The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1931 "~'-~- •—~-"'-"•" ' BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.)' CQU1UER NEffS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word to first Insertion and one cent 4 word (or each subsequent insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50o. Count tlio words «ud send the cash. Phone 306 ;FOR SALE FOR SALE-Baby Chicks. All var ietles Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, BlytCievllle ' ' 20-CK-TT HUfSTOti MERRILL CO OUR BOARDING HOUSE $ $ 5 5 S ? Still More Bargains In Guaranteed Used Cars This is'your opportunity to own a good car at the very lowest investment and at con• vcnient terms, too. •30 FORD STANDARD COUPE S3C5 '29 FORD SHORT KOADSTIiK S165 '30 FORD DELUXE SEDAN $335 '29 FORD PHAETON 5155 '30 FORD V/~ TON TRUCK $315 '29 FORD CL. CAB HCK-UP 5215 •29 FORD SPORT COUPE .. $155 Every car lias good Tires. Has been reconditioned where evere necessary and carries our 30-day guarantee. CALL 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers S $ § $ S $ HKIIE TODAY | To krte llt« Irnn«"»riiiTliip loi, dull In UrU Thru-b. lii«". MV i:i-:il lil.l.A 'I'OI.J.IVI'.ll nrnnnlo-J a Junior rnunlrr l.'luli. II ""• <" fc» riclu»l»-«— "0^ linrfnl«. tin Accurdtoclj C.lnRrr. «bo»t tnllift »M« • mlnlilrr nnd """" •I* I'- molhrr, Hie former I'""' J** DUO It \. «»• Imlb wrnlllij- an" "'- 4ulcrnt. iiurvhu»ril the Hill llu»h flirw. n lU-nrr.- l"Kt "lib »D oM buuKF, nod rrmodf leu II. Into tint Th.u.b cnni« "All" Iini.l.OWAV. ii youint nrlUl «h" ivn« bntiiilHi: nruund *nr i-<niulr>. .luTLlTd ii'fln! p.irlKilt* und Jrr- Drat* Ihc iic»» Hull b»u«*. t »« Tolllv»r» mndr blm Ibflr «"'•'• llnrd <b,,ucbl "Jolt 4« Vlvrip" nmilil lit " K<><»1 »"""• J nr , lhc i,.]. i. iTn» ailui'iru- Ann tie ^u.h,' 1 ., "mid IK- .Ml.-m>i« » llirr could Imliorl from < hli-aK" mi/ SK-III.O I:AI.I.B>I>. ' •"' Mcolo wn. nnd hf cnlllil c,,oU nnd »1«C and Krutn a B ol- inr. Ill- would ![!• n •- ""•"• "" iMijcr i/ you con. otiil cfc«r uJ «j;f D till) te sarh a nice tur. tylse (or Gtiiocr u"rt ,Ui. 7'olli' I'O, irJio do not fcnoit; / am irilf- fnp you. Wraje icire ms at orcca (hut you <ire on tour tray, lor this <a the jood (urn i/o-.i jirnw- Isrd. And I sltiill f/y !o see t*nl tired lilile cmusrfl find niltr- [aiiiecJ ichile you are Itrrc. "Cordially. "Will Tollli'cr. nlBlit. To set ">y clothes and my money and lo see my tricmls. Tomorrow 1 como back. MIES Jeuky. sbe says all right. I go, I cotue." you you?" asked lier first, did Hue < opi-MiiK Tiilllrrr ilunrr n Ihr Ihrrr Inr tvb dnncc irnlnir rlvi-ii i llnlliin find (or Ihrlr Thnt olttht nl th' "li'nlnc Bnrd tralUrd Ur ivn» fntllnis In '•' -'"• «••""';. ?.T;,r.*""«ri.' I "..d llc Hut the ovrr nnd Ihcv HI thr J<ilc de bird hou«i'« n"1 l "" 11 ''*}•,".'","" f"| d l ««m»!illr"f' l " 1 ' ri ' illluBl>l '"• had Uctlrr trim 'I'd Thrn.h. lull I'hll iifriund^ti htm lo • luj- n Illtil: lunt-rr. MIV. UO OX WITH THE 5TOIIV CHAlTBfl XX UT Phil was a woman of wide experience. She thought It nil over that afternoon while Ginger [> FGIJ RENT APARTMENT—and office for «cnt, February 1st. Ingram Building, see or p'nbne, I. E. Parichurst. OFFICE rooms for rent, cheap, as low as 55.00 per mouth, Hubbard HariUrare Co. 2C-K7 STORE BUILDING for rent, cheap. Located next door to Hubbarc Hardware Co. Hubburd Hardware co,. : .. . 2C-K 1 liad Bard out at Mill Hush svorklng on the scries of sketches he was making ot different views of tlie' house and grounds.- And suddenly, she went to her desk and wrote a letter to Speed Iloney, who had lln- Islied college and was in business •with his latLc-r back in Massachusetts. "Speed, mi; dear boy, you prom- ised-fo do me a gooa turn icJien- euer you ftad t'ie opportunity. Here il is. We are an torcil anil slupia and fired o/ each othr.r \ shriveling vp with. ennui Oil bung up the telephone- receiver and returued to Ihc reakfast table. She v,aa Inue' 'We. must hurry rlghl out to Mill iush." she said to Biinl. "Renllo's ,ol woodpeckers In tils liagiiole and ic wants us to come immediately." "That fieiillo Is iiobilivclj 1 loo good to be true." said Phil. "1 cau'l iay much for Pielro except tha 1 Ms food means well, anil Ansel" Is ml Iho ulliniali! In artistry, llu llenllo Is without peer." "Uoes Bcnllo mpaii Ihe Blessed?' asked (linger, "lie Is." When Ibey reached Mill llua! Hcnllo was walling for them an eager cries o[ delight led tlict oui to the M.isiiole, which lie ha erected with his own bauds. Ri. ivlicre. to his Iwuudloss und ing delight, n rcd-lieadid WOOL pecker waa ponmlliiE viurantly. "You see," he cried, cavorlln about ou 'the ?*ceii ^rass. "A woo< l>eckor! /. red-headed woodpecker That Is sood luck for this house." Ciinger null Hard were eager I agreement. Certainly thai houi r.-as the bidlus place of rare coo !orlune! "Look!" licnito wont oti, turnli and.pointing up to llio corner the house, the foutbeast corner tlie house, which lie called Ills. "Yi see that btrd-uouse? Itiahl outs! my wiiulowJ' "Are there birds Gluger interestedly. "Not yet. But nail, lilrds vrlli come. 1 sprinkle the floor with itie Ikulto shrugged his largo shoul- Miss GiQKer. 1 tell you what, ou pay me lo Chicago, and I'll pay e back." "And do you promise faithfully at you will como back 1 ; Can wo epeuil on you?" lleullo Inid a large hand In the eneral direction of tils heart. 'Mlas Ginger." he suld solemnly, 1 come, lly heart bhe will bi-iiis le." "It's too bad she won't pay our railroad fare," Interrupted I3r.rd faccllonsly. Slncu ho hnd sot Ma heart upnii oltig Micro was iiolliing to :lo ii cquiesce. and iJInger, half-fearing ie would no', return, iield out QS n n ny Inducements us Elio could. "You know we're going lo ho mnh n? ^lor.ey hero pretty snon." slie esiil. "We've moro than paid our es .cnses already, mid it is largely due o you, lienito. You Eland by nnd we'll aeo that you don't lose by it." Again ar.d ugalu he pronilscd lie was sumhnenUil aliout going away, lie walked slowly tliroiisi the grounds, titled all tho turd bowl with fresh water, cleared the debri from the fountain, watered tho flow crs. "Bcnilo. you are coralug bacl aren't you?" asked (Jingcr, tagging at his heels. "You wouldn't just say It to fool me?" ;'-c«s5 and to keep him away liom ll'.c lioiter-looXluK ghlu of the com- iiiuiiliy, la ttio enit her tietlor nature trl- uiiil'lioil. but tlje days v/ero uot wlikout llielr ladder momenta. Slio l^Rii never before realized Ilia utter esriiesa of the nicest gills of lioi aniuaUirauce In forr.liig their iiiUT.iiniis tn entirely dltlldeul and [lislntcrcstcd men. It »a? nfier a nnrllcultirly trying liour. when Miriam Uudlke qnhi' uvorblci>|i»l the propilctiea fur young ladicsi Imvlcig their por* trclis paliiteil by llghllng wllh her wu luunU ami at her owu ILpQ a ;.nel [or llio cncuinbeicd mlisl, -at I'hll greeled her wllh ilwidly c-us, delivered it sinilliig, IIB ..uiigii it were uocnellilng lo rejoice vcr. "Oh. GliiROr," she pried. "I havo siirjirtsu for you. Do you i-cnsoin* •r Speed Itoncy'i llo Iscoiiilui: oul •r a visit, lie Is In Mow VorU ni.v, id will bo lure in a day L.T '.tt(\ k'd going to wire us." By Aliern Rasiicd niulllilr. g nut"; Ciirnlnn hfro? Who's lie going lo visit?' slit HINC 10It Rn " '•Cuiiiliii "Tomorrow I come tiack—If nskcd not tomorrow, then Saturday, he here on Saturday. You'll And Miss Jcnky. loo." i'ou «TT1"U. make it Saturday. I'll 1« j L1 Mrs. L'arler," Bald Hard. "He's s enough to want the nt:est seeds. I fill the bowl with o;i liand lo give him welcome." Iresh cold water twice, three Itiws day. Uiids will come. ItlgHt mit- hle my window. It's very lucky to ive birds outside your window." Ginper and Bard followed him about tor a while from house lo house, expressing interest and RENT COTTON LAND-400J pcres. cultivated land one rnilej east ol Tyronza, Arkansas. Special inducement in cash or crop rent to responsible parties. May rent in several tracts. Address H. D. Price, Tyronza, Arkansas. 4P-K.V WANTED < out 1or *. Keck or in anit\ diitvc him lo llio tralu, stun'inx at lion and JeiiUy's for a fund adieu, and for tho llrst Hue Miss Jenkins had tho experience, ot having tier hand kissed. It llus- lered ihat dear ludy a great dcal- lienllo." she, ik-asurc more to please him than j don i you fnr;;el lo anytliins else, anil presently moved away. Hut it was not solely to admire the wooilpcckera that llentto had enticed them forth, not entirely to display tlie smart new bird- IIOUE* he hnd built outside Ills aulc window. He followed them down to ;ho landing. 1 ;,_.' ' '*MIES Ginger," he.sairi, "you take mo In town ami I KO to Chicago lo- said, come now hack. •corns like we just couldu't stand thai place without you." "Tl:c real trouble with having him." thought Ginger, "Is Hie shm>i> Ihat lies ahead of us when we lose bliii." l!iit site had many llilni!H ou her Olind— Tlard'K port-ails, in piuticij, as she was toi-ii between il»t desire (o promote his professioita "Why, us, of course, drar." "Oh, us of course." rep-Mlcd (3hi KOI-. •'How—lilo;! Speed Itiincy tour me!" S!io looked Uelptcnsl> at her fattier, liopoh-sjly al L'till. yeariilnsty al Hard. "Ocu'.ildu't wo cut him oft a v.-blte?" "Why. darling. You ore so loud of Speed." "Y-yes, ot course," she falnlly ns pouted. "Ilin IL Is a very hmpiior tuiio llnio — I'm prelty tinsy rjgh now—what wllh Mill ftnsli —It.i portraits—llenllo gone—" "Oh, dearest, 1 am so sorry." I'lil Eouii'lrd tnosi contihe. "I i asked htm to come for your t>:ike— liccauEe you were so Ixii-cd." "Oli." Ginger pulled herself i<v eiher and rave a lio.:i^o UtU align. "Dear me: So 1 was. Well. lie added dryly. "1 fflnry I'v.i j:uin o he a whole lol tii'ieilcr lu il icxt 10 days." "Will he slay hero nt IViiiriidee iskcd Hani ulmost jealously. "1'er- :aps It woiild be more convenient Tor me to move in lown—ont of the way." "llon't!" Ginger laid a detaining liand upon his arm. "Tho moro Ihu merrier. Always room for c-no !imic. Safety -In numbers. Tlie biirneil child dreads Hie fire. All llial tori ot thing. Plill," she said suddenly, "let's nsk Kddy Jacksou to ^coiua too. to help liven tilings up—I'm — BO—bored." But e!ie luugbed strangely. (T-.- .'!= Conllriunll BoT iT WORWr-^A OM- &OOM!\ tr out! MOO K -TO V-jfWe. HIM / DO you -THAT ? To DO AND WORK" OF two OTHER A OAVS VAJORtf — HOME AMD PAtL Ri<jHT TO Go COT— SulPPlVJ •I'O SUitP Ib HOUR5 To HIM TO A MOvJlG. SO>^E TiM6..(F HE O OOf AK1O LEA VOORSEV.P, FROM FIRED FOR AT '•WORK'. AM' souE. SLIPPERS ARMCHAIR \S HCXO'M' WO OR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ASK T!l>—HE KNOWS! By ; Martiu PLAIN OB FANCY SKWINO-Mrs. Allie Sisk. Phone 672. 124 Donnan. 4C-K11 POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C : TF POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 21Q N. Railroad St., west of courthouse. J. E. Fisher. 4C-K10 WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 7M S. Lake St. 17CK-TF NEW YORK. Feb. 5. IUP)—Co ton closed firm. >pen High 105-1 1071 WANTED—Man with truck. Apply AUTOCREASING QUICK SERVICE Gulf Service Station Gasoline" 4 \x "That Good C.ulf 1'hone No. Red Ball 15;irbcr Shop 318 \V. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle, Fred Boyclt. Guy Rogers, Virgil Williams, Earl Damon, Junk Dealers, opposite Station. Frisco 3F-K1 WARNING ORUEK ;H(\NCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Missouri State Life Insurance Co., No. Plaintiff, 4850 vs. New York Cotton \ Report Reveals Many Mar. May July O:t. Dec. Jan. 1030 1115 1139 1153 11S7 1097 1122 1149 116'i 1172 LT.V 1050 1030 110S 1132 1152 1159 C10£? IOCS 1035 inn 1143 1107 1170 Spots steady al 1080, up 15. . CLARION, Va., iIJPi — Since il i \vas reported scveial \vc^l:5 353' - that a Tazeu-ell County inuu li^d ' a gcr.uine Stvadivarins violin lor j \\hicli a Itoanoks musician had of- ft-reii S10.CQ3. more than two dozen '"BCimii:? Slraciiviirlnses" have teen discovered in Soutliwest Virginia. Unti! n few years ago it was bought two tickets from him and . promptly tore them ui). The wo- ViollnS' mnn explained that many year: ; ago she rode on n train from 'mond to this city. She buy tickets for two boys who accompanied her. Since, she said, her consclcnca hail Iroub- hcr. . J. E. Threlkeid, et al., Defendant. Q ,, The [icxndanls. Vol Williford ' . and Mollic Williford are warned ! to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caution hereof and answer (he complaint of the plaintiff, Missouri State Life Insurance Co. Dated Jan. 14, 1931. R. L. GA1NES. Clerk, By Harvey Morris. D. C. Ivy W. Crawford. Atty. Ad Litem. 15-22-23-5 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Fob. 3. tUPl — Cotton clewed v:;ry steady. Open Hl^h LDW CiosD 1067 1071 1055 1070 1092 1095 1078 1093 1112 1119 1103 1118 11-10 1H7 1130 1117 1151 11M 1150 1166 11G1 1173!) Mar. May July ICE IIAIIVEST BEGUN WATERLOO, N. V., (UP)-Thr annual ice harvest has tegun at rot ncainst, the law in Germany' Cayuijii Lake. Approximately 100 fcr violin makers H iml labels with men are at work cutting the 10- llv name nf Siradivarius ou them i:ich ice mlo b.ocKS along in tl'.c inside of every inslrmiimt shores of the lake, they turned out. Traveling asonts evidently sold a great many of these cheap violins in the mountain district. Dec. TEAKS 111" U.K. TICKETS MANCHESTER. N. 11. tUP>- TU'ket Aarnt Guy Damug was i amazed 1 when an elderly woman SLIDE IXJUHES HOY (OP)— Sliding hamsters nearly cost the life Herbert Osburn, nine. here. While .sliding dovai a banister in his home it broke and n slick he liad in his mouth was jabbed through his head. By TttossJl t rCAUBO Quicftiy Reftaiced FAY O.DAVIS I'honcs 234 or 421 Cash Paid For l.atc Model Used Car's W. T. HAKNETT 117-110 Main St. Phone 883 or 887 Local and long distance hauling:. Special rales on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. K. WASHAM TRANSFER 1400 Chickasawlw rhonc Sol WARNING Langdon L. McKay: John G. lloyt. Trustee: B. u. Land Company and Virgil McK&y are warned to apjwar in the Chancery Co'.irt for the Chlrkasawlia Dislricl of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within I'nirty days, nncl answer the complaint filed against them by Vermont Savings Bank nnd Fidelity National Bank & Trust Company, substituted, trustee. Witness my hand as clc-k of said court, and Hie seal thereof, on this 'Till dav of January, 1931. R. "L. GAINES, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Reid Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys lor Plaintiff. JACK UKLK Hodiator Expert, is noa-'.i us. New and Used Hadia'.oi^ For AH Cars Jackson Auto Paris •>OW ^V. ^lain—rhonc 06 HAY One bale or a train load. EAU CORN, shuck on, 88c bii Shuck ofT, BOc per un., in car lots. Collcn Stnlcs Sales Co., Inc. Blythevlllc, A\1c. Phone 174 or LD 1806. 22-29-5-12 Japan outranks all other Asiatic countries In the use of commercial fertilizers, its soil conditions and density of l»|.'Jlation requiring tcnsiva cultivation on all available land. Coals Hclined— Dresses Hcmodclcd— KvcrylhinK Cleaned. Cl-KANKUS rlionc FOR TUADE New or Used Automobiles City Properly. L. FOWLER I'hoiic SSS FRECKLES AND cfecAE.-OOttT TAU4 SO ODAP.LIUDY- (SIDOAr 1 . .. LOOKS LH4£ S STOCK <S66 '. TUG is oeep£a our 14EPE IM coosircry.... ou \JIEUU, MJ1LL SET TriKOUSW .'.' STVLE, DESPITE TW£ SU-H! i THOUGHT i HEMW A MO;SE I'M SURt I DIP: n CAME FROM W SHUT UP) iw NERVOUS WITHOUT To SCARE TH' WITS OOTft Mt iiO VOO REMW TriiNK VJE ftNPPX.07. JILOPPV, VJlTH

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