The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1893 · Page 6
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1893
Page 6
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUnER THUHSBAY MORNING, MAY 18, 1893. 6 PRODUCE, GRAIN AND THE PRICES Latest Quotations for All Staple Products of the ' United States. the Gossip and Facts Concerning the Condition of the Local Markets. Figures and Sales of Cattle, Oil, Provisions. Coffee. SiLjrar and Oth r Goods in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and Other Cities. - active for export, lo lower: closing steady. No 2 red, store and elevator, 776c; afloat. TSc; fob, 78i'M7!Wic: ungraded red, 77!a "S:yRc ; -No 1 Northern, TOc Options were more . active on realizing and Vac lower as influenced by the un settled financial situation at liom aim abroad, and on r eports of rains in Europe J nlv and pfinwuilier most active. o t leu closed: May, 77c; June. 77'c: July. 79Ve: Au-srnst. KOJc; September, 82c: Octoli'. 83,!vC; December. Wi'-iC COlt M wean en-jreo sen- In: irenerallv- k; lower: tor.5I52cr atloiit Blajc. BUTTK mnnd: creamery, easv: State dairy. 20n24c; do creunierv. 23Ja2lc: Western dairy. 18a21c: do creamery, ila 24c: do factory. t8a21c: Kleins, 24c: imitation creamery, js22c tiittst-jimeraio uc-mand; unsettled; State, old. 8a42c: do new large white, 9al",4c: do coioreu, vaiuc; uo small, 9.10!4c: fancy, old, llj$al2e: part skims, 2abe: lull sklms,;ai4c. p.tbs-iair demand, steadier: State and Fenna., loalS'-ic; Southern case, J3.0oa3.75: Western, fresh, loss olT. 14.,airc; duck. 13a21c; poose, 25a27c. COFFEE Spot Kio steady, quiet; No 7, JB:5c. St U Alt, quiet, steauy; iair re fining, 3Vi;c; centrifugals, 9fl test. 4c: refined dull, easv: otr A. 4 l.i-loaS'S; momu a. o,a 9 1-16: standard A, 5 3-16a5c; confectioners' A, 5 M6a5iic: cut loaf, 5---a5 l3-is: cnisnea, 5a5 13-Hie: powdered.5 9-liajJaC;granulated, 5 S-lfeojc; cubes, 5 9-16a5JiC. THE LATEST NEWS - IN REAL ESTATE ?Te"?- Permits Issued for the Presby- ER Fair de- I ' tenan Home for Aged Couples at Bala. A Veterinary Hospital to Be Constructed for the City. Details of Alterations and New Operations Contemplated by Property Owners in Various Portions of the City Transactions Among Bayers and Sellers. WED'SESDAT.Jlay 17. The pram markets were weak til der bearish speculation in Sew Yoi k and Chicago, uml prices decliwtd lalV.c on wheat, and VaViic on corn. Ftot r moved slowly, but prices were steadily held. Provisions were in fair jobbing r quest and firm. Butter was dull and weak with ample supplies. Essrs wore in fa r request and firm. Cotton was quiet aud unchanged. COTTON was in light request and steady on a hnsisof S'c for iiiiddlimr uplands. REUSED SUGARS were very Quiet an d prices were barely steady. Kefinea-s' quotations, subiect to 3-16c rebate in addition to trade discounts, were ns follows Cubes. 5"-ic. rjowdered. Wic: Crown A. 5 9-ltc: grnmiiated. crvstal and double refined diamond A, Ssc: confe'i-tioners' A. yic: anU .No 1 at 5',c down to 4-'Rc lor Xo 12: Xo 13 was quoted at 3JiC net. FEED was scarce and firm. We quote Winter bran at $18.50n 19.50 per ton. 1,ALE1 HAY AND ST HAW. Supplies were weil cleaned up ana the mntKet was In good shape and firm. We quoti Timothy, large bales,, good to fancj l7.50als.."i0; do. clioicc, small bales. 17.Si; do .No 1. small bales. 1 16.."0a 17.00 : dc Xo 2. small hales, $15.00al5.ii0: mlxei choice. $l.i."0alfl-00; do, fair to prime, 13.M)i 15.00: rva straw, straight, without wool rhoice, $1:5.75; rve straw, tangled, $lL0t: wheat straw. fS.SO: oat straw. tS.50a9.00. fKOVlslONS were In good jobbing dt maud and firm. We quote: Iiecf, city, fmr ily, per barrel. $11.50: smoked beef, 12al3 beer hams, $l;.00ao.00; oork. mess, new f2150a22: do family," $23.00: liaim smoked, per pound, 15?ial0c; do, S. P. enreO in tierces, 14al4c; bides, clear ribbed 1n salt. MPiallc: " do, do, smoked, llc Shoulders, in dry salt, fully cured. 11c; do do, smoked, lla!2c; do, pickle cured lOWc: do do. smoked. lH.:e; bellies in pickle. 12al3c; do breakfast bacon, 13i 14c: lard, pure city refined, llV.alic; do bntchers' loose. IGalO'ic. TALLOW is steadily beld. but lesi active. We quote: City, prime, in hlids 6'ii6c; country, prime, in bbls, 54c;do, dark mi "jdis. o'c: cakes, be: grease. ;4c. FLOCK. Demand was very light anc prices were largely nominal, as fol lows Winter super. $2a2.20: do extras. J2.2fti2.50; Xo 2 winter family, $2.75a3: Penn sylvania roller straight, 3.2-ia3.tio: Western winter, clear. 3.2."a3.dO: do do straight, 3.5) B3.75: winter oatent, $3.75n4.15; Minnesota clear, $2-7oa3 25: do straight. $3.5u4.00: di patent, t4.15n4.50: do favorite brands higher. KYK FLOL'li is quiet., with ample offerings at $3a3.10 per barrel and $1.40al.50 pet half-barrel sack. W (I K AT. The market wns weak and tin settled, and prices declined lVial-'c nnder bearish speculation in Xew York and Chi cago, but local offerings were light and there was little disposition to trade in this market. There was a fair export inquiry for parcel lots, but foreign bids were generally below a workable basis. Brndxtrtret't reported a decrease in domestic stocks on both coasts of LlSn.OOO busoels. Sales ot 1 car Xo 2 red, in Port Richmond elevator. at 77c: 5000 bushels Xo 2 red, July, at 77)40: 15,000 bushels Xo 1 Dtiluth Northern, June, in elevator, at TS.c, and 50.000 bushels do do at 73c, closing as follows: Jlay, 75!c bid, 7c asked: June, 7rie bid, 76c asKed: July, 77c bid, 77Hc asked: August, 73o bid, 7v4c Ksked. Car" lots, in export elevator; Xo 2 Pennsylvania red. 7So bid. 7sjc asked: Xo 2 Delaware red, 7dc bid, i.c asked: Xo 2 red, 75Hc "id, 7tc asked: steamer Xo 2 red, 73l.vce bid: o 3 red, down town, 72c asked; do. Port Richmond, 71c asked. CORN. The option market declined .aUc under lower reports from other grain centres, and closed weak. There was a fair Inquiry from shippers. Jiradxtreet's reported a decrease in visible stocks of 2.343,001 bushels. Local car lots continued scarce and firm. Sales of 1 car Xo 2 mixed, in Twentieth street elevator, at 52c; 1 car Xo 2 yellow, short storage in grain depst, at 6-lc; 30,000 bushels Xo 2 mixed, June, at 60!i"c, and 5090 bushels, do do, at 50c, closing as follows: May. 50c bid, ftO'-ic asked: June, 4'.M;,c bid, 50c asked; July, 60c bid. 50ic asked: August. 50-.c bid, 50 -.c asked. Car lots in export elevator:. Xo 2 mixed, ootc; steamer, 4'jc. OATS. Local car lots were dull and without important change. Futures be- Vond this month were V.c lower and "whollv nominal. Sales of 1 cars Xo mixed,at 37c:2 cars Xo 3 3!c;lcarnn- Eraded 40c; 2 cars Xo 2 41c, and 4 cars do, 41'c. Options closed as follows: May, 40Wc bid. 41c asked: June, 40'-.;c bid, 40c asked; July, 40'4;c bid. 40c asked. BUTTER. There was no quotable change in prices, but the market was weak with little demand and ample snnplius. Quotations: Creamery, extra, 24c: jobbing sales, S5a26c: do, fair to prime, 21a23c: imitation creamery, choice, 22c: Pennsylvania creamery prints, fancy, 2c: do do, choice, 24c; do, do, fair to good, 22a!3c: do, garlicky. 2Ua22c; prints jobbing at 2tia29c, as to quality. CHEESE. Supplies were chiefly of unattractive new goods. Choice stock was scarce and wanted. We quote: New York factory, old, full cream,- choice and fancy, email sizes, nominal: do, fancy, large, 12ViC; do, lair to prime, large. llUnl2c: do. new, best here, 10,allc: part skims, OaSc EGGS Supplies were fairly liberal, but there was a steady demand for choice stock and prices ruled firm. We quote choice Pennsylvania and other near-bv fresh stock at 15Kc: Western do, atlojc. Ue-crated eggs were jobbing at 2a2c above wholesale prices. POULTRY Receipts of bth live and dressed were well cleaned up, and prices were well maintained. We quote as follows: Live fowls, hens, l."3-ial4c; llvo' spring chickens. 30a35c; old roosters, Sa9c; dressed fowls, 13al3l-c: dressed Western chickens, frozen, bright, ltialSc; broilers, near-by, weighing 3 pounds to the pair, 45 h'iOc: do larger sizes. 30a40c; do. Western, frozen, 20;i26c, as to quality: do do fresh killed, 25nu2c. POTATOES. Xcw potatoes were in good request and steady. Old were unchanged and rather quiet. We quote: Potatoes, per bushel Early Rose, Michigan, choice end fancy, 80a85c: do. New York, besthere. 70a75c: Iturbanks and White Stars, choice, 8'a8Sc; do, lair to good, SOaSuc: Hebron, choice, t0a85c; do, fair to good, 70a75c; Empire State, 78a83c: foreign Magnum, choice, per bag, 108 pounds, S2.25a2.50. Xew potatoes, choice, per barrel, (4a 4.50; do, fair to good. (2a3 "RECEIPTS. Flour. 3052 barrels: . 12.0SB packs: wheat, 20 881 bushels; corn, 8877 bushels: oats, 10,87 bushels; barley, 800 bushels: malt, 2400 bushels. Seed Clover. 1!) bags: flax, 1600 bushels: feed, 70 tons; bay, 2S0 tons: bighwines, 262 barrels; whisky, 112 barrels: wool. 09 bales; cotton, 981 bales; lumber, 1,240,000 feet. The Cattle Markets. Xew York, May 17. Receipts Beeves, 1048: market active and fullv 10c per MM pounds higher; dressed beef firm at 8a9Vie per.pouna lor native siaes. jjitesc caniq from London quotes American steers firm at llaVJo per pound, dressed weight, and American retrifceratea Deei steady at scant 10c. Shipments to-day were 1388 quarters of beef: to-morrow 36 beeves and 30 sheep. Receipts Calves, 5700; mar ket active, at an advance of ;c per pound. Veals sold at $4a6.75: buttermilk calves at $4a4.25. KeceiptsS heep and lambs. 7692. Sheep dull. SpriDjr, lamfcs almost unsalable at any figure. Clipped sheep sola at- 4.25aj.50; clipped yearlings at 6a 6.75; spring lambs at $7.25a8: dressed mutton, 9aloc per pound: dressed yearlings at Ha 12;c. dressed lambs at i;iaiic. iteceipts Hogs, 4851. Market firm at S7.60a8.10. -Chicago, May 17. Cattle Receipts, 13,000; shipments. 4UO0; market slow, prices weak to trifle lower; top sales to-day $5.00a5.40; no extra steers here: cows and mediums, H.2."a4.95: Texans steady. Hogs Receipts, 21,000: shipments, 6000: market steady: mixed $6.45a7.55: heavy. t7.UOa7.70: light, $7a7.55; nigs. $U.50a7.25. Sheep Keceipts, 1000; shipment"?, lMKk market active, steady: clipped Texans, $4.4O4.70; clipped natives and Westerns, $5.00:15.00: lambs, 5.75a7.45. East Eibebtt. Slav 17. Cattle Receipts, 1000 head; shipments. 960 head: market steady: fair to uood, 4.50a5.50: common, $2.50 a4: fat cows and bulls, 2.50a4.25: fresh cows, $20 to $45: 8 cars cattle shipped to Xew Y'ork to-day. Hogs Receipts, 1050 head; shipments, 900 head: market active: Philadel-phias, $7.90a7.95: best Yorkers and mixed, 7.7oa7.85: pigs and light Yorkers, $7.2."a7.65: 7 cars hogs shipped to Xew York to-day. Sheep Receipts, 400 head; shipments, 400 head; market slow; prime, 5.i0a5.30; fair to good, $4.50a5: common, $2a3-50: lambs, $4a 6.40; spring lambs, $5u& Veal calves, .aj.s0. Pennirrove St., Xo. 4?25 R. Anderson to K. II. Harper: May . "93; 14x71; subj. g. r....$M) 1,200 Same M A. Anderson to M. L. Anderson; April 14. ftf 1.200 RMce ave., N. K s., milk ft. R. E. Huntingdon W. F. Albrecbt to M. Doderer; April 7. TO; lrt.l?ixlrreg 8,500 Seventh st, Xo. 2S42 N.H. O. SchulU toC. H. Brill: Mar 1, "S3; 13.1lx 2,600 bergeant St., V. cor. Aimona, 13.91X47.; Heriteant St,, S. W. s.. 12.?i ft. X. W. Almond (41otsl,each 12x47.; Sergeant St. S. W. s.. 0.5 ft X. W. Almond (3 lots), each 12x68 D. Phillips to C. G. Dunn; May 2, '93; subj. mtges. Ji:t00 8,300 Sartain St., Xo. 2S14 F. W. Freund to F. Wal-ter; Mar 10, TO: 14x51: subj. mrre. $1475 825 Sixtr-tirst St., Ko. 4i2 X. D. C. Rnoads to K. Murphv; May 6, 'B3: 50x100; subj. . r. $4 ; 275 Twelfth St., Ks., W ft. X. Catharine W. J. Cunningham to J. Leonard; May 12. "S3: 18x 100 6,000 rnirtpentn St., jno. J. A. jucuucKin to H. Kearney: April 24, "83, 16x70; sub!, g. r. $M 1.200 Vienna St., No. l62 w. 8. Snevd to H. Van-deventen May 11, "JS: 18xl$.9; subj. mtge. .ouo 800 Wilder St.. X. 8.. 156 ft. W. 6th M. G. B. Wal. lace to R. J. Hngertv; May 5, H3; 14x51.2 TOO Wyalnlsng St., X.S., 141 ft, E. 43d F. (Ullesple to P. McManus; April 25, v (2 Int-s) ea. lax 75: ea. subi. e. r. tw; subj. mtge. 2;0 1.705.51 West renn St., W. 8., m It. . w. ureen V. V. Dalzell to A. D. Gates; May 13. '83: 32x 107.9 3-16.. . Norn. CAMDEN COUNTY TRANSFERS. Camden, S. s. Penn St, 32 ft E. Fifth St. J. HALEY GETS TEN YEAES. A PLEA OF GUILTY LESSENED TERM OP SENTENCE. BIS Jntfee Hsre Says the Man Knew What Be Wan Dolus When He Killed Daniel O'Leary, nORTICULTVBA-L HALL. BROAD- and LOCUST Streets. "Xothlng Like It Ever Known." D) OF has The Oil Markets. New York. May 17. The petroleum market was dull and neglected, not a single sale having been reported. Pennsylvania oil Spot sales, none. Jnne options Sales, none; 58c bid all day. Lima oil Sales, none; 2S-aC bid. Oil. Citt. May 17. National Transit certificates opened at 58' ; highest. 587: lowest, SS'-i: closed at 58;. Sales. 8000 barrels: clearances, 50.000 barrels: shipments, 91,150 barrels; runs, 96.7S2 barrels. Pitts burg, May 17. National Transit certificates ODened at 58vi: closed at 58S-4; highest, 58;; "lowest, 5Si; sales, 50,000 barrels. The Forelcn Marltets. Liverpool, May 17. Cotton American middling, 1. m. c. May,' 4 7-64 buyers; May and June, 4 7-64 buyers: June and July. 4 8-64a4 9-64; August and September, 4 11a 4 12; :-eptember and October, 4.13 buyers; October and November. 4 15 sellers: Xoveru-ber and December, 4 lfia4 17: December and January, 4 18 sellers. Futures closed, quiet but steauy. London. May 17. Consols, 97 11-16 for money and 97 for the acconnt. New xorte. Pennsylvania and Ohio firsts, JJ: Canadian Pacific. 76'i: Erie. 18K: do. seconds. 951-:: Illinois Central, iXi'.ix Mexican Ordinary, j IS: St. Paul common. WM;: Mexican Central, new 4s, blji. 'Money JaJi-s per cent. OTHER SUITS WILL FOLLOW. Sequels f o an Unjustifiable Action on the Part of Colombian Authorities. An outgrowth of the action of the authorities ot t he United States of Colombia, in regard to the steamer Antonio Zambrano is the suit which has been brought against H. U. Howes it Co., of this city, to recover $49,251.50 damages due to a breach of contract. The plaiutifls are Meeke & Co., of Xew York, who sub-chartered the steamer from Messrs. Howes. This is the first of a number of fruits which will be brought bv several par ties m what is a very complicated case arising solely out of the unjustifiable action of the Colombian authorities. It is thought that the United States and iSorwegian Governments will prevail upon the South American republic to toot the bills of those injured without any considerable delay. THE WORK OF THIEVES. A Dwelling:, a Store and a Factory Are Plundered. Among recent robberies are the following: Burglars visited the residence of Mrs. Pitts, of 2202 Christian street, and carried oft a gold watch and $82.50 in cash. Access was gained by prying a rear shutter. The clothing store of George Heyser, at 402S Lancaster avenue, was entered by forcing open a rear cellar window. Before the thieves entered the place they turned out the electric light In front ot the store, so that the police could not see them at work. They obtained three coats, eight pairs of trousers, two overcoats and a number of suits. M. Mendelsohn's paper box factory, at 14S North Sixth street, was broken into and tools worth $10 stolen. TWO CASES OF SMALLPOX. The One From the Lord Gonch a Bussian One From the Almshouse. The smal-pox patient at quarantine is a Kussian lad who was a steerage passenger, and was taken sick on the 6th of May. Ko one else among the 883 passengers on the steamer Lord Gough has so far exhibited any symptoms of the disease. Dr. Herbst thinks that by tomorrow, It not to-day, the vessel may be allowed to come up. Richard Palmer, colored, just admitted to the Almshouse, was removed on Tuesday lrom that institution to 'the Municipal Hospital, as he was found to be suffering lrom the same disease. The patient had been isolated from the time he was taken ill. . Permission was formally given George F. Payne & Co. yesterday to erect the new buildings designed for the Presbyterian Home for Aged Couples, at Bala, by Wilson Bros., and covering in all a space 116x106 feet. The same firm also secured a permit to erect a two-story brick addition to the dwelling property of John K. Drexel, at 3907 Spruce street. Twenty-six two-story brick dwellings are to be erected, thirteen on the north and thirteen on the south side of Rush street, 55 leet west of D street, in the Thirty-third ward. Each will be 13x23 feet in size. HOSPITAL FOR CITT HORSES. Bids are now being received by the Bureau of City Property lor the erection ot a veterinary hospital for the city, with its necessary adjuncts. These comprise three buildings, to be located at the southwest corner of Eleventh and Wharton streets. The corner building. lacing Eleventh street, will be two stories in height, and will be used as an ottice and for the occupation ot the superintendent and employes. Adioin in ir on vv harton street is to be a wagon-house. The hospital proper, is in the rear, with a court yard separating it lrom the other buildings, entrance to which will be effected by a gate-way on Wharton street. Besides stabliug for sick and injured animals, it will have accommodations for the work-horses attached to the department, and extra horses. Portions of the hospital will be especially fitted for operations, and a farrier's shop is also included. SOME OF THE TRANSACTIONS. Covington H. S. Little has disposed of bis large dwelling and office property at 1733 Chestnut street, 21x126 feet," to Joseph Fay. The consideration named is $47,000. Eight building lots running northwest from the corner of Almond street, on Sergeant street, were transferred yesterday to CGilmore Dunn, wholesale dealer lu oil-cloth, lor $S300,by David Phillips. Deputy United States Marshal Abraham B. Meyers has purchased from J. E. Faunco, for $10,000, four lots on Pago street, between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth, with a total frontage of 56 leet. Bradley C Algeo, has purchased a 3-6tory brick dwelling, 16.6x74 leet, at 3212 Engelside place for $5100 from Pember- ton fc Co. KEAL ESTATE AT AUCTION. At noon yesterday the following properties were sold at auction at the Philadelphia Exchange: Irredeemable ground rents of $111.66. $70, J3o. $70, $26, $55, $40 a year.and a well-secured irredeemable ground rent of $90 a year. $2575. $1600, $710, $1770. $610. 4230,$SG0 and $2135 resnectivelv: No. 90S South riltu street, $3100; Xo. 417 Mcllvain street, $1385; Xo. 1255 Hollywood street, $2000: Xo. 1122 Elm street, $1525; Xo. 848 Xorth Thirteenth street, $2500; Xo. 1841 Xorth Second street, $1800: farm, 43H acres, house, barn and other buildings. 3ewtown-, Rucks county, l a., $04.. ADDITIONS AND NEW OPERATIONS. Permits were issued as follows: Joseph Bird, contractor, alteration to one three-story brick dwelling, 238 North Tenth street. Danes & McDonald, contractors, one two-story brick dwelling 16 1-3x44 feet, east side of Church street, west or Garden. Robert U. Rlack, one two-story stone and brick dwelling, 16x40 feet, west side of Peach street, between Lansdowne and Me Qia. George C. Pietrlchs, contractor, altera tions to brick dwelling, 1716 Susquehanna. Joel R. Reiner, contractor, alterations to front of 138 Chestnut. James Hillyer, one two-story brick dwel ling, 434a uermanto wn avenue. 11. R. Spaer, contractor, alterations to saloon, southeast corner Fifteenth and Cal lowhill streets. J. C. Aschbacker, alteration to saloon southeast corner Eleventh and Locust. llliam E. Storrtier. bake-oven and general alterations. 921 Poplar street. Ernest H. Sturts, alteration to dwelling, 3107 Richmond. Jacob Jones, for a one-story iron photograph gal lerv, 14x30 feet, northeast corner of Thirty-fourth and Chestnut streets. James 1). Arthur, one three-story brick dwelling, southeast side of Regent street, above Fortv-seventh. Joseph Eckert, contractor, bake-oven, southwest corner of Twenty-ninth and Poplar. L. Douglass, two three-story brick dwellings, east side of Fallon street. J, F. Retz & Son, alteration to four-story brick store northeast corner Twenty-filth street and Faimount avenue; also alterations to northeast corner Thirteenth and Button wood. Frank Gillet, contractor, for a one-story brick store, southeast corner Main and Levering streets. John Owens, contractor, alteration to stone dwelling northeast corner Gowen and Germantown avenues. Ralph P. Gregg, alteration to saloon, southwest corner Tenth and Vine: also, for a stone stable, 20x22 feet, School Lane nd Township line. William Bunch. Jr.. two three-storv brick dwellings. 16x26 feet, north side of Walter street above Sixteenth. E. H. Allen, two two-story brick dwellings. 16x43 feet, northeast side of Haworth street, 305 feet southeast of Frankford ave nue. David C. Schuler, for a one-story brick addition, 12x13 feet, to dwelling 2530 North t H tu street. TRANSFERS OF REAL ESTATE. $466 600 1,400 2,000 E. Conwav to M. E. 1H Xearre, East Merchant vllle, lots Xo. 19 and 21, block No. 6 E. J. Osier to Henry 8. Springer Lindenwold, lot Xo. 18, block Xo. 24 Peter Parker to Clara Git hens Centre township, 1 acre C. C. Dempsey to Daniel Tnackara Camden. W. s. Ninth St.. 83 tt. S. Federal st. John . Vozler, Jr., to H. G. Heeler 4,000 Camden. X. s. Pine St.. ll ft. W. Sixth St. The Mechanics and Workingmen s Build ing ana Loan Association to t nrwtopner enner.... Camden, X. E. cor. Pine and St. John sts Same to Cinderella ISevbold Berlin, lots Xo. 12 and 13, Section Xo. 4. II T. Wright to G. W. Lord Camden, premises Xo. 543 Washington St. W. B. Toland to John Kendig. N. Cramer Hill, lots Xo. 125 and 127, Section No. 15 Alfred Cramer to B. C. Rudderow.. Camden, X. s. Cooper St., 110 ft. E. Eleventh St. G. M. Cllne to John W. Dix .... 1,300 1,800 3,000 3,300 400 2,000 WANTS HEAVY DAMAGES. An Ex-Policeman to Sue the City lor 510.000 lor Injuries. A suit will be entered in the Court of Common Pleas to-morrow by Lawyer Irving E. Ziegler, wbih will be of deep interest to employes of the city government. Thomas J. Daniels, a former mounted policeman at the Olney substation, seeks to recover $10,000 from the municipality for damages received in the performance ot his duty. Mr. Daniels alleges that on November 13, 1S90, he was thrown from his horse, sustaining injuries from which he has never recovered, ana which pre vent him from earning his living. The horse he describes as suffering from the staggers. He had reported its condi tion, lie declares, but was told that he must ride it or resign. The suit is something of a novelty, and if it is decided in favor of the plaintiff, other officers who have suffered in the city's service will be apt to take advan tage ot the decision. Two years of time wore saved to Johli Haley by his ploa of guilty of the crime of stabbing to death Daniel O'Leary on the night or February 27 last. Twelve years' imprisonment is the maximum punishment for the oSense, which Judge Hare fixed as murder in the second degree, but in consideration of Haley's plea he decreased ttiosentence to ten years in the Eastern Penitentiary. "I consider it murder in the second degree." said the judge, ''not because there was no premeditation, but because there was no proof of premeditated and malicious Intent to take life." Plad this been proven his Honor said he should have fixed the degree of the murder as the first. O'Leary, he showed, in reviewing the case, had quarreled with Haley six years betore, and he was inclined to accept the suggestion of the prisoner's counsel that Haley, while sober, laid aside all enmity toward O'Leary, but when in liquor the worst part of his nature was aroused. THE CAUSE OF THE MURDER. On the night of the murder it was shown that Haley was tantalizing O'Leary, who was lying in bis own house on the sofa. Mrs.. O'Leary ordered Haley to get his supper or lie down. Haley refused and O'Leary eiectea him twice. On the last occasion Haley fell, striking bis lace against the curb. O'Learv shut the door, but a few minutes later came out to see what had become of Haley. The latter then rushed forward and struck him a light blow with a sharp pocketknife. which pierced o ieary s heart. Judge Hare was of the opinion that Haley's anger had time to cool and that his subsequent actions showed that he had knowledge of what he was doing. He therefore decided that the crime was murder lu the second degree. OPEN DAILY, 2 TO 10 P. M. Special features to-day, 2 to 6 Sour Ball, Stick Candy and Twists made on the stage and given out Free. 8 P. M. Candy Making Contests for Prizes. ADMISSION. 25 CENTH. FOREPACGH PARK BROAD and YORK Sta. "V"C If t TJ T." "VT V COMMENTING MONDAY. MAY li THE ONLY LIVING ADAM FOREPAVGH S BRAND-NEW KHOW Trained Animals, Hippodrome, Wild West, Arabs mm i'u Arenic Artists. TWO PERFORMANCES DAILY. AFTERNOON AND XIGHT. THE BIJOC-EIGHTH ST., ABOVE RACE. COXTINCOt'S PERFORMANCE tmra 12 M. to 10.30 P. M. STANDARD COMIC OPERA. REFINED VARIETY. Ladies' and Children's Thentin Orchestra, 25c, Balcony, 20c Gallery, 10c. GRAND OPERA HOUSE. TO-XIGHT. A Tremendous Hit. D mis km mwmmfc. Popular Matinee Saturday. summer moes 7-tc. anil sue., with few tow. at $1; box seats, fl; admission, 25c. Branch ticket of- nce, 11 ni t:nestnut. MARINE NEWS. The Scl Fa's Dine. Several members of the Scl Fa Club and their guests went down to West- ville, . J., yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a planked shad dinner at the Falls Hotel. I he feci Fa Club is com posed of the employes of the Prothono- tarys oflice and court clerks. Those who composed the party were C B. Roberts, Charles X. Mann, Charles IL White, James W. Fletcher, William Grew, G. W. Harmer, Frank R. Bur bank, Matthew IMttmann, J. E. Murray, J. . Gallagher, F. B. Bracken, Sol Raines, Thomas B. Price, J. A. Flaherty ana iu uistin. PARTNERSHIP NOTICES. r-Sia THIS 9Tn DAY OF MAY. 1S93, WIT-LrCSi nesseth that the nartnershin heretofore existing netween A. K. Ktlt i, A. W. COHLMAN and M. M. PFACTZ, trading as the Enterprise Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of overalls. etc.. is hereby dissolved. R EI FF CO. settling all ciim. n a k Mmr, i-niiacieipnia. GRAIN AND PROVISION MARKETS. Leading Futures and Cash. Quotations In Chicago and New York. leading futures Chicago. May 17. The ranged as follows: On'g. HPst ....73 73 .76V;h7G!4 76' .79a79X 79i 71 7J. 43 42-V 42 41 4A. 43. 43U 42V 42 29 29V 29 297a30 29V 29' 2S7-6 27 26, 26-4 Wheat Xo. 2. On'g. IH'st. Lowt. Clo'g. May July kept cork .no. z. May 42 June 42 'i July i fcept. 434 OATS XO. 2. May..- 29 June 29)u July 29 fcept -27 Mkss Pork, per barrel. July 20.90 29.90 20.50 20.80 fcept ...W....2L00 S1.05 20.70 20.80 Labd, per 100 pounds. July 10.90 10.95 10.60 10.65 fcept 11.15 11.15 1U.92J4 10.92i Sa out Ribs, per 100 pounds. July -10.22J4 10.22J4 10.05 10.07 Sept 10.30 10.30 10. 12J 10.15 Cash quotations were as follows: Flour dull, nominally unchanged: No 2 spring wheat. 71j4a71R'c: Xo 3 spring wheat, hard, fob, 67c; Xo 2 red. 71'4a71c: -Xo & corn, 42Vic: Xo3,41c; XoSoats, 29H;c: Xo 2 rye, 60c: Xo a barley, 62c: Xo 1 flaxseed, $L03; prime timothy seed, $3.92aa3 95: mess pork, per barrel, t20.40a20.45; lard, per 100 pounds, $lt;.45al0.5o: short ribs sides (loose), S10.Q7KalO.10; drv salted shoulders (boxed), $10.0010.25; short clear sides (boxed), $10 25alo.5: whisky, distillers' finished goods. per gallon, 8L12: sugars, unchanged: oai.i. No 2 white, 1 a b,- 38c; Xo 3 white, fob, 33n3c, barley Xo S, f o b, 48c; Xo 4, fob, 41h44c Xew York, May 17. COTTOX easy: middling upland, 7 13-16c: do Orleans, 8 l-16c. k'LOUli more active, easier. WHEAT fairly The Symphony Society. The Symphony Society of Philadelphia will give its first public rehearsal in this city on Saturday evening at Musical Fund HalL The program will be made up of the orchestral nu inters that have been rehearsed by the society under Professor Gilchrist's leadership during the past wiuter and in which it is said they have become very pro- hcieut. Held to Answer at Court. Charged with enticing Mary Walker, 13 years old, lrom the home of her step parents, 2031 1-ernon street, Calvin Wallace, of 2013 Siegel street, was placed under fSOO bail by Magistrate Pole yes terday to answer at court. Robert Brown, the child's stepfather, testified that Wallace visited his house on Tues day and persuaded the girl to leave. The child, it is said, can't be found. ' Read Ins Railroad's Chicago Flyers. Only World's Fair Trains Via Niagara Falls. Commencing May 13, the Reading Railroad will operate a daily through passenger service oetween irniiaueiuhia and Chicago, via the famous "Scenic Lehiuh Valley Route" and Niagara Falls, being the only line from Philadelphia to the World s Fair city. which affords an opportunity to see the world's greatest wonder. Fast express trains, week days and Sundays, leave Market Sstreet fetation 12.20, 7.00 and 9.00 P, M., arriving at Chicago In the order named, 4.50 P. M., S.30 P. M. and 8.37 A. M. The 12.20 and 9.00 P. M. trains have through Pullman linnet sleepers Philadelphia to Chicago. and the 7.00 P. M. train has sleepers from Bethlehem, Pa., to Chicago. For informa tion regarding return trains consult time' tobies. Anita St.. X. s., 63 ft. E. Twelfth R. A. Mc- to Clune J. Straart; Mar li, VI; lxt9.4 $2,850 Bryn Slawr ave., w . s., sw) it. s. city ave H. Mnecuey to u. . jonnson; .May , sa; wx 250 2.007.50 BainbridKe st. X. W. cor. Penn M. Harity to W. H. Herinc: May 3. W. 15X30.6 2.250 Belmont ave., fj s., 114 tt. N. Wyalusinit J. H. Virfclerto w. . L nderdown; ilay 12. H3; I6x"(: subj. mtge. MOOO 900 Brewster ave., S. E s., 1U0 ft. N. E. Seventy- nlntn O. Laycock to M. v . Moore; June 19, 'tW: 50x100 250 Brvn Mawr ave.. W. s., 810 ft., S. City O. F. Johnson to K. Smedley: May 13. '93: 80x2t0.. 2.020 uoiimiDta ave., .o,'au-j.&tanora to L.iulee; May 1. "sa: Is.oxTS 6.000, No. 2465 F. H. Rhodes to L. P. Thomas: Annl 13. -m; 14.1X&0 2.100 Dauphin St., X. s.. 100 ft W. Amber M. A. Geirgerto r. Logan; March S3, 9si2xlo4.64; subl. nitee $3500 1.750 Ed"ley st . S. 2S ft. W. Delhi J. Fischer to P. Fischer: May 12. '93: 14x42.6: subl. nitee. $1000 750 Federal st., N. a., I'll ft. W. 11th J. Foote to J. conroy; aiay is. 'S3; I8xu; sudj. e. r. ftw... 1.000 Fortieth st. E. s., 103 ft. X. F'airmount W. G. McDowell to J. D. Johnson; May 10, 93; 17x 82; 4oth st E. s., 252 and 26 ft. N. Fair-mount: ea. 17x82 Xom. Front St., Xo. 613 S. D. McXulty to W. H. nerlng; May 3, lSxfiO 4,250.57 Franklin St., No. 2839 H. G. Kchultz to W. W. Cleeton: April 27. 'S3: 14x2: subl. e. r.72 1.300 Hermon st., No. 3119 J.lLTravIs to J. Travis; May 13. '!: 14x52 350 Judson St., 1945 W G. Paret to E. H. Flood; May 11, 'S3:;$4000 Xom. LoBan ave.. Xo. 1332 T. Hawkins, Jr., to M. lioran; May 5, Itf; 15x60; subj. mbe. $1500.... 1,100 Monroe st, Xo. 230 M. C iShanahan to A, Rubinstein; May 13, "V3; 15.8xS0 3,300 Mnnayunk ave.. N. E. b., and Adams St., N. W. s. H. R. Yoctim to H. C. Scholl; May 11, 't3: 33.LSxN6.2S' 2,900 Orleans St., S. W. s., no ft X. W. Frankford C. C. Moore to A. Kirn; May 12, '93 (6 lots); ea. 18x100; ea. subj. g. r. $120. Norn. Oakford st., X. s.. 83 4 It. E. Twenty-sixth J. H. Shoemaker to F. G. Taite; Muy 13, 93; 112x60.9: subj. g. r. $48 3,200 Otter St., No. 4310 J. G. Lynch to E. J. Scho- ber: Dec 10, '92: 14x71.10 . l,ioo Otter St., is. a., 75 fLW. Forty-third R, Aniler- son to K. H. Harper; May 8, '93; 14x7L10; subj. g. r $90 1,200 Page st, X. s.. 173.3S ft W. Twentv-ninth J. E. Faunce to A. B. Myers; May 13, 'tsa; (4 lots), 56xirres 10,000 Parrlsh St., S. s., 82.4 ft. E. Forty-second O.J. . Young to A. Anderson; May 12, 'IC; lBx 80. US: subj. mti;e. S25i)0 1,100 renn s., ra. r- s., yju iu w . jvnox l . I'aiua- inn to A. S. Lippincott; May 6, "83; 88x172.. 2,500 i-otierc, i-o. jkw u. n.ann to ai. 1. eew- ard; May 12, -83; 11.8x40. 1,400 Port of Pbtladklphia, May 18. Pnn rises.. 4.42 A. M. I Snn sets ... 7.11 P. M. High water 8 36 A. M., 4.C P. M. Low water 10.55 A. M., 11.24 P. M. ARRIVED YESTERDAY. Str. Tancarvllle (Br.). Luckenharn. Dart mouth, ballast. Peter Wright & Sons. Str. Gurly ( :or. ), raara. 1'orc Antonio. fruit. Hart steamsnip company. Str. Fanita, Simmons, Newiorir, mdse.. William p. civae to. Str. Elizabeth Grace, Baltimore, mdss.. r. s. Groves. Hark Avola (Br.), Martin, Guantanamo, suzar. snedeu X Co. Hark Carrie liecKle, freeman. Punta Arenas, loawood. w. . llaear ft Co. bch. tred Jackson. Hurl hurt. Port de Pais, lojrwood, w. '. Hagar 4 Co. Sch. lirudenell (Ur.l, Richards, liarta- bano. loawood. W. F. Hncrar A Co. Sch. Sarah w. Lawrence, Haskell, Ports mouth, ballast, J. L. Nicholson. Sch. Jesse Murdook. Perry. Saco, ballast. J. L. Mcholson. Sch. 11. L. Sleleht, Taylor, James River. lumber. Mc?hain & Co. sch. Maggie Cain, Meyers, rernandlna. lumber. 11. I. Slav Co. Sch. Joel Cook, Warren, Brunswick, lum ber. Philin ltznatrtcic. Sch. Emma J. Meyer, Mctiee, Allyns Ft., ballast, S. J. Goucher. Sch. Rillie S. Derby, Xaylor, Charleston, nhosphnte. Pettlt A Co. Sch. Annie K. Ketchum, , Lanes ville, stone. Pettlt A co. Sch. Anna V. Lamson, Dole, Georgetown, lumber, 'teorgo iianiss, Jr., co. CLEARED YESTERDAY. Str. Assyrian (Br.), Bentley, Glasgow via St. Johns, N. t ., ii. x A. Allan. Str. Minnesota (fir.), Cannons, London, peter nsut x sons. Str. Earnweil (Rr.). Sampson, Fort de France. Earn Line S. s. Co. Str. Rattlesnake, Swasey, Xewburyport, r. w. xayior. Str. Saxon, Sherman, Providence, etc, Georsre C. Eckhardt. Str. Elizabeth, Grace, Baltimore, F. S. Groves. Ship Forest King (Br.), Deyle, Liverpool or Birkenhead. W. F. II agar A Co. Bark Emita, Xash, Sagua, J. B. Hamel, jr. co. Bark Fillippo (ItL). Tabiana. Gireentl. oescovicn x Lo. Schr. Avalon (Br.). Williams. St. John. N. 15.. It. W. Michael. Sch. Lulu L. Pollard. Powell. Fernandlna. u. 9. ctetson k, co. Sch. Georgia Clark, Bartlett. Lynn. S. J. Goucher. Sch. James Dnffleld, Stevens. Connecticut River. Lssinir A Haiur. sch. Stephen J. looks. Crane. Richmond. v riRiit x cranmer. Sch. s. l. Whee er, Godfrey. Dover. S. J Goucher. Sch. John D. Palze. Haley. Gardiner. S. J. Goucher. Sch. Tena A. Cotton, Cranmer, Allyu's i oint, o. j. uoucner. 8ch. Charles T. Stran, Marshall, Xorth Carolina, icanain A co. Sch. William Walker. Chase. Fall River. Sch. c. A. White, Connor, Salem, J. L. Nicnoison. Sch. Jesse Murdock, Perry, Saco, J. L. Nicholson. DELAWARE BAY AND RIVER NEWS. Delaware Breakwater. May 17. Passed nn: Str. Pennsylvania, from Antwern- hni-b- Alex. Black fBr.l. from Pernamhnc-n. A r. I " TOXEY TO WAX rived: B:irk Henrv L Greirsr. Irnra Harho. M' dos; sch. Olive T. Whittier. from Cienfue-gos. Passed out: Str. Proctda, for Hamburar. Sailed Xew York: Sell. Mecosta, from St. Vincent; sch. James A. Garneld, lrom Alan-zaniMa: sch. Nowburgh, from Xuevitas: sch. Beatrice McLean, from San Domingo City. Xew Castle. May 17. Passed down: Str. British Princess, for Liverpool; str. Banes (Nor.), for Gibara: str. Panther, for Xewburyport; sch. Lulu L. pollard, for Fernan-dina. DIVIDEND NOTICES. rr-Sa, THK CITY TRUST, SAFE DEPOSIT 1 i AND alHKTl COMPANY. Philadklphia, May 8. 1893. 1 ne directors have thisnav neclnred a semi-an nual dividend of THREE PER CEXT., payable on uemana. JAMES F. I.YXD. Treasurer. PIANOS A N D O R G ATJ S. GEO. R. FLEMING CO.. 1229 anil 12.U CHESTXtTSt. TTT A NO BARGAINS I'PRIOHT AN D SQUARE. 4stelnwavs, $140 to f2n: 12 W ebers, new. $300 to $400:4 Chlckerinas. lx to $2"; 2 Knabes, $1 and $165:4 Hallet and Davis, $125 to $225; 3 Scho-mackers $140 to $250. Over 60 others, new and sltRhtly used, from $25 to $300. Terms. Si to $20 monthly. If desired. Our prices are from $50 to $100 lower than other dealers for equal quality of goods. Jin Aa'nlt. f'nnmtrr or Uarlrctnrt Kmploytt Send for catalogues of new nlftiins and cnmtilete descriptive list oi slightly used pianos, with prices auu leruis. GEO. R. FLEMING CO., 1229 and 1231 CHESTNUT Rt r- E?H -jm SI KI.WVAV, bkadblry an r J WEBSTER PIANOS, also ERARD HAKKsann oi auo. organs, (inly agency In this city for any of these Instruments. Used Stelnway Pianos $2t0 up; others at your own price. rjtsy terms, i auiiORiies tree ny mall. I lining hv corps of experts from Stelnway Hall. Xew York. N. STETSON CO. 1418 CHESTNUT Street. reOB THE ACCOMMODATION " advertisers, The Inquirer established the following l r TOWN. Sixth ni rnmVrrlaml Sta S. rr. telter- I'harmaer. Fifth and Kaaqarhaaas Are. H. E, cor ner, w. II. Stanton's I nrmafy. Ninth nl .omet-et .. M. W. eorner. Saaiatl T. Uanarrc, rhanaariit. Tenth St. and Montgomery Ave., S. K. corner, J. v. saaatrMa i roirmary. Fifteenth l. ana ( lamkla Ae, S. E. earof r. r. J. jreraae wraj awra. Colombia Ave-, No. 2113, W. F. Seller's Pharmacy. Twelfth anal Viae St a. , St. E. corner. C. C. Frowcrt'a I'harmacy. Twentieth aad Cherry Sta X. IV. cor 11. it. Lippincod'a Drug htore. AM T. JACK'S rfH ST. THEATRE. .Between RACE and VIXE. SAM T. JACK'S 4o"tHIEVES COMPANY. Miss MAUI) KIXG. FRANK McNISH and host of fair burlesquers. CHESTNTT STREET OPERA HOUSE. Every Evening. Mats. Wed. and Saturda-y. COMPANYin UELU S Next Week MULLIGAN GUARD'S BALL. CHESTNUT STREET THEATRE. Every Evenine. Mats. Wert and Satnrday. LAST WEEK OF THE SEASON. MATTNEES WED. AND PAT. r5nW77An (l Mrs. Drew, UUUUirULhiS Mr. Rankin Mrs. Sidney Drew, Mr. Barry more, Mr. Drew. rexi weeic Kooert Mantell. PARK. u uui FOREPAUGH S FAMILY THEATRE. Eighth Street below Vine. "EAST LYNNE." Prices, 10, 20. 30 or 50 cents. Next Week -"In His Power." PEOPLE'S THEATRE. Kenslnirton Ave. and Cumberland St. Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. "THE PULSE OF NEW YORK." Next Week "Uncle Tom's Cabin." 9TU AXD ARCH DIME MUSEUM. Prof. Miithew's Pack of RUSSIAN' TRAIXED AVOLVE3. In the Theatre, "FOOL OF THE FAMILY." RCH STREET THEATRE. t- Last Week of the Season. Tiraelv prices, 15, 2S, 35, 50, 75, $1.00. To-night at S. Mats. Tues. Thurs. and Sat MONROE A MACK'S IMPERIALS. T7IGYPTIAN HALL, 1217 CHESTNUT STREET -A-i Positively Last Week. HYPNOTISM. MESMERISM. Lectures and experiments hv ProfessoT A. TL t-AHrt.MhK. Scientihc fun. 25 and 50 cents. V-ATIONAL THEATRE. -A Matinee To-day. Mervvn Dallas Co. in THE HOUSE ON THE MARSH. Next Week DeLang Rising Co. In "Tangled TJp. THE LYCEUM. MATTNEES DAILY. Prices, 10c. 20c and 30c. THE EARLY BIRDS COMPANY. Second anil L&st Week of the 4 DIAMANTINE DANCERS 4. TMMPIRE THEATRE. Ji Matinees Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. TRIE WKIDTE WmM W IJN E S iA NDJLI IQ I UORS TJOllT. flltltlil, ANGELICA AXD X Sweet Catawba Wines, $1.00 per gallon. r ine laoie iteu or wnite, ijc. per gallon. impernu crowa uya v liiskey, H.jj per gallon. Choice Cabinet Uye Whiskey, $3.00 per gnnon. Mail orders receive prompt attention. Send for price list. Free city delivery. RQCETnriEOa LBMag Te'ephona lt. THIRD AND BROWS STS. T TEXRY H. XETTER CO., XORTHEAST I A. corner FOURTH and VINE Streets (founder ot tne nrm or better Brothers), Importers. K: porters and DiRtlllera. White and red wines from i c per Ballon and upwards; Port, Sherrv, Ansel- lea. Sweet Muscatel and Catawa, $1 per eallon and upwards: Rye and Bourbon Whiskies. $1.50, $2 and $3 per galloii. All orders by mail or telephone, 2433, win receive prompt attention. R EAL ESTATE FOR SALE " VEST 'PHI LADELPH I A. Jrj HANDSOME AND WELL BUILT WITH -- all modern improvements, at Forty-liii U and Sprincfleld avenue The location is hieh and dry, near two lines of street cars and only a short distance from Forty-ninth street station. Only one left on Baltimore avenne. We expect t- close the row out this week. You will never have the opportunity to buy as cheap in this neighborhood again. GEORGE ROSS. Owner and Builder. 45u7 SPRINGFIELD Avenue, J. E. REID. 14 S. TENTH Street. TOWN. hta.. Dr. Hal- son Twenty-third and Sonth and'a fharmacy. Nineteenth aid Christian ftta X. E corner, lr. .'Illler a ruruai;-. Thirteenth and Dickinson Staw S. W. corner, Snij acr'a Pharmacy. WEST PHILADELPHIA. Fortieth and Lancaster Ave., S. E. car. Siinyacr'a Pharmacy. Advertisments to be inserted the next day should be left at Branch Ofli 'jes belore 5.30 M. All advertisements w ill be charged at regular oifice rates That may be inserted in The Philadelphia ibcikR at the rate of ONE CENT A WORD. Boardinc, Kooma, Does and Blrda. lVantB, Miacellaneons. Set solid In agate type. SITUATIONS WANTED, ONLY FIVE CENTS A LINE. HELP WASTED FREE. SUBURBAN. OAK LAXE. SALE BEAUTIFUL NEW 12-room cottage: all convenif nces: electric liUts; finished June 1st. Onlv $4Si. K I R B Y 3.14 S. FI FTEENTH St. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT. FOR RENT-NO. lliiS MARKET STREET, two doors east of the VlAttAinr Terminal iiot. firs j floor and basement. 2xl fett to Hunter street. J, M. GUM MET SONS, 7: WALNUT Street fcV FOR REXT STORE AND DWELLING, X- W. corner 12th and fnmberland sts.. ex-ceiirnt business opportunitv. Will rnt store separately or with dwelling. Terms very moderate. Apply on premises, or to M. F. HANSON, Record oflice. ifirw REXT-LARfiE BRICK BUILDING.' JJijjC. 2M Dean street: lot 0x5 fi-et. Inouire at o. 245 South THIRTEENTH Street, 49 All Advertisements nnder the cla. aiueailon of HELP WAXIEb Will be Inacrtcd In this column FREE, with the exception of Agents Wanted, for which TEN CENTS per line Is charged. In Answering Advertisements Pleas Mention ."The Inaairer." SUBURBAN. FOR RENT HADDONFTET.D, N. J.; $18.00 a month, two 7-room modern houses. ANNA K. WILKINS. JVICRTGAGES. MONEY FdRlsTAND 2n Sf6ft1?OAGlf3' at low rates. Mershon Bros.. J41A Chestnut st. SERESOFrrS. ATLANTIC CITY. HOTEL TRAYMORE, ATLANTIC CITY, N. IS NOW OPEN. W. W. GREEN A CO. HELP WANTED. MALE. BOY TO SET TYPE and make himself useful. Oflice of the Guardian Angel, 717 Sansom street. BOY Want a smart young boy of 17 years to help around store; wages to start $6.00 a week. Apply H. Hillier 4 Co., 731 Arch street. THE ALBEMARLE, COR. PACIFIC AND VIRGINIA Aves. New and modern: first Beason; strictly highest class: near the beach: steam heat: every convenience. The terms are reasonable. Send for illustrated booklet. Now open. COPE A BANFORD. THE NEW SENATE. Finest view of the Ocean; large sun parlor; passenger elevator. H. B. COOK A SON. PEXX- F. W. LEHMAN A CO. I rilHE LEHMAX, OCEAN END OF Jl. sylvanla avenue, Atlantic City. N. J, BOY to learn barberlng, about 16 or 18 years of aee; rood home. At 4114 Haverford street. West Philadelphia. BOY Strong, In printing office to run errands and make himself useful. M. 10, Inquirer office. IOYS wanted In factory 16 or 17 years of age. National Button Works. 1132 Race street. BOY to read in a printing office. George Buchanan A Co., 420 Library street. H. HOTEL PORTLIN, XEW YORK AVENUE, near the beach Now open. J. W. HAS. LETTProprietor. THE NORWOOD-OPEN ALL THE YEAR. Ocean end Kentucky avenue. ALL CON-VENIENCES. MRS. ALSFELT. BEACH HAVEN, N. J. EXGLESIDE OPENS JUNE 10TH. All modern conveniences, including passen ger elevator, hot sea water baths In house. Special rates tor J une. Send for circular. ROBERT B. ENGLE, PROP., MT. HOLLY, N. J., until June 1st. BOY in Printing Office, ply after 8. BOYS wanted to feed Gordon presses. Cast Ie A Heilman, 27 X. Second street. TOY, 16 or 17, to serve papers and work at news stand. Box N, 42, Inquirer. rTYFTF. RAT.nWIV. 619 Cherry Street. Ap- X BEACH HAVEN, N. J. The Baldwin will open June 10, having added an annex of 120 feet to the building.with all modern Improvements. For rooms address the proprietor. F. A. HARDT. CARD FEEDER. Apply Girard ave.; 2d floor. 1214 Crease st, above MISCELLANEOUS. CARPENTERS Two; good. Ask for J. B. Struhle at signal tower of Reading Terminal. for morning papers from 4 till 6 A. M. Apply at Xo. 330 Russell street, between Carpenter street and Washington avenue. 2271 CARRIER V o'clock CIGAR-MAKER for hand and mold work. Wayne street, east of 2847 Frankford ave. HAND-FILE CUTTERS-First-class; English hoy. Jos. H. Wood, 1629 North Tenth street. TAINTER. Apply 426 E. Girard Avenue. HIGHLAND DELL HOUSE. OPEN FOR guests; on spur of Blue Ridge, between Delaware Water Gap and StroudHburg; elevation, 1300 leet; house heatea by steam; caiiacity, 129. or circulars, address J. F. FOULKE, Stroudsburg, Pa. THE NANEPASHEMET MARBLEHEAD, MASS. Finest ocean scenery on the Massachusetts coast. For description address AMMI BROWX. YITBKS IN BUFFALO STOP AT THE GEN- V esee. Niagara Falls forty minutes away. STENOGRAPHER Young man wanted to go kJ out ot town, tall at 1341 Arch, room 2. FEMALE. S1 IRL, between 15 and 17 years, to assist In honse- work in small family; good, place to good, giru 2035 North Eleventh street. MONEY TO LOAN. 0)A TOioLOANED ON FuRNITUJfTiN U.7 use. Larger sums on tanelnie security. Easy terms; confidential. North SEVENTH Street Loan Office, No. 120 S20 C"t IRL To assist with housework; good home for X one who understands her work, 31 North Fortieth. to $50 LOANED ON FURNITURE IN use. Larger sums on tangible secuntv. Easv terms; confidential. Loan Office, Xo. 120 North SEVENTH Street. BASE BALL. T ASE BALI. TO-DAY. Phila. Ball Park. Broad and nnntlmrdon. 1 he lirst Baltimore championship series. PHILADELPHIA vs. BALTIMORE. General admission, 25c Play at 4 o'clock. RACING. that cost f.iKr, will sell at a big sacrifice. BLASIUS A SONS, 1101-1103-1119 CHESTNUT St., Phils. 8n-A sterling organ, almost t J new; cost $150; a bie baresin. KLAsri s A SONS, 1101-1103-1110 CH EST NUT St., Phila. PERSONAL. """OUARE INVITED TO EXAMINE OUR X New srRI XG SHADES, Compare them with others and see the difference. J. A W. JONES, the OLDEST DYERS AND SCOURERS in the United States. 2408 GERMANTOWN AVENUE. NINTH AND VINE and 1018 COLUMBIA A VEXCT5. CLEAN. BRIGHT COAL, FULL WEIGHT low prices and quick delivery. Careful storage a specialty. We are ready at nil times to ascertain bin capacity and furnish any desired information, for which purpose a representnttwe will call upon request, DANIEL L. HUTCHINSON, J R. No. 323 WALNUT St Telephone, 730. Yards. 1515 to 1521 Callowhlll, and Arch st Wharf, Schuylkill. UNIVERSAL ORDER OF SECURITY MEMBERS TAKE NOTICE. We will for a few days pay a large cash prize for certificates. You had better sell now, save yourself trouble of proving claim before auditor anil nicive nearly as large per cent, as 11 you wan ana men receive your alvi-dend in installments. .A?, Street $10 TO $100. WEEKLY payments received: no bonus, no nublicilv. no loss of time. Every borrower participates in the proms, five consultation omces. 1330 ARCH Street T ADIES, USE "WILD GRAPE UTERINE JJ suppositories, sale, sure and positive cure, very convenient to use, result guaranteed. Price $2.00 hv mall, sealed particulars, 4c. In stamps. OLD-FIELD MEDICINE CO., HW9VINE St., Phila., Pa, IATTERNS FOR THE L A T EST PA R I S T A N Invisible Hoop Dress for sale only at JONES' Model Pattern Rooms, 28 S. EIGHTH. Model given with each. Ocean Steamship. SAILINO WESTWARD. TMRRT-CLASS DINING ROOMS. LEVI CROM- A VLLL, Hi SOIIth SFX UND St T7HNEST BCTTERINE, LARD. HAMS, ETC.. A in lue niarKn. Armour. SoO N. ront street, Hibernian Lord Gough... Burgundia .. Rhnetia Dubbledam... Gallia Spree Britannic..... Ohio Pennlnnd City of Rome Xormannia.. Xorwegian... Munchen ....... Werra Etrurla Nevada . Chester I Touraine. Rhvnland .. Ohdam Trave ROM Glasgow ... Liverpool.... Gibraltar .. Hamburg Amsterdam. Liverpool Bremen Liverpool Liverpool Antwerp Glasgow Hamburg Hamburg Bremen Gibraltar Liverpool..... Liverpool Southampt'n Havre Antwerp Rotterdam ... Bremen....... FOR Phila Phila Xew York Xew York Xew York Xew York Xew Y'ork New York Phila New York Xew Y'ork New York Xew York Xew York New York New York New Y'ork New York New Y'ork New York Xew York Xew York I KATE. . Apr. 27 May 3 May A May 7 May 8 May 10 May 10 May 10 May 11 May 11 May 11 May 11 May 12 May 12 May 12 May 13 May 13 May 13 May 13 May 13 May 13 May 14 I ADIES BUY YOUR MEDICINES AT 209 N. J NINTH St The doctor gives advice free. OFFICE ADVICE FREE DR. B. L. BROWN St Cloud Pharmacy, Seventh and Arch sts. ILL SELL YOU FINE CLOTHING OX credit Address lAKk Box 1131, Phila. SOUTii qiecE EM 1 GUI RAIN OR SHINE Commencing at 2.30 P. M. sharp. Boats leave South Street Ferry every Twenty Minutes. Commencing Saturday, April 1st, HWMhe Steamers sylvan ueu and sylvan Glen wui Leave Arch Street Wharf every Half Hour, Weekdays first Boat leaves Arch Street 10.30 A. M.: last Boat leaves Gloucester 6.00 P. M. Sundays first Boat leaves Arch Street 9.30 A.M.; last Boat leaves Gloucester 6 P. M, Good on Both Ferries. f IRLS TO SET TYPE; also learners. V Printing House, Xo. 10 South Btreet. Keighton Eighteenth 1 IRL for ltjrht housework; no wash; IT ing, $4; cook and chamb., $5 each: over sno sits plain cook. all, country and Atlantic City.1927 Brown' AXDS ON WRAPPERS 823 South street AND DRESSES, II jjALF-GROWN GIRL. 2239 North Sixteenth. WE WILL LEXD YOU 2V;. TO $25,000 ON goods of -every description at your own rates. Come and try us. Loan office, 123" X. 9th St BUSINESS OPENINGS. BuluTaxd bears a pamph'letshowC ing how to handle stocks on margin mailed 011 application to ROUILLOT A CO., 125 S. THIRD St: $10 margin. 10 shares: $20. 20 shares, etc. WANTED Ladles or young men to take light, pleasant work at their own homes; $1.00 to fa.ou per day can he quietly made; work sent ny mail; no canvassing. Address Standard Mfg. Co., L. B. 107 S. Frumingham, Mass. Inclose stamps. ' A PANNERS Experienced hands preferred. North Second Btreet 1 1 T INI .1 J you. 55 B ILLIAR DSJV N D POO L. T MILLIARD, POOL AX ft COMBINATION I tables, halls, cloth, cues, chalk, tins. etc. THOS. C. RENNER, 1629 and 131 Germantown Avenue, above Oxford Street Few good second-band tables on hand. Telephone 3044. EN COAT MAKERS; bring sample with 16 North Eleventh st V URSE GIRL for small child; best wages; refer .aN ences required. 2131 Green St Excursinn Tickets, 15c THE TURF. PHILADELPHIA DRIVING PARK SPRING MEETIXO. THURSDAY"?! PROGRAMME. 2.2!) Class Trotting (unfinished). 2.33 Class Trotting. 2.24 Class Trotting. MISS MYRTIE TEAK, with her wonderful EQUESTRIAN COMBINATION, will give two exhibitions daily between the races. Trains leave Broad St Station daily at 1.45 P. M.. stopping at South street, going and returning. Admission and fare both ways, $1.00. Coaches connect at Broad and Snvder avenue with Broad St. Omnibuses. 13th and Iftth, 12th and 16th. and Lombard and South (Passyunk avenue branch) Passenger Cars. Admission, including Grand Stand, $1.00. OPERATORS on custom shirts to work at home. Abner L. Bitting, 1018 Chestnut street, first floor back. SALES LADIES. Schwartz's Dry Goods House, 1125 and 1129 South st "1 TEST MAKERS; V enth street good prices. 16 North Elev- "lTTOMAX-White, to do washing and mending t V for gentleman; near Forty -ninth Street Station. Address Mr. Lewis. 1005 South Forty-ninth St WOMAN, good settled, for general work: also s good chambermaid. Address Hotel Colum hia, Cape May Citv, N. J. Those who wish to ADVERTISE FOR A SITCATIOX Under the head SITUATIONS WANTED Will be charged at the small rate of FIVE CENTS A LINE. MALE. COACHMAN, also groom, competent, sober and industrious men, wish positions; present em ployer leaving tor r.urope. Apply, tor two days, rear 1722 Spruce street, or to A. H. Lang, fourth floor, southwest corner Thirteenth and Market streets. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. "J J ORSES, CATTLE, DOGS? VTOl'SQ LADY and new assistants give mas- 1. sage ann eiectnc treat, bath.. &3 N. 11th St 1 Cure guaranteed Dr.J. R. Mayer. , Xo operat'n. 1015 Arch St. Pliila. --0 STABLE IS COMPLETE WITHOUT rjURXER A CftS t'NIVEBSAt, EM BKI 1CATION. as used on the English Turf. rjlURXERACO.'S E fVTVFTtSA L MBROCATION. For SPRAINS and CURBS, SPLINTS when FOHMING SPRUNG SINEWS, CAPPED HOt'KS. OVER-REACH ES, BRUISES and CUTS, BROKEN KNEES, SOKE SHOULDERS, SORE THROATS, SORE BACKS, etc.. SPRAlXS. CUTS, BRUISES In DOGS. sailing eastward. State of Neb'ka Aug. Victoria Anchorta, Auranla .. Arizona. New York I.a Champ'e.. Werkendam... Saale Gallia.... Spree Lord Gough Pennsylvania. Britannic Friesland Dldam . Xormannia. ... City of Rome. Etruria, Nevada. Chester I Touraine . Veendam,. Trave Werra. New Y'ork Glasgow New Y'ork Xew York Xew Y'ork Hamburg... Glasgow Liverpool... New York I Liverpool. Xew Y'ork i Southam'n. New Y'ork Xew Y'ork Xew Y'ork Xew Y'ork New Y'ork Phllada Philad'a... Phllad'a... Xew Y'ork New Y'ork New Y'ork New York New Y'ork New Y'ork Xew Y'ork Xew York Xew Y'ork New York New Y'ork Havre. Rotterdam. Bremen . Liverpool.. Bremen Liverpool. Antwerp ... Liverpool Antwerp ... Ams'rdam Hamburg., GlaSKOW.... Liverpool.. Liverpool.. Southum'n Havre Rotterdam Bremen.... Genoa. May 18 May IS May 20 May 20 May 20 May 20 May 20 May 20 May -JO May 23 May 23 May 24 May 24 May 24 May 24 May 24 May 2" May 27 May 27 May 27 May 27 May 27 May 27 May 27 May 27 M1 Vessels marked () carry the malls. Rain has fallen Incessantly throughout Ontario for the past ferty-eight hoars, and a number of rivers have overflowed, doing mucu uainage, to property. DR. 'MONTGOMERY i days. Advice free. BICYCLES. WE ARE OUT OF THE COMBINATION, and selling our "Xorman" bicycles at a discount of 30 per cent, or $105 net Do net purchase betore seeing the "Norman." Onen evenings. NORMAN WHEEL COMPANY, Manufacturers. 2118 W. SUSQUEHANNA Ave. STEAMSHIP LINES. iII.'PIIM V TTVP iiNEw" Y ORK. SOUTHAMPTON AND LONDON EVERY SATURDAY . New York. May 20, 9 A.M. Paris. June 3. 8 A. M. Chester, May 27, 4 P. M. Berlin, June 10, 2.30 P.M. From Pier 43, N. R,. foot of Christopher street Shortest and most convenient route to London. Passengers land at Empress Dock, avoiding inconvenience and exposure of transfer by tender. PHILADELPHIA, QUEEXSTOWX AND LIVERPOOL SERVICE. Sailing every Wednesday from Pier 64, South Wharves, Philadelphia. Ld. Gough, May 24, 8 A.M. Ohio, May 31, 10.30 A.M. BED STAR LINE. Shortest route for Antwerp, Paris' and all Contl nental Point-i. Sailtna- every Wednesday from Pier foot of Sus sex Street, Jersey City. FRIESLAND Mav 24, LOOP. M. PEXXLAXD Saturday, May 27, 3.30 P. M. For Rates of Passare and other Information ap ply to 1 1 1LKN A 1 A L. SAV1UA11UJ CO., GEXERAL AGENTS. 303 and 307 WALNUT bt Sold In bottles with instructions. Price. 50c, 75c and $1.00. Prepared only by TURNER A CO., Catasauqua, Penna. evefolTi 125 STREET CAR HORSES AXD Mares: one Mare in foal: bizeest banrains fered; selling out on account of startinc elec tric cars: no otler refused. Stables. 4141 Warren st, back of 4134 Lancaster avenue, back of Market St. Cable Car Depot, West Phila, J. GOURLEY. AUCTION SALES. . lLIlriNCTT t- .. Auctioneers. 424 MARKET Street CORSETS. CORSETS FREXCH CORSETS MADE TO Vy order at short notice; corsets cleaned and renovated: other makes aiwavj on hand. Mis Mo NALLY", manager, (formerly with Mrs. CAS UAL) Y). London Corset Co.. 24 N. TENTH st PAPER HANGERS. BARGAINS - WHITE Backs. 4c. Gold Papers, sc. SY. 941 and 943 PAJSSY IjNJi SAMPLES SENT FREE. EXCURSIONS. -?T"-w. STEAMER EDW1X FORREST, Iir3f- 17 daily to Trenton. Burlington, Bris tol, 1 uliyumn, Florence. Penn manor and White Hill. Leave Arch st Wharf Leaves S. Trenton Thur., May 18, 1.00 P. M. I Thur., Mav 18, 5.00 P. M. F'rid., May 19, 1.45 P. M. I Friday, May 19, 5.45 P. M. Sat'y. May 20. 5.00 A. M. I Sat'y, May 20, 8.45 A. iL Fare to Trenton, 40 cents. Excursion, ao centa. Freight received all day. Arrangements can be made for exclusions. CARPET CLEANING. rpHE KNICKERBOCKER CARPET CLEAN-L Ing Company, 942 and 944 North NINTH Street, have greater facilities and more floor space than any other in Philadelphia. Yon are invited to call and examine our process. Two cents .per yard. UTOMATTC CARPET CLEANING WOOKS. 2 633-635-637 N. BROj D Street CARPETS CLEANED CLEAN, 2c per yd. Stor. Sum. ms. free, ENTERPRISE CARPET CLEANING WORKS 1429, 1431 N. TWENTY-FIRST (aU work guar anteed.i Carpet cleaning 2c per yard (hauling free jjt M. SHELLY, 6TH AXD GERMTN AV. LEGjJNIOTJ C ES. 'V'OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN AP-plication will l.e made to the Governor of the State of Pennsylvania on the 27th day of May, A. D. 193, by John Boehrinser, Charles Koch, John H. Schild. F. A. Kloos and H. . Kloos, under ths Act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penn sylvania, entitled "An Act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain corporations, approved April 29, 1874, and the supplements thereto, for the charter of an intended corporation to be called "COLUMBUS BUILDING AXD LOAN ASSOCIATION. XO. 1." the character and object of which is to accumulate a fund by the periodical contributions of its members and to safely Invest the same, and for these nnrnoses tn hava and possess and enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges 01 the said Act 01 Assembly ana its supplement s. Tne proposed charter is now on nie in tne omos of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. THOMAS A. FAH Y, Solicitor, 10 South BROAD street. Philadelphia. kVQTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN application will be made to the Governor of the State of Pennsylvania on Monday, the 12th day of June, A. D. 1893, by William S. Perot Jr., Joseph S. Keen, Jr., Edwin F. Partridge. N. H. Rand and H. E. Asbury, under the act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsyl. vanla entitled "An act to provide for the Incorporation and regulation of certain corporations." ap proved the 29th day of April, A. D. 1874, and the several supplements thereto, for the charter of an intended corporation to tie called "THE OAK LANE WATER COMPANY," the character and object of which is that of supplying water to the puhlic In the township of Cheltenham, in the county of Montgomery and State of Pennsylvania. and to such persons, partnerships and corporations residing therein and adjacent thereto who may desire the same, and for these purposes to have, possess and enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges of said act of Assembly and its supplements. HANNIS. PARBISH A WILLIAMS, 626 DREXEL BUILDING, Phila. Solicitors. X' FINANCIAL. BROWN BROTHERS A CO. a E. Cor. FOURTH and CHESTNUT Sts. COMMERCIAL. CREDITS. CIRCULAR CREDITS FOR TRAVELERS. CABLE TRANSFERS AXD BILIX OF EX CHANGE ON GREAT BRITAIN AND THE CONTIN ENT. Money received on deqosit and interest allowed First-class investment Securities for sale. TRUSSES. IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS NO. 4, of Philadelphia County. Of December Term, lrtW. No. 313. In the matter of the assigned estata of ABRAHAM BARKER. Notice is hereby eiven that the account or EDWARD MELLOR, assignee in the above as-siimed estate, dated April 19, 193, was filed tn the office of the Prothonotary of said Court, on May 6, 18I-3, and that said account will be allowed by ths said Court on Saturday, June 10,893, unless causa tie suown to tne contrary. S. a. HOLLINGSWORTH, Attorney for Assignee. IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS NO. 4, of Philadelphia County, of December Term, 18"0. Xo. 312. In the matter of the Assigned Estate of Barker Brotherb A Company. Xotice is hereby given that the account of Edward Melior, assiimee of the above-assigned estate, dated April 19, 1893, was tiled in the office of ths Krot do notary of said court on May , la, and that said account will be allowed by the said court on Saturday, June 10, 1893, unless cause be shown to the contrary. S. h. HOLLINGSWORTH. Attorney for Assignee. MECHAXICAL TREATMEXT. The term "Mechanical Treatment of Hernia" is peculiar to ourselves, and consists of 1st The selection of a suitable truss. 2d. Proper application, with Instructions for use. 3d. Subsequent attention and necessary changes. This alone constitutes the whole secret of success In the cure of rupture with a truss, appliance or support, and is the most successful treatment yet discovered. Long and successful experience, under advice and patronage of America's most celebrated sunreons. entitles us to your confidence. SEELEY'S TRUSS AXD BAXDAGE ESTABLISHMENT, 25 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia. T71LASTIC STOCKIXGS-SILK. $3.00; THREAD. J J (2.00. Lady and Gentleman attendant FLA- V tLL'S, 1005 SPRING GARDEN Street WANTED. "TIT ANTED SECOND-HAND PIANOS, OR- gans. Furniture, Carpets (entire bouses), spot casn. Address it, box 14, Ridge avenue. WALLPAPER. GOLD EMBOSSED, ONLY 12 AND 15CTS PER piece. Fidelity Wall Paper Co.. 12 N. llth.Phlla- T ESTATE OF. MARY G. FRISHMUTH.-Let-'j ters testamentary on the above estate having been granted to the "undersigned, all persons Indented thereto are requested to make payment, and those having claims to present the same without delay, to P. JEXKS SMITn. FRANK W. SMITH, Executors, Or to their Attorney, JOHX K. VALENTINE, 210 South SEVENTH Street Philadelphia. JDVXRS ANDJ3COURERS. JA W. JONES, 2408 Germantown Avenue NINTH and VINE and 1018 COLUMBIA A vs TO HARRY W.GREEN. LATE OF NO. 2541 South Ninth street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Y'ou are hereby notified that a final rule for divorce has been eranted against you at the suit of ADELINE H. GREEN", your wife, which will be heard in the Court of Common Pleas, Xo. 2, ot September Term, 1892, Xo. 12, on SATURDAY, the third ciav of June. 18M3, on which day you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why such divorce should not be granted against you. JOHN M. CAMPBELL. F. CARROLL BREWSTER, Attorneys for LlbeUant. -V NOTICE. " ' i Phila dei. phi a. May 12. 193. Notice is hereby given that "WIN PEN NY 4 MAHN. Limited,' a limited company under th provisions af the Act of June 2, 1S74. has this day dissolved bv resolution of a majority in number and value of Interest of the members. All persons having claims against the company will present the same without delay, and those owing the company will make pavment at the company's office, Xo. 7w0 FILBERT btreet, and not else w her,

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