Essex County Herald from Island Pond, Vermont on August 30, 1907 · Page 2
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Essex County Herald from Island Pond, Vermont · Page 2

Island Pond, Vermont
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1907
Page 2
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Essex County IUrald. M'MIHkPLVIH 'IU.AY W. H. BISHOP. I aland Pond. - Vermont. ,t.o 1 llrf- ' d - TVnim. M.fiO r aiuium. AtlvTtiiiit rat- on a I lli" - i i i ..u .iu.I.jLl iiMttt'r. ! Ull'l 1 1 ti.lllll. t.- -" Ikii.iy. An.i'i .:. lsmT. (iradi Crossings Abolished in i ssex County. Tluir-l;iv. n:4Ur.t 22, the ImmkI ft lt.tili...t'l l'iiiiiiiiiii.r l..'i.l to wa Mm, in V.x f .imlv fr llif i.nrjose nf iiLoli.-liinn ir.i.l.' i-hk-mii;; in e.niifll-wiiii a i-c-l t h! of tlir Winiulit i-i;is:1liii- n iii -Mini; llif nl'litiuii of oif !hin l r vi iir for fsifli thirty inilt-nol km. I. At the forcixioii hhwiuii. ii.-l.l at tin- Muini' .-t.itiuii in MiCiNloue, the "!iu rio.v.lli(!s i c -llf.1. i.ia- :! on -half milm Mijllli of M:iiUl.ine il. Mil. with aliolislieil. Ill llirir I'laiv, a iMiineclii.j; strip of liijjfo way ' ' '"' hiiiil on tin wot iiiile of the trark at hii expense ot admit !0(HI. Al the alli'ii.uuii wssimi, lifhl ut the town hall in 1! ot m tii'M, the three cniss- inH i,, 1, li. LI illam'eieah(ilihed. An iiimIi-i':i.-.s is to he const nirteii to the I'i.uv of the one nrxt to the liver ami a roni. feting titrip of highway is to he iiiii.-lnifted on the northern hide parallel wild the main line in phice of the i.tlu-r two. This will cost in the vicinity of 1 7,0li0. ()! the exiii'iiM'H inclined the towns 1 ft V 10- the slate 2 ' anil the Kail- l"V ' It load C'oinpiuiieH li."f;. 'J'he ciii) mission is to he commended for its excellent work in Kssex County, ail of which will he of lasting henetit to the people. Conant's Vermont. We gratefully acknow ledge receipt of oConanfs Veil it," revised and eu- hiiged hy Hon. Mason S. Stone, state hii pet intcudent of education. The new edition contains ")2 pages more than the old edition, and 30(1 new illustra tions ol cnielul selection. Kvery er-tuoiiter slioiild possess this honk, and we can think of no literature better adapted to advertise the advantage of n residence in our stale. In no sense a work of self-praise, a perusal of this book leaves the reader satisfied with Veiinout's lole in history, and optimistic as to her future. Withal the book bids fair to be a workable text honk for our schools, and this is undoubtedly its greatest recommendation. At the invitation of the publishers, not in the spirit of critical censure, but "to contribute to the improvement of future editions," we call attention to certain apparent errors: On page fi7, Island Pond is incorrectly credited with the division repair shops of the (irand Trunk liy. Co. On page :j;5.'i, the enumeration of the c lliceis elected by the General Assembly omits the Attorney (ieneral. Ou page 1 11, it is said that "Sheriff Ten Kyek, accompanied by a posse of j'mir hundred armed men. attempted the eject inent of dames Hi eckeiuidge from his farm in lii'tniiiigton. A parley was held, the sheriffs posse was unwilling to make an attack, t-o the sheriff withdrew with hisMv r bundle 1 men." On page '.Ml : Oilier important lakes and ponds in this part of the state are, ( oi'ih c af she. Seymour Lake in Morgan, Island 1'ond in lirighton, Great Averill l'ond in Avetill, Crystal Lake in Harton," etc. However, by a reference to the table, on page 109, show ing area of Vermont lakes and ponds, it appears that the lakes named ou page 'J!) are not in order ol size, but that their respective acreages are as follows: 5000, 1.100, 1200, 1100. Coos and Essex Pair, The annual fair is to be ht.ld this year S-ptemher 10, 11, 1-, at Lancaster, N. 11. Now let the people of the two co inties join unreservedly and lend a li dping hand to make the fair an unqualified success this year. Do not be lukewarm : lie a success do not say we hope it will ; but come out boldly and manfully, throw aside every feeling that would in the least antagonize the enterprise, and work earnestly for its success, just as the direclois are doing. No one should refuse to do alt in his power to further the interest of the fair this year. It is not an individual enterprise, hut it is an enterprise in which the whole of Coos and Kssex counties are interested and its unbounded success should be the interest, the hope and determination of tiie citizens of both counties. Some of the attractions, greater than ever this year, are mentioned on first page. A Plank For 1908 "Vermont, a small and thinly popu-. tiled slate, has no less than !!9 state boards with (vl members. A comiuis sion to lop nil' commissions is apparently needed." Boston Record. To the above the St. Albans Messenger thus pertinently comments? Right ! Kor years The Messenger has been persistently suggesting that the reform of this great dissipation of the executive and administrative functions of government should be promised in the next Republican state platform and effected by the next legislature elected on its pledged. But it takes time, to arouse a positive public opinion about such a matter, particularly when the people see little or no abuses of the : gner kind m I In lnwl reoniu of it. ' Tl.r votrtliui'-l't ' Vflili.'lll MM'lelS li.ll L 1'"' CelH.V t.ail 0.-1.1 HI T j !ej;',i.iliiie ! Ivii d'lll"-! j! Iv - c.ilii. tie ciil-it.i m il i.llii 'f ii pro-f lin..tim. ai il i-iilir alwul.ii.): tilt-Ill it-elf or au-eDlni; lliem out w lut of eollilnle.iii. I he imldell ol il'iiK1 i iiiei-M-d hy mh-Ii a -licy n-a mere matter of Aey t'nt i-la l.ilMlir-i man wouM take n..n-e ! Ilial IU the conduct of any pruale el.ter- pri'M' and eoncent rate iii iim:vi lal ami HiieriiileinlinK re-oiiMhi!ily a mncl !. i. lii j I,'. not alone to aionl exii'lise ut to gain the leiii tiU of an nudivi.l autlioiitv witli Mime r'iiiiM'lln.t; mwer hehind il, and at the same time to hrii ; the resKiiihihility for mistakes or wrong doing definitely ami positively hume n mime K-i'itie soim-e, instead of lieing distrihuted Hinoi'C ""d swallowed lip in a litter of snhordiiiates. The next Ui puhlicaii state platfoni should make a reform of these con ditioiis one of its main plaiiks. 'I he time has ei tne, indeed, has long h cn at hand, when the l-eople of the state should arouse to llie nece-hil) of uiak Ing a liusmes.s ot government. 1 1 ) .'il. in well afford to concentrate I he an thoritv and functions of administ ration and ay liherally for the services limn who will make a husiness of govern ilig. The old time ideas of distrihiiting and redisti ihutinir imhlic ollices, no' with the hetielit of the pul lic seivii is the primal ohjeclive but itiiuply in older that uood men may he lewarded with ollicial distinctions, should he ahun doned forever. Let us slop farming out the executive functions and hegin to assemble our government under one roof somewhere. Town Representation. In a communication to the St. Albans Messenger Klisha May of St. Johnsbury, lias this to say about the present method in force in electing town representatives to the (Seneral Assembly : "In the different democratic platforms the voters' attention has been called to the unequal representation in the legislative body. Last fall the republican newspapers, under paid advertisement, called the attentn-n of the voteis in small towns to the democratic platform tnd urged citizens to vote against Mr. Clement. A few newspapers said this aiis not a party iiiestiou. Hut it should lie remembered the democrats lor over half a century have not controlled Ver uiont, and if the system of represent:!' lion is changed it must be by a icpubli can legislature. In lino llie legislature can propose to the voters a change in the constilii tion as to representatives. liy section i , chapter 2, ermont const ttition, each town is entitled to a representative. All other states, save Hlioije Island am Connecticut, make representation according to population. Connecticut has had this matter befoie the Voters, but the proposed aincuduienl was so unlai it was repudiated by the voters. In 1000 there were over 81,000 polls reported and a total valuation of ijfl.Oo.V olil. If representation was by poptihi-iou it would require nearly 1 100 for ach representative j if by polls, about 170 for each representatives. In llMMI Hurlington had olOO polls and a grand Hst of !?1 l.",o:l(i. St. George had only 2 polls and grand list of 010. St. lohusbury had L'O.'iO polls and a grand I list, of ll,2(i:. Staiinard had V2 pubs and a list of $.1!i:J. Karre city's polls were 'JOoO ami its grain! list fl'vTO. Montpelier polls were L'010 and its list .7,0:ll, while l'ayston's polls were 11'" and its list was $J,0S8. Baltimore had l(i polls and a list of 2 I and Somerset : polls and a list of 70". Rutland had a list of M:1,1 10 and :)0Go polls. So he five largest towns named had loJO:! polls and a grand list of .72,:ioit, or over one sixth of the population by polls and nearly one-sixth of the grand list. If representation was fairly divided these five large towns would be entitled to 41 or 42 representatives whereas tinier the present system they have only rive. We appreciate the fact that the smaller towns wish the representations to remain as it is. Intelligent men of Mvery class say they know it is unfair mil uiirepublican. republican eader said he should be glad to see the law changed, but his party dare not advocate it. 1 do not quite believe this itatement. So as a Vermonter I ask Mie newspapers of Vermont to discuss 'his matter candidly and fairly, and let rtwcli party advocate a submission of the question in 1911. Let the voters speak ; and if a majority wish to retain the present system, let it do so. FORESTRY NOTES. Conducted by the Ladies Literary Club. "Wealth iu Vermont forests" is the term applied to the cutting of 0(1,00(1,-000 feet of timber there last, winter. It is like the wealth of man who keeps spending his principal and calls it his income. Boston Transcript. There is nothing more true in the business world than that. Hut, mark you, Vermont is learning her lesson slowly, to be sure. Harre Times. Iu this connection, perhaps the following article from Munsey's Magazine, 1902, may be of interest : Ot'li WKAI.TII IN TltKKS. Ever onward from that remote period when man swung his way through the forests by his prehensile tail, he has interested himself iu woods. As he grew out . i Ilia primary niinlisiu, man still oii.;l.t tue tiw ti hi rrfuge from the f.iowlt-i ft the nvl.U A lough liitit- torn the tree bi first .i;ii I he Adam of evolution was a foi. Mi-r. In thee liter !.! tli n-lxtiou of mui. to the lon-stH it revrrwl. In utli Ih-v sliellere.l him: li must protect tl.elti li.. He dor this itll no feel ings o I wiitiinetit, purely fiviu motives d national 11 oooiiiv. The time has uiie when the world's woodlands can no longer supply Hiillicieut timber for the wants of a great and ever increasing population. In Kmoe the demand for wood is conspicuously greater than the supply even though the forests there ere originally so great. It was in Kurojie as it is in America to il, iv. With uiiotlu-r people and iff -rent felting, the name history is being enacted. Caesar desci'ilied south em l'.iiro.e as In uring masses of dense woodland: but the bllllliel mall came w ith his axe, and the pioneer agriculture 1st with his tin-In and, and their devasta' In. us spread through the countries like a pi igue. Socaily as the lllli century some countries had their laws revised to limit ihe freedom of those aggressive persons But piecautionary measures came too late; (lie pestilence had wrought ita work. So completely has Britain lieen denuded of tieesthat only a beggarly three ier cent of the whole remains and the country shrinks from the task of reciipeiation. But the intent ion of western Kurope is clear the forests must be maintained. Sylviculture has been raised to a science. In this Germany leads the way. She has the best teachers, the best books, the finest forests, and the most fully equipped colleges. Mx academies in various states are devoted entirely to sylviculture. In addition, Munich, Gres-sen, and other universities have their chairs of forestiy. German forestry education is the most surprisingly thouiugh affair. After leaving a lii'st-class governmental schoi l from which he must bring certificates ami a doctor's guarantee of robust health the candidate for the state forest service commences his career by twelve months practical acquaintance with the win ds. Three yeais follow, in which he studies at one of Ihe academies every sul j' Ct which can in any way he twisted into having a bearing on forestiy. One year must then lie spent at a university for the purpose of si inlying jurisprudence and political economy. '! his over, an examination takes place, which, should it be passed, entitles the student to be s'yied rti ruiilitr. alter which he is ex-peeled to show Ins capacity to manage dillerent ranges of woods, and is required to make daily note of what he sees and does. From this diary hisdili gence and powers of observation are judged, after which the student takes Ihe tiual examination. This lasts from iTgli! to ten days, and allows the successful candidate the tittle of "assessor". Seven, eight, or more, years of active probationary work are now passed before the assessor's name is considered for election to the post of ln rjnsltr. Such is the training of the German forest ollicial. It is the basis of German forestry, as it must be of any forest policy which is sound, that only what has been- pro duceii in one year may be removed in the annual cuttings. A computation is made to determine exactly what quantity of timber is equivalent to one year's aggregate growth, and this amount is taken in the fellings. This is the legitimate income from the mass of forest w hich must be regarded as the national investment. lu au ideal forest and some of those in Germany nearly realize the perfect there is it series of plantation blocks corresponding in their ages to the number of years in the rotation. Thus, if the trees are grown on a rotation of 100 years, the block ot plantation which has attained that age is filled, and the area is immediately planted again. By this simple arrangement a well managed forest never grows less, though trees are felled in it every year. Careful in the exercise of guarding principles, the German is not lax in watching over small economies. No I wig leaves the forest unaccounted for. Tanners, fire wood merchants,, makers of clogs, sabots and toys, of bungs for barrels and bobliins for thread, millers of wood pulp all are maintained on the dead stuff of the forest. The very leaves are gathered and sld to the forest nurses. "Go, and do thou likewise." A Million Dollars in Assets There is usually some good reason for abnormal growth iu any business and it is so wilh Siavings Banks. The North Troy Palladium seems to think it has discovered the secret of the large rowth of the Lamoille County Savings Itank and Trust Company. It says: The Hyde Park savings bank reached a notable point in its history July 1 1, w hen for the first time the assets of the institution reached the million mark. The master mind iu the affairs of the bank is that of its president, Carroll S. Page, and to that far-sighted policy and liberal treatment, that so markedly characterizes all his business and financial dealings, is largely due the great increase in assets and the success that has always attended the institution. This Bank pays 4 compounded semiannually ou deposits of iff 100 or more. Civil Srvic Examinations. The United Mat- ti il S-m. Com-iiiitsiou announce a m'lal. tirnt gi't-examination, to be held for the Customs Service at Xrsrt, Vermont, ami ul srts,ou September -1, l!Mi7. Candidates for intmeiits lu the Customs Service must not I le I nan H nor more than ye ;rs of age. phys ically anil mentally qualified, as required by the rules and regulations of the Civil Service of the 1'nited Stales. Outdoor inspectors in list be of robust frame and constitution. If otheiwise duly quail- tied, the limitation as to age does u t Ml. l.l v to rwnmiia who may have lieen i - honorably discharged from the military or naval service of the I lilted Stales. leputy Collector and others whose lutiea aie performed exclusively within customs buildings, and who are selected ou account - possessing qualifications of special value to the service, may, af ter satisfactory physical certification, be eligble for apMiiiduiei.t between 2 and 00 years of age. If otherwise duly qualified the limitation as to age dis-s not apply to eisoiis hoimiably discharged fiom the uiilitaiy or naval service of the I'nited States by reason of disability resulting from wounds or sickness incurred in line of duty, Applica tion blanks and pamphlet of instruct inns cm, lie ol. lamed from Mr. C. A. Ban croft, Custom House, Newport, Vermont or K. K. Slebbius, Room 111 Post Office Building, Boston, Mass. Applications should I tiled with the latter not Inter thau 4.:l0 !' M-, September 17th. The JJnd annual meeting of th" Hid Vermont lie-union, society will be held iu C. A. K. hall, St., .Jolinsbiiry, at !Um A. M. Tuesday, September 17. A biisi- uess session wi l, held '.I lli:lll i xi. The address of the day will be. i Mivered by the Key. A. F. Walsh, the son of a veteran, and will be followed by a universal enperience meeting. The Woman's Heliel Corps will dine the regiment as usual. I he executive coin lee consists of C'arleton Felch, Marshal Montgomery and .1. A. I'addock. The secre. tary of the society is ex-(!ov. Samuel l I'iugree of II 'lit ford. NORTON Mrs. W. II. Itishop ol " Tyrone Place" is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Hairy Hurgess, at Newport. Miss Irene I nrH'iiter, who has been visiting Miss (Jueeuie ,lc lonalil at Mechanic Falls, Me., returned home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. I'M. Webster and son Turner of Coal ieoofc are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ileniy Marsh at their cottage, Salmon Point, Averill. Miss Sara Paterson, who sent the past year at "lbieua Vista" as a guest of Mrs. W. K. C. .loiies, left for Dulunpie, Iowa, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. John D.iuniu.of Sawver-v i lie, (Jue., are the gues.s of their patents Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Damon. Will ilishop and lileu Ha u sent Sunday iu town. Mrs. I.eon I.ibbey and children are visiting at Lebanon, X. II. Fred Woodland, Leon Libbey, Claude Norris and Herbert Badger have gone to West Charleston, where they have employment iu a bobbin mill. Mr. and Mrs. V. Lampher are rejuic-iiigover the birth of a sou, bom August lt. ' The Misses Itallie and Hazel Ames of Island Pond returned home Saturday, having Upent their vacation w ith their sister, Mrs. L. A. Marsh. Mrs. lolili Ciiuiiingtou has been ill for several weejj,s,.a.nd is not improving as fast as her friends would wish. Miss A. Jennie Bishop returned from Worcester Monday night. Miss Bishop has taught forty-six weeks during the past year. KSTATK OK CUARLHS R A INKY. STATE of VliKMONT. Histkictop In F'rolialc Court, helil nt IlriKtilon, in mui for said District, on the 'Jsih ilav of iiKUt, A. II. 1SHI7, 8. W. Allin, ailm'itiis-Irntor of the estate of Charles kainrv, lute of Victory, in sniil District, deceased, 'makes application to snid Court for license to sell nil of the reul estate of said deceased, sit-unteil in Vermont, in which upplicnti n the heirs of sunt deceased join, representing that the sale thereof would lie lie cfieial lo the heirs ot said drcv-m-U unit tiose interested in his estate. Whereupon, it in ordered bv said Court that said application lie referred to u session thereof, to be held jtt the Probate office in C.nildhull the fourteenth dnv tl September, 1!H7, lor hearing 'aWd decision thereon ; and it is lurther ordered, that nil persons interested be notified hereof by publication of notice ot said application nhd order thereon three weeks successively in the ISssex Countv Herald, n newspaper published at Isbiud I'oni. in this Statemid which circulates in the neighborhood ol those interested, before said time of heariiiK, that they mny appear nt said time and pluce, and, il they seecause.ob ,'eet thereto. Ilv the Court. Attest, HUWHEKT W. Bl-AKH, Judok. .' WOOL CARDING. Barton Woolen Mills, carding and greasing, 8c. Washing, carding and greasing lc. Wool lelV-at Geo. W. Bracket.t's store, West Charleston, and W. W. Cue's store, West. Burke, carded and returned at So per bunch extra, Last shipment November 10. Hand spun yarns and . rolls for sale. Leave orders at agencies. PETITION IN CHANCERY. M ATK VF.KMO.Vr. I X Uit SlY - ) K.wX Count) Court of Chancery, (k lobrr 1 el ill, I'."li. Willy I..Car-iiler,. Allen M.Cr-n-ter, Miiioii Car-iiier, Joseph in Carpenter, l.uettr Howard, IUtxkHian. Kalie-K. Kelker. Lillian Chaw?. Annette Hublev, Bertha Caruter. Cora llndfdei', John llolden, Ahlerti. Ib-lgdeii, Allen llodgdell. loU Chap-.!, Iiviu, Ksther l.e. Alii MuImhuI. Whereas W illy L- Car.eiiter, of (Iran-hv, in the County of LWx.and SUte of Veimont, has tiled with the clerk of the Court of Chancery, next to l held at Guildhall, in the County of Kssex, oil the fust Tuesday ol Octols-r, A. I. 1!'7, his dltiou against aid petitionees, setting loilh, in silbstaius, that Geikhaiil Carpenter ou the l'ith dav of March. A. i . . . . . 1 1 It. I "07, executed and ilelivereu to Hor ace Stone, of Lunenburg, in thelounty of Kssex, a nun t gage deed of the follow ing desculfd laud situated lu Gianhy aforesaid, viz : Lot iiuiulier two in the li ft ! range, and one equal divided half of lot iniuiU'r Ihiee in the tilth range; that said d-ed is conditioned for the payment by the said Gersliam Carpenter, his hens, executors, or administrators, ol a cei tain promissory note for t he sum of live bundled dollars, dated the loth day of Maich, A. I. lMi", executed by him and Simon Carts-uter and Allen M. Car-iiler, ami made pax able to the said Horace Stone or bearer on demand w ith interest annua Iv ; that said Horace Sloiie in the month ot July, A. 1. IS'.ll assigned said mortgage ami note to the petitioner, ami that he is now the sole owner thereof ; that said Gershaiii Car-s-nler in the year A. I . 170 conveyed said moitgaged premises subject to said mortgage to Rebecca Carpenter, the wife of said Simon Cars'iiier ; 'bat the petitionees are the hens at law of said Ger-shain ('ai-nter and Rebecca Carjienter, ami claim some light, title, and interest in and to said mortgaged premises ; that j said pi omissoi y note and the interest Ihe.eou is now jusuy uue ami owinu. and has not U-en pnid according to the tenor and etlect theieof, and pray that the eipiity id redemption of said petitionees ill the premises le foreclosed. And it being made to appear that the said Josephine CarHUiter, Luette Howard, Lola Kckuian, Katie F.. Ftlker, Bertha Carpenter. John Hodgdeu, lola Chapiell, and Alice Mahooil are without this state so that a suiipieiia cannot In- served upon them. therefore, It is ordered that notice ol the pendency of said petition be given them by the puli- lication of the substance hereof together with this order,, in the Kssex County Herald, a new spaper published at Island Pond, in the County of Kssex, three weeks successively, the last of which publications to be at least twenty days prior to the tirst day of the next term of said Com t of Chancery, to be held at (iuililhall, iu the County of Kssex, on the fust Tuesday of October, A. 1. Iltl7, at winch time said last named parlies are notified to apiear, and show cause, if any they may have, why the prayer of said pet u ion should not be granted. (iiveii under in v hand at (iuildhall, in the County of Kssex, this 21st day of August, .". I). 1:mi7. (iioiiiiK A. Hi iiiiAitn, Clerk. Haui-ano B. How k, Solicitor. XOIICK OF DISSOLUTION" OF COPAUTNKKSI1IP. Notice is given that the partnership lately subsisting between Porter II. Dale, Harry B. Atuey and George L. Hunt, under the firm name of Dale, Amey & Hunt, was dissolved on the thirtieth day of July, lftl", by mutual consent. All debts due the late partnership and all obligations due from the same discharged by the continuing partners, Amey Hunt. Porter II. Dale, Hairy B. Amey, George L. Hunt. Island Pond, Vt.. ugiist 1, 10(1". Cl'STllr llol'st; SAi.K. The following described property, to wit : dozen but les Indian Rheumatic and Kidney Cure, ha vinK bein f.irli'ited to the I'nited States for violation of the Customs In ws, thi-same will be sold at public auction nt theOustom House at Island l'ond. Vt., ou Saturday, th 1th dm n September. l!to7. at a o'clock . u. C. S. KM URV, Collector of Customs, Custom House, Newport, Vt , AukusI "., iiio7. STATU of VliKMi INT, Iusthictof Whereas up1 on application of Rhodn R. Clrindler, widow ol Will, ion Chnndlrr. lute of l.uiienburK. in snid District, deceased, ti ;. Temple, W K. Bell mid A J.MIler, ul said I.U' eilburK, were on the L'hth dav of March, A ll 1 o7. appointed commissioners to set out from tile dwelling house, out-liiiildinik'S mill land ol which said William Chandler died seized, a homestead of the vul-ue of live hundred dollars, to the said Rhodtt R. Chandler, w idow, as uloresuid, und have ri turned a report of their doilies under said commission to this court. Therefore, all persons are hereby nwtilird to appear befoie said court at the I'tohnte ollicc al r.iiildhall on the 7th duv ol September, A. 1 1. I'.i07, to show cause, "if any thev have, why the report of the said commissioners iu the premisesshould not be accepted. Done in Court nt Brighton, in said District, this 17th dav of August, A. 1). 1907. Hy the Court. Attest. 11 KBIiKT W. BI.AKK. fudge. KSTATH OF JOHN R 1NI-V. The undersigned, lulviiifc been appointed bv the Hon. Probate Court for the District of lissix. Commissioners, to receive, examine and ndjust all claims and deimtnda of all persons flKiiinst the estate til ohn Rniney, late of Concord, in snid District, deceased, and all claims exhibited in offset thereto, hereby Hive notice that we will meet lor the purposes aforesaid at Dr. R. T. Johns'. n'H oltice in Concord, Vt , on the 14-th day of September nd the eijjhtli dnv of I'ebruary, next, from '1 o'clock P. M. until 4 o'clock i'. u., ench ol said dnys, nnd that mx months from the loth dav of AiiKint, A. It.. 1H07, is the time limited bv said Court for said creditor to present their clitims to us lor examination and nllowiuice. Dated nt Concord, this l'Jtti day of Atitrust A. 11. 1H07. IU W. li. Houston, 1 Harry A. Kumiey, f Commissioners. STATU of VHR MONT, r.i, RicT of I5skx,s!i. The Prolmte Court for the District of Essex : To all persons interested in the listate of John I,. Hosford, late of liast Iluvtn, in snid District, deceased, Greeting: Hy the authority of the Stutc of Vermont, you are hereby notified to appear before the snid Probate Court, nt the Prob te Office in Hrinhton, in snid District, on the third day ol S ptember, A. D. l)07, to show cause if any you may have, why the account ol Walter M. ttosford. administrator o the estate of said deceas d, should not lie allowed. And, also, why the residue of said estate should not be distributed to the parties entitled thereto. 1 Dated at Itriiihton, in said district, thin 1 !!th ilny of August A. D. mo7 HHRHliRT TV. nt.AKB. ItiiMiK. STATliop VliRMONT, Dikthict of Hkx ss. The Probate Court for the district of Rmex 1 o all person interested In the Estate of !;:,r,1'!" V"' Jute of Concord, in aid District, deceased, Greeting: By the authority of the State of Vermont you are hereby notified to appear before the snid Probate Court, at the West Concord House in Concord, in xniil District, on th '..'4th day ol September, 107, nt 3pm to show cause, if any you may have, why'tlie account ol M P. Carpenter executor of the estate of said deceased, should not be nl-lowerl. And also, why the residue of aid . state should not lie distributed to the par-lies entitled thereto. 1 nrited at HnKh on, In mid ditriet, U4tU day of AiiKtist, A. l., 1907. thin HBRUERT W BLAKE. Judge. Baked Beans and Brown Bread. Baked Beans Saturdays, hot for supp?: . Beans and Brown Bread Sundays, 6 to o a. iu 1 1 i i 1 1 i FRESH BREAD AND ROLLS DAILY. Cakes, Pastry, ISLAND POND BAKHRV W. J. ROONEY, Proprietor. .3 T i i ! ,1 A cml ,lw'i I'nti'rcil f,r fit ilw.ri ., .: Hr J ill .inn ,ib.hiiiii"v" Phonographs and Records A large stock of Edison and Columbia Records to select from. 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