The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1951
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1951 BLTTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAQB TAKfiB Navy's New Boss Denies JCS Is 'Debating Agency WASHINGTON, Sept. 4." Iff) — The Navy's new boss has been at his job only three weeks but he's ready to take issue with the critics who say the Joint Chiefs of Staff have developed into a "debating society." >x Admiral William M. Fechteler— pronounced FEK-tel-er — says the f may come when "there'll be A an the floor" Ironi some bit- dispute over policy with _the chiefs of the Army and Air Force. But he hasn't run into such : situation yet as chief of naval op erations—a post to which he was appointed by President, Truman after the death of Admiral Forrest Sherman. "In the few Joint sessions. I've been in." Fechteler said in an ih- terview, "I have been amazed at the speed we can dispose of things "As for this 'debating society talk. I've never seen anything yel to support such a proposition, i know those fellows and 1 can talk to them just as I talk to my owi people." FechU'ler said there have beei no serious differences of opinion since he tcok over the office. Bu he added: "What we may run Into I don't know. I'm not naive enough to think there won't be disagreements." The new Navy boss is a big, relaxed man who gives a visitor the impression he could take care of himself either in a debate or a brawl. Although he has a Prussian background — hi* lather having come to this country from Germany as a boy—there is no Prussian arrogance apparent in a casual •ting with Fechtcler. ic admiral is not an airman himself, but he has some strong Adm, Fechteler ideas on the role of Navy air in the future. And whether this will bring him into conilict with the Air Force remains to be seen. Fechteler believes that ill event of another war, the Navy air arm will be more flexible and in a better position to support land operations than in the last war, despite Russia's fleet of submarines. One major reason for this is that another war would be with the Russians—and Russia his no formidable surface fleet such as the Japanese had in World War Two. Coasf-to-Coast TV Gives Man Look at World Vision to Double As New Channels Open Acrois U.S. NEW YORK, Sept. 4. (/P)—The range of. man's vision around the earth's, surface will more than double tonight with the inauguration of coast-to-coast television. When President Truman addresses the opening session of the Japanese Peace Treaty conference in San Francisco at 9:30 p.m., EST. hb can be seen as far away as Boston, a distance of almost 2,750 airline miles. Previously, the American Tele phone and Telegraph Company's TV network channels reached only as for west as Omaha, 1,300 airline miles from Boston. The historic link will b« by way of A. T. and T.'s new J40.000.000 microwave radio relay system which actually covers 3,000 miles in its zig-zag course from New York to San Francisco, it carries telephone calls and television programs on sharply focused radio beams relayed JAPAN: Rebirth of a Nation Illustrated by Ralph Lane GOM from modern Jopon i« Itwcoolit I «y»t«m, Hw rurlv- leu •iploirotio* of human labor by tyrannical ov«ru«n. Under Hit Trad* Union Law poised by the Jap Diet in 1945, .Hkk freed I 2,500,000 coolies, Japanese workers wire guaranteed Hw j right to organize, bargain collectively ana strike for the first tfme in the nation's history. hit (to birrk pom of Jaaw'i had* vert violent on**. By 1946, two pa the General Federation of Trad* UcioM and Hw Red-dominated National Canf*« •» !*• dyttriol Uniont—toch a mil lion «ro»J—«ed . for power. Enlightened member! of ltw NCR) \ formed a Hiird organiution in I Ml, enraged by Red tactic* Hurt included aMOUwatiw.) I Communist labor's acts of terrorism prompted I I Democrats and Democrat Liberals in the Jap 1 I Diet to investigate the Communist Party I I proper. A) a result of the inquiry am) Wout- I break of the Korean War, Gen. Douglas Moc- I Arthur dealt a death blow to the parry's 3.- 1 1000,000 members by ordering Red publications | banned and party bigwigi seized. . SCAFs remwol of lowltn comnwMim (ram Hie labor JUM hot been HM | pouapeofa • woriuMD s conpeit- ntion low providing benefit* far indin- triol accident * victims. Unemployment imuronc* and other legislation has further helped I to make Japan's 7,000,000 vnioo ntemben rh* | nation's most polit. ically-coniciouf 1 doss. Their role in Japan's futvra cannot be underestimated. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN News Notes from Corncob Heights: The Birth Rate Truman Starts U.S. Bond Drive Nation Warned Reds May Strike Anytime Girl, 2, Rescued horn Well Shaft After Four-Hour Imprisonment NEWBERG. Ore.. Sept 4. (AP)—t Kathy Fiscus, 3, who died of suf- Rescuers brought two-year-old Ma-lfocatkm in a well pipe in San rte Anne Payrte fanck up Into the Runllght, four hours after she tumbled into the darkness of a narrow well shaft. Workmen, digging _ frantically, sank another hole alongside the veil and reached her at 6:13 p.m. (PDT) yesterday. She fell in at 2 p.m. while playing In the yard o! her home, . She was conscious when brought np. but In a state of shock. Early today Dr. C. A. Bump reported she apparently had suffered no 111 effects other than being chilled and shocked. She was waist deep in thick mud when rescuers got to her. Through the ordeal her father, Elvin Payne, stayed at the top ol the hole. He reassured her: "You'll b<? okay now In a few minutes." The distraught mother looked Into well hole just once as the dig progressed. "All T saw was her hand," she satd. The little girl had fallen in fed first, her hands over her head. Oxygen Pumped In Hole Oxygen was pumped down -the. only eight inches In " th Calif., in April 1949. Rescuers •orked 52 hours in a futile attempt o save her. She waa trapped »G eel down in a steel encased pipe 4 inches in diameter. Dr. Bump said that if no com- iHcations developed, Marie might it released from the hospital today. Four 'Plotters' Are Executed Syria Reports Death Of King's Assassins DAMASCUS, Syria. Sept. 4. (£•) —A report from Amman said four men convicted of. plotting the. assassination of Jordan's King Ab,- nullah were'executed early today at Amman's central prison. The report sa id those execute d were Dr. Mousa Abdullah El Husseini, a cousin of the exiled mufti of Jerusalem; Abdel-Kader Parahat, Abed Mahmoud Okkeh, and his from horizon to horizon around the earth's curvature by 107 towers. It has been in use for television as far as Omaha for about a year and was opened to telephone service all the way to San Francisco last month. Four CUIts Added The new link will add four cities —Salt Lake City. San FYanclsco, Los Angeles and San Diego—to the 30 already connected by both radio relay and the more familiar underground coaxial cable. The National Broadcasting Company estimates there are 1.380.0flO TV. sets in use in the four cities to be .added to the network and 11.360.000 in those already connected—or 12.740,000 in all. Hugh M. Seville, Jr., NBC research director, says that's 95 per cent of the total sets in use In the entire country. However, a total of about~85.000,000 persons, including those who don't have sets, live within range of television stations In those cities. Cut on Pooled Basis Tonight's telecast and those that follow during the conference will be on a pooled basis with all the network companies participating— ABC, CBS, NBC and DuMont. CBS technical crewi will handle the pickups from the conference. The coast-to-coast TV inaugural originally was scheduled for Sept. 30 but was advanced to today at the reguest of the State Department to permit nationwide telecasts of the peace treaty conference. However, the hookup Is a temporary one as a result, and will be NEW YORK (Iff— News Items from our country correspondent in Corncob Heights, U. S. A. Ephriam Setback, who predicted In 1908 the automobile would never last, was run over by a low-flying jet airplane on his farm last Thursday. m's foolery. Tom Steady came to town last week and bought a new plow. He explained to friends that the old one was worn out. Town Clerk Tobias quill, who was suddenly stricken .with laryngitis during the local election campaign, has been swept back into office by his grateful constituents. News irom our boys in the service: Pvt. Alvin Ratchet, who joined the Army two years ago to see the world, writes his folks that the weather has been right warm lately ir. Arkansas. His cousin. Corp. Otis Ratchet, who is in Korea, writes that the rice crop his squad planted there last spring coming along fine. He says the natives are friendly enough but sometimes hard to understand. "It's almost as If they spoke a different languagfc" way Otis puts it, and hVs position to know. is the in Young vandals have torn down the hitching post in front of the general store again. When are we going to bring our wild teen-ager; to taw? t aken out o f service imm ed sately after the * conference for completion of permanent video channels Folks hereabouts are getting a chuckle out of Jim Dandy's lates wisecrack. He made It at the bar bershop. ."I 'member when folks painte ;heir houses white and their bam red," said Jim. "Now darned if '. in't t'other way around! Sometim/s there's a lot of good narrow hoi diameter—as the crew sank rescue shaft two feet away. Their digger would drill only 1 feet. She was 12 feet down. Stat police rushed to Sheridan.32 mile away for another driller to complet the job. Marie, whose cries weakened a the digging progressed, sank slowl Into the mud as workmen wen deeper in the three by four foo rescue aha ft. When the shaft was down 14 fee rescuers carefully shoved a stee rod across Into the well hole at the| point where they thought the child was lodged.. She called to her father that the rod had touched her and he relayed the word to the rescue crew. They tunnelled ncrois to the well t ft to reach her. Body Covered by Mud "When she was brought to the surface by Newberg Firman Ralph Staley, the bottom half of her body was covered with a thick heavy mud. Payne said he had dug the 22 foot hole only a few days ngo. Mrs Payne explained "the water bill is so high. That's why we" were dig' ging our own well." The mishap recalled the case of younger brother Zakaria. Abdullah was shot down at mosque in old Jerusalem on July 20 by a young Moslem tailor who wa,s k ilk d instantly by the kin g's guards. During the trial, which ended week ago. two other defendants were 'sentenced to death in senti a for the ass assin a t ion. They are Col. Abdullah el Tel, a former officer of Jordan's Arab legion described by the prosecution as kingpin of the plot, and Mousa Ahmed el Ayoubi, accused of .having been the olonel's go-between. Etoth men re living in Cairo. Four others were acquitted and •eed. Memorial Day Is Favored ABILENE, Tex.—W)—Growing tn- erest In observing Memorial Day, •Tovctnber 11, and the victory days s shou-n by a survey of West Texas COTTON BOLL on North Hiway 61 Phone 3570 ••••••••••••••••••• Tonile & Wednesday peaking of the barbershop, they ad four more haircuts than usual ist Saturday night, including two ourists who missed the main road nd stopped here for directions ^othlng helps Industry more than ut-of-town money. There weren't any court cases lis week. It's been too blamed hoi ) sue for divorce, officials agree oung, Johnny Winters was fined 1 and costs for speeding through own on his dad's tractor. Bob Rascal, who has been court- ng Jed Anger's daughter the last ew years, is on the sick list with ^tchfork wounds. He assures well- wishers he got them accidentally, nd would Jik« to forget all about t. Mrs. Elmer Jones is on the sick list, too. Her husband recently nought a wallet with one of those new-fangled zippers on It. He left i.he wallet in the pocket of a suit to be sent to the cleaners, Mrs. Jones says, and somehow her finger got caught Lu the zipper. Doc Clavicle had to put in three stitches to close the wound. A local anesthetic was employed, he recounts. They painted the. bench on the courthouse lawn last Wednesday without advance warning, and several old-timers had to spend the day on their feet. Our volunteer firemen decided to pass up their annual Labor Day carnival this year. The new aherif wouldn't allow bingo. Says he's d« termlned to stamp it out at any cost. There's been a lot o* fresh flow ers in the cemetery lately. Can' tell for sure whether it's a resul of general prosperity or just an attack of memory. Old Ed Weatherby i* going aiounc SAN FRANCISCO. Sept, 4. President Truman kicked off the nation's biggest defense bond selling drive since World War II with a warning that the Reds may strike any wh ere In the w orld at any time. The president said they might resume the offensive In Korea, or launch attacks In Europe, the Middle East or elsewhere in Asia, "wherever it suits them." The drive actually started yesterday In Grand Rapids, Mich, where representatives of the APL, IO and Railway Brotherhooc lined in urging bond purchases No specific goal has been an- ounced. The President was introducec ver the radio by Secretary ol the •easury John Snyder. Speaking from Grand Rapids nyder told Americans "your pur launlng he just saw the first rob n. He's been getting March an September mixed In his mine! lately Well, that's all the news from Corncob Heights except that no body was born here- That make, six consecutive weeks without )Irth, and the Chamber of Com merce is plenty worrled. They'r going to take up the problem a he next meeting. hases of defense bond! will be uildlng power for the nation—not nly military power and economic ower but also purchasing power your future." Sawdust can bt uaed u &n elective mulch around the shrube or an be worked into the toil for owers. Moonlight Is only reflected sun- ght. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tuesday "BIG CARNIVAL" Kirk D'ouglas Jon Sterling Warner News & Shorts Wed.-Thurs. "IMITATION OF LIFE" Claudette Colbert Also News & Shorts NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration 'Your Community Center 1 * MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Son. Ph. 58 Tuesday rr 14 HOURS Paul Douglas rr Wednesday & Thursdar "REFORMER AND THE REDHEAD" Dick PoweU June Allyson Phis 2 Cartoons ••»••••••••••••••••• Guest Ticket Nites ••••••*•••*••••••••• PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE 860 On Toar Dial Wednesday, Sept. a, 1951 MORNING 5:45—Sign On 5:45—Musical Round-up 6:00—News 6:03—Farm Fair 6:15—Musical Roundup 6:45—Southern Gospel Singers 1:<»— News 7:05—Yawnln' In Mawnln' 8:00—News 8:15—South American Way 8:30—KOSE Kapcrs 9:00—Woman's Viewpoint 9:30—Meet the Menjou* 9:45—Dearest Mother 10:00—News 10:05—Concert Master 10:30—Meet the Band 11:00—News 11:05—Farm Frolic* AFTERNOON 12:00—News 12:15—Noon Serenade 1:00—Behind World New« 1:05—Matinee Melodies 1:30—Here's to VeU 1:45—Navy Band 2:00—News 2:05—Hillbilly Roundup 3:00—News 3:05—Heptime 4:00—News 4:05—Murray's Madhoust 4:30—Cisco Kid 5:00—News 5:05—Record Raefc S:30—Scoreboard 5:45—Public Service Program 6:00—News • 6:05—Evening Serenadt 6:15—Sign on be tween the coasts . plan, old-fashioned horse-sense Sixty-six local chambers of com- contributed to the survey, Twenty-eight reported their towns observe Memorial Day. while only twenty "close up" on Armistice Day and none on VJ Day. Arrived Dreifus Playgrounds for the Kiddies Free Kiddie Car Rides' Kids Under 12 FREE with Parents Shop Star's 7:15 p.m. Phnnt 4732 No Mosquitoes — No Bugs Tuei.-W«d—2 Hits mitkml Picl —Plus— 6RAN6ER- PID6EON • NIVEN- NEWTON 2 Color Cartoons Phone 4621 Show Start* Weekday* 7:M S»t.-Snn. BRACELET WATCHES Always a Double Feature Tues.-Wed 2 Hits • HOLDeX-CAUUBLD'DSWOLTE/ FR2EH AH- ARNOLD k : Dear Wife" Reel Wheatley Song Short I DOWN 15c per week .Sol jait i watch . . . hnl a Jewel Witch and bracelet all In one! Here's itylc . . . ekKinee and serrlce all rolled Into on«! Get jours on eui»l temu at Drelfmi. D R EIFI S t DreiFui ,.. Wtar niammrd (TUB II HUHUV KU 4 WAYS TO BUY: LAYAWAY, CREDIT, CHARGE, CASH! CREDIT IS A PART OF , OUR SERVICE AT NO EXTRA COST! i and contests for ALL FARM FAMILIES! How much do yon know about farm problems? Meet the challenge of the Ferguson Farm Quiz «nd toy for a prize really worth having . . . and what would you do "If You Were Boss of Agriculture?" What policies would you establish and how would you handle crop controls, etc.? This is * contest you'll all want to enter—and don't forget the Magic Key Treasure Chest. Yours may bo the hicky key that open* the Chest and takes home the print mrn-tn '^" TODAY! GET YOUR fMTRr BLANK Ferguson Farm Q uiz entry blanks may be obtained only at our showroom. The Quiz Questions are on our walls. Answer 'em and tryforaprizc! His free! INTO THIS OPINION CONTEST "Boss of Agriculture*' entry blanks at our showrooms, too. Be sure to try for this one; judgca will be looking for new ideas ana workable plans, FAMILY JUBILEE MEETING, THURS., SEPT. 6, 7:30 P.M. at Jack Robinson Imp. Co.

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