The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 20, 1892 · Page 6
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, August 20, 1892
Page 6
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6 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER SATURDAY MORNING. AUGUST 20, 1892. MT TO SETTLE Tie Ei-Offlcers of tlis Earnest Worier j Seek a Conmroiise. They Offer to Pay Over $25,000 to End the Suits Against Them. Counsel for a Receiver, However, Thinks They Should Hand Out . Larger Sam, and Now Efforts Am Being Made to Effect an Amicable Settlement. Overtures are being made for a set-tlient of the judgments, recently obtained on the statement of the master against Edwin W. Harris and Harry G Gurk, late supreme officers of the Beneficial Order of Earnest Workers. As a result of the investigation following the appointment of James H, Shakespeare as receiver the officers were jointly surcharged with 5116,000. This the courts subsequently ordered them to pay and pend ing this payment the receiver an nounced a dividend. A second dividend, he declared, would be iorthcoming when this sum was banded over. THE OFFICERS OFFER f25,000. Since then the case has rested so far as the courts are concerned, but friends of the officers have been endeav oring to settle, and on behalf of Messrs. Harris and Gnrk they recently wrote to Theodore F. Jenkins, counsel for the receiver, and asked him whether or not he would settle lor f25,000. Very promptly he replied that he would not, but at the same time he in timated that he would close the case for 40,000. This he regards as a proper step, lor as Jar as it is Known the orti-cers have no real estate or other securities that can be seized on an order of the court, The counsel for Edwin Harris, J. Joseph Murphy, is now holding Lawyer Jenkins' offer under advisement, and it is altogether likely that some compromise will be arrived at as soon as the summer vacation is over. When the settlement is made an additional chviilnnH x-i 1 1 I ia it 1 -i onH tha f Vi T.,n.i. rotrAh-ni,.L-nra'rn riii h at. w.f , last wound up. TO ESCAPE PROSECUTION. The officers' desire to settle is believed to be due to the fact that by so doing they will, in all likelihood, end the criminal proceedings that are now hanging over their Tieaiis. If the ?40,000 desired by Counselor Jenkins is realized, about 10 per cent, will be added to the dividend already declared, bringing it up to about 33 per cent. A MYSTERIOUS GIRL'S STORY. Arrested, She Charges Assault, But the Police Do Sot Believe Her. Early yesterday morning Officer Karey, of tho Third district, was in-ftcrmed by a boy that a young girl, apparently homeless, had secured lodgings at a house on South street, below Second. The officer notified the landlord to detain her and informed Agent Watson, of toe S. P. C C, who had the girl taken to the Third District Station House. 'When brought before Magistrate Mil-ligan later in the day she said her name was Laura Deeu, aged 15 years. Her parents, she said, were William and Jennie Deen, of Mahanoy City, Schuylkill county. She told a "rambling etory of how she came to this city last Monday, missed seeing; the gentleman who was to meet her at the railway station, and put up at a boarding house which she could not now locate, she said that shortly after midnight yesterday morning, when coining up South street, she was seized by four men, who dragged her into an alleyway, clapped something over her nose, and' then, notwithstanding her cries, assaulted her. The matron at the station house discredited her story and in order to locate the place in which she claimed Bhe was assaulted, Magistrate Milligan sent her out with Agent Watson and she pointed out a small passage way running from South street to Bain-bridge, east of Second, known as Louise Harbor. On examining -the spot the agent found that there are two houses near-by and any outcrywould have been heard by the tenants. Later Magistrate Milligan committed the girl to the care of the S. P. C C, and she was taken to the office of the society. There she. was recognized as a girl who had been seen at Gloucester by Agent Ward and Secretary Crew. Who she really is no one seems to know, and her tale of assault is believed to be a lie out of the whole cloth. A SWINDLER'S NOVEL SCHEME. He Obtains Cash Prom a Large Number of Storekeepers. Carmine Fontaine, an Italian, resid ing at 827 Carpenter street, was i prisoner in the Central Police Court yesterday, charged with obtaining money unaer laise pretences and per sonating an otneer. .Fontaine's method was to represent himself as Special Officer Slater, of the Second district. He would visit small stores on . South street, and promise the proprietors that he would procure a license permitting them to keep their establishments open on Sun aay. in tnis wav he secured money. which in the aggregate loruied a large amount. xie is Denevea to have victimized no less than fifty storekeepers. He was held in 1000 bail for a further hearing. ILL IN A STRANGE LAND. A German Woman's Experience During Her Voyage to This Country. Johanna Straustress, a German who, with her four children, arrived here on Thursday, on the steamer Indiana, intending to go to St. Paul, Minnesota, was found by Immigrant Commissioner Hess to be too ill to travel, and was detained on the vessel. She was examined yesterday by Dr. "William M. I Coplin, assistant surgeon to the U. S. Marine Hospital, andwas Bent to a bearding house where she will receive proper attention, her expenses being paid by the steamship company. Reed Was Mistaken. Tlie printed accounts of the finding of Telegraph Operator William Reed, unconscious and badly injured on Monday night at Twenty-ninth street and Ridge avenue, contained the assertions made by him at the German Hospital, that he "took one glass of beer" at Michael Mor-risey's saloon at Ridge and Sadgely avenues. The inference was that the beer was drugged. Yesterday Edward Flood, the bartender, appeared before Magistrate O'Brien and swore that when Red entered the place he was intoxicated, and, being so, was retused. Thomas Dickson, who was present at the time, corroborated Flood under oath. Both wen are positive that Reed got nothing to drink at Morrissey's. A New Sub-Postal Station. Postmaster Field yesterday received from the Postpflice Department in Washington papers authorizing the establishment of a sab-station at Upsal,iu the Twenty-seventh ward. The new station will be opened ou September 1, and will be a receiving office only for the sale of stamps and money orders and the registration ot letters, no carriers being attached to the station. THE FAEMERS' BIG DAT.' TEX THOUSASD PEOPLE AT THE MT. GRETNA ENCAMPMENT. Many Prominent Agriculturists De-. liver Addresses Upon Interesting Topics The Days of Political "Veek. " Special to Tine Ixo0iRr.11. Mount Gretna, Aug. 19. About 10,000 poople were present to-day at the Farmers' Encampment to attend the exercises of the institute. Speakers made addresses and others read essays both morning, afternoon and eveninar. To-morrow beincr Labor Dar, T. V. Powderly, A. W. Wrisrht and J. A. Bower are expected to speak. Mondav. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week will bo devoted entirely to tue lour political parties. THE MORNING EXERCISES. The morning exercises were presided over by C. K. Lantz, of Lebanon. The Choral Union and Southern Jubilee Singers rendered some delightful music during tho intermission between speeches. Lx-Senator Lantz, after his introductory speech, introduced Jacob E. Reinoehl, ot Lebanon, whoso subject was "Index Boards." He panted out the signs that directed the farmer to the road 01 prosperity and improvement. Dr. G. G. Grofl, professor at Buck n ell University, Lewisburg, talked on the possibilities in food production. These consisted in larger and varied crops with lengthening of the season. . COUNTRY ROADS. Dr. E. Grumbine, of ML Zion, spoke on country roads. He ridiculed the methods pursued br county supervisors in road-making and road-repairing and said so long as farmers are expected to work out their road taxes so long would the country roads remain in the condition they are. Road improvements, he said, should be made by State moneys derived by taxation Irom corporations and money atiuterest Roadsshould be built by national aid the same as harbor improvements were made, -more so, in fact, since the agricultural interest was the leading industry of the United States. PROFESSOR HAMILTON ON TAXATION. Professor John Hamilton, of the State College, a prominent granger, opened the program of the afternoon by an interesting address on taxation, lie reviewed the work or the Pennsylvania Tax Commission, and cave the history of tlie present tax system, originating almost one hundred veurs a 20. State tax, he said, was not levied on a logical basis and it is almost impossible to com pare one kind of tax with another on account of the variety. The tax system of Pennsylvania, he said, is a mongrel system and the farmer is doubly taxi1. It is not hard to construct an equitaale system. On the contrary, an income tax is the only eoultable system and this is easily constructed. SECRETARY EDGE WAS ILL. T. J. Edge, Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture, was down for a paper entitled "The Pennsylvania Fer tilizer Law and Its Effects," but a tele gram was received stating he was suddenly seized with a paralytic stroke but that his condition was not serious. F. S. Peer, of Mount Morris. X. Y.. the celebrated stock breeder, gave an illustrated lecture on "The Model Cow." Proiessor T. J. Waters, of the State Experiment Station, followed on "Agricultural Education," and showed how modern scientific farming paid. u. r. rornev, ot Adams county, and W. R. Powell, ot Sprlngboro, spoke on "The Horse." THE EVEXIXG SESSION. In the evening Professor G. S. Hull, f ChambersiiurK, lectured on . '-What ilectricity has done for the farmer and -hat it promises to do." It was illns-.rated with stereopticon views and well ittended. Proiessor S. B. Ueiger, of 5Tork county, spoke on "Soils, their ge ological and chemical characteristics and their relations to the diUerent larm products." NON-UNION MEN STICK. Hovingr Times at Homestead Warned to Quit Work by To-day. Homestead, Aug. 19. It is evident that many of the non-union men in the mill have come to stay. About sixteen 1 amines are now quartered in company houses and others are prepared to come when the houses are ready. On the other hand, a large number oflocked-ut men have secured work elsewhere t nd are moving away. Notices were thrown inside the mill iencethis morning, warning the men st work to quit by to-morrow or take t be consequences. The number of men 3'esterday was 1801. Thirteen men were c ischarged and nineteen quit. It is ei-I ected to have 2000 men working by the nd of next week. SHERIFF KELLER'S FUNERAL. J. Civil and Military Corteere Follows the Remains to the Grave. Soeclal to The lNouiKEtu Hareisbukg, Aug. 19. The funeril of the late Sheriff, Samuel F. Keller, who was killed on Tuesday, took place this afternoon, the remains being followed to the grave by a civil and military ortege. The body lay in state at tins cuirt house for several hours and was viewed by thousands of people. . The ceremonies at the grave were con- d acted according to the ritual of the Grand Army and Knights of Malta. SAND-BAGGED AND ROBBED. A Philadelphian Relieved of by Bethlehem Roughs. Bethlehem, Aug. 19. W. E. Crane, of Philadelphia, a commercial traveler lcr a lumber firm, was sand-bagged and rebbed of $200 last night by some men with whom he had spent the evening. The robbers were afterward captured is a raid on a dive later in the night and locked up. During the night they de molished the lockup and escaped. The Evangelical Camp Meeting:. Special to The Inquirer. Pottstown, Aug. 19. The feature of the Evangelical camp meeting at Sana- to za to-day was the Young People's Al- lis nee Meeting, when the president ol the coiilerence branch, H. G. Johnson, spoke on the relations of the Alliance to th 9 Church, followed by an address by tho corresponding secretary, I. F. W hite. T -day's sermons were preached by Kcvs. Sa. r. l. .Leopold, ot Allentown, and A. P. Steltz, of Philadelphia. Tho prayer meetings were conducted by 1U vs. J. G. i otter, ot Gerryville, and J, S. Farnsworth, of Philadelphia. Bowman ites In Camp. Swrla' toTii'-. i.NuijiKKii. Hamburg, Aug. 19. The Evangelical camp meetinjr, under the auspices of the liowmanite taction ot the Reading District, opened last evening under auspicious circumstances. The sixty tei ts erected are inadequate to the demand and many were turned away. The opening sermon was delivered by Rev. B. F. liohner, presiding elder., Th 9 meetings will continue eight days. Three Companies Granted Charters. Spe dal to Thk Ixoi ibkk. Harrtsburo, Aug. 19. There were chartered to-day the Cauldwell Iron Wi irks, of Forty Fort, Luzerne county; capital, 40,000; the Seutinel Printing Company, of llazleton; capital, 525,000; and the Spangler Water Company, of Cambria county; capital, $2000. lirnwneil In tlm KiiMnneliannfl. ,; '. . - . , ,, ,, , fcO BUBY, Aug. ia Cal Hall, a Phila - delphian. aged about 23 years, was dro ncd in the Susquehanna River at Lewis burg this alter noon while in bath ing. His body was recovered. DUQUESNE MEN MAY STRIKE. The Carnegie Company Discharging: ' Men Who Caused the Recent Trouble. Pittsburg, Aug. 19. Another strike may take place at Duquesne within the next few days. The Carnegie Company is said to be systematically discharging the men who led the late strike, as many as eight beinsr thrown out of employment in one day. All those turned off rejoin the Amalgamated Association, and there is a strong feeling in favor of instituting another strike unless the discharged workmen are re-employed by the company. Burpess McLuckie arrived home today. He said he secured $1500 ior Homestead relief in Boston alone. John Fleishman, the man shot at the Union Mill yesterday, is doing well and will recover. The mill is running about as usual, but without additions to the force at work. Miller's Defalcation Exaggerated. Lancaster, Aug. 19. The defalcation of John F. Miller, of the First National Bank of Columbia, was exaggerated in the reports sent from here yesterday. His defalcation will not amount to $10,000, instead of 33,000, as stated, and his bond will cover the greater part of that. Ine bondsmen are good beyond question, and the loss will not anect the bank in any way. LITTLE ONES ABOUT THE STATE. The dead body of Alonzo Brown, colored, aged 27, was found on the Penn sylvania Railroad, near J razer, yester day. 5 The Sheriff yesterday levied upon the coach works of W. M. Schroeder, of Carlisle. The iudo-inenta entered affffre-n o-ot-einon I to""" v"v 5 Patrick Calhgan, foreman of a Penn sylvania Railroad tool car, had a leg cut off on the Trenton branch, near Earnest Station, yesterday, and is not likely to recover. 5 Ashland's water supply is no scarce that the water company is talkinp- of I turning on the water but three hours in the morning and three hours . in the evening. On Wednesday,- Thomas McCune, a iSornstown quarryman, was overcome by the heat, tie was carried to a shaded spot, from which he mysteriously dis appeared and he hasn't been heard from since. PatrIck Gavin, a poor, hard-working gardiner, at Pottstown," who went to Denver a few years ago with hardly enough money to pay his fare, now owns property near the city for which be reluses $130,000. Foe Dry goods Stbawbrioob clotmixr. Feeble Women will find .Tayiie'n Tonic VK'Siirroy their best toxic and ikvioobator. and tnn safest worm medicine for their children. Muall bottles and double size So cents. MARRIED. C ARSOS -SOM M El 3 On Thursday, Ancust II. iiv tlie i:ev. u. a. Oreene. at tlie bride's hoe. In Jenklntown, Pa., Samuel l. Carson to Mida Malvlua Gertrude -oininers. both of Jenfclntowu. CL UHI.OUGHLIM.--OB August 7. 1S9U at the nar nazeof tlie v-oisoa Street M. E. Churtli, by Hev. Or. J. Is. T. G:ay. Frank "oud to Miss sallle 31. l.oughlln, both of Chester, rx iOKIHN-FAULTAROT. Ancust 1. IfSK. by Ilev. W. H. KurrelU at lit residence, 44 Cooper street, ( ainuen. .. j,. Mr. -lonu M. uoruou to bliss Rosy t aultaroy, both of Montgomery county. GKIER-KICHEY. On Aurnst 9. IW. In Oc toraro M. E. Clm-eh. I y Rev. Hiram McVey. Mr. John C. Grler f -it . aper Mill, and Ml-s Edith .i. R chey. of l'liotn wu. Cecil rounty. Md. HAKDMAN HULTZAI PLE. In New Jersey, on A Usu i .a. IS'- bv Krv. deone v. Unlaw Alfred Hardmau, t liester. Pa, and Miss Louie jiuKzapple, o( Mjutu C-irs e.. Pa. JUSTIN t.EULEY.-Jnly 31. 1891 by Rev. W H. Burrell, at his residence. 43 Cooper street. Cam den. .J., r. Josrpn .luMtn to Miss Isabella I Lemley. both of Philadelphia. M AKBURGFK BI.ETZ. Aucust 11. 1WZ by Rev. G. . Finlaw. at li is residence. 31J lienson street, Camdeu, N. J., Mr. John J. Marburirerto Miss Bessie ji. Uletz, botti of SchaylKlll couuty, Pa. VnUTflV IT k "7 IT r gn Inirii.f 17 lftQT at fUlen M. E. rtarsoiiaee. -'6J7 North Fifth street, by liev. N . li. McComas. Mr. Louis N orton and Miss Anuie IS. Hazel, both of Philadelphia. SCHLKSSELMAN KEULL. Auirast 19. 189' hv Kev. W. H. Van Horn, at his residence. " Kahthn avenue, Camden. Mr. John II. Schlessel- luau to Miss Mary Keull, both of Philadelphia. siir.KK HAWKINS. On Thursday even tne. August 18. l9i at the residence of lr. Jacob (iobie, 1047 Tucker street, by the Rev. Henry Fraukland. Mr. William a. Sheer ana Mist Sarah E. Hawkins, both of Philadelphia. SHEKRV FI.NK. Auirost JI. 1891 by Rev. W. H. Burrell. at his residence. 4a Cooper street. Cam den, . J.. Mr. Krank sherry, to Mlsa Annie r ink, botu ei rniiaueipiua. DIED. RATEZE1.L. On Ancust 17. 189?. Edna, daneh- ter of Walter and I. line KatezeiL asea months. Kelatives and lriends of tne family are resnect- fullv invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday afternoon, the 24th Inst., at 2.90 o'clock, from her parents' residence. -o, thuwr mmore street, tain- urn, N. .1. Interment at cedar urove cemetery. Gloucester City. KOLGER.--IU Norrlstnwn, on August 17. 1S9: John J. Kolger. lu the 3-d year of his aire. rite relatives and trends ot tne family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her I arents residence, 39 East Peun street, on Saturday morn inc. at 8.30 o'clock. High mass at St. Patrick's Church at 10 o'clock, luterment at Catholic Cemetery. ROWE. On the istn. Annie, daughter of James and Aunle Howe, acea n inontns. The relatives anu menus oi tne. iamny are re- nectfullr Invited to aitenu tne itinera!, on Satur day afieruoon, at 1 o'clock, from the residence of her parents, rear 3)4? Carlton street. Interment at St. Dennis' cemetery. RKOWX.- On An rust 18. 189C at Old Ladles' Home. Wlssinomln. Elizabeth Brown, widow of the late Henry H. crown. Interment private. BRYANT. On the 19th Inst., Mary Bryant, aged 85 rears. The relatives and friends are Invited to attend the faneral services, at the residence of her uau-hior. M rs. Lois Mult. M. i ma 1'oplar street, on M on flay afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Interment at Odd f ellows' tenieiery. BUCHLER. On the 18th instant Maria, daugh ter of Alexander J. and Mary J. Buchler, aged 11 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at o'clock, from her grandmother's residence. Mary J. Soden. 2417 Factory street below Spruce. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. . CAKTWRIGHT. On Anenst 17. 18H2. Clayton H.. son of Charles and Ida Cartwrlght, aged 'J3 months anu n uays. Krk-uds and relatives are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his arrandnarents. Woodstown. N. J., on Saturday, the n Trains leave Market street let ry at S A. M. CHRIST.--In Salem. Xew Jersey, on the ISth Inst., of diphtheria. Mary F. . daughter of John P. and Amelia . Christ, aeei 4 years. It days. Funeral Saturday afternoon next. Juth Inst., at o'clock, irom tne residence or lier parents, on Hedge street, Salem city, N. J. To proceed to Bap tist cemetery tor interment, CT.AKE.-On the 19th instant. Samuel K.. son of Margaret and the late William C Clare, aged 37 vears. Oue notice of the funeral will lie given, from his late residence. 1611 French street. Sixteenth street and susquenanna avenue. (180) COYLE.-On Austin 18. 1892. Dennis, son of Dennis and aiary coyie, aged n months. Residence, 2523 Alter street above Ellsworth street. - DALY.--On August 19. 1S92. Emily JMoffet widow of Thomas Daly, In the 80 th year ot her age. 'i be relatives and friends of the family are spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Mon day afternoon, at 2 o'clock, irom her late residence. Ki Washington avenue, lntermuut at Philan thropic Cemetery. DAN N AH Y. On August 16. 1892. Daniel J. son of the late Dennis and Honora Dannahy, aged 14 years. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Satur day morning, at n..t o'clock, from his late residence. VH Carpenter street. Solemn reauiem mass at -t. Paul's Church. Interment at Aew Cathe dral Cemetery. DEMPSTER. On August 17, 1892, Elizabeth Demnster. asred s years. in relatives aim menus o ine iamny are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Satur day afternoon, at - o'ciorit, irom her late rest deuce, l.artiold stree. west of Wakefielo street. Oermantown. Interment at St. Stephen's M. E. Church, DAWSON, in the 17th Instant, Sarah E. wife of Theodore n . Dawson, aged 42 years. The relatives and friends or the family are respectfully Inviteil to attend the funeral, on Saturday morning, at H.3U o'clock, from her late resldeuce. 2'ii" Lombard street. Hijli mass at St. Patrick's Church. Interment at M. .tlary's Cemetery. KORAN. in the '8th Inst.. Patrick lioran. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully luvlted to attend the funeial. on Satur day niurniiiir. at 9 o'clock, from his late residence. 22u7 I'einlierton street. Services at 1h Church of St. Charles Bnrronieo. Twentieth and Christian streets at HI o'clock. Interment at Old Cathedral Cemftery, DOUGHERTY. -On the I'lth Instant. Caotaln I r.nwani .i. iimignertv. a?ea ns sears. I Tlie relatives utid fiieiuls of the ramlly. also Col ' oneltinsTown Ciwit. So. -W. G. A. li.. and Lafav ; I.'idse. A. K. ami A. M. . No. 14. of Wlliuing- trail. Del., are re-tneetrnllv Invited to attend th 1 fmieriU, on Monday aii.rnoon. at I. j o'clock, from 1 his iati residence, 1404 Caatle avenue, off Broad, ba- low Morris, Inter ment? at Mount Morlah ("erne- j tery. Wilmington papers please copyj. 1 DUFFY On Angnst 17. I92. Mary A., daugh- trf of the late John and Mary Duffy. ielatlves and filend of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her faneral. from her late resilience. No. Ins lavls street, Manayiink. on Saturday morning, at o'clock. .Solemn requiem mass and Interment at St. John's t burclt. Mana-yunk. DURKIN. On the 18th instant. Mary Durkln. The relatives and friends of the faintly are respectfully Invited to attend the faneral. 011 Satur day morn Inc. at i.30 o'rlwt from hAr son's rest- 1 deuce, mn Randolph street. 1 1 IK 1 requiem mass at M. Michael's Church. Interment at Old Cathc-dral Cemetery. " (I8) FARLEY. On August 17. 189:. Charles Bower, eldest son of Charles P. and Elizabeth L. Earlev. " Funeral services at Merchantville. X. J.. Saturday, on the arrival of the train leaving Market street, Philadelphia, at 2 o'clock. Please omit flowers. Interment private. KBERLR. At Fern brook. Cheltenham, on Anifnst IS. ISfii. Mary F... second daughter of the late George and Margaret Eberle. l he relatives and frlen Is of (he family are Invited to attend the funeral services, on Monday afternoon. "-!, at 2 o'clock. interment at Cedar Hill Cemetery. FORD, --on the IStli Instant, infant daughter of Francis and Nora Ford, 8 weeks old. Interment private. FoKKRK. on the 17th Inst.. Samuel J., son of Edward K. and the late Haggle B. Forker, aged 20 years. The relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, from his father's residence. No. 943 X. Fifth street, on Monday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Interment at Mount 1'eace Cemetery. G A ITU -On the IStli Instant. Marr F Gaul. dan liter of Huntley and Mary Gaul, in the 23d year ! of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to at t nil the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at o'clock, from ber parents" residence. lMi south Second street, interment at sixth Street Union Vault. G I. A ss. --Suddenly, at Fort Wfshakle. Wvom- iiuj. on August IS, 1MH. Llentenant John Nelson Glass, Sixth United States Cava ry. HAGERTY. - On the 17th Inst.. Catharine, wife of William Hagertv. aged 29 years, The relatives and mends of the famllv are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sat urday momma;, at soeioc. lromtne residence m her husband. 17-8 Grove street (seventeenth aliove Kldge avenue. ) I'igh mass at the Church of the Gesu. Inrernient at New Cathedral "enietery. HAYWARD.-On Wednesday. !7iU lust.. A H. Ha w rd. Funeral trim his late re-ia-nce, 15 west Penn street, Get man town, I a., at lu A. M., Saturday. 20th. I'lteriuent private. KA1.N. on tne isth lust. Nathan Kahn. in the with year of his ace. The relatives and friends or tne family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral Sunday mornlnir, at 9 o'clock, from the residence of his son-ln-law, h. S. Loiic-hhelm, 1252 Surth Broad street. Interment at lit. slual Cemetery. Please omit flowers. HofKINS.on the 17th Inst., at New York. xlIen M- Hopkins. Interment Philadelphia Ceme'ery. Twenty-first and J'assyunk avenue. Saturday morhlng. at. u o'clock. KEF.XE.-On Augnst 18, 1892. John R. Keene. aged cs years. KK I I.E. On August 15, 1892. James Kella. aged 15 years, The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, ou Mon day afternoon, at .1 o'clock, rvom his mother's residence, ism liarier street, interment at Mount Mori ah Cemeterj-. KETTEMSIXG. On Augnst 17. Catharine Ceeelia Kettenrlng aged 24 years. ine relatives and lriends of tne family are re spect full v Inviteil to attend the funeral, on Sun day afternoon at 3 o'clock, from her-late residence. 1747 Bodlue street. Interment at Glen wood Cemetery. LAX -AW n Augnst 18. 1892. Acnes, daugh ter of James and Catherine Laiigan, aged 9 months. 1 he relatives and friends of the family are" re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Satur day afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from her parents' resi dence. 2825 East York street. Eighteenth ward. Interment st M. Ann's. McALEElL On the 17th Inst.. Henrv .1.. son of Bridget and the late Patrick McAleer. In his 84th year i ne relatives and friends of tne family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday morning, at 7't o'clock. Irom his mother's residence. No. 2.VB Naudaia street. High mass at St. Patrick's Church. To proceed to Cathedral CemeteiT. M- KEEN.In Salem. New Jersey, on the ISth Inst., Marie Pearl, infant of John A. and Mary E. lie Keen, aged 5 months and i davs. The relatives and friends of the family are re- specllnliv Invited to rttend the funeial on Sunday afternoon next, 21st Inst., at t o'clock, 1mm the residence of her grandparents, Wllll 'in H. Mc-Keen, No, 278 East ltroadwav. Salem. N. J. To proceed to Eastvlew Cemetery. Salem, for Inter- ni'iii. M1NICH. At Wildwood. N. J.. Ancust 17. 189i Percy W .. wife of A. K. Minlch. M. D. Interment at Peeksklll. X. r. MCLDOOX.-On the I7th lust.. Bernard llul- doon. he relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeial. on Satur-nrday morning, at 8 o'clock, from his late residence. 532 McAnually street (Twenty-third and Spring Garden streets). Requiem mass at St. raucls Church. Interment at Cathedral Ceme- tI7i ....... . Ml i.lins. tin the 17th Inst.. Mrs. MlchaeL widow of the late Michael Mnlllns. I he relatives and friends of the famllv are resnect- fnlly Invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday morning, at !$ o'clock, from ber late residence. 235 Spruce street. Solemn reouiem mass at St. Joseph's Chnrcb. Interment at St. Mary's Ceme tery, irioucester, j. PECHIX. on the I7t'i Instant. Ann Jane, be loved wife of George J. rechiu. In the 53d year of her age. l he relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral services, on Saturday afternoon, at I o'clock, at her late resi dence. 2817 Glrard aveune. Interment private. PHIFEK.-On the 18th Inst.. Sallle. daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Phifer. tired 5 years, 'l he relatives and friends of the family are re- s.iectrnlly inviteil to attend the fnueral. on Sunday. 2ist Inst. , at 2 o'clock, from her parents reslden- e. VT2 Haverford street, luterment at Fernwood Cemeterr. (I7S PltlE-T. At her late residence. 961 North Elev enth street. Lutitla, wife of William Priest, aged 67 years. RIEsEX. -On August IS. 1897. Charles, son of Charles and Varv Itiesen, aged 19 years. Tlie r-latlves and ir lends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, at - 2 o'clock, from the parents' resl-d-nce. MIS North Eighteenth street. Funeral services at St. Paul's Evangellral Lutheran li, Germanlown avenue, above Butler, at 2.U0 o'cleck. Proceed o ureen ount Cemetery. RILEY. On Ancust 17. 1897. Julia, daughter of Patrick and Maggie Riley, aged 9 mouths. i ne relatives and lriends or the rami v are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Satur day afternoon, at l o'clock, from the residence of her parents, 12o4 south Thirty-second street. Interment at New Catkedral. ROBINSON On Autrust 17. 1892. Josenh Robin- sea. aged 72 vears. lhe relatives and mends ot the famtlv arere- speciiuny inviieu to attend tne ninerai. on Minuay afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. 28 S North Fifth street. To proceed to Memorial Church ault. ROBINSON. On August 18. 1892, Lizzie, the In fant daughter of John and Tacey Robinson, aged S months and 7 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re- speciiniiy uiviteu to attend tne runeral. on Sun day afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the r. sldence of her parents. Township line and Bnstleton pike. In terment at north Cedar Hill. ROY AU-On An iru st IS. 1892 Evan R. son of Francis B. and Margaret KovaL In the 30th vear of ins age. SCOIT. On Anrust 18. 1892. at Glenslde. Pa- Isabel. Infant daughter tit Robert and Florence Eugenia cott, aged 8 weeks. Interment at H inside Cemetery NEARY. On AmrustlO. 1SI2. 'an tain lames F oeary, ageo years. I he relatives and friends of the famllv. Win field Scott Post. No, 114. G. A. R.. and Survivors' Association. Twenty-sixth Keslment F. v.. are respectfully invited to attend th.i funeral, pn Mon tay alter noon, at X o'clocit. from his late res: dencr, 318 Balanrldge street. Interment at Ibe- nezer ault. SELLS. On the 17th Inst-. Cecelia, wife nf jaco n elis. 1 he relatives and friends of the famllv are re. spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Satur- uay morning at s.wi o'ciock. iron her husband resilience. .No. as Catharine street. High mass at St. Philip's Church. Interment at Xew Cathe dral temetery. SH1MP. On the 17th Inst.. In I'nwr lllnw inrn Qwnsmn. near conanser. talent cfimitv x. J.. Martha, wife of sheppard Slilinp. aged 34 years. ine i-eiatives ana meting ot tne iamny are re spectfully invited to attend the Mineral, on Sat urday morning next. 20th Inst., at !1 o'clock, from me residence o per nusiianti, in Upper Allowav Creek towtn hip. Salem county, s. J. To proceed it, ..aiium Dapiibi vemeterj, oaiein couniy, A, u for Interment. SL WK.-On the 18th ef Augnst. 1892. Marsa- rei, wiieoi r.pnraim r- ihck. aged irt years. Relatives and friends of the famllv are resneer. fully Invited to attend the funeral, ou Monday morning, at . apo ciock. irom nor late residence. silo eyuen street. Mlgn mass at M. r.llzaheth C:hurch. Interment at est Chester. Pa. Train leaves liioau street station IL is A. l. SI AUK- Suddenlv. All lust 18. 1,192. at Ocean Grove. Frances K. Stark, daughter of the late dames anu daue starg. lhe relatives and friends of the famllv are re quested to attend funeral services, at M. E. Union i;uurcn. iwentietn and DUinond streets, on Satur day, August 20, 1892, at 1 o'clock P. M. Inter ment pnvaru. T ALBERT. At Alexandria. Va.. Alfred Tal bert. Sr., aged 78 years formerly of Philadelphia. Interment at Alexandria. Va.. on Saturday. An iim at oo'ciock tr. THOMPSON'. In Charlestowa Village, Chester county. Pa., on August 17. 189.'. A amie, wife of ttev. Atwooa lnompsun. agen ii years. Services at the M. r - hurch. ou Saturdav morn. Ing, at 9. &i o'clock, and leave Auidhain Station. on the Frazer Branch, at li o'clocit. Int-rmtnt and services at Carlisle. Pa., an Monday, A ugust THOAIPUflV On Innxt A iaa T,...all nr son of Cieorseaud Annie Thompson. aced A months! ne relatives and lriends o me rami v are re- speciiuuy invited to atienu tne Mineral, on fun day afternoon at 2 o'clock, from his parent residence. SixMeth and Lombard streets. West Piul- adelphia. Interment Fernwood Cemetery. TIMLIN. On Aazust 18. 1392. John Timlin. aged 37 years. ine relatives and trieuds or rne ramllr are re spectfully iuvitd to attend the funeral. on Saturday morning, at 8.3J o'clock, from the residence of L. Myers, undertaker. 2457. Leithgow street. High mass at St. Edward's Church. Interment at Jiew Cathedral Cemetery. TOoSlKY. On August 18. 1S92, Myles, son of Farrell and the late Sarah Toomey. TROTH. on the 19t'i Inst.. Alice, widow of Samuel F. Troth, in the 8th year of her age. Due notice will be given ot the funeral. TURN ER. -On Augnst 18. 1892. James Turner. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, Tweuty-ilrst and Godfrev streets, soniuiei'ville. Interment at North wood Cemetei-y. WAKR1N GTO N On the 17th lnst In the -rth year of bor age. Abigail li,, wife of James War-llngtou. The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Seventh day. at 2 I. M-. from her late residence, 218 Penn street. Camden. Interment private. WKIL. -yn the 18th instant. Corlna. itiiinht.. 1 ol Marcus and Lizzie W ail. aged i year. WEBB, Ou Augiut U, Wi, Adolbart VTebb, son of Constant N. and the late Sallle A. Webb, in liis sist rear. VEt,-H. In Bilrterenort on Augnst 18, 1892, Mary Wel-h, in the -:5th year of her age. The relatives and Mends of the family ar- re-stiectrully Inviteil to attend the funeral, from ber late residence, 137 Fourth street. Bridgeport, on Saturday morning, at o'clock. High mass at St. Patrick's, at !. o'ciork. interment at Catholic Cetneterv. WHI rKHEAI). On Angust 18, Adelaide E.. danghrerof James and Adelaide E. Whitehead. 123 McKean street. on the 17th Inst.. Kate, wife of Samuel w under, aited 52 years. The relatives and friends or the family are Invited to a:tend the runeral services, at ber husband's roldence, 24 u North Seventeenth street, on Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Interment private, at Mount t'eace Cemetery. r A n Ell 1AK ERS. gCHUYLEK. ESTAfi. 163U FROAO andIl MOVT). tlXTH and JIAMONIX J'EI.KI'HON Krt4:tl. ESTAB'D. 1X44. TELEPHONE 475b, F. EAULEY 4 SON'. 1321 ARCH jiTREET. Uli. Fortieth rwt. 6. E. Cor. Mt. i n I l.'m ihll S. mi St. R. Pw BR I KG J I U P.ST. 3SX. ELEVENTH Street. Telephone No. 3f, CEMETERIES. PHIIiAPKLPHlA. WEST LAUREL HILL, City Office 130i KCH Street. Cemetery BEtiMO NT Ave. beyond th Park. Trains Broad Street Station to West f,anrel Hill Station. Informa tlon at city office or Cemetery. iORTHWOOD CEMETERY, OAK Ji Kane. Train 9th and Green and 3d and Berks. RELIGIOUS NOTICES. "fcpisKorAU T5 CHURCH OF THE INCARNA- J TION. l;rtiiAnand.lEFFEKM Sts. Key. JOSEPH 1. XKWL1N. l. D rector. Service on Sundays. Morning prayer and sermon, 1U.30A. M. Evening, b 1. .M. T CHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR. TIIIIU'Y-KIUHTH st.alove CHESTN UT. Open All Summer. Servteesatll A. M., amis P. H. T ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, ir EIGHTH Street above SPKUC'; Kev. Dr. W. F. I'ADDOCK. Kecior. Service II A. M. M 1SCEL.L. A XEOUS. T"5 FRIENDSHIP LIBERAL LEAOUE (Incorporated;. BROAD and WOOD Streets. Sunday. August 21. 2.30 P." M., Dr. JOHN KAYS v.ta give an address, sniiect: "The Cause and Effects or Lalxir strikes;" 7.30 P. M.. Trofessor V. II. CHAnEY. of Chlcaga will deliver a lecture, subject: The llllile. " Note All who lielleve the Hlblj to heJhe inspired word of Cio.1 are cordially Invited to-come and hear this lecture, as the Proiessor will prove that tt had Its origin in astronomy and astrology, silver ofterlng at door. Tlie clergy are ro'dlally Invited to reply to the lecture at i e close. T55 UNION SERVICE OF THE Congregational. Klfth Baptist and Spring Garden Methodist Churches. Services to-nioriow in i'oiigre-rattoual Church. EIGHTEENTH and I.KKRN Sircets. Preaching by Kev. EDWARD HAWES.l). 1)., of Biirliugiou. Vt., at 10. A.M. and 8 P. M. Morning sermon, "A Burning Heart." Evening, "The Unwritten of Life.' Welcome. FRANKLIN REFORMATORY HOME FOR INEBRIATES, Nos. 911. 913 and 9IS LOCUST. Snnday. Aug. 21. Bible study. P. M., by James W. Hazlehurst, Esq. Evening service and sermon. 8 o'clock, by Rev. E. K. Tiilll'ige. TueMlay eve.dng. Total Abstinence Meeting. So'clocK. Public cornially Invited. DENTJSTRV IF YOUR TEETH don't please: If von wish to loo yonthfui: If vonr means are limited, don't forget that Dr. P. S. ASSIDY. successor to Drs. N'eall Cassldv. 1011. Vine street. Inserts teeth that remove th wrinkles, producing' a youthful, plump and fresh apnea ranee. A'o eiiar'ge for na tolitri W.l an ordered. Temporary sets furnish rl. Broken teeth mended. Our low prices and easy terms Btirprlseevervbodv, Goldfllllng a specialty. Open evenings till and Sundays. ZELLERS' DENTAL LABORATORY CO.. 1H23 ARCH St. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE. An grist Is a dull month. Thirty days from July we will make a GOLD plate for $ or aluminum plate, 110; same as shown In sample case. Usual prices. SZi and fil. Call early. First come first served. PHILA. DENTAL ASSOCIATION 16S NORTH NINTH STREET. Below Ine. KeiaofTerth. Brat Set, $S. Warranted. Fresh gas dally, SO cents. o1d Fllllnc aSperialty. $1. and $3. Dentistry In all branches. DR. STOUGHTON, SPECIAL- 1st and exoert In artrflcial teeth, nortn. west corner TEN I'H and GREEN Streets. TeetH, hlled without palu; ga adiaiuUujrai: chargM moderate. Dpp KYLE ROHRBACK, DENTIST, 1819 N. ELEVENTH St, Gas administered. PERSONA Tj. FfilEDIRl:CRS' A LIST OF the PHILADELPHIA AND CAMDEN. N. J, NATIONAL BANKS. and nf all RELIABLE TRUST AND SAFE DEPOSIT COMPANIES will be found In every issue of the Cor.lMEKCTAL LIST AND PRICE CURRENT Pub'd by STEPHEN N. W1NSLOW. 141 Dock st G1 EO. W. JENKINS MANUFAC TURES EOR SALE. A FULL LINE OF CONFECTIONERY. CHOCtU.ATE CREAMS, SUGAR ALMON DS. LEMON. LIME and PEACH DHOfS. M AKSH M ALLOWS, AND PENNY GOODS, 126 MARKET ST. Tj ECLANCHE BATTERIES, 60 CTS.: lox Bells. 65 ets. up: Medical Battar-H. MAJORS CO.. ftI4 RIDGE ave. tes, .00 up, C25 STANDARD CASH REGISTERS. Call and see them. Large assort, of scales, cof- FFrCEAnVICiTlFREE BROWN. St. Cloud Pharmacy. SEVENTH and ARCH Sts. TJENSIONS UNDER NEW OR OLD A- Ijiws. W.- V. S1CKEL, Attorney, 7a WALNUT. Street. 82 ALARM CASH DRAWERS DK- Uvered; sendpostaL SUPPLEE.267 N. .Mntlu riASH PAID FOR STOCKS OF DRY goods and shoes. G. DREW. 1V' Mervlne st rpHE OLD ESTABLISHED CREDIT -i- House. E. FITZGERALD. 1011 POPLAR St B VSINESS CIIA V CES. ROCERY FOR SALE ONE OF the oldest retail grocery stores in the cltv. near Chestnut street: doing a good fancy trade: two competent young men would find this a rare opportunity, and i-ould not fail of success: required capital. nw to hmi. it iti, inquirer omce. Tv, MANUFACTURERS AND IN ventors A i tactical business man. with office central, will place new goods on market, and direct thorough systematical canvass of city. Ad- uress rostoniee BoxoOfi. 1'hlladelphla. CAIIVET CLEANING. KNICKERBOCKER CARPET CLEANING. M" AND 944 NORTH NINTH. Originators of tlie popular price. Two cents for all grades except Axminsters and Moqnettes. for which we charge one cent If less than 50 yards; if over SO yards the price is two cents. Cold, dry air process is used ly all carpet cleaners. S'orags free ouriiig summer nioutus. satisiactiou guaranteed or no cnarge. T YPE WR1 TE US. rpYPEWRITERS RENTED PHILA- JL delphla and vic'y. 4 mo. Summer rates. Ren talscau apply on pur. price. All makes at reduced prices, lypewriter Exchange, 13.1 s. r lfwi street. BILLIARDS AND POOL. "OILLIARD AND POOL TABLES XJ The Brnnswlck-Balke-Collender C's Billiard. Pool and Combination Tables. A Cull It i of all Billiard M aterUl. itepilrt attaidel to. A few second-hand Tables on hand. H. J. BERGMAN. Hj2 ARCH Street, t'hUad. "3 ILLI ARD, POOL AND COMBINA- XJ tlon tables, balls, cloth, cues, chalk, tips, etc. THUS. ;. BENN EE, I6 German town ave.. above ixford street. Few good second-hand tables on nana. FAXTED YIT"ASTED 500,000 . OLD BRICK ft aud lot of old lumber. Apply to FRED B. riuiau, ::iia tnhKALU streei. OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOUCHT. KJ LOEBELENZ. 14 North Eleventh street. LOSANDEDVND. T OST OR MISLAID CERTIFICATE jt-A so. ue. i;irn series, K. 1. lyson ttuiuiing aud Loan Association. Issued to Sarah Steitiback and trausterred to ashington Camp, No. 34. O. S. of A Application has been made for a new certificate. LLEWELLYN CO IE. Trustee. 1'IYORCE LAWYERS. A GOODRICH, Lawyer, 124 Dearborn .--su, Chicago. Z7yoarX, sjrssv; fjjiUUai la evanu aiate uoourusa on vivorca, ia cmi ii. JLMVSEMEXTS. THE GREATEST EXHIBITION EVER GIVEN IN PHILADELPHIA, MONDAY NIGHT, AUG. 22d, AT THE GREAT PANORAMA BUILDING, Broad and Cherry Streets THE GREAT AND ONLY PHOF. ID: R. tiLEAl America's King of Horse Tamers. Great Battle With 8 MAN-EATING- HORSES 3 Barney, the rx mon, the vicious stallion from Jersey. Jrckthe Kipper, from Lun-' caster, and the Middletown Terror. These horses hare kill jd four men, and they are to meet the great Horse Tamer on Monday Night, August 22, at Broad and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia. 1'ROF.O.R.GLEASOX will handle Barney, the Demon, in a 21-foot pen , that will be built in the middle of the creat building. Gleaaon will enter this pen at 8.15 for the greatest fight, with a vicious man-eating horse, of his life. . It will be a nght to a finish. MAX AGAINST HORSE. Seats will be built for, 5,000 persons. Prof. Gleason will attempt to subdue all three horses inside or three honrs, performing the greatest feat of his LIFE. Exhibition will commence at Admission (2,000 seats). 50 cents. 1,000 Reserved Scats, $LO0. Box Office open Monday morning at 9 o'clock for sale of reserved seat tickets. THE BI.IOC. Eighth Street above llaee. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE From 12 M. to li. 30 P. M. COOLEST THEATRE IN THE CITY. OPEN ALL SUMMER. MONSTER BILLS OF REFINED VARIETY. Favorite Resort of Ladles and Children. 'rcreMm. :5c. Balconv. 20c. I Callery. l PEOPLE'S THEATRE. Kensington avenue and Cumberland street To-Night. To-Night. Grand Opening of the Seasoti. THE BLACK DETECT V -. A Great Sensational Comedy Drama. RASE BALL,. PHILADELPHIA BALL PARK. Broad and Huntingdon. Sat'trilav. August 20. Kensington Y. M. Athletic and Cramer R.B. Teams. Ad. 10c.. Including Urand Staml. Game called at A. v jyi S A AD L I o UfRj c ALTFORNIA WINES AND BRAN- dim. fiETTER HFOS.. nf San Pmvri-teo. Cal. Philadelphia Dejvot. 8"0 to 806 North THIRD Street. Claret and whi'e. mines fmm 7'hs per onllnn and upwards: port, sheri-v. muscatel, sweet ca-tmrb'i an" annetim. from $1. 0V per gallon and upwards: rye whiskies from $2.00 per gallon and wi iw'ffji. j4r go tttt tO.aulutely pure anddire.ct from vineyards and distilleries. All orders by mall prompt iy delirere l. I'.AJSOS AND ORGANS. THE PHILADELPHIA PIANO CLUBS. Since this enterprise has been In operation, many a family has secured a Piano It could not have obtained la any other way. No one will scarcely feel the small outlay of f 1 per week, which are the terms of the Club, and no one who has taste for music should be without a Piano, now that It Is made so easy to possess one. Mr. Edmund Wol- sleffer, the Manager of the Philadelphia Piano Clubs, will be glad to explain the plan of the Clubs to any one who will call at his office. No. 1117 Ches- nut street, where he can be found every morning, from 9 to J o'clock. CtOi PIANOS. II Iff' ORGANS. WM. i. FISCHER. 1221 CHESTNUT St. HALLET & DAVIS AND WEBER Pianos. B. F. Owen Co.. 1416 Chestnut st. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. S3 STREET CAR LIORSESAND mares; one mare lu foal: biggest bargains ever offered: selling ent ou account of staiting electric cars; no offer refused. Stable. 4141 WAK- Rr.N street, back 4134 Lancaster avenue, bark ot jiarket street cable car depot, vi est l'htladelohla. J. UUtKLtl. v DAREtJ HINDOO OINTMENT t cures Rliigbones, Spavin, Cum. Shoulder Lameness, Splint and other horse diseases, as many horsemen have certified. after other so-called cures have failed. Price, with lustruc's l, Frank- Dare. Druggist. Bridge ton. N.jJ JUNCTION HOTEL, HENRY & DF.KR. Proprietor. Sale and Exchange Stable, G ood horses always on hand. BROAD Street and LEHIGH Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. CHA men ARLES CASSIDY, GENTLE- Wiardlng Stables: ssi N. Twentieth street. Cliestuut Hill Stables, Main, above Hart- well avenue. EDUCATION A L. Evening instruction In Carpentry. Bricklaying. Plasterlue. Stone Cutrlmr. Blacksinithinir. Painting and Plumbing. -Terni, nine months: commencing September I, lS9i Address 18 to 24 South Seventh Street. W. A. H. ALLEN. Superintendent. LIFE SCHOLARSHIP IFE SCHOLARSHIP FIFTY DOLLARS. FIFTY DOLLARS. PALMS BUSINESS COLLEGE PAHiS BUSINESS COLLEGE 1700 CHrSTNUT STREET. 1709 CHESTNUT "TREET. NTGilT SCHOOL TWELVE DOLLAR. NIGHT SCHOOL TWELVE DOLLARS. TTRl ENDS' CENTRAL OR HIGH XJ SCHOOL EIFTEKNTH and RACE Streets. Philadelphia. Will reopen Ninth month (Sertemnar) IZ, 18i BOYS' DEPARTMENT, GEORGE L. MARIS. A. M.. Principal. GIRLS' DEPARTMENT. ANNIEsHOEdAKER. Principal. For circulars apply to Friends' Book Association. F1FTEE .'1 11 aud RACE Streets. Pk.wstlvavta. Litirz. Lancaster Co. LINDEN HALL SEMINARY 9th vear will begin Sept. 14th. A safe. comfortable school home. Special attention to Individual scholars. Liberal course of study. Rational methods of instruction, circulars mailed on request. "ITTEST WALNUT STREET SEMI f T nary for Young I -adles, '.lith year, is pro vided for irlvinir a superior education In Collegiate, Eclectic and preparatory iiepnrtments: aiso in Muse and Art. Mrs. HENRIETTA KUTA, 3)44 WALN UT Street. Philadelphia. rpHE LINGLE CAMPBELL COL- A lege. Slinrthnnd-Typewriting. Bookkeeping .inilO i:PI.l l.U UHADI ATEH. Caulogue free. 13 Chestnut street. "VTORTH WALES, PA., ACADEMY AND SCHOOL OF BUSINESS-Twenty- slxih year under same management. Opens Sep tember 7. ew catalogues. S. U. liUIINNKR. P. O. J50X 41. OT. GEORGE'S HALL, FOR BOYS kj and young nren. t. George's. Md.: Prof. J. C. Klnear. A. M.. Prlnclial: college or busi ness: noted for thoroughness, lieaitn. comiort, suu at ion and reasonable charges. - rpHOROUGH PIANO LNSTRUCTION A exchanged for available merchandise stock. etc. ; 00 ets. lesson, vo cts. ior two. Aaure&s uays, X41, Inquirer office. TTRIENDS' ACADEMY. WOODS- XJ town. N. J. Thorough, healthfnl, homelike. Rates moderate. QWITHIN C. SHORTLIPGE'S MEDIA v J ( a. ) Acaaemy ior ooys opens sepiemoersu Circulars free. . VERYTHING IN MAPS FOR schools. J. L. SMITH. 27 South SIXTH St TRUSSES. .TESTIMONIALS LN A BUSI ' 9 " Dess w hicii has grown from a very sm Vl kind In the world. It Is need lens to say Jiow many aud gootltertimonials we might publlsb If so disposed. There are several reasons why we do not publish them, the foremost being the fact that wo do not apnrova of sensational advertising, nor the making known of the names of ruptured persons. The fact that we clieerfully refer to any piiysician or surgeon, medical college pr hospital, most ot which know something of us. Is sufficient proof ot our ability and disposition to do mechanically all that can he .lone in any case of hernia or ruptnre. however difficult or comnllcated. 1. B. SEELKY A CO., 25 South ELEVENTH street The skillful mechanical treatment of hernia or rupture a spe-claltv. ARD RUBBER TRUSSES SIN- gle. t3: doable. 16. Tady and gentleman attendant fLAVl.LL'5, 1004 bPRLNCJ GARDEN WMitt MILIEUS' MECHANICAL TRADE SGMLS AFARTMENTS FOR RENT, IMTIE1TS AT THE n PARTMENTS have aU large front fl rooms, handsomely finished, with u u separate bath and conveniences suver plated electroliers and gas fixtures; best heating and ventilating system ; handsome parlors and reception rooms; the dining, tea and banqueting rooms are nnished and furnished with the finest of carpets, draperies and fur niture specially made to order; white and gold colonial china, cut glass and silver service, all of special design and made to order. ' BEST PROTECTION FROM FIRE In this particular the Colonial is un questionably in the lead, every possible addition to its original many safeguards having been made. ALL FRONT ROOMS, with two large and substantial iron fire escapes to connect with every apartment, together with its many balconies and separate stairways, and with an all night watch service on every floor. Can be seen by permit from WM. F. DEAKYNE, 623 Walnut Street. A CCTIOS SALES. A. G. LlrHINf OTTA CO.. Anettoneens. 4 MARKET Streot. TOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF XI advertisers. THE INQUIRER has estab lished the following BKANIT OFFICES: UPTOWN. EITTHsnd CTTMBERLAND Sts.. 9. W. comer. steltiter's Pharmacy. GERMANTOWN Ave No. I6T2, JIattern'i Pharmacv. TENTH St. and MONTGOMERY Ave., S. F, corner. .1. C. Sanderson's Pharmacy. FIFTEENTH St. and COLflMBl A Aye., 3. E. corner. F. J. Purdue's Drug Store. COLUMBIA Ave.. bo. 2113. W. F. Beller1! Pharmacv. TWELFTH and VI VF. tv. S. K. eornsr. C, G. Frowert's Pharmacv. TWENTIETH and CIIRr-RV 'ts.. N. W, corner, H. B. Llnpencott's Drug store. RIDGE and GIRARD Ayes., Eastern corner, bmyser's Pharmacy. DOWN TOWN. TWFVTr-TTTTHD and SOUTH Sts.. nr. Hoi land's Thrmaev. NINETEENTH and CHRISTIAN Sts., N. F, corner. Dr. MUWs Pharmacv. THIRTEENTH and DICKINSON St,. 8. Vf corner. Bmyser's Pharmacy. WEST PHILA DELPHI A. FORTIFT" and LANCASTER Ave.. S. K. cor ner. Smrser's Pharmacv. Advertisements to be Inserted the next day shonld f left at Branch Offices before. 30 P.M. All ad vertisements will lie charged at regular office rates. ADVERTISEMENTS That may be inserted In The PtttTj ADvtjPm a IW' onmF.R at the rate nf ONE CENT A WORD. BOARDING. ROOM. DOOM AND BIRD. WANTS, MISCELLANEOUS. Sat solid In Arte tvne, SITUATION"! WANTED ONLY FIVE CENTS A LINS HELP WANTED FREE 1 Tl advertUemma under the cta&xifl cation of BELP WASTED ViV fe tnrerfed in thit column FREE, tiith tl'e rrcrrtion of Antit Wanted, or uhieh TES CESIfiper line is charged. Ia Answering Advertisement Plenaa Mention The Inqnlrer. nELr WAN 1 ED. MALK. B OY TO LEARN PAPER HANGING. Call before 7 A. M. 1612 Passvnnk avenue. B OY WANTED. 1215 Race street. BOYS TO LEARN TO FEED PRINT-Ing presses. Novelty Box Co., N. W. cor. Twelfth and Noble streets. CUTTER AND TAILOR; MUST BE fitst-elass hand: none others need apnlv; steady work for good man. Address J. H. Mey ers, Box 491. Gettysburg. Pa. GARDENER AND FARMER WITH wife who ran make butter, on gentleman's place: tenant house ou. Address B 32, Inquirer Office. WANTED A FIRST-CLASS OPn-clan and salesman. Must have good refer ences. Address, slating salary .required, to A. S. Aloe & Co.. St. Louis. TTTANTED SALESMAN ON T f salary or commission to handle the new patent chemical Ink erasing pencil: the greatest selling novelty ever produced: erases ink thoroughly In two seconds: no abrasion of paper; 2i0 to wil per cent, profit: one agent s sales amounted to ts:o In six davs, another V-in two hours; we want one energetic general agent for each State and I'errltorr. Enr terms and narticnlars address rhA Monroe Eraser Manuf'g Co., X. 3, Lacrosse. Wis. WANTED SWITCHMEN AND general yardmen. Steady work and highest rate of wages. Call at 240 South Fifth street. YOUNG COLORED BOY TO MAKE himself generally useful in a private family. Southeast cor. sixteenth and Tasker streets. -V"OUNG MAN, HEALTHY AND 1 strong. In religious book store as a general helper or porter. Must be active and wllllnir to work. Address, f.rences. N Ik Inquirer office, giving ref- FEMALF. EXPERIENCED MENDERS ON fine worsted suitings; good pav: steadv work. A. Priestley A Co.. Sixth aud Jefferson avenue. Camden. N.J, FINISHERS ON PANTS 922 ARCH St.: fourth floor; side entraure. CURL FOR GENERAL HOUSE-T work, to sleep home. Apply 4327 Aspen St.. West Philadelphia. G IRL BY SEPT. 1st. HALF GROWN girl as child's uure and to assist at house work In small family: good home: must be well recommended. Address by letter only. 3U36 Llndeu square, riinaoeipnia. H A.NDS ON CANTON FLANNEL drawers. E. Brubaker, 319 Market- Address ! 33, Inquirer. REFINED NORTH GERMAN AS housekeeper. Address R. 25, Inquirer omce. w OMAN TO CARE FOR SICK Twentieth street MONET IO LOAN. EWEW'sTORTirEEVENra street Established 153. I'rlvaW oH ;s. lui and 1102 F1LBKKI' street Liberal advaucos ot diamonds, watches. Jewelry, etc LEGAL NOTICES. EstTtefhTrl DECEASED. Letters of Administration ou the above estate having been granted to the undersigned, all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to make pavment. and these having claims to present I'm saine without delav. to aiaki k. A 1. 1 r.. I4i South NINTH Street Or to ber Attorney, IRVING E. ZIEGLER. 134 South NINTH Street ESTATE OF THOMAS H. BACON, deceased. letters testamentary on the above Estate having been granted to the undersigned, all persons indebted to the said Estate are requested to make payment and those bavlug claims to present the same without delay, to WILLIAM H. BACOX. 1606 South FRONT St TESTATE OF JANE GRAHAM, DE- .A-J ceased, letters testamentary on the above KNtutA having been r ran ted to tlie underslrneil. all persons indebted to the said Estate are requested to dI4 pavniem. anu muro uaviug ciai ma to pre sent tne same wium ucwt. mi WILLI A M I (KK H A RT. 2026 East SUSQULHAN NA Ave. Or to bit Attorney. JAMES E. HOOD. 420 WALNUT street GROCERIES. rriABLE SYRUP 10a QT., COFFEES JL from 20c up. "Hotne Brand " Plantation Java coffee, 36c, JlcGOVEKN t SON", 214 ilarket. vm SPRUCE ST. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE "WEST FHllVDJjeHlA. I BEAUTIFUL HOMES., The most desirable location in the City. T0 DOt-miss it Trie llohUM .ir rninnilA in every respect. Hardwoods, Electrio appliances, and Ml modern conveniences known. The ground is hizrh and convenient to all the cars that run to West Phila delphia. Two minutes from 40th Street Station : opposite ehnrch and near schools, markets and stores. Corner Fnirmonnt and Sloan, tmd corner Aspen and Sloan. A rare opportunity to get all that i desirable; in home and locality. - ALBERT R NORTON, Owner, FORTIETH axd FAIRMOUNT AVENTJB. f ELEGANT NEW Miik 7. S, 10 AND 12-ROOM HOUSES THE MOST CONVENIENT LfV'ATIOS OT EST PHILADELPHIA, me square from Fortieth -t. Station. P. R. R, First and second floors finished In quartered oak. Has all modern lmprovem-nt J. H. VIllELEH. Builder and Owner. umce. D.M .. OJtTY-SECON D S'. FOR SALE A BEAUTIFUL 12-ROOM, IU ! YARD HOUSE. NEW FINISHED IX HAKD WOOD AMI CONTAINING ALL THE LATEST CON VENIENCES; CAN BHS BOUGHT AT A BAROAIN: TWO MINUTES' WALK FROM EOKTY-FIRST STRKET STATION AND FOUR LiNES OF STKEET CAP.3. GEO. W. C BAKEK A Cia. 4119 LANCASTER AVE. WE HAVE SIX HOUSES ON Klngsessing avenne, between Forrv-sixth and Eony-seventh streets, fo-sale. They are only two auda-half mocks frsm the Fortr-nlnth street Station. Jut about completed. "Every ennvrnien e one could require and In a perfect neighborhood. Price. 9i7.'iO. C ome and look at them. MILLIG N A. M:DONALI. 4810 WOODLAND Avenue; 635 WALNUT Street, or on the premises. SUBURBAN, i OAK LANE SALE, GREAT l bargain, to close operat on. beautltul new i:4-rooin urick coitae. ' Ellwood avenne; modern conveniences: electric Uartts; perfect hi ine. JYlKlil. 344 south l in tfc.MH. SEASinH. THE PLEASANT VILLE LAND COM-pany has Instructed ns to sell twenty-five of their choice lots st PleasaiitvlUo. opposite Atlantic city, tnis w-ek. for Wi each, worth fiiH: suet and sidewalks built and curbed free ot expense ut lot nniuers: AO-foot stre-ts: large lots: every lot gives a fine view of Atlantic City and bars: finest of fishing, sailing, driving' md train service. Sold ou instalments of f 1 per week. l'. I" KISL.C1, 140 ss. sixth su. rbiia. AVAIiON, Jersey coa THE GEM OF THE erser tlie iMMt. tiAaet, It, th worm. Groves of heavy timlier. miles of pleasant walk and drives. A climate unsurpassed. Lots for sale; cottages for sale or rent: prices low. terms reasonable. GEORGES. KUMMEL. 140 South THIRD street, Philadelphia. flOO CLEAR 10-ACRE FARM, near Atlantic ' Ity; fronts on aveaue: best poultry, fruit, truck laud. t worth wood on It, railroads: commutation fare to Philadelphia, 2S cents; sclnwls, churclies. stores, etc; or 50 for 5 acras; cash or Instalments. Dr. GEHR1NG. 428 WALNUT Street. SALE OR EXCHANGE-SEV-eral bargains in Atlantic City bote's nd cot tages. MERoHON BROS., 1416 CHESTNUT. 1508 ATLANTIC Avenue. COUNTRY. wmY tl oil AT A SACRIFICE. LOT 25X100 FEET In a thriving town. Twenty miles from Ph,llad" v Address H. IS, Inquirer Office. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT. CITY. OR RENT. STORES. N. E. cor. Arch and Eighth streets. o. 019 Market street. No. 1624 Chestnut street. No. 17 South Ninth street. No. 17 Soiu h Second street. So. 8! South Second street. No. 234 and 236 North Delaware avenue. No. 1 Bank street. No. 21.". and 217 North Front street. No. 1709 Filliert street. No. 2S5 south Ninth street. DWELLINGS. No. 127 Arch street. No. 1629 Chestnut street. No. 1706 Chestnut street, upper floors. No. I()S South Seventeenth street. N o. 124 Sou th Twenty-second streot; No. 2"27 Pine streot. No. 913 Spruce street. No. 2109 An street. No. 12S Ra.-e street. . No. 61S North Thirty-second street. No. 863 North Twenty-sjxth street. J. M. GUMMEY & SONS. 733 WALNUT St, - FOR RENT. ZM. CITT. isoi Montgomery avenne, 12roomA bath.. l:i Norris k-reet, 8 rooms, bath, open .140.00 . 2S.IO . so.te L.0CUS1, street. 10 rooms, oarn 815 North Tenth street, 12 rooms, bath 444 North Fourth street. 12 rooms, bath, open. WEST PHILADELPHIA. (Keys. 3901 Aspen street.) 77;i"nlon street. 8 rooms, bath 616 North Forty -Mitli street. 9 rooms, bath... SUBURBAN. Merchantville. 12 rooms, bath 40. 4a 00 ,?n.flO . 20.09 .84S.0O . SO. (VI Chestnut HI IL 9 rooms, stable ilb Airy. IP rooms, barn.. ".S0 JOHN" D. PESSANO. 907 Walnut street jp CHA RLES M ATTHE WS, JR. , B RO. liaN. K.cor. ISTH and COLUM BrA AVE.. Phi la. M29 N. 17th (. yd. )6'i. no I 1532 Columbia Ave. yi. 09 2344 N. Broad st 65 00 , Coltun Av.ABeacon C'fl 17'i Park Ave 1.00 I 154 1 Herbine Ave.. 28.o i:9 N. 1.1th St in. on I M!7 Encllil Ave.... 4T,.01i 40 Beacon St. ..I . IS. 00 I !8S N. Uth St 2S..W 31 '9 Columbia Ave. 45.oi 1 17:M N. ISth St V,.o. 18.7 N. nth St j 1833 Wiltington St.. 20.00 1413 Euclid Ave.... 35. 00 i 1921 N. 19thSt 33.,a $ FOR RENT 1212 RIDGE AVE., ji. store and dweliinir. all convs Mom 6.1". X. 12r....45."0! 13T7 Mt.Vernon.8r. 16 Wallace. 10 r.. 3.1.00 1 707 N . 13th. s.d... 4.01 1321 FairmouiiL 12 r .no 1 1431 N. 1Mb. tor... Km 8i2 N. 21st. 10 r.... 3n.uci2 Wiley's ave.. Jr. 9 00 1206 Ogden. 6 r 19 00 !: ntario. Sr.... 2S.O0 1126 Brown, 10r.. ".O0 I 22Si Mt Vernon.ll r .( 1823 Master. 10 r.... 4-1.00 I :2 Mt Vernon. I2r40.,0 J. R. MASSE Y & SON. 13th and GREEN Sts. m FOR RENT THE DW ELLIN (3 ill. No. 10A South Seventeenth scrset. Uric bjiaa Chestnut street Very desirable for professional or business . Apposes. Has every convenience. J. IL GUMMEY ft WT. 733 W A L N CTT Str. m 2110 N. 3D, 8 R. AND BATH..?2aoi Pa. 4744 0n-Ttst 5 rooms s.00 1612 Frank ford ave.. 6rorms 11C0 JACOB l HESS, 1782 FRANKFORD Ave. TO RENT 1203 LOCUST STREET, beautifully painted and papered, arranged with everv convenience. Real estate investment co.. 721 WALNUT Street WEST PHILADELPHIA. fi F. IL McCANN. REAL ESTATE Broker, 381 1 LANCASTER Ave., oltersfor rent: 313 N. 42d st, 7 r.. 22. 00 I SCTHollvst. r..l4.1 6fi5 N. 45th St.. 7 r. 14. 00 7 Rockland tir I t 00 8N49 Melon St., 7 r. 18.0.1 1 37' Rockland st6r. 13. 10 36 N. 37th sr.. 6 r. is.00 ' SI07 i.lrard ave.6 r. 13.10 912 Markoest.. 7r lfi.oi 1 1 Craig's av. 4 r 10.60 61 Charles tor.. 7r 16.00 I NEW JERSEY. CHANCE TO MAKE-530,000 PER year. To let 20 acres of clav land lor brick yard. Ten fe-t deep: 20 years' lease. 28 cents per thousand: strong white ciay; fine loam for presi bricks: red and blue clav for pouerv. and fine editor brass foundry : also for buff bricks. In MeKee city, . !.. ironrtngon west Jersey Railroad. 10 miles from Atlantic City. Good market for bricks. where they nse 10. onn. not) yearlv and send to New York for saino owing to the fai t there Is no brick yard near. J. McK EE. 1030 LOM B A RD Street MORTGAGES. WANTED MORTGAGES ON CEN-tral pi ope rues, at 4 md 5 percent ; other sums at current rates: r round rents wnirnl. f R D. RICHARDSON, 221 south FIFTH street M ONEY FOR CITY OR COUNTRY mortgage. F. W. 4 M. I). SMITH. 1232 ARCH. ROOMS TO RENT. FURNISHED ROOM FAMILY strictly private: Broad, near Parrish: apit lit-rarv gentleman: 30 mouthly. Address for a days, X 41 Iuq uli er office. PROPOSALS. HEALTH OFFICE. I.OOU 615 CITY HALL. PIIILADKLPHIA. August 17. 18S2. Sealed Proposals will be received In this olca until 12 o'clock noon. TUE-DAY. August 30 lu-slant for the abaiemsut of the following nuisance: Nuisance No. 1057. Defective drainage, premises No. 1925 Cherry atreet. Tenth wai-d. To ba drained to sewer. Nuisance No. 2344. Defeetiee drainage premises Nos. IS and 19 South Sixteenth street Ninth ward. To be drained to sewer. N ulsance No. 4076. Defective drainage, premise Nos. 2155 North Eighth and 2152 Franklin streets. Twentieth ward. To be drained to sewer. Nuisance No. 427. Defective drainage. premls Nog. 135. 1837. 1838 and 1841 Lombard street To be firainrrdf to sewer. Proposal for each nuisance must be In separata envelopes w.tll the nuisance number Indorsed tbweon. , Plans and specifications maybe seen In this 0fllCe- M. VEALE, Health Officer.

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