The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1936
Page 3
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BLYTH1SVII.1.K Caii (i i d a i o for i Vo§ccu lor H'M;(.)'!s (o Con I r a ry Hi'iimli-il False by Con-j anager : '•!'• 'In- iilljlHius :i'.'lil|c Ll tiv J» linu-lf. M,.I,I,,;,|..,. ))):, nj ,,,,,,. 0 [ 'I '( t i ml \' li . Cm i c 11 1 si nun l » i t t ii<'d ruTnUy l>v th" Mt-irriii. ' ! I I Hill Apj> I 1 1 III I Ml I Hi 101 II U l\ I'll I ] i ^' '•' niiiirr tin 1 flo'jil iiniiri:! ' i li 1 1! u <t I I i n [ i I i \ ' il ' t i i 1 III u il l! i Jit (/ , , , ' ' A I 1 II 1 111 V ll'| < l j II I Ul jl )< i') U n ill t i il iii'nw i-ir'iiir't'r: limi II ll I J II ^ |l|t ( |lll ! Ii lull I iii in n < 0 i , 'f In I I m 'in n 11 i| I i im H L! U tt ll l[ I I ] ll I I I 111 I III I i I (lull! I I I I 10 I I I 1 t ll I 1 tj I' ' 1 H ' I I ' M It 1 ( ; If l Hi I 111 I 0 1 l f I I it I 0 ([ in! Ii ill I i i 11 iti n I i ii'iil cr,f)!;;ri!i if ;im v.'ur nn i a ti u p hnr u D II i ,K'I \< li i i i til ' n In I li is i i>4 j < it m\ I) nil i I Ai n i UK! \\, i Im i i V s i n,|,i i i , Of 1 u ll l l n H i i I'"I '( I'll loll i s till 1(11 111 II l!, Mil,,)! ,, ,, )' i <r ll pru I ,t \ ,1, ;, , , 1 ' ' I f r U i i il , , ,1 1 r i i (ii i t li l (i\ j I ii i i , " ' i r ) ul i hi) t 1 * |H I l l f i i I s < I I II I ll I SI (111 ll !"-" ii i In mid l ii "lire , )„ i H IL '' '' i) ' jdilli) l In i ' ' l( ' I u t'l l l ll I i 11 i u r r \1 i W H'.i'r tie: il cc ilrul work, 'fhi " ' in i' i > is folk i i l\i i 11 n I pr u i imtk'istntul iln> lemiHiitions Mint t'oiisliiinly inir ymmy poo- Die. bill old wioiiBli lo ivultw iholi- iliuii;i>Ks. H is my purposr lo ii*i' the I'rasfciUlup. Attorney's rillli'i' lo inoU't'1 Ilir'sf young IJt'Opil'. "If yuu HIV liiti'iosli'il In ncilvc, ^ tlLsliiiiTOJiU'tl law cuforci'iiH'm. | your vote ,m<l iissLslumv an- u 1 - j:|KvUuHy Milk-iird." i Veteran Cyclist Pctlals 8 Miiss Up Mountain AHK.) COURIER NEWS , conn, S AnniiiHlo. 30. ni i liis cilv, iiMiinr:! [ruin ;i ul,) J 0 (Ho <">"tr> Mountains during wlilcli lip rmli> a bk'.vclf up Die rigilt-mllv miiimiobil,. r ,,. H | i 0 lht> (0) , 0 , "limn WirMilMEion In a hours 20 tninuii s. Twice, in. fily . Si Uic wind blew lilin oil his iimcliliu-. bill he >•:;- wiiliimi EBUOY SOAP RITZ) COOI.KST SPOT IN TOWN! SALTS ^-"^•-••J '" 1 Illl II ip 10 1 •I' 1 '! l-'ll' SIS.090,I!(13 11 'l u on V il H 1 i l 11 moi i tti n I I'll *> (, w In luiki! n I olih it i ' il " r Cl< i li [ i . Ill I ill 11 hill MO DPI 01 I I til i ml i s ,ur V li i (.1 v uljoiin d f inn il 1-uki in in i, m l th ritcr tluil SI5.UUil.UUO. in ndili- tk i to Uu ^>i t II)') , il ,M Wf.llll lie lilt Ilia xillll 111 tlKit till! M ' 'in i I ui i C iiinissHin t»i' I p i (i t IK' i 11 li til 11 'Ji'l I •> i \i I <( it la am i :><• iiinkc you liciii-vc tlinl Bonn- Icrs Rtil:in;;ini, IlnrrLjcn :in:l O'..j- lon lairk i!ie inltiiriic? to,vi:t, a V'iii li-'V_; ;• I,: i- ;TJI : V •• , _ j li;; .,~ | l( .i-,l il ! '• A:;;i:s:i;;;j ri\.'r llj^il con- SAN KRAMCISCO i Ul'i—»,si)it" tin- iiiut Unit \vuii!i>n an; crcdilcri v.lth li.u-ini; pre-tinpU'il (lie iock- tail liar, mil' dl.y health ulHc.jr li.f.; i.r hdlrlili;. iluir litiiicr !j;Ui L i'' ifinii nii'ii. His roiiuliisinn i:; i«.s'sil on rmtTBetii;;.- hij.«|iitnl st/.tisliL-i. ^'ll(lls Hit/ liiiisbcio liivycr and conn reporter, who is seeking the IKiiio i me iiLiniiiKii for i:iosci:iitiir; altoniey of the Hoeoiul judicial districl. ' i'nloic«l as .shotilil nil inivs. Hci'.dliuiiEr's r.s]ii'cinlly slioulil be i'l.-si;l.v .sii|]['rvisi>(l as well as 11- irii'icd ileak'is. "The iiiesccuting alloiney's office i.s nol Unit of 1111 anx'.sdng of- tiorr mill I will not nucinpi lo . infriiitjc on tln> diillrs of Ihe 1 flierirf's clfltp. 1 will represent ' Ilir 1 S'.ate of Arkansas only after inrcii million is properly filccl with Juilrtl. White Shoe CLEANER Lfijuhl or P.i»t« \ViU NOT iuti otTl [OR PR l Com limed From J'ni'c 1. l«:t tlie innocent Liu when that purpasc is served, .should nol hii'UI the ^uiliv I b"luu mori. c lim (tit regulations .should he thrown around furloughs, paiole.s. and imilnns. 1 believo Hint sifter a jury lin.s heKid,,.ijH the facts and, brings In a verdiui,' that verdict .should tlaml. The records will show that fi few ciiiiiiniUs in eacli eountv ui the ilistrict arc constant law viblaim, who never serve their lull time nixl cause (lie great ex- IJCiisu of Ihe ciiininiil court, as well as the loss of life and property. liirt'ior Is Problem "The new lirinor Law is under fu-e and I personally believe it is ten early lo know whether it. is u Kcrd law. Bui in order that It may llr> given a lair trial by the l>c()j!lf the law should In; rigidly "However roail houses, ui'mt,... b (Jives, anil other houses of public nuisiinee may be permanently cajiu'd by order of one ol the cir- iiil judge.? of tliis dislrict upon |M-esenlalioii lo him by the prosecuting attorney of a petition sup- 1'aranicunl Xrws t Cniin.ilv ported by affidavits ami oral lcs-1-' i <>'»ulj thiiony of cieUitdlile witnesses (re- ' ••Statistics compiled by law enforcement agencies everywhere reveal nn appalling number of people between the afe.s of l(i I ami 25 as liardened criminals. ,'i'his is ample evidence that the adolescent age is Ihe danger age ami 1 pledge myself lo exert every effort toward .sufegiiaidlni; Ihe youth of this district, by re- "ill: Kay moving as much leiuptation as possible. 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