The Pacific Commercial Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on July 7, 1866 · Page 2
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The Pacific Commercial Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 2

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1866
Page 2
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3 life. Of COItlMERCIAL. - 3ATVRUJT. JVLT '. l(A- Tw qnumtcll inn received by the last arrival pcajcwj j M iiticll lotiMt u b it) ilrt hu imnj. Tbepanrsj In Enirtarrl at'Il c-vKiwijerf, ant cmnrpioi banks and basiuea " f nr.s ha bora ronpci! t to su.r.eo.L Over Unrty sis I In pt I fcs b-r! th.J.p-d frvtn Se Yock to Knjland daring thirty d )S f.T the rcuef of the banks there, and the only effect Tfut tin trg iir.a of e -H ta ihtu f.r ti 1 ia Srw Yurk ; to r!r th prmiam to 164. It i urwlit tmrkalle that ' America. h!:h r.unan (ncrn f t!e put few rnn prvtictrj w ; b hankrul. alwoli t the rino! country tht t thf r"V-ar ui:-tri.-kra Krxl.iui. At the rnon:t,lj r-pt the Am-n.-n g'.rprnnwnt liat o-r iafy tniiri'je in r-! an.l it i r..t im;.rutiabre t!t ' U Rrratir prt o it irin be calta! tir to nliew the Knglub tnark't. 5hrtJ.l the EizlHh rxtoic entitinoe much ln(cr, th ' premium oa g--l4 i 5e York may l-rvvm'i.l-r3tly hihrr j thwi it at tli! Iat rnmrt. from M-r. BrwiL k. C' cir-t:.r, we rntfrt tie 6iUjir.j rf'rring Vt the Kogtuh pan:: : Trivate t'raint eoiiflrn the i. nral w li.4ti:h; thn , tncrthnr lrnrt the autre! vrxii;u.. u tl.'-e r-!-' rt"l a 1 frcr4 to t ert twdios ttte rtitMttcial m .rio. Th-jf nutjr rt niu- ; f'ratU in the f'U.oii or-lr, cum,- i;iriif a'xmt Itxb I ami ex-i-tftinf la M.y rrmi.l. Huiotj A- d . . t rokrr li t'it:tira ffxa tn t- tvlvc mUi tn "atit trrlin. r Bjirn'J i:aikin miany Ht..11. Ivi B-ti- MTiini;. tjnojno ll tnk. f lfln liiititir ' t,M iXiO ttrlintc. FraiK-r ". Indi colt lurrr.liarita Zalarkl Hnk(o A.j4tiun eisiftxt- . ri' Dll Crrnnvtxial Iktok. tltnitl iMtrnlr.l. I:nk u( ltv-n mnfif. aol aaatrn l :t nhipinraU enmin fmra Ju; aWM to tlae, Cu.Hi'bai lkik. the fr"f:Hjn of Mil preial1y lur. a.nt h r'nu;anors. The ImfirrUI lrr-rantil tmlit AnctUio. a r' ! "P eapi'at or .VjQouO, ' aterltni ar.f th r nnMlt.ibi UvHttcb Cmiay Willi a ai t Bp caixial iiiO.iUH aterinf. ttt rilrwl; heavy onnut ; menla. aiaC, it u attnoonenl. r" r'" liq' The Hjuk ' ut Knctaad ta l exfmmlit it ermlita Jt 10,IC).(X iterlini;, ar4 ! beH Ka raie rtimtjnt frrm at il VT c-ot. per annum. The ', C-mtraemal Baa 4 tntt and the r-aat haa (aileU. Tbe L.o- . f t'm Jotat tw.k lAJreant Cntnpany. the Cunlrart Crpiratin : Cui an j. lirolt-L, tir tjiKn J-iint ifinck I'.ankinr l.uipar.y. ' Iaiitr4. rmilh. bmcht Cu.. mnlrart'ir. mtvtn (... Imaln eaaajr wfber lnmint Corpor-ft'ir:4 nt t'lnanrvtl C'iitnianie. tiave n rltil as tonitet. At Ubufi. the irnlral-n pirvA t' aftapnil tiiiain- f -v a frw ilay. l"'iilinur.i ranura heavy apra. wnt brine rrceirrj frntu L.ver-finrH. Intenie eritrmnt priU lj larfe niwihers of cnr.try 'tiankT wrn in Lofxiua, emf--rTin with thetr aernu. Uiiniix etirf, or aiming to pviVKle avinat itaocrvs of a Tan." ."hiij- aaeata of uaare front Atlantic "rt In FJiroi. intlucr.1 by . nrHeT. -ur.o ,Lr w,,h of May evc-l-l a,.;.,. ..W.. . drai. e,hu,ve a', to ren-ler vrtrrat call: fkirf vwri m aa aUvanew a cooinvr.-tal nrreMiiy. and delay loir ad . Ieaent eff.irt in fwml tbe currency, and 11. a return our Kaatern ; Mate to a apc baa..7 The BulUUm ot Jane It, ha. the f.I.iwing aboot U.e panic . ia kngtan.1 : Tbeoewaof tritare t the A era arnl Maaterman Bank. aUaartrd. London, etc.. kaad'epene.l Uie ani- ty rnranlinr the Uma.iQ crista. JlaMersian'a w one of the 4let aavl n-perte'l private banko Ixxi.l'.n. Jne of the rter (at in Parliament two or tl rre ara-i'in Parttie city of London. Two years r lb-y ainal?amate. their UmmLm! Imsines with the Atra bank an Amtlo-Imlian int atock evnip-iny of gmi . lanalinir and ratahli.heri thetavlvca the new la of I liwnced Lability an a Una basia. The paid up capital waa 1 J7.ilXI0xl, w.tli a funber lialality oo tbe share hoblera of I i2JV.0OO. TIkj dividend were at tbe rate ..f y o-tit. ; er annum. Their lr-rvc furel waa f J,5I.WI0, and tlie hare stood at tCi4jtS paid. A the criKi riire-vd it airpears to have eeToe known that the Arra n-l Ma.termairs ere heavy auff rer. and fmrn Ote raouirnt that puMie alien- tifn waa directe.1 to thetr afJairs. however silvent or even bow- 1 ever well prrpfd, two oa Cove day a wool-1 be suilir-ient to brina them down. The same cruhtfi;t fmcesa rosy close the ' .loors of any b-nk in Loml-in. Tlie prople are an thoroughly anic stricken that In their frantic efforts lo their m-mey into their own cowwsi.a. they are asr'in-siy ruioior. tbern-vlv.s ami their netrhb..r. If we are to jixle of the posiUn of minarj aiaairv inm ii.aci.Kr..nr9 witirn . .i wirm iirntK oa news of. w mat suppose ltxloa In be in that state that aoothrr seven or ten day of tbe fiicn of termr, which hail !- j l.i.trd r W days, mluht brin.; about ilts norr,uale.l : since the banting of the fouth Sea bubble in the hepimiins; of! the Pith eentnry. or Law's financial scheme in Pari at its eV-e. The raat half yearly acconnU .howr.l $T:l..J0.0.J0 due to depositors and oa en-ilomer-)' balances. The avraK accept- t tf other hackers $.SJ0.o)U, ami liability on eaehar.Ke accounts, . ind eirenlar n.rfes of SiSiO.UUO snowififr a ' . of nearly J io.UOO ii. This rsUbl.sbment i U.lon. F.linl.urr, Paris. Calcutta, Bombay, i bee. Arra, Lahore. PlnPle. yd,-y, ami a tiers 4 crolit and t'ltal indebtedness had banks in Lnmton. i .' . . wtiini'er ot unaaer orancnea. ine real estate i uieir various ; rstabtuhme ua was valued at l DUO OoO and their rrrm ta.flt : last y ar was over $1,250,000, after what was Considcrel baal ' year's bosiuess ia Bombay and elsewhere. f Tiie California markets for oar Island prwluce remained very tlnl! at the latest advices, ami prices low, I at it was thought ; rrr that the bottota had been tone lie. I. Althooch the stock of sugars was atill large, there were indkaikjas of im- urnvement hi orkw, at an early day. I HaaaaV Ptiers fT all ilescriptmns I:v favored rmrchasera. ' Tne aaarket W largely sappnea Dotn witn raw ana n-iinea , tattoo tlie cosU Island saiars, Chinee rrades at from yps l".4i tne ust qnn- ; ni(.ut the necessity for an independent liberal -'l,eiciy avmura.tzva mm. J ic iH'ggea mc uon- isKtlius ut all. satislied as tliev are that it will not raiVXZrW journal. fre.; of (Jovcmmcnt ccmtrol-cxist as , r of war in the hurt ditch, and tried to ever his : V.r!; TZ. 'T WV r""U;" Mt.M-M,T. IU.. -oM : utritnlv nnw n- .t.., .lf i ignominious defeat by a shameful retreat and . ..J.':.:Z"::"'"aT" . 11 credit, at alec Jl) cu. per ;al.n. . '""ftv ...v... .v... ".."Liii v..nwj "m " ."""j ..o.i.ui. ...Miiane mui uie great sieam- Fitc aJ bas so.i oo lowif crolit at 104c j must fhow. It is no tasr matter, however to .withdrawal of his papier banner. The House ol- ers of the China line should Dot Ik I'iMllpt'lirt. to winTur of this da, in distant' or i inatcly refused; amotion to indefinitely .st- SiS1 JrJVJt ! i-latcd a locality, where everv tvi.. every sheet ! P-e the bill was carried .W unann,n,,yA ?1"aS t clnnaSS 0.-O.W."f Bostoo Word Circular says-. I of rapier and every article used has to be Lrou.'ht Tli narket for w.obn goods has len dull, and poods have " ' A-canaiate.1. Thia hs caused many of tl maiioiacturers 10 ! eighteen or twenty thousand miles, and where ?i::"?uZJ?m I the expense., of puW.cation are o greatly in- a h.t w January and February, when there was a slight j creased. Yet we have Conducted it lor ten Years, , duties, r.-re. woiie are dull of sale. At prices in some in- j successfully so far as its finances are concerned, ZST.Vdisn without Government tronage, and with what sto,-k .po tbe market. ' i credit, iw a newspaper, we leave our patrons to I , fur tlifmsIlvL. For the un.Ln good 1 TZTJZI'Z. ! '- and assistance we have received from i rroua. ine hwwih re iqc .).au no . ''iH";- The .h.n C.Ihm was Wlue in Ike lower 1st at Eoston. May 20, bile- Awl ret, u -i.h .be rst Mir -lad. for llono- ; ti, .m a 1 I I . VV. t a... a T-. V.. V La,lal tA Sail J tl FW t 1 Te lofmi would also leave lu ad June, all three bound to j ibis port. i LOCAL. COMMERCIAL. Eirs. j YVe have had frrnent arrivals tbe past week lrom Pan Fran- ' rUavo.brinrin advices from Jane 5th to ISth Inclusive. The i barks Birnic and Ciwnftrwfje have partial cargoes of assorted snercbandue, -hich .ill be found .nec.fWl iiow. f Tle clipper Star of tk Union is under charter to load at , be (Iwaao Isiabds. aasd will sail as soon as s complement of; Uhrer. ca be ot-a.J. ! The bark rafmttta Is enarajed in the Kasslan Telegraph ser- ; tier, and tailed yrstrrUay fa- rfropolskL The seboaner $ Oiey haa been purchase-! by the United States Gaaoo Comjny lur a lei,. to p., between this port and UowUrxt Island. TWbMkentiae .VoaiforMtfcdf s-rFfancisceoa Tuesday, ' taking nearly a fall cargo f sugar, moWsie, ke. 1 Tie barks Cossrf and 5m,r,ofr, now on U.e berth f.-ri-an , Trale haa been very depressed the part few weeks, and shows i&Tt&&r& lt&& ! Jial t''"1'" At one time, lately, the pub- ! ;; "f "edum an.l equality in every ,.',., S(, nilK.h ,.xt(.I)(, vm. 5 ,;,.,,. ,; U(,V;1I,(:, , Srj js" n; Fixs, (Cal.) dried, li32.v lb; Fi?s.(foreitn, drmi, ' ;aj,er thourrht of dispoMnrr of the paper but the I an "'me. It was meet that it should be so, ; our interests in that quarter as would the proposed .ai5c lie lb; Strawia-rr a,c, ! ' te 1 I I ' for on that "h.rious eve with a tinnt.ii.iitv r-irel v sleam line, by means ni which our trade and inter- iTTef ' Pr,"!,,htJ ,s that he will continue to publish i " 1 -r., us cv.., wi n a ,nn,.,ty rarUy cmMw . lill!v , T huiHired; la-mo.-. (1 u r . , :r i.- ., i,lIfu i emailed in a legislative body, there was a dccla- ..,. ...... ,.i i :.. ..... '. , i .! 1 na A nr.L T aa?. Ill I'll UOIO J'el ZV a, llltj taVllA IIVUI til lilt, rlait:l v .IJV'H iy-I ill t" 111.' I I ' I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 I III- no sign of improvement. p ublic expense, a pnfifirat journal, or even a two sale, of real estate bare occurred durinit the week The . c.mi. witl, Tiriviltc Uh)t nlA dwcllins te.-cup!e.l by Mr. ollum, lo Nuuanu street, at '$Oea-i, w. BerriU, porciwser. The goduc cot-; industry. Conecfpueiitly, ours is a peculiar )-t.ige.oo School strert, next north of tlie dwelling of Mr. Whit- . nition, and ours a peculiar Ministry blind to m-y.has --ens.4.ii. Mr. Af .otf f .r $l.4io casiu ! what may be termed governmental comity, lf, farr real estate sales are advertised t to-day. and .ftlao on J ... , Wcda-UF ui. whkU U.e attention of cap.uiu . is di- i then, we are at times severe, it is because we rected. ar1 encouraged by circumstances to Ihj severe. H HJLIVU ITEMS. I'oMing a pre- in their bands, at their own la-ck. Fm our New Poll ed file, we gather the foil .wing: Ministers say practieallly. .SV ril.C. lilt Ii-ar."y ltrk Cr-ncor-lia. of ?a:harr-r. is fitting f l!IW! Bay. . "Well did a Senator in t e American Congress t be eotiimaoded hr Capt. Srkinncr, of New London, to sail - toboutthc middle of Slay. . ray recently, when discussing pwrti&tn or v- Smp Pt By O.-orge A. Bourne, on Paforday last: crnIm.t-tid Pai-iTS I f.j 1J2J of 2j.pCalif'nia..f New iv-l'or-l. as d srharcvl trn,m"1 I"4" I-'!"-13 Jier last vvair. U Falwsrd 1. at the rate of f I J.IKW. "A paper that cannot support itself Cannot be lire twrUUi of shir. l.arth..l.TOew O-snoM. of New . ff a,iv- -rvice to ailV one: t- depeild upon it is as disced fcnm...-r last vc,aSe, f. Falaanl O. Mainlcll at ,. ., ,., wl C;.I.t ,., ,, . to the rate of s tsjo. e t . line -.te,-nth of bsstc Caoe n-rn ITreon. 4 Palm-nth. as spend money upon U is Was.lBg tlicl 111 tiie d.etiari-d fn.m her tsst voysge, tt C tiailes L. Wucd. at the attempt to "k tll.Ib" a stone. The day when stieli rate of 12."W. ' papers were read has passed ; and the day has TTie stenm bark I, Ut Kew Indon. Aril 28, on A ,yn!r vinr-e arrived when a paper, to be of service. sh-lm.tojstM roe first --am ws-e, f.r mat tratac. ...ntl sunnrr. Iter nw-lW c tr d'iraH- qnaltfes -f a traxl .-.ij-rier an.l -ailr. the is to be employed in the Swjtheru Csr;er, under c-iramatrd Capt Charles Jeffrey. Cmtns is Atrwrs -Mts. t. K. T irr k o.. . It. U..H.I, bavin- become the owners .4 the . -- aiiw I fornia. an.1 1.'ly will C'rtinuc li.ttu in ;h. TZTTrlK fi-ie-rv. .re net the ajents of a B.n.i" ve-i en.-ncei ia , heVhtietr 'WZX. un.- r. .-4. nrm i.t 0 partner of the late firm, The M!cw:.n2 atoers havel.tteTy s.i:i-.l on cruises: Arm -Ik i-resiiieot 2.1. i- f- Id Schr lilw-vr. Cat.t. i:. A. Fitter, fr Un ison ejj S-e iral k Fionevr, Capt. t.-n M-rran. Iiai is Straits. May 1 F.k Brewster. Capt. I. 11. Ai.i. AllmtiC thrin. 1 Hi. An-I ll.b'-s. t. It. Kilmer, f Bay. 1 I'.a IVtirlii. F-p'J. Pool-. A'.:t.::e o.-e in. I. Capt. N. Bribes. Cnir.'wrl.ii.d Inlet. 3 S-hr iXi4 U-.trrao. Cap:. T. F. Lanhrri. Atlantic j ?hip li.Vri. a. J.T-. Lo l!i . N-wih racaiie. iV. R. Oil. V tKKET I 'or th' i"rl tmiin-J Mp 11. ms lu !' -n art;i.e th- t wi'ii. jr..! '".e Irani-r tJio. w'.n h b iv 1 e .nhurd entire y to nianitf .eiur-rs. luclitolij sal.- of 4.1-7 1'.. in par--'. 1 e .'i -'e 1T-S hb'a. iia.k at 2i SO d". pr;:i e. JJ Zl: i.i-l ,:i d .. 2 2V Al--. in Sa Harbor. Sifb-.i.- topinies !..r- pr.v.tte P rms. The Ii.irk.-t clceJ trm atd mirh fn'-b r i-... .iry. Hum int. Pj tiwtk't i' i-vity. tbe re. er t decline in fces an-iovle .et .r.-rs tiv-tiy hi- rat y. The air. .inre mr I.LSt I. " L. hiv. a t l--n to th Sra-I-. rm-,V ibrmfWk. t-. -2 a-dark, r. il p f .t!..n; an.l -' .1.. .".-ah ? . at a e ct tra:..p.r d; also. iW d,.. in Z'.. ii r... , ri.ate teruis. JWw. jre Lrui t tiirisa. I r-H- iron the ship yard of Mr. r r. Fjst , f-r the reliability of " " New Lon-lo. on the 25-h Ail. a Cn.-Irk of ahout 400 tons. a-'i.1' ,r " 1 ,,',r,"1 U r ' ' U" F . ... ia. is lor Messrs. IVJIhams ft Barnes. 4 New l.i-.don. Ibr ami lor I lie call, lor V i o .-. a. :ui.ieu - -jt. t . l.. k iul4: breailtu 27 f-rt ? fnch-s: deith 16 fejt 2 -i eonsitb-rable derrree. itidelier" . ' ' ' . sk. h.:;. f La- hrd ruM'i!. lu.1 in the mfnt luls j ...r.l I...T . -.0.111 4.1 party ':iZ7ZZ:::o: .mt..t,.ern:,r.,!wiHinS t., discrimite 1,-twccn true p.rogres, rt,t. i f. r t'.e .rrk en-bup May li. is.!. and mere ch .tie, sotitvl conservatism and uan- 'ViV'T.' "'11'' gerous radieiliM.i. Irwe. n the hon.-st and genu- Foe t ar J: ine impul.-n of th ? iKMph. mid tlios paroxy isms Frevionsiy... ...j.-i- "'.'x ! . , , , , : of Kission excited by artful demagogue apt-eaiS. From Jinn-iry is tu -.a.- --- - - .-.WT' lame t.:ue !t year U .-ou , . . . .... -.i - .. j ..i l ra Ships' Mail. j J. f J fn' l- 't Ji r flirl. Ju'j 1- to 14. ! Wiai.w.:, l'..I- er M -r; U. - - PORT OP xXOZJOXiUXjU. II. I. - - A Kit I VA Jaoe, 5l-AriHir h:p f'al.f-riiia. Barter. 15 cluji (rn an rrri'iei, p...t the pirt vrnVHit t'.inir- 30 Am !!! ffur i.y t mb, t';:-n, 15 iliys troui fan Franc: -co. 30 Am r.ipif hip Sturff the t'lii'iO, llcril, 15 'lays fr-ti ni 1 r i;r i -c. 1 Am Lar amiri'lg-. I7enipia'l. 14 iUti fn m ?an FrtMri"-". iluUilcaDl'r Walker. AlUn k ". 2 Ilw'n trrk r-rnic. lU'T'-V-'; l ilay from St J aith ni ls? ari-l ;.?3.r:TS tu ll. llcK. Ml .. ;-S br Vrv V-. (r i i Wn-Je. ;:Aai t-nrW I'.hr Arth'ir.. l fr FrariciMT'i. H .-hr !j.r-J'l;, II'war.l. tr- rn lino. 4 r'ir M ii. i .k i i:. ; jr. !. ii.!. from liar.a. 4 .-!(r K yi m. W .iiiur. fr ti K ihu!ui. 4 M.r Alary. I1::ll . fr- ru l":;r.a. Hawaii. 4 r A:-r-ii. Uri, fr' :n f i i :-. J m '-lir hi l'i. 17 ! .y fr' i.i jq i ."-:!;r Miry. N.k. h-m Au.iU!i. 7 fimr KrU'jn, lri !:! art V Kil1: i-r, t iiiOiiu, from lk-r l.-iu lin,;. jy., ICI' A ItTt'HKS. June TO I'.iVt'ie'M-e hip I.l Tr;s t'tiartr. "'!4Iil , l-r Cal! ! ZO r-hr Critic. Ilaln-I. f.r llaialH. i. rumn Kiltt-a. !?' o-uor, f..r l l'rt. Aia hrir un.iy .-vul . n. f'.r K4:.iit J.ijhii. 3 scl.r N'tt- M-rrill. Km-y. f-r KoI'k. a rchr A-tive, C'!ui.-y. V K"t.U. a S-hr K 'Lini, MW ihi. fur K i'.. 3 Am lMrlki.iii.e M'.niti.r. Nvl-ii. f'r ?an Fraiicic. rhr iUry Kl-n. Wt, f-.r Waihfe. C Am t rk la'.iufl, Arthur, for Kuaiian Tcrriturira. ft Srt.r UrilU. IVweA, fur I.MIMHITS. Frnvn Faasetf'. pr f.'anihn.lpe, July 112 axlrn. 104 empty harrU, li,0 ark barley, a b-i-'U. I ea bok. 4tf wka bfi.,sobMe, jiwriiuni-r. 4u wio.inw.. 'J4 .Im. n ee fmtA; JrtrliCM, 'Si roils cor tar-. 3 r cluthinr. 10 r anl 9 hb's trnr. 1 hale flry a "it4. 'J c fncj ;Mi, S'fl tr and 50 hf 3k B.4ir. 11 pk- jili.-osr-. 1 i'riiH.t-n, 2 e .u. IS ra. 64 pkr ami 1 bl I hrilw.ire. 1 1MI JtM) hm. 17 ).k:i tl.ii ii.'U. . kt nil. 1'iO k ml., Lotus' " X?? ,m""? 'f rr. rn, 4 , h ..... ""' ST'",? HT' 24 ' Vm," 1 tin-ii.- ' ' From Sa Fi i-r pr Ih-rnice. to arrive 50 ki barley. ' h1TrlH- 1 ,,!",t"' iVr4 c" b" M,m",1 'AT?' 2" bran. 10 ttrivl. 1 niratf. Ilrs wr eI, lo) -M, 35 m cxl-r, 4 e etaJ inn. 1 pkr rrpr, 4 c .lr.ii.-. ij r lry rl. 1 fanrjr 8 bh;. f ,ks an.l SM .,r ... flour, 'r "' niarkerel, 1 pk .almoii, 10 hf bhU afpl... 2 pkK rai- "". '"rm. ji;.trm 3 iron P't", Iwlea leaibrr, lie. m---ar..oi and veimi.-elli. 50 k " ". pir rd.ui, iwrnuntr mntenan. i c Pi' l ptui.w, 1 pkit stationery, 21 stoves, U rs bihacco, pkta wire, i c yea.-t iwd. r alue. ...T.fia vj. KX I'ORTS. - - - . fnr Pr Fkiisrr per Monitor. Julv 32.319 kf:s suiar (2i,l'-l lbs), 41.017 gal: amtasses. 44j hide, """""""" r.tssKM;i:it. For A-5r.w,np.,HTar,rKii..u..J.iiv.'-MrsTTIWH.rh- erty. Rrv S F Kisinp. .s Mciir.-t-, F:iiL-ene and d uiph- ter. Mrs J M lireeo, U W Macfarlane, A W Judd, V. ltailey 9 . , i j . Mnci.Kn. Fi.a TtiDvim Caii-n-r KH....n Julr 7-11 l.i-knn.nn ' ao -t s.,r.. i.s. Mix Mrirrri:or. bishoii Marrrt. K-v Mr I'uzi.t. Mr ! Full, r, Kev Mr Ki-irnr. Mr liavent-.n. J. Wu.dsor. Win. W ap.-i- Iiouse. 1 1 cabin ami 40 d-rk ss-n:. r-. .... . ... ...... ,. 1, ""''l-M "l-"T Monitor, July 3-U "Oinson J. liurns, USar, . MV.blA..,.rMr.,Kri tli.,mew Keh, John K-le jr. Mr. lliraillori, Mr. Fouler. ! Mr 11 Foster, Mr Knlil. Mr A OioMi. J--s Marion ; Mrs J.n Marmose, Mw Jmnic Mammae, Mast Ja, Town-Pi, j - ' m tt -r -ej A riTPTP a. aVXat af aa Ala Commercial Advertiser. SATURDAY. JULY 7. FTS' a Ti V trilQ TetTaw fili.nN llrmn t . I ............ . " l"" "I"'" -. in- lnvn first isopil in Inly in ue.n lim isbUtd in July, ses which led to its establish- . A OM'MF., it liavin . o -.- 'i i 11CJ.U a,', nation, we return our It U r.nb.rr.l t...b.v Jr. r.r.ler t. iPet lliA.le. m, , ,r ht, iif , . ,itv ftn1 j n j , I.-lands, and in improving it we shall always aim to be ahead of, rather than behind, the sp-irit of the day. Our aim has ever lieen to furnish a complete XEWS,.APERt adapted to tlie necessities of the city .- . i- .i a"'1 country in which we Jive, and the circum- stances we are placed in. If at times this luijier take9 a bold, and as it may seem to some too ultra a stand as regards the Ministry, it must ... lie borne in mind that the case is different here from what it IS in almost I VCrV Other nation, hiainiuch tj,e ,.wt.iiii. at the public . , OXJ - eiW, a Iltr to defend and laud themselves, and ofu n to abc.s j rival j uirnals and traduce ni,.nibcr9 0f the Community who do not agree or I lC ! thmk as do Hi conductors. No nation in world, that we are a Ware of. Sustains at tlje . .. ...,,. t:, ,1,,. ,m,Uc. It must or . .1.... " " -' V ' ' v'' Br'Jl ,., ". s.TVIci s. If till the fooii-h cxnete ;V,l.-s that ;ue made for p'dilieal Ji'trposes, ,'T'i,e"are more i.s,.l.-i and wasteful than for the support of tin" class f newspapers that uo' believes." very . . ' . ...... a t:reto:ore. no au nitiire. iv : sii:lii strive tit ! "c this taper f.rm fi.r the right, truth, pop,,- j, ii.rty and couality that equality w hich aim9 to make of every citizen a man, whether he ! 1,., waa, 1. ..i.L-fir wT.ita ha riininiirn-i Ntn id W.uTl.rVi W-.;; in4.h wl..,!!. ' i,l,,..,Unt nf. n.'ir a ,ve to. tosblie M-ntiment. 1 - I - '... ." 1 .i... : i ... : . tJ ....a . i.rt-.j ...:.i wuu ei.jir, in...... .no i i"i i to n iiiiuui tuitraging the moral, social or p olitical sense of '. the community he who, w ith a suitable re- pro.j n . and fnuristing condition . priTpi-.y of c!i:'r,t--'.ird ami g-ticreiia deference t the opinions of ; lint the web of fate is woven, and tlie dio of ( others, f-d- the wight of a real rcspainsibi'.itv resting tipi-n him a a medium through which , great public int-rcst are si-cn and discussed. : It is bN study ::nd ai;u not only to reflect the . light upon the-- t 'i i: d rhed from other sour- c-is, but lo add to it, if posiilo. yet another pencil f rays, at the same time to eliminate all . d.,"eptive,ha.l. and fa!sa colorings. He gives ! ., ( r trtii. iu.-tice, ami individuality t'i l" "'"l' ' ' . il.Tr,., -!.ieb emanates from his ijti '. is . - It is an trronous iiuprt--siiii to Mippof-e the .... . . . Mi'dic; men tav of i.ub'ie afT.iirs. The latter . . t . ." ... . . , . nate almost always b-ilsii motives to s'.vav tm-ir ' act-, hut it is the peculiar province of the r-rcw tr f rm a (rut rftimnlt Mh -f tn-n ond wosur'S. l r: patroiiri of the j ress oujrht to know, and t f ti 'rT-.i nil tlirat It o fniufii .n .rA-ni -a V - M mm -. - -atl -V1V74J HI. ! most iii:p)rtant to the intrrrts of sjciety of any i ...... . . . rwil ili'bl.Uil;ilf ll"fc CAVU'llli 4.11V tliuil.ll UU'J I its pulpit organ. Wuvn proirly educated in i tliat view, th.-r will neither take umor-ie at iw ' nu;..;J,m , . ...t.. r.,,;... ct.'.i i l tn.tihi(i..n . n ....,... ii-r restrict it freedom. The tditor who re- . . . . . p-cts and his ind-ud-nt prero-ativi-s. will in the Ion-rim Ik? respected and ustained by the TuMie. And a live newtpapcr is one w l.ieh l;:.s life not merely in its adverti.-in. but : ir;: ; cviufroiiiiw.!, instincts that are not mercenary, t.-iKl-ii.-i-rt that are progre.-sive, and popularity fiat n t!ie r'.sii'.t of an li'tie.-t arid etrailit- forward career of journalism Firm in th riel.t, the I-.vmI .r.- h ul.l l.e 1 ii- tvrtii' ff. the champion f the fr--e ; ail vii,taiit to ( air-l trust : t .Ira in it utterarjc ; in in jis!n,n'i ju' ; ik in its tearhiniE J itic-irruiit, ami ptroi ? T'H.-.I the r.chr. arnl in .ltTioiinc-e the cva.. J1-! will it tv? when mu't Ci.t.ff. Un ireeJ.-bi's shores a weak miiJ venl res." im. 'V-Ill In tli Jtnliiiioo and fount! AVniitlntr;. We announce with unfeigned pleasure the de-f.stt of the MiMSTKRt.tL J'.trtK Monkv L'ii.i.. which occurred on Tuesday afterno m. Tlie bill . had been before the House for eonie five or fix ; lA weeks, and great uneasiness was felt among our business men as to the final result, knowing as everv one does tbe manner in which the votes of the Kor restntatives are often controlled. Uut the result has j.roved them true to the country and the trusts retwscd in them. All honor to them, and especially to the delegates from Hono- lulu, who have stood up manfully and resisted " UP "u.iuuiiy ana r.-SiStea Mlcees-fllll V a IlKlllire liieh wiiul.l iMiil,...I.r..,lU- - - prove the most disastrous of any ever SOtl"ht to t i - . . . .... it , "aru'iuvvu into ilic louniry . 1 ne tnailkS fit .1. . ...1..1. r : i . .- . inu noiu loreign anu name li.l.uialloil lrom liui Niihau to Hawaii, with the exception only of twelve names, are tendered to the Representative , . , , . . . ..... atlU monies WHO VOteil against the bill. i The Minister of Finance having given notice . i that he was ready lor the further consideration of the bill, on Monday, July 2, it was called up l-f..r il.- T....W1..;-.. .!., TI... It:..: .. " - IliatlC a deSjHl'rate otrilggle in fa Vol" of his favorite . financial scheme. Ihreelong mortal liours did In- .I.-lnor. tlm !..... u-Ii I. I.: " . . . . J . " ''okeU art SClf-Colliplaceiit S though hercallv .... . . . ........ b....... u...i.v..L.-7. i rMt.Tii jeii u clulIoiitIielloiiseastlielroz. il breath of the "' t was wild, ntmbling, wlle and MlJKTeiliollS, with ipiotatiotlS from the thlVS of . . , rir " Adam to those of Mill. Any boy of fifteen at IWihoU would h-ive ( ..11 1..... 1 ri . r 1 ,Ina'",U. V"uIJ J,' c ,llff "H'-gl'-'S of arguments away, as a housemaid sweejis away the i cob webs with her broom. "VVe refer the reader I Wl . i to the report oi his siM-celi on the first page. j I t T I . 1 . , .. ... ." On Tuesday the Hod, the subject again came f...- ..-..!:...: 1 1: "p. .1.10 oijun; I 'i e. i nii ii.ii ii.uuoiia iin.t uipcun- - ... r v.. . ..... sion, the Hon. Mr. Hishop the floor, and m a cletir, hensible and logical speech, not only " ''""Iished all the arguments of the Minister, but c as aiouc susiameu oy uie cvcr-io-i.e-rcmem- hered shin-rdaster triinnt irate Harris Sitii ,,crtu "uui , i.isitr iriuuniraic iiarkis, mhu ""J V B,OS1'- , . " . , , ' " cre ever WHS a seorching. Withering rebuke to a Ministry but more i-srii-i-i-ill v t.. -i r.nblo. 10 n '""T. i '"t-rc espmally to a public rvant who waa either recreant to his trust, or deficient in ability, it was exhibited on o evening of the 3d instant. H as the eve of our glorious Fourth, dear to . . . i . y Y"1' ration oi lie.oiii on ti.c uawaiian l.-ianus, against . a r r. i ... j .ti. ?:?.!. a. the yoke of a tyrannical paper currency, which i i the insuhslnntint Minister of Finance in his . i . ... . .. ( trailing hour tried to fasten on the people of these i Inlands ! , " , . , , . , . ! I The outburst of popular enthusiasm began in the legislative ball, when the audience com- inenccd to clapand cheer, but wassoon restrained ; , 1 ... . ; by the apjal of the Minister for mercy and for- lsrarance, in which he was supported bv the Chair. the popular joy was not to be thus . c , subdued, lhe preparations for the great Aincr- j ican Jubilee were all made, and the enthusiasm ' ! was uch that as soon as night fell, shrieking rockets streamed through the air and br.nfires blazed on the hills, lighting a scene for miles , i -. t.i i t . : r .i around, while the loud booming ol the cannon ... ., ...... i ...r.l .. l ..e.l .... tolled the knell of the pet scheme of the Minister, Fnthurdastio processions of si.rcnadcrs paraded processions ol si.rcnadcrs paraded . . i i- it i ir. . i i .i ' our strei;ts, and a lull band of music sounded the ' j requiem of the defunct 1'ajier Money l.ill. : Ilut " vaulting ambition will o'er leap itself,"' . , .. . ... .... , and when a man from an humble Sam Slick position is raised by a " fortuitous coincidence of ; circumstances." Wyond his sphere, to bask in the shadow of royalty, be tries to soar like the tlying pretender of old; but like the ancient mythological adventurer, hi- pinions of wax melt in thcsuiili.'ht of truth and reason, and be falls ,. 7 ... , . . ., as Cardinal oolsey, never to rise again, From the signs in the political heavens, he will soon exclaim with the fallen Cardinal: " Fare- , ,, will ! a long farewell, to all my greatness. It was a saying of the wise old Creeks, that vb..... tbrt ...mIs wish to destroy, thev first fc "- F. " t J niuko iiiinl." llw trulv this has hten vi-riii i ;.v. ii : : .a ... it .......:.. "'' , ti I navv-Jj i" ' 1 ' -ru ,i i.m, y i- v nn,; niur.lU- .... - - - - . , . mil, with vastly more himself, partly by ncoup ne tiar, ami paiuy ten rm ! . . I.-...I. 1 .. j by a dnuchr dr juror. HUO a position ' w'as totally un.pmliti.jd to fill; and swelling up ! with self importance, like the frog in the fable. i has tii-d to rule, govern, and lorce ins siupm f.."V-like ideas upon a people who have learnt i . .... i till lis lili.irin" iu ui i'ic. .... . , - mountain has not even brought forth a mouse. c regard it as direct insanity ir any man i propose to drive the specie out of circulation or 1'11TI liil iroill III V-?lll0lll 1IJ UIIV cmiiummn i ...U,. . t,- especially is this the case whcr cold and silver ue,r r..r oil ti.n iu.h. ..F (-.nimeice. ami ,. ....... .. . ... .... ... ... - trhm tlf pmplc and goer rnmc nt arc in the iuot destiny is c-ast. The hand-writing on the wad never glared more prophetically before lielshaz- zar's starthil eyes than the events of the last few : days have glimmered and glared before the nstoti- g-aze of our Minister of Finance. It requires no prophet to f ret U that the sceptre has departed frm him. The knw of bis power and place have together, ami be is now tottering from the pinnacle of arrogant a.-sumptmn and , , ,, . , l ,1 ; ,1 .1 .1 absurd Power. ance. and found wanting. May the gods make his descent easy! We regret it. We are sorry that we cannot ' ppread a downy bed of shin-plaitcrs, and make : his fall "soft as downy pillows are." Dut there ; is no hop down he muct come on the hard dul- , j r'-'i i:as ri' Jlnglicr ouice tl:un tj ini-r-owhat . . . . ll. lar pavement, nolms re7 1 wr t. : e ivh he phuIJ hw himelf in the rublic mirror as ' .. .... ... ,1 ; others see biin. anl in the lamruHje ci me oia j Scotch bard. frae manv a muckle fault twad - free Lini." Eut the gods make their doomed -j.-k as well as mad, and the Minister lias hereto- f. 1 . avMc.k in Vic Arn o.init.thin fKllf JVf lVil.tU U I? kUll 1-1 AJ4C V " a .v.tA-v.- ...... : the ret of mankind koked dwarfish in coiuimr- ... .... . . . . .-. ii. i.....i nr.i.o!. ..3 irnrriinir . Iir-il. Alls JSJIIklvl (-l.aj-n 14 ".vu . j Lrief "Alas, jor Yorick ! " ! i S?"The Assembly yesterday lookup the report ' ' mtti-j.v.- uic r.u- . oi ur. .iimn, wnicn j ropoea 10 incris nit? u- . r .i r::.... -fi mm n .. .. i ut C".". ...owv.. v ruaae M " tLcm at ana anotner at $4,500 per annum. There is evidently a strong 1 feeling in the House as also out of it, against anv ' u wm Cl1' nce Vot03 tn,-lUSh t,J "''J :l thousand dollars a year to their salaries. Mr. I'keke was iu voli1- inent uim! 1 iHiiHiit ns usn:il in this d,-li:it.- It was his o ini jn that, " if His Majesty's Message Laupahoehoe we have alr-ady noticed. 4 ue narra-was returned by the House to him without com- tive we published lat week agrees in the mam .lvi.,, iJitl. I w ...,r ..,r .1.. i w:t!i the Tatitaiu's storv. but ur readers can ob- l'J"-n i-i- u, riiuj.ij reusotis lor such non-compliance, there was no harm in it, as he had laid advisers nun tcha ad-rocat'il thf introduction of' tunics fir the taro patches and Imui s tit run icild on the mountains." The honorable member is not far from the truth. A resolution was introduced by Mr. Aholo, (who, by the way, had no right to make the motion, having voted with the majority.) to , reconsider the paper money biil, but the House - " refused by a very strong vote to allow it to be brought before it again. : ',I0 -'UUl From the advices received by the last arrival, there seems but little doubt that the contract of these steamers wiil be so changed by Congress as to allow them to pa;s by Honolulu, if " " - . - - I';k"y hlid it for their JlltLTC&t to UO SO. I he tel- , I 1 ons W asuivoton. June 12. In tie Senut.. Mr lit t'liiln th. f 'i. Inn. irtoi. .n l.,t I OK.... . . I !..... " ......... ... ...... ..iil, .-. ii,i t lioad llo.nls. reported a joint resolution relca.-iii" the I' Mail St. .unship Company from that part of ,' , c,,"" iK t conipeiniig inem to run to Honolulu. WlileU Was onier.'il lUlllled. i,. . . , , w, i ., r ,. . . . If the matter had passed the full investigation i w hich the Committee is supposed to have uiveil to the subject, and been approved by it, the, ...lit .l...,l..l..u t... .: . i i ! ""-."-""- "J '"JW brandies of Conzrcss. ' : Tim W.. I" 1 Pit r 1 The Washington correspondent of the Hulttin, ' .. .-i......-i.n i.iiii.-i"jiiuviu ui me DUtltlill, ..i, i..w ...n.... ... : . .. . .... 1 1 ' lulu,"uull'lu ' l"e lOlK I.iunitr lilwh-e il.t.. .,r in w.. .I....1.. ...i..t i -, , .... , J o JI.U.U-.1 ir.i Olll Coh'Tos f,.r jl si'K.r .t.. IIi... ..f it, ... lb.,,.,1,,1.. . Stkvm Link tothk Sam.w.i.ii Isi.amk. Mr. T'.id- well has ill 1 1 oil 11. v. 1 a bill alll hoi l.ile' and direct-' ill"ti.e e-lalilwlitn.-iit i,f ..mi i; . . r 7;, "la. J I ll 1 -1 11 nit h I line o! '"V1: 'r,'.,i . ''' ' 1 ri"" '' " t'"1 . ail.lwieh Islan.N. with a Subsidy of not e.Vecedin- Iuu.0ot) per annum. This movement 1 ml.tle.-s I.1"' a"1 is. I"'bably insti-aied by the Tai Hic .Mail Meam.-lup Comjiany. whose lar"e China steamers it is now said cannot enter the ..I II.....I..1.. ...1 . . ... V"rt vi Honolulu, where, aeconling lo their eon ui, m.-i uii-iti toncii. .-o iir as mat. is con- ..l ,1.. .i;.: . i,.. . , ., , . . , Cemed. the dillleulty could easily t-niiugll be got ! over by eniplovinir steam ten.b-r t.. embark and ',',"l"',a,,"k. passengers, mails, Ac. in the oiling. 1 u. red d.llicultv in the case is that the Company d , ,,,.,in io' g1t by the wav of the Sandwich. mien ia me .auuwu.-n isiana clau.-e as a nlal'"w,'li!t- I'.-jjujar and frequent coininunie ition wiih the - 'tter of large importance ' he I nited Mates, because H would tend greatly increase American llilluenee in that quarter, i:,,i:tnl and l-'ianee m e r..i,.in,r tr,.,,i t r serious disadvantage. It seems evident that h;' d ua. v w hieh now governs Hawaii is so.,,, t ddentlaHng T ZJZ'WZ . lu re when the crisU comes. Next to the presence ot aeln f . nttc llioont :inI ilieei-i-t 1'iiii.ol representative at the Hawaiian Court " nmb . . . . .i.-.i. ... .i.e.. i". . pop... uton. ot witn-.tan.l- " r!1 In" .i:':1::: i'...-.-.'. V. ...... l.K... ui n ..III, I'll III.-. IdM .1 I '1,11. Congress is indisposed to grant further subsidies lo steam lines, ami the Postmaster General is ery ".'s'ue to ine wnoie policy oi suosiuies oilier ui-in the amount of ocean postages ou the mails. In . addiiion to this, there is force in tlie argument that as the China mail contractors have bound them- ! T'" !"" ;it Honolulu will, their steamers, if j tliev wish to be relieved ol this stipulation, tliev m;t n.msel ves provide an acceptable substitute tor that portion of the service. If. however. Gen. )'-- can currv bin measure, he will be entitled the gratitude ot our people. At all events the evm i i ut is worth ti viiisr. 'pite San Francisco Mercantile (Hazelfe, rcferr- . to the above, lias the following : A before anno uiced b- us, the splendid stenm- -hip '.' oo will depart hence January 1. Im!7 for China ami Japan via Honolulu. The J'a.-ilii i M -i i- ... .;,,, and I hina Mail Meamship Coiniianv are doing thei ... 1 . ' liie r part for the prompt Ii he letter, rromineiil lllilmelit. ol their contrai l to me icuer. i inmineni men. ii..'ici. ate n.nhiiig ..... . i. i- . . . . :.. .. . . .. i i. I. a l to e.e in it, i e v oiuiiaiiv ii.uu sutppiug at .. . , . 1 , . ' , i I loiioliiiu. hoping thereby to gain a separate suh- sidy from (onernment to enable the parlies in in- l'. e.-tablisli another and distinct line ot steamers to ni.i semi-inonthl v to and from Il..i:o- Julu. a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, I(01 1 in San Francisco, June IS, that body' adopted a report to be sent to Congress, coticlud- ing with this paragraph : p, view, however. l lhe inereae of distance to travel s.-l. and the additional time which will be consumed bv tonel.iiig :it Honolulu, and in vi-w also of the fact that the steamers intend, d b.r i!te China line are tnuch too large at present e r '" Honolulu trade, and .d such gnat draft of water that there mav be dillicu'tv in entering the ,r,rb..r ot that port, without considerable dredging. 1 1 . 5 - 'hamb.-r asks permission suggest ''i- :. ' fui.sniy ol su-tieient am.- ..... .... lo a sepa- ra'e Company the eslab'i.diinent of a semi-'i.'.v mill steam-hip service direct between . .-" r t. ...i.... ,i... -.i.i ru.ncisro aim i, nn.i to... njoi. .u- ('( 111I.-..-11..U oi Slieu It eoillia.l tin: e .oi... m ... i.o I'aeiiie .M ul .-teanidtin 'oliipan v will be relieved of liie obligation now imposed upon ih.-nt ot touching at that point on their way between .a:i Francisco and Japan. All of which ii respectfully submitted. J. O. HA.W..M. 11. S. SMITH. THOS. I EMIKKG4ST. W. W. I1VNSC..M. IIAIYSCO.II V Co., jLtiux Iron "Works! S uith F-ist corner Fremont and Tehama btrect.-, SAN FRANCISCO. - . - - t. i tt- ,.nitS. chinery of all kinds. Particular attention paid to SCOAU Mil l. V CHIN KUY, TilV W.lpKS r Jtc pirj,, f,,r Machinery n.-tde at nnr et ibi;-hme--.t sn.t for Ordeis solicited and riil fill. 52S 3tn E. O- HALL &, SO HAVE JUST RECEIVED J3" 0",S77 C3r OOCls! Atnotut which rny lie f .und, the -BjO DEL COOK and HARP COOK STOVES. aial 11 n.,o.. (,,-. limit's At. Hand At". I' y's Axes, C..k' Bits. I'tck Axes. ilue. Pick Ia'.e, lintel S, lM-.h er I:elt;ti-. Clinch N.ii-. Kliptie Sj.ra.cs, Ir.n axi. s, li inch; l'e;s. Men. Woin-ii and hoy's !at". Planter's h-. B fr ho. a. Shovels, spade, I'l .fs, Hnr..w. t ul'ivcnrs, Uain pnaCis. V. . Brushes, Paint ltru-les. Men's Sad.!!-, Lantern's SK.nj. a. S,.e Ix- ither. llrie ?s l ;.tt;. r. I'utnica tone. It-men store, I'.-re, I'uekles, Wli.--;harro, l aris and Cl.r .iiie lircen, Putty ,n Varnish. AVoineti's saddles, JiUtcU'. U One knives. AXI) EXPKC TEI) IJV D C. Ml llllA V I 4tt, 61. S-l, 10.1, 12J,'?v, crvl. 401. 501, 6'1 Nai!?. an 1 4. 5 and 6 insh Spikes 5.5 ul T'.f 7vi 'Viu I Steamed out on .moii.i.iv . . t . .. 1 .,..1 ll-if ,,ly as advertised. .o a u a Pr"Illl u-!,,.. ti ?.'t ton minute behind tiltlH'I 3 UIU, . , t ..n- fouRd "'V V "V'- .,! ,L A',".,,,,, like tbe ... 1 ...V..1....- Ann. . . man. Tbe "dull sea - - . j-j,,,, fairlv set in. the st.-atner v i a-. Thf shares with ti, I ..f-;-!ittiri J ,.,..1 O'lrritS 1 1 L. Ill If lU it - , worse thine than t. apiropriate a reason- ; . r .... n &r:im iii!t JJtj UOSiilV TO aiu 111 MIM.iilln'fi .-.v. - - h is been voted too lavishly the past session, out Jitter far to suosMize an t-nterpri-e of general .;:;,.. ti.,,, to snhsi lize officers who now imrt than thv rouliy e:ir ... l ....-... fhun more than they really earn, mm . . z 1,.,- .,.im.,ii s:mi:i tb).y evt.r conltl earn m a..i ....... . , - ls vf MOf,onf f.,,.,.rr.innt.ns .o - . f.f tr ide. and for this reason ousht to be em.onr- aee.l. ar.d. if need be. aided. ,The ,;,.n from Ililo. t'apt. J. A. Mitchell, of tbe burnt ship hWu-J. Mcs-rs. Ferguson, and the re- :...i.. ..r .j... .r ihe btint. wliose arrival at - I - tain from that no conception of the intense anxiety. care and sutr. ritig endured by those in the boat, but particularly by Capt. M. Only twice during the forty-three d;ns and nights did he sdeep at all. and. until the lat few days before sighting Hawaii, none expected ever to see land unless they chanced to fall in with a sail. We regard this as one of the most wonderful hair-breadth escapes ever recorded among the thrilling adventures of the sea. Tant. M. will return to San Francisco and New York by one of the packets now loading. For alo. K FhEClXT TOP HI COV. 6JS Jt ii. hackfki n Co. XOTICtt. ''lJiw' llf tliiil Kinp,imi ,.v ,c 4,.yrn,or. and reject, all Pirli-n i. lt-. to him t" si-tt'r ih-ir ii. count, anj all to whom lie i imlel'tej to present tlie SMne f-.r seltlmient. It TIIOS. TKNNATT. SPECIAL NOTICE. , E JJlIl ,K.M -nii, Kve.iini, passed a ...,nii.i..uS v.-te ..f thanks to you in token of their hi-li f the enrrty and efficiency ! with which yon discharged the duties of Firsr Asiiant KfiBi- er of the H'partnirtil d.iri in im-nmlH-ney. The Secre- : t-'ry was instructed to notify you of their acliou, and likewise I am tir, ymr ..!.. .i..-nt s. -rvant. ll llio. ui L.11 iv, secretary iep i. l,.n..l. July 5th. 1S6.5 It 83. W S E '1 V 8 j I CJ B 'I a . 6 (JKNT Fdlt TIIK i i,F. OK Fl.dCIt from a m. the lower li.y Sute and llramie Mills, Cal., oil', rs for sale ItitKCfs r.Xirst tllltl liperilllt Iiour, In lion.l or iluli. s paid, warranted to any Iiraiuls now in ! IhN market and it the I ;sl cash i.rie . " Look Out fbi" "W GOODS ! -ar vo('I,l most KOI'KCTFt'f.liY IX- i form the Vitiw-n of iiooiuui ..d u.e isiai,'is..nrr;".iiy ''t I expect to receive i.y th- : KOItfJ K lil' XTtiN. l""u Livcri,"i. ai..ut tie.- end of August, the following hiii of li'K'.IS. risu ix tixs i T;nq FrrKh Si-ol.-li s il -coicii nai mon. Tins Findon Haddock, Tins Turliot, Tins Grouse, ' Tins Hare i?oup. CASIIIES! Ztrufch Mixtures. AliHOH'1 'tiWji'ti. J'orlr Citiid;. Mottoes. Sputiish I.iroriiT, Assortnl .izdi'j's. dc, tt'c. Asstd. Jams, Jellies, Pie Fruits and Pickles. T A I I. l - - ' a aa at I v ii S A v-iy well selected bill of the aliove. ALSO On Hand a Itrge Assortment of MF.KKSCIIAU.M. INPIA ntllBER, WOOD AND CLAY PIPES. Likewise the best Brands of CHF.MIXG AM) SMOKIXU TOUACt O! Jl'ii-tiii-t. .1.ii.','ri mid other 'iijirs, Lorillard's SnulT, Scotch Snuff in bladders, Pi Stems, Cigar II .liters. Nuts, liaisins. Cakes, Ac. The best Calif'T.iii made CAXDIKS always on hand. All of which 1 will sell Cheap. WM. JOHNSON, Late John Cattannch. 528 3m Nouatiu Street, one door lielim. King Street. CONSTANTLY ON HAND. 'WMIAT IXVALf.l I.LK. ll'IS.AI5LK,I"LKX L iie, preservinir, at.ti eorptsive .11 KT A I. I.IC I' AIXT F .r Cooler, Boilers, lt-.-.f. Sieatu Kngities, Cast Plows, Houses, Fences. Sch.s. tiers. Steamers, A XI) ALL OTI I Kit I IIOX or VOOI WORK. For Sale by S2S 6m C. IlKKH KIl ft Co. Ill XtJS AM) STOI'IM'.ItS J, 1, 1 and 1 inch. g.OIl rilOVISIIIV AND MOLASSES HAKHKI, M For Sale bv 52S-om C. BBF.WKIl A Co. Cables. CHAIN CAIW.KS, J and i inch. i For Sab; by 528-Cm C. BKKWKK ft Co. Bblss I'o; llnn.l ( t nii iit S.WIt LE II V V 52S 5t C. BliKV. tr Co l??OIl SA LE 1SV 5:S 6: SBaV"i' C. UltKWKB ft Co. 4, FIIW MUllKof the WILLI A MS OU- X j9k Vli' pl'iin, ii.ei.''..-lve, simple ;u.! eff'-ctive slwinc: ii.ciiim:s Will do any kind f work, strung stich, an I not liable to get out of order. 2T rico $SQ. 52S Hm For Sale by C. BR KWEit ft Co. HI. A Mi T.TS Heavy White. Scarlet and Blue lilankcts. 7 I and 'J2 iuula-s. B.OIt S A IK II V &L 5JS-ni C. BltKWI.U ft Co. For Sujrar Boilers. C A CC 1 1 A It O M E I' E It S Mil RnsmrEs, i FEET MET. If. THERMOMETERS. F. r tale bv S2S C. Bit KW Fit ft Co. i c ii ps a-- . . r i c v is . vt tit " -"-iM. ri ump Lifting Pumps. For Sale by 52H-om C. BKKW F.R ft Co. S PLV 1-2 IXC II HOSE. jmm 3 piy J inch lb".-. 5 ply 1 inch IP'S", 3 ply K inch II. se. c;i'TT. pi:kc:iia PACKING , o l'i, J. are! J inch. For I-ale by .VJs-om C. BREW Kit ft Co. Saal"Si"ls A7t SSO.KalalT For Sale. tJM Bl'MR ROILEK WITH FIRE HOX, M an.l FNOINK 4 inch cjltnder, 8 inch stroke, complete. Ti te hid a bargain at 52s om HONoLI LC IRON WORKS Co. , A. Stonni IF n i i 1 e ! ,riTII PATENT RF.CIHTttll. O IXCII Y y Cylinder, 10 inch Stroke. to run FourCEN- TIllH'liAL MAC11IN1.S ; bunt, and may t-e s- en at the HoNOLCLC IKON WORKS Co. TERMS REASONABLE. 5-5 2ra - . It,., 7 1.1 ' . . i V I I. . . . .-ZST" IICVOTIS Having oeeu 111 lin.iii.iiuii irj,.u.i ; -- . , , - . .... . . t , .."-.............a .lf iT:iWaii. we d it Proper to lUl'W. . - .l ' correct theru. liio veuerai.'ie r.vviui'inui na mi : been enjoying bis customary good health, since the . f , i ......... , ... i-rini'.a n nil' I I. :.'T oi cis uuii 1 -. i weighed heavily uin muu " i . . i i nt nml tie aioui. nee-i. a11" ii' j-- j . . . - j trust will soon regain 1 .- -- i nr I'Yi'i'lU'iii'v i xovcriu'ss ot iiaau ur - - - rived from Hi'.o. in tLe .l.'iffwi. ou Wednesday aft-'inoon. .She met a severe accident some two or three weeks since, in spraining her ankle, which has rendered h. r nearly helpless. This, probably, cavf i i-- to the report current last week that she Otherwise Her Kvcellency appears ; N.v ,!Mlai i.;i;ih. ' Chinese Mattill"" 4-4 "Wide. alVKElt a white. ORSaKVKRY LOW T) CLOSE COX- j ' At MKLCI1FKS Co's. KMVI. J.XCK. KXIVF.S, 2 u's:ma H'iks, i.n-Kei noc, .r Saw File. lVicussi'iii t'ap. loiil'le Hiirrel I'leces. Iog Chains, Shot, French Mails, Lead i'if, Fenrinit Wile, etc. At MtLCllFatS At Co.'s. 52S -m EST OOI.Of: TH. Freserve-I ti'mi:. r in j.irs. Currants in glass jars, Kaitii i:i tiiiss j.its. S.ihul Oil, Triple Vinesur in demijohns. Wine ii.egHr in cases, Stearin Candles, I'Uramarin, German Cigars. Si3 zm At MKLCIIKKS r Co.'s. OX S X J. O - J1RF.XCII ( IiAKKT IN CASKS, Freiieh Claret in deir ijjhns, liuiuiivly Wine in cases. Hock Wine, I'ale Slurry in wood an.l boltlett, Cherry Cordial, Genuine lieiilsick Chainpaune. in ipiarts and pints. S3 o,., At MKLCIIKKS .V Co.'s. o 11 js r r, I.AK AMXil.FK IJItAI)CL.OTII, Hickory Mriprs, llerhu wool. Checked t ott .n, Mun, Turkev Ue.1 and Velio Prints, Silk Itareiir, l;l.ek S Ik Velvet, Black Silk Hat Kil.bons. lliellcl.l Linen, Buiiling, Milk Velvet Kihbons, black and colored; Cotton t nd. rhirts. IVnim Frocks and Trowsers, Cotton Thr.n-1 in hulls. Worsted lstiop, Jiilk 1'i.dershiris Woolen Bl.itikets. W oolen Conif-.rters Seiit's Brown Cotton S.icks. Pimdee Hemp Canvass, Burlap: , etc., etc. S-5 2m At MKLCIIKKS & Co.'?. DESIRABLE REAL ESTATE In Honolulu, belonging to the Estate of R. C. WVLMK, Fsq Tor Sale nt iViietion ! IV VIKTI'K OF AX OK. UK K .i"! issued out of the i-upicine Court ot the Hawaiian ...i.L, Isl.-uids. the Kxerutors of the will of It. C. W y Hie , will oiler for sale at Fuhlic Auction on the premises, on 'ITSatsS BA1T! Sulunliiy. ihv 7 1 It day of July. 1806, AT lO O'CLOCK, A. M.. 1 Tlie pre;nis'-s oti the Southerly si lt? of l!--r:inia street, Honolulu,'ju.iui; the Foil Strei-t t'huirh premises, formerly tl.e leSTiletice of Mr. K. A. S. m.I, and now occupied by J. W. Ansun, Km. The :t me isurcs 60 feet on llerelania street and extends in the rear Ui'J feet. The buildings are in good repair, and the premise are Very desirable to one wishing a ple.ioaut residence. 2 ALSO, AT 11 O'CLOCK, A. M., The well known Kstatc of Kosebank ! In Nuuau.i Vallev, alw.nt two miles from Honolulu, and the , residence ul the late K. C. M'yllie, Kc The butl.linifg are in ; ;o.h1 repair. The land comprises 5 acres, is well watered, and ' . enclosed, an.l tlie attention of those wishing a delightful resi- ' deuce in Nuuauii Valley is especiilly invited. ! ' For further particulars apply to i .1. W. AI'PTIN, O. M. KOHKIlisOX, i P. C. A 1.1. KX. , 521 5t (itioruin of the Kxecutois of the Will of It. C. Wyllie. FOR SALE! "KST CAI.IFOItXI A CTMENT. J 5.' 1m 11. HACKFKLD & Co Just Received per 11 Comet!" FKOM SAN FKaN CISCO. A. SMALL LOT Or ithVISO Mills SC- I'KHFIXK FLfll'il. F'or Sale by 526 t H. HACKFKLD k Co. Wanted. A SMtKT ACTIVE LAI). a-av 520 at App y lo A. S. CLICOHOUX. A SMALL LOT OK SIKAU FIlO.vI TIIK J: A KOI.OA I'UNTATION. Superior rji.ahty. In .i:ititUii s to suit purchasers at ft.-rt Ira M KI.CII F.K3 ft Co. A HOV-FROM 12 lo 13 YKARS OF A Ci K. a who can read manuscript well lo learn the Printing Tn.'le. No one ne. app'y who is unwilling to apprentice himself ti:l he b-comes of aj;e. YVAiTi:. 1ASTOK OIL IJKAXS xs. OKO. C. MrLKAN, Nmianu St. Apply to iijo Sin Best California Brooms. S.fllt S I.E 11 V 5i 1m C. liltKWKR ft Co. Casio. saistl "avS.ksaa Oil. C'KUitfiK V. MrLEAX. Xm Slrr.l, M oQeis for sale a suje:rior .piality of HAWAIIAN CASTOR OIL - For luhricating or other purKses, and KUKUI OIL Fi-r p:iintin i.nrii.'S- s. Tie: attention of the public is respectfully l-i the above oils, 623 lin TOliACCO. FslFFK H K X T 11 R AMIS. FOR SALE AT r-sluced prices by- 525 Ot HOLLK. ft Co. "GOLDEN GATE .A1ILLS" FLOUIi. SJAKKK'SKXTliA A XI) EXTRA I'A.MILV, J in iii-!i tT ati-l half sacks. Kxtra Fnn.ily F'lour, ia half barrels. Put Mp expressly f.r aur trade, a tuptrior article for sale by 525 iit BOLL!".:? , Co. Z'OtZ SAL.'. w writoif: iit i-'..: m 'ooLKiiK. y v f.j .a II. HACKFKLIi r Co. Pine Shooks. X t f 7 f f SHOOK- eX 1 1. C. Mnrr.iv. 525 4t y F-r sale by WALK Fit. ALLKN ft Co. Barrel Shooks. .sriMTE Flit II A It K EL SHOOKS FOIl V 1 Sale low by 025 4t WALKKIl, ALLKN ft Ci. DOWN Hi: S KEROSENE. f RECEIVED I" Ell l. C 4- rai.t-d the p'lre and '-'nuii Ml' It It A V, W A It- Reiiuine article, lull measure, lor se at j.iiets by 5-0 Jt BOLLKS ft Co. CALIFORNIA LLME. WIST RECEIVED PER. M I'KIt A V . AV A It J5 ranted fresh and in p'M-l order. .')2.' at Fvr Sale by BOLLKS if Co. ROSE N DALE CE M EN T. A CiOOD SCPI'LY OX IIA.I AM) FOR. 4 sale by 5Jj 5t TJOI.LKS ft Co. Salmon per Ethan Allen. IVaTE HAVE RECEIVED A SMALL LOT v v of suie-rior qua ;y COI.VMlilA RU ER SALMOX in h;lf barrels. 527 5t BOI.LKS ft Co. Frncr Kivcr Salmon ! 7IR St I.E IJV BOLLKS ft Co. SIB:it.T. A Jilt WtiAlAl Vai. 10 XST A XTLV OX 1IAXD .....I FOR SALE J by the CASK, H A RUE I. or HALLUX at 627-om BULLKS ft Co's. rhotorapliic Notices CH AS. ni'RfJKSs. IMIOTOfiltA PIIF.R nml PORTRAIT PAINTER, late of Sin Francisco, will visit LtliaiiiH July for the pur se of niakit.p a professional tour thri.tir-!i t!.e entire proii;... where he wi'.l be prepared to make pictures of every description, copy Cards, An.l.rotypes. and etiUi pe to any size, in color or ink. From Maui he will pni. ce.-d to every practicable plsce for tiie purpi-su of selecting '. views and scenes of interest, piving all an opp-irluuity of secur- . ins tie- lintI p.rtraits that call lie made. p.-rotis wishtnr finely tinKhcd Photographs of Isrce size can I have the negative taken and finished on my return to Honolulu ; 5:7 3t GALLERY, NEXT DOOR TO I"OiT OFFICE. 1 -- ry 1 1 entlTLS lil. .j, wi m v .......... . - -..-. - l,'!... i - j The Fine lUwaiian n,k Jl'LtL'3 nORKI.t n ... ' , i ..lOAtrr. i.mtihj; greater ri,rt ( her c v. nuick iliMtoh for nl.r... . en4r'td !& t.- above port. , - . . i" u .r hUnce of freight and i..,i niit:itiiins, to nn ,uI'rioraft - II. ll Ai i r,. - co. SAX FKAXCISCO! The Fine American Comet, . Commwlere J0I1X IATV. w ill have immciinte diKltch f. th. .i ' For freight or p38aKe ,,,v1, , ,boe Prt. 53 3t VIEWER (. FOR SAiV PKAXCISCO ! The A 1 Clipper Bark ; , ,VTti Smyniioto, CHAS. J. I.0VKTT. Cwntnan.l-. bOVKTT, Cotmnan.ler. Will follow the MILTOy Rlu:tu . In the abov It. with disvHtei,. For frei.a.t or passage having 0,WIor .L-commodati-.M tot cabm and Steele ,,ass,gl.ri, ,,,,lr , " AVAl.KFK, ALI.F.N 4 Co..ArU. frnf. t San F"tncica, - ,V-5 CllAft. W. BROOKS ft Co. FOR HILOi' The Uri 5t !N"aliieiiaejia, as a r. Kular pack, t to the -hove .met. t; freic Will run pusjiaire i.pply to u in in I. . w . i-'i oin A pent.. The Schooii-r 1" Will run as a regular packet to the ai.e .N.rt. Fr frvh-ht M pasaVe apply to WALK KB.. ALLKN A- Co AS8 am Agents. For LAIIAINA iintl JM.U..1EA BAY ! The Si h.Hiier Will run as a repular packet to the port. For freight Of pasMi;;.- apply to WALK Lit, ALLKN & In.' A rents lOXl KOLOA : i The Schooner fir Will run as a rep u la packet to the above port. F'or freight of I apply to WALKKIl, AI.I.KN & CO.. 52S 3m Agents. lior T-Taiuxloi. I The Scliooner PEINCE, Will run as a recular packet to the alxivc p .rt. F'or freight or passnce apply to W ALKKIl, ALLKN ft CO, 52S 3m Agents. l.f. I'KRSOXS A It K II Kit KHV V A II NED not to trust my wife KKNAIIL, us I will not l.e respuQai-ble for debts contracted by her. CIIA5. UK EMU. ' Honolulu, Jnne 30, 1S6. 627 3t (csiiucr "KlflaiAUlSA!" .m- i -r-v- - -.-i - Will Leave Honolulu I Every Eoiicltvy ! ' AT 4J P. M., I'KKCISKLY (UNTIL FURTHKIt NOTICE) FOB j EiOA, Hawaii! I aII) INTERMEDIATE POUTS, Viz: Lahaina, Kalejiolepo, Kawaihac, Kailua, and Kealakckua. Returning will htare Kealakekua anil Kailua every W ednesday, Kawaihae every Thursday nipht. Kale polepn every Friday morning, every Friday nighL M WAIiK KK. ALIiKX &. Co.. Agents. Cargo of c rVIilton T Badger". EtE.nwoon laU.iBSSBiit : t tii I'KKT. ( OMI'KIMXO 1 xF",FsiWtFF I Inch TongU'-d and Uiooved, 1 Inch Surfaced, 2 Inch Surfaced, Ij Inch Surface.!, li Inch Surfaced, 1 Inch Kouith, Siding, 5 Feet Tickets, For Sale i'hrap at HoLinsvn's if- Co.'.t Wharf by 6-'4 3m L. U TORBLUT. o rx i g o o r JC ados li." I grvill SALK IX LOTS TO STT. 12tol I bC FKIt TON of 2210 It.R. or Tn.o.K Ql autkk or A Ci:.T per ; Pound for lots lest, than one Ion. j 52a 3m L. L. TORBEBT. LUMBER, LUMBER, Just Iteceived and For Sale I'AHCO OF B1IIK VICTOU!" Comprising a Full Assortment Of North West Lumber ! VIZ: s 'CAXTLIXC, TIM HKK, UOL'C.II AND PLAN ED BOARPS, TONGI KD ANDOUOOVKP BOAKI'S, I'ICKKTS, LATHS, ami WHITE cf:dar SHAVED SHINGLES. CAIIGO OF BARK 4k aMO.NITOR!" Redwood Scantlinp, 2x3 up to 8x9, Redwood Boards, ronjih and surfaced planrdl Redwoo.1 Surface Planed and inch Ceilieif BsfJ. lied wood, 4 and 5 feet Picketst Kedwo'j.i shaved Shingle. We hate also On Hani a Complete Assortment OF ISuildcrN 22.-iril.vare J Jiiinrs, S'.she.t. Blind, Paints. Oils, Windotc tilitss. WaU lirnshfS, r-iii.t Jimshes, Wall Taper, dctc- And are prepared to fill all orders in our line. Flavin-STEAM M tCIIIXERV: Oa the premises enables us to execute orders far nice W01 promptly. For Sale Low at the yard of I.KWE11S &, DICKSON. 6.6 5t Fori. King and Merchant

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