Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 27, 1913 · Page 17
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 17

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 27, 1913
Page 17
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THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 27, 1913. PAGE SEVENTEEN BIXBY MAY. BE III : HG IN ARIZONA Ke Doctor 1 ( Jk elf Vv U6 Z)r. Zctvis BaAor The questions answered below are general in character, the symptoms or diseases are given and the answers will apply to any case of similar nature. Those wishing further advice free, may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College BIdg.. College-Elwood Sis., Dayton, O., enclosing self-addressed stamped envelope for reply. Full name and address must be given, but only initials or fictitious names will be used in my answers. The prescriptions can be filled at any well-stocked drug store. Any druggist can order of wholesaler. Mason" writes: "For years I have 1m i n taking medicine to cure constitution, liver troub'e and the usual diseases that eonie from that source. Headaches, sallow skin, kidney trouble dark spots before my eyes. dizzy spells and twinges of rheumatism are setting worse." Answer: Take thrve grain sulpherb tablets (not sulphur. ) They are packed in sealed tubes with directions and are lonvenient, effective and highly curative for such ailments as arise from ehronie constipation. If you are dyspeptic, also take tablets triopept'ne. "MRS. A. I )." Incontinence of urine can be cured by using the following: Tine'.ure cubebs 1 dram: tincture rhus aromatic 2 drams and comp. fluid balmwort 1 oz. Give from 10 to 15 drops in water one hour before meals. M. W." writes: "I have suffered with catarrh of the head for many years. This has become so bad that it has affected my blood, also my stomach and bowels to a very great ext 'nt. I shall appreciate an immediate answer as I suffer greatly." Answer: I would advise you to pur-ehase a 2 oz. package of Vilane powder; take one-half teaspoonful of the powder and add to this a pint of warm water, snuff the water from the palm of the hand through the nostrils several times a day. Make a catarrh balm by mixing one teaspoonful of powder with one ounce of vaseline, or lard will do. ;md apply as far up the nostrils as possible. For the stomach, bowels and blood I would recommend the following tonic: Syrup sarsaparilla comp., 4 ozs., comp. fluid balmwort. 1 oz., and 1 oz. of fluid ext. buchu. Mix by shaking well in a bottle and take one teaspoonful after each meal and at bed time. "Gloria" writes: "I would like you to prescribe a good hair and scalp treatment. I am bothered with itching M-.-ilp and dandruff. My hair is faded and falling and none of the remedies I ha vp tried have done any permanent good." Answer: Go to your druggist and obtain a 1 oz. jar of plain yellow Minyol. Apply as per directions. This treatment differs from all and I have actually seen the astonishing transformations which result from its use. The dandruff and itching are cured with two or three application's while it makes the hair glossy, wavy and full of intense natural color. "Myrtle" writes: "Owing to my extreme thinness I am frequently embarrassed by slighting remarks of young people. Can you prescribe a safe remedy to increase my weight." Answer: I have so many gratifying reports from the users of three grain Ilypo-Xuclane tablets, that I have become to regard these valuable little tablets as a specific and prescribe them to all who are aenemlc, thin, wasting, nervous and debilitated. I recommend that you begin their use at once and continue, regularly until your system is able to assimilate the fatty elements of your food; then you will grow plump and have plenty of red blood, with color in your complexion and bright sparkling eyes of health. "Sick M. G." writes. "I have been affected for some months with rheumatism and have taken much medicine in vain. Please give prescription that will cure." Answer: The most efficient prescription I have ever given for rheumatism is: Iodide of potassium, 2 drams, sodium Salicylate, 4 drams; wine of eolchi-cum. one-half ounce; comp. essence cardiol, 1 oz.; comp, fluid balmwort, 1 oz.; and syrup sarsaparilla comp. 5 ozs. Mix and take a teaspoonful at meal time and at bedtime. "Farm wife" writes: "You once recommended a home-made cough syrup. I tried it and found it the best cough and cold syrup that I ever heard of. It was so prompt in relieving the severest coughs and colds and a pint bottle made at home lasted so' long that I have forgotten the ingredients. Kindly publish again." Answer: The splendid laxative, home made cough syrup is made by mixing a 2 oz. bottle of concentrated essence mentho-Iaxene with a home-made sugar syrup. Directions on the bottle tells how to make and use. It is a fine, cheap remedy. "Johnson" writes: "I am bothered greatly with indigestion. Things I like to eat nearly always cause a heavy 111-at-ease feeling in my stomach and my breath is bad. while I am nervous, irri-tabkj and frequently cannot sleep." Answer: A very excellent treatment which is widely prescribed for its gradual curative action, as well as the instant relief it affords., is tablets trio-peptine, packed in sealed cartons. Take a pink tablet after breakfast, white tablet after dinner and blue tablet after supper. Continue and the curative agencies will soon restore natural digestion. "Mrs. M. C." vJ.-ites: J-'I am recovering from a long illness but am very weak, nervous, sleepless and have little appetite. Can you give me a good tonic restorative treatment? Answer: Have the following prescription filled and take a teaspoonful before meals. Syrup of hypojphosphites comp. 5 ozs., tincture cadomcne comp. 1 oz., (not cardamon). Mix and shake well before using. This is a fine nerve tonic and system tonic for old and young. John R. Mc asks: "Don't you think it is wise to take medicine to reduce my weight? I weigh about 53 pounds too much. Answer: I do think bo; and a very convenient and effective flesh reducer is sold In sealed tubes with full direc- , tions for home use It is called 5-grain J arbolene tablets, and any well-stocked pharmacy can supply them. They are safe and reliable. I Send $1.00 for Dr. Lewis Baker's Book on "Health and Beauty." Advertisement. A Phoenixl V TO LCtf ANGELEJ Daily at 7: 5 PM. Los Angeles Union Stock Yards Co, ... 339 South Hill St., LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Gentlemen: - 1 Please send me your book giving particulars of Union Stock Yards Project. Signed Lo g Beach Millionaire Through Attorney Promises to Appear ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCH LOS ANGELElS, Cal.. April 25.-Geo. II. Bixby banker,, and capitalist wanted as a witness in the county grand jury's white slavery investigation and for whom the officers have been searching for two days in an effort to arrest him on a bench warrant will respond to the court in person Monday morning. That anouncement was made to-ight after Chief of Police (Sebastian and Oscar Lawler, formerl assistant attorney general of the department of the interior at Washington now-acting in a legal capacity to Bixby held a lengthy conference at the police station. Lawler declined to divulge the whereabouts of his client who is believed to be either in Arizona or Nevada but Chief Sebastian fgreed to Lawler's proiositim to produce him . and let him personally respond to the court bench warrant and later to a subpoenae summoning him to testify before the grand jury. "THE LYRIC YEAR" In the "Lyric Year: a Great Symposium of Modern American Verses." a minstrel of the day proclaims the right of independent judgment in the following fearless lines: To tell the Jruth about you, Robert Browning, I bring no wreath of laurels for your crowning. In humble imitation of this isolated effort we venture to submit a few further speciemns of much needed protos against the tyranny of Old-World conventions. The following quatrain inspired by a perusal of Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence's illuminating pamphlet, may. assist Bacon's greatest and most persistent champion in his; holy task of dethroning the Stratford impost er: I pay no honHige to the Swan of Avon, A -bird as -fabulous as Athene's owl I put viny money on Poe'.s peerless Raven, . . As far superior fowl. The popular adulation of the late laureate again finds a salutary correction in . the following couplet: Mark well my words, I cannot give my benisson To any : of the works of Alfred Tennyson. Comparisons are to be deprecated as a rule, but they are occasionally forced on us by. a regard for the truth. The claims of America's greatest poet can be treated in no o-hr way: As the petulant crowing of shrill cocks Compares wih the lilt of the thrush So, matched with ta.- mugL- of Wilcox, Old Sappo is oh-.v.n t be slush. Thi3 is a theme, however, that invites further variations: Before the shrine of Wilcox (Ella Wheeler) Homer, .were he alive would be a kneelcr; And Alexander who was born at Paris Would yield his crown to Wheeler Wilcox (Ella) But other transatlantic hards and authors must not be forgotten: Great Volney Streamer of Magnolia, 111., Plies an untiring and momentous . quill; Keats was a trickling rill, a puny dreamer. But Volney is a Mississippi streamer. The soaring muse of talented Bliss Carman Flies higher' than the aeroplanes of Farman.' The bays that formerly old Dante crowned , Are worn today by Ezra Loomis Pound. Herodotus was prone to talky-talky; Not so Augustus Keeler of Mil-waukee Why prate of Walter Scott and Lamb and Shelley. Carlyle. Macau lay, Grote? You have no names like Raphael ' Pumpelly, " Or Amos Stote. Great Is -Apojlo when his lyre he wangs, - But greatcr.JTar is our John Kcnd- rick Bangs. Who, 1orn jiiet fifty years ago at Yonkers, "Bangs Bangaher" and Rudyard """. Kipling conquers.. REAL BASEBALL BUG IS BOSTON'S MAYOR f r Major Fitzgerald. Mayor Fitzgerald of Boston Is a .dyfd-in-iht-wool baseball fan. Re ;la bera shown pitching the first ball 'in tha opening, game of the season '.between tha Boston Red Sox and the yrtinadetphlt-Athletics In Fenway :Prk, Boston, . Heaps of Good Things to Eat, Folks, at. The Mary Ann THE NEW GROCERY, 327 WEST WASHINGTON Think about us once in a while, whether you order or not. A small order, though, would certainly he appreciated anl receive every volt of our courtesy and De Luxe service. Phone 1528. E. H. SINE, Proprietor Phone 1528 SPALDING BASE BALL GUIDE That annual harbinger of spring, the Spalding Official Ease Hail Guide now in its thirty-seventh year, has made its appearance for l'.tn. As usual, it is full of interest for the fan and it would be hard to say which pleases him most, the text or the illustrations, the latter of late years being a very attractive feature. The contents include a. variety of topics on the game from the pen of the editor, John B. Foster, of New-York, with reviews of the season in the National league by the editor and a resume of the American league contest by I. K. Sanborn, of Chicago. The world series is exhaustively do-scribed in a compact and interesting manner, the numerous plays illustrated in a panel at the top of each page of the article lending additional interest to the subject. The season in each of the minor, leagues is de scribed, together with other important happenings in the world of base ball, the official rules and schedules closing the volume. The illustrations, as before mentioned form a very important feature and include portraits of prominent personages connected with the game, action pictures of the leading p'.ay-ers on all the teams in both major leagues, numerous world series scenes group pictures of the winners and principal teams in all minor leagues, and varied other illustrations of interest. Spalding's Guide is being circulated by the publishers, the American Sports Publishing Company, 21 Warren Street, New York City. o Hennet Champ Clark, son of the Sjreaker was appointed house parliamentarian, a position which pays $4,600. He is the youngest man to ever hold the position. 10 REDUCTION On the Prices of GOODYEAR AND REVERE TIRES ... - (One of the U. S. Lines) All stock fresh, received this month. You Get the ,. Best Here. Try us for accessories and supplies. Williams Rubber Co. Phone .1249 Sill) N. Central Ave.'.- lAMM iyj lit is ii i STYLE W f 2134 Woman's Delight LE REVO Le Revo corsets are the accepted corsets among fashionably dressed women ; women who insist on having every line of their figure true to the prevailing demands of fashion. The superlative quality of material; the painstaking care in making; the highest grade non-rust-able guaranteed boning ; the expense of securing the most unquestionable authority in matters of style; all cost money, and so the Le Revo does not belong to the class of cheap corsets. But if you want the best that money can buy and are willing to pay a fair price, for it, get a Le Revo ; you'll have the finest corset that's made. O Le R SpecoaL1 Style 50-F is deii;iie(l for u stout figure. is made coutil with em-broiderv trim. The bust and under arm is low and the back slightly higher. Has rJU.-inrh graduated trout clasp, and three pairs oUstronp; supporters. Sizes, 20 to 30. Price $5.00 INTRODUCTORY PUIO I - To specially emphasize Kabo corsets at this time, we quote a few prices on a few pqpular styles that will pay every lover of a perfect fitting, stylish corset to try the Kabo. STYLE 3030 Is an average figure "corset, made of extra quality batiste and trimmed with wide lace. It has a " moderately low bust and very long skirt. The front clasp is 12 inches long, and has hook; and eye at bottom. The side steels are duplex. It has three pairs of very strong supporters. Sizes, 18 to oO. Sells regularly for $1.75. To introduce a popular Kaho for a few days the price is SI .39 STYLE 2005 Is a beautiful straight-line corset of extreme length, designed for the average figure giving proper lines. It is made of batiste, with laco trim; has 13-inch front clasp and two pairs of hose supporters. Sizes, 18 to :!0. Sells regularly for $1.25. and for a few days the pticc will be STYLE 2004 Is designed for a comparatively full figure. It is a comfortable corset, for the woman who does not want the -extreme- Is made of coutil with lace trim. . lias 12-inch front clasp and two pairs of supporters. Sizes, 18 to 30. Reguhtr $1.25 style, offered now to Introduce an ideal . Kabo. 95C .1 95C U irb Hit s Sl 225 East Washington Street 1 Weair amid CDiliimeirs . j vf'n Ii!, I i 1 1

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