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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 22
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 22

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 18, 1939 23 a Qeorgia Swamp Congressional Comedy Amusement Quide Is Shown at James Stewart and Jean Arthur In 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' "1" -J-j? f. -J Stokowski at Peak In Own 'Pictures7 Orchestra Brilliant in Premiere Of New Moussorgsky Version And in Brahms 4th Symphony By Linton Martin When Al Jolson, during his days as a music show entertainer, used to say, "You ain't heard nothin yet!" before his greatest effort and offering, he might have been speaking prophetically of Leopold Stokowski's transcription of Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition," which our matchless maestro introduced at the Philadelphia Orchestra concert in the Academy yesterday, in the second of his three weeks visit. Philadelphia Orchestra audiences have been for some years familiar with two of the five previous orchestral versions of Mous-scrgsky's set of piano pieces these of Maurice Ravel and Lucien Caiiliet. But the brand-new Stokowskl transcription of the "Pictures," given its world premiere yesterday before an overflowing and enraptured audience, came as a revelat-on of hitherto undisclosed splen- dor, power, color and quality, a superb addition to the Orchestra's repertoire, making its predecessors seemed faded in com parison. BRILLIANT BRAHMS 4TH MUSIC ACADEMY Philadelphia Orches tra, Leopold Stokowski conducting. 8.30. Reviewed today. THE THEATRE ERLANGF.R "Of Mice and Men," drama by John Steinbeck, with Guy Robertson. Vincent Roberts. Iris Adrian. 2.30. 8.30. Last day. FORREST "Abe Lincoln In Illi historical drama by Robert E. Sherwood, with Raymond Mas-sey, Muriel KirkUnd and Lewis Martin. 2.30. S.30. Last day. LOCUST ST. "Kiss the Boys Good bye." comedy by Clare Boothe, with Elizabeth Love, Yukona Cameron, Philip Ober. 2J10. S.30. Last day. MOTION PICTURES The times given mark the start or thai feitnre film. A 1 "The Housekeeper's Daughter," comedy, with Joan Bennett. Adolohe Menjou, John Hubbard and George E. Stone. 11.10. 1. 2.50. 4.40. 6.30. 8.20. 10.10, ARfAni A "Marx Brothers at the Circus with Kenny Baker, Msr raret Dumont. Florence Rice. 11, 12.50, 2.40. 4.30. 6.20. 8.10, 10. BOYD -The Private Lives of EUia beth and Essex." historical drama. In color, with Bette Davis and Errol Flvnn. Donald Crisp. Alan lisle. 11.25. 1.30. 3.35. 5.45. 7.50, 10. CAPITOL "Tropic Fury," melodrama, with Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, Beverly Roberts and Loo MerrllL 11.15. 2.05. 4.50. 7.40, 10.20 EARLE "The Return of Doctor melodrama, with Humphrey Bo- s-art. Warne Morris. John LI tel. S.55. 12.40. 3.20. 6. 8.25. 10.35. On stage George Hall and or rhestra. Johnny Downs. Hoot Gib son Psrkyakarkus. Reviewed today, FOX "Jamaica Inn." adventure drams, with Charles Laufhton Maureen OHars. Leslie Banks 11. 12.50. 2.40. 4.35. 6.25. 8.20. 10.10 KARL! ON "Drums Along the Mo hawk." pioneer drams, with Clau dftts Colbert and Henry Fonda, 11. 1.05. 3.15. 5.27. 7.35. 9.55 KEITH'S "First Love." romance with music, with Deanna Durbln, Helen Parrish. Eutene Pallette. 11 12.50. 2.40. 4.30. 6.20. 8.15. 10.05. NEWS "The Count of Monte Crl to." Dumas adventure story, with Robert Donat and EIisa Land! 10.30. 12.4.1. 3.06. 5.24. 7.42, 10. PALACE "Babes In Arms." musical romedv. with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. 10.27. 12.22, 2.17. 4.12. 6.07, 8.02. 9.57. STANLEY "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." James Stewart as a V. S. Senator, with Jean Arthur, Claude Rains. Edward Arnold. 10.30. 12.45. 3.05. 5.20, 7.40. 10.05. Reviewed today. STANTON "The Real Glory." adventure drama, with Gary Cooper, David Niven and Andrea Leeds. 11.30. 1.35. 3.40. 5.45. 7.50. 10. STUDIO "Rasputin." story of the Russian monk, with Harry Baur. 11.2, 1.10 3. 4.46. 6.35. 8.22. 10.15. KOIUIT. ciltirtu ItCITISt. SUPIII' 0TIC OYSshlTf 1 rd'jrr SAIN1 or i INNER'. MfW. UNtXPUWOATCO So Sf tn MAO MONK! Wild and Msd Ottsi patient! studio trf SHE SINGS SIZZLING SONGS By Mildred Martin MR. SMITH OOE TO WASHING TON," Calnmbl ptrlmrr; nrlainal siorr Irta R. Foster: arrnplaT njr Miny rlMrhtnaa; mastral score by nimltrl Tloan-kin: direct by rraak Capra; opened ss-terdajr at tbs Stanley. THE CAST Kanndera Jraa Arthnr Jefferaoa Smith James Stewart Claada Rains -Edward Arnold Meaatnr Joseph Pains Jim Taylor (Governor Hopper Ills Moor Klbbee -Thomas Mitchell Chirk Mrf.ana scene Pallette, Ma Smith Bewlah llondl Senate Majority Leader H. R. Waraer President of tha Mr Bate Harry Ca nsaa Paine -Astrtd Allwyn Mrs. Hopper Senator MarPhrrsoa -Ruth Donnelly -irant Mitchell Senator Monroe -Porter Hall fienata Minority tadei Pierre Watkln -t'hartes lna Nosey Rill Tha Hopper William Hsuarest Billy Halsoa Delmar Halsoa Roys loha Russell Harry Halsoa ary Halsoa I-arry (Rahy DumnllnO Mma Cari Cook Dick r-lllott H. V. Kalteabsca Himself There have been other political comedies, but by all odds the best Is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." which opened at the Stanley yester day. This contender for Academy hon ors has warmtn as weu as svii. De railing charm as well as pointed satire, and It rekindles a few patri otic ideals that have long slept un der the smothering blanket of politi cat scandals and governmental mis deeds. There is. In fact, an Inspirational quality In "Mr. Smith." But that doesnt prevent the film which Frank Capra has directed In his best form from being superior entertainment. A SENATE STOOGE The story of how an Idealistic youth was unsuspectingly sent to the Senate as a stooge for his State's political bosses, how he refused to play the dirty political game with those who made him a Senator and how. upon the brink of failure, about to be ousted from his Senatorial seat. he puts up a fight that shakes the very ratters or tne senate under the guidance of his wise secretary and his own stout heart, is not exactly a sermon, though It does Induce a bit of serious thinking upon the part of fllmgoers. The climax is reached in Jefl Smith's famous filibuster, of which you must have heard by now. But before this astonishing and singularly moving sequence there Is much that Is heart-stirring and de lightful. The picture runs more than DOtlT PAWN Tits 4 HaNII trriAMi Of DOCTOR Chaites nlrnric 3rd WEEK D21VIS -FLYTJW- tMi asivAii irvis ELIZABETH and ESSEX" wi. ss OUVU VtUNO tHEITHS cJ? as Deanna DUHDIN FIRST LOVE tit iino rout riooiis to ovi lerOAur amamoto MATINEE Dawn, who makes hotcha music with George Ha'l and his orchestra, on the stage bill which opened yesterday at the Earle, in conjunction with "The Return of Dr. cn the screen. Roosevelt Names Phila. Architect conference cf the International Labor organization in Geneva In 1937. He is president cf the Todd builder of suntop homes on the Main Line. ContlnMMsS3WiTodiy.No93t"Mldnn A Film Test i ALBANY, Ga, Nov. 17 (A. P. Film producers looked to the plan. tations and swamps of SoUth Georgjs, uxjay ior me outcome of an experiment they say may bring a marked cnange in tne movie industry. A company Is sinking 8300,000 in the venture the film The Biscuit Eater," a tale of two boys ani hunting dog. The whole story Is being taken on location here and only six professional actors were brought from lywood. Bit and extra parts art taken by local talent. The idea is to obtain real atmosphere and to produce at cheaper costs. Frank Freeman. Jr 24-year-old i assistant producer, estimates it would have cost at least $500,000 to shoot the same story on the coast. The difference comes in the sets, made to order by nature here, and operating expenses. Here, for exam-pie, the 300 extras are glad to get $3 a day and lunch. In Hollywood" each would cost $7.50. Viola Davis. 300-pound Negro laundress, regards the film as a gold strike. In a character bit is the mouier or 7-year-oia coraell Hick man, wno has tne joint lead with Billy Lee. 8, she will draw $56 a week a lot of money to one whose top is usually $3. (TEH DOOtS OrW IO. A. M. mum Ittkftl CKSTrI LAST TIME TODAY Manc Ws Magte Melodies ta itTurv ciisll Ulll! MlSH ANTHONY WAYNE THEATRE, Wlfi! Food Show Ivsniafl Last Day Ml rAoaMrrijf AAuaouaa A4m 5r srt mmH Tktals Tear grass- I VLA' i a he ITToviiH L4 Us L9h Reco'l i BECAUSE-: HoVPic- il.U;iT.ty I'M MiM 'M2M iaBayaaoaBaaasT KMiaUSaKalasL llli H-q 'rOUaM7 MOST MAUYifvt QsHt .1 itaaaai i J' a Stanley two hours and, to us at least, not one minute of that time is without its own appeal. STEWART SHINES It Isn't often one encounters the sort of performance James Stewart gives under the magnetic guidance of Capra. And if Stewart who for tunately for himself and us plays the role originally intended for Gary Cooper doesn't walk off with this season's Academy award, then well doubt the wisdom of the august body whose privilege It is to hand out the "Oscars." Though Stewart's Jeff Smith Is the heart and soul of the film. Capra has been saeacious enough not to make him the whole show. Conse quently, youU find Jean Arthur turn ing in one of her most expert and engaging performances as the hard boiled secretary who falls victim to Mr. Smith's particularly catching brand of patriotism. There are Claude Rains, as the "Silver Knight." who is not above suspicion; Edward Arnold, as the political boss and graft-grabber; Thomas Mitchell, as a disillusioned correspondent; and Harry Carey, whose eloquent pantomime makes the President of the Senate one of the film's most likeable characters. Since Capra's best Is really something to cheer about, and since "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" is cer tainly Capra's very best, those sounds you hear around 19th and Market will be excited moviegoers cheering as they leave the Stanley. P. R. T. Plans Bus Route in East wick The Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co. yesterday appealed for permis sion of the Public Utility Commis slon to establish a new bus route in Southwest Philadelphia. The proposed Route would run from 84th st. and Tinicum ave on 84th st, to Buist to Island to Woodland and on Wood land ave. as far as 72d st where it would meet Route M. which connects with the Broad St. Subway at Sny tier ave. John V. Lovett. representing P. R. said there Is a serious need for the route, and his statement was backed by about a dozen residents of the Eastwiclc section. ftANK CAHAS "BIR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON ii JEAN ARTHUR JAMES STEWART CIAUOI IAIN! IDW AtNOlD UuqMon a 1 irj -3 Vrk GARY COOPER The REAL GLORY OAVIO NtVfN ANORiA IEEDS TlDTTH. .1... arnvi'w aivay COikllT NIT ION -f victoria ETERNALLY YOURS IOIITTA TOONO OAVIO MIVIN wif.t Mf.aiaT S'Hf iva.f oaViand BABIS IN ARAir I UNOt 4 rQ5 BIG 774 Tatl lalaXY tntiai riHitV 1 "i Sarvlca Avails Ts Capitol Doors Open 10 A. M. V.tkrl P. M. FIRT KI NFW Kr.t HOUR I Pkila. Showing VFrTtl RICHARD ARLEN ANDY DEVINE "TROPIC FURY" 3 Niion 1-'ML Roosevelt Tower Cavnin Broad a Don AMECHE. Alice FAYE 'HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE' In Beautiful Technicolor, with Edw Beomberc. Alan Curtis. Stuart Erwln. Buster Keaton ami Keystone Cops Center TYRONE UEoRiiE POWER BRENT IT'h A V.rkM THE RAINH CAME" Oxford GARY COOPER BrJIiO nig st ace show Allegheny ANN SOTIIERN East and Fnrtaias Dig ST ACE SHOW with Ktrtag Hand Sedgwick Cross Liberty, Toe.1 Kent Ploxa Park DIssaMld Benni'" eseui Strand Thd Nw! Thrlllln! Romantic! Adventure: GARY COOPER RAY MILLAND. Cast of Thousand! "BEAU CESTE" Forum MYRNA TYRONE GEORGE LOY POWER BRENT Fid A Rridrs "THK RAIN CAM ft" Commodore', Waverly Ardmore 333 Market Kmitii Joan Rosalind Shearer Crawford Russell "THE WOMEN" And It's All About Men -L Broad JUDY GARLAND wranajw th rARADE" Rig "rot-of-Cnld" Kiddle Mstlnea Savoy 1211 Hark CAROLE LOMBARD "IN NAME ONLY" Columbia GLORIA JEAN Col "THE I NDEU-rir" Princess 'V BETTE DAVIS MIRIAM HOPKINS 'The Old Maif Parker Ambler DON AMECHE "Hollywood va trade" Grove RING CROSBY THE UTAH MtMR" i ACL .1 2 71 OtDGOWGQQ Maestro Minus Collar II ut ton Collar buttons may prove traitors, even tu such tailors dream men as Ltopold Stokowskl. but the show must go on. And to on it did at the Academy of Music yesterday afternoon during; the Philadelphia Orchestra concert. The worst, or the next thine to It. came suddenly, as the platinum-haired mar-stro conducted Debussy's "Fetes." With a pop 'hat was drowned by the music, the conductor's collar button A. W. O. lavinic his neckband to serin; wide before the horrified eyes 'of the audience. Stokowski carried on to the end then rushed off stage, and was back for the next number almost on time, with another collar button properly In place. 'Doctor X' Back at Earle THE RETTRN OF DOCTOR a War-r-er Brother picture: from a tory William 3. screenplay by I.m Rate; by Vir-ent Sherman; opened Tes-lH at the Earle la conjunction with a tase program. THE CAST Walter Barneft Dr. Michael Rhodes lr. Marshall Qnnnc Ir. Francis Flees Joan Vwirt Wayne Morris Dennis Morgan -Humphrey Bogart John Lltel Rosemary lne Lya Lys Joe Crehaa Ante! Merrov Fdltor Detective Ray Kincald- Sergeant Moras Plrfcy Indertaker -Cnas. Wilson Jack Mower Hunts Hall -Olln Howland Some interesting theories along medical lines about the making of artificial blood and the possibility of restoring life by this means are treated in the Earle's film. "The Re turn Lite! turn of Doctor in which Dr. John Litel brings Humphrey Bogart back life and finds his daring expert meeting not only success but disaster. Even with the Hollywood tendency to clutter up scientific experiment i with much mysterious and complicated apparatus, the subject remain. fascinating. INTRIGUING MYSTERY Its theories probably would not stand too close scrutiny, but they start the film off on an intriguing mystery that maintains a fairly even pace until the final minutes of unvarnished and disappointing melodrama. Litel's is the outstanding performance, as the pioneering experimenter, while Dennis Morgan is likeable as hfs protege and Wayne Morris Is the reporter with a nose for newt. Humphrey Bogart, released frori gangster roles for the nonce. Is still the villain, while Rosemary Lane pro vides intermittent romantic interest. BIG NAMES ON STAGE With so many "big" (or names this week George Hall ani his orchestra. Johnn Downs, Hoct UiDson, Paricyakarkus the stage show yields a surprisingly small amount of entertainment. Downs, familiar for his roles in minor filmt-sicals, was the most ingratiating the lot, but by the time he appeared and tried hard with song excerp's and dancing the audience was "sit ting on its hands." Parkyakarkus took up the most time and it seemed even longer bt-caine cf his frayed wisecracks that have not improved with age. Hoot Gibson, perhaps wisely, turned over most of his time to his pal. Bill Raymond, who demonstrated Eharp-shooting. and to his famous hone and the animal's film feats. Mayte Parkyakarkus should have a hors. too. The Four Franks, who opened tr bill, provided the peppiest entertainment, with fast dancing and a violent burlesque of John Barrymoi-e and Greta Garbo's love scene from "Grand Hotel." Dolly Dawn was the pretty vocalist with the Hall orchestra. Liquor License Lifted A 20-day liquor license suspensit-n was imposed on Philip Karl, cf a taproom at 1301 E. Moyamen-ting ave, yesterday by the Sta Liquor Control Eoard in Harrisburg. The suspension was one of throughout the State. ERLANGER CUY ROBERTSON in John Steinbeck's CRITICS' PRIZE PLAY "Of Mice and Men" I ,1. it srXT MO.MMV HI IK ONLV 8EAT NOW MAT. 1 HI KH. I'll, Mask and C'lnb of I of T. 5tnd Annual FriMfuetlo GREAT GUNS Prices Eves. S3 1o 51 Tnx Thun. 52 to SI Fri. Exemp' 75c t' Arademy-Tkts fheit. PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA U'IPOMI STOKOWSKI. Conalurtist lO.VHlHt bharp I Stclnway Plino OVtfrtur 'Figaro" BRAHMS Symphony No. 4 LEBU.SS. Nocturnes: Nu ge. Fetes. Sirtj MU80RGSKY at an Exhibit on ACAD KM OP MfSIC METROPOLITAN OPERA THE SEASON SU3SCRIPTION WILL POSITIVELY CLOSE TOD AT yE2S5 TUES.EYENOY.28 BORIS GODUNOFF I ICKET FOR THIS PERFORM AN' 'E r.Klii;.-; I KS NOV VV WF YM 1611 CBESTNUT STREET HALT a MXAgZ PXA.NO LtfcU EXCLLSi Vt.i-j Stokowskl was at the top of his form throughout the concert, in which the only rival of the "Pictures" in performance, if not in novelty was the Brahms Fourth Symphony, played with an exalted beauty, lumi nous glow and dynamic vitality which placed it apart. The symphony was prefaced bv Mozart's sparkling "Figaro Over ture as the opening number. -It was followed, after the intermission, by all three of Debussy's Nocturnes "The Sirens" being given, after 21 years, for only the second time In the Orchestra's history, and enlisting, on this occasion, the Women's Glee Club of the University of Penn sylvania. Harl McDonald and Robert Elmore, directors. SLWIC CHARACTERISTICS In a word of advance explanation about his transcription of the Moussorgsky "Pictures," Stokowski said that he had "aimed to preserve and express its Slavic character." He has done this gorgeously, and he has done a great deal more in producing a work well worthy to place beside his mastfrly "Boris" transcription, and possessing much of its barbaric splendor, mystical spirit, grotesquerie and strange beauty, with greater diversity of de tail made possible by the various "pictures." In his version. Stokowskl omits two of the "pictures'" included in the previous tranfcriptions. These are the "Tuileries," with the children disputing after play, and the squabble of the market women in "Limoges" possibly because he considered the French scenes Inimical to the Russian spirit of the composition. He aiso mi is uie or "walking music" after "The Old Castle," but includes the other three promenades. DIRECT TO THE ORIGINAL In the nine sections of his suite, he manifestly has gone directly to the original piano pieces, for tiis orchestration pays not the slightest debt to the previous transcriptions la basic approach or treatment of detail in instrumentation. This is music rich in imagination and rich in imagery, and it is so vivid pictorially and in spirit that the vsxious subtitles seem almost unnecessary. DAZZLING SPLENDOR The heavy, rolling rhythm of the huge oxcart, the shrill chirping of the chicks breaking out of their shells, the weirdness of the witches' legend of the "Hunt on Fowli' Legs," and the rich and dazzling splendor of the -Great Gate at Kieff." be-jeweled with counterpoint design, are unmistakable. Under other circumstances, the eloquent and intense performance of the fine-t introspective Erahms symphony would call for considerable comment. It must suffice to say that it was as individual as it was exciting, bound up with clarity and coherence of musical logic. WORDLESS CHORLS It is perhaps no serious lot-s that, of the three Debussy Nocturnes, the is so seldom heard with the purely orchestral "Clouds" and Fes- Uvals." It is much the weakest of the three. and rather monotonous, and isn't even rewarding for the women's voices in the wordless vowel sounds to which they are limited. But the two preceding nocturnes were a sheer delight, and had the added value of contrast. FORREST A xVwTOXici SEATS AVAILAKI.r. MT rnjsVtmiin macccv. lYMiriUIII IMMJJkl ARE UIIC0LI1 III ILLIHOIS 1939 PULITZER PRIZE PLAY IM NOV. 20 1 SEATS NOW I OWKJMT DURE WlkUN smii A fffW AMIUCAN COMIDY A. tsMUlOSkOKN 4nUyK oJON BOkltOWED TIME' trith JEAN ADAH O0H0THT CISH JtMN ALIXANDER SID MARKET THOMAS CHALMERS KATf MtCAMI IUS3ELI COLllHi EfflE IHAlNOI MERIEIT YOST Eirii.SOt ts $2.50. I tit Mm 50t tJ2 Plas Tti Mat. TsSsi. 230 lUOUOII if, Las. Tlsis Tssilit. BROCK PKMHKRTON'S COMEDY fill I KISS GOODBYE ST ClASt SOOTH AiTHOt Or -WOMrnr fVicaa trat. I Mass. tkr. A Sat JOc as JJ.00 I 50c ss l.30 IUJ tAX SfO WON NOV. 20th -SEATS NOW I Ml CM A 11 rODDawswnH hi rn Cvr.s 9 fti, IIMMtlM M.1 irM Kra (I SktlM THANK AT Ti lt.n Hi Ma. TW. A if ZRtKCH sr AMERICAN CUISIHE LUNCHEON from 35c CoIksE DINNERS rrlm 75C MuUe Danrtna Till After Mlnnlsht rerwMially Manse4 Mrs. Mlrhaa4 15U WAI.MT ST. Ope hundsy I rasBBSSSSSsaaasaasaaassaasaaaaaaaaaaaaar President Roosevelt yesterday named Otto T. Mallery. an architect, of 1427 Spruce as employer-adviser of the United States delegation to the regional conference of the American States. The conference is scheduled to open in Havana, Cuba, Nov. 20. Millery was an economic adviser to the Government delegation at the Adelphi HKAD END KIDV 'Sncrls Hk Their I ares U'offS Tr Alirn. Thrntr ororitv Hoi M.IKI. tltoM Mll((l" AlleahanV Wnterf-nnt Kids- Andres Tedt "Ther nal Hate isir" Ambassador ROI'IS KARIiKr llll. MX IHI.V til Ll NOT IIANt." Ms tree Ve'e-n Ser Huee Kkld Apollo RICHARD GRKF.NE Toipj3 MfllAni rix HFKr. I AM A TRA. I 'GOLDEN BOY V-t-it Mat. ttnlv "rralrle Jn.ll. Kernel Rnv Cermantown Ave. a- Armst St. pan boa from p. M. "HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE" ALICE FAYE DON AMECHE M.ra.T IJonel Barrym ite "tn rWirmsied meM Benson Myrr.a Tyrona Oora iill 4 Iiv Power Rrent THE RAINS CAME" Berwvn Pa Barbara stanwvck Hluvkirri tmti "Here I Am a Strancer" buiuiiumi A Roy Rogers Unurn Broad JA.VJUA HLIrK'lZ ANDREA LtKDS JOKf. MH RKA. The Miall Have Musle" Byrd i.UW. G. ROHiNMtjN ni ArvMAii 47ih I Silt. uinv.iMiiniD Huge kiddle Matinee Western O.meily Rsres Plus Cambria-1" KiaiARD GRttNK irt, "Here I Am a Simmer'' Cameo tsrnl Lofrhard, I sry tin IN NAMK ONLY" Corman OONTINLTirS TOP4V FROM NOON "HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE" Don AMECHE. Alice FAYE STUART RAVIN. J. EDWARD BROMBERO On Stc-e VAUDEVILLE SHOW St 'N DAY DOORS OPEN 2 P. M. Castle IS mikac i.i:t run KAi.r." til MII.UO.XS" A. Cayuga Ctn. A firm BOB BURNS Otr latln lllien" Cedar TWO BIG tATLRtS "llsstis Vaaatisa" JONES FAMILY. -gl MILLIONS" tn A I OK EAT FEATURES VeenTury r.rt carole Lombard CARY GRANT. "IN NAME M.I" Fill LEY TEMPLE. PRIN.S rkl4on Hirltrt A TtrU. Hil 1-aSM wnsnvn AnVMnn of tha Troirtrs' TitUit. Hil Ijsijt Clearfield "TKEAM RE Isl.ANH" and BORIS KAItEOKE ri.arf'it "Man Thrs Not Hang' Clitron Carole ljmhxrl. Cory liranl "IN SAME M.V wwiuniui 4 g((ntr zsTina: family THE UNDER-PUP" Gloria Jean New Singing Sensation With fras4 Ulomlle. Llajrwnod wi sj i tt( 'Blondle Takes a Vacation Dante B'1 bi- rWrsl -Aili Milk Ikslr faa" -eath li-s North' Darby, Pa. MAHMIAI." "Mr. Handle Kirks off" nUmosd t'h A John Prtsrtlla Diamond Gnr1 ljin PI ST RK MV IIETIV Doris ANNA MAY WONti "Islsnd of Men" Egyptian Ria- I.ANA TURNER i.N. naj4 It's Only 126 Until 8 P. M. FAVSr Frlcn i'' Ave. ui icil 3 rti. 6 i. 8 Hi in rtl Don Aiire r'sye. J. Kdw. U.m!wfc HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE of "Till si I WAI.I.AfK HKVRV. CnKY Fern Rock r'" rtl The Triumph Garv Cooper. Susan Hayward "BEAU GESTE" 56th "WIZARD OF OZ TS' t.l-int.ors TFrMMfVitiR Frolic JOAN KUJNDEtX 4. Iris Prl-' W'rrB bintt LAN HI BE UI-XflNY" atsrts TMniirmw "The Mar Maher Clcntide, Pa. TWO Kir: HITS IRENE 1)1 NNE THOlOR Cl. ll.ll' WARNER BiMKK. "ItKUAIitA AY BILL" This Feature at 4- Grand 1 1 j' i ROSALIND Rl'SSELU "llll: WOMEN" UT ALL MEN Feature- I 4 fi ft H'auttful. Srto Cm mi -ira-d JI DY GARLAND FRANK MORGAN R1LLIR HI RKE a "th Newest All nr." 07' Sol NDsrd Mat. PAILT. 1 i A tultt, IV ru -Air 7 Adults. 'Jiie Cuthionrd Chikiren. lc Always 6eu r.r. fort. 11 Fundavs- rvvrs Open 2 firaat Juki, rtl jA SCH A HEIFETZ THI HI.I. r. Ml Ml" Greonway -an -Inliinaaalh saaaSsai' liifts to frMiar Kami ton si'enckk thai iiumilTOil Um NANt'Y KELLY "UTIMI AND I IVINt.MoM list. EI.SA MAXWELL'S luilf -MOTI I. IIIH WOMI ANN SOTIIERN. LINDA DARNELL Hollywood Judy Garland Unit I aisluls "FVF.KYBtlY MM." Added Mat. Onlv. imhi.v Uusrlerbnrl." Holm rit r.ii bit; ifit'HLE FEA'I UKK Raft. "I Mole a Million" William Boyd, "Munsrt Trail' Howard I'mnt A latiri si Skarlsat Mslswt 'Man Fmm Kundnwn Iris JANE Keg. WITHERS KIT. BROTHERS "Pack Up Your Troubles" JdCkSOn tj(xier. ilay Muland Mh Ja-lwin Prestnn BEAU GESTE Jeffries ST V.lXtMA JEAN THE I NHI- R-PI Jumhni'' IX IL'HLE KEATl'KE slUITlaeOrard BASIL RATHMONE AD VENT I HtM lr SHIKIXM HOl-MEl MARY CARLISLE. "HAWAII IN NU.HTS AMATEI It ONTrT H.l stAINIi BAND Sunday "THE I'MIUI-PI "The Man Thev Onild Not Hanf" If wirlr Matinee Daily, Xlt lasvi.R 2 41 4I s45 DON AMECHE. ALICE EAYE HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE I OTlsT-M Turkes Erea Lansdowne. Pa. KtaiEKS Hl- ril AK. I.IKL Eitrsonlinatv Added Attrnctlnns LATEST MARCH OK TIME "rJATTI.E rl.EKTM OE EM. I AND" AM ALT DISNEY'H MASTERPIECE "MOTHr.H HOI.I.i tA'IMIII Lowndale uktteuavis Bl Hu8 MIRIAM HOPKINS mEORGE BRENT. 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