The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 21, 1901 · Page 6
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1901
Page 6
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fr , A THE PHILADELPHIA IKQTJIPEB THURSDAY MOKNTN"G, NOVEMBER 21, 1901 ftps! H ImMm K r S V - VI I One Week r n t! H o II ki r . . . I 8 oav n North of Market St. ."Jt "in ; si; or : . JfMiti I'.iii ii. oimt Avciino. V.'hr Avcin.c. :!10 Nortii Ninlli .-i.m.'t. VMM Kiftt- Aw-mif. i';!"-' J.'i'ii- Acinif. isitl I r i I l Acimv 1 : I.'il-' Av.nuc. 1 I ', S i lli I n rit y-iiuTi Ih .t jmt 'uliiii.l.i.i .emtf-. -7-'i7 "UTiti'i.t A vr-imc. '2 li'-'I ) ; hi . . i ni:i'. U'17 M..i -i ii str.- :. JulJ Html io-..iim siicei. liniif Amiuh. '':;iu X-.n'ii Tliirt :nli Micet. I I nn I; .i jr A inif . JIG ..; ! I i:icfiitli Mr. -of. 1 I I ' .i 1 1 in iii!, A veil PC. Jt.-'.o ( .i!'.v- lull Min i. "' (."" .lnr i 1 1 1 1 1 "Mte!. : '." 1 "'. i Ii i n n stn rf . UTns ( Atnii'. 1 Nutii In cut niiii !i Si. 1 1 "' i;ii:n.t A f 1 1 1 1 - 1 I'll V i il N'i chill Si I ,-! . 1 1 IS I ',,!!!'.!. 1.1 CllUO. :'lnl .,itli Tuehtli sticit. I'iu'i Suq i. iiaim i .rmi". '2ii .Wi-li sixteenth Sticri. -")l Willi KiuJitccntli Street. I'.llTI v!iiin ii.ililia Avciilio. Nm; Ii Klltteonth street. ::W,1 .Nmtli FiiWcntli street. :i::ni N.n'!i Twentieth Street. 1 1 M I ( ici in. 'ii tow it Avenue, tin I Su.n. Ii ttmi Aeiiue. I 'd ;n,' ntou n Awnuc. ,';imii) ( ;( i ii.,- u i on n A,venue.-:;."IO lernii Mitow n Avenue. 4Ml's ( ;. i rn.i nt ow n Avtntie. r'St Jei rm-iitow n Aenue. "ItC i Wi in,! ntow a Avenue. t'.L'.'JN ( ;rrm.intou n Avenue. 71 .North Second Street. .;". "est Jir.-iid A etiue. !) Cinnd Avenue. L'V-'S Ilicliniond Street, lvi-t York Street. vv e are neanns tne great day or family reunion and good cheer. Let the feast be a bountiful one. It can easily be so in every home, be it humble or luxurious, if the housewife will but look to the Butler stores for her wants. Why wait until the last moment to purchase the Thanksgiving supplies? Prepare now for the great day while our stocks are bright, new, fresh and complete. IN EVERY ONE OF OUR NINETYTWO STORES our counters and shelves are groaning under the weight of the dainties they are forced to carry to supply the thousands who will naturally turn to us for their Thanksgiving wants Enough for everyone, but to induce early purchases and relieve the pressure of next week we offer these splendid Specials for Thursday, Friday and Saturday If there is any one article on sale in our stores that we are particularly proud of, it is that justly famous 3 CENT BRAND CORN and well we may be proud of this particular article, as under the Crescent brand we know we have the finest corn packed in the state of Maine; young, tender and deliciously sweet. .Fancy Maine corn usually sells in other stores at 12 cents if it were double that price it could not be better than ours. THIS SALE 7 CENTS A CAIN ! r PRUNES FANCY CALIFORNIA We have just received a consignment of the choicest Prunes grown in the famous SANTA CLARA VAULEY Fine, dark, mety fruit, every pound of them. They average about fifty to the pound. SPECIAL FOR THIS SALE 2 Pounds for 15c NEW CITRON FINEST GLACE LARGE PIECES 2 Pounds, 25c. 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A QUART - - 6c OAT FLAKES, Crescent Brand, 2 pound package 8c APPLE BUTTER, Mason quart jars.... lOc ASSORTED JELLY, new goods, a glass 4c PRESERVES, assorted fruits, Mason . quart jars 15c FLORIDA ORANGES, nice and juicy, a dozen... 20c MINCE MEAT, choice quality, a pound.. 7c OLIVE OILr finest imported, pint bottle 2'Jc, 14 pint 19c THYME, SAGE, MARJORAM or SAVORY, a package lc Plum Pudding The Famous Richardson & Robbins Brand This is a standard article, so the price is known to every housekeeper compare our quotation with what you have been in the habit of paying elsewhere. 1 POUND CAN, I7c 2 POUND CAN, 33c -WJ Franktord Avenue. 2091 Frank ford Avenue. 4107 F'rankford Avenue. 2."')2 Kensington Avenue. "29-49 Kensington Avenue. 2903 Xorth Front street. 2901 Xorth Fifth .Street. 2100 Lawrenre Street. - M01 North Fifth Street. South of Market St. 1729 South Second Street, 3."2 McKean Street. 15M) South Fifth Street. .; 2101 South Seventh Street. IO.jO Jat-kson Street. 1715 South Twelfth Street. outli Sixteenth Street... 170t Dickinson SI reel. (MM South Seventeenth Street. 172i South Twentieth Street. 1201 South Twenty-first Street. 2210 South Street. 1.32 point Tlreez'e Avenue. 1241 South Twenty -eighth bt. C227 Wharton Street. West Philadelphia 332$ Market Street. 3951 .Market Street. 4-S13 Woodland Avenue. 030 Woodl ind Avenue. 7218 Woodland Avenue. 3700 Lancaster Avenue. 3911 Lancaster Avenue. 717 Xorth Thirty-ninth Street. 1135 Xorth Fortieth Street. 1115 Haverford Avenue. 41-45 Lancaster Avenue. 4500 Lancaster Avenue. 5151 Master Street. 5542 Vine Street. Camden 247 Hoyden Street. 701 Federal Street. Manayunk 4321 Main Street. 4457 Main Street. 1 n m - ii BUT ORE THOUGHT 'NOW BEAT THE BLUE" to ih' luiiuh'i-r. CAMI'.rMlH'.K. Nov. I'd. Harvard is f"F Y;i!. Tlic lat l.iy tf hard practice is over, atnl nil that rui;iins is tu carry out the ex-tiiivtjitinu r the i iw. lies. t' "wipe Vale from tin- l'M-e of the earth.' There is tto niiai of .ivT-c"nti(leiiee in the ciiuis-ii ramp, nor t thit lepirssion. There is a felln5 Just heiweeu the two that Harvard has tin re than an average team, and that th- team ha mur- of the right spirit to w iu thnn any tlat ever represented the Cambridge lmiTcrsiiy. They reeomiize Vale's ttrenctb. and i verv ";ieb declared that il is P"lnK to be the in.ii-l lietly cent i sted battle that bas ever b'--ii siet:. The In ker l iiildinur was a scene of great 1 iot-in- lo-niciit. '1 he member of the Scrub team broke training ai't-r two months of the most careful livinu. and the tine weather put spirit, and - urhusiasm into the members of the 'Var- sitv. Tber was sinin and 't-heerins. and the whole atujotphtre was one of sreat encouragement. The prai-tiee to-day was asuin of a decidedly encouracins natuie. Iu two halves of twenty minutes each with the Scrub the 'Varsity scored four touchdowns Tho work was clean and fast. The punfiiis: of K0ruan and Kisttne'was excellent, and the work of the back Bold was sure and iecdy. The defense, as yesterday, was a little off color. Harvard will enter the -srame Satnrday with the strong'-st team that it is possible to cet from the oolleee that is. (here are no jnen crippled. If Harvard is defeated she will have-no excuse to offer from this source. YALE IS A PUZZLE So Says Walter Camp After Watching the Practice N'KW IiAVKX. Nov. 20 (Special . "The team is a puzzle." said 'Walter Camp this afternion. after watching the 'Varsity and college el'-vens struccle on a gridiron at the Vale field for a quarter of an hour. Heyond this he would not commit bimself. and seemed to be in a blue study as be pondered over the situation. The team is believed to be one that Harvard will find hard to solve. A surprise was meted out to hpectators to-day when the entire "Var-sitv team, with the exception of Goss and le-Saulles. went into the game for a short line-up. George Stallings says be is out of bac ball for good. Manager Armour. f the Cleveland American League team, has signeil Honner; of the Montreal team of the Kastern League, to play second has" for the Cleveland for the season of ltt02. llouner will replace I-.rve Beck. Eie Down Played. Out- "I am all run down and played out. Nothing I take seems to do me any good. My food doesn't taste .q;ood, and I have no desire for it- I don't sleep well, and i get up every morning listless and weary." This story is told in every physician's office in the country from one to twenty times a day by as many people. These same people not only tell this story to their physician, but they tell it to their friends and to their family. Johann Kofi's Malt Extract is the thing such people haven't tried. If they had they would be different people, for nothing in the world changes such a condition so quickly as. this great food assimilator which has come to us from the old world. Taken with meals J oh an si Hoffs Malt Extract becomes the perfect food, digester, and within a very few days the sufferer legins to brighten up. His food is doing him good It is being assimilated and digested. ' The stomach has received the required aid, and flesh and blood and nerve energy show it. Energy is capital. It is good nature. It is usefulness. The half-starved man or woman cannot be expected to be energetic. Get the benefit of your food, and nature doe's the rest. Johann Hoff's Malt Extract helps nature by aiding the stomach. If you are played out and dis-, couraged, try this delicious tonic a few times with your meals. . ' ' '. V 'Dr. Daniel Thayer of Boston, -write?: "I have tried JoTiatn Hoff's-M!t Extract, and believe it to be a valuable tontc. I recommend it to patients reeding a valuable help when suffering from debility or overwork. .... ....... KefiiMr tl i-brap swlled ' Malt Eitrarts-thf ar ahsolutfly Tvoruile ,et the leuuia .1 ohau a Hott's and you will not be d ia i'i'i " ted . ' , , , ' -' - EISNER 4. MENDELSON CO., Sole Agents, New.York. PEI DEFEATED 24 TO D BY THE WEST POINT TEA! From a Staff Correspondent. TVEST POINT.- X. Y.. Nov. 20. The Cadets, who have played three members" of the Kig Four hard games, to-day scored a victory over the fourth member, and Pennsylvania, beaten by the Naval Cadets aud Columbia, chalked up another defeat. Tbe score was 24 to . It was Pennsylvania's . first game with the West Point boys, aud consequently their lirst trip to Uncle Sam's soldier academy. It was a disastrous one. but the welcome that the Quakers received made' up la part for the horrible defeat. Pennsylvania is well liked by the army people, and they did their best to make things as pleasant as possible for their guests. They turned out all the cadets on dress parade In honor of Pennsylvania. ' They could afford to be generous, for their team was to swamp the Ked aud I'lue warriors In a manner that was rather unlocked for, tmt no more unexpected than, the game that the Philadel-phians played. . Never has a big college team gone on the field iu such miserable condition as did Peun to-day. The men. besides being handicapped by injuries, showed traces of the hard work that they have been subjected to this .vear. It did not take the eye of an exp-rieuood trainer to see that most of the nun were cither suffering from tbe effects of over-training or overwork. It Is over-work that made IVnu so slow to-day. and put the white and pinched faces on a number of the men. Since before the Harvard game the men have if-en working very hard, and that, with their injuries, had made them stale. Penn had been warned of the condition of bcr men. In almost every game during the latter end of the season the players have showed igns of physical weakness. But there were new- plays to learn, and the men were kept at their work until to-day they were unable to get up any steam, and in some cases actually avoided work, not through any wish to quit, but because they were unable to accept the task set for them by the husky army lads. Pennsylvania sained ground . against the Cadets, aud her new plays worked well, as the men were able to work them, but fumbles aud inability to advance at critical times cut off her cbanceg of scoring. Many time tne rnu tier would low.- the ball in going through the liae. They jid not seem to have the strength to hold it. and the Cadets frequently took it kway from them tefore they - were downed. For Pennsylvania it was a sorry day.. Reynolds, aud even Teas, lost the ball In plunging through the line. However. Penn fought hard and with the never-say-die spirit that has characterized their work all through the sea-sou they stuck at their task as manfully as they were able. . -Tbe exhibition of the Pennsylvania team was a surprise to the small army of Cornell football strategists who thronged along the side lines. The came started off badly for Pennsylvania. However, it was near the start that tiie Quakers, niosts seriously menaced tbe Cadets'-goal. After the kick-off Hackett soon fumbled tbe ball, and Hartuntt fell on it for " Pennsvlvania on the Cadets' 28-yard line. Penusyivanaia fumbled on the next play, but recovered the ball and then Teas knocked off live yards in two rushes. Baird took the ball through the centre, but in doing so lost the ball and the Cadets captured it on their 20-vard line. The bail was carried to the 40-yard line, where Ialr fumbled and was rorced to kick on the next play. Tbe ball fell at Reynolds' feet, bounded against his legs and McAnilrews was down on it. at Pennsylvania's il.Vyard mark. The Cadets carried the t.ail to the nine-yard line, where Hackett was tackled for a loss, the second time, and Pennsylvania ot possession of the ball on downs. Pennsylvania came ba-k with a series of seven piays. gaining two first downs. Revnolds then punted, for the ground was gained and gained slowly. The cadets started from their 45-yard line. Tbey then started their tacklc hack plas. Bunker -was forced through for suttstantial gains. (in Pennsylvania's lS-yard line there was a forward pass' and Pennsylvania was given ;the ball, fter two plays, which netted three yards, lieynolds punted to Cafad.on the C'adaets' 4&-yard line.- The Cadets could not gain so 1 aly imted 1 to Howard on th- lo-yard mark. He rushd back five yards. - Centre plays could not make the distance, and Reynolds punted to Uaiy on bis osvn f.irtv-yard mark. Tie carried the ball '"to" Pennsylvania's thirtv-five befor being. . dow-ned.. . . Xh'-n Casad iamned through left . - tackl- and scored a touch-down. Icily kicken tBe goal. This was the beginulntr of the end for Penn sylvania, The second toneb-down was scored soon afterwards. Pennsylvania- held ; tb." Cadets Jor downs on her 24-yard line. Revnolds then made a famous three-yard punt and Graves caught the Uall on Pennsylvania's 27-yard line. In seven plays tbe ball was carried oyer the goal. Bunker -matting the touchdown. Ialy kicked the goal.. The first half ended without further scoring. ' irae kicked off for the Cadets in the second half. Pennsylvania got the ball on' her 2ft-yard line, he started a scries of plays that onite' surprised her supporters. Down the field the bail went ilntil the Cadets' 25-yard mark n reached.- Then there was a fumble and McA ndrew s fell on the ball. The ball changed bands several times. Pennsylvania finally was forced to kick on hor IH-yard line. Riley got the ball on PennPylvauia's 42-yard line and was given fifteen yards for interference with the catch. Casad cut otr. eight yards and tJravcN rau outside the left.. tackle, for twenty yards ami a touchdown. Daly kicked the goal. Score. IS to 0. It was not Ion before another touchdown was scored, but not until Daly had made ht long inu and was called back, cutting it Loiti iu half. The ball was given to Peunsylvanfa in the middle of the Held". Reynolds punted fll-luost straight up in the air. Fiekarsti got the ball, but as it had not gone beyond the line , of scrimmage tbe Cadets were given the ball. in a rew piays tne nan was anvanceu to t-enn-.-y lvsnia's thirf v-tive-vard line. From there Mc- Andre'ws plunged! through the line and scored ff touchdown. Daly kicked the jioal. Score. 24 to i. The game then soon cunie to an end. lineup: - positions. . anets. - . .Ieft end Karmsworth .Left tackle -Doe Left guard Riley Centre Boyers .. Uight- guard ...... . Goodspeed .Uitchell. Hrenton. . Right tackle Hunker 'lardiner. Ludes. ... Right end . McAndrews Howard Quarter-back.. Daly, Williams Revnolds .......Left balf-back Casad Hartung Right half-back. Hackett, Nichols Baird, 'Mitchell .. Full-back Graves Referee--VV. H. Corbin. Yale. Fmpire Bert Waters. Harvard. Timekeeper Louis ie P. Vail. Linesmen - Campbell, Cadets; Kellar, Pennsylvania. Touchdowns Casad. Bunker. Iraves. McAndrew. Goals from touchdowns Daly, 4. Time-of halves 2"Vimiputes. MIDDIES DEFEATED BY . COLUMBIA-SIX TO FIVE Pennsylvauia. Nelson. Thomas.. Plekarskl Bennett McCabe Teas Special to The Inquirer! ANNAPOLIS. Nov. 20. The naval cadets played a fairly good game this afternoon, and succeeded id scoring one touchdown to one scored by their -opponents,- Columbia L'Biversity. Bruce kicked the g"al for Columbia., however., while Frever missed the same for Annapolis, making the final score Columbia, S: Navy, 5. Columbia put up a splendid, defense in the second half, when her goal line was never in danger, except Just before tbe close of the game, when the navy worfceil the ball to her fifteen-yard line, but lost tbe ball on downs. Berrien scored a touchdown on a double .pass. aud Bruce "kicked a goal for Columbia. Weekes was not able to doi any hurdling, on account of his lame knee; Line-up: NOT A FAVORITE SHOWS IN FRONT AT UN Columbia. Boyseeu Smith. Kingden. . .. .. Slia w 1 buien . , Bruce Wolff Morley ....... Weekes Vanboovenberx Positions. ....Left cud.... ..Left Tackle... . -Legt guard . . . Vn t re ..... . . . Right guard . . . ..Right tackle... ...Right end . .Quarteiback. . . , .Left halfback... ..Right halfback. Whlt'ng .-. .Reed Carpenter . ..Oak. Fretz Belknap . . . .' . .Adams Soule Smith. Weaver Frever .Land Wrangle Broke Up the Game SLMMIT HILL. Pa.. Nov. 20 (Siecial. Nes-qnehoning aud Coablale teams played for the championship of Schuylkill and Carbon counties at Coaldalc. After ten minutes' play, when the Carbon boys had the ball within two feet f their opponent's goal, the gamo broke up id a team scoring. Line-up: Positions. Coaldalc. ....Centre -..J. Bonner ..Ijofr guard Murphy . Right guard. Bonner . .Left guard Kvams ..Risfht cud ..Jones . ..I-eft eud McHugh ... Full-back .Hollywood . . Quarter-back Harvey Left half-back Gallagher Right half-back Kennedv wrangle, neither Nesoueboniug. Floyd Gead I onald Ratcliff.-' Coll Mulligan McDonald Srewart Grander. Morgan . . Berrien (Capt.) Fullback. Fmpire Dashlell. of Annapolis. Smith, of Columbia. iStrassburgert Nichols (Capt.) Referee , HAVERFORD READY HAVERFORD. Nov. 20 (Special). Haverford to-day had their last bard line-up before je Swarthmore game. The work at lirst was listless, but' the team soon woke up and got right Into .the game. On account of the Wednesday half holiday, both teams were on the field at :t aud play did not stop until 4.45. J. II. Scat-torgood and C. G. Hoag. alumni, and Johu Baird. of Princeton, were on the field giving valuable pointers to the . players and show ing up the defects in the play. The make-up of the team is settled on now with tbe except Ion of left eud aud half-back. The officials for the Sw.-nthniore-Haverford game were announced to-day by Manager Pusey, as follows: For umpire. Charles Young, of Cornell and Princeton. Referee. Bert liceier. of Princeton. Timer. - E. M. Wilsou. of Haverford Grammar School. Referee McF.lroy. 1'mpire Mulligan. Off Day at Ithaca ITHACA. Nov. 20 (Special). Tbe failure of a trunk containing Cornell's headgear and other protective paraphernalia to arrive from New York prevented Cornell from having a line-up practice, this afternoon.. In view of the precarious physical condition of several of the players Trainer Moakley refused to take the risk. As a substitute for the work he sent the 'Varsity squad four or five times around the gridiron at a stiff pace, and when the men returned to the club house thev were tired enough. Coaches tarbuck and Reed went to see the Pennsylvania-West Point game. , , FOOTBALL NOTES The annual game between the Sophomores and Freshmen of the Central nigh School resulted in a victory for the former on Tuesday by the score of 18 to 0. The SteeRon High School eleven defeated the Lebanon Valley College reserve team 34 to in a very interesting game at Steelton yesterday. PHILLIES' RARE GAME Beaten by a Single Point in a Glorious Struggle MILLIVILKE. Nov. 20. Millville .defeated Philadelphia iu a close and exciting game tonight by the score of 2t to 2-. Philadelphia was-ahead at the end of the first half by tin-score of 15 to 10. In the second half Captain BomhofT and "Big Hlllie" Wallace came in for Millville aud put some "singer" in the team and the score was tied several times. In tbj last minntes Cramer a nH txennn ttoth scored Tor Phi Ij4di-Irihii no.t Millville barely won out by one point. Line-up: Millville. Positions. Hircbens. BomhofT Forward .1. Wallace. Barber Forward Barler. Reeves. . , . Centre H. Wallace. Rieck Guard . J. Wallace. Reeves Guard . Goals from field Hitchens Wallace. 1: Barrier, if. it WASHINGTON. Nov. 20. Not" a favorite showed in front at Kenninss to-day. five second choices -and the rank outsider, Handicapptr, ipioted at 20 to 1 in the last event, winning. Cousin Jess won the steeplechase after a hard drive in the stretch, lowering the best previous time of 4.00 by seven seconds. Bin us, in the fourth, a 100 to 1 shot, heavily played across the board, ran second. Weather clear; track fast. Summaries: First Five and a half furlongs; purse, J300. Wellesley. 102 (J. Martin). 4 to 1. woo; Del-march. 107 (Hayden), 4 to 1. second: Corder, 112 (Walker). 3 to 1. third. Time, l 09. Sean-nell. Federalist, Mayor Gllroy, Desth, Testa, Tonicura. Bounteons. Idle Ways, Historian, Rubens. Chinooka. Elizabeth Moan. Gray Morn, Francois and Carlovignian also ran. Second Six and a half furlongs; purse, 30O. Colonel Bill. 110 (Redfern). 2 to I. won; Hot, 110 (R. Henderson). 10 to 1. second: Firing Buttress. 110 (Shea), 6 to 5. third. Time. i.23. Justice. Dragoman, Courtenay, Goldaga and Barricade also ran. Third Steepli -chaser about two miles; pnrse. 40O. Cousin Jess, lfiO (Brazil). 4 to 1. won; Conover. 1!) (Mara), 4 to 5. second; Boisterous, 13 (Heider). 9 to 2. third. Time, 4.02. G. W. Jenkins also ran. Joe Leiter refused jump. Fourth Mile and 100 yards; purse. $30O. Mynheer. Ill (Doggett). 3 to 1, won; Einus. !0 (O. Smith). 50 to 1, second; Curtsey. 106 (Redfern). H to 1. third. Time, 1.52. Tatar. Surmise. Marothen. Willard J., Beggar Lady aud Little Daisy also ran. Fifth Seven furlongs: purse. $400. Rose of May. 92 (H. Michaels), 3 to 1, won; Rocky. 05 (G. Thompson). 5 to 1. second: Tenaara, 92 (Redfern). 4 to 1, third. Time. 1.29 2-5. Anak. Rightaway, The Goldflnder and Little Arrow also ran. Sixth Mile and a sixteenth; purse. $400. Handleapper, SO (T). O'Connor). 20 to 1. woo: Fotente, 125 (H. Michaels), 9 to 5. second: Carbuncle, 123 (H. (Vicbran). even, third. Time, 1.51. Alfred Vargrave also ran. CARDS FOR TO-DAY Raee- At Bennings -Hurdle; one and Philadelphia. " Gebhardt Cramer Kenan Hancock w Martwart 1: Bomhoff. 1: J. Wallace. 1: Kenan. 3; Cramer. 4; Gebhardt; 1; Martwart. I. Goals from fouls Uebbarot i; isartier. .: mti-neus. l. Fouls Reeves. 4; Hancock. 8; Martwart. 3; Cramer. 8; Gebhardt. 3; Kenan. 3: Hitebens. 2; Rieck. 4; J. Wallace. 5;- Boinboff. 1; IL Wallace. 2. LAUGH AND GROW FAT is a maxim that can't be followed vhen : the body is wrestling with Djspepsia and the sufferer is worrying about his health or his business, . yet if you want to laugh and be happy use Mason's Yellow Tablets. They, drive all the poisqns out of the system and restore the general health by renewing the nervous energy and, the vital powers that enable you to ."digest your food and add tissue to . your body. " . " ; If not cured you get your money back. io cents at druggists, or mailed by -H. T. Mason Chemical Co., '521 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. First miles. Jim McOittben Boisterous . Dick Furber . Salesman Kufa ... '. . . Cheesemire . . Mr. Stoffel ... Tamerin ... , Second Six Lamp o Lee. Satire, . . . . Palatial Royal Sterling . . Federalist ... . . Gold Lack ... Alpaca. .,. ... Lexington Pirate Biff Rabunta Third Seven furlongs. .lac. P. Keating. . . 110'Pretorloiis Rocky . ... Postillion . AVswlft . Anak ..... Plaviike . . Carrlugton Dewey three-quarter .. ..lWGould 135 153 Oracle 133 .. ...15"' The Lost Chord ...132 147'McGrarhIana Prince. 132 140, Tankard 132 139!Retti B. 132 . ...13B Wanderinsr Minstrel . 130 .. . .135!Roysterer 130 furlongs. 126' Red Damsel 103 1201 Slldell ... .w . .lo.'l .llfii Illuminate 91 . lltfLast Knight ... ... H .113 Cornwall XX .113 Asterv ... SH .113' Somersault Sf . llFThe Pride of Surrey t7i 108 Rose of May 10!May J. .110 Beseie McCarthy . llOilee Water .J10Batyah .110 Lnx Casta ... . .llOi Frivol .HO'OIipper 110 f ene55o Fourth Fire and a half furlongs. Femesole Carroll D. Prophetic . . . Flora Pomona Andv Williams .11?! Kiorette ...1101 Oral , . . . 107! Honolulu . . . . . . T07 Sister Jnliet . . . 1''5 Keynote Byrne -of Koacrea. IO??; Red Damsel .. Extlngusber 105! Lux Casta ... Fifth One and one sixteenth miles. . .no . .l'7 ..107 ..107 .-.107 ..107 . .H V4 ..104 ..102 ..102 ..102 ..102 . . Hi ..102 ..102 Charley Moore arranted . . . Whistling Con Sailor King . Millstream . . Cherished ... Wunderlich . . . Fiederich Sixth Seven Fnninsked The Puritan . . Potente Femesolp ... Ben Battle . . . Lamp o Lee. in .....104 ... PS ..... I .... 95 ... 95 . ... au 110 Prosper La Gal ....101 Curtsey ... .. . ..70' N'anlne l""s! WMloon-. ...... . ...lOrt Flara lotii Punctual ... . . . . .104i Vesnvia .. 104: furlongs. .... 12 Pigeon Tost . . ' . .125' Lord- PeDDer . . .. J. 124 'Lady of the Valley. 102 110; Honolulu -.102 . ...110 (Andy Williams ....loo .. ...llOiHimself ... ... ... 05 110 102 Big Sale at the Bull's Head At the Ball s Head Bazaar yesterday, Messrs. Morgan. Sullivan, auctioneers, a special speed and combination- sale was held. One hundred bead were offered, consisting of speedy track and road horses, mated teams, -single high act. 1 . 1 J l 1 ...... Th. l.U u U . m.11 . . ended lind the prices realized rerj good ttn ) this season of the year.' SOMETHING DOING TO-NIGHT Camden and New York to Battle t Out Across the Delaware To-night the followers of the basket ball game w ill be In their glory, for the Camden Electrics anT tlt -homnUn x- . . . --"---" - - - " iuim, 01 1 11 r National Iagne. will got together in a battle royal in the Camden Armory. Camden has lieen whipped into true condition once again, as was shown Id their game of last Saturday night, and they fully expect to trail the New York colors 111 the lust. The Electrics bare been gingered up and a new system of team work Inaugurated and it-has altogether Improved their team work 25 per cent. All the old favorites will be in the Camden line-up New York has been playing grand ball ami there should be something doing all the OFF AT LANCASTER ST. JAMES WINS Defeats Wilmington American Leaguers 48 to 26 The first Amerioau League game between St. James and Wilmington resulted In a vlctorv for the former last night at St. James' Hail by the acore of 48 to 28. Line-up: St. James. Positions. Wilmington. Dutly Forward Revnolds Pufnell penman Forward Holt fcnos. White Centre Titlow McGiunis Guard .'. Brenuan Jones Guard Lackner . ... Reynolds Goals from held Neuman. 9: Duffv. 3; Holt, Enos. 2: White. 4; Reynolds. 4; "Titlow. 2' Purnell. Brennan. Goal from offense Titlow 8: Eiios, 2: White. H. Offenses Duffy. 3- Neuman. 3: Finos. White. 4; Jones, 2: McGiunis 2: Reynolds. 3: Purnell. Holt. Titlow; Brenuan. 5: Lackner. 4. Referee John I'otts. Time of halves 20 minutes. In the preliminary eame tbe St. James' f dets defeated St. James' second lir the of 18 to 8. " Basket Ball at Bfoomsburg BLOOMSRI RG. Nov. 20 (Special). -Two exciting basket ball games wcr "played In the Normal irvmnnKimri to-OMv In .-ina.. i-nnt,.t tti. Senecas defeated the Normal Reserves by' the score .of o-2, and the F.agles defeated the Normal Seconds by the score of 6-X The liue-ups: Senecas. Positions. Reei-vea Dillon F'orward Baker Armstrong. Forward Kilmer A. Armstrong Centre n'umor Knorr Guard Croosley Dm niheller Gua rd Ketber Goals frutn field Armstrong. Dillon. KlJmer. Goals from fouls Armstrong. Cnipire Rele-bard. Bloomsburg. Referee Sheep. Normal. Timer Jacobs, Eloomsburg. lime of halves 15 mutate. Eagles. Albert Welsh Baker B. Kilmer. Ap pieman Positions. Normal Seconds. . .F"orw ard , Collins .Forward Knaus . . .Centre stead . . .Guard Breisb .Guard Folov Goals from Held Welah. Baker. Albert. Col lin. I.'mptre Reighard. Rloooisburg. Referee Sueep. Normal. Timer Jacobs, Bloomsburg. lime or halves 15 minutes. BASKET BALL GAMES TO NIGHT NATIONAL LEAGUE. At Camden Camden vs. New Toik. AMERICAN LEAGUE. At Wilmington Wilmington vs. Trenton. Seventy-two-hour Race Starts With-Twenty-nine Entries LANCASTER. Nov. So (Special). A larg-crowd or spectators attended, .tin; opening of the seventy-two-hour go-as-you-please walking match at Maenncrchor Hall to-night, twenty- ...iTT mih,tii tHaruMg. inn Bi-finci-p nit- Peter Golden. Pittsburg: Theodore, 'JSettly. N'eu; Holland: George Hart. -George H.- DeKndgers-. Robert Jones. Thomas fViincL Hirrv William". Martin Horan. Harry Herbert, lit K. NVIhoii.. Philadelphia; M F. F'ahey. Shenandoah. Pa.: Abrant Nolan. Wiimer: P. B Hai-iiuan. Mill ville. N. J.: Charles Rcasler. Marietta; Enhralin Balmer, Samuel Snvder. John Hart. William. Powell. Fred Powell U F K. Kttlliin "Shortv" Mahler, George Lawrence. John Burbbnrt. Fred. Flear, "Gold Brick." Jack dinger. O. Kiliiaii. Peter Rote, Jacob Claymaii. Lauiatster. Easy for State College BF:LLF:F0NTF:. Nov. 20 (Speclall. State College defeated Bellefonte Academy this aftc-ruon - to 0. Line-up:-State Colleae. Cummlngs Holloway I odge Sweet (Capt.).. Junk Arbuthnot Murray, Miles . Ruble Bennett Whitworth .... Smith Touchdowns Goals-Smith Positions. Left end. . ..Left tackle.. . . Lef r guard . . . .Centre Bellefonte A. llov Kfllen .......... Keri- McCaofllefS Rlifbt guard J. M,CGee Capt.i- . .Rlnht tackle. ...Right end... . . Quarter-back . , Lefr balf-baek. .Right half-back F nil-back Ferguson . Mabaffry . . arsiVi G. McGiw J. Tavlor- II. Taylor Smith. 2: Arlmthnoj. U liitwort.'i. 2. Referee Stewart. Imnlrr H. Taylor. Linesmen Slnifle and Wynn. Time keepers FCarn and Russell. Time 15-niiiitKe halves. Easy for Gettysburg GETTYSBURG. Nov. 20 (Special). Thoucti greatly outweighed. Gettysburg easily defeated tbe Baltimore Medical College eleven bn-e to day. 20-0. Line-up Gettysburg. Positions. B. M. C McLaughlin Left end .......... l Rice I,oft tackle .... llntiin. b. r Hill e Left guard MctjuuV H"nry Centre t Tumi r Shipley. Stock.... Riuht. guard '., Molten Bradv .- Riuht tic kle Cleasbv Sleber, Rentz Right cud ......... Blank Young Ouartor back Wriglii White Loft hair-baelt Noland Btncamnn Rii-bt half-back . . . Stoncriph'-i' Rluacd James Full-back Rrv Touchdowns Biugaman. Sleher, 2: vi)1te. Bill. Goals James, McLaughlin. Referee Dr Sheely. U. of M. Umpire Mr. Jennings-. H M. C. Time 20 and 15-minutoa halves. Norristown Defeats Trenton NOERISTOWN. Nor. 20 (Kpeclab. Norristown American League basket-ball team "this evening defeated the Treutou team 21 to 20. Line-up: Posit hint Attack Atta. k Centre Defense I lefens Norristown. Hill Duncan Rambo Herron Mlltr.rrl Goals Duncan. 4: Herron. 2: Rarul-'. 2; Hill 1: R-illy. '-: Cantwell. 2. (iwl- fr..m fowl -Frauev.'C; Kauilm. 3. Rufevc McGratb.- Trenton. 1'rmiev R-Hlv Wlt?.e . Cantwell. Geyser Fruon! Flast Suffolk Park will races this afternoon. Thr program. 2. 30. 2.4o. purse free-for-all, purse lun. close its season if e eniseK are en the $511 iu each, ainl a M t . The fairest work of the great Author; "Vh. , ' i The edition is I arse, and no man 'NV? 0 Green Label. WHITE, HENTZ CO., Phil, and K. Y Selw Proprietors. Eatbhhd 17BX i

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