The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1949
Page 13
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' THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1949 (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM • Guaranteed • V o u ca i, enjoy the wonderful convenience and ten no my *f having soft water on your farm if you get a modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. Phone Z4J4 That's Our Motto! W« *pare no ellort in providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service which means eitr» convenience to you Feel (rep to cal> on us at any time Prompt delivery service Phon* 807 WOODS DRUG STORE TUB .VrriKYt Mr.. K«T rfrh widow, PJfrr|f rvrl r fa», mm Ikr »M< wflh k«r p.rr,» n t» an 4 • ,»»._ t"tni«n. Ik* M*rrhr*r »«>>,».••»«. ro r*nrh • plarr of MMfrlr. wkvre rhi* place I*. MM » H « i. N( Mr,,. Krrr.o. k«o».. Mr,. M.r..» t H»l..r.r. wk« «t>. klr,< >ln>K Ikr roul, r» rrrljirr • r<H>k wko lr>i hrran.r n kt> IkAM^kt Mm. Fsrrr- i«»« »*«« fr^K.r, k>« alrrndv r*- Krrilrd krr <-k»lrr «.d k... ,H,d tr» run aWM.v. Hul i.k* !• rkrrkfd kr thr Hnr, >.-»,. nk» p.r.u.dr. krr f<» J«r.Ty. AU M | H 14^ pnrtT are -k, ,.*»unr ru r. R»HJ, . f,,V», r "•ovi, «f«r. nKi Vlctnr. . MH.Ir,., 'J'HE Marchcse was having his in the kitchen ol the trailer. He had opened the window and a smart breeze lifted his hair. Head back, eyes closed, he took a deep brealh of the desert air. "Wonderful morning," he said exhaling and opening his eyes again. "Aren't you glad to 09 alive. Mnlone?" "Yes, sir. Very." Mrs. Malone hurried back with the orange juice. Just as she reached Mrs. Everson's room, the ronrt curved and the trailer swayed sharply. Mrs. Malone staggered, clutched (or support, let the glass fall. It shattered on the floor, splattering. "You fool!" Mrs. Everson shouted. She seized n napkin and threw it at Mrs. Malone. "Hurry! Wipe it up before it ruins the carpet!" "I'm sorry," Mr*. Malone gapped, on her knees. 'TH get some more." "I don't want it. now. You're an awkward fool! Get out of here. And stay out until 1 ring." Flushed and angry, Mrs. Ma- lone went back to the kitchen. Had the trailer stopped, she would have stepped out then and there. The smooth speed was main- tamed, hour after hour. There were (ew variations in the landscape that flowed past the windows. Occasionally, a distant table-land appeared, wheeled, disappeared. The sun climbed, implacably brilliant, Mrs. Maloil* busied herself in the kitchen, put her own room to rights, then straightened up the salon. She was astonished to find small paintings set in the wall. One—a white horse rearing—was signed Chirico. Another held her puzzled (or » long time. There ivas no signature. Only a blanched cow's skull, and a datura in full bloom. She had seen such skulls in the desert, and such flowers in the semi-tropical gardens along the coast near the sea. But neven-.had she se«n them together like this: the skull dry in death, the flower oily in life, yet strangely similar in form, in whiteness. She remembered suddenly what the Marc 1 ese had said about things being associated that never were before. Faintly, she understood what he meant. • • * HE turned away from the painting to look st the books. Joe had been a gVoat reader. He was always reading and calling out to her; "Come here a minute Margaret. Listen'to this." Kipling. Con-, rad. Long passages from "Puck O'Pook's Hill" or "Lord Jim." Mrs. Everson's books were not familiar: Mrs. Malone ran her finger along the titles, but recogni/.ed none of them. Nor had she heard ot the authors: Gicie, d'Annunzio, von Hofmannstahl, Mallarme, Wilder, Bemelmans, Rousseau. One shelf was all French and Italian. There were large, thin volumes ot maps, scientific works, sociology. 'To heck with it," Mrs. Malone said aloud. She enjoyed being alone in lh« room, free to examine the ama/.- ing ingenuity of its designers. Lifting what appeared to be a table-top, she discovered beneath it a miniature piano. There was a sturdy safe, too, built into the end of the sofa. » * • ^T II o'clock, the Marches* oame from his room. He wore gray flannel slacks, * shot t-sloevcd sweat-shirt and, as before, a silk muffler. He was carrying a very shiny anti beautiful flute. Silting crosslegged on the sofa, he lifted the instrument, adjusted his lips, and began to play a sad, off-key tune. "I'm sorry to interrupt, sir," Mrs. Mnlonc said, "but I've had no orders for lunch." He paused long enough to say: "Salad. Any kind." Then returned to the plaintive melody, which he played over and over. Her teeth on edge. Mrs. Malone shut herself in the kitchen and concocted what Jo« called her Missouri salad: hard-boiled eggs, crisp bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise. At noon the insistent speed slackened, the brakes were applied and the trailers came lo a stop at a filling station. From the window Mrs. Mnlone saw the attendants, young fellows wearing oil-stained uniforms with their names Sam and Bob chain-stitched above the breast pockets. They were squinting up at the trailer, openmouthed. Behind them the usual pumps and a sudden sharp smell of gas. Mrs. Malone raid to herself: "Here's where I get off!" She wouldn't wait to pack her suitcase again. She'd just lake her purse and her coat and beat it into the service station rcstroom. They'd drive off without her. (To Be Continued) PAGE THIRTEEN Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH JJiif Box I PUTOUJ DRV H1PES W ALL TH 1 OCTTL6 GUARDS TO SPOOK ODE. CATTLE FROM JUMPIW''EM-- THOSE PEOPLE THINK THEY RUN OVER A COW/ WE'LL TELL HIM THIS D(W AIR AND HOT SUN PRIES'EM UP AWFUL FAST WOULD BE LA.TET fan Sue WENT TO 6tr Hey; now ABCOT SOMEBODY GIVING- ME A HAND WITH MY BOOTH? &ife? LIGHTS H^e seeM Mildred Cram and Hanvood Whrtc RLSCILLA'S POP »Y AL VER1UEER POOR GUV VOU'VE TO TAKE YOUR V-J1F FISHING SHE'S NOT EVEN \^ SAV AFRAID TO PUT / THAT'S'A A WORM ON / LUCKY A HOOK I X BREAK FOR YOU.' CAN'T STAND TOUCH THEM VIC FLINT BY MICHAEL O'AIALLEY and RALPH LANE* ['NO LUCK TODAY, TACKV. THAT CLIPPING L . SEEMS TO BE A FALSE CLEW. FOR SALE Concrete eulverta. 12 inch to IS inch, plain or reenf arced A Is* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for harm, chicken houses, pump house*, tenant houses, Cool shrds We deliver CalJ o» for free estimate , Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. THE rO\H)\NY f\r,\i.rrr\s Phone 521 Phone 3075 ". , . and GEHIRAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION is rery consicferat* w/ten you wont to get a loan," HAIRY VETCH Early Shipment Expected. ... Place your order now for your requirements, to insure your needs torn first car. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phones 85R-857 Blytheville, Ark. In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service TUOEBAKER 1 IMPORTANT NEWS TRUCK OWNERS •^^^^f -' It has jtisl been revealed in the magazine, Automotive News, that Studebaker truck sales have increased more in the first 5 monfhs of this year than any other manufacturer in (be country. When you buy a (ruck, keep in mind what people nil over America are bu.vlnjf. Chamblin Sales Co. -Your Friendly Stddehaker D««kf Railroad & Ash Pn<w , RW TUDEBAKEM ay in bed that evening thinking of What had brought me to Lakeside Lodge DOiSl'T 6IVE UP, VIC- I'Vt GOTTA HUNCH YOU'RE GONNA FIND WHAT YOO'RE LOOKIN' FOR/ ,, - • r ^©f toe newspaper And of the thou- Ale* Rapp.who clipping-that led sand-dollar bills seemed to ktiouj plen- me to Lakeside to that had ty but wouldn't talk. «>lve the murder, caused it all Of Jose,who was murdered in a tourist cabin. WASH TUBBS Mollicrly Advice BY LESLIE TURNER GIG A1AV VIOEk: ALU NIGHT WITH TM1T WHO CWLED HEBE W RE4CH wiu GIG LOUES DOING IT, JAM I HE'D NEVER HESIT6.TE 1O BREAK A DATE ONE OF HIS ALCOHOLIC PIGEONS HEEDED HIM1 VOU WON'T LIKE THAT 1 LL PRICE TO PAY FOR SEEING HIM HAPPV TRONG AGAIV! THERE'LL RE OTHER THIkJGS AND IT WORRIES ME TO SEE WL BECOMING SO INTERESTED IN HIM &GMN 1<JE WEVER StOPPiO T HE'LL BE A&KIMGNOI LOlUWGHIM.MOTHER! TO MARBV HIM W6XT. AMD VOU KNOW HOW I BUT TOU MUST WAIT 1 ADOR.E CATHV... / AMD MAKE SURE HE'. THRO DRINKING FOE QOOt BUGS BUNNY He Dropped Something GIMME ANOTHER) VOU LOOK TICKET, / LIKE VOU'VE POC/ 2 HAP ENOUGH, SUP/ I HAVE, DOC, I GOTTA TAKE ONE MORE RIDS ..T 1 LOOK PER STOMACH / Don't Miss This MOMENT NOW SHIP WILL ENTEE THE I PLAN HEBE THE PULL <3F WILL BE <JVEec-£7ME BLAST THE SHIP IN TO A SENTLE L/1 >y5L> l<S "' OH. OH. d*kS(M?f: BY KDGAR MARTIN

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