The Neosho Times from Neosho, Missouri on June 7, 1934 · Page 3
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The Neosho Times from Neosho, Missouri · Page 3

Neosho, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
Page 3
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THE NEOSHO TIMES, THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 1984 RITCMBT I Mrs. Margaret Graves ot near Marshfleld were visiting Sunday Goodman visited Wednesday with with Ritchey relatives. Mrs. Amelia Sanders. | The strawberry season is just The fine rain that came to this about over. Some have quit pick* community Saturday night was lug their beds and others will very much appreciated and was * have two or three more pickings, great help to the growing crops., The season was very short be- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hutchison cause of the dry weather, and Mrs. Dora Turner and chil- Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Wilson-of I Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allen of Kan-1 A f 7 T fn> r.«t.*ln1,< >«««« «l-l«l__ 0.._J.~ eae r>«*~ en<vnt a fo-t A n -*a la at I **•' *•*«? sas City spent a few days last I week with the latter's mother,j Mrs. Lottie Harris and family. Mrs. Blanche Hood and daughters of Sapulpa, Okla., are visit* CONGREGATIONAL, CHURCH Cor. Wood ft McCord Streets William M. Oakes, Minister GAME FISHING SEASON OPENED MAY 80 Open season in Missouri began May 30, for bass, crappie, Jack salmon and goggle-eye. The trout dreti were Tuesday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strong of Wentworth. JOLLY Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Locke and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Slankard and Mr. and Mrs. Ed English at- j &on called on Mrs. M. L. Slan- teuded church services in Pierce City, Sunday night. The Rev. Patton Richardson of Wheaton filled his regular ap- kard and daughters, Sunday afternoon. J. W. Kelley and daughter, Wllma, of Granby, A. K. Kelley point men t here at the Baptist and daughter, Sara E, Mr. and church, Sunday morning and eve- Mn-. P. L. Raskins and Mrs. W. ring. He was accompanied by Mrs. F. Haskins spent Sunday after- Itichardson. | i.oon visiting Mrs. J. H. Kelley. Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Mersey and j The young people's class and Mrs. Lee Hazel were Sunday vis- | the junior class of Bethel Sunday iiors with Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hersey of near Carl Junction. school will have a wiener roast Wednesday evening at the bridge Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Boehn-! east of the church, ing of Joplin visited Sunday with | Joe Wormington of Kansas C'ty is visiting his cousin, Mrs. L. O. Goodman, and Mr. Good- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sanders. Mrs. J. J. Jack spent Sunday, afternoon with friends at Stella. Mrs. Glen Snider visited Sun- — •——-• —•— — —- jp- ...f..., ^, u*wt i MB V v *•*• •> _ _ ^ ^ »«WA«**Vr»« M U «* Q*'OD* 4 * v rf w * ^**** VJT W «* M Ing the children's grandparents, 1 Sunday school promptly at 9:45 se ason which opened March 1, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Hood, this a m - Suot - Thos - M - Saxton. wee fc | Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Woods Special music. A most hearty wel- and Mrs. J. W. Woods and daugh- come to all> tf - & V H V X R Roi"± d "e.".' !«•««« ESS^PALOHCBOH L. F. Monett and Lawrente day with friends and relatives in Schnake were dinner guests Sun- Galena. day of Mr. and Mrs. A. K.~KeF Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Woods and grandadughter, Vivian Ross, spent fie week end in Hallowell, Kan., vuitting the former's sister, Mrs. Pearl Cundiff, and sons. Sunday guests of Mrs. Lottie Harris and family were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Harris and family, Mr. n.iid Mrs. Lara Wallace and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Woods of Belle, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Woods of- Belle, Mo are spending their vacation with home folks, Mrs. Lot- tic Harris and family, and Mr. i'.n.i Mrs. J. W. Woods and.fam- ily. Mrs. Mayo Campbell of San I•'€•(]ro, Calif., is now visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and ; ley and family. Mrs. Lizzie Smith were Sunday T. O. Troy, former resident of visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Rob- this ert Smith of Baxter Springs. Marjorie Smith accompanied them home for a week's visit. community, now a prison at Jefferson City, sent a here to friends to be pre- niPd to Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson of L'ailey who recently lost their Independence, Kans., Mr. and small daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. John Wasson,' and Mr. and Br.iley expressed their apprecia- Mrs. Josh Brackeen of Weir, tion. Kans., were visiting with Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Goodman Mrs. Fred Wasson, Wednesday. and son, L. F. Monett, Joe Wor- Mrs. Kistler and two daugh- mington, Leonard Griffith, Mr. The Rev. Alfred L. du Domaine Rector Schedule of services Evening prayer and sermon at :30 p. m. on the second and creel and continues until October 31, but the season for channel cat closed on June 1 for forty-five days. The opening of the main fishing season means the opening of the tourist season, for a large per cent of the tourists also enjoy fishing In the beautiful streams of the Ozarks. State regulations regarding the fourth Sundays of the month. Visitors cordially welcome. size limits, follow: Bass, trout, channel cat, a limit of ten in one day; crappie, white ed. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE — _ _ . **!. I»V«M »** *_r*4V U»^ f w* ui£S£r*vf ** *4.*bVi Holy Communion as announc- perch( flfteen; Jack sa i mO n, five; j goggle-eye, twenty. Length limit: Pike perch and channel cat,12 inches; crappie and calico bass, 6 inches; goggle-eye and rock bass, five inches. A resident fishing license costs $1; non-resident, $3.00, or a fifteen day trip $1.00. A state hunt- First Church of Christ Scientist, corner Wood and McCord streets. Services each Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. I tcis of Stella, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kistler, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Douthitt and family of Pierce City were Monday evening visitors with Ritchey friends. They were accompanied by their daughter, Mrs. Hazel Beechum, of Joplin. homo folks, Mrs Mamie McCJien- clcn and family. Prayer meeting was well attended last Wednesday night at N. P. Hood's. The meeting will be at Jim Woods, this Wednesday flight. Those present at Mrs. Sophia Nolan's Saturday night were Mrs. Minnie Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Hull and son, Harry, Mr. and Mrs. Jack King and daughter, Marilyn Mae, Mabel Gillmore and Fo.rn Woods. They celebrated Mrs. Wednesday^eyening^meeting at ing and fj8h!ng ' Uce n 8 e sells for m -u »««,* ™_• S2.50, and a county license $1.00 good in county of residence and adjoining counties. 8 p. m., at which testimonies of Christian Science healing are given. -Banding rnn m In the church WARRANTY DEEDS John P. Morris to Land Savings Co., lots 22, 23, in Saginaw Highlands, for $1. E. L. Jeffries to Ethel Stockton, part of se qr of se qr of section 22, township 26, range 31 for $1. Geo. W. Hunsucker to Battle Creek College, e hf of w hf of section 24, township 27, range 30, for $1. Emma E. Kellhoffer to Sarah E. Grouse, lots in block 7, Sturgis and Lane's addition to Seneca, for $400. H. E. Morris to Ida E. Broomfield, sw qr of se qr of sw qr of section 36, township 27, range 34. for $1. Bertha Hill to C. E. Hughes, lots 29, 30, 31, Lang and Mitchell's addition to Seneca for $450. Riley F. Robertson Inc. to Riv F. Robertson, n hf of se qr and n hf of sw qr and sw qr ol sw qr, of section 23, township 25, range 32, for $1. C. W. Beaver to New York Life Ins. Co., w hf of sw qr of section 22, and ne qr of se qr o; section 21, township 25, range .29, for $1. Rheumatic Pain Stopped by lemon Juice Recipe Try this. If it doesn't relieve you, make you feel better and younger and happier, your druggist will refund your money. Get a package of the REV PRESCRIPTION. Mix ft with a quart of water, add the juice of 4 lemons and take a tablespocnful two times a day. In 48 hours, usually, the paiif is gone, joints limber up, wonderful glorious relief is felt. Equally good for rheumatism, or neuritis pern. Coots only a few cents a day. For sate, recommended and guaranteed by all leading druggist*. Any druggist win get the BEY ntESOUFTIQN ROAD WORK LOW and Mrs. N. L. Major and sons, .Minnie Johnson's and Mrs. J. and Leon, Misses Nora and Hull's birthdays by serving ice Daisy Slankard, Mr. and Mrs. Al- cret,m and cake. fied Page and Maxine- Troy of) Stark City called at the A. K.! STATE FUNDS FOR Kelley home Monday evening to help Rachel Kelley celebrate her birthday. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served. League Sunday evening, Inez Slankard, leader. NEOSHO ROUTE 5 R. W. Hodson of Joplin, division engineer ot the state highway department, was in Pierce j City, Tuesday regarding road i work in this vicinity, Mr. Hodson said at the chain- Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Hood and ber of commerce meeting that sen, Onal, were week end guests | state funds for road Work were or Mr. and Mrs. Allen Richard- ' low and that maintenance work, son and family of Carthage. j money for sinking fund and in- Mrs. Minnie Johnson of Chica- , terest, and other charges left lit- go spent part of last week visit- ' tie available for road building. ing her niece, Mrs. Jack King' and family. : Mr. and Mrs. Walter Erskin to be done on a Stotts City road and children of Hallowell, Kans., i and next on Verona and that the visited the former's father, Frank farm to market road north of Erskin and his brother and fam- town was third on the list — Pierce He stated that the first road { n his county was supposed building, open each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 2 until 4 o'clock. The public is cordially invited to attend our services and visit our reading room. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH The Presbyterian church will observe Children's Day, Lord's day, June 10, at the hour of morning worship. During this service we will observe the sacred rite of baptism. We are delighted to dedicate the children in their early life to God. The children of the church are to present the program and the message of the pastor will be fitted to the time allotted. The evening service will be luld at eight. During the month of June, because of the heat at the early evening hour, the vesper services will not be held. Young people will meet at 7. We have a place for you In our worship. Welcome. —William Cady, Pastor. CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH Morning worship 10 a.m. Sermon subject, Spirit.'* Church school, 11 a. m. Prof. Roy Scantlin, superintendent. ily last Wednesday. City Leader-Journal. 'The Love of the Special music. Young people's meeting 6:45 Men's Suits Made to Fit You Men, try us for a E. V. Price Tailored Suit— we guarantee satisfaction—all wool \\ fabrics, $25.00 and up SALES DAY SPECIALS Just give us a chance and we will supply you -with merchandise that will satisfy in quality and price. We are still headquarters for the nationally advertised "Allen A" Ladies Hose. We will offer these pure silk full-fashioned hose, 79c to $1.50 values, for Saturday and Sales Day, per pair 15c Also some close-outs £ C in light colors, pair... ODC BOY WANTS -oturdDyi —lottg-wearing—lightweight— comfortable—bmit for fast and •accurate footwork. There are many models in the Grip* itae beside* the one illustrated— at •yariom prices. ^^*"g .your boy tn to look *^ 1 ** 1 * over— and ask about the Gripe Athlotic dtoh — a humdinger of a 'dot> to which evujr weuiet* of belong. e SHIRTS Men's dress shirts, in plain and fancy patterns. Each Shirts - Shorts Wash Pants Pool's wash trousers will please you in quality and price Best shrunk seer- suckers, Saturday and Mon- $ Men's and boys'. See us for your shirts and shorts. Unsurpassed values, each W^slTFrpcks A nice selection of ladies vat dyed wash frocks. Saturday and sales day ... 79c CAPS Men's white duck caps with leather sweat band Each OVERALLS Men's and boys overalls, 220 weight Boys, pr. Mens, pr. 33c TIES Wrinkless ties that will please you 25c 50c Others 3 for $1.00 MUSLIN Extra fine count 40 in. muslin Saturday and sales 'Ti — day, yard CJ2V ANKLETS Men's "Allen A" sox anklets, elastic top, last as longr as the sox. Pair 35c 50c Table Damask Plain White and fancy colored borders, 54 •to 72 in. width. Yard 39c 59c 69c p. m. Evening worship 7:45 p. Evangelistic sermon. Music choir. m by 7:30 p. m.. You are welcome.— It. F. Campbell, pastor. Shower for Miss Skiff The Jay Bird Union Sunday School Missionary Circle held heir monthly meeting at the 'Bungalow" and after the regu- ar program was over, Miss Skiff was presented with a miscellaneous shower. Miss Riolene Skiff 3 leaving our community for Oklahoma, where she and Miss will start missionary work n a new field. Those, present besides the honoree were, Mesdames Caylor, Hastings. Steele, Oquist, Young, Ware, Whitford, and Misses Marion Nelson, Wy- uona Green, Linnie Severs, Mat- Lie Raby, Mary Fay, and Kathine Ware; and Glenn Curtis Wtott- fcrd.—One Present. NOXIOB Notice of a Bpeetel M«eti*t Stockholder* of the Neofthd teg and Loan AsMdattctt Of sho, Missouri, to Oonside* ti sion of Corporate Bxtoteno*. Notice is hereby given to tockholders of the Neosho Bui ng and Loan Association of N« sho, Missouri, that at a regtll meeting of the Directors of ialpt Association held on the 26th of May, 1934, a resolution Will; unanimously adopted that aapeo- al meeting of the stockholder* of said Association be called for the purpose of submitting to them a resolution extending th* time of duration and corporate' existence of the said corporation I -.-i from the 27th day of September, ' 1&34 (the date of the expiration' of present charter) for a period of fifty (50) years from said last date, and that said meeting be held at the office of such Association on the second floor of the Murray building on the south side of the public square in the city" of Neosho, Newton county, Missouri, on Saturday, August 4, 11'3 4, at nine o'clock a. m. Busy Bee 4-H Supper Club The Busy Bee 4-H club met on June 5, at the city park for a picnic. The president called .the meeting to order and the secretary called the roll and read the minutes of the last meeting. Fifteen of the seventeen members answered the call and told how many times they had laid the table correctly. Our leader, Mrs. Charles Payne, asked the mem- •lioTp to~~bring~~one or two cents for flowers to be sent to sick members or their mothers. After —Mnynard C. Taber to Robert M Tuber, lots in Stark City for $1 Frances H. Slusher to Ella J Taylor, nw qr of se qr and n qr of sw qr of section 12, town ship 24, range 33 for $1. Stella P. Brown to Joseph H Hosp, part of ne qr of ne qr of section 27, township 27, range 33, for $1. Wm. S. Knowlton etal to G. Fred Wyrlck, nw qr of se qr of nw qr of section 25, township 27. range 33, for $1. Rudolph Stacell to G. W. Tarrant, part of w hf of se qr of section 3, township 25, range 32, for $1. Dennis Vance to S. A. Hart, part of e hf of se qr of section 23, township 26, range 31, for Lavlna Lamb to Everett E. Moreland, nw qr of sw qr of section 33, township 25, range 32 for $1,400. Charlotte Gregg Lennan to John W. Walker, part of lot 1, sw qr of section 30, and of lot 1, of nw qr of section 31, township 27, range 33, for $1. John W. Walker to Chester Giddtns, part of same for $1. John W. Walker to Bird Giddins, part of same for $1. Leah Myers etal to Ray Hanna, part of ne qr of se qr of sec- Notice of such meeting-is hereby given by order of the Board of Directors of the Neosho Building and Loan Association thto 25th day of May, 1934. L. P. KELLY, President. M. J. KELLY, secretary. L. P. Kelly Geo. H. Glenister E. C. Coulter - — J. H. Centers M. T. Rice D. E. Shartel O. W. Epperson C. E. Davis D. L. Buxton (All members of the Board of Directors of the Neosho Building < and Loan Association.) ,": Attest: M. J. Kelly, Secretary. - 31-10t, tho business meeting a part of i tlon 15 >. township 25, range 32 the members enjoyed themselves * or by swimming in the pool. Then a picnic supper, was eaten and en- i joyed by everyone. We adjourned to meet June 12, witn-Mary Strat- DROUTH LEADS TO RELIGIOUS ISSUE ton on S. Ripley street. A dem- i Interesting visitors in Neosho this week are Col. and Mrs. Guy R. Carleton of New York City, who are here for a short visit with. Dr. R. C. Lamson at his home E. Hickory street. Almost all of Neosho older citizens will remember the late R. H. Carleton, a former treasurer of Newton county and his interesting family, of which Col. Carleton is a son. The young 7iian was educated at West Point, and rose in military ranks to the rating of Colonel. He was sent over-seas during the World "War, and continued in service until a short time ago when he was retired because of an injury to his knee. Since his retirement he has been employed with the Inter-State Commerce Commission with headquarters In New York. c nitration will be given at this me;eting. — Bernice Lee Beal, Reporter. SHOES Close out prices .on mens all leather shoes $3.95 to $O in $6.50 values, «I*JL«I PRINTS Extra fine count vat dyed prints, 22c values Saturday, sales day, yd. Phone 46 You can trade with confidence at Mercantile Co. Cook Neosho,Mo . Biliousness GRANBY ROUTE 2 (Prom Lamar Democrat) Mr. Wrangle and his neighbor got to the adjoining sides o f their gardens, the other day, when | the neighbor suggested that they [were pretty badly in need of a Bill Waggoner and family ofj rain - Mr - W. very rarely agrees Diamond visited in'th& J. E. Wai- j with aught any one, else, says lace home last Sunday. hut he grudgingly admitted thai Leslie Robbing and wife and ' some moisture just then would (wo children and Miss Loraine j °" a ver y good thing."Do you be- Dvake of Joplin visited in the| lleve In prayer, brother?" asked Dave Hurst home over the week j tlle neighbor. He was getting on | dangerous ground. Not that Mr Mrs. Finn and daughter of} Wrangle is against prayer, bu Granby spent last Friday in the to him the mention of such a Dave Judd home. , subject immediately leads to the Albert Johnson and family of j exposition of his views on im Granby visited in the John Yates i morslon. His neighbor is almos home. Sunday. Grandma Gossit is visiting in the home of her son, Jim Brown, and family, south of Hebron, this week. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that let-,; ; ters of administration upon the estate of Jesse L. Bates, deceased, have been granted to the under-," 1 * signed by the probate court of',i,;7 r Newton county, Missouri, bearing V^; s date the 8th day of May, 1934.- ,' l ' All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them to him for al-' lowance within six months after the date of said letters, or they may be precluded from-any-bene-— fit of such estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of granting said letters, they shall be forever barred. JAMES L. ESTES, , * Administrator. Attest: Chas. I. Sheppard, Probate Judge. Published in The Neosho Times May 17, 24, 31, June 7, 1934%- ss. COUNTY CfcERK'S NOTICE OF PRIMARY State of Missouri \ County of Newton j In accordance with Section, 10- s -"! 265, R. S. Mo., 1929, notice' IB, , hereby given that a prl^ election will be held at the , ular polling places In each cinct of said county of and that the polls will be open-. "" the morning and sunset in the'i Kiddoo Home Kc Club The Kiddoo Home Economics Club met at the home of Mrs. as strong for sprinkling as Broth er W. is for sousing them under. So after an evasive word or two on prayer, Brother W. was out full blast for Immersion. "Well, now, brother, " pressed his friend in the adjoining garden, "as a matter of fact, Isn't this onetime when we need a good sprinkle?" Clyde Winchester, May 31, since Mr, W. fairly exploded. "Sprinkle!" he echoed defiantly, "Ain't you got sense enough to see, dry as it is, that a sprinkle would be worth nothing. What these gardens of ours need is immersion!" tho regular meeting day was on day. _ The president opened the meeting at the usual hour. After singing some songs, our bcript.ure lesson was the story of tho last judgment. We had a business session after which we Darn the draws and let others were supposed to answer roll'damn the weather, cull with a joke, but it was so sc on after berry time we were too good-for-nothing to tell good jokes, so we adjourned to meet at tho home oi' Mrs. John York, on Ji:no 13.—Reporter. The best things in life come in such small parcels that it is awfully easy to lose them in the rush. 4L4I1UL LOCUST AT 18th /T.LOUI/,MO. PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE •THREE BLOCKS FRO*M THE STATION CENTER OF WHOLESALE DISTRICT FIVE MINUTES FROM THE . SHOPPING CENTER AS-TO PRICE • • • ROOM \W TH PRIVATE TUB AND SHOWER BATH FROM SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue and authority of an execution dated May 10, 1934, issued from the office of the clerk of the circuit court in and for the county of Newton and slute of Missouri, returnable to the June term, 1934, of said court and to me directed, wherein Don Young is plaintiff and 0. W. Johnson is defendant, I have levied upon and seized all of the right, title, interest, and estate of 0. W. Johnson In and to the following described real estate situate in said county of Newton and state of Missouri, to-wit: The southeast quarter (SB- J /4) of the northeast quarter (NE'/i) of section twenty (20), township , twenty-five (25) north, range thirty-two (32) west of the fifth principal meridian, containing forty (40) acres more or less; and I will on , > Monday the 4th day of June, 1084, between the hours of 9 o'clock In the forenoon and 6 o'clock in the afternoon ot said day at the east front door of the court house of Neosho, In said county and state, sell at public auction for cash to the highest bidder, all the right, title, Interest, and estate of the said 0. W. Johnson in and to the above described real estate to satisfy said execution and costs. Done this, 10th day • of May, 1034. , '• PAUfc ULES, . '* Sharif! of Newton Oountv, 3Mto. Che HI evening, on the first Tuesday August, 1934, being the 7th daj$ of August, 1934, for the purpose of nominating candidates f or sta' district, county and township 4 ficers to be voted for at the "' cral Election to be held on day the 6th day of November";V 1934. That the hereinafter me ' * tioned list contains the names the offices for which candidates are to be nominated: Senator in Congress for Missouri. ; Judge Supreme Court, sion No. One. Judge Supreme Court, DiyI- ? sion No. Two. (TJnexpiredTO term.) , ,'^ State Senator for Eighteenth 1 <•• District. ."; Representative in Congress for Seventh District. ' •' State Superintendent of Pub- 1 1 lie Schools. ',: Presiding 'Judge bf Representative in the eral Assembly. County Court. Judge of the County for the Eastern District. Judge of the County Court $ for the Western District. Judge of the Probate Court,'•? Clerk of the County Courfr.V" Recorder of Deeds. Collector of Revenue. - 1 ? 1 Clerk of the Circuit Court. Prosecuting Attorney, One Constable for each Township. ,. Justices of the Peace for the various townships. One township or precinct commltteeman and one township or precinct commltteewo- man, as the Central Commit* tee of each political party may * 3 designate according to the law ! and also such other township, offices that have from any dMJro' 1 *'? become vacant and according -• * to law should be filled at the ,'< general election in November, «9 I , v 1 n under m *- haB 4 *» d ttW- official seal of the Newton Coun* ty Court, this" 6th day of 1034. (Seal) AUSTIN 8NHAD,' County Oleifk, f ' H * Published . in The Neoaho May'17, 24. SI, • An tc< held under Farm "Club; 'a

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