The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 8
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EIGHT Surprises Galore Turn Up ^ in , Grid Battles Over "Country on Oct. 1 hh. , : KEWi YORK.—Upsets and surprises marked grid struggles over the. country Saturday with several teams uttng severe blows to their till*' hopes and others already oti! of the running giving vaunted op- potie'nts spirited opposition. - AYn'ong the teams on the loslnv ! ends of surprise scores and defeats! were Georgia Tech, Yale, Nebraska Iowa, Southern California and Purdue.. Stanford was. tied by a efeht ^Minnesota eleven. " Trj. the *ast, a fighting, aggressive Georgia, eleven came from behind in. the last two minutes of play f pound Yale's line to pieces an:! push...over the- touchdown tha' meant another victory. Meanwhile, at Pittsburgh, Wally Sleflen's vet iron Carnegie Tech Tartans serve;! notice on Jfnute Rockne in particular and the world In general Uul they must be reckoned with by'roll- ing up a 3! -0 count on Georgia Tech, making- 28 first downs to three, and gaining 4*1 yards to 40 Brown upset Princeton, 7-0, for the second successive year; Pcnn .scored five touchdowns In the last half to swamp Virginia, 40-0; West Virginia upset Washington nnd Lee. 33 to 13; Cornell jolted Hampden- Sldney, 47 to 6, and Coluale. another powerful eleven; crushed Ijifay- ette, 41-0. Battles iri Mid-West ; Borne of, the hardest fighting of the. day took, .place In the middle west. So far as Big Ten competition Is concerned, Michigan's magnificent 14-13 triumph over Purdue, 1 champions a year age, was the biggest surprise but Fritz Crlsler'r Minnesota outfit, • badly trounce:) by Vanderbllt a week ago, too some of the glory by holding Stanford to a' scoreless draw, turn In e back seven distinct Cardinal scoring threats. .Notre Dame played up to expectations in beating Navy, 262. Northwestern, despite the loss of Hank Bnider-who Is suffering from smallpox, brushed osldo Ohio Stntc. Wisconsin txhiblted a powerful offensive to beat Chicago, 34-0; lovyr. fumbles'paved the way for a Centenary triumph, 18-12, and Indiana °ct ho better than a 7-7 t|e with Oklahoma-A; & M., of the Missouri Valley Conference. .V"':.Soonzr5 Cause Upset Iii.the Big Six, Oklahoma's Soon- ers upset the "dope by turning back the husky Nebraska Cornhuskors, 20-7, while Missouri was beaten for the -second, time by E noii-eonfer* race fo't, "St. Louis, 20-0. Washington 'State's mighty eleven-nosed-out-Southern Callfornlc 7-Bj- in/a 1 bitter battle Uiat.eslab lishetLthB Cougars' are favorites.for the" Pacific-Coast Conference title California;- beaten by Washlngtor State's, week "ago;, showed, a reversal "of-'-form,-in beating -the strong St; Mary's' College of Oakland, Cat. ^rf;imdefe»ted team last year, 7-G In the southwest, the Texas Ag^ gies accepted a 19-9 trouncing.from Tulane !bf the Southern Confer- eaqc. Texas Christian rolled up. r 46-0 count on-Arkansas In.a Southwestern Conference game. Giants Learn: From Midget XEWS The Mist's midget football coach, Andy Kcrr, center, of' Colt..,. University, lias two of Uie east's huskiest tackles In Howard Crane left, and Art Sdilebel, right. Crane and Schicbel, welching 230 am 220 respectively, have played together two years as freshmen am vanity men. Kerr Is building his line about Uie two big ftllow.s, win have another season lo play following this of.e. By Uie way, Ken- i only 5 feel, 4 and wdgliM I'JS. When In Rome In speaking the other day of Boston's challenge to New York's supremacy In the right game, I forgot to mention that Beantovm promoters also are going In for the thing (hat made Pettr T. Barnum famous. Such things as the Joto SanUvRlcardo Bertazzlo and the Frlmo Carn?ra-Jlmmy Maloncy bouts, staged within a five-day period, would Indicate that cuftiired old Boston likes lis sideshows. For our Latin lesson today Cav- nera. and Santa maku a fitting as-, signment. Let us leave to his Brutus; Cleopatra can have Mister Antony. On this day In 1930 we-have two of the biggest Romans of all time. With the'bursling- of the Car- ncra bubble, another may swell In its place.' Engineers of Santn, the 6-foot 8-inch son. of a Portuguese fisherman ,are. sure to grasp the opportunity of parading Incir big fellow In Primo's wake. • .'' •» • * Last Flint Was "Honest" D1U YOU KNOW THAT— When Johnny Watwood regained consciousness after being bcnned by Malone's fnst one In tlie 1 Sunday gnrne of the Chicago city .series, he said h» "didn't sec the ball aticr Pat skirted hu throwing motion." . . . The practice of "dusting 'em off" Is u part of every pitcher's slull, but hi most cases It Is harmless . . . unless the background, a crowd for Instance, Is in motion . . . Daz- zy Vance's famed flapping sleeve Is another Instance . . . A Chicago lady fan did Dazzy's strategy one belter . . . Tuk- Ing a seat directly back of the calcher, she waved a newspaper Just as Vance delivered each tall ... He Ipsl the game. . . A baserunncr frequently lo^es sight of n batted ball. . . Cllfl Heutchcotc once lest the bai: batted by Hornsby . . . Thinking It was a pop fly, he sturted back toward first base when the Rajah passed him . . Hornsby had tripled. BRUSHINGJJP SPORTS BEtfuSUWE iUOivDAV, Q(..TOI:r:ii U 1030 - By Lauferj Succeeds Hugo Bewlcck i Who Has Been Advanced to Athlelic Director. By CIIESTKK J 1,. SJW1T1I NKA Service SjKcliJ Writer Robert Arlington Hleglns a curly- iialicd. tight-lipped Irishman who doesn't cure much about the "Ar- Ington" and much prefers to i:i> simply HA "Cob," is the new loklcr of the coaching portfolio ut Pciin.sylvanlii State Colleijc. fie takes the • place left vacant when Hugo Bewick, who had been s of the Nltanny Lions since iin- ! mediately after Die war, was vie- vated to a position in which he will have general charge of the school's athletics. .* * * In hi-, playing days, Higglns was known us one of the ends who ever curried I'eim Slate's Blue and White down under « punt or crushed a tuckle to earU), but H was en a play in which he. took u vital l>!it not lone-handed role Unit he rode to national fame. It occurred on Thanksgiving Day, 1919. when Higglns led lib,eleven agnliisl tlie Pittsburgh Panthers. Tlit day was dai-k and forbidding, and of the same hue were Perm "State's spirits when her men wcr? bucked np against their own goal line early In the game. Rain had fallen for days, the field was a treacherous mudholc, so that it was little wonder State's cohorts swi.l- lowed hard to keep their lieirts in the proper place as Halfback H?s>. stumbled back into the end zone to attempt a punt. The Panthers were frantic 10 block that kick; they crowded in men onto the line, leaving only or.e sentinel to guard the rear territory. The ball oozed back to Hess, inn Instead of. kicking he suddenly arched It to Higglns, who had raced but to his own 15-yard line. From the opposite end came Georue Brown to eut down the last Panther, and It was a triumphal dash for Hlggins to the Pitt, goal 85 yards away. Thnt. touchdown started Peini SUite on a scoring spree which completely routed her old enemy. t! swarms of flics. Whether they actually team? 1 Intoxicated is not definitely kiio\<i|, but it Is u fact that, the flies durch- c<l about DM limb in a spacious manner and finally fell to the ground where a group of turkeys waited to complete the rapid progression of ••drink" to the grave. RITZ THEATER Monday and Tuesday TOP! SEE! Alice Drucv Miller's Best Siller Classic I on the Talkiiitf Scrocn. O/RILTOLLEV 1 l£ST NNE 1930 HIS OjOlfES SWNED Til REE DURING "(Tie ROUND. S»P. op £eM SAV PROSECUTOR ^f^M~^yfe~±^ OLD — U^AS POT OM THE TRACK AND OJOM so coNSECJfiye RACES- I. nil fflt.L living! Anil then a. cmash-up! Chi the Outside—Looking In u Could Be Worse Fourteen winners were : lion of blocking Friday in many a guessed day. especially in t!ie backficld. But correctly in last week's grid cltis-: it must also be borne in mind „„.„,„ „ . ., .. , , , -si" in Hits column while six learns j that the Chicks were facing the Before cnlerlng the service in the doped by us lo lose came through j toughest opposition Friday that he could send one of his huge maulies home. Santa is bigger and older thav Camera. He was born on Christ- inns day in 1905 in the little town Blames "Pee-Wee" Golf : for Poor Shooting 'EL PASp^Tox., (UP)—Adolph D. Topperwelh. admittedly one of the best marksmen in the world, believes miniature golf is ruining the shooting of the present generation. While appearing in an exhibition here Toppcrwein said miniature golf, mivies, dances and automobile rides, rather than shoot In?, claim the attention 'of young people. • • He believes women arc Just as good shots as men. His wife holds the, world's record for continuius trap shooting, smashing 1952 out <-f 2,000 clay pigeons in five hours and 20 minutes. BASEBALL OAME DISASTROUS CH1LTON, Wis., (OP) — Harrj Jobflius, Calumet county motorcycle officer, lost his game, his arn and . his salary recently when h injured 'himself in a bar"ball gam between Chilton and Sockbridgc He lelt his motorcycle to pitch to Chilton and all went well until h twisted hi3 arm and broke It whi> pitching. As a resull. Chilton los ire^ game and Jobellus will be un- able.stp draw pay until he can return * For-'.-some time it has been lof Oval, where the wine is red nowri-that Camera 1 :! battle with,He became a sailor on his father',' I&loney was .to be his last before eturning to Italy. It has not been ully established, however, that Camera won his 23 previous fights onestly. A few dnys before the Carnera- Maloney bout, See took his mammoth heavyweight to a Boston iress dinner. Both manager and x>xer spoke, and although See was greeted with a chorus of Bronx :heers, he told his listeners that his meal ticket would win fairly or not at all. He did not win from he Boston strong boy, now classed among the second and Ihird- rate heavyweights, and more llian ever hls^ recent string o[ push-overs look like push-overs. Camera Is supposed to return to Italy to serve three years In Bcnlto (What a Man) Mussolini's army. Neither he r.or his handlers seem much perturbed about that. They have accepted terms tor several bouts on their return to this fishing boat. A bruising one-hour brawl on the dock at Porto turned Sanla from fishing to the professional fighting racket. tc^duty.. , . RECORD is GOOD 'Since the..<juJvent of Carl Snavely »s he«d (coach Bucknell through he • games each four years first four football campaign without ? TWO . MOTHER >INTS TO THIS your father tells: me HOU- called him an old Miot-:Md./yo-j? Yes, 1 mother. (distractedly): Well, country. * * * Leon, the 1 Oratnr "We have made m...., 0 ^d friends and some bitter enemies In America," See said to the smirking scribes. "We have been suspended almost every place we hive fought. Some have admitted mistaken verdicts find lifted our .si^pciuion. "After 23 'bouts that you fellows call 'push-overs, 1 Camera still has a great deal to learn. Even It hr wins the championship within the next year, he will have plenty to leam of boxing and fighting. ' For Ihls reason he will not fall back on his title' and defend it only orice a. year. He will light jo times in he first year If arrangements can bo made, and every rity will be given a chance to s'.nge a championship fight." See put over his sjicrch in s forceful manner. dcsp!;c the razz- Crowd On w Hand But Cards Missing Sunday Tlio crowd was there but Jes. Haines, Jimmy Wilson and other St. Louis Cardinals, who it was claimed would appea r in th Osceola lurilan-Monctle Buffaloc bs.'cbull game, failed lo put li their appearance at Osceola's b,il park yesterday afternoon. No "statement has been give:\ Ih press by the Osceola club regardln he failure of Ihe stars to appear n the game. A coed size group of fans from Blyihcvlllc went down to Osceol Or the game, to sea Ihe big letigu tars in action. ionday School Claims New Endurance Record FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. (UP) — ?he First Baptist Church of ettevlllc claims several altenrlanc mdurance records among its Sun day School officers. Four of the officers re-olmed a :he recent annual meeting ha\ held their posts continuously periods ranging from 35 ta glad you're truthful -N«b*Isp»lt«r, Zurich. AT FROM HARM Tm the happ!rct man got the finest wife in ntry. Yes. that does make a »ppy, having his wife In the '.—Answers. berries that sounded from time tc time. Beyond glancing m the direction of, the note, he <lid no' ,lel the disturbance imr-rriipt hi 1 speech. • i • The Christmas 01 tl That other Roman. Jo-,? Santa also appeared before iiioic than 5 000 Boston fans. He foiled to knocl out Berlazzlo, mainly b:cause h lacked the experience of maneu verlng the Ilnllan mtn a «i^tw victorious. The ones missed: Blytheville 17) to beat bora (14). war days, Higgins, who had coir to State from Philadelphia, \\v\ done bufncienlly well lo merit nom- atton on Camp's second teams in 1S ">ntl '910. ' I Cbauar.ooea (0) Another army term, this, one Id). •ief, followed his graduation, thcr ' '''• e went to West Virginia Wesleyan •> coach, giving the Bobcats the rongeit. elevens- in their his'tory e remained there for five season «fore going- to Washington Uni- ersilv. St. Louis. His alma malcr rought him back ns Beztlek's as slant in the fall of 1028. His task at Penn Stnlc has l:e- un with re-establishment of mb- alc thnt was none too high after succession of lean campaign, uui i the shadow of Mt. Nilanny they "they will probably be called upon • to meet the rest of ihe year, with the exception of the state cham- to beat Centre pion Fordyce Red Bugs on Thanksgiving. Anyway, the Chicks can of- Milk Maid Marathon i 1 Newest Endurance Test ! ST. LOUIS. <UP)-"MJlfc-MaId" marathon Is the latest form of en- clur.ince contest in which feminine dancers and tree-sitters may strive for glory. This new contest will be a feature of the National Dairy show here from October 11 to 19, ant! is the first extended milking contest ever attempted in the United States. An effort is being made to in- fcr i:p thanks that IV.ey arc'past I t ? rcst da "S ht <^ of dairy fan Texas Aggies (9) to beat Tnlanc ! one Mister Co'vinfton, who played I L™""?, territory in mere (19) - jsuch a devastating end for Jones-1 contest 'Princeton (0) to beat Brownd). ;boro. j The milk-maids who enter wil: Missouri tO) lo beat St. Louis i bo required to milk cows twc (in). Chicago (3-1). 0) to beat- Wisconsin anslaughtef 0. paramount (ficlur? with Chuidetle Colborl and Fredric. March Sound News find Comedy— - "fit To Be Tied". Matinee—10 and. Me. I—15 and 40c. — Milton Sills in "THK SKA WOLF". Mora'n & M a c k i n "ANYBODY'S WAR", Norma Shearer in "LET US BE "GAY", Ruth Chattel-ton in "ANYBODY'S. WOMAN", Joan Crawford in The Georgia Bulldogs lock tip ' hours daily during the eight dayr Yale Bulldogs into camp in their! 01 lhc show - A own kennel Saturday lo the sliaht ' = silvcr CU P wi " Why Chicago was picked to beat' amazement of eastern critics. Many ' Wisconsin is still a mystery. : of the boys up north stated frank- . Nevada Tree SflD Sends i ly last year that the 15 to 0 irub- v Hurricane Dreaming • bing given the Yale squad by the With their hopes again soaring skyward, spurred on by their vic- _ lory over the Chicks hst Friday. ell you that "Bob" is the one nmr , the Jonesboro Hu.Ticane is having kept Mr. Alble Booth fairly well old turkeys threatened to extermin- visions ami ' ' Georgians In 192S was a fluke. But the southerners .turned the trick again Saturday at New Haven and ho can turn the trick. Golf Tourney Neariug Finals in Two Flights Cllflord Cavltt anil Byron Morse re likely lo meet in the finals of "ic Blythevlllc country cluh's an- ual toiirnnment next Sunday, lorse and P. P. Jncobs were slat<i to piny their semi-final match ft the past week and It is imof- clally stated thnt Jacobs hn? dc- aiilled to Morse. In "A" flight, Major n. N. Ware. . G. Hubbard, C. L. L'.ntzenich ind G. G. Caudlll advanced to he semi-finals. Wnre defeated Erlest floe, -i and 3; Hi;b!iarrt won over Wilt Goodman. 4 and 3: c. Untzcnich beat Bernard Go.ich, 4 and 3, and G. G. Caudlll eliinl- lated Dr. H. 3. Davis. 4 and 3. A large number of mutches slill remain lo be ultiyed in "H" m»ht. In the Junior tournament U. S. Branson Jr., and Harold Sudtnrv are td clash this week In the final? in a 3G hole match. .dreams nnd nightmares of a proh.ible state title despite a loss to Little Rock high. Through a maze of complicated "doping" a Jonesboro sport writer figures out a possible chance for (he state championship "If" everything trnis out as he dopes it. If ; ft's any help or consolation this I writer hopes Jonesboro comes thru for the title us a H to 7 defeat by .he "state champs" wouldn't detract from the Chicks' prestige. Coach Henry Hudson's charges arc probably dun for some slrenti- ous blocking practice (his west The Chicks gave the worst exhibi- PAY ON DF.MAN-n "Did you Improve financially nf- ler marrying?" "Yes; my wife cVmanded money the first day. and I've been advancing steadily ever sine?."—Answers. covered during Ihe fray. The Georgia eleven won In spite of costly fumbles. fea Men Wishing Wont CLASSIFIED London's name was or.ce Hill by the Pool. James A. Vami, financial seer,-' Uiry, has not missed atlendance fo 35 years. The longest term of contlnuou service is held by W. H. Powe who was elected recording seer tary for 49 times. He has b his 51st year as a member of the Sunday School. John A. Dates has been superintendent for 35 years. Edward J. Kennedy 1s the second Oldest officer in point of service, having begun his 38th year as assistant superintendent. Squeezing together two handles *ith which a new cooking kettle is equipped tilts it for pouring out fe liquid ^pcntenUs. a tight ltd pro•'• hands from steam. "OUR BLUSHING-BRIDES'' A prize of S200 and HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday ri D I .• rlV rODUiatlOn On This Novel enjoyed by millions, now even greater as a ELY, Rev., (UP)- -Fermented tree motion picture. ate the Ely fly pppulalion recently. Sap from a broken limb had fermented In the heat. Its odor at- mnninq, economical Winifred V/estover B«n Lyon-Wi!lian Collie, all completely eqoi For the§« $195 ipeciali, we have selected a few very desirable uied I cars and reduced them to rock [ bottom. In ipite of the extremely low price, each car in this group la completely equipped including fivo toad tires. Don't delay if you want one of these $193 can or any of the other low priced bargains. They're j bound to go quickly. Of her Low Priced Bargains Reduced for Quick Sal 1!127 NASH ADVANCED Sl.\ SKDAX—Tills large, roomy car '» m excellent condition. Its upholstery .is spotless arJ ils finis!) is amiait like new. $ Hns gocd tires | CllF.VnOI.F.T ROADSTER - A i pcrty little car finished In light 1 • with natural wood whsels. or runs excellent and $ i'.as all gcod llres. Only.. 1929 OAKLAND 5-rASS. SEDAN" —\"ow, grarp tills chance tc own A big. luxurious car at small car ' cost! Has been specially rc- j conditioned nnd is ir. fine condl- | lion. A cliancc for. you $CCA . !o uuy mid save UuU li)21 CHRVSLKK 4-I1OOR SEDAN — Repainted deep blue with green • striping and trim. Tim popular model 70; only one. in stock. First here, SOCA' fitsl served oDU| 1928 CHEVROLET CABRIOLET —Save $75 on this smart, de- psndable Sport Coupe. Has rumble sent, like new leather upholstery and complete SOTC equipment ti/0 192? PONTIAC SEDAN—A four. <Icor setter finished in Duco at only $250. Has been completely "Gcod Will" reconditioned. Tires like new; very ntlractlve . M. A. C. T.raH-S BaUae* * T«w D*tUri ptr Month LEE MOTOR CO. Blytheville, Ark. Comedy—All Talking. Matinee and Might—10 & 25c. Coming — Homo Theater Wednesday and Thursday— Vaudeville — "THK TROPICAL FOUR". See The Dancing I.OCKTEES, Those Velvet KnUrlainei-.;. WALLY, the hoy from Arkansas. MARGY, tho radio girl. Extra'Addr,! Feature— UnONI (Tho M'an Who Grows). \

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