The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1944
Page 6
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C'AGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Conn Prefers Fighting Louis To Plane Ride 'PARIS, Doc. 29 (U.P.5— Corp. Billy Conn o[ tlie United States Army knows when he's well off. ! Says Billy: "I'll swap punches with Joe Louis anytime. But I don't care if I never see another airplane again'.'.' The • Pittsburgh kid wlw came within three rounds of lifting Louis's heavyweight crown thi«c years ago reached In Paris by plane. And that r Ide had more tight 'moments than Billy squeezed; through In all his .eight years in the ring. •"••'"',.. ; • ' The plane has just taken off for the French capital when It was discovered that the ground crew had forgotten to remove the blocks from the tallwing elevators of the C-47 transport. Result, the plane could go up or. down, but it couldn't level off to land. After circling ihc field for three hours, Conn and three oilier volunteers helped the pilot land the ship. The plane nosed down, and tlie four volunteers sprinted to the back to level the lull with their weight. Twice they tried— and the second : time they landed. .• You can bet contender Billy that heavyweight Conn won't be one of those fellows who rashes but to buy a plsiie of his own when the post-war world rolls around. And he's !n the Air Corps, too. • Billy has just one important post-war plan. Another fight with Joe Louis for that heavyweight title. Conn is in lop fighting shape nfter 450 exhibition bouts In England and Italy during the last six months. r And he thinks the title will stay with Billy Conn or Louis after the war. • "I had a pow-wow with Joe ii: London," Billy says, "and we botl feel thnt there's no one hack ir the States who can make us step.' Tulsa and Tech Wor/c on Plays For Bowl Game lite DOPE BUCKET •s i. r. rmuM> VANT SOME ACTION We Americans have never been ccrlnfiily ustly described as an aggressive na- lon. Back several years ago when re broke nwny Ironi mother Eng- and it was not due lo a greedy, an- agonlstlc spirit. We just don't like o_be Imposed on; thrive ou frce- Otn of the range with a right to do otne thinking and action on our -iwji Initiative. Biit once Ihe gauntlet Is whacked .'cross our laces, Ihc lint is dropped xc usually arc loiind ready to de- end our rights and honor. H we rcn't ready, we will bs in a com- >aratlvcly short lime, as the Axis ind Nips have learned to their sor- •ow. And these American kids want to ;ct right. In the thick of things, rhey don't care KO much /or this gymnasium fighting. They want to ;ct into the main event, Only too often they overlook tlie great need or their valuable talent behind the bailie lines in the keen desire to fight. "Just bring on those Na/is and Sons of Heaven. We'll show 'em about this master race business," appears to be their attitude. Take the case of Hugh Nelson Thompson as a fine illustration. At ihc outbreak of hostilities he was beginning his sophomore year at the University of Florida. He had created considerable attention with his knack lor draltlng and appeared certain to go far in the field. But he, too, felt the patriotic tug at ills heart, like most young Americans, and mnrte plans to enter the service. It was not surprising nl all thnt he chose the Nnvy. Only two years before he had fallen in love with the sea while on a four-months cruise with C. L. Smith of Leachville and still had memories swimming in his head and salt In his nostrils, MAKES GOOD GUADI-: Upon application Hugh was given an aptitude test. His grade was so high that he immediately was assigned ii desk job in Washington •ith a scanmn rating. His job was rafting, making maps, charting the T look for !K the "Dope liuckct." It been 1111 excellent • MIAMI, Dec. 29 (UP)—Both Tulsa ana Georgia Tech are working on new plays designed to offset late, season scouting on the part of both schools . in preparation for the Orange Bowl'game. -'-Coach Henry Prnka says Georgia Tech scouts were on hand the night Oiat Tinsa faced Miami and for that reason he is adding new plays tb-the repertoire. ' ': And -Coach Bill Alexander of Georgia Tech says that there will be gia Tech says that there will be plenty, of surprise's when Georgia Tech opens Its bag of tricks in the Orange Bowl. 'For that reason photographers have been barred from all Georgia Tech practice sessions, between now and game time. .Both teams are now on hand in Miami in full strength and sessions are on tap for both tomorrow and Saturday with Sunday being set iside for both teams to rest up, .vv.v Uses Psychology To Arouse Squad PASADENA, Calif., Dec. 29 (UP) —Coach John Barnhill of the University of Tennessee is filling his hoys with plenty of' sunshine am psychology in preparation for their Rose Bowl meeting with Southcn California. Tlie main thing Barnhtll is point ing to is the way Tennesstc »a: smacked down five years ago b; Southern California when the Vol imleers travelled west as the hcav; favorites; . 'Tlmt was the year that the vaunt . ed Tennessee attack bogged do\vi every time the Vols got wilhii striking distance of the goal line anj] the Trojans ambled to a pair of touchdowns to win. : After a short workout, Barnhill took his boys to the trophy room of the Rose Bowl and pointed to ourses of our fighting men. It wns interesting work, all right, t was further development and raining in his field, but Hugh Ncl- on got into this thing to fight, lot draw. So, he set about to make change. It took some siring puling but he did It. He got what he vaiited, a place on n destroyer and beady has seen action in the Pa- Iflc. 1 had a letter from Seaman Nel- ou the other day and it's tone bore out my suspicion that he was as contented ns anyone in this man's Vavy. See if you don't gel the ame impression: On the High Seas Dec. 3, 1941. Dear J. P.: Ench time we get mail call I'm always ready to catch lip on my icwspapcr reading. The hist thing source of information to me, I've located n lot of friends of mine out here solely through "The Dope liuc- kct." With this good start you might. think I saw the toys every day, but not so. It seems as though I'm cllh- ef going or coming. Take for instance, "Peanut" MeHiincy. 1 missed him on both his trips out here. Then Jimmy Allen and Fred Boyelt. I really hntcd to miss them. Not long ago I wns at the same place with Corp. Harold Wood, but once again my plans were foiled. The same goes for "Monk" (Moslcy) and "Sonny" (Lloyd). They were so close yet I couldn't make the Junif). I Imve another lead that I am working on now. One of my buddies got into a Jam and lib legal advisor was none other than Ucnl. Oscnr Fcndler, so tomorrow, my liberty day. I am go- Ing to make every effort to drop In and shoot the bullscye for awhile about tlie best people on earth. Naturally, I mean those from IJlylhe- vlHc and Arkansas. CONSTANTLY ON 1'ttOWI, 1 guess I should explain just why I've missed so many of the boys out here. It's i:ot entirely their fault. You see, I'm on a "tin cnn", which In my opinion is the only real ship in the Navy, and we (ire constantly on the go. For weeks and sometimes even months we are a sclf- centercd unit depending on no one except ourselves. Very often not even seeing anything except the ever present Pacific for days. Then comes a big moment and we go Into nort only lo find thnt we are to take on fuel, food, etc., and then shove off. So, ns you see, we never really arc sure of what we're going to be doing 24 hours later. Tlie Navy has done one thing for me since I've been out here. That's lo improve my geography, ft certainly lias been more interesting to see than It was lo licnr In a hot classroom at Blythcvillc High School. Tills wide ocean Is as familiar to me now ns our own back yard. We were In on the Lcyte operation and had more fun there than al the annual Cotton Picking Contest back hi Blythcvillc. We were very "hoggish" and refused lo let anything unusual go by without sticking our nose into it. We were in the middle of the battle of Surigao Strnils In hoily If not in mind. We made a torpedo run on the enemy line and (issoclnted will Jinvc to wait like so many others. Since we have been out here we haven't missed a thing and 1 hope we don't in the future. 1 wouldn't Irauc with anybody right now, I know now the Japs are In for a real beating ami 1 Intend lo stay out here and help do Jt myself. So anytime they feel lucky we're ready foi lliem, Here's hoping lols of luck to the basketball team Ihls ycur, mid (he baseball team, too, If they gel it organi/ed. As ever, Hugh. KKIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1944 . fj New Theater Manila'* finest >Vliat have you done today that some mother's son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— n our lobby. No waiting. We arc issuing agents. Temperatures Atlanta Augusta ISinntngham 46 Charleston 64 Charlotte 4<j Chattanooga 41 Chicago 20 HI Low 4G 30 •10 35 Cincinnati Denver Delroll Jacksonville . Tallahassee . . Kansas City . Jtfacon . 27 19 25 08 70 58 Memphis ;t5 Miami 79 Montgomery flfi New Orlean.s 07 43 33 40 13 23 28 23 fit W 30 DO 33 50 •13 59 Ii) Hew York SB San Antonio .10 42 Washington 38 2G CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sat. slarls 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows .1:15 Except Monday, opens G:4!t Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. .he football that said: "Southern California 14, Tennessee 0." He said simply: "Well, there she is, boys.. Let's so home.'.' .;,.•.' . • -,VHe:litis-high ..hpjira.Ihiilihc, sight will inspire tlie Tennessee team to te Herculean effort necessary to beat Southern Cal next Monctiiv. the results arc now history. They now have their half of the ocean- die bottom half. The sea stories Friday and Saturday Double Feature "KING OF DODGE CITY' with Bill Klliolt .V- Tex Killer imcl "GET GOING" Grace MacDonald ,t liolicrl Paige Serial: "The Kalinan" Short Sunday & Monday Walt Disney's "SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS" In Technicolor Universal News Comedy 2 rlrop.1 in c.icli nostril wurk B\vi(lly lo help you Urea t he ftcer ngni n. C:ui- f ion :Useonlyii.-i<tirectcd. LABOR WANTED URGENTLY NJEEDED TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Oon'l rely on makeshift methods of Icrmitc control. Let the world's largest termite control organization prclccl you acaiust costly damage. Free inspections on request. BRUCE TERMINIX CO. Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co. MKMI'HIS SINCE 1927 TO HELP BUILD NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT AT If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Recapping and Vulcanizing ADD LIFE TO SOUR TIRES MODINGER-POETZTIRE*CO. •wy.aitoctk Friday OH SUSANNA \Vitli Gene Autry Scrhl & Short Saturday Kcpublfe Presents 'RAIDERS OF SUNSET PASS" Serial * Short Saturday OWI, SFIOW 'RECKLESS ACE" ivHli Gloria Jcim Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday "BATHING BEAUTY" Hcil Skclton mid listhcr Williams Fox News and Khorl Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Friday and Saturday 'Death Valley Rangers 1 wilh Hoot Gibson, Hob Slccle & Ken Muynard Serial: "Adventures of the Flyin (.'allots." Short motorcoat tailored by Hart Schaffher&Marx- It won't take much of your time;:; and it certainly will be well worth it... lo drop in today and sec this good-looking coat styled for us by Hart SchalTner & Marx. And Motorcoat is not only a winner for looks... it has everything else you want in a topcoat, too. For instance, the smooth all-wool fabric of which it is made will wear and wear and wear ; : : and in addition it's Cravenetted lo keep you snug and dry in rain or snow. Moreover, our particular Motorcoat models have the loose, comfortable fit usually found only in raglans..; yet they're actually styled with trim-looking, set-in sleeves. You'll be impressed with Motorcoat's unusual price, too. >4 $ 45 Saturday Midniffht Show Starts 10:45 'London Blackout Murders' • with' John Abbott .t Mary McLcod Selected Shorls ~~~~ Sunday and Monday 'Action In Arabia' Will! George Sanders A- Virginia Bruce Paramount News Sliorl BY Winston, Haglin, Missouri Valley and Sollitt (Prim* Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at §1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions . . Help build this plant ao vitally needed by our fighting force*. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS If you arc now engaged In an essential activity at your blghtst skill, do not apply. All hiring uonc In accordance wlih \Var Manpower Commission Ucirula- tlons. Men under 21 and women under 18 must have minor's release form signed by parents which can be obtained a( Employment orriec. R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show 8Urt» at 7:30. SATURDAYS * SUNDAYS Bo* Office Opens 1 fihow gturl* 1:15 Last Time Today A WAVE, a WAC and a MARINE with Klysc Kuox, Anne Gillis, Sail ICUcr*, Kfrhard I.anc and Marjoric M'ootlworlh Selected Short Saturday "BULLET CODE" with George O'llricn Comedy anil t'-Jth Chapter of Saturday OWL SHOW "CRAZY KNIGHTS" COMI:I>Y Sunday and Monday 'UP IN MABLE'S ROOM' liKO XKWS and COMEDY MEAD'S 322 MAIN STREET

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