The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1938
Page 7
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WlibMsbAV, 'MAV Jl, Itote BLYfiflBVlUiE (ARK.) 1 COUR1BH NBWB 1>AGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per Hue for CUDCWU- i'ive inter lions: One time per line 10c Two times per line per day ...08c lliree Utries per line per day ,.06c Bix limes per Itae per day ....05e Montli rate per line .GOc • Cards of Thanks 500 & 'I6c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for Iho number of times Iho add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy ftilitnltted by persons residing out- 'iliie of Hi cclty must be accompanied by cash. Kales may be easily / computed from above (able. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rale No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad, Business Directory Harry liaitcy's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good I'ricca FRKSH KIVER Cat Fish EXPERT AUTO REJ.'AIKH Garage operated by Floyd Hargetl Cigarettes 2 fur 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. rhoucs 5-K-i & 818 Poultry WE BUY POULTRY Highest Market Prices Talc!. J. \V. MOOKK y>.\ K. Main St. Minister Kidnap Seeks Proof For Sale REAL IIAKOAW — new national U tola) register. Ciisli ?150. terms $175. Rustic Inn. 9-ck-li-S Nice, smooth, light houii. 903 E. Cherry HI,, tall 283. l-ck-12 PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, liUlnys. nil Imlh- I'ooni iiecessovles, valves, electric waler sy.slems for farineis, water softeners, ov any other item connected with plumbing ov heating "Pete" The Plumber Dance hall anil ijcer parlor on HIghwny Gl. Doing good business. E. a ChiUvood. ]l!-pk-5-ia For Rent WantcS El'WTHi Copies (ll (III' Bljtlintlli! Cornier dulrd. April K. will imy ll!« per copy lor :i limited Courier N'eivs Oflii'c. Iho IrachliiR ot the IrlMi lmii)iu<i;e bpc-s II.H> ||> ( > pupils are not siif- lidenlly liucreMril. Experienced (arm blacksmilh. for permanent employment. \v. A. Whittle. Hosel:uul. ti-|ik-i:t KlKCTHlt) A ELDING 'Iho public clenu'iiliir.v Mliools of norllmn ircluiul nn: dtwonltnuinu WASH & GRKASti $1.00 Was li. CiiT.w, I'ullsh anil waxed $5.01} H. It. SCHMUCK "1-ssu" Sfiillun Main anil Dlrlvlun - furni.'-linl rooms. Keasoiiablr. Phone 97-J. 10-nk-M Newly decorated Jwiiblxv) jipart- nicnt. Utilllie.s furnished. :io South Division Street. . G-pk-13 Furnished ajHti'tinrlit. 108 \V. Kentucky, phone (i»3. U-pk-13 £•; Used Furiuture WE BUY & SELL USED FUIINIIUKE BUY NOW - - PAY NEXT FALL HUBBARD 2nd Hand Furniture Nest to Goff Hold Seed COW PEAS, CANE SEED SEED CORK, SOYBEANS Wliolesilc & Retail W. 0. REEVES 60. R. R. at. Blythevillc, Ark. Phonos 555 ,t 509 Piano Tuning i'lanos "luned' and repaired. Call Comfortable bcdroni, 1017 \Val- imt, dill 102. 2-ck-U Comfortable fronl beilrcoin. 515 \V Walnut, call ,351. 28-ck-U room unfurnished apartment, lot W. Walnut-, Miss Elisc Moore. 21-ck-tf. Nicely furnished bedroom. Innerspring mattress. Miss Hall, phone 280. 18-ck-tl Personal Kirby'a Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Qutnlnr -More Iri T&fi Recommeniled Tre&tiaoat rot UALAKUL CHILLS ana FEVE' IP FEVER—AGUE FEVEi At AU Hlrbj Drag 8tor«i Co. 155: : •., Hardware Vscd Lawn Mowers .......SZ.StPup ,.t"sed Oil Cook Stoves S2.SO up Used Bicycles .SJ.SO up All in Fair Condition SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. _Coal & Ice My Coal Is Black " But I Tre.'it You White ICE LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Blythcville, Ark. Phone 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sharpened & Repaired Ely. Machine Shop 2nd. Phone BOB Shoe' Kepairiug Quality Shoe Shoo NEW SAMPLE SHOES . Everything For Your Shoes J'hone 120 1'rce Delivery Aulo Pails USED AUTO PARTS For Fcnl-Chcvfolcf-I'lymiitilh City Auto Parts Co. Ncxl to Hus Station fall BU Wanted To Buy S25CO Wortii ot USED nUlNlTUUK All Jlakrs Katlios Kcpaircd WADK FURNITURK CO. HZ W. Main r&pnc 155 WaUpapcr ROOiM LOTS WAI.I.rAI'ER $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson . LUMHKR CO. Real Estate LICKXSEJ) RKAL ESTATE JJKOKEHS c list farm and city Property. If n would be a buyer or a seller, co TERRY 'AUSTUACT & KKAL'f V CO. 213 W. WaliiUt Plione 61 1 ? 1 WARNING' OKDIiK IN '1HE CHANCERY COURT OF THE CHICK AS AWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Edith Brasiield. PhiimiH, VS. No. 0671 Charley /Brasfielil, Ucfendan!. The (lofeiHlant, Charlt-y Bic:>- JicUl. is \varnCtl to appear*'within tliirty days in (lie cmirl named 1» tli(V..caj)lion hereof and answer the complaint, of the plaintiff, Eclill) Brasfielcl. Oateit.lhjs 4th day of May. 1033 HARVEY MORRIS,' Clerk Virgil Cirecne, Ally, for p|(f. Ncill Reed, Odn. AU-Lilein. •1-11-18-25 NOTICP. Nclico is hereby flven thai Ihe Church of has filed an application for a permit to erect a otic story frame building. 30 feel by seventy, feel, oil Lois 11 and la. of the Clyde Robinson aildl- (ion (o Blylhevllle, Arkansas, In the 12Q9 block on West Main street, to he used ;K church. Pci- liill im the erection of said building will to issued after thirty days from the dale hereof unless pro- iest is lilcd us provided bv law, . Dated this April 18. J938. JOE OARNEY, City Engineer. 18-aO-'J5-27-May 2-4-3-11. Klying lish liavp no wings, liu 1 tuey may fly a distance varying froin a Jew re'ds lo more Ihan at: righlh of a mile, .skimming llic water nl an iiHUiiJi! of from 3 to •I leel. n.siiif; Ihrir large fiiis :if .sills. Ancient shepherds lird bells (o Siiow White's 'Phoney' Voice The hunt (or 12-vear-oir Pclrr Lcvino, kidnaped from New Ro- chcllc'. N. V.. centered on Dnr- icn. Conn., as a new ransom note, apparently authentic, was reported received I hire. The Rev. Francis J. II. Colfm, above, ot Larclimont, N. V., named intermediary by Murray Levinc, thr> victim's father, declared thai all he ants is proof Hie boy still lives and he "can get Hie $30,000 in live ininulcs." Bulgarian Buttermilk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy ^P*PMBM5I^BjiBBB8SB8 FOWLER DRUG~CO VOUK PRESCRIPTION DIIUGGIST Mala * 1st AT BEST 1'ltOMPT SERVIC8 Barksdaie Mfg. Co. Tide YAKi) Sand & Gravel ('hunt- 700 SCREEN WORK AT A SAVING Uriuh'liij; & Neiv Ki'i' MADK l>OIt AL1, Barksdaie Mfg. Co. SEED Wd linvo on hand fur dale Or (mile, lor oilier products, Bfiuwt --Uiiedo, DC Is In. MnmfyoUt mown,. Wilson mid virgin!* Drown. l'oiit;-Whl|is mid New Em, Uttncdry.ii — KoreMi, Colton 8mt~D. 1>. I,. 11-A mm yloiiCTlllii 4-A. will sell for cash or Ivailc with you roi- other kinds u[ beans or cotton seed, L. R. Matthews Gin Co. TH. ll-l'-J, Varbto, Ciillon, I'cidun [ji'ril Coat Famous Lawye HOfclZONTAI, 1. » AUthol- Itfid uttoWty pic* lured licro, 13 Enthusiasm. tlenlftlt. center. 20 Vc cripple. 2ii Native mclul. 23 Ilia native land. MJlutlle bird, 20 KnjillHh coin, rr.tiVUcc Cases IS Winy vessel. perform. IPTiibutur !H To lift up. 3S TopcrK. 33 To Infiiso slowly. 41 bound of unitlvc. 47R:iOe clrtull. 48 Sen liilc.i. OOWdik of sltlll. 52 fabulous Mrd 53 Stronif vegetable, 55 Vugatxnid. the cpu!d, 09 lie [ought for wtiny Unpop- uliir . VKRTICAl, '>• 'I'" i>ulc. :i Uillei- iliuj!. 5 Type ineiisuve. 0 Anxiely. 7 to make iictive. 9 Pi'ciwslltoii. ID Gi|>sy. 11 To wander. '!(! father. 30 J'cnisca. ai Thlnu. 32 To iioc :t.1 Norllieasl. 3V Jar. .'IB Oi-niiji o( frogs •10 Vi-oin Hint place. •>') Ourrcn plain. '15 SioRlnK volcti. '10 Skewer. •10 Aider Ivce. SlOiiint. 04 North Carolina 55 Bushel. fifi You and mo. : 57 Myself. - . .« •, Three years ago w',n/ii Adrians Caselotli, ahovc, was 18, she was a naughty litlia cir) who listened in on the phone calls of her father, Adriana Casclbtti. Hollywood voice Icachcr. When the Wait Disney studio called one day ash- MR him to find the right voic- for Snow White, she'piped "Me, ine, me. liow about me?" into the extension on which she had been eavesdropping. The studio ?ikcd her cheerful chirpirn, and she became the "voice" oi the faiiy story heroine. Now jho iiopcs lo become a movie actress, •12Kleclrl«..unll 43 Enlrnncc waj 45 Cuclfoo. CRESCENT Kight Club Complete Line Of Th of (iood f'oorf Dr». Wert & Wert OrTOMKTKISTS 'ivnou CHICKKN nic Uy (leorgv f'orrf's Over Joe Isaacs' Btor> "WK MAKE 'lifll SEE Phono 540 Wauled To Rent "Tile Complete Electrical Hlorc Hi) Sn. inil Vlioiic 3M By June ]!,[. Small unfurnished house. I'refcr Central Scbool| Dislvicl. Plionc 802. 10-ck-17 "AII-Uf(|U«sl" ilnitd Cover Chavgn 'Kf jn-r ptnuli Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU 1>O.V EDWAKUS, Cslcnlalors—Ilcpalrlhff— All makes of RcbuJIt Typewriters, Adding Machine* »n< Room and Bourd For Reservations Call Holland 17 ioom mid iMiird. HOI West Ash. nliojic J51. 12-ck-5-rJ '.liciv siicop and Ilioinsht ll>al he bound of them the bheep yrcw i fat. II. W. til llnlbuil, MO t. HAMLIN LOOv: OUT, FOOZV" / OH.OU.'THERE DOM'T LET IT GET 1 GOES HIS ' IMTO -THEM ROCKS \.POLE.' , . , WHAT A I'VE. GOT MM LICKED MOW, BOV5 HE'S JU&T ABOUT THOU.' IT'5 SOME RSH,VM TELUW VOJ. 1 SW/, FEtVEKS-VWE i our* (>w »'• wk'» «t«vicc isr.:': IJOOTS AND HER BUDBTBS 11Y KDGAR MAHTlN ~ AND — HORACE •» EM-G A-6-E-0 2 fcf?;t|^Ollfr KtR I V\OPE VOO APE ' AViO HORACE EM6A6EO 9 WASH TUBES ( .^ T - ^ SOMEBOOy" 1 x THIS IS FLO, THE C1SAPET . _ AT THE TOPSY TURW. Ll?>SEM, , I'M THEY GOT A COP STATIONED AT DOOR OPEM THEY- R\GHT, WO, WAtT'LL THE LIGHTS ARE ND Hf8 FRIENDS A (,'linncc f\ jj \f ALL R)6Hr. FELLOWS- LIMB UP FOP BOXING CLASS FORM TWO L'MES, AMD BY MERRILL KLOSSER A NEW KlD JOINED CLASS--HE'S PUNCHING THE" BAG IN TMERE= ' -. \s DUDLEY-" WANGLE I Ti4c ? SOUND LIKE A RIVETING , MACHINE ; AMD WHEN i. .. FINISH wm-t You, HE CAW ADD ON MORE i GIVE THE SIGMAL, START BOXING XVITM THE FAC- IM6 ~lt)U I BEGIN BOXWG DP HAS ADVISED r-RECK To eo TO THE WAITING FOR THIS

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