The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1949
Page 9
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RATTTRPAY, MAT T, 1943 BIATHEVTLLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ILL BET VOU A NEW HAT 1H6Y WOWT C6T AWAY WITH ONE PIECE OU7A TWENTY. I SHOULD USfc THE&e ROCVCe OJ VOU '5TIP OF THEM JWVSj IT TOOK MB HALF A PAY TO CUT AW HAW6THET JERKGP ^-^X I'LL TAKE Y d"' I>< \ r " THE BET.'J P N PIECES THEV KIN GET BACK TO 7HEIR NESTS WITH—THEY AIN'T COME TO ONE VET.' THE M/CTURE STUPEMTS t AEV MISS TUt BATTLE glSCLMTS =. FRKCKLEB * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLUBBER He'll He a Pal, Lard For Rent Store DulldlnK. 11S E »s v Mnln ' !l) '' HHI" and private alley- Available June 1. Win remodel 10 suit relllcr Ph. U370. Warehouse HO 1 x 40' on railroad slcl- Ins Midwest Dairy Products Ph 4447 4 19-ck-u ROGER THE LODGER By Elizabeth R. Robert* COtrtKKT IT GIIIHXK: rMUIMK MTRIHTIft it MIA H«V>Cf. IMC £. Flash cameras for al! occasions jgSTLBN'S STUIJ10. *;S-Ck-» Sa/esman Wanted Wanted: An experienced whiskey salesman with ear. llljeni) drawing account anil commission. Contact MS at 4-MM George P. Porbecfc. Distributing Co.. LHlle Rocfc. 3;5-ck-8 First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GUI, % Courier News. 4-22-ck-tf XXXI nPHRRF.FORE H w:is with consternation thai I learned Major For Rent, Houses A-room & bath furnished I'll. SW7 or ^OltO. 5.6-pk-S;9 om House, 245 S. Howard St. S.S-pK-B Wanted to Kent 5 or 8 room house. Unfurnished, in Rood location. All modern. By middle RR« couple. Can (jive ROO<! references Write Box HIJ, c\o Courier News. 4. A or 6 room house by June 1. Permanent family. CM1 Mr. Bnker. :t2E». 5.5-ck-ll Unlurnlshed or semlfurnlsnect 3-room mparLinetit wanted by working couple *\)ccupancy not needed until June 1. ^rnll A. A. h-redrtckson nt 44fil from 8 10 5 p.m.; 575 after 5 p.m. 5:5 dl» It 4 or 5 room unfurnlsbed house by June 1. Permanenl family. References • Vftllattl*. Please CBll '2420. 5,3 ck 10 Business Opportunity Responsible party, with crvr. sp time, and A-1 references to service cliandlBlng nmchlneK. Very «ood m- rome. M50.CK1 Cnsh Investment, required. Not interred If not. dependable and stendy. Applicants write. Including JPn No , Box UK, c-o Courier News. 5,7-pk-ll Treat Your Watch To A New Cheek-Up ••• Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices was being transferred immediately to Memphis "Don'l be a ninny," Rob said. "You doti't hnve to lei Roger live hero. It's nnr house." Ah, Der TnR, I thought. I^ooks like this lime we're going to throw in together. Th« Capners got a Ro<xi early st«rt on their journey, and so did Roger. A jeep stopped at our door. Out jumped two officers. "It's Hoftor,** I stnRC-whispered to Rob. "And a friend." "Sn what!" Here i4 was af;;tin; Rob had changed hte mind ,-wid wittio**t yo much as a hand signal. We were ; forever piling up on issues because of that obnoxious hnbR of his. Just when I Itions-ht wo wore in cahoots, I would be le(t holding the sack. 1 thought of the time I simply had to accept an invitation to the house of acquaint.') ncp* Rob found unbearably boring. He warrved me to got him out of there by 10 o'clock at the very latest. Either tbat, or he wouldn't go. At 9:45, I began to lay the groundwork for our teave-taking. 1 had things under control and went up to get my coat. As I came down the stairs, Rob looked up in 5\»rprisc Instead of eagerly springing to his f«et as I hilly expected him to do, he held his sent rnd demanded to know where I vv*:. going. W>ien I gave the old line about the headache, he called on the world to note whether there ever hnd besn such a spoilsport before. Grumbling nnil complaining, h« did go home with me. When I upbraided him for leaving me out on a limb, he admitted he hnd forgotten asking me to get him out ot there, and even »aid he hnd been having a** unexpectedly plensanl time. No. I wasn't entirely unprepared tor Rob's change of heart toward Roger. But I'd had a change of heart; I was on the other end o( the see-saw. I had grown tired of him. The novelty nf watching him enjoy our pojwcjusionji had worn off. He WSH more trouble than he was worth; his entertainment value had dropped below par. I didn't want him to move back in. TJOGKR sailed ioio the hotts« without stopping to ring the bell. VU' presented Colonel Hart- wicke and said they had been up working most of the night, were in need of a shave and shower. and tkint he could think of no more pleasant place in which to :iavu them than in oiir house. "The Capners just left," I temporized, as though Roger didn't already know that. "I don't know in what condition they left things. N "After B.O.Q.," Colonel Hort- wicke laughed, "I'm :mr* they wiH seem glisteningly pure." It would have been interesting to me to hear th< line Roger fed strangers before ne browjfM ttiein to house—men who always accepted our hospitality an a matter of course. Colonel Hartwicke seemed a gentleman; h« wouldn't hav> imposed; he must have been sold on th« idea that h« was confer ring M>m« sort of favor on MS. Both h* and Roger were so ceremonious and polite, I couldn't very weM fail to play up to them; »o I ran upstairs to £«e to fresh towels soap, and a hasty selling V rights of the Capners 1 room*. Fasting th* front window*, caught sight of Roger and Colon* Hartwicke carrying valpacs, too lockers, ami musette bags up the walk toward the open front door "Roger!" I called sharply. "Yoi can't move in here." To sitppor my vagary v 1 added. "We aren going to rent rooms any longer. Tli;ii sounded like snfr gitmiMfc; Hob had once suggested it. He slowed down long eno^h it look embarrassed for me. "How can we xhavr and bathe wit ho** equipment?" he asked in hiit torn of sweet rensonnbleness. "Oh." I backed up, "Unit. 11 Kn my brain wasn't fooled; it knev* I was fin Ih in ic«. In l;ici, if .spurred me to rim down Ww stain and meet the gentlemen. * • • AY/1TH an air of indulging a Iry" iiiR child. Roger set down hu load and motioned Colonel Hart- wicke to, do the s«n>«. They removed 5hovinR tilings atid clc;in duds—all for Roger. I noted; Colonel Hnrlwicke was evident I j not going to change, but simpb shave and mnybe shower. 1 stood like A watchdog untH ttie bagt closed Rgajn, nod llicn 1 ctired to tlie garden room to sput- to Rob while Roger took Colonel Hartwicke upstair*. 'He'i not « bad guy. rt Rofe ntd. "Kraiikly, since it'.s your iilen —not mine, mind you—to lei peo- ile roost here, I don't see any eason lor yo*« to discrimmate against Hoger. Throw out U« whole kit and kaboodle if you want to. That'd b* okp with me. 3ut it you're going to let any of ;hem stay, yo*i mig+W as well let Roger." "You're crazy," I spluttered. Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! D H EIF11S HER! Rrnifiis . . . Wear Diamnndj : K\\ :i \ \\ hi. ITOHU Ift HlHfHlt, H-TTNiYIUI UB IT1 All Work Guaranteed $ 25 or more (radc in allowance on your old washer, regard less of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance tor Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. SHEET METAL WORK Duct work, blowpipe*, (ruller call Taylor Layton, 828. 112 North all types. For expcrl work Blytheville Tin Shop I COTTON FARMERS r' Chemically delinted cotLon Mcd gcrmlrmlc quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping exprns* and produce more cotton per »cr«. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE D * P. L. No. 14, per 50 l.b. B»n JJU.OO 1) t> P. L. No. 15. Fer SO Lb. Ba» 10.UU Stoneville 2 B, Pa SO Lb. B»g 10.00 SlonevUl* Z C. Per 50 Lb. Bac 10.00 I Kowden 41-B. Per !M Lb. Ban 10.00 ! Half & Half (Ilihrcd). Per SO T.h. Baj[ lfl.«0 'j Coker's 100 Will HesiJtant. Per 50 Lb. Ba|f 10.00 Paula. Per 50 Lb. Bal 10.00 Umpire. Per SO I.h. Bjj !•-«« | Came In and place Tour order or fet T»«r supply l«d»T. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 8S6 BlytheTlIle. Ark. Phone S57 Rnnchet: l/eachville. Ark.. Hornersyllle, M». and Senath. Mo. .STUDEBAKER FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION Phone 888 vn H C O m oo m S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. Vkone, 3W6aiul2S25 Guaranteed CARS AND TRUCKS ARE BETTER lfl-18 SUidcliakcr Land Cruiser 1!)17 Sluilebakcr Land Cruiser 1!) 17 Chevrolet Two Door 1!)1) Ford Two Door l!>in Chevrolet Two Door 1!)17 Sludebakcr Ton-antl-a-half in 16 Dodge Ton-and-a-half Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker D«al«r" Railroad & Ash I'hone 888 •S T U D E B A K E R Twis ts ntR--l MEW SHE UVeRMORE , MY KW WU.KT.' Bur WUIRE'S THE I*AID Vou woj ON 'niE RADO bU" f GWT1EMAWS GENtLEMAK, MOOOOM . C»N I llp.LP IT IFT1IEY WOUU»r GIVE K. Juwe.TAKC ME KAE liie MMDf AMD THW OOOBRAIN TIIM MOOED) AWAY WHERE i ^ CM HMt A. MICE or- HfSlERlCS/ I know just now you feel, Mrs. Fillmore—my still keeping my curls in n cignr liox!" PIUSCll.LA'S 1'Or he!IKIIIK'<t III I null! By AL VERMEER , [ THROW THE BALL. PUFF RUNS TO THE BALL. I LIKE TO PLAY WITH PUFF. I'LL SAY; I KEEP PRETENOWG THAT N THE NEXT PAGE THE SHOOTING STARTS.' ^ n I HAVE A KITTEN. HER NAME IS PLIFF. PUFF LIKES TO RUN AND JUMR 5EE, PRI5CILLA? ISN'T IT TRUE THAT YOUR SCHOOL BOOK .. K MORE I) FUN THAM THOSE COMIC MAGAZINES Uy MICHAKL O'MAI.LKY mid RALPH LANE WE VE SEEN 1.OOKIN6 FOR YOU. BUGS. INSPECTOR GBOWL WOULD LIKE A FEW WORDS WIIH YOU AT HEADQUARTERS.' CAW'T TAKE ANY CHANCES, ROSSUM .' I'll FIND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR IF 1 HAVE TO TAKE THE POND PLACE APART BRICK BY BRICK . OKAY, EVE. YOU VE DONE YOUR JOB .' ROSSUM WILL TAKE YOU HOME. I'll CALL YOU WHEN WELL, NATURE BOY. IT'S ABOUT TIME. YOU GOT HERE .' WHAT'S THE IDEA OF — By LKSUK TURNER , WASH I'll BUS livn Will Know Alinut I'liitt . .WELL. I fElT ^BSOLUTEUy TO TftKE R DRINK' I CAN'I EXPl-MM WIIM" HAPPfNED TONIGHT... IT OUST DOESN'I MftKE SCHJVEl 1 COULDN'T" LO5R CATHY MOW, ^HO GO B^K TO WIIM I WftS! 1 HATE UQUOC...IT5 msTE,..ITS 5MELI. I UME \TS EFrECIS OW «*E. AMD VET, 10NIOIU... ^ SICK. (WNDCMO DO GIG 1 . BEN HAS GONE THRU ALL THfVTi TOOl By FRKD HARMAN , Curses! Undone! BUGS BUNNY WITH V I'VE BEEM Y'ER " CARROTS.'VOU V^ABBIT TIMES UP/ YOU DIDN'T DO IT.' VOL) ONLV ATE. J SEVEN I 7 \ CAwvjOTS/y HMM.' I MUST ) BE SLOWIN' UP... BUT IT WAS FUN —r-rr-l TR.V1N*... I CALL "yOUR. BLUFF, YOU BUNNY START I PLEASURE. MAN EATS TEK HOT D06S IN FIVE. MINUTES'.'.. ASTOUNDING.' THAT'S NOTHlN'/ I C'N EAT TWELVE CARROTS IN TWO MINUTES / By V. T. HAMI.IN YEH. ID LIKE 5SE C9SCAE. MAKE WITH TH' By KDfiAR MARTIN ROOTS AND HRK BUDDIRB crazy, *Tm fed up wilh tM;ii>« his (Uinky. !i ism't enougti be eata aH his mealn **rc a« ^.hovlgh they wrere bin due. ant before he left last tim« rv« wns x r ousinf{ at having to clump the garbage. And there hasn't been a drop of hot water since he moved in. He lies in hi« Uib and IctK the water run ki and out i it comes ice en' ' from the hot side. Takes the tank an hovir to warm up again." "Cut that oirt." Hob barked. "And he'd got completely over dryinK the dishefi. Always important ciociiments to sttidy, or tired from a tough day, or >f I'd just take it And let them ride until he felt like helping, he'd be glad to. And all those dinner pur- lies he stuck me'with. I'm through. He can't live here." 1 said emphatically, thumping the tab!*. (To B. Conttniedl

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