The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1947
Page 9
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A-Bomb Controls Held Essential President of Harvard Says U.S. Must Learn To Live in Atomic Age Playing With Fire BLYTHKV1LLE (AUK.) COURIER , __ Vu., April l^'\~~ n , r ' Jil ""' s B - Conant, pres-i Klcnl of Harvard University, yes- t'ulayCalled for the United States mi* of the atomic'age" bc- vA\y.-. v "uv must learn to live witn cover " L ' St U "" " ! scientifi < ; llis - •I'lu- Harvard official, a ton figure in atomic- research and nla'i- iim;r said HKi-mnwit o n the pro- po!,ai for atomic energy control' now before the United Nations commission would put the world a loan way down tlie road to piTJiiiini-nt pp.ic'C." Coiiant warned, however thai effective control of atomic energy is possible "only jf Die nations of Uie world desire international control." lip endorsed proposals for :m international control agency, v.-Ineh he said would work effectively if Hivon enounh power. Without intermuioiial control CO- nant preilicted tlial "(lie time' will come when another nation lias siif- firicnl mifipar fuel and know-how abiuil, A-l;raubs to consll'ule a tiueat to the United States." 'Any future war, he said, would tic "a matter of long range bombardment and of short duration" Conant. siiecakitiR at convocation ceremonies at Vlruinia Polvlcchnic Instil nte. snid "widespread deaMi and sntferii'.s; to civilians" must L'e arceptetl as "part and parcel" of any future war. President May ^ V Home on Mother's Day WASHINGTON. April 23. <UP) — •President Truman plans tentatively to visit his 84-year-old mother at Oramlview. Mo., on Mothers Day. May ii. nnd attend a reunion ol Ins old World War I outfit at Kansas City on June 6. The White Hoiis c said yesterday the Mothers Day trip was "problematical" antl nothing oil it could be announced at this time. Mr. Tinman's plan s for attending a reunion of the 35th Division, bis old World War I division, also are Ipntntivp. The reunion will include World War II veterans of the 35th Division. Mr. Truman commanded Battery D of the 129th Field Artillery of tho ."5th Division in the first war and has since maintained a close tut crest'm members of the division. Mrs Martha E. Truman, the President's mother, injured herself in a fall ducing ana lias been 'bedridden for more than tw months. Recently she has shown iivmrcverncnt. %5i-. Truman will attend Llv sprtnir dinner of the Gridiron Cliil on the night of May 10 and i he lines (o Kansas City for Moth crs' Dav. he probably will take of early the next morning. Wednesday Canadian Prime Mill ister W. L. McKcnzIn Kim; bai( Mr. Truman may make a trip Canada in June. Ex-Mayor Admits Big 1946 Income Mclaughlin Testifies In Breuch-of-Promise Case in Hot Springs •HOT snillNGS. Ark.. April 25. ll)p) —'•<'<) I'. Mc'LiaiiRlilin, ilnpnor rx-mnynr of tills resort (own, lold « federal court Jury yesterday tlml lie k worth between 0* Gaulle Claims Largo Following in Campaign Mil- 25. A (l!i, Apr ti ,7 '., "", ( * y--'i'av »'•' "hnndreds of Ihonsands" of I' eichmcu hn.l Joined his new 1 ,'","," " nl(y "'"vement which n H , '",'", ! Hrt • win to chullem;,. ii,,, liepublic 1 ' 0 " sllt "" l> " of the pn'scnl one, hut ncvcr- s.'i bused 0,1 lieo cxiiiw^lon of will of the electotnte'' PAGE NINE IJi'i«l Ciiiirn-i Won't, Winn $203,0:0 and tlml. his tiicoiilc fro nil sources last year ran to a fro of S30.0CO. ., illn's pstjmnlcs came l lie took Ihe sUmi to deny jirRCl y all dmi'Res made by attnw live 32-vear-oId Uicllie Grifnth i i lo wt ttruiee 1-ie, e , far,,, ,! r elf rmfi h'';' ,"' C ""^ n , 10 ,T°, i' 1 " s ltk>lnlor "' C "'""" 1 "' "' I" At ">' De o Si'O.COO lueaeli of promise sil \vlurh started here yesterday. The ox-mai'or denied—with lii (< emphatic "iiositivelv »o"--nll suij-ldi He press conference 1 with reporters for .since 'lie mine out He received the leiulqiinrtcrx of his Pauline Garcia, lefl. m,d Jessie Urias, workers in a Los AnKelcT laboratory, "nttoek" cr.cli olher will (lamina hlowlorches hn? Ite, her gets burned. They demonslrMe hent-i^isUnt quaU i« " new plastic, which forms shields they hold. Resinous nl-isli> combined with spun g] as5> can he woven into name-Z f ?„£ £ usod in airplane parts or molded into decorative fi.rnilure. Uie Oklahoma City woman to mat i'y lilin. And he' furlher denied Uiat lie ha ( | Klvcn her Bifts sue) is flic described on Ihe witness stand. Miss Grtnilli had lold ot blalik- 'ls. a eedur chest, candy and othiji ulflx which she asserted Die jwlllj- eal leader prcseutcd lo her ovsi t [i?ricd nf years, in denying t)i4l le isuve the iiresenl.s. Uie ex-mivyiji said she generally bouRht her own flowers. Including the Corsajtes which sli ( . wore when she we:\t out with him. •Mcl/uiirhlin told the jurv thai in l!M4 because she became »<1- diclwl to slroii); drink anrt creato I u->>fH h" termed "Intolerable con - dillons." °f retirement' - 1'i'fss nt dm Union. l| i s aim is su loly '•Vouch people |n „ mo , '»"! nlinve tli e ,, 1TW , a , )lu . !v ''e said, and In" create 'nicy "somewhat dlfft lo ,, u , 'I'he Kali-blatter, is present, in most, vcrtil>rnlcs, bill not In doves and pklgcons. hack through the Milwaukee railway, underpass on his way'io town Every day for 40 years Lind- strnncl had ducked. He didn't, this time. "Subsequent |>rocr-ccun« s interested Mr. Lindstrand noi at all.' a United Press correspondent ,. c . ported. He was out eold. Mixing sugar with mortar make « concrete wan much .slion.-ci """ 8 to a lcl>ort of " cihcin ^ !i After 40 Years, He Forgets to Duck UOUNIJUI'. Mont. (UP1- -Magus liiKls'.rand is tall. 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