The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 6
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; PAGE six BLVTIIEVILLE.'•(A'p.K.) COURIER NKWS TIBE IGNSTt'S Harvey Firestone I las Practical Demonstration in Modern Agriculture. of Firestone Farms "Old Homestead" .'y NKA Rcrvloe AKRON, Ohio.— The .solution •1 farm problems is niUiui-tthie •. ^option of modernized agrltitUur- ' mclliods. if (ho success of one 'nn here and cue at. Coluiublaiui, • .-longing lo Harvey S. Fire: tone. :•., tire manufacturer, mil be tnken : •; a criterion. Even with the present sea.wn. • j;e ot the dryest In the state's lil.s- •.-y, and with 'other handicaps, tho i 1 "restoiie farms liave shov:n ex. oiional yields. This is attributed •'••ilelly to scientific .systemr. wliicli ' '_ve been worked out. for the j • Tins. i These two farms ore not just. HID '> bby of a rich man who wmils lo •i'lil an outlet for his snores'. ' '•' ley're real business enterprises, ' ••• :h being operated lo pay a profit. -'ley are organized on a business sis and the production find care ->o regulated as to keep the faims 3olh 'Firestone farms are known :: over 1 the country, for on them • jcrlmems are carried out. their ulto reiwrtkHl to agricultural col- ,es and experiment stations and .Ally turned over to farmers. A Modtl Far.ii The "Old Homestead" at Co!um- ma, where Firestone ivas born. :'oiu of the most productive farms 1 the itate. Yields of 50 bushels wheat, 80 bushels of oats and "I bushels of potatoes have been Iitainc-d from one acre- NoMth- 1 Hiding iha extremely dry spell of '•e past summer. 1800 bushels of .licaL were produced on CO ncrcs ••' the. farm, icpreienting an ovci;- . :? of 30 buslwls to an acre. The average yield of the United ' ;ntes over a period, of five years : only a little over H bushels an :re, while the average fcr the - ate is about 17 bushels. Of the 500 acres on the Columbi- -:iafarm. 80 acres w,;re planted In its. These acres yielded 3500 (Continued Irom D««e flve) PI fit ul Un]« 0 saicrt II Sirmi Addition to Ceil of r«r< linl .1. 1.. Di-lll THwsll Dfklllt I . c «r'no Addltltu to Dill 4 Kan Town of Llacbl 1. TUweJI K. II.' T»l« S. H. Tale S. II. Talc S. II. TMC N. 11. T»lr 0. W.,/ri ii. n. lu.,-.?! W. II. 11411 M. W. Swli.nty (I. \S'. li. W. S-iui.fy <i. W. I!. W. ri»i II. W. R.innty II. W. S*Jnntj- li. W. (f" (i. W. S U. W. ^ l.'lyili, Torn T'liri Sruili. (i II gallons of milk a day, compared wilh (he average cow's production of from two to four gallons. OUu'i champion? In Firestone's herds lira Johana PieterLJc Anil Crearm-lle. reserved all-America and Brunei champion Holsteln cow of the 1929 Dalrji Show; Sergeant's Governor of Mountror.e, Guernsey | bull ivlitcli has won 15 grand cham: plan liLiiors from coast to cast, and i Cnmatln Inkn Mary, reserved atl- Ami'i-ica wining three-year-old Jlol.Mein cow of 1929. In upper photo Horvcy S. Flrcstor.- K shown v.-orking in :i wheat field while three cf his six children lc:k en. Lov.-cr photo .slicws the well-kept barn and silo on Fireston;'. Cohimblana faun. Watermelon Feast ' Fatal to One Guest i Ix 1 ^ 1 ., mor.i mntlci'ii and ', liiitt money ca>i buy. '. llcilclcs iliis rcnjon for ilie sus- . c.?y:s of tile Firr.stonc fiirnis is Ihc I diYiTsinillon system v.-lilrh is cm- i iiioyed. Nn cue crai) Is ccncpiitra:- I eil on. AerikMiHural jlcteliiiM, es- Ihc subJciMs bushels, or nn ni-ci-agc nf ihnn -13 bushels In nn acre.. The ]x>tato crop en the fnrni this yoar is oxp«ctotl to cxccc<l llic rc>c- crd of 357 bti.slisls to nn ncrc \k'hich the Hirm cstnbllshrcl scvrrnl years nan. AHlioiigli tiircittcnct! by bllglit icvernl time:, niipllcntlon of sprnys I jiei-ially dnlryhig, are Iwo or tlir,?e tlincs every two weeks , of ransldorable time, lins crndicntwl the tllsensn. i .On his dairy farms Firestone Itn/; Prnclically all work on the fiirms • several |jri?.» CDW.S, Bivinu milk In is done by power nitichii:.:r.v. The ! nu'intltH's cciiipiirlni; v.-ilh recor.'l 500-ncrc tract in Colinnblan:i and , breakers. Rirlc Hills Se(;is Ornuby l!:e lC8-acre Irncl licrc are run on Is one of the bcsl known In his the Siime efficiency baste as Fire- .I'.mls. Her production for 30 days s.cns's llr;'Iriclory. Everything nt -would provide -Ills pcrsoiis wilh a C-Umibinna and Akron pays Us ])in! cf milk apiece for n mcnth. own way. All equipment is Hie - She has produced a record of 17 " " ' | TAl'PEN. N. D., (UP)—A water efficic-ut I melon brought death to a farmer near here and resulted In the wounding of Iwo other persons anil thi; arrest cf n fourth In a charge of murder. August Waullan, 61,' is in Jni awaiting trial In the watermelor feud which county authorities ink was the most unusual on record. Edmund G. Moll, 31, was shot because he failed to eat .enough" wa- tcimelcn to please Waullan, vlici was his host, authorities' said. Hen ry Etten, 30, and Carl Sonneburg 10, wer? wounded in the (ray. The authorities said that they bf- lievcd Waullan had suddenly gone Insane. .\. 0. llnnci C. ,\. Thuram (.'. A. Tlinriiia: AUTHOP OF "PASM R.QMANC&" 1930 NEA BEG1M HEHK TODAY Aarenlurc entcr» Ike life of CKLIA Mn-CTTTTLXT'37. irlien ahi.- learaiM tkc falbk-r Hhe kn^xuppimril 4ead tn Kllvc nnri ^Tcnlrhy. Ske Irar^A krr untirelcnllociji hnuie In Vartlmvre for at fcume In New Y*rk with her fntlirr, JOHN >' ber nrMucrntfe . MAHCAKF.T n O G E It S. kr< •••(•tr. tllTnrced Mltrkcll nnil rr- plan-led a»4 I* BOTV n ivIdmT. BAKNBV SHIELDS, jonnj: »,n*- »»l"tr pkolocrnpkrr, In In luv» wltk tke ttrl >ad before leaving ••Ittmore Cells rrumt^ril In he l«?»l <« kl, love. Ske li lom-lT l» . ker «en hamr. Mltekell atki EVEI,V.\ I'.Ml- IOKS, Wnnlirul widow, to Inlrn- dare tke Klrl to yuUMC peniile. Mn. Panoks connidrt* Celln n •acuui.t* win MhebrU'a arTectloH* •md utrreea, Sbc I.Tlte. Ike Rlrt t» -krr Levi; Ial«nd knme for a weels-BBrt and-lkrre Celin niepln TOD JORDAN, faielaall» E l,ul ol dBkl.»«« rkarnelrr. ' Xlau I'anoBa eiiconrN|:r> ilie. aaatek. CcUa trenlv Jurilun foiillr mt Ant b-Jt !• v>om t>7 kl> runinn- • Ic love MHkiaB- ftftrr he kaa rea- c*e^ her temm droirnlnB;. ,1.131 DUNCAN, aoclnllT prnml- . me«l, hMoaan Celln'. lornl IrlcuJ. . At • charily kamr * KTPay fur<a«e teller r«ad> C«lla'i palm anil wania kcr of iMpeodlna; danerr. Mitchell amtajcei nn elnkorale. .*«rtr la k.aor of Celin'. 18th hlrlhelaT *Hd Mra. Taraona n**\»tm IK th« l»lanK. Tke ermlDs; «l Ike van? Cella xlvea Mrr father n MCawiaie from her mother, liut Pin. PttrEeaa deatroya It Wfure Mllekell hi» Trad II. KOW GO ON WITH THE STOHY CHAPTER XXVII /^ELIA, 'holding tho velvet wrap ^ about bcr tlBhlly. re-eutereil the drawing room. Her eyes were tflght '•"Reacly!" she calleJ. 'Evelyn Parsons was standing with her back toward tlic girl. She toyed with a liny onameletl automatic lighter. At the sound of Ce Ma's voice she slipped tho Hghte ' Mitchell looked plcascil. Ho told Celia to nut tlio ring on licr linger. \V,is It tho rigbt stzo? Yes, exactly. Nclllicr of tliciu noticed Mrs. Parsons. She hail been trying very linnl to look as tliougli she sliarcil llie others' enthuslnsm. Now eho tappcil ouo foot nervously. "It's a most beautiful ring!" E!IO said sweetly. "What a lucky tlrl you are, Colla. lo liavo Biich a father—ao generous and \viih micli excellent taste! You're to be envied." Slip paused a moment and then adtlcd, "but \vo mustn't forget your gnesla." •JIT1TCHELL looked at his walcl). 1 * J - "No, no! Time to lie on our way. We'd heller slart at once." Tlicy went out to tho cnr where 'honipson was walling, ami a moment laler they ivero driving up own. Celia leaned back happily. She 'elt this was the most exciting evening of her life. She had never visited a roof dining room. Visions ol extravagant splendor presented Ihemsclves. Tho party was being given especially for lier, anil she was going to see Toil! Celln. wrapped In her dreams, paid no attention to tho convcra.v Uon hctween lier falher and Mra. Parsons. She was surprised wlien they reached Ibe hotel. An olcvalor whisked tliem up. ward and they stepped out on what was not a root at all. but* a handsomely furnished foyer. The party w,i 3 lo Include IS couples. Il had not been easy assembling a suitable giiett list In early August with almost everyone into her evening bag. then turned. 1 away at resorts. Mrs. Parsons -I'm ready, loo," Evelyn iald i liai1 cullci1 1lcr "»>ntry rluh set of She wore a satin coal which I a " "' c >' 0 "»S« members. She was matched her evening gown. Doth I cascr lo sllow M'lcl)f!l how clever Dolh were turquoise. Evelyn's soflly ! she was as a hosless. waving hair gleamed like spun | Indeed nlic was sncccciUnp. As EolrJ. ;Her satin slippers, which i soon S3 l.lsi Duncan ami otic or were the same brislit shade as her l lw <> others had arrived to join Ce- ROwn. had high rhinestono heels I Ha, her father stepricil back and . that twinkled with every movement. About her throat was n chain from which hung a blazing diamond pendant, and on her arm .were two diamond bracelets. No wonder John Mitchell could scarcely keep his eyes from her! Perhaps tie jewels jogged his memory. He drew a small bos from his coat pocket "Oh. Celia," he Eald, "I almost forgot!" Ho handed the object to the girl. and celling wcro ruiintod wilh modernistic fulaslica of color. Thcro v;cro with) open windows from celling to floor all about the room, revealing patches ol dark sky, here and there Elmlded wtlli electric me- leors. An orchestra, famous throughout tho nation wherever radio Is known, was plnyiug a melodious fox trot: Celia shot a rniick, pleased glance toward Mra. Parson:!. Sho saw that Jordan was to be her right- hand neighbor. Tho widow smiled hack. • • • •JIMMIF: WEDSTEH was on cc- J lia'a left. IIo was cxiruniely curious aunut Iho swimming accident and demanded all the- Kirl a attention for several uilnuirs. Ai last she was able to turn to Jor dau. ll \Yhy haven't you Irt r»o r^*nr to see you?" he asked. "Oh, Tod, I can't very, well ex plain hoe. I do want yon lo come lo seo mo. You :«e. It Isn't the same as when 1 was st Mrs. Par sons'—!" "No? \Vlial Isu't tho same?" "I mean I can't do the things I want lo here III town. My grand mother has such old-fashioned ideas. Yon see I'm still sort ot "on approval." "Well, what are \vo to do? "I don't know!" What Ihcy were lo i!.-v Hint eve nlng was plain. I,lsl Duncan \va beside Webster, and sho kept th cnllro end ol tho table lauchln; at her account of her I'trst llyin_ j lesson. Cella and .Ionian v;ere obliged to postpone their conversation and Join the group. Later Celia had the first dance with Toil, but other partners claimed hor Immediately. She danced ono wall* wilh her father, She took Ihs boi in her hand. It wa» a tiny white square. "Open II!" tho father urged. Mrs, Parsons leaned forward cu- riouBly. Celia sprang the lid back. A perfect ruby flamed up at them. It VU tet In a ring band, & small diamond on either side. • "oil!" It was as much as Cella could otter. She stared at Iho dazzling ! •tone, tnea it Ler JmUr. Suddenly OM ton«4 and Uu-cV ier arms HM*< bin. devoted himself to Jlr?. Parsons Cella caught E i g ht of Tc,l Jordan. Ho was making his way dl- redly toward her. She managed lo Uirn from Ihe group =o tiiat his first greeting would | ia ( or i lcr alone. Why—she had almo.u forgollcn how !iandt:omk> ho wn?: "Tod!" SLc whisiici-nl hij name soflly. "At last!" i There wjs only lime for devastating Tliey liail half-circled the room lid wero In front of ono of, tho rrciich windows looking out on ho night sky. ' Tho window pened out on a small balcony. "Let's go out here," Jordan whispered. He took Celta's arm .nil led her out on'tho enclosure. Tbc balcony was only a few ect wide. It ran back at either :ldo of the window, and Jordan md the girl stepped Into the ihadowcd space. They wero far up iver tho street. Celia uttered a Illle cry at the spectacle before icr. • • » . '{ HE sky world was .aglow'wilh myriads oE twinkling, daitllnt*- hts. On a black velvet back-' ground—as a jeweler displays hlj" wares—tho crimson, gold and blue-' whlto electrical displays beckoned. Some ol Ihem came from Broadway. Others were gleaming coronets of sky-crashing towors. ^ "Why—it's fairyland!" Ci>lti' murmured. Jordan was not looking at tlia sky line. Ilia eye had caught tha gleaming ruby on tho girl's hind. lie lifted her hand, Inspecting the ring. "Father's birthday present," Cella explained. "Isn't It gorg*ots?" "Good stone," Jordan modiicil approvingly. "Listen, Colt*, let'g eel away from Ibis nols». I want lo lalk to you—" "But I couldn't leave tho psrly!* "Hang tho party. Don't you can anything at all about me?' 1 "Yon know I do." (••Ififl}- "Then come on." ir-.w "Father wouldn't—" Jordan lurned agrievcd eyes on her. "AU I hear Is 'father ItnY and 'grandmother that." 1 be said irritably. "I didn't think you wero that kind ot a spoil-sport. Oood Lord, Cello, are you finding him footed dancer, floor sedately turned her lo stiff hul llght- Tlicy circled tbc and Iben lie re- her seat an.I re- nanica Ibat n qnlc/t. . cbncos, anil Cella wss surro.inOnl l,y newcomers. Her cheeks ;> eye- \vcrc glowing. Sbe smllc.l, shook bands, knew thai she woiilil IK-V..T he n'bk to remember all Die were jumbled In her. A bowing liead waitr-r, whose halt half EnzVi, SCI1 . tcncfa were «nlr.lel!ljil.!.. to Cella. ltd tile w^y to ti.ieir tnb!rj Oilier diners turtic-1 in "took nt the young people. To Cilia's sur- K!?..'! 5 .:". 0 '* 1 " 1 "" «" J«l joined Mrs. Par?ous. Sho saw Jordan dancing with Kato Duncan, and the foirful Ihousht arose lhat if Kate intentionally "vamped" Lisi's admirers fho might try to attract Tod. Feminine Instinct sent her to the dressing room to dab on lier nose and add a louch of lipstick lo hor lips. Celia hs.l no need for rouge. Her cheeks had the glow ol youth. Then she caught sight ot herself In a full-length mirror. Tho v.-;>ite dress was lovely! H made ihe most of her slimness, possessed a sophistication Cella lacked. She looked went better. back to ibe was us me aj utu|.«i«u * .u. m u n-i like ollftt dining rooms. The walla of tSi icng was stirring, Insist' had never surcd, sho dancers. Sho met Jordan at tho door. "I've been looking for you," he told the girl. "Want lo' 1 She slippad inlo his arms. A leuor Eololst. megaphone In hand, was crooulng Iho words of the syncopated ballad. Tho tempo cat. What arc you trying | 0 do to ire anyhow? 11 For a nilnulo he eyed her angrily. Tho color fled from Cells'* face. Sho was frightened, but abovo all she felt Jordan's Irresistible nearness. She couldn't have him misunderstand. "I'll so," she KtM n.iilrkly. "\Vsit just a minute. I'll explain to Mri I'arsons.* 1 Tbey rc-lurnetl to tho dining rooDi. Celia liurrleil across tho floor to where Kvclyn Parsons was tile cenlcr o( a Erouri. Rlie dro^ llio older woman nsWe. "Tod Jordan wanla to take r.-.« liome." Eho said. ''Ho you tl'.i-ik H will bo nil righlT' Evelyn Parsons smiled sweetly. "Why, ot course," sbe said. "Hun along." Half an hour laler th« hat 0 { tho birllnlay party guests were lie- parting. Mitchell approached Mrs, Parsons, his fncc anxious. "Where's Cellar he askcj. -j ean't find her." Kvolyn's blue eyes wlrtenc.l in. nlccnlly. ; "Why, John—ten't slia hersV (To B« C«Btli>«ed) 9 in in n 1:1 R. L. H>r<9' Addition— LilkcbTlllc i,. u. Oat ' ptrqfl 'Him,. S.rne .Slice Kuu:i- ..SaJno S4tne 9 20 1:1 14 JO 19 i Vl-J Jl 1:0 04 i.'l II 16 * 129 124 I', I I ir.n I.-. I IJ1 n:, 171 U2 107 tki 194 . . L'r.l I. II. Holm UrAnow l : r.s/.ow !;«rl* htill ' .1. C. Uillitfan CiiVn'own K. L.' -Tii.lbri L'Rb'r.ovrn . ' krnVr.ji.u noom . Jt Flurd Dunn t ' FlojJ .(lei. Oihhi W. .1. Wood >txk-«. I.lmlv . , 0. M. JtckKin'j Addition— Leicbtllle A rja/uo Hltlhiwi' Addlttoo— L«ichTiU« Hiuns . k'ame S.arnc .Si.inn Same .Same Bam Matthevr Stcoad Addltlor.— K. C...Choatc K. J. irailh»»r. s! '.]'. 1'lllhoui ('. A. Yhiirman ti. W. Travis Allan Cla™ Allan Clare Same Salr.e Kame pBtr.e KI-2 Wl-2 S 11 I KI-2 Kl-a 4 \VI-'J KI-2 4 •< SJTm Ktlioo'i flrat Addrtlou- 3 A -grunt NI-2 XI-: SJ.3 4 A: .«aniu M-2 :"• B Patn« M ^ II ]> Rama 9 C Sauie 1 K Same Kdisn's Jtcond Addition—: •H Rime Min - game H. J. Uittbe«-j S. .1. Matthi/wi C. H. Garner Brrd A i;ho»t» Hyrd Jc Cfco.TK.' U. ,1. ,J)»ii« not) Sanfltrs L«actillH • • 1.. I'. '-Ilalicr' llemlricV, Hrad'fc-Huir Hi'ad i H UnknO' II.' Ii/ U«n Uscir M^Tnard A. A. il»yn»rj A. A. -• Tom Kennedy H. ~ C-liou'i SsMWaJan ot Lot'^f, Bl«ck A—L Park Addlllon--tockTlll> 31 32 All 17 18 19 2tl B ^*Kie J. T. RokterUV H ^vn* ». W. pjudi-ri ' AddiUoo-rLucbTQe. . , ' A ^smc ' ' 1,-r.kT.nwi 14 IS ir. 10 is 17 20 21 i B B C fc C C f '11 I! C 0 0 C 0 o r> D D D n D D n D D K K K K K K F. f. E E K K K K F. K K F. r. r. r, F. K O C. O a n n n n o H H n n H u H H H H H H H H H H H H H U H K Sarar Same , ?*"?* Ham. Pirn! Simt Same Via. Unknown Wiir.t . L'nkni Clarence ftkhftcd Laura .8 . 'S. V, X*ii<U3l .1. V, Rifi'kUli Vra. K. A..'J«nka Mra. R. i. 1M W. W.- lihodi. W. M. • Ilbodf W. M. Ilbfjrlf W. M. • Rhode, Tom Coj^Uild W. U. • Itriqdr* . rjokno'vfn S*mi 9*rae Rtrao Kirn i Sima rU'rht r*«Tae .Sam* Ranis • • UnLriOfrn UnknoWn • UnVr.'own ' . ». 8. ti«.\t A. 8.- Feny A. 'R.' rkoi' A. 9..Bto( Unli np^rt ' l/r.anown J. W. HilJ.r, . : J. W. Hillir. A. A. U.jn.r, A. A. l.'ajnarr A. A. >!»jnar ( A. A. Brlle Brllf A. B*m Same Sarso Same £«ir.e Hame BJU.-IP S«me fame Sin* Fame Sams Rantp Unknown AhornalhyAflowin cb yjk Bowel In Kn.l <'r,an.|l. I 1 . Cbandlc J. U. Dimla .1. il. Dnnla. t.*nl<now Cnknow l : r.kno* n. W. 0. W. 1. W. B«l* I . F i, r i.. r \v. \v. W. \v. Xoll Noll Noll UnVcoi UaUnoi Same J\ S. Pelty Jot J. S. IViiy Jok W. W. Co I.or.nie Puil I^n^ta Pftria l.onr.Ie Paris W. W. C^ W. W. Co .'. W. I.aUv J. W. I.afiv 0. Shenroo. O. Shenroo Myrtle Sherwoc Myrlle Mra. HD.Ra^adj Same Mrs. p.n.RagiJa Same Sam* PATH* Same Same Sam* Same Same Same Same Baltic S«Tn« Bkme iJ*me Same Bame Same A. A. V.jnir, A. A. V«yn»T M>llU .Walk Millie W>lk< Mallio W«lk Mmit V«U •il.lllf W»lk E. Kno K. 1C1 1 170 C. 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Co»a Sarno II, \V. Cona Same K. K. Jlrow Fame Manila Ton-mitt C f-'«m,- 11. U!. KliW.C Hl-oe KUa • Hour rbrua K. K.. Ki S>ra« Brjrk CJ^rr 'Fame- C. • K. Garcr Same lM»aid*"i -Nrl^o Sjifrir. Pflfjr 'Wirap II. W. Fri'frna Vfiinp .Ino. .Same O.' A. IU!r.r firia . H*nrj - Cow( Same ' Tlfnrj- ' Co«a r>n>e Henrj Co.* K*rr.o W \V. MirivV rirco ' It. .C. Wtb W XW ID 40 K- sw iu •;<> W SW 10 4" K SW 10 <" W SW 1" t'l M, i i 2 SF: n .'. 01 i R: s 4. /,t 1 SK 7 C. /.Il Vi7 NK 7 :I4. ut ik> SK 7 i. ill 1 SW 7 1. 01 1 SK 7 31. .01 1 ,SW S .!. W SW 2.'i 40 F. SK r, ;.', i: .sw n tu i-n NW i :,a. s>: si; 2 -so ->•: NK 4 JO Vi: sw 4 in N W HW 4 4 G IK MW 4 4') <\V SW 4 40 V. 4.X) j. F.t. ;;i-» NK 9 • .V*B i.l 11 XW a 5H S. 1,1 H. II. NW NK 19 4 SK> .SI -2 SK NK 27 10 "»W NK -7 -if X1-! 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