobaaanal. Vja 90 ll?lff u II i u I 'fT-fl 6..,;. ;ri,r t ogif'l CHELSEA TANNERY . BVCHHALTKR at B4a, TANNEHS AND CUllllLKSSo IgAgdKaiaaltelUM,

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