The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 1, 1891 · Page 6
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, November 1, 1891
Page 6
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c THE PHILADELPHIA ENQUIRER SUNDAY MORNING. NOVEMBER 1891. GREflT-FIFTY-MILE BICYCLE RACE The Captains' Association Will Hold It Election Day. THE NATIONAL CYCLE SHOW The Competitors in the Late Six-Days' Eaco Reap But Poor Returns Mott Again the Man for Maryland Social Doings Among the Clubs General Notes and City Club Fixtures. Election day, given that the weather it. favorable, will see the biggest race that was ever run on the road in Philadelphia. The captains of the various cycling clubs of the city have put their heads together, and the result is that some thirty fast riders will compete in a fifty mile road race over the seven mile course out Montgomery avenue and City Line avenue. The proper officers have been appointed, and all precautions taken to make the event the success which it no doubt will be. Valuable prizes have been offered, and while the record may not be lowered, owing to a portion of the route to be ridden over being freshly macadamized, the men will undoubtedly work lor all they are worth. The outcome of the six days' race in New York was nhnnt what it was expected It would be by old riders. Although in a financial way, as well as in the way of a re cord-breaking race, it was extremely successful; yet, when the matter ot expenses came to be footed up, the contestants, lrom the record breakers, Martin and Ashiager to the last ot tne weary crowd, came out at the little end of the horn in point of money return. At first it looked as though the first man in would receive something like two or three thousand dollars out ot about twenty-five thousand dollars taken in as the receipts ot the week. Martin's allotment dwindled down, however, to a little ever one thonsand dollars when the accounts were square up, and the portions of the other riders who finished behind him were proportionately small. For what Robb, Howell and the other short distance riders received for crossing the ocean, it would scarcely seem that it paid them to co ne over. The management of Madison Square Garden came out well ahead, as did also Tom Eck. who engineered and managed the race, and who received 25 per cent, of the receipts. It is now a matter beyond all donbt that the second annual cycle show of the Philadelphia Associated Cycling Clubs will be held in this city next year. The date fixed upon is early in February, and one more faint is scored for "Quaker City" cycling. The attempt to hold an exhibition ot bicycles and things connected witii cycling was made in several cities in this country, but the attempt has never met witn success, except in Philadelphia, where it would seem as thoueh the cycle shows cf the future are bound to be held. That the holding ot an annual cycle show will not onlv help along the pastime generally, but that it will assist what is a growing trade in this city is very apparent, and therefore the enterprise deserves well in the way of patronage at the hands of the cyclers and also ot citizens, generally. Already there are rumors of the starting in Philadelphia of a large factory for the manufacture of bicycles, and a great portion of the stock of the new concern has already been subscribed for. The growth ot the bicycle business is such as to assure tne success of any such protect, for the factories throughout Xew England, backed by the numerous ones which have started no out "West during the past two years, are not able to keep up with the immense demand for bicycles now existing and sure to exist for the future all over the country. CITY CTCLISO CLUB FIXTURES. Ladies' night Pennsylvania Bicycle Club, at club bouse, Iovember 2. Social evening, Philadelphia Outing club house, November 3. Regular meeting. South End Wheelmen, at duo bouse, November 2, Regular meeting, Oxford Wheelmen, at club house, November 2. Regular meeting, Mount Vernon Wheelmen, at club house, November 2. Regular meeting, Ormonde Cyclers, at club house, November 2. Regular meeting, Lehigh Wheelmen, at club house, November 4. Regular meeting Columbia Cyclers, at club house, November 5. Cider and doughnut party. "Mount Vernon Wheelmen, at club house, November 5. Regular meeting Pennsylvania Bicycle ClnD, at club house, November 5. Social evening. Philadelphia Outing Club, at club house. November 6. Theatre party. Mount Vernon Wheelmen, at South Broad Street Theatre, jSovember 18. GENERAL CYCLING NOTES. Ed ?ar H. Kurtz: Treasurer, Josiah Sillier. Th sre are at present twenty members. V. S. Maltby and Dan J. Canary are bavins some words over their rival claims to the farey riding championship of the world. Mtltby says that Canary refused to meet him at Newcastle-on-Tyne, in England. Canal v replies that he was under contract to ap-pe; r elsewhere at' the time, and, therefore, cot Id not accommodate him. There is much comment going the rounds over the non-arrival of the medals won by them, by Messrs. Kelly and Draper, for the tandem championshiD. This race was ran at the Park Avenue Wheelmen tournament. The Pai k Avenue Wheelmen were to pay for the me ials, but they- state that the ranker of the me ials for the L. A. W. championships charges sucti exorbitant figures that they will not put chase tbem from him. Meanwhile the boys wait. The officers for the great 50-mile road rare to t e run next Tuesday are as follows : Ref-ere-, O. S. Bunnell, P. A. W. Judges, H. Crewther. Pennsylvania Bicycle Club : W. H. Davis, Northwest "W heelmen. Timers, F. Gar-rigues. Century Wheelmen : S. W. Merrlhew, Wi. mington Wheelmen : W. M.Perrett. South Enc Wheelmen. Scorer:. Cx. M. Schell, Centura Wheelmen : Joseph Dyson. Frankford Klc rele Club: Frank Welch. Wtssahlckon Wheelmen: R. A. French, Mt. Vernon. Wheelmen : E. B. Cnapman, Clunker City Wheel-mei. Umpires, H. S. Simmons, Park Avenue Wh;elmeii : E. B. Kuheer. Northwest Wheel-met ; J. B. Fontaine. Columbia Cyclers: H. L. Heppun. South End Wheelmen. Starter, A, th Powell. Pennsylvania Bicycle Club. WILLIAMSON'S MONUMENT. Wayne and Chicago; Joseph B. Hutchinson, superintendent ot the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wilmington Branch of the Pennsylvania; Janies K. Maxwell, chief engineer of construction of tha. Peruvian Central Railroad, South America; George H. Baughman, City Engineer of Wilmington, Del.; Samuel S. Hoff, Chief Engineer of the city of Reading; Edward J. Yard, Chief Engineer of the Western Division of the Denver and tRio Grande; J, Madison Kramer, in charge of the drainage w6ks ot the Okeechobee lands and other works in Florida; William C. Cranmer and Walter Jones, district surveyors and regulators of this city; Frederick H. Robinson, professor of civil engineering at the Delaware State College, Newark, Del.; Daniel Car hart, professor of mathematics and en gineering of the Western University of Pennsylvania, at Pittsburg. Camden. X. 3. . Josenh S. Umstead. of Royersforfl, Montgomery county. Fa., and Elizabeth Kulp, of Limerick, Montgomery county. Pa. VAN DUSEN-PITNEY.-On Thursday. October 29. at the South Street Presbyterian Church. Morristown, X. J., bv the liev. John Abbott French, 1). D.. George R. Van Dusen. of Philadelphia, to Katharine J., daughter of Henry C. Pitney, of Morristown. WEIDEMAN STEWART On October 27, 11, at the home of the bride, by Rev. K. H. Karnes, Frank Weldeman to Miss Maggie C. Stewart. WOLVF.FTON-MMSnON.-In this citv, October 2S, at Fonrth Baptist Church, by the pastor. Kev. John B. Gougb X'idge, Runyon Wolvertou and Anna Scull Mershon. YEAGER BUCK. On the afternoou f the 21st (lay of Octolier. 1891, at the residence of the bride's mother. Gay street, bv Rev. W. R. Stockton, D. D., rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church. Mr. Jacob Elwood leader, of Spring Citv, and Miss Isabella Maud Buck, of Phoenlxville, Pa. OPENING OF THE FREE SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL TRADES. Postmaster General Wanamaker's Address to the Boys Many Prominent Citizens Present at the Exercises. Christianity and the State. The fifth annual series of addesses to young men by Kev. Charles Wood, D. D., at Association Hall, Filteenth and Chestnut streets, will begia to-day at 4 P. M. Subject "What Has Christianity Done in the State?" A programme of excellent music will be rendered, before the address, by Hassler's Orchestra. In addition to this the New Orleans University Jubilee Singers will be present and will sing several plantation songs. This service is only for men.' DIED. To give the unemployed an opportunity to obtain situations, all advertisements under the head of Help Wanted are inserted free. Look out for the 50-mile road race next Tuesday. The Columbia Cyclers run to-day to West Chester. The Time Wheelmen run to-day to Wilmington. Mt. Holly is the destination of the Pennsylvania Bicycle Club to-day. Twenty-eight men attended the run of the Columbia cyclers to Willow drove. And yet it is said club runs don't take. In addition to boasting a number of musical members, the Columbia Cyclers have a janitor who blows the cornet with telling effect. Wagner and Garrigues are leading men for the mileage record of the Oxford Wheelmen and interest runs high to see who will come out ahead. A. A. Zimmerman has been elected a nonresident member of the .Springfield Bicycle Ciub. This club is one of the largest in the country. Boston Is talking of an international tournament lor 1892. The "Hub" evidently intends to get in ahead of what Chicago proposes to do in 1S91 Messrs. Stecke and lbach are to engineer the musical part of the programme at the reunion oftheMt. Vernon Wheelmen, on next Thursday evening. According to latest accounts a banner, a cup and a medal will constitute the three prises to be it iven for the best displays made in the late lantern parade. Frank Nelms and Abe Powell, of the Penn sylvania Bicycle Club, are goine for each other on the head of the Century Kun record over the Pennsylvania course. "Comrades" is still to the fore. A bicycle club has been formed in Baltimore with "this familiar title for the cognomen under which It will exist and have its being. Last Sunday the Mt. Vernon Wheelmen rode to Duffryn Mawr. instead of to West Chester in order "to assist Hoover and Brlnton in i their big run after the club record. Every day last week dozens of cyclers could he counted com inn in Lancaster pike and through the Park, with bags and boxes of chestnuts strapped on their machines. Every Tuesday and Friday evening the Philadelphia Outing Club make merry at their comfortable quarters, 2145 North Broad street. The club is steadily growing in membership and prosperity. A. A. Zimmerman has returned to his home in Freehold, N. J., and is the lion among the good citizens of that place. The Mayor attended a reception held in honor of the noted New Jersey racer. Last Sunday the Time Wheelmen had a club photograph taken, which turned out a jtood tuccess. The picture was an instantaneous one, taken while the club was ridinir alomr Montgomery avenue. Democratic and Republican members of the Pennsylvania Bicycle Club have made a big bet on the issue of next Tuesday's election, and the losing side will have to keep the club Supplied with cider during the winter months. The second annual sports of the Oxtord Wheelmen are to be held at Oak View Park, "Norristown, on Thanksgiving day, and a live turkey will in all probability figure as one of the prizes. Members are looking forward to a rich time. A Bloomintrton, 111., inventor has patented a handle bar for safety bicycles that will yield vertically and will not joltthe hands and arms of the rider, and when drawn upon by the rider when ascending hills will be as rigid as the ordinary bar now in use. Chief Consul Albert A. Mott has been nominated aaln tor the chief office in the gift of the Maryland Division, L. A. W. Maryland lias a good man and means to keep him, and Pennsylvania had Letter do the same thing with Chief Consul Samuel A. Boyle. Anew bicycle club has been formed ' at Phoenixville, Pa. The officers are: President. Itr. Shoemaker: Vice President. G-eorsra Shea Lay ion; Captain,' W. J. Sigmao; Secretary The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades, near Elwyn, Delaware connty, was formally opened yesterday. A special train bearing the trustees and invited guetts left Broad Street Station at 2 o'clock. Trustee Samuel B. Huey presided, and the exer :lses were opeued by prayer made by B. !'. Comegys. H :nry C Townsend, ooe of the Board of Trustees, read a lengthy type-written address, divided into three parts, reviewing the Listory ot education in Pennsylvania, deal ng with the life of I. V. Williamson, the founder ef the school, and pointing ont to the boys the advantage ot the privileges of w lich tbey were recipients. Ptofessor Barker, ot the University of Pennsylvania, briefly addressed the "boys and juests, after which Postmaster-General Wat amaker, as one of the trustees, sketched the life of the philanthropic founder ot the insti'.ution they were engaged in formally opening. He said that Mr. Williamson foun ied the school because he could give ad-vantiges to bovs that he never enjoyed himself. "Thank God for such a man," he fervently exclaimed. "He was not ashamed of tatte-ed raiment and close economy, not because he was mean, but because he had in his mind the saving up for this very school. It is the fulfillment of this man's lite,' aud is a spl sndid photograph of his gentle, hum ble, iiselul character. "1 his is a historic day, not only for yon boys but tor the county, for Philadelphia, for Pennsylvania; I might sav for the nation. Down at Indian Head, below the capitil, they are making scientific tests in connection with the new navy. Tbey are testitg the resistance to powerful projectiles of ste 1 armor places. These plates will be used for that new navy which and my Quaker-minded friends will agree with me I lope will never have to be used, but as it has been quite Chile lately, the last few days, their moral effect may be very useful. But i o projectile will be as irresistible as those finished mechanics this school will send into the world." After the Postmaster-General finished there was a hurried inspection ot the building, workshops and the grounds, and at 5 o'clock the special left lor the city. Among those present at the exerc ses were : ' William C. Allison, W. A. H. Allen. Hon. W. N. Ashman, Dr. Edward Brooks. Captain jatne; 1. Biddle. John Baird, Henry C. Baird, Josep i Bosler, J. Sellers Bancroft, Francis M. Brooke, Clement M. Biddle. Daniel Baugh, W. B. Be nent, John Blakley, Frederic Collins. E. S. Cia rke, Lemuel Coffin. Seth Caldwell, Jr.: Charl as G. Carrow, Dr. W. C. Dixon, Henry M. Pcchert, Robert Dornan.W. L. Dubois, Charles Este, L)r. Edwin K. Fell, Kobert P. Field. Pro-lessor A.H. Fetterolf, Howard French, John B. Gest, Thomas L. Gillespie, John hoskin. Pem-bertor S. Hutchinson, Edwin L. Hall. HenrT J. H; ncock, William C. Houston, Howard Hincfaman, Charles C. Harrison. Charles Hartsjiorne, Thomas N. Helm bold. Herman A Helm .old, Henry Haines. H. L. Hall, Professor E. J.Houston, H. W. Halliwell, J. R. Howell, Charles P. J. Jefferys, Ellwood John' son. Ueorsre Junkin, Dr. Isaac B. Kerlln. (Jreorgs C. Krewson. Edward C. Knight, W. M. Lansdile, Richard A. Lewis, Charles Long-streth, H.M.Lewis, Joseph P. Mumlord. Dr. Georgs 1. McLeod, A. J. Mosley, J. W. Mer-cur. Is lac L. Miller. Jacob Myers. George F. Martin, M. Richards Muckle, John C. Moore. Josepl C5-. McCollin, W. J. McCahan. Colonel Clayton McMichael, Eran Morris, Edwin M. ieedii-s, t. At. JNibeiker, .dward 11. Ugden, L. C Orton, Dr. Jacob Price. James J. Pinkerton, Fulton Peale. William B, Rtgers. S. B. Robinson, Francis B. Reeves. Seth B. Stitt. James N. Stone. Charles E. Smith, Edward Sliippen, William Sellers, John Sellers, Rev. James Shrigley, James B. Shrigl'sy. Edward R. Sharood, Thomas Stewaidson, Robert W. Smith, Rev. S. B. Simes, Franklin Townsend, Dr. Henry Town-send, ;ion. Washington Townsend, Henry C. Townsnnd, William P. Troth, Joseph B. Town-send, Henry C. Townsend. Jr., Harrison Town-send, William P. Townsend. E. Price Town-send, John W. Townsend, John H. Taggart, W. Ro ch Wistar, John H. Watt, Richard D. Watsoi, Captain John M. Walter. Joseph Wnarton, Andrew Wlieeler. Rev. H. L. Way-land, 1). D.: Rev. Thomas C, Yarnall, D. D.; Coarlei H. Yarnall. t MARRIED. ALGIE DILLON. Oct. 14. 1891. by the "Rev. Father O'Connor, at St. Agatha's Church, George J. Algie to Miss M. G. Dillon, Doth of Pnila-delphia. ANKER-CORKHILL. On the 28th ult.. at 315 New street. Philadelnhia. bv the Kev. G. V. F. Graff, pastor of St. George's M. E. Church. Francis W. Anker, of Philadelphia, and Miss Rebecca J. Corkhill, of Dudley. N. J. AU S TIN METCALF. - On September 7. 1891, bv Rev. Hemv N. Clieesmaii. Mr. Harrv P. Austin aud Mis Maggie Metcalf. lioth of Philadelphia. BARKY MEN KF.-On October 11. 1891. iu Camden, N. J., at the parsonage of Bethany M. K. Church. 9S4 Peun street, by Kev. J. F. Shaw. Mr. William i. Barry to Miss Mary E. Menke. both of Philadelphia, Pa. BILES- SNYDER. On October 29. 1891. bv Rev. James McLaughlin. ,loseph Biles to Louise AL, daughter of the late Joseph t . Snyder. HOt'HEREK PRINCE. On the evening of October !. 1S91, at 6'29 Diamond street, by Kev. S. J. Hiu in. Mr. Charles Bocherer to Miss Catharine L. Prince, both of this city. BOLTZ-MaNN. -Octobers. 1891. by Rev. W. H. RurrelL Camden. N. J., Mr. I.aiuies N. Boltz, of Keaitins, Pa. to Miss Phebe J. Mann, of Coate&-ville. Pa. BKEN NER DIMMICK. At the residence of the bride's mother. Port Carbon. Pa., on October 2S. by the Kev. H. W. Tolson, .Mr. Arthur D. Brenner, of Philadelphia, aud Miss Rosa M. Dimmick. of Port Carbon, Pa. BRYSON H ALSALL. On October 28. 1S91, at tho Church of Our Kedeemer. by Kev. Albert tit Redles, Frank Alexander Brystin and Miss Isabel Halsull. daugnterof James J. Halsail. CARTER WALTON. On October 27. 1891. at the residence of her brother. E. T. Walton. W 11-niingtou, leL. bv Rev. H. Ashton Henry, Miss Francis .Mar; in Walton, of Wilmington, Delaware, to Charles Stewart Carter, of Stewartsville, N. J. CASHSJORE t)VRDN"EI. At the Eighteenth f-treet M. E. Church. Octolier 28, 1891. by Kev. J. G. Blckerton. pastor. Harrv Caslunore to Emma Gardner, both of Philadelphia. COLTON KLA1SS.--At the 'Manse." October 29, 1S91, by William Greenough. pastor of the Co-bocksiuk Presbyterian Church, Mr. Edwin o. Col-ton and Miss Annie S. KUiss. both of this citv. DEGAN M K)KE At tHe home of the bride. 2026 South Ninth street. October 29. 1891. by tbe Rev. Gar butt Read. Mr. Folvard E. Degan to Miss Lulu IV. Moore, all of Philadelphia. DENNIS DEGOUR. On October 22. 1891, at West Marshall street, by Rev. J. G. Dyer. John 1 euids and Mls Irene Degour, all of Morristown, la. EM ERSON WOLBERT. In this city. October 2-1. la91. by Kev. Byron A. Woods. .Mr. Charles W. I inersou and Miss Eniina E. Wolbert, all ot Philadelphia. FLANEGIN GARRISON. On Wednesday, the 2Hth ult, by the Kev. John W. LyelU Mr. Kobert B. Klaneglu, of Elizabeth. N. J., and Mis Eliza beth . Garrison, of C'ainden. at the residence of the bride's parents. 216 Mlt kle street. GARKIGUES ILLIDGE. -In this city, October 2Si, at N. I Presbyterian Church, by Rev. John B. G ough l'idge. iwiuuel B. Garrtgues aud Mrs. Mary LliUge. GASS WRIGHT. On October 27, 1S9', by Rev. W. Scott Stiles, assisted by Wellington E. Loucks, at; the First l'resbyterlau Church. Camden. . J. .Nellie Lawrence Wright to Robert Gass. GILBERT GAY'DI. On Wednesday evening. October 28. 1S91, at the residence of the bi ble's pa-rtniis, Cheltenham, Pa., by the Kev. Henry Frank-laud, Mr. Frederic A. Gilbert, of Ambler, and Miss Emilia L. GaydU of Cheltenham. GKAFF BKoWN.-On Thursday evening. October 22, 1891, at Phoenirvllle, Pa., by Alderman Charles H. HowelL Mr. GeorgeGraff, of Pittsburg, and .Miss Syivaiuia Brown, eldest daughter of Mr. Ssiinu-I Brown, landlord, of Phoenlxviile, Pa. HANEY KEEB. In Phillipsburg, X. J., on October 15. 1891. by Rev. 6. D. Bern helm. D. D., at Grace Lutheran parsonage. Samuel Hauey and Miss Lllliu ReeU, both of Erwinna. Bucks county. Pa. HANSEN STURDIVAX T. October 26. 1831. by Rev. Josenh A. Seiss, D. D.. Otto E. Hansen, Jr., to Mary C, Sturdlvaut, both of Philadelphia. HARRIS BOYDE. At Albany, N.Y.. on Wed nesday evening. October 21. by Kev. w alton Anderson, Philip M. Bauer, Gottlelb. Barker. KrsklneA. Barnes, AunaT. Bernhardt, John A. Bigger. Harry W. Bingham. Unity. Carr. WinaSeid. Chapiu, Mary E. Child. Joshua l Conk ling. John. Deakyue, Bessie. Denger, Peter. Deviin, Amanda. Dunlan. Joseph. Dunn. Ann. Eldrtdge. William. Faentzer. George. Feulner. George. Ford. Ann H. Fry. Jacob. Gilbert, Saille. Gilpin, Charles. Grimley. Mary. Hanson. Joseph W. Harrison. Jane A. Hagerty. Catharine. Heinzeiman. Anna. HoUIeu, George. Horner. Abigail A. Hovis, Annetta. Huff. Juliauna. Kaldenbacher. Mamie. Kranz. Edward. Leggett, Walter M. Lobb, Couily S. L. Longacre, Mary C. Lowery, Benjamin. Met aim. Levlnia. McUo.key. William. Mahoney, Annie. Marshall, Henry. Mears, Josenh j. Molinari, Angeio. Morton. Amanda M. Nicholas, Joseph K. Paul. Margaret F. Peeples. W . H. Ploettuer, Louis H. Pope, Charlotte. Purcell. '1 homas M. Pawling. Emeliae. Kainey, Henry. Baal), J. Milton. RiebeL Mary K. Renouf. Joshua. Rogers, Mary A. Ryan. William. Srhulke, Ella. Seither, Katharine. Smith, Rotert L. x Spoier. Ellzaletlu Sweeney. William. Thompson, Mary Ann. Taentzer. John. Tnllv, James. Watts. Nellie M. Wilkle, Jessie C Wolfe, Charles. Wahl. Marv D. Williams. .Martha. Wilson, Martin It. spectfully invited to attend bis funeral, on Sunday, at 3 o'clock, from her late reMiience. 1S27 uotis streets, interment at Odd fellows' ceme tery. KALDENBACHER. -On the 3ftth nit.. Mamie. daughter of Catharine and the late John Kalden bacher. ageu i, years. Funeral on Monday afternoon, nt 1U o'clock. from her mother's residence. 2014 Hampton street. Interment private. Cathedral Cemetery. K KAN Z. Suddenly, in Pavonia. X. J., on Oc tober 29, Edward Kranz, formerly ot Philadelphia, aged 51 years. The friends of the family are resneetfullv in vited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from his late residence, Cleveland avenue, near Griffee avenue, Pavonia, K. J. To proceed to Bethel Cemetery. I.EGGETT On the 29th ult., Walter M. Leg- gett. The relatives and friends of the family .are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from his late residence. No. 2011 North Eighth street. To proceed to soruiwoou vmetery. interment private. LOBB. On the 29th ult., Comly S. L. Lobb, a gra -n years. in 1891. BARLEY & SON, Undertakers. 1321 ARCH STREET. East of Broad, north side, and southeast corner of lenth and Green streets. Telephone 4756. E. TEJLJy O TI CES. OPFICE ALEXANDRIA COAL CO.. ROOM 212. BCl.LITT BUILDING. SOUTH FOURTH TKEET. FlUL ADKI.PHTA. Oct. 27. 1891. The trustee of the general mortgage of the Alexandria Coal Company will purchase Nine Thousand Dollars of tin General Mortgage Bonos for the Sinking Fund, and will receive offers for the sale of same at the office of Cassatt A Co. . 105 South Fourth street, until noon November 7, 1891. H. T. GOODWIN. Trustee. 1 HE POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE. Plans For tlie New Building How Grad rates Have Risen In the World. Dr. Alfred L. Kennedy, president of the facnltj ot the Polytechnic College, stated yesterd ay that the proposed improvements to that institution contemplated the covering of the lot in lront of the present struc ture to tbe line ot Seventeenth street above Cherry with a four-story building containing mt del rooms and chemicals, lecture room a ad mathematic room, while on the top tic or will be the draughting room, lighted from the roof. . lie said the best possibl s lacilities tor students would be ofi'ered . by the completion of this work. Speaki ig of the past history ot the college President Kennedy said hundreds ot former students were in correspondence with him as president ot the faculty expressinsr the warmett feeling in the success ot their alma mata. As showing tbe advance made by many t ea now prominent in the various brauches of industry throughout the world the fo! lowing names of graduates and their present positions are interesting: Robert K. Pet tit, who has just resigned as general superintendent of the main line of the Pennsylvania Railioad; Frank; Ell-maker, superintendent of the Amboy division of the same road; William Hunter, chief assistant engineer of the Philadelphia and Re iding; J. Price "Wetherill, superintendent of the zinc works at Bethlehem and formerl r chief engineer of the Philadelphia and Ke iding Coal and Iron Company; Jonathan Roland, of the Delaware Iron Company, Sew Castle, DeL ; Edward B. Taylor, superintendent of the Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad; lit nrv T. Townsend, president of tbe Logan 1 ron and Steel Company, of Phila delphia James E. Tatnall.of the Bethlehem Ironworks; James Aiotnt, division super intendent ot the Norfolk and vvestern Railroad; John Fowler, manufacturer of gas works plant in this city; William G. Neil-son, superintendent of the new steel works at Chester; Joseph E. Thropp, owner and superintendent of the great iron furnaces of the Eve -ett Iron Company, ot Everett, Bedford county, in the Broad" Top region; Francis Z. Shillenberg, late superiutendeut of the Westmoreland Coal Compauy. Added to these are Ellis Clark, now superintendent of extensive mines in New Mexico, and who has just returned from China, vhere he had charge ot the development ot the coal and copner mines of the Americtn Company; Alfred Parrish, president of the Birmingham and Sheffield Railroad in Alabama; Ferdinand W. Roeblmg, of the film of Roebling Sons, who built the Brooklyn Bridee, the Niagara and other big bridges; William G. Siuyser, chief assistant engineer of the Atchison, Topeka and Satta Fe Railroad; Charles D. Law, superintendent ot the Pittsburgh Fort B.itlershall. D. D.., Belie Adella Boyde, of Albany, to L. Willard Harris, of Philadelphia. HEN KELS-ROCHOLL- October 29, 1891. at the Church of Gesu. by Rev. Theodore Mcjiamara, S. 4.. Alfred i'itler Henkels to Anna R. Rocboll. No cards. HIRST KACK ETT. At Philadelphia, on Oc-to er 27, leui. bv Rev. Russell IL ConwelL Mr. William G. Hirst and Mrs. Ella M. Kackett, both of Philadelphia. HUBBA RD -WH1TELE V. On Wednesday. Oc-to er 2s, ln91, at the Temple. Broad and Berks streets, by the Rev. George A. Peltz. D. D.. Walter W. Hubbard aud Miss i-arali Wbiteley. both of l'linaueipnia. HUMMEL OGLE. October 27. 11, at the M.irlners' liethel parsonage, 22S Washington avenue, by Rev. W. C. Best, Mr. George Edgar Hummel to M 3 Susan Ogle, allot Philadelphia. KALBACH - RUSHTON.-On September 23, IK'l. at the Rectory, No. b"5 North Eleventh street, by the Rev. William M. JefferK D. D.. rector of the Church of the Nativity, Joseph Edwards Kal-bach to Ellen Hubbard Rushtoii. lioth of this city. K N OX GERHARD. October 28. l9l. at the parsonage of Mariners' Bethel, . 225 Washington avenue, by Rev. V. C. Best. Mr. William Y. Knox to Miss Louisa Gerhard, allot Philadelphia. MCCLEES BARE. On Octolier 29. by the Rev. Samuel Laird, D. 1 . at the residence of the bride, (. 717 Corinthian avenue. Bernard Hunter Mc-Clees. ot Glenmore, Pa., and Juila A. Bare. M ALON E STEEM AN. On October 29. 1891, at thoir home, 1844 Elizabeth street. Philadelphia, by Rev. v. f. Pugh. Mr. Percy V. Malone, of I'hila-de phia, and Miss Pri -cilia teelman. of Tuckahue, nt jersey. MOVER DF.NGT.F.R. On Thursday. October 8, 1891. at the residence of the bride's par ents. .No, 19l2Girard avenue, by Rev. William H. Tracy, pastor of the (second Kefornied Church. Dr. Sher-niau Q. T. Moyer and Miss Ella M. Dcngler. MURPHY SULLIVAN'. On Thursday, October 29. by tbe Rev. A. A. Gallagher, at the Catbe-drtd. Mr. John J. Murphy, of Philadelphia, to Miss Ella M. Sullivan, of New York. N ARY GOTLIB. On September 19, 1891, by Rev. J. F. Morrell, Camden. N. J., Mr. Charles Nary to Mrs. Louisa Gotlib, both of Philadelphia. N A U M A S N R H U B E KT. October 22, 1891, at the lesidence of the groom's parents. No. 524 Mar shall street, bv Rev. J. K. Crouch, Edward Nau-mann and Irene Rhubert. POWELL HUNTER. On Octolier 27. IS91, bv the Rev. John B. G. Pidgee. Mr. Wm. H. Powell to Miss Emille Hunter, both of Philadelphia. KITTEN HOUSE McGARRIGALL. October 27. 1891, by Rev. W. H. Van Horn, at his residence, KIT Kaigbn's avenue, Cainden, Mr. Frank and 31iss Mamie E. McGarrigall, of Philadelphia. ROBINSON PARKER. At the residence of the bride h parents, 1418 South Mxteenth street, Philadelphia, by Kev. Irwin P. McCurdy, D. D., Liu. D-. on Wednesday evening. Octolier 2s. ltl, Mr. William Robinson and Miss Belle Parker, both of Philadelphia. 9CHOTT KA M M. At the residence of the minister officiating. No. 1822 Franklin street, on Wed nesday evening. Octolier 28. by Rev. W. D. Kolierts. George L. Schott and Ida Edith Ram in, both of this city. S1IEPH A RD-SCHWA BEN LAND. By Rev. A. E. Dahlman. 413 North Thirty-eighth street, October 17, James H. Shephard to Julia Schwabeu-laml. SHUTT ANDERSON'. Oa October 12. 1891. by Rev. J. R. Miller, at his residence. No. 420 South Fifleenth street. Mr. Frederick O. P. Shutt to Miss Hannah M. Auderson, both of Philadelphia. SIMPSON BOOZ. -On Thursday, September 24. 16111. at his residence. R34 Koliu street, by the Rev. S. R. Bridenbaugh, Sir. Harry M. Simpson, to Miss Irene S. Boor, both of Norristown, pa. SMITH BR A DSH AW. On October 14, 18UI. by Rev. Edwin C. sweetser. D. D.. at the Church of the Messiah, Broad street aud Montgomery avenue, Mr. Robert M. Smith, of Ashbourne, Pa., to Ailss Mary C. Bradshaw, of Philadelphia, Pa. SMITH M1LHIME- In Catasam-ua, Pa., on October 29, 191. at the residence of Mr. William 8ml :h, father of the groom, by Rev. Wilson F. More. Mr. Mortimer N. Smith, of Catasauqua, Pa. (formerly of Philadelphia, Pa.), to Miss Mary K. Milliime. of Hokendaiiqua, Pa. SNYDER JEFFKY. On Octolier 14. 1S91. by the Kev. William Robinson. Mr. Walter Snvder, of Philadelphia, and Miss Florence E. Jeffrey, of Ardmore, Pa. Sl'ELLISSY SLACK. On October 14, 1891. at 7.30 1. M-, by Rev. E. P. Smith, pastor Second Bap' 1st Church, at the residence of the bride's motliet, Liudley." Mr. William A. Spelllssy to Miss Auivee W. Slack. St' KI N G FIELD POTTER. On Wednesday evening. October 28, 1891. at the residence of the bride's mother, bio N". Thirty-seventh street. West Philadelphia, by Itev. . A. Holman. D. I)., Mr. JaniesT. Springfield and Miss Mary A. Potter. ST ANG BLIZZARD. On October 21. 1891. at the residence of the bride's uareiit-s No. :66 Franklin street, by Rev. William M. Ridgway, John W. Stan if to Miss Sallie S. Blizzard, all ot Chester, Pa. STANLEY TRlEBNER.-On Monday. October 26. at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. J. W. Triebner, 24f3 Montgomery avenue, by the Rev. George U. Savage, lectorof the parish of the Beloved Disclnle. Clara Triebner to John Wesley Stanley, both of Philadelphia. ST EVEN SON GLAZIER. On October 14, 1891. at 6 P. 51., by Rev. T. Edwin Brown, at the residence, of the bride's parents. No. 1920 North Seventh sireer. Mr. Walter N. Stevensou to Lizzie A. Glaz. ier. tothjof thbctty. TH OR X TON - Mac A I. LISTER. The marriage of Mss May Thornton to J. Rutherford MacAUis-ter uok place at St. Matthias' Church on October 28, Usn, and tbe ceremony was performed by the rector. Rev. Robert E. Edwards. Ul!STEAD-KULP.-On October 24. 1891. by Bev. C. A. ilalinsbuiy, 409 drth fourth street. ANDERSON. Suddenly, on October 30, Philip M. Anderson, aged 33 years. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, northeast corner b iffy-seventh and Chelsea streets. West 1'tiiladelnhta. 011 Mondav I afternoon uext, at 1 o'clock. Funeral services in (".'. ui ai. , -. VHUII.U. i iv i nit. it,, .m, rciuifuuu Cemetery. BARKER. On October 3a. 1891. Ersklne A, Barker, son of the late Calvin aud Jane Barker, aged years. The relatives and friends of the family are re- specttnuy invited to attend tne lunerai service, Monday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at his late resi dence. No. 18.V North Twenty-first street. Inter ment at Mount V ernon Cemetery. BAUER. On the 28th of October, 189L Gottlelb r . iiauer. ageu w years. I he relatives and mends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from the residence 01 ins son. Mr. ciiristian uauer. ko. 02-1 Moore street. Interment at Gel man Lutheran Cemetery, BARN E. On Octolier 27, 1891, Anna T., wife of Oliver . Barnes, aged 31 years. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sun day morning, at II o'clock, from her mother's resi dence, Fernwood. Montgomery countv. Carriages will meet the o'clock A. M. train from Third aud Berks streets at Paper Mill Station. BERNHARDT. -On the S0;h ult. John A., son of John A., Jr.. and the late Emma K. Bernhardt, aged 4 years and t mouths. Funeral services on Mondav afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at the residence of his grandfather. John A. Bernhardt. No. b2 North Filth street. luler-mentat Mt. Peace. BIGGER. On Octolier 29. 1891, Harrv Y., beloved son of Ruth and the late Charles C. Bigger. The relatives aud friends ot the family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, on Monday morning, at 11 o'clock, f.-om his late residence in Delaware City, Del. BINGHAM. On the 29th ult.. Unity, wife of the late Louis Bingham and daughter of the late Robert and laue Curry, aged 40 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday morning, at 7'$ oclock, from her lata residence. 1315 Buittowood street. Mass at Church of the Assumption. To proceed to Holy Cross Cem- tery. CARR. On October 29. 1891, Wlnafleld, wife of tbe late James Carr. in her 54th year. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Monday morning, at 7.30 o'clock, from her late residence. 53 Laurel street, sol 11 mn requiem mass at St. Vincent de Paul', Germautowu. Interment at New Cathedral CemeUrry. CHAPIN.-On the SOth ult.. 5fary E. Chapln, wife of William E. Chapln. aged 27 years. CHILDs. On October 29. 1891, Joshua L. Cbilds. aged 57 years. lie relatives auu M iriius 01 iiie laiuiiy An respectfully invited to attend the funeral services, on Monday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at his late residence, 732 Shirley street. Interment private. CONKLING. Suddenly, on the 27th ult., John Conkllng. aged 58. Kelatives and friends of the family, also the Washiug4on Camp, No. 481, P. O.S. A., aud members of other ramps in West Philadelphia, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 1.30 o'clock, from his late residence, 403 North Sixty-fourth street. Interment at Fernwood Cemetery. DEAKYN E. Suddenly, on the 30th ultimo. Bessie Wills, only child of Dr. A. Clark aud Annie L. Deakyne, in her 29th year. The relatives aud friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service, on Monday afternoon. Novemlier 2. at 1 o'clock precisely, at her parents' residence. t32 Pine street. Interment private. DENGER. Peter Denger, at .Norristown. on the3i'th ult., in his 42dyear. interment private. DEVLIN. cm the 30th alt., Amanda, wife of Tames Devlin, and daughter of Elizabeth and the late Entile Frank, aged 37 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral! on Monday morning, at 8sj o'clock, from her husband's residence, 92; Pine street, solemn requiem mass at St. John's Church. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. DUN LAP. On the28th ult.. suddenly, Joseph Human, ueiovea nnsuanuot Aim tuza Luuiap.ageu 72 years. The relatives and friends of the family, also Apollo Lodge, No.29fi, I.i .of O. F.. are respectfully etery invited 10 attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, hoc November 2. at 1 o'clock, from his late residence, Tiinn.L he relatives and friends of tho family are in vited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his granuniotner. Elizabeth Lnkens. o. 17U2 North Eighteenth street, on Second-day morning, at 11 o'clock. Interment at Fair HilL LONGACRE. On the 30th ult.. Mary C. wife Of W illiam J. Longacre, aged 47 years. Funeral from her late residence, in Swedesboro. N. J.. November 2. at 10.30o'clock. Services at the M. E. Cnurcb. at 11 o'clock. Interment at M. E. Cemetery. LOW EUY.-Suddenly. on the 27th ult,, Benjamin F. Lowery. in the 53d year of his age. 1 he relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. So. alo Cantreu street. To proceed to barton Street 51. E. Churcn for service r.nd interment. McCAN N. On the 30th nit.. Levinla. daughter of Edward and 5Iary A. McCaun, aged 5 years. The relatives and mends of the familv are invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from )l Henry street. McCLOSKEY.-On the 30th ult.. William Alov- glus, son of Patrick S. and Mary J. McCloskey, aged 2 months and 2 weeks. runerai on miiuiay auernoon. at z o ciock. irom his parents' residence. 3524 North Fifth street. Interment at New Cathedral Cemetery. Private.. MAHONEY On the 30th ult,. Annie, daughter of John and Annie Mahoney, aged 4 years and 6 months. The relative!! and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her parents' residence. N o. 2802 Cedar street. Thirty-first ward. Interment at St. Ann's. 11 JIA1. SHALL. -On October 30, 1891. Henry Burnett, son of David and Mary A. Marshall, aged 23 months. The relatives and friends of the familv are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral, on Monday morning. November 2. at 9 o'clock, from his fal her" s residence. No. 3501 Wharton street. Interment at Mount Moriah. MEARS. On the 29th ult,, Joseph J. Mears, son' of Daniel Meal's. 1 he relatives and friends of the family are re-siiectfully invited to attend the funeral services. Sunday afternoou. at 2 o'clock, at the residence ot his brother-in-law. Harry Landis, Ridge, alxjve Pali avenue. Roxliorough. Interment private, at Leverington Cemetery. iloi.lN ARI.-On the 31st ultimo, Angelo Molinari. aged 73 veal's. The relatives aud friends of tbe family are re-siwctfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday morning, -t 8 o'clock, from his late residence, 7HI South Eighth street. Higli mass at Chnrch St. Mary Magdalena de Pazzi. Interment at New Cathedral Cemetery. , MORTON. -On the 30tb nit,. Amanda 51. Morton, wife of the late Joshua Morton, in the 74th year of her age. j ne relatives ana rnends or tne ramny are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services, from her late residence. 1007 Girard avenue, on Monday afternoon, at 2 o clock. Interment private, at Palmer Ground. NICHOLAS. -On the 28th ult., Joseph K. Nicholas, aged 73 years. The relatives aud friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral services. Monday, at 9 o'clock, at his late residence, 1907 Camac street. Train leaves Ninth and Green streets at 120 clock Inleruieiit at sellcrsville, l a. PAUL. On the 29th ult., Margaret Fry, relict of Daniel V. Paul, aged 79 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Suudav. at 2 o'clock, from her son's residence. No. 1334 Falrmount avenue. To proceed to Germautowu 19 PAWLING. On the 3Cth olt., Mrs. Emeline Pawling, iu the 62d year of her age. 1 be relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral services. 11 Monday, at 111 o'clock, from her son-in-law's residence. No. 2431 North Sixth street. To proceed to Norristown per 12 31. train from Ninth and Green streets. 19 PEEPLES. On the 29th ult.. at the residence of his son. W. J. Peebles, near Nottingham. Ches ter couuty. Pa.. Colonel . H. Peeules. iu bis 64th year. Interment at spring Grove, Cincinnati. PLOETTN ER. Suddenly, on the 29lh ult.. Louis II. Ploettuer. iu the 4d year of his age. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, ou Sunday. November I. at 1 P. 5L, from his late residence, 1017 Oxford street, The societies of which he is a member are also invited to attend. Interment at Northwood Cemetery. POPE. On the 3m h of October. 1891. Charlotte, widow of the late John Pope, in her 77th year. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral services, ou Monday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at her late residence. No. 1308 Juniata street. Interment private. Kindly omit flowers. PUitCELL.-On October SO, 1891. Thomas 51., son of James and Bridget Burcell. The relatives aud friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, ou Tuesday morning, at8. 3J o'clock, from the residence of his parents. H08 Dickinson street. Solemn mass of requiem at the Annunciation Church. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. RAAB. On the 80th ult.. J. Stilton Raab, In the Sutli year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon. November i, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. No. 719 Wallace street. I'lease omit flowers. RAIN FY. On the 29th ult.. Henry Ralnev. aged RS years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited (o attend the funeral services, on Monday morning, proudly at 10.30 o'clock, at his late residence. 2to6 Winter street. Interment private. KIEBEL. On the 27th ult., Mary E., wife of John, H. RiebeL. and daughter of Christlanna and the ,ate James Hill. In the 37th year of her age. The relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, f 10111 the residence of her liiisliand. No. 823 W. Girard avenue, on Snnday afternoon, at 2 o clock. Interment at American Mechanics' Cein- OCULISTS. ARTIFICIAL HUMAN EYES made to order; perfect fit: also over eye-ball: reasonable prices. GOUGEL3IANN,2d floor front. 1015 ARCH. PERSONAL. AFTER YOU ARE DEADyopirta and those that mourn your loss would give untold sums if thev had a good portrait of the departed one. We will make a tine Crayou Portrait of you at the following low prices: cravon 111 4-incn naruwoou lrame, 6-Inch Oxidized and Gilt. 3.7.: 5-inch Gilt. $3.75: see our Crarons in fifteen styles ot frames with prices attached iu the window. 109 and 111 North .N lnth street. Open E - enings. F. C. PFElFFEi: " f ADAM E M. YALE. WORLD-RE- i-f J nowned complexion specialist, has opened parlors at 1230 Arch street, room 5. wnere five free treatments, using her famous bleach cream and skin food, will lr given to prove their efficacy. Guaranteed positively to remove wrinkles, pim ples, moth patches, black heads and every facial blemish. A pure and perfect complexion for ail using these remedies. Valuable treatise on care of the complexion sent free 011 application. ADVERTISEMENTS That may be Inserted fn Thk Phtladklphia Ij- quieer at tne rate ot N"E CENT A WO!!I. ONE CENT A WORD. ONE CENT A WORD. BOARDING. ROO.MS. DOGS AND BIKDH. ,.,... WANTS, illSCELLANEOUS, set solid In agate type. F1TUATTONS WANTWI SITUATIONS TASTED SITUATIONS WANTED HELP WAN J ED. FEMALE. GIRL, HALF GEOWN, TO ASSIST in ureneial housework; small family. 1723 North Thirteenth street. ONLY FIVE CENTS A ON LY FIVE CENTS A ONLY FIVE CENTS A HFT.P WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED FREE: FRF F, : free: LINK LINK LINK t3TAll advertisement under the classification of t HELP WANTED WiU be inserted in this column FREE. GIRL fOB GENERAL HOUSE-wortc, S. E. Wilson, 1523 South St., Slonday. IRL FOR COOK AND DOWN stairs work: small family; t3.50andt4. 1512 Sufqueliauiia avenue. CIJIRL FOR HOUSEWORK: SMALL A family. 2208 North Seventeenth street. GTrL-H A LFrGEO WnTfoiThO USE-work. Apply 1216 South Eighth street. GOOD COOK; GIRL GERMAN ; must speak English. street. LADIES WHO DESIRE TO MAKE a good living ,11 a strictly household business to call at B. B. Johns', 12 North seventh street. T ADIES FOR VOLUNTEER CHOIR J -J in West Phiia. Protestant Church. Address i34, inquirer oihie- In Answerlnir Advertisement Mention Tne Inquirer. HELP WAX1EJ). MALE. Please G1 IVEN AWAY ! ALL WHO VISIT our offices this week will be triveu a free chance on a Gold Watch and nine other prizes. Open day and evening. HUtltAL A1C H CO., 1026 ARCH St., Plllia. YOUNG MAN. STRANGER IN the city, desires the acnuaintauce of lively disuo-itiou. not over 20 years of age; object matri mony. au ress . 1.4, inquirer omce. A, OYSTERS ASK THE BOXMAN for Warreu River, It. I.. Oysters: he cannot deceive you; no oyster has their flavor; full salt and 1 at. noiesaie oy 11 tiss. 1 s. 1 niru and 11 spruce. CORNS REMOVED WITH- out pain 25c each. FOWLEIt A HANN'A. Chiropodists. 1302 FIL-Removed from UJ3 Arch Street. BOY 616 A. M. ARCH STREET, 7.30 A GOOD RELIABLE MAN OF GOOD address to canvass for industrial Insurance. Address D 17. Inquirer office. ACTIVE YOUNG MAN TO LEARN deutlstry; reference required. 600 North 16th street. AGENTS WANTED FOR JOHNS' stove polish : agents making 6 a day. B. B. Johns, 12 N. Seventh St. AGENTS TO FORM WATCH CLUBS, liberal inducements: foremen of factories can make san.OO easy by forming a club of thirty members at $1.00 per week: agents wanted everywhere. Address for particulars X 9. Inquirer office. LADIES ARE CORDIALLY IN-vlted to call and see the Maic Scale, the famous tallies' tailoring system. Over 119.0U0 sold and used by the best dressmakers everywhere. Kooin7. 1221 AUCHStreet- LADY AGENTS WANTED ONE bottle of glorious Tonti will positively develop your bust Inches in 30 daysor nionev refunded; price only $2. "VSll cure consumption or money refunded; will cure all throat troubles or money refunded. All ladies purchasing f Ids week will receive free a doiar lx of Arsenic Pellets: will keep yon beautiiui for a year, t all or send for circular. Mrs. Dr. Miller. 1018 Chestnut street. LEARNER DRESSMAKING. Francis street. Ridge avenue. 1718 MIDDLE AGED WOMAN FOR Housekeeper. 718 South Nineteenth street. "T7OMAN- T T able for -STRONG, ACTIVE; CAP-ireneral housework in a familv of seven: no other help: plenty to do. The place hss been held over ten years by present incumbent. Call 011 or send reference to Mrs. Jackson. 3117 North Sixteenth street. YOUNG LADIES SHOULD READ Short-hand Hints for Present and Future Stenographers. ' ' It will cost nothing to apply for same at the University of Suoit-haud. 908 Chestnut street. BERT Street. PEPPER POT. MOCK TURTLE AND Vegetable Soup, Chicken. SteaKs. Chops, Lobster and Chicken Croquettes, Oysters. Wines. Ale, etc. LEVI CROMWELL'S, 117 S. SECOND. AGENTS AND MEN OUT OF WORK, city orconntry. $3.50 per day selling our Paste Stove Polish among housekeepers. No brush, dust or smell. Champion Co.. 44 N. Fourth St., Phila. AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 17 years old. to learn the retail dry goods business. phia. Pa, DR. ELLA MOORE, ELECTRICIAN, Chiropodist aud Manicure. Defects of the face a specialty. 1232 ARCH Street. POME WITH YOUR GOODS OF ALL W descriptions, where you can get more money and pay less Interest. street. Loan Office, 123North NINTH id 1 CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND carpets bouelit. 804 SOUTH Street. Call or address, BRIT- Q UIET HOME FOR LADIES DUR- lng confinement: own physician, if desired. CHERRY. OFFICE ADVICE FREE DR. B. L. BROWN. St. Cloud Pharmacy. SEVENTH aud ARCH Sts. MANIPULATION, 1140 Mt, ernon SCIENTIFIC kj plain (vapor baths), manicurist MASSAGE, STEAM AND VAPOR baths, with lady attendant. 1023 WOOD St. HIGHEST PRICES PAID FORCAST- off clothing. Address M. KATZ.502 South St. MASSAGE AND VAPOR BATHS (formerly with 1523 Cherry), 511 N. 13th St. S12 FINE CHEVIOT SUITS TO measure; trousers. $3, $4. $5; easy weekly payments. PARIS, lanor. -mi Aortn M m. TR. T. H. MOORE, DENTIST, 1429 CHESTN UT st. Established twenty years. TRS. RICH Asst. Mass., Vapor, Tub Xi-L baths: late Providence. R. I. 710Sp.Garden ROOMS TO RENT. "OROAD STREET, NORTH. H61 FIVE X-f nufurnished rooms, together or separate; conveniences. EIGHTH STREET. N.. 634 TWO well furnished rooms, for gentlemen; private iaiuuy. T ELEVENTH STREET, NORTH, 2036 J ornll f. KH nnn.. fee ivantliimmi awu v cai luiuuurju a wuiiu " guiicuicu FAIRMOUNT AVE.; more rooms: use of bath. 4310 TWO OR T71ITZ WATER ST., 2233. W ELL- I furnished rooms; private family; gentlemen preterred. FRANCIS STREET, 1718 SEVEN teen til and Ridge. Furnished, second story three rooms; all con., piano. T7VRANCIS STREET.. 1718. X 1 TEENTH and business. RIDGE Parlor SEVEN- sultaule for TTUiANKLIN STREET. 616 NICELY 1 furnished rooms, with or without board. T7IRANKL'IN ST., 649 FURN. PAR JlJ lor and other rooms for housekeeping; convs. 933 North Twelfth street. Interment at German town. DUNS. On the 29th nit.. Anne Safford. wlfeof Nathan J. Duun, aud daughter of T. Mason Mitchell. ELDRIDGE. On October 29, 1891. William Eldrtdge, son of the late Louisa foenrenbach, in the 34th year ot his age. The relatives aud friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral. 011 Monday auernoon. at 2 o'clock, lrom Ids late residence. No. 1012 East .Montgomery avenue. To proceed to rainier urouna. FAENTZER. On October 23, 1891, John Faent-ler. aged 4 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sundav afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, Kiversiue. N.J. FEULNF.K. On October 29. 1891, George JJ. F eulner, aged 68 years. The relatives and friends of the family are re-spectrully invited to alumd the funeral, on Vonday morning, at 7 o'clock, from his late residence. No. 1213 I licklnson street. Solemn requiem mass at St. Alphonsus' Church. Interment at New Cathedral Cemetery. FOKD.-O11 October 29. 1891, Ann IL. wire of Thomas J. Ford, aged (7 years. The relatives aud friends of the family, and Mcl-aughlln Grotto, No. 13. S. and D. of A. A., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service, on Monday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at her hus- oanii s resilience, ait .iiciivam street, interment private. FRY. On the 29thJultlino, Jacob Fry, iu the 78th year of his age. F uneral services at his late residence. School lane, Germauiowii, Monday. November 2, at 1 o'clock. Please omit flowers. Interment private. GILBERT. On the ?sth ultima Sallie. 'wife of James K. Gilbert, youngest daughter of .Marv and the late William Etley. 'The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, at I o'clock, from her uusband's residence. H'.'.i Ellsworth street, lutertneu', at Fernwood Cemetery. , GILPIN. -On October It), IS91. Charles Gilpin, In the 81st year of his age. Funeral services at his late residence. 3W, South Thirteenth street, ou Monday. Novenilier 2. at half-past 1 o'clock precisely, lulerment private. Please omit flowers. GRIMLEY. On the 30th nit.. Mary, daughter oi ivaie aim uie lata uwen unmiey, in ner lutu year. 1 he relatives and friends of the family are resneetfullv Invited to attend the lunerai. from her late residence. 4121 Ludlow street, on Sunday, November 1, at 1 o'clock. Proceed to St. Denis. HANSON'.-Of convulsions ou the '-'8th ult., Joseph W., youngest son of Thomas and Ellen Hanson, aged 7 years ?nd 3 months. ine relatives aim menus ot me family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his parents' residence. No. 2853 Reese street. Interment at Franklin Cemetery. HARRISON'. On October 29, 1891, at her son's residence, 1282 Mervtne street, after a lingering illness. Jane A., widow of the late James Harrison, aged 76 years. - Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services, at the North U. P. Church, Master street, aliove Fifteenth, on Monday afternoon, at 1 o'clock promptly, interment private. HAGERTY. On October 19, 1891. Catharine Hagerty. 1 he relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the tuneral. on Tuesday morning, at 8.30 o'cuick. from the residence of her brother. F'rancis Hagerty. No. 1025 South Eighteenth street. High inatj at St. Charles Church. Interment at St- Mary's Cemetery. HFUN ZEL MAN. Ou the 29th ult.. Anna Mabel, youngest child of Adam and Ida Heinzeiman, aged 7 months. The relatives and friends of the framilv are respectfully invited to view the remains, on"Sundav, istnrox.. at 7.30 o'clock. A. M.. at the re sideuce of her parents. 1940 Darlen street. Interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Trappe, Montgomery county. Pa, H OLDEN. On (x-toberl. f891. George Holden son of the laoe Morris and Isabella Holden, aged 30 years. The relatives and friends of the familv are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from Sixtieth and Hazel avenue. West End, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Intermeut at Feru wood Cemetery. HORN ER.-On Oct. 29, 189,. Abigail A., wlfeof the late John Horner, aged 77 years. The relatives and friends of the familv are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Mondav. November 2, at 12 o'clock, from the r.-sidence of her son-iu-iaw. j. 11. Kvaui. 433 Broadway. Camden, N. J., without further notice. HOVIS. On Oct. an. issi. Annetta. daughter of riarry i . aim Auuic Movis, ageu iu niontus. ine relatives ami menus ot tne lauuiv arn respectiuny invited to attend tne funeral, on sun flay afternoon, at 2 o'clock, lrom her parents' residence, mi inesinnt street, c amuen, J. HUFF'.-Onthe 29th 1.. Juliauna Huff, dandi ter of late Samuel and Margaret St. Clair, ageu 78 years. The relatives and friends of the family are re- ERS. Mary A. Rogers, widow of the late Thomas Rogers, iu the 7lst year of her agi. 1 he relatives and friends of tlie family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services, fiom her late residence. No. 631 North Second streef, on Saturday, October 31, at 2 o'clock P. 31. Interment private- Rr'.NOUF. On the 30th ult,. Joshua Renouf, aged 73 years. The relauves and friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, ou Tuesday, at I o'clock, from his late residence, 939 North Sixth street. To proceed to Northwood Cemetery. 19 RYAN. At his late residence. 1928 Jefferson street, October 30. 1891, William Ryan, in the 2d year of his age. Funeral private, SCHULKE. -on October 30. 1891. Ella, wlfeof Henry T. Schulke, and daughter of Samuel and Mary Nlrholus. aged 20 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from her late residence, 2418 Bolton street. Servioes at the Belvue Christian Church. Interment at Northwood Cemetery. SEITHER. On October 29, 1891, Katharlna. wife of Joseph Seither aged 72 years The relatives and li ieuds of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday morning, at 8 o'clock, from her husband's residence. No. 622 Cantrell street. High mass at st. Aipnousus' inurcu. interment at cathedral Cemetery. SMITH. On the 29th ult,. Robert L. Smith. The relatives and friends ot the family ere respectfully Invited toauend the funeral services, on ilon-dau afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at his late residence. No. 1724 eolith Tenth street. Interment private, at j ernwoou t.emeiery. SPOIER. -On the 23th ult., Elizabeth D., wire oi John M. Spoier. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tiie funeral services, on Sunday at 1 o'clock, at her husband's residence. 20.'8 North Front street. Interment at Mt. Vernon, private. SWEENEY. William Sweeuey, on the 30th ult.. In his 71st year. The relatives arul friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, at 1 o'clock P. M., from 4579 Haver ford avenue. To proceed to Mount Moriah. TAENTZER On Octolier 27. John Taentzer, aged 84 years. The relatives and friend of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, ou Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. Riverside, S. J. THOMPSON". On October 30, 1891. Mary Ann, wlfeof Joseph Thompson, aged 80 years. The relatives and friends of ihe family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral service, ou '1 uesday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at her husband's residence. 424 Pine street. Interment private. Friends will please omit floral offerings. TLLLi. On the 29th ult., Jauies Tully, aged 37 years. i ne relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from his late residence, 2257 Wayne street. Twenty-fifth ward. In terment at i raiiKim cemetery. 88 W A H L. On the 29th ult.. Marv D.. wlfeof Ed ward Wahl, and daughter of tlie late Gottlieb and Margaretta l.euz, aged 28 years. The relatives ami friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 2225 Tagert street, ou Sunday after noon, at 1 o clock. 1 uneral services at the German Reformed Bethlehem Church, corner Blair and N orris streets. Interment private. WATTS. On the 29th ult., Nellie May, daughter of Caroline aud late James A. Watts, aged 14 months 6 days. Kelatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services, on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her mother's residence, 2416 Bolton street. Interment private. WILKIE. On the 28th, Jessie C. daughter of Samuel M. and Maggie U ilkle, aged 2 years aud 3 months. The relatives and friends of the familv are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her parents, 3534 K street, Harrowgate. Interment at Bellevue Cemetery. WILLIAMS. On Octolier 29, Martha Paul widow of Joseph J.- Williams, and daughter of Dr. Nathan Shoemaker. Funeral from the reslaenceof her son, Francis H. Williams, Green street, Geruiautown. on Monday. November 2. at 2 o'clock P. M. Interment private. W1LSOS. on October 30. 1891. Martin It., sou ot Andrew J. and Emm J. Wilson, in his 6th year. the relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Sundav, Novenilier L at 2 o'clock, from his parents' residence, Pros,iect street. Roxliorough. inter ment at Leverington C emetery. WOLF'E. Ou October 29, 1891, Charles Wolfe, aged 23 years. The relatives and mends of the family are re-sictfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, rear of Mulberry street, above Harrison street! Frankford. To proceed to N orth Cedar Hill Cemetery. , Address Active, P. O. Box 81, Philadel- A N AGED MAN TO DISTRIBUTE circulars. Dr. W. Paine. 250 S. Ninth St. BOY ABOUT 15 YEARS FOR OFFICE of wholesale house: must write plainly and figure correctly: salary first year S100. 49, Inquirer office. Address N BOY. IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE; one wishing to study law preferred. Address M 47. Inquirer office. BOY IN PRINTING OFFICE, ONE who can set tyne: steady work aud good wages. 706 Chestnut street, third floor. . "OOY ABOUT 16 OR 17 YEARS OLD. JJ to learn tinsmithinc and sheet iron work ami tin roofing, and board with employer. evening at 424 Belgrade street. Inquire in BOY 17 YEARS, WITH REFER-euce and security, at news stand. Continen tal Hotel. TOY BRIGHT; 16 OR 17 YEARS OF ' age: must live in the neighborhood G. F'romuth, S. W. cor. Apply A. Mascber and York streets. "DOY GOOD SIZED. 16 OR 17, WHO JLJ can read manuscript. Saturday Night office. Third Story. Niutn and spruce. BURLERS ON CASSIMERES. uel Lea St. Son. 1142 St. John's st. SAM- piRARMAKEE ON -HAND WORK. 2417 Ridge ave. . - DRUGGIST QUALIFIED ant, Cor. Tenth and Reed st. ASSIST- Ti RUGS WANTED Q. A. TO BOARD JLS in house: reference. Address X 4. Inuuirer omce. . AND CHEMICAL salesmen wanted: state price and full details oy lerrer oniy. nagner urug .Mining ro., regg. new Market and Gleu wood streets, rnua.. pa. "PlYE STUFF A ss TT'MPLOYMENT SITUATIONS EAS- A2J ily aud speedily secured, if you are out of employment or wish to make a change Inclose fifty cents and address The Western Employment Bu reau, hiliisooro, Ohio. FEW GOOD CANVASSERS;. SPE cial terms until Dec 31. '91 : references re quired. 709 Girard ave. : Job Booth. SupU "PIVE GENTLEMEN, CAPABLE OF -- soliciting advertising. An A 1 opportunity w uic wtiTssmiuurs. Apijr iiiuuua m lucaiuj, 1025 Arch street, room 7. , GOOD MALE COAT MAKER; A good seat of work and lair prices paid. Ad dress Harry rentzeL Hanover, York county. Pa. i1 ORDON PRESSMAN CHARLES VA H. ELLIOTT & CO . 912 Filbert street. Those tvho wish, to ADVERTISE FOR A SITUATION Under the head of SITUATIONS WANTED Will be charged at the small rate of FIVE CENTS PER LINE. FEMALE. HOUSEKEEPER LADY OF FINE appearance and adaress, educated, musical, fine cook and manager ot servants, would like to preside over a widower's or bachelor's home; none tint first class parties need answer; high rer. Address M 6, Inquirer office. ITHDOW DESIRES A POSITION TO 1 V wait on an invalid, or companion to aired couple, or housekeeper for gentleman. Address W 2, inquirer office. YOUNG LADY WISHES WRITING or copying to do at home. Address Box 130. Phrenixville, Pa. BILLIARDS AND POOL. BILLIARD TA BLES. POOL TABLES. COMBINATION TABLES. it you wish to buy a billiard, pool or combination table, call and see our stock before purchasing elsewhere, as our prices are lower, anil we have the largest stock to select from in the city; we can sell you a new table for the same price as you would p;iv for second-haud one: we also carry the largest ami most complete stock of fixtures, etc.. required, and are Importers of idlliaid cloth, cue tins, and ivory, etc., new cushions adjusted to old tables: tables recovered, varnished and repaired in best manner. Send for Illustrated price list and catalogue. THOS. C. BEN N ER, 3629 GERM AN'TOWN Ave., above OXFORD St. The largest manufacturer in the State. BILLIARD AND POOL TABLES. The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. 's billiard, pool and combination rabies. full line of all billiard material. Repairs attended to. A few food second-han I tables on hand. H. J. BERG-IAN, 1002 ARCH Street, Philadelphia. LEAD GLAZIERS. APPLY AT William Ruth. Stained Glass Factory. 134 North Seventh street. TAN. UNMARRIED. TO SLEEP IN -i-T-l, an office and act as private watchman if re quired: must ne well 74, Inquirer office. MACHINER Y. rHE RECENT fIrE at the FRANKLIN MACHINE WORKS caused but little damage iu the PRINTERS' SUPPLY DEPARTMENT, which is again in full blast, with rare bargains In eyliuder and joD presses, type, cabinets, stands. sc. uui auu ue couviuoeu. H. P. FE1STER, 506-008 NORTH Street. . recommended. Address N T?RANKLIN STREET. 521 FOR XI rent, large room, neatly furnished: conven ient to bath: reference exchanged: private fandly. TTREE DIRECTORY OF DESIRABLE U rooms and boarding hoi Agency, 731 WALK UT Street. " TEN 25 ; GOOD POSITION ; SAL-Itl. ary and commission. N . E. cor. Fifteenth and Carpenttsr. MOULTON'S, 828 WALNUT ST. Single rooms, 25 and 35c.; meals, 5, 10 aud PINE STREET.2026 SECOND-STORY front room, furnished; ladies or gents: bath. RACE STREET, 310 ST. JAMES; rooms, i.25 to ?. 50 per week; 25c. to 75c per night. SEVENTH ST., N.. 949 FURN. unfurn. rooms; private family. OR CEVENTH ST., N.. 920 FURNISHED KJ ' rooms, for lodging or housekeeping. SPRING GARDEN STREET, 826 Furn. rooms for married couples or gentle- " TINERAL AND ORE SALESMEN a A, w anted: state price and full details bv letter only. Hagner Drug Milling Co., m arkei aim ten woou streets, l una. Pegg. Pa. New o NE OR TWO FIRST CLASS CAN- vassers for a weekly payment business. 709 Girard avenue. Job Booth, superintendent- PAINT AND OIL SALESMEN wanted: state price and full details b i Utter mi hi. Hagner Drug Milling Market and Glenwood streets. Co., Pegg. New 'hlla.. Pa. PHARMACIST OR PHYSICIAN An experienced expert up to date, for analytic ehemico-pliariiiacopocial quiz and lalioratoi y work with senior classes. Should be scholastically cultivated, enlighten d in mind, mature in judgment, unimpeachable integrity and temierate in habits. Address P. O. Box 9U1, Philadelphia, SPRUCE STREET, 530 PLEASANT, furnished rooms. Private family. TURNER ST., 1907-FURNISHED front room lor light housekeeping. TWELFTH STREET, NORTH. 1626 Nicely furnished front room, with or without board. Y INE STREET. 705 HANDSOMELY furnished rooms to rent. MT. VERNON STREET, 924 LARGE handsome unfurn. parlor; convs. mod. WYLIE ST.. 1741 TWO SECOND-story rooms, furn. light bousekg, bath. liOARDING ANJROOMS. C CAMBRIDGE STREET, 1430, BET. J Poplar and Girard avenue Nicely furnished room for gentlemen, with or without board. Pri vate family. SIXTH STREET. NORTH. 303 DE-slrable vacancies with first-class board; con veniences. EIGHTH ST., 1648 N. GENTS CAN have board; late dinner. RACE ST., 2020 A FEW YOUNG men can have good board and a comfortable home. JGUAS. GUNS OF ALL MAKES AND DE-scriptions at half prices. S. L. LTNSE, 622 and 824 SOUTH Street. PORTER IN BOOK STORE; MUST lie sober and industrious and able to give, good references Apply E 5, Inquirer office. "PRINTERS, PRESSMEN AND FEED- ers. keep away from Pittsburg. SALESMAN GOOD SALARY; PER-manent place. Brown Brothers Co., Jiursery-men. Rochester. N. Y. CJALESM AN TO IO grocers specialty: exclusively or side line. HANDLE O. Box 277. Philadelphia. NEW P. SALESMEN FOUR ENERGETIC men to sell the retail grocery and bakery trade. Call at 44 South Water street, between 10 A. M. and 12 M. SALESMAN WANTED JANUARY 1. an experienced pocketbook salesman, know-lug the goods and acquainted with tuners for fine retail trade. Address, stating territory and experience. Salesman, P. O. Box 1111, Philadel- pma. SALESMEN ON SALARY OR COM- M mission to nanuie tne . r. rAi t s r imi.hi. CAL INK ERASING PENCIL. The greatest selling novelty ever produced. Erases ink thoroughly in two seconds: noabrastons of papar. 201 to 500 per cent, profit. One agent's sales amounted toSt20insix days: another $32 in two hours. We want one energetic Geueral Agentforeacb state and Territory. For terms and full particulars address the MONKOtlucAstriMrG. cow. Lacrosse, wis. S' TOUT press. BOY TO FEED 57 North Seventh street. GORDON DENTISTRY. DR. STOUGHTON. SPECIAL-lst and expert in artificial teeth, north west corner TENTH and GREEN Streets. Teeth filled without paiu; gas administered; charges moderate. $3 SETS WHILE WAITING, with our latent suction plates, for upper or lower. Teeth inserted over roots. No charge for gas when teeth are ordered. 501 PINE Street- rpEACHER OF BOOKKEEEPING. JL experienced Mercantile arithmetic and En glish branches as taught iu this city. He must be tern iterate and rellaoie. Address E 20, office of Inquirer. TEN GOOD STONEMASONS. AP-plyLynu A Phillips. Greenville, near Wil mington. Del. TIN ROOFER S. W. and Tulip streets. COR. E. YORK UPHOLSTERERS ON coaches. 26 and 28 N . Fourth st. DOLL PIANOS AND ORGANS. PHILA. PIANO CLUBS. SI a week; no rtsk: nothing like it else- TT wnere. EDMUND WOLS1EFFEK. Manager, 1 1 17 CH I- ST N UT street. DOGS AND BIRDS. YOUNG MEXICAN AND MA racatbo parrots, pug pups. GATES, 219 VINE Street, TR L SSES. LATE IMPROVED PATTERNS of SEELEY'S Hard Rubber Trusses avoid pressure over the back and are used without strap. '1 hey are impervious to moistuie: used in bathing and fitting iierfectly to shape of body. May he worn without iiicouveiiieiice by the youngest child, most delicate lady or the laboring man. Unaffected by perspiration, they are easily kept clean, avoiding all sour, sweaty, chafing unpleasantness, and. while extremely ifght, the worst form of hernia will be held permanently. ESTABLISHMENT S. 11th St. Apartment for ladies, In charge of competent lady assistant. Y OUNG MEN SHOULD READ IF NEQUALED FACILITIES. USSUKPASSED EQUIPMENT For the mann fact ure, to order, of fine interchangeable machinery on the duplicating plan. lau or auuress H. P. FEISTER, FRANKLIN MACHINE WORKS. 506-oOS NORTH Street. TIIE TV nr. SOUTH jersey; JOCKEY CLUB. FALL MEETING. Six Races every day. Admission 50 cents. Boats leave South Stroet Wharf every twenty minutes. Also leave Arch Street Wharf every half hour. n AIR GOODS. WIGS AND TOUPEES OF FINEST quality ami make for LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. French hair eoods at very low prices: a beautifnl assortment of Grecian bands in shell and metal: real and imitation shell pins and combs; Turkish Rose Leaves tor the cheeks and lips. L. H. JONASZ. 112 S. ELEVENTH Street. PAPER HANGING. WALL PAPER bb THoMAS M. DUDLEY. AVENUE, WALL PAPER BARGAINS. WHITE ks, 4c. ; G old Paiers. 8c. 941 anil 943 PASS l L.Mt SAMPLES SENT FREE. for Send four 2-eent stamps samples. Gilt Paper. 10. 12. 15c. per roll. FIDELITY WALL PAPER CO.. 12N.11THST ELrCAJTIONAL. Miss swai'm-pupils in cra yos, pastei. oil and water color: moderate terms. Studio. 223 MOUNT VERNON' Street. MUSICAL. FRANKLIN STUDIO OF MUSIC, No. 608 FRANKLIN Street. Plana organ, violin, banjo, guit tr, mandolin and vocal training; accompanying iu vocal: certified teachers. YIOLIN, PIANO, SINGING TAUGHT; mod. terms. Mary A. McGovern. 2134 Market. BANJO AND GUITAR. GEO. B. Ross. 1411 Chestnut street, best of reference. I OR SALE. FOR SALE A MORNING NEWS-jiaper route, over 850 suliscribers. mixed papers, in Hie northeastern section of the city. Address B JS8. Inquirer office. COAL, M OOD AND ICE. TESTLEH I G H AL LLZ ES ?5T25! Large Family Pea. No. 2 Nut Address COAL. 1620 NORTH NINTH Street- Stenographers. " It will cost nothing to apply for same at the University of Short-haud. 908 Chestnut street. FE3IALEL GIRL TO LEARN LABORATORY work. Dr. W. Paine, 250 S. Ninth street. A QUITE RESPECTABLE WOMAN to assist in light housework: small wages aud a good home. Apply liua Walnut street. TO ASSIST WITH housework and sewing. Address Box J. Woixlstowu P.O.. N. J. A WOMAN XL hon ELDERLY WOMAN TO TAKE CARE of child. 1 year old: good home. Call after 6 o'clock P. M., 811 Snyder avenue. FIRST-CLASS SHIRT IRONER. Victoria Laundry. 1940 North Twenty-second st. IRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE-- Fifth and Chestnut). J work -in country. Apply Mondav from 8 to lu, tcoom 13. i-v i.lor.ry st, u S 9- PER TON FOR LEHIGH JiJ coal: all sizes selected from standard mines; free from all impurities: extra large No. 2 Chest.. J3.75 per ton. Send postal c o. d, FISHER AMOTZ. N. E. cor. NINTH and J EPF ERSON. WANTED. GOOD SECONDTHANlTARYEf lace curtains, parlor suit, oil blinds, curtain poles, straw mattings antique oak side-board, toilet set, china dinner set. Address L. G. , Bethel. DeL BOOKS OF ALL KINDS BOUGHT iu small or large uumliers: highest cash price pa:d. Call or address BENEDICT'S, 11a North TENTH Street. 1 OOO PERSONS TO BUY NEW 1 VVV Y'ork papers at New York prices: novels bought, sold and exchanged.- News mauu. &2 Chestnut. A theatre ticket given with every paper to-morrow. 1,000 v! GIRL FOR GESERAL HOUSE-work; family small: wages $3; best city reference given. 1845 North Eleventh st., Philadelphia. GIRL TO housework. ASSIST WITH LIGHT 3517 Mather St., Tioga. orlt taiiers at New York Drices: a s, novels bought, sold ana exenanged. Ntws Stand, J) Chestnut. MONEY IO LOAN. RETTE W'S7 28 NRTHELEVENf H street. Established 1860. Private offices, 1 100 and 1102 FILBI.R1 street. Liberal advances ou diamonds, watches, jewelry, &u

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