The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 0, 1931 ni.YTHEVn.LE. (ARK.) OQUKlER.NEWS PAOK THREL Getting at tho Heart of the Valentine Probleni . 'Continued from pago' one) arranging to care fcr our crop loans "through ihe agricultural cr?d- j U corpcrniion and tne intermjdl-1 at.e credit bank. Mr. San; 'Ihcmas., the manager of this loan aii'j:i:i-| tlsn, has clticss in ill-- biiii iiiVJ :. ; ntnv isk'ne appllta'.wns lo.--l:.i.-, Apr.rrcbies L'c3j::«lion "I i-nn not close tin's statement vUhout thanking Hie cusloim-rs »; this bank and th; p'.iblii' E^K-raViy for the cooperation given us in o>.i,- elforls to roopea the bank. T.-.= p:.:. two months hive been tvyln-j tl::;: for the officials and director--. U.r. i it. has been mad? much onslre- iik because of the slpindH ;:''..-' i U'E became o! the .';pl:;-.;! Ui vpir'.i posltnrs. BMKUM c! Hit; ?j~'.:t:- agement and cooperation, anci because of the many cxpiess-'-nr i.: faith and e«d will. we are ma: than ever determined lo nuke- c. dry human eflorc 13 mat? thtVlj.i:.': tmc of Ihe best an;l st.Mn-;.v,; ;•. the stale. We teel ttui this bv.n'/. is Just, cs necessary to this commun- . ity as the support ol the eoin!iiu:ni> Ms necessary to the tank. \,-"We rogret more than v.'o ca:i Vjureis tlie incc-nveni?nce which has resulted to our depositors bv reason of the temporary clojlnj of the bank, but we do not regret oir decision to close it. bubs3<m;:i: events proved the wisdom c; c'ciro so. If the bank had not bc-.^i clc.>?;i the embezzlements of th,-> cashi2- might not have been discovered i;: some time. Also the two months apent in continued effort by the 'ji- rectors and officials, v.-ith 'v.-.e telp and cooperation of cur customers, Has resulted in a greatly Impro.-ed CflndlUon at the Innk. ."In a few days we will be ready to again assume our function as n part of the business machinery of file community. We will have a competent and trustworthy force of employes, who will do their utmost to uphold the reputation of the tank for courtesy and c'r.zzr- ful service. Such have been our assurances that we confidently expect, a material Increase In Oiir business." DEAR VALENTINE I've carried FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS And HORSESHOES iti my pockd" Jor women lo send as for men, hits this luvrty verse: "I'm not n blonde, by men preferred, Nor tme i -if of which you've I never fltw nor wrote ft booX, But man. OH. MAN, how I can cock!" The third large group Oils year come lo pet missives, especially tin .cat Ya!imtlnC5. Nut catty, the type [that our vixen would send anotli- ' er, .but Valentines that follow the great vogue lor cats as pets. SMK are cat stuped, some have cats c them, with real fur for bodies nnd tails, i»xl others make all kinds of puns on "!ur." Tlwre lire many, other pet Valentines. Sco'.tles, parrots, lish. alligators, horses ami so on. Are Fashionable last, but not least, come the car- comlne sentlmenlnl tignln nnd caroi | phone Individual members of the about, folks' feelings. That Is why ; lire (icpaumonl on their party Huts 11 Is stylish tills jviii- to sciut \M1-I Instp.iil of ringing In Hie alarm. cntlntvi. | ---- ------- • . — — ------- i I.IKKD ins UAII.HOADINC Blames Rnll Weevil i MI - M1 '" IK - 'Wi-Aitcr a nnim Denies BOH weeii | m ,, liry .„ ,., For His Bootlegging "° " RALEIGH. N. captured r.n uld "lirATrnmenE" Mill, used for psodiirhin whisky according to n-.vcrmni-nt hiHTlnuiilloni Icng I'.'fure tin- (iiiys of prohibition when they laldfd the home ol Jnim.s Wulilen. ru'Rvo. I Walden niiilntiiinid his product! \vt.s socd, cic:in I'.in llciuor, and, not "moonshine." "Natv, 1 don't] \\ant no bonil.' In- ttiM dm officers ' "I want lo go to Jail and n?it u|). The boll weevil Marled me mnklnn I llciuor. Iimidi 1 toort Itmior, nnd I KOI S14 a cast Inr it." TOO MITII I'Olt r.ltAN'IKl) i HAHTFO11IJ, Ccnu., lUl'l—Thc| on lllc omnil. llnv.y A "Dad" Norton, 10, 'reilied, .Mitii, -UnlUoadlng la tjreat UP)— Officers"' threaten my grandson with dls- iilierltiiiuv II he doesn't get in the gaisn.'. llelal lost the combination to his 'fife he called tie penitentiary fo: help.- But not otic of the 4,000 Inmates was listed as a safe cratkor. Cuivcd, tongs, hive ten cd to handle hot boiled CBB ConWn'l I'iiul Safe Cracker JKWI-'r.HBON CITY. Mo, tUl')- Kad 1 (.•racXint;" apparently l.s bo- umini; a lost art. When ft stule of- 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Headaches, Fcv*. 666 SALVE Cures Haby's Cold A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL features o the old-fashioned Val- ,.„,„ of ., k( . fl> , 0 ,„, ,.,,,;„.. wn , ll(! . entlnes. They have such humorous, v | sej foi . mfcly vmv(f{fB , 5l]1(s m ,,,„„/ a( . t .i,|,. n i,. , shy miures nnd such tin-type pos- p.i. Tluw are opt to be printed in lo s , ntc M, : i or Vo gay colors with veiws inside aiHl| S i cncr Houblns n K:!«-k:l. M out. They come nearest being Ihe,i 5ts catelossly assume all c^rs old-llme comics that IISKI to hurt :);„,. lo u lc ',,iU. mul ninny lolks co In nnollier decade. But ' dents result , these s!io«- that there Is soft- 1 ' __ ! _______ ; hfartcmiess abroad today. For llit-y soften the blow so, tlicy arc rcnlly just amusing and not cutting. In • fact, these very Valentines, more than any of the others show that it r;- Csir. rti- 1 nd- rcl- FIUK AI.AU5I lill KLI.INCITON. CONN. lUl'l—Thvj town fathers iuuc Inslltultcl a' campaign lo educate residents ol this rura! community In use of the this bbse old world reilly Is be- lire iilimn. Farmers prefer to tele- Coughs from r,)l,l» m,iy lead lo ec- il>n:s iroii|.|r. Vim on st<j]. tlinii ILHU- \\i\\\ tlrronniUidn, an ciiuiKirLr.l irr.i«a!c llul . is |ilc,l!liit lo lal.i'. Cj.'MimiUinii ia a nu-dCciO iliscovi-iy \iiih iwo.|,,til aciinn; ii aoollits anil lt*'.ils llip ii:!L.inifi] lurmbraiws uikd in. Li'.iils nun gim>ih. (H Lill kn-jnii iltiiri* creosote U T«C- i'/i:i/i'il liy hisli nu-ilii'al nutliorilict LD d[,e of lln! i^riMtcsl licalin^ aKflicios li>r cmifhi from culds .mil bronchial iiiilulioiK. Crronuiliinn mnlatiis, In niMiiion to crccisolc, oilier liualing tlcments which jootlic and hraf iht infljMH-il nicmbranct and stop the ir- litaiion, while the creoiole g«« on lo ilic stomach, i* abtoibtj into ihr tluixl. ansckt the KM of Ihe trouble anJ cliccks ihc growth of ihe germj. CreoiiniUion h guaranlecil siliihc- tocy in tlu: ireanncnt of couglit from coIJi, bronchitlt and minor forms ui hror.rliidl irritations, and i> lACcllenl for ImiUing up the syslem after cotjj or flu. Money refunded if not re- licieil nfter lalcing sccoriline lodirec- ilons. Ask your ilruRjIsI. (»dv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG OH are bcth sniartly mrfcin and Mntimentally old-fasliionrt thus year. A lacy fin srwline (lower left), a. ret Valentine luppe- b t), a humorous card (lower rl«Ml and a (U>'-rclorcd caricature (uppjr rirtl) 11!IK!rale four popular typ?.'. cf Valentines. BY JUMA BLANSIIAKD : away a Valentine among the wrap- houetles are equally stylish,' how- N'K.V Service Writer j plnas, just because St. Valentine's NEW YORK.—Seiillmentallly is'Day, after all. Is dedicated to son-j sneaking back into this blase oM i timent anil If you can't enter the world asain. aided and abetted by : spirit ot 11 the least little bit, why i come multitudinous new Valentines ar- uy? .,i!eniy rayed to help little olt! Dan Cupid i Valentines Are Four Kinds Humorous Vote li Struck Second in the new types of cards come the modern ones, which are iltely amusing. These Me wl cracklng, some In dialect, alt lypl- By types SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN on Februarj' 14. If you are one ol thos3 skeptiss who have had a recurrng suspicion that you really have a layer mendoub i.u>u»<.< «i ."^j, .-.^.j, . ,,,,.., , or two of sentimentality burled i tan Valentines, some of them us- '"f B ? m!> k ssc , s - Another one In beneath that modern surface mar.- j ing real lace about tha cd s e. with tllls ctars ' wmcl1 has quitc as m * n ? ner, St. Valentine's Day is the lojl 1 the floral design in pastel colors' cal time to give it expression. And i done In water color, on'parchment.' the IICAV Valentine.? are so helpful.! In this same class ol decorative, While there nre some goDd old- | old-fashioned Valentines comes the fashioned ones that drip the de-! quaint lace masterpieces, reproduc- licious ."sweet-nothings" that old- tions of those of the gay Nineties, • BY SISTER MARY . NEA Scnice Writer Since liver is j considered one cf fashioned girls iove lo hear and o'd-fashioned beaus love to say, with several layers of lace paper standing out In front of tne pic- pe b^st, foods in. the worjil for building \ip lb,:» blocd, many liioth ers are interested in mc'.hccls uf j clicking it ether thin- Irving it' with bacon or smothering it with ' o'nions. ;The hearts of b:th calves and bsef are now regarded as excellent ioods and are less expensive thnn calves' liver. Kidneys have long b'cEn esteemed in England as a delicacy and now scientist? inform us Ihct they are richer In vitamins (lian steaks and roasts. Properly cooked these glandular organs are trjuly delicious nnd should be util- i:;:d as inexpensive sources of val- iiablo food elements. Creamed liver and bacon is a better dish for sir.all children than the ordinary fried liver and t:acon served in many households. '. ' Creamed F.ivcr and Bacon ,.Threc-fomliis psund calves' liver, 4 thin slices bacon. 2 tablespoons butter. 2 tablespoons flour, i*l-2 cups milk, 1-1 teaspoon pnp- •"Dice liver and roll in flour seasoned with salt and pepper. b'acon and use drippings to saute ii'yer. Shake liver over a low fire until tender. Meanwhile mdt butter, stir in flour r.r.d slowly ?dd milk, stirring constantly. Brin^ to the boilin? point and po'.ir tvor prepared liver. Heat thoroughly ajid sen's on hot tcast, carnlsh- ijig with crisp broiled bacon. ^^,. B-:ef kidney in tomato \auce is aj rsvcry dish that will be particularly relished on a cold wir.tor ove- nina, 1 Beef Kidney in Tonnto SaiiCD 'One pair bsef kidnc-js. 2 onions. l'SV,crt preon pc.Dpef. 2 cups canned tomatoes, 3 labhs^oons flour. 3 tablespo-ns fat. 1 teaspoon sail. 1-4 teaspoon pepper. '-Wash kidney and let stand in cc!d salted water '.n: one hour, nrain and trim off fat. C:ii in there are even more that have allure itself. Jiost of these have old- bantering note, that get across the i fashioned verses, though some of sentiment idea In a neat, oil-hand j the new fan ones do betray a' non- manner. ' ' distance that is modern. Flowers, candy, fruit, books, ani j In this same class, rather. exp:n- all the luxurious Ihings girls • like : sive and old-fashioned, coines a TE CQUGHS ^^ Stoppoj almost iniUntry S5c with one swallow of ax THOXINE Kuby-Bell Drug Co., and KlrtoJ Dnig Co.. r fto-gct ;£pr fVaientines an; still in | ISTW thaf'has a practical asp':ct.! "Icrner. -But you really shoiiLd tuckiTlicse are lovely prints, some HLI- • ------- ------------- I thentic prints intended for Jram- siicra about onc-hali inch thick. ! in £ when ; Valentine's day is over. Remove any tard gristly material. : otllers reproductions of "Currier and Roll in fl-.ur and add lo fat m°ited i Ives ani ) "^ EfiSlish sporting prints in a deep sauce pan. Add onions ; and colored Godey's Ladles Book finely minced and pepper seedfd 'prints. Also It Is. considered quitp - •« and finely- shrediM. Sinke over neat to do to have a lady's . the fire until the meat bs sr-ared on silhouette done unbeknownst to 'oo;h sides and eoatrd with a rich < her and .hive It sent her on VP>- brov.'n sauce. Add remaining in- i entlne'a .day as a gift!. Other -ill sredients, cover clossly and sim- :ner one hour. Serve very hot on hot toasted bread. Beef qr call's heart ia good stuffed and bafcc-cl. Tl'-; heart must I b'j thoroughly washed and carefully trimmed to remove all veins . and arteries. It should then :; akcd halt an hour in acidulated *r.K?r. nnd stuff with any preferred stiiffini;. Allow about iv.-o hours for a heart to bake. Daily Menu I BREAKFAST— Halves of grape I fiuit, creamed liver and bacon osij toasl. whole wheat muffins, milk.' LUKCIJJCX — vegetable s'-up. j whole wheat and shredded leltu-je .=.i]id-.vichcs. chocoictj friend cakes . mill:, tea. DINNER — I-Tfch .sll;;iOn nilli tf.TlAt sauce, twice tektil vota'.cos. Cic3:r."d preen b.-a::;. <:p!f:. cnlon anci cheese salad, lemon meringue \ • ,•. milk, coffee Children's Colds Checked with Checked without "<3osinK."Rub on OVCa K .MlttlOH JARS USED YSARIY Save GAS 16y 2 c Phillips "66" 3Uc to 45c on Tank of Gas. Open Day * Nijlil Harry Bailey Arch, Hermondalc, Mo, Harry TJuilcy, Proi). COURTEOUS SERVICE In 2203 Kiiocyclei COTTON BELT PROGRAM EVERY HONQAY NOON Jave you passec the noonday of Life ? Then moke the doxii road happy liy keeping your strength and htalth. An nnjailing learning o) a rumlotcn condition is the diminishing of the rcd-blood-cclls. Only the finest IRGIN SORGHUM can give this syrup the true, old-time Plantation flavor, folks like so much," says Bill Meer, the Master Blender. "It's a blend 1 learned nearly forty years ago, in the diya yhcn we cooked our syrups ever open fires." Ask your grocer for Scalcy's Sorghum Flavored Syrup. Delicious and so inexpensive, too! Write for free recipe took STALEY SALES CORP. Dfcatttr, Iliir.ait BILL HEER Sultj'i M«HW WtnJtr Fcr more than 47 years Bill H«r has blended and tested symp flavors. A sample from each batch of Slaley's Symps must pass the tnt of his educated palate at each Hep in its miking. p.m. T« Epeooraec Datrjr, Poultry and Vtgatalbe FrodBsllo" In th« St Franci& Batfn. A DEFICIENCY of red-cells in the blood is usually followed by physical exhaustion, loss of appetite, underweight, nervousness and pimples nnd boils. When your red-blood- cclls arc only 80J& you 'arc NOT Kurtrrt'li&j! yourself—6054 is cii:i, VCT y dangerous. Common sense suggests that every possible step be taken to correct such a condition. Take S.S.S. before each meal. It will build up and enrich your blood, give' you new life and vitality! Your appetite will pick up—you willfcollike yourself again! Keep the. down road bright by keeping your Ttd-blood-cells fighting for you. Get the large size. At all drug stores, o 8.3.3. ca. Builds Sturdy Health teltj'j SoTflmm- fUstreJ Sjruf teats in tht Brotoi Cfn 3 other delightful fltvon Golden (hlue libel) Cr^tri White (red UW) Maple Flavored (grctTi Ubel) SUNSHINE MELLOWS Heat LUCKIES are always kind to your throat rifies The advice of jour physi- • cian-_is: K(tp out of doon, in' oir, breathe dtfply; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, dnd havt a periodic checkup on the hdakhofyour bod) TUNB IN— ThtLudyStrike Dance Orckit- i ra, every Tut* day, Thursday ana Salurda> evening over N. fi. C. net- uvrfa. Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING" process includesthe use of the Ultra Violet Rays. UJCKY STRSKE-made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop—THEN '.T'S TOASTED"-on extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOAST-. ING." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. It's Your Throat Protection — against irritation — against cough tBirltiaTofctcra Co., Hits.

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