The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 3
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, MAY 8, 1934 BLiTiigvuJJ.. fARKJ COD1WER NEWS Terrv Service Sta'ion Will Handle Standard Oil Products Looking Like a Million at the Jewelry Show Opening of the Terry Service Station, located at (lie curve of Highway 61 at, tr.e stale line on the Arkansas side, was announced today by O. O. Hardaway, one of the three owners Associated with Mr. Hardaway In Hie business arc K. w. Ooodin? and James Terry. The latter will be in active charge of the station. Modern in every respect, t:'e station was recently completed and equipped al a cost of approximate )y $G,000. it is of semi-fireproof construction. Tile b'lilding is 01 brick with a coni|X)sillGn roof ant: the Interior is finished in plaster One feature of the new statioi Is its spacious driveways which total 5.000 square feet of steel rc- enfoiccd six-inch concrete. These were designed to allow the maximum amount of parking space the' station and to insure better service facilities. The station's equipment is all or modern design and includes a grease rack, air pump, electrically cooled soft drink dispenser and other conveniences. Modern rest rooms are also Included. A complete line of batteries, tires and accessories will be sold at the station iu addition to Standard Oil company products. Three grades of Standard gasoline will be available to motorists at Missouri prices, Esso, high test gasoline, Esso!"ne "regular" gas. and Acto. a Imver priced motor fuel. Essoltibe and Quaker State motor oil will be handled. The buildlno was erected by \V. U Hughes, contractor and builder who has recently completed severa' other buildings in this section. Other contractors who were emp'oyed at the station were H. Walpole electrical work and fixtures. I,. G "Pete" Thompson, plumbing, tin Everett B. Gee Sa!cs Co., Prigidaire equipment. Materials were furnished bv Hie Ark-Mo Lumber Co. According to .Mr. Hardawny, one of t.-e chief reasons for the establishment of an Arkansas station at the stale line is the fact that a new state law permits stations or the Arkansas side within a 30C foot zone to sell gasoline at a tax rate which exists in the udjoinine state. In this case hundreds of loc-al motorists who ordinarily drive into Missouri to "fil! up' 1 at the lower price will now be able to eniov Missouri prices, yet keep gasoline tax money j n their own stale. Wilson Society — Personal Wearing $1,000.000 worth of jewels, Mrs. Lucy Cotton Thomas Magraw (left) and Mrs. Frank C. Henderson, prominent socialites, gave spectators some bright ideas in adornment at the Fashions In Jewelry show held in the Hotel Plava for the benefit of, New York's Cancer Institute. Steamer "J S " ComilUr i seco "d &»- & one of the largest 'J. B. EcElvaiii Is the president, and r »L '11 c i noa?in S ballrooms in the United he extends a conlinl Invitation to 10 LanitherSVlue SOOn States. The J. S. carries a 12-p:eceiall members and friends to take .band, ja ride will! them, leaving Caruth- STEAMER "J. s." COM—14 .. ..' Captain Verne Strecklus, one of e r svlHe at 9:30 p.m., Monday, May The "J. S.". steamer do luxe, is ! the five Streckfus brother, whose '<• coming to Caruthersville Monday, I father was tr.e late Commodore; The Woman's Missionary widely tl the Mfl limits) chinch iiu-t Tui's- iliiy iidcrnoon. Plan.'. WIMV miiile lor ii Hlngo pally which will hi 1 hi'ld nt lla> school Friday ntulil. .Mi.-.. N. n: Kilts i-nU'itutni'il the \\'i-ilni'Mlay HrUlyv duij nnd on. 1 liiii'M, Mrs. n. N Morris. Itils ui'i'k Mrs. J. ]|. Ciam held high M'Ole. | Mr. and Mrs w. J. Uidwis unit , children have rolmnnl from I'r,'- . ahuma*. Ark., whriv ilu-y wen' calli-d Fililny by llu 1 tK'.iih of Mrs. . I.uiUvi^'s jjrandmothtT. Mis Cicor^c 1 Halt/. j Mr. and Mrs.- Ciwdon I.awhon i IMX'iit lhe w'ei'k-end uilli Mrs. : • Ijiwlion's parents. Mr. and Mis. 111. C. Cannon at Muirue. Mrs. Hurried Cilnwim- of Jones- l»ro Is iliu BiU'.sl uf hi'i- ilnngli- li-v. Mrs. Chin-It's Ijinc. Hilly Fra/lcr. stndi'iu ul Jones- l:oro rollegv, and his i nominate, Hob Vaughn of F.iii-1'.', .spent lhe uock-i'iid here. Mr. and Mrs. Tioy Wuters re- lumed Monday from Sinliigflckl. 111., where they allcmled the fun- irnl of Mr. Waters' iMariiliuulhei, Mrs. A. S. Dill, who died suddenly Friday al lhe hoim- of her daughter, Mrs. William Waters, :H Earlp, Ark., where she was visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Alluii l'"> l 'hr; i«r.d son, Allen. Jr.. o[ Hlylhe- villc. .spent Siindny with Rev. and Mrs. John Canghley. Robert Thom]ison of JohnTii City, Tenn., arrived Monday (or an extended visit with his 'iiuiil. Miss., Is visiting her aunt, Mn. Oscar carludale. B. r. Rlngtr, manairer of the Live Oak form, Is seriously ill al his home. Wnllocc E. Morgan returned Tuesday from a month's vlsil with his family nt Wlinienmc, hid. Mrs. niloy U. Jones, ot Hly- thevllle s|K'nt Monday and Tui-.s- day with her parents lu'te. ni'V. inul Mis. Juiiirs Itiinillc f A(5K THRBB u! I "Eye, pi Blind" Permitted To Ride on Street Cars TRENTON, N. J. (UP) — Dog! guiding the blind have special permission to ride on New Jersey's lie •/ cars and busses. 'Jin 1 House of Assembly, Impressed by a demonstration here, ruled jllmi such dogs nniy "at such time |a.s 11 blind person may desire, when Pcmiscot Students Win District Meet Honors spoke briefly before the house about how useful his police doj had been to him. Then he put Rex through his trick.?. True to his training, the dog hailed three llmcss In quick succession In warning as Voorhees readied three successive stejis. Carefully watching • traffic lights, Rex led his master ilirouiih Hie mtia; of downtown traffic ii I id him each tliiw hu appioaclnd u curb. rlile without, cluirsje on any bus. Mu'etcar or olher public vehicle In the state of New Jersey." Arthur Voorhces, Montchlr WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL Uiili-ylnu-lJoytl Cli'Slrlntr. Coot- i AflJ You'll Jump Olil of B«d in ! w. llrsl; Janu'ji'IVrry. COOUT. t.:lr<l. .. « „ lhe Morning Rann tu Co lionet Courier News want Ads. I CAHUTHEHSVIU.K, Mo. -Con-1 (eslanls of IVmlscu: cuimly won I ti-Vfii Ilists nnd u ninnber n[ M>C- ' onil and thlKl plau'.s In UK- anmial DHljlct Literary and Ciirrinilar licet at Cit|>e CUrardcan . I They include: i It you I ! I ioli iiunt •our Rr.vl I'auli inil the «, jn'l t« allow « lot uliklla, i Ca- li'iim—Cooler, llrsi. '\\ -. Cii'sli'lng. nnd II. liruwn Girls' [li'dinmitory—I.vnn l/nue orlUBeville. Civics—Winifred Riicvles, Htct first: Johnnie CJlufscnck, Sli\ third. Alyebrn —Oaphna Johnston, rntherivillp, flisl. Giaiinnar— Etlielynda Keynolds. i CnrntlH'i.svllle, llrsl. [ French, beginning—Minnie Tny-i._ lor. Kteele. llrsl. .rK~»r.,i >-™ Second year typists — Mildred! > *V™JlJ!! >I .1 Talc, Sleele. second; llillcry (;.ir- \ relt. Sleulf. t.".ird. j iwuu.u «i LII« rtowin^ irr*iy j I kNll L !.,,"[, .'^\ I": ll.r r.u«^. Tlie r.Hit-jt. y,»ir • 111 ' .nit full uUuuthlnt. 1.1 iln II. TV* only move U, in.-i uv, luwit diM^n't Ktt a > Cur >uur Awi]-aj]iJ-i,.j It ll.uulll (Hiur QUl l«l Inlo yc If Ihli U!e U nul Hu»ln( l/rrty, ytr.ii fooj Jrtn't \\\xr*l. Ic fuit Jeojyi In tfrc Itowris. ui Llo»t« up your Hunuch. Yuu litvc • rk, b«d t»»(« Kiitl jvut lirriUi h luul. «rl Jown a . l. Vour Plane Geometry—Joe Flntcy, Por-1 ngevlllc, second. American history—Corilla Ki-ar- ley. Sleele, secontl. Bassett Baby Dies Ultfi J jTtr "lu"^!'!^ tbi i'.iiw 0«'l"'i Ulll* U\«r I'llli un thi rrj ][««i.iii » "il.illulr.25t.KlruitlL.ta C1S31 U.H.Co. /'«;/« for a Iteaulyrcst Funiituiie Co. to fnauEiirit.. -'0-pin qtMtni. ^ ruthe-sville to inaugurate Ovean Steamer Ser- i mine.suite. CC ° n rs f,rt' P P .P'± a , ?' C ' ' g Cx -' akc " The al fresco dance floor on the Heart j.Mrs. W. M. Wallace. i JiASSETT.—Dudley Da!c Perry. I | Miss Grace Mu.xwell ol Osceoln three months old son ol Mr. nnd i J. Is assisting Mrs. Amif Max-veil J. J. Perry ot Bav.ctl. clu-d [ week. 'nnnsdiiy. Funeral services wen:! May 14. This steamer, Cap'.ain Jo"-; Jo! . ln Strccfcfus, well known on air 3 Ct ], Year as Court Clerk seph Streckfus. president of the western rivers, will be in command; CLEVELAND (UP) — Fred Streckfus Line, states, is the first of .J. he J ;.,S. when it comes to Ca- : Dernier, 'past his middle seventies, !U u lf beauty shop Ihls •° nd °"'- of lhe ° 1[iC51 1>cliV( ; Cc(t -l Mrs. James Wails of SI. Louis held here with the Rev. Mr Mc'•'!-• ' nc J-.S- willjeial clerks, is bcginnine his actli < inurranl home yeHerday alter suv- Coy. of Wilson, ofriclating. cursion honi «, * r ~ ' rt l"h 3 mo ? nll|!l11 cxcusl °" un-1 year as a court clerk here. Ho Ls rral days visit wltii her piirents. lirsldes his part-nLs 1,1s buljv Is! cursion boat at S:. Louis. : rier the Apices of t.:e Sacred .chief deputy of lhe northern Ohio Mr. and Mrs. P. L. zrmder. Muvlvc-d bv one brother ll-iroldl Men's clnb of which 'district of U. S. court. MLss Myrtle Hodgr.s of Amory, l>eny. ' ' ' ! The University of Toronto is the largest in the British Empire. WCas flieTnJy" Real Medicine Of Them All' Declares Blytlieville Lady; Stomach and Kidneys Regulated. Nt-tiritis Ended After iMsmy Years Suffering There is no nwl wasting youi i:me nor nionty or fntried medi' ( \vhen G^y-Cr.s has provoi ;ts merit on hu-crcds of case^ r.chl here In BIytheville and vi- cnlly. Read what Mrs. Matti . MRS. MATTIF. ROBERTS \ Roberts, 426 East Davis St.. Bly- thcville. r^sptv'eo local lady whc hi's been a resident of this vichi- ily for 20 years, sayt of Gly-Cas merit in reach;n^ her awful" case: "One box of Giv-Cas did mort iir me than ill the other medicines,- she said. • For ten year.- I could han'l,.- e-<t anything," gas termed in my stomach and bow- dr. bloated Ladiy until I had mothering spells. I was 50 weat. I could hardly stand up. My kid- iie.vs caused me ir.uch distress too hands and f-v. s.vriled and at I mes would -;et c'ear down n bfd I was in » m:«rab!e con- iition as my wl.ole system ra: r.ill-down. Thni lu make matter, worse, nciirni-i n'.tud in my »lioi:ldcrs. It »as unbcarablt .-O'-.-rs I speii', at tjnes in thi: rendition bQfo:e l.b,gan this now ^;iy-C:is—it .va.s \\r;ndprfnl. I lui, •.ikcii all kind.i o/ medicines and Tidical trcattr.cnts lor relief be- Itire bill 1 -an trjl^milly say thai Giy-Cas Is the only real mcdiclm Oj ttifin all. Why my stomach <rd kidneys a IT i"--.'atrd. cramp- In j and neuritis has Rone from nv body and I .'-el I am In thf best health T l:a«- been in years ^ci one would vant a belter nudi- CJH- than 'hi? rtw Gly-Cas." Gly-Cas is - ; old b< Kirby Bios 1111:1 Stores nid by all lendm; ('rug slorrs in surrounding towns —Adv. \ es are a in M-Wavs kind to SHORT CHANGE » 9 6 your •/ tkroat so round, so firm, so fully packed—no loose ends that's why you'll find Luckies do not dry out "It's toasted" V Luckies are all-ways kind to your throat We like to tell about the finer tobaccos in Luckies—tbe choicest Turkish and domestic, and only the mild, clean center leaves—they taste better—then "It's toasted"—for throat protection. But we're just as proud of the way Luckies are made. They're*o round and firm, so free from loose ends. That's why Luckies "kei-p in condition"—that's why you'll iimi that Luckies do not dry out— tin im- p',rt,mt p-jhit to (V<VT smoker. 1 .uckies are always—in all-ways!—kind to yuur throat. |~ Only the Ce I L I Only the Center Leaves— these are the Mildest Leaves I <j short change on value i:: just as bad as lo short change on cash. Wo believe that lhe new Palm Beach is exceptional value — and as far as we are concerned, lhe substi- tutes -and "just as. .-goods" are out. The man who asks (or a Palm Beach Suit at this store, gels the genuine article — and in variety o[ model and color that will give him a wide choice. In cur opinion, the New Pa'm Peach, tailored by 'Goodall, is lhe smartest v/a:- liable suit of summer. \Vc' ! l be glad lo show if lo you. COAT AND TROUSERS NEW CLOTHING CO.

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