The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHBVIfcLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 'S SON IS .„. "5. h .S2P in S h U P" In Typical long Style Louisiana Blinks Its Eyes, Sees. Hucy Long "Reincarnated" I!)- NEA Service BATON ' nOUGE, La., .May 11.— It isn't often that the people of a whole state pay much attention to the campus campaign and the i-l« : c • -tlon of undergraduate officers of '.hi stale university. nut when Russell I/ing started bin drive for president of the stu dwj! body of Mufsiana .State University here, the people of Loulslaii i t cocked tlielr ears and pctlcd their ' eyes to hear-and watch tlie hottest ' most siwclacul.-ir canijMisn in L S. U.'s history. For J9-year-old Russell 1,0115, hi face, ""volte a n cl elrc'tiorieering meihods, is the n.-in;ai nation of his father, the late Senator Hucy P.. Long. And now ihat Long has demonstrated his .tbiiity to poll almost as many voles as did Ills livo opponents combined, Louisiana i wondering whetlier.anoilier member .of the Long dynast./ has leaped .Into the saddle (o ride to the polili cal wars. Lonjr received 1892 votes; Clal borne Uameron, 1203 voles; and "Blondle" Bennett, against whom Long concentrated his campaign only 795 voles. U aameraa demands it, Long must enter n runoff, primary, But Dameron is expected to withdraw Instead.- Said Long niter the election, will) Ihe confidence typical 01 his father: ' We've got 'em licked to a frazzle." Adults \vllb no family or per palgn, have Hoiked to the L. S, U. campus to wnteh Its progress through rallies, parades, mass meetings, and have gasped nt the sight of Russell Long in action. "It's Hucy come back again 1" They have said it over nnd over. Huey Long's fantastic (nig nose, ills windmill gestures, his torrential flow of language, his eyes hut with excitement, his storm' of vituperation at his opponents, arc all ihere again on this earth in his son Riissell Long. flussel! Lotig's campaign was a hurricane. He used lib father's methods. Showmanship! .Russell Long organized a corps of fair co• eds to 'parade around the Louisiana .State University campus in the scantiest of swlmmtn» suits with LONG In big bla:k letters painted on their bare young backs. He organized loud-.speakm on trucks to roll nljout Ihe campus. • Ihe morning cf (lie election lie plastered, U s. u. campus with black-printed handbills, Ihe same kind of political dodgers in the same kind of tjpe life father used to issue to .plaster Louisiana from one end to the olher. "BEWARE OP LAST MHfUTE LIES!" they were headed. "The Ship Is Sinking and Blondip Bennett and His Onim Are Blowed Up!" They went on to promise L.. S U. students a co-operative latin- dry," a co-opernlive. liW/k exchange, a straightaway bus .service between, (be campus nnd Baton Rouge, if Russell Lo,, g were elected and all "at no nudulonal Increase in te." Just as Huey Long used to promise new liiglnravs and bridges, free school books, -'and all witn no Increase in taxes!" Wiiiifs or tear-gas and list-fights .marked UusscH Long's meeting when it was held u, e night before election. 'he shouted vituperation at the 'laundry trust" that he said wai charging students at L. a u twice tney shonlj ,,,„• „ ' ien-d. to resign the presid ' - o-- nn.. l^itTOidC/lC'V Of tie .student body if be couldn't get hem. with extra lee. a co-operative laundry pJant en the campus a cooperative book exchange and straightaway bus service to it... H was like Huey Long attackin the trusts in his Louisiana campaigns in .1923 and 19,27. Same voice, same gestures, same tactics * * , • Nearly 8000 Louisiana bovs im] girls attend L. s. u f,- 0 , n cvcr ' Pprtsh (county) in the state. 11 Long makes good with them WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 1938 I She Increases Lure of Flying reminiscent of his Inlhfi-, in the campaign. Canilhersville Society— Personal • I'. H. O. Meeting Mrs.' \V. L. Meyer was hostess to the members, of Chapter DM of P. E. O. at her honie Monday afternoon. Mrs. Lee W. Hood, who has spent the winter In Florida and Miss Nell Lee Dorroli, who 1ms been confined lo her home foi 1 several weeks, were present. The pro- 8 ram was given b/ Airs. O'hiis. Wnlsau and Miss Mary Ellen llor- ner. the subject te'iuj "Hovvor Legeiu| mid' Lore; or Flowers for Hrsl l.adir.s". During the business session plans were discussed for (he State I'. E. O. Meeting which will be held at .Excelsior Sprint;, May 22, 23 anil 24 and for the district meeting which will he held in Doniplian, Way 20. which a number of local people will allend. At the conclusion of the business session a shout social hour was enjoye;!. <- i f lluslnqss Circle of ll;>|itist W. M. II. Kntcrhiiifd Mrs. Ed Claitlier was hostess lo the members of the Una Roberts Lawrence Circle of the Woman's Missionary Union at her home near this city Monday evening. Mrs. H, M. Pierce, president of \V. M. u. was a guest and opened tin- meeting by giving the devotional. TH e . program, on -Japan" «a;i ]«l by ALs. Gnithtr and she was .insisted by Mrs. Lydia. Evenson.Mrs. Graver Mustier. Mrs. Gage Knight, and Mrs. Albt-rl Walker. Following the; business session, a brio! social hour wax cnjojed. Sunday Scliiiol Classes Enjoy I'-isli fry Members of (he Earl Long Bible lass of the Baptist Chinch atri their teacher. Mr. cha.s. ci. Ro.« and members of the Dorcas Class •' ami a number of invited guests en'• joyed a lish fry at, the Chjps'l School Monday evening. I'. T. A. Meeting Thursday The Parent Trailers Asso:int!«n Mr. and Mra. John A.vlier Sr. They will leave Thursday and Miss Peijsy Ashcr will accompany them home niifl siicnd several weeks, Miss Clara Weary of Kansas City. Mo., who has been I be guest of WK. W. P. nolicrlson and her son, Walter, for the past week, left Monday for her home. Walter fiolj- crlson accompanied her as fur us Cape Glrnrriciui, Mo. Mrs. Hello WOCKI of Blytheville. Ark., spent, Similar In this city as the guest of her sister. Mis. !•' 1! Enstwood and family. Mrs. J . c. Hill and Mrs. Tom . . . . Markey drove to Braggadocio Monday ulternoun nnd spent a few hours. John Ahem nml All J. Dlllmim left Sunday for St. Ixinls where they will spend several day* looking afler Imsiness matters! '• Oene Dill of Hayti sjicnt a few hoiin, here Monday moniingr allend- to busincw matlcrs and tii(; friends. .-reet.- Tellltig: CniTic Joiner. Hroiighlon, Ben Willie «n will meet Thursday, at the grammar " nl ..... ' *"-" | o tvi l " otllcl ' s . to a of em high will he climb? wi the' ix ^ ,,"' C dynast rl ' hb . "' C C °"°" e nasty rule on.into a second - a desire to Carniv: " j " geiw«iio.i? Lo-^siaiu is asiv that, very seriously, today. >ou ask Utissell Lonj that question, his answer is - "Vo^i-'i .-^. ' Ms avwed intention is' to (oi I tradlU . onal low bhb lather's roolSep? Sc "'""'""' Ol is _ building np his machine stale- wi , -.,.,_,, ,.,^ i, i (. IJ meeting day. The children of first grale are in charge i>f program and will present'an m ,csting. May Da-, iiro 13.inee «iul the Queen. -* •-!• ...j iiLav.mii*., stale- wide, on the L. S. U. campus. He is studying law and .-peciaiizinr m debate. He is plannin» i o 'nake IJolitics his business, his profession IK vccation and his avo:ation as his father did before him. Shelter-Hut Patented ,For Roadsid^ Waiting longer need school children brave the weather while waiting for school buses. , J. G. Anderson has received patents on an all-metal shelter to be erected In rural districts alon» main highways where school buses stop to pick up their daily passengers The "courtesy stations" measure 10 feet long, 8 feet wide and 7 fen i high. ,, " ' The shelters will be arfchored in concrete to withstand high winds nnd will be wratlierproofetl In roHlcr climates / Junior Paris. «ho has been ill for the past week will, measles is improving and will be able to re- liirn lo school next week Miss Lila Edgerton. .1 teaclier in the Ilorncrsvillc schools spent n, c weekend here with her parent-;' Mr. and Mrs. I,, n. Edgcrlon. '' Air. and Mrs. John Aslier ; r and Mrs. Ashev's mother, Mrs F Madkou Hall of Washington D c" „. ,, tiillllllJLUJI. U \J. arrived Sunday and are guests of Mr. and Mr.s. Urooklaml Davis of Braggadocio spent a few hours In lliis cily Monday morning look- in;; after business matters Mrs. Ktla Pausl spent tho week end In New Madrid, Mo., as the finest of hi-r daughter, Mrs. Harry HilOj- am! Mr. R)| t .y. Mrs. Jimmle 'Upton .s ]ra ,r, Ihr, weekend In Kcnncit with her par- c-nls. ,\fr. and MI-.S. price B:iine>;' Mrs, J. Ralph I'inton. «-!io has been in a Cape Giiardeatt liosplta) for I lie past two weeks, returned home Sunday. rj r . i. in , on (lrov(v for her, ' Mr and Mis. Clyde Harper moved Monday from the nillman apartments lo property owned bv ^flx Ellen Smyth ou West Fifil, .slreet Mrs. Ada Nichols East mil,' street, fell Monday and broke iier arm In hvn places. -Sam Hiinira «f Paragoidi]. Ark an:l K. A. llamia of Cardwell spent :i tew hours hi-rc Afonday. Thev visited will. Mr. and Mrs. Philip iiamra and other relatives. Negro School Contest Prizes Are Awarded Five dollars lu cash was Mven lo the fifth and sixth grade' pupils of Ihe Harrison negro school- for prizes won Thursday and Friday when (he sixth grade culminated its unit or work entitled "An Olympics In English", with -i two day meet, which was attended i" l.-irge numbers by parents teachers, and pupils. The classes had been divided in-1 (o six groups of 12 each and had' been given names of different I countries to identify them and i had been given a pupil lo act nsi coach for each group. First place wli.s won .by Greece and the sure-' celling places went to countries in the order named: England United Slates, china, Demnaik ami Argentina-. First, second and third places in cadi event \vere as follows: Use cf capitals: Alma Rhineheart. Martha Ray, Gladys Williams. Paragraphs: Alma Hntcher [•Catherine Simmons, Melvin White Story --• Harvey Green. Sentences: Truman Toilette, Willie M. Dowell, Eluom Sellers. Poems: Dorothy Thompson and Kettle N. Sawyers, lie for first- TVuman Toilette, second. Letter wrlllng: Jolin If. Taylor. Willie 13. Madden, Carrie Joiner. Parts of speech: Carrie Joiner, Truman Tolette, Dorothy Thomp- -;.- Roosevelt Campbell and Lorine Luster, tic tor first; Jtianlla Holmes and Willie I*e Jiuford. tie for second. Possess!ves: Arabella Clark and Tillle Mai Wright, tie for flnf IlaiTcy Brougiitoii and Kalhedne Simmons, lie for second. Quotations: Melvin White Dpr- olhy Thompson, Hen Willie Green. Word Demons: Triminn Toilette, Dorothy Thompson, Lorinn Lnstei-' 111 (he boys' atlilelic meet, die results were: Administration Setbacks Reunite Old Friends; Capital Kpisodes Recited ity UODNKV iimT:iii:it WASHINGTON.—if nnd W hc» the administration's .spendim;- lendiiv,; pi'onriim aimed jit rccov- i.iy ricls sjoln;;, it won't be handl- opprd by (|io iM fc-iul betnwn V/FA Administrator Harry IIop- Hns and PWA AdmlnWmtoi' Harold I.. lite. 'Jlirsc two Ntw Itaiters arc Ijiul- dles again, drawn 'logtlhfr at u Umts when tlie prtslige of ilm administration in v.lnch they have played such imponnnt roles has ictidied its lowest, ebl). Hopkins wa.s in for a ions siege (it u Miiuiesota hospital at the 11 mo lekcK was out In front deft ndlng administration policies and tiUing lances ul. Fasctsm, 'toric.s" and monopoy hist winter' lint after the wi'A administva- tors recent return to Washington the realization of a .series of" administration reverses, tho seeming need for the small group of «i- mon-piire-hlghei-up N CW Dealers i (o stand together while others deserted and the efforts of mutual friends soon brought the two men together in an alliance which seems likely to stick at least for duration of the depression. * * • They Gel Paid lor This Senator Bennett Clark of Missouri, during Navy Bill debate' •Docs (be senator understand tliat when American sailors and marines landed at Vera Cruz they were defending (lie United States?" Senator Tom Connally of Texas: "i™"'* (IUI " ot S!xy iinythi "° nl)mit Senator Clark: "Does the senator agree that—" Senator Connally: "No, I do not agree. i do not know what it is, bill I do not. agree." * * * Fnrly Years in White House Rudolph Forstcr. White House J. Irani Lewis was making a speech on Ibe Navy bill and observed Vice President Garner in the rear of the chamber talking with Senator Limdcen of Minnesota, those In the galleries distinctly heard Lewis say: "If Hie vice president will please come lo onU-r . . ." earner Jic-urd it nnd slipped Into a cloakroom. But the Senate reporter, taking stenographic notes for the Record on everything eke, decided to skip It. son. Commas: Lucius Vassar. Jonathan Freeman' Htaudins broad jump: [.eland freeman. L. Z. Howard. Running brond Jump- Micius Vassar. John H. Taylor, ,l a mes Cobb. Hundred yard dash: James Cobb Robert Campbell. Clyde Johnson' In i he girls' athletics Hie results were: I-1'ly yard dasli: Gladys .Johnson. Willie I,. BufonJ, Mn'rv ander. - executive clerk who invited .. n*,^ iit*i illvltcu by President Roosevelt on us Keep sea nshlng cruise, has been enjoying one of his fe w vaca- in inoic than 40 years of service under eight presidents. "I know of no public servant of whom there is so universal - ad- mhalion." Herbert Hoover once wrote: And Reed College at Port- and. • ore,, awarded Forster an Honorary degree with the comment. "The value of a man's service to his country is not always measured by popular acclaim nor w repeated mention in the p^ss " A quiet, slender, bespectacled widower in his middle* sixlie.9 Forstor has charge of the President's files, the room through winch the chief executive's correspondence- clears ai .t department, telegraph and telephone .systems. While, the President Li in his office on ihe executive wintr. P'orstei- never leaves his own adjoining office He is there nearly all the time, usually, ei'cti when the President is out of town. All soils of people consult Mnrjorle Lockhart, . Dorothy Tliomp- Join:-!-. Gladys Johnson and HIGHEST QUALITY S MK W. «!:iin I'lione D3 J'»«-s containing silver .salt,, br mj More nnd more men will be riding the transport planes if the Bureau of Air Commerce Inspectors continues to issue pilot licenses to pretty yoimu ladies like Miss Barbara" Kib- beo, above, ol San Diet'o, Calif. One ol the tew women to bo granted such credentials, Miss Kibbee made the grade nfler B year of honor work nt an aero• nautics school. . him about an endless variety of problems related to While House procedure. Each day Foralrr walks to his Job from the Wnvdman Park Hotel more limn two miles away. His longest vacation was on the (rip he look with Roosevelt to Die Hawaiian Islands in 1934. He entered While House service as a stenographer in 1897 after Jfc- Kmley'.s election. Then the White House executive stafr numbered n dozen persons, including- messengers. Today it includes 107. * * * Off DJC Record No lesc majcste Ls permitted to appear in the Congressional Record. The other day when Senator Tire Dealer Av/aits Good-Will Car's Visit The Tom Little Chevrolet Co., c'cnl u. s. Tire dealer, today awaii- ed the visit of the New World's Fair Goad-Will car now lourin./ key cilit-s uf this slate, whii'h will com« hen: ti>morrmv. '1 heir interest possibly was a bit Bi-tator tlian that of the average citizen, due lo the important vole ll'.iit u .S. Rubber is playing in Ihe tour. A member of the u. S. Field Engineering organlzalion is driving, aii-J (he eff is equipped with new U. S. Royal Master safety Ores. Concurrent with the visit scheduled hei-i! today, similar lours are being conducted in the 47 other states. Governors and mayors nve being ollii'ially called upon by the Cootl-Will couriers to promote in- ' The Oond-v/ill car on tour in this •state on the road until June i. In addition lo representing the World's Pair, this car, with Rojn! Master safety tires, wlll$i provide a safety driving demoHsif' 1 -' ?• tlon, ilnder auspices of the \w4tj crlcaii Automobile Association/ 111 Canary Congress Called |j BUDAPEST tUP) —Ci-eeders off" canary birds from 10 countries nillM send representatives to an Inlet-| halloa] congress lo be held in Hudapest this spring. A qompeti-- tlon of birds from many eountiles : will be held uiid prizes beslowed, lor Ihe singing and oral quail-' ' lies, WARElPYWS LIVER B!LE- Wilton I Cslwel- And Vcu'll Jujnj Ualgf Btd i« Ihe Morning Kaiio' to Co The llvi'r should |)Our oul tu-o pounds y: liquid bile Into >ourbowe-la tluily. If lt>h bitt Jnotflowl^Kfrwly-.yonrfoodiloi'an'lJ^csl. it Just ilivayji m tho liowt-h. lias LUua* UP >-our jr^moch. You [ret \'wff ^vijok- pyatfnx la poisoned »nil van f«<<-l iojr™ • unk aaJ tire world Icxiks l>imf:. A mere l>owtl ijiovtjnenl tlu*sn't not Rt ii?,f?i*- "•&,** a " s ' " mi - "M Ct.iu.r-j ! Ill ''i Ver r l !1U *" "" lllrse lwo >">»t« l » or liHe {lowing frc-ely and ma ke you fevl 'ip and »|i. ' Harmless, t'tntle, yet aniai- Ifift in motinB lille How frpely. Ask for Carte.-'t t.illle t.lvor J'llU ly name. Ua. StuWorrily ittaK «nyUnn» e]i*. AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NIGHT CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home SAVE AS MUCH AS 90C ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 100% Pennsylvania Oil, Scaled Containers 25c SAVEON GAS CO. 4 Miles No. of State Line H. W 61 HOLLAND, MO. CURBD WITHOUT SUIJGKRY & (JUARANT Un re t & cm- neat &. CHIC SHMaln «t 1 f l>UaI ™*' AU olher rcclt>1 Ct0 ' Wc nls ° trcat tallo » cancer by special treatment. S. NIES Osteopathlc Physlrlans Phone !)8 NOW AVE 1935 Ford ¥-8 Coupe New So;i( Covers mid Paint. Sec (tvf> 4 ^ (his one now. Ask lo drive it. 'vOfai X if Ford B-8 Pick-Up Motor Hccnndilionei] A-l. New Paint & Tires. A dandy Delivery in- Karni Truck. §29 Chevrolet Sedan A good client) «ir with lots of miles for someone. Hurry for this one. These Prices Good Until May 14th USED CAR LOT ROY CALVIN, Mgr. Blh & Walnut Phone 8!0 Brought You From the Far Corners of the World Each day the news columns of this paper bring you interesting items from the far corners of the world ... the discoveries of science, the momentous moves of nations, the problems of peasants, the processions of kings ... news from Singapore and Scotland, news from Buenos Aires and Berlin ... news from ships at sea, airplanes high in the heavens, and mines mile deep in earth. Likewise each clay the advertising columns of this paper bring you news which affects you vitally ... important news about the clothes you wear and the food you eat, the home you live in and the places you visit. Local merchants have gathered countless things from the far corners of the world for your approval... Silk from the Orient... spices from Araby ... roofing from Trinidad . .. precious gems from Africa ... and they tell you about these things, and others from close at hand, every day in this newspaper. Their advertisements are guides to what's new and interesting. They show you how to buy wisely ... how to save money... how to live well. Read the Advertisements! They're NEWS ...of Vast Importance to you.

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