The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1949
Page 11
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' THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1949 Ready-to-Serve Foods Needed Companion Foods Found on Shelves, Soys Economist Some foods are naturally good companions. This k the case when it comes to the many combinations of ipady-to-seive cold meats and fruits and vegetables, points out Rcba StaRgs, home economist. Liver sausane. bologna, salami veal loaf, heart cheese, phniento loaf or minced Iwm all fit in a menu will' potatoes -potato sj>ad scalloped potatoes or potato chips! The meat and the potato salad or potato chips ran be tastily displayed on a platter \vith edible efunish- es of earrol strips, radishes and tomato weclees. Jellied fruit or veg- (Hble salad; fio equally as well wiTh the cold meat. Or the rrady-lo serve meat can be chopped and combined wiili VCB- etable.s in a salad /or the main fiire of the meal. Bologna is delicious with cooked peas, tomalo cubes lettuce and a tart vinegar dresslna' The salad is served on lettuce or endive with hot butter toast tips Another enmbinaffon is minced ham cut julienne style and pll-d over tossed tomato wedses. sliced hard-cook errrs. chopped pickle and a zippy dressing. Liver sni'sagc combines with finely chopped onion, finely sliced areen pepper, sliced carrots, diced celery and !ct- Ince. It is artfully moistened with mayonnaise seasoned with a small amount of horseradish. Cold meat-fruit combinations make an appealing main dish served in Individual style or in one larse bowl lined with salad greens. Chopped ham is grand with piV- apple chunks, pi-ape halves and lemon juice thinned mayonnaise. Apricots, black and red cherries are imtnrals with i-eal loa(. U. of A. Experiments With New Vegetable Protein Vitamin, B12 Garden Tomatoes Can Be Prepared Different Ways .What could be better than plat*p:K of sliced rosy red tomatoe.s fresh 'from the garden? But serve the tomato harvest 'n many different ways to add variety to everyday meals. Stewed fresh tomatoes. for example, are a real vegetable treat with a hot dinner. And spiced tomato juice ii a good way to use the less (han perfect tomatoe.s. To retain all of the characteristic bright color of tomatoes, cook them in porcelain enameled utensils. The shiny surface of enameled ware is really glass ami cannot affect either the color or flavor of the foods cooked in it, Here is a recipe for stewed tomatoes which have a fresh-from-the- garden flavor. Sleu-ril Garrter. Tomatno* 6 larRc firm ripe tomatoes ! i teaspoon salt I tablespoon sugar Pepper t small onion, minced \ cup crumbled bread Chopper! parsley Dip tomatoes in boiling: water for 'i minute to loosetl skins. Remove jskiiis ami cut in quarters. Place in porcelain enameled saucepan with salt, sufar. pepper and onion. Cover nnd cnok over low heat for about l.i minutes or until tender, stir In i^fltl and cook about 2 minutes longer. Serve sprinkled with parsley. Makes 5 .servings. This .spiced tomato Jiiice is a sood before-meal appetizer or belween- meal refresher. Spircrf Tomato Juice Wash ripe tomatoe.s and cut into small pieces. Cook- in a large covered enameled sauce pot with sliced onion, celery tops nnd a bay leaf When ienrter. press through" sieve Add salt ana sugar to taste Chill thoroughly in the rcfriRcrator Serve with wedges of lemon. New Russian Book* Are Rarer Than Old LOS ANOKL-S-W-Ncw Russian books are rarer than old ones says Dmiitry Krassovsky. Slavic consultant for the University of California al Los Anseles library fpomplcie bibliographies of Russian publications may not he exported from Russia " and finding new Russian books Is a hit or miss Proposition, he say.s. One kind of Russian publication Is plentiful, he lots ~"' at ''' I " ot>; ' Bn " c1a FAYETTEVIIXB, Ark., Aug. 4 OF)* —A research to determine wheth-1 cr a new vitamin will Improve the' diet of low-income families In the South has been started at the University of Arkansas. The study win ue made to investigate whether the new vitamin B11 will provide vegetable proteins with the same factors now found In meat proteins, the office of President Lewis w. Jones announced yesterday. Dr. Barnett Sure, head of the Department of Asrifiiltual Chemistry at Hie College of Agriculture, will direct the research. He said B12 seems to be synonymous with the animal protein factor. Meal proteins contain this factor; vegetable proteins do not. Lack of Ibis animal protein factor In srnlns and vegetables, Dr. Sure said. Is one of ihc reasons most people must eat meat to remain healthy. He added: Diets of large sections of the population In ihe South are deficient in proteins as well as vitamins. The addition of B12 to such nleli protein-containing foods, such :is soybeans, cottonseed and peanut flour, may contribute appreciably to the improvement of diets of low income families. The research is being financed by a $3,000 grant from the Williams-Waterman Fund of the Research Corporation. , Tasty Summer Topping Improves Fruit Cobbler A luscious fre.sli fruit cobbler with a quickly made topping j s die easy answer to a summer evening dessert. Quick Fruit Cubblcr 4 cuj« sliced fresh fruit 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1-4 cup sugar 3 tablespoons butter or margarine J-4 cup flour 1-1 teasixx»i salt 1-2 cup sugar 1-4 teaspoon cinnamon 1-4 cup shortening Slice fresh fruit into a greased porcelain enamel baking pan and sprinkle with lemon juice. Spread the 1-4 cup sugar evenly over the fruit. with bits of butter. Place, fruit in 375 F. oven to heat while I copping is mixed. To make topnitiK sift Hour, f alt, the 1-2 cup sugar ana cinnamon together. Cul in shortening with forks or a pastry! blender until like coarse cornmoat 1 Spread over hot /mil and bake in [ 375 p. oven about 25 minute., or until topping Is brown. Serve warm or coid with cream or topped with ice ' creair. .Makes 5 to 6 servings Fruit Holds Color When Preserving Dono Correctly "How would your preserves score at the county fair?" Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Gertrude B Iloliman today asked homemakers in North Mississippi Countv. In good preserves, she explained," fruit holds its color, shape and nutiirul fruit flavor. The fruit is plump tender and clear. The sirup may vary in thickness from the consistency of honey for pencil preserves to that of semi-jelly f m . strawberry preserves, Mrs. Ilolimaii gives these hints on making preserves: Always use firm firii for preserves. Fruit that is soft will break up and bp.come mushy. Leave small fruit, such as figs and ehei:-es. whole. Cut pears poaches, and apphs into uniform oiece.s. Pieces of fruit cut less than one-half Inch thick are too small to "plump up" well. Weigh rather than measure for best results A o.uart of firit wll vary according to the kind and cut. Cook only a small amount of Unit (2 or 3 quarts, or 0 to 8 pounds) at -me time Start the fruit to cooking in a thin sirup to prevent shriveling Cook rapidly until the fruit ,s somewhat clear and tender, slow Bacteriologists Suggest Proper Food Storage Many people think that once > food Is cooked it will keep fo * hour*, even in a warm place. This belief, according to bacteriologists Is responsible for many cases' of food poisoning. Urn-Ing »arin weather it is especially Importatin that foods pivpa-- cd In advance be refrigerated promptly to prevent the posslvihu. of spoilage. This is particularly "tine of foods such as soft, custards cream I tilings, creamed dishes, and cooked meai.i. poultry and fish As soon as they are prepared and cooled, store them in covered containers in the refrigerator. To solve food shortage problems there is a good supply of excellent refrigerator containers In the stores now. Those made of sanitary porcelain enamel are nil excellent,! choice. Bunmeledware is made bv fusing coatings of glass onto sturdy steel. This results in a hard-non- | porus finish whii-h is easy to clean. I These features make enamela-dwaie ! espciallv desirable for tile safe stor- ! age of food. (ARK.) COUHtlCR KEWB PAGE ELEVEN sev- I This i conking destroys Ihe texture, anrt color. 1*0111- the preserves into s pans to cool and let .stand f era] hours or overnight. plmnps up the fruit. j Fill jar- three- fourth* full, then heat the sirup EUK! pour over the preserves. To prevent molrt, pio- i cess in a hoi water bath ;u simmer- j inc temperature for 30 minutes | If yon want more mformiiCoii 'ask your county Fxtcn=inn agents : t-opy of Extension cnculur '• No, 1!0'I, "Making ^ruit Preserves.' 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KUTTYHUNK SU, ING 9 you Be«er Quo,^ on- Great* Q M « tity for L . $$ Check the savings on these everyday low pricesSee how Kroger helps youlive Better for Less" VrttdtfcKaOGfRVAUJEi KROGER ICED TEA SPOTLIGHT COFFEE ^ 4V A special blend of 3 varietic Iced tea Copy/i 9 hl 19*9. I(, e *,<„,„ Co. Lib. I ok? IVI1 *• r^S' KI-.JS.T >/ 2 -\.\,. ' TOMATO JUICE 2'^ 43 C BLENDED JUICE "7^ C GTRUIT JUICE ,,„.,:' 30 SUGAR I'ure C'iiiu' Ci-iii 2.29 RONCO KROGIERMILK 3 21 35' COCA COLA FRUIT COCKTAIL K \% 35 Krojft-r KROGER PEANUT BUTTER KROGER FLOUR zr - n >" "Magic Mix" retards oil sejiajaliori Frcslicr I'MlslMirv Mb. iarPRESERVES fcr^'3. nr GRAPE JAM Kin lia ssv |-| <f , 3 2 ji!i T 65c Jill'S 2-11,. lar MARGARINE 2 Kill mine Cln. SALAD DRESSING 2 -J'; ; . 49 C DUZ PORK & BEANS (i l ,, .... I 1 or Dishes nr 1. 3 ^ TOIIET TISSUE Hulls 33' ?"! E !*R)OD SrW CflTSUp liox '(•r MJISOM—))»/.. ((Is. 77c. EMBASSY SALAD DRESSING" „ ,Scn.,wu,l "Jusl right"... creamy, satin-Hmooth JAR CAPS Ki-rr qt. jar CERTO l''iir Jelling or I'ri'.scrvinjj ' VINEGAR (•<>\(l Unllar Do/.. /J .... „,„. 24 C Cal. WO Arkansos Frees^ne Elbcrtaj GRAPES Top Qualify Fresh Calif. Sweer Seedless. lb . PEACHES RIB ROAST ^ 62 C U.S. graded good or choice. 3 Ibs. 29? BRISKET 0'BEEF ».32< U.S. graded good or choree ib. 19 C SLiCED BACON ;dlcsj. Wicklow Brand. DniATnro 1 n lb Buik A f\, ^NCH LOAF I UIHIUtu I U Kr0ft *4j Pickle and Pfmento or U.S. No. , W«K :i± H i:± - PERCH F | LLE J S (j ^ ~ ~ Finer Texture. Save $2.00! Send for Valuable MONEYSAVING CERTIFICATE $*•.,, v, e • • worth $2 .00 on "»»Be s '"'" pnrch.r, t . O f W f .M, : , K hcu.s(; >S Apphanccs. Yours for 2 box tnn* ,r -rapper, from »ny Lever proX" Hurry! Get Free Order Blanks at Kroger! FRYING CHICKENS 1949 Farm Fresh Dressed. p izzards Ib. 39c Brcosts lb. 98c Win ,9 s -•»». 55c Legs Ib. 87c Backs Ib. 39c Pork Roast ^ 155 Pork Steaks RINSO Pkg. 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